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Duncans in Montgomery Co. MO


Duncan research files of
Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson
the Genealogy Bug

Last revised October 29, 2014

Formed 1818 from St. Charles
Callaway formed 1820 from Montgomery
Warren formed 1833 from Montgomery


1820-1860 Montgomery Co. MO Census
      No Duncan indexed

1870 Montgomery Co. MO Census
Loutre Twp.
Pg.71, #157-164, DUNCAN, Robert 39 PA physician $0-$200
                  James 12 PA
                  WINDSOR, Joseph 42 KY blacksmith
                  Mary 38 MO keeping house
                  Arthur 16, Lawson (m) 14 MO school
                  Hawell (m) 13, Douglass (m) 12 MO school
                  Josie (f) 5, Robert 2, Aue (m) 1 MO
                  FERRIS, Eliza 18 MO (white) house servant
Upper Loutre Twp.
Pg.112, #101-101, HARPER, William 27 VA BLACK farm laborer $0-$0
                  Mary 22 MO BLACK keeping house
                  Charles 3, George 1 MO BLACK
                  DUNCAN, Benj. 18 MO BLACK farm laborer
                  Jane 16 MO BLACK
Pg.112, #102-102, DUNCAN, Richard 60 VA BLACK retired laborer $0-$0
                  Elsie 50 VA BLACK keeping house
                  Easter (f) 20 MO BLACK at home
                  Cresarite (f) 14 MO BLACK


Montgomery Co. MO Deed Indexes (SLC 7/16/2014)
   Grantor Deed Index, pg.95 (FHL film 968,760)
      E-558: Duncan, Wm. H. to Peter Gardner, W.D., [filed] Feb. 18, 1868, [instrument] July 17, 1867, $65, Lt 9 Blk 14, Wellsville
      O-365: M.Y. Duncan to James G. Patum, W.D., Apr. 23, 1872, Nov. 4, 1901, $1250, O-365, S 1/2 99 & NE SE 30 & E 1/2 NW Lot 17 Blk 47 Range 4
      next was 1877, not copied
   Grantee Deed Index, pg.51 (FHL film 974,196)
      D-459: Duncan, Benjamin from Daniel Clary, W.D., Oct. 4, 1869, Mch. 30, 1869, $2500, D-459, W 1/2 SE 31 & NW NE 6 & N 1/2 NW Sec.6 T49 R3, 172.56 acres
      Next was 1871, M.Y. Duncan, 1872 deed O-476
      more not copied

Montgomery Co. MO Deeds (SLC 7/16/2014; have JPG images)
   Deeds v. D-E 1867-1870 (FHL film 974,205)
      D-459: Daniel Clary of Montgomery Co. MO for $2,500 paid by Benjamin Duncan of Montgomery Co. MO, sell to Benjamin Duncan land in Montgomery Co. MO, the W 1/2 SE 1/4 Sec.31 Twp.50 Range 3W and NW 1/4 of NE 1/4 Sec.6 and 52-56/100 acres the N 1/2 of NW 1/4 of said Sec.6 in Twp.49 Range 3W containing in the aggregate according to the US Survey 172-56/100 acres, warrant title. 30 March 1869. /s/ Daniel Clary. Ack. 30 March 1869 before Thos. J. Powell, N.P., Montgomery Co. MO. Filed for record 4 Oct. 1869. (filled-in form; FHL film 974,205)
      E-558/560: William H. Duncan and Mildred J. Duncan wife of said William of County of ____ and State of Missouri, for $65 paid by Peter Gardeaner of Pike Co. MO, sell to said Peter Gardenner real estate in Montgomery Co. MO, Lot No.9 fronting 40 feet and extending back 120 feet within the limits of said Town of Wellsville in said county & state and in Block No.14 on the recorded plat of said town, warrant title. 17 July 1867. /s/ Wm. H. Duncan, Mildred J. Duncan. Ack. 17 July 1867 before B?.F. Hesser, Notary Public of Pike Co. MO. Filed for Record 18 Feb. 1868. (FHL film 974,205)

HISTORIES before 1923

1876 "A history of the pioneer families of Missouri, with numerous sketches, anecdotes, adventures, etc., relating to early days in Missouri : also the lives of Daniel Boone and the celebrated Indian Chief Black Hawk, with numerous biographies and histories of primitive institutions" by Wm. S. Bryan and Robert Rose (Los Angeles Public Library book 977.8 B915; see Washington Co. TN)
      Montgomery Co., pg.255 (more info on Davault family): DAVAULT. -- Henry Davault was born in France, but married Catharine Maria Grover, of Germany. They emigrated to America about the year 1764, landed near Philadelphia, and settled near Hanover, York Co., Pa., where they lived and died. ... They had the following children --
         Philip (was one year old when his parents arrived in America. He married Catharine Long) ... Philip had the following children ... (Daniel) married Mary Kitzmiller and lived in Tennessee.
         Margaret (married Samuel Long)
         Elizabeth (married John Kitzmiller) and Gabriel (twins) (married Mary Kitzmiller)
         Catharine (married Nicholas Keefauver)
         Mary (married Martin Kitzmiller)
         Henry (married Kitty Gross)
         Valentine (married Louisa Range)
         Frederick. Children were ... Henry, Peter, David, Mary, Elizabeth, John, Louisa, Kitty, and Samuel. Most of these children settled and lived in TN. ... Henry to Montgomery Co. MO 1831, Peter to Montgomery Co. 1831. ... Mary Davault married James Duncan, who settled in South Carolina. Elizabeth married Joseph Duncan, and remained in Tennessee. Louisa was married twice, to two brothers, named Rankin, and remained in Tennessee.
         Julia (married Jacob Warts)
         and Jacob (married Rachel Kitzmiller)
      (MAD: per Tracy DeVault 7/2002, there are some errors in this)


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