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Mexican War Pension file, William B. Duncan (from Geraldine L. Whitter 1999)
      MAD: Henry Duncan and Wm. B. Duncan were both indexed as being from Franklin Co. in Co.E of Doniphan's Expedition in 1846 War with Mexico (pg.10, Vol.11, 3/1981, "Missouri Miscellany" FHL book 977.8 D2w, from Denzil Mauldin 1984)
      William B. Duncan, Enlisted 1846, discharged 1847. Soldier's certificate No. 795056, William B. Duncan, Pvt., Co. F, Kans. Vol. Pd., Can No. 16456. Sept. 27, 1883, War Department, Adjutant General's Office, Washington (477,310); returned to the Commissioner of Pension, William B. Duncan, a Private of Company F, 16th Regiment Kans. Cavy. Volunteers, was enrolled on 1 Jany. 1864 at Wyandotte, for 3 yrs, and is reported on the muster roll of said co. from enlistment to April 30 /64, present and reported to August 31 /64. Sept. & Oct. /64. Absent sick in Wyandotte Co. Kans. since Oct. 4 /64. ...
            Declaration for an Original Invalid Pension ... Madison Co. AR, 22 March 1883, appeared William B. Duncan age 59 who was enrolled on 1 Nov. 1863 in Co. F, 16 Reg. Kans. Cavl. commanded by Col. Davis and was discharged at Levenworth, Kans. 1 Dec. 1865; personal description age 59 years, height 6 feet no inches, complexion fair, hair dark, eyes blue; that in Wyandott, Kans, on or about 15 March 1865, then and there contracted kidney wound or injury; disease of kidney affected? rumatic bone scurvey?, treated at Julesburg, Col., and Leeavensworth, Kans.; since leaving service he has resided in Jackson and Leveler? in MO, here 12 years, occupation farmer .... /w/ William B. Duncan, Dutton PO, Madison Co. AR.
            Declaration of Survivor for Pension, Mexican War Pension, Act of Jan. 29, 1887: Madison Co. AR, on 11 March 1887, appeared William B. Duncan, resident of Dutton in Madison Co. AR, who served as Private under Capt. John G. Stevenson in Reg. of MO Cav. commanded by Col. John Donathan in War with Mexico; that I enlisted at Union, Franklin Co. MO, on or about June 1846 for one [year?] and was discharged at New Orleans, LA, on June 1847; service marched from Union, Franklin Co. MO, to and through Mexico War in the battles Braceto & Sacramento & marched back to New Orleans, La.; that I am 63 years of age, having been born at St. Charles Co. MO on 27 Aug. 1823; that I am married, the maiden name of my wife was Margaret J. Jones whom I married at Franklin Co. MO (blank day and month) "1828," that my wife is now living; service proved by: that on 29 Nov. 1847 I was allowed and received a Bounty Land Warrant or script, and affidavits of William A. Marrs and William Tweedy; since my discharge I have resided in the states of MO, KS and AR; /s/ William (X) B. Duncan; wit. W.C. Roberts, C.W. Kenerston.
            Affidavit of witness William A. Marrs, 11 March 1887, known William B. Duncan for 15 years, served in the company of Capt. John G. Stevenson in Reg. commanded by Col. John Donathan, knows William B. Duncan to have served in the war with Mexico from having heard others state and from his own statements that he served in the Mexican War and from having seen papers directed to him and in his possession sent him from J.L. Edwards Commissioner of Pensions dated Nov. 29th, 1847; that William B. Duncan was engaged in a battle in said war, in the battles of Bracita & Sacramento in 1846; that William B. Duncan is 62 years of age, having been born on or about 27 Aug. 1823 at St.Charles Co. MO. Affidvit of witness William Tweedy, 11 March 1887, known William B. Duncan 15 years, served in the company of capt. John G. Stevenson in Reg. commanded by Col. John Donathan, (same as statement by William A. Marrs).
      Declaration for Invalid Pension, Act of June 27, 1890, Madison Co. AR, 24 July 1890, appeared William B. Duncan, age 66 years, resident of Town of Dutton, Madison Co. AR, who was enrolled on 3 Jan. 1863 as Private Co. F, 16th Kansas Cav. Vol., discharged at Ft. Levensworth, KS, on 6 Dec. 1867, unable to earn a support by reason of disease of both feet?, back entirely disabled, gravul? & Kidney disease; that he is a pensioner under certificate No. 2552 (Mexican); /s/ William (X) B. Duncan, wit. M.U. Cowan, T.T. Cowan.
      Invalid Pension, June 23, 1892, questions: My wife is dead, name Margret J. Duncan, maiden name Margret J. Jones; married Frankling Co. MO April 23, 1848, recorded in the Clerks Office at Union, Frankling Co. MO; I have been married but once; I have 8 [children living], Joanna, born March 22nd /54, M.S. Aug. 4th /60, L.H.? Oct. 13th /64, U.S. born June 25th /56, A.P. May 3rd /62, J.B. Feb. 15th /68, C. Emma Jan. 5 /58, M.J. March 11th /63. Reply dated July 6th 1892, W.B. Duncan, P.O. Dutton, Madison Co. AR. (MAD: initials not easy to read).
      Pensioner dropped: Certificate No. 795056, William B. Duncan, ... Died 22 Jan. 1903. No other claims.

National Archives, Soldier's Original, No.189350, Martin A. Duncan, Pvt., Co.F, 26 Miss. (Missouri) Vols. (Civil War) (from Vivian Ruegge and Geraldine Whitter 1999)
      Adjutant General's Office, Wash. D.C., March 10, 1874, ack. receipt of Pension Application 189350. It appears that Martin A. Duncan was enrolled on 20 Sept. 1861 at Union [MAD: Franklin Co. MO] in Co.F, 26 Regiment Missouri Volunteers, to serve 3 years or during the war, and mustered into service as a Private on 17 Dec. 1861 at Pacific, MO, in Co.F, 26 Regiment Missouri Volunteers, to serve 3 years, or during the war. On the Muster Roll of Co.F of that Regiment for months of March and April 1862, reported absent. May & June 1862 same report. July & August 1862, absent sick in St.Louis Hospt. since April 24, 1862. September and October 1862 absent without leave. He was discharged on Surgeon's Certificate of disability Sept. 17, 1862. Return for April 1862 reports him absent without leave. Return for May 1862 not on file. Subsequent returns to October 1862 report him absent without leave.
      Certificate of Disability for Discharge, Army of the United States. Private Martin A. Duncan of Captain Deu??'s Company (F) of 26th Regiment of Missouri Inf. Vols., enlisted by B.D. Dean? (Davis?) of 26th Regiment of MO Inf. Vols. at Union, MO, on 20 Sept. 1861 to serve 3 years; he was born in (blank) in the State of Kentucky, is 45 years of age, five feet nine inches high, light complexion, gray? eyes, dark hair, and by occupation a farmer. 12 July 1862. ... unfit for duty because of stiffness of the middle finger of the right hand, caused by a gunshot wound, received on picket duty near New Madrid on 27 March. The straight position of the finger prevents him from handling a musket. ... Discharged this 17 Sept. 1862 at St.Louis.
      Affidavit to Origin of Disability, to be executed by an officer or comrad of the soldier's company and regiment having personal knowledge of the circumstances .... Franklin Co. MO, pension claim of Martin A. Duncan ... soldier was disabled by pneumonia which was caused by exposure and lying on the damp ground, that as a result of said pneumonia claimant contracted lung disease by reason of said disease settling in his lungs, and at the time of his discharge he was suffering with his lungs and during his whole term of service after returning from hospital he had not recovered from the effects of pneumonia settling in his lungs, but has continually having trouble with them. Deponents further declare that on or about July 20, 1862, at New Madrid, MO, claimant received a gun shot wound in the right hand. Deponent did not see him receive the wound but saw him immediately afterwards in camp and learned of the accidental wounding. ... /s/ A.M. Maupin?, Thomas Crow. (no date)
      Letter, Union, MO, Sept. 24, '83, to Commissioner of Pensions, Washington, D.C. Sir. In reply to the within named, I have to say that I made affidavit a short time ago of all (word too faint) and circumstances within my knowledge with reference to the claim of Martin Duncan. Respectfully submitted, Thomas Crow.
      General Affidavit: Pulaski Co. MO, in the matter of claim of Martin A. Duncan, late of Co. F 26th Regt. MO Vols. of Waynesville, Pulaski Co. MO, for invalid pension, came Martin A. Duncan of Waynesville, Pulaski Co. MO, that he is the claimant in the above case ... that he cannot furnish the testimony of a commissioned officer as to receipt of wound and origin of disease of lungs and liver for the reason that Capt. Anderson does not remember the facts, Capt. Wheeler has removed from Union, MO, to parts unknown and he does not know the whereabouts of any officer who has any knowledge of the facts. Wit. R.H. Hendricks. (no date)
      Neighbors' Affidavit of James M. Ritchey of Dyke, Texas Co. MO, age 71, has known soldier since 1840, that at his discharge at Caswilla? MO on 17 Sept. 1862 he was in poor health and was suffering with disease of lungs and liver and was unable to perform manual labor (& more; no date). Cornelius (X) Henson of Tribune, Pulaski Co. MO, age 45, known soldier since 1855 (similar). Samuel M. (X) Pollard of Waynesville, Pulaski Co. MO, age 41 years, known soldier since 1857 ... James A. (X) King of Waynesville, Pulaski Co. MO, age 39 years, known soldier since 1855.
      Letter, Rolla, MO, Febry. 4, 1885, to Commissioner of Pensions, Washington, DC, ... returning the papers in original claim No. 189350 of Martin A. Duncan, late Priv. Co. F 26th Regt. MO Inftry. Vols. Clts. [claimant's] last Post Office address was Dundas, Pulaski Co. MO. On my arrival in the county to serve the usual notice I learned that Clt. was dead. Clt. left no widow nor child under 16 years old surviving him. He died in the last week in February 1884, in this county, of pneumonia. Everyone interviewed on the subject stated that he died of pneumonia. The physician who attended him in his last illness lives about 17 miles from the county seat, the roads are very rough, the streams many of them past fording and as I had positive testimony as to his death & there was such unanimity in the report of his disease I did not deem it expedient to attempt to procure the doctor's deposition. I examined the records carefully and no letters of administration have been taken out and there is no inventory of his estate on file. Deeming it needless to encumber the record, I took but two depositions, of which the following is the summary.
            Depn. "A" Pages 5&6: Tillman C. Halteman testifies. His age is 26 years, P.O. Crocker, Pulaski Co. MO. Clt. died in the last week in Feb. 1884 of pneumonia or pneumonia fever they all called it. Saw the funeral procession both going to and returning from the grave. It is said Clt. had a divorce from his wife. He left two sons & a daughter, one son is a poor man, the other "pretty stiff. Rep. Good. No bias. (MAD: quote marks his)
            Depn. "B" Pages 7&8: John J. Clark testifies, his age is 42 years, Post Office Waynesville, Pulaski Co. MO. Am Clerk of the Circuit Court of Pulaski Co. MO. After Martin Duncan commenced trying to get a pension I became very intimately acquainted with him. I am the Clerk before whom so many of his papers were executed. He died in the early part of 1884. He got a divorce from his wife & never remarried. I will attach certified copies of the Divorce Decrees. He left three children, viz, John Duncan now about 35 years old, Mrs. Edwin Harris about 30, & Samuel Duncan about 27 years old. Samuel Duncan is well to do, the others are in poor circumstances. Martin Duncan certainly left enough property to defray his funeral expenses. Rep. Excellent, No bias.
            Exbt. "C", page 9: Interlocutory Decree entered Sept. 4, 1879, by the Circuit Court of Pulaski Co. MO at the Sept. term thereof in the case of Martin A. Duncan vs. Emily A. Duncan.
            Exbt. "D", page 10: Final Decree entered 2 March 1880 by Circuit Court of Pulaski Co. MO at March term thereof in the case of Martin A. Duncan vs. Emily A. Duncan, granting an absolute divorce to the plaintiff from the defendant.
            All of which is respectfully submitted with the recommendation that the claim be rejected. /s/ D.S. McIntyre, special examiner.
      (Affidavit) State of Missouri, County of Pulaski; personally appeared Martin A. Duncan, was while in the US Service and while in the line of duty at New Madrid in State of MO, he received an accidental gun shot wound in the right hand in this wise he was placed on Picket at night (on or about 20 Jan. 1862) and while walking his beat late in the night and while it was very dark their being an old well at the end of his beat the curbing of which was very slick and steping up on the curbing his feet sliped up and he full (MAD: sic) his gun falling from his hand fired and shot him in the right hand. There was no one present at the time the accident happened. /s/ Martin A. Duncan. Sworn to Nov. 15, 1880, /s/ J.J. Clark, Clerk, County Court.
      Approved, A.R. Banks, Supg?. Exr., St.Louis Dist. The examiner has made a very incomplete examination but as there is no one who would have title on account of soldiers death and it appears probable that no claim can be made for expenses of last sickness, I have not deemed it expedient to return the case for further evidence. The summary contains a correct synopsis of the testimony embraced in this report. (stamped: Office of Supervising Examiner at St.Louis, MO, Feb.6 1885, St. Louis District)
      Newburgh?, Phelps Co., January 7, 1885, to Mr. Dudley, Commissioner of Pensions, ... I wright this to enquire of you concerning the pension of M.A. Duncan wich was put in the hands of A.W?. Maupin and Mr. Maupin says there can not be enny more of it collected than wold cover the expenses of his last sickness and funeral and I ask here of you for correct conformation concearning the matter. Yours Respectfully (signature line not on page).

Jonathan Newman Duncan Military Record (from Geraldine Whitter 1999)
      Photocopy of small notice, very dark and difficult to read: OLD SOLDIER DEAD. Newman Duncan died September 16th 1897, at his home south of Catawissa. The deceased was an old soldier and pensioner. He was a member of the 26th Missouri Infantry. The funeral services were held at the cemetery and were conducted by Rev. B.V?. Jandarg.. of Pacific. Several old soldiers were present and joined in the funeral obsequiem. The deceased leaves a wife and three daughters who mourn their loss of husband and father. (MAD: Catawissa, Franklin Co. MO)
      Special Schedule, Surviving Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines, and Widows, etc. S.D.3, E.D. 90, Minor Civil Division Calvy Township, Franklin Co. MO: #36, #194-197, Jonathan N. Dunkin, Private, E Co., 26th Regt. MO Inf., enlisted Nov. 10, 1861, discharged June 14, 1862, length of service 7 months 4 days, P.O. Address: Mackie, discharged for disability. (MAD: no date, 1890?)
      Military Record: Jonathan N. Duncan, Private, Co. E, 26th Reg. MO Inf. Volunteers, Unionist Soldier in the War of Secession; mustered in Dec. 20, 1861 at Camp Herron, Pacific, where he enrolled the same day for three years; discharged March 3, 1862 for disability; had attack of chronic rheumatism; born in Franklin Co. MO, age 30, height 6 ft. 2-3/4 in., fair complexion, gray eyes, dark brown hair, farmer. Pension File 408105, July 9, 1891, No. 1,006,965?; application by Jonithan N. Duncan 25 March 1891, age 59 years, res. Town of Mackie, Franklin Co. MO ..., wit. Eva Denny, Maleta? Denny, acquainted with him 10 years and 40 years. Declaration of widow when no child under 16 years of age survives, Franklin Co. MO, 22 Oct. 1897, Mary E. (X) Duncan, age 65, widow of Jonathan N. Duncan who died at Robertsville, MO, on 16 Sept. 1897; she was married under the name of Mary E. McCourtney to Jonathan N. Duncan on 15 Dec. 1856 by Rev. Hopkins at Robertsville, MO; wit. E.A. Jessup, Richard Hemker. (Application for Accrued Pension, 22 Oct. 1897, says married 15 Dec. 1856 at Robertsville, Franklin Co. MO). Certificate No. 496,103, pensioner dropped; Mary E. Duncan, died 16 June 1904. (other documents not copied)

Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, John, widow Duncan, Eliza; Worthington Prv. Co. of Franklin Co. MO H. Gds; 1890 Dec. 12, Widow Appl. #501370, no cert., Calif. (MAD: 1870 Colusa Co. CA)
      Duncan, Martin A.; F 26 MO Inf.; 1874 Jan. 29, Invalid Appl. #189350, no cert. (MAD: 1850 Franklin Co. MO census)
      MAD: The following were listed as Unionist Soldiers in the War of Secession, on pg.117, "The Centennial Biographical Directory of Franklin Co. MO" by Herman Gottlieb Kiel, 1925 (FHL film 1,000,289 item 2 and 1,303,034; from Geraldine Whitter 2000)
            Duncan, Elias B., Corp., Boyd's Company
            Duncan, Martin A., Union, F 26 MO Inf.
            Duncan, John M., Calvey, K 11 MO Inf.
            Duncan, Jonathan N., E 26 MO Inf.
            Duncan, Thomas H., Boyd Co.

Franklin Co. MO Items from Geraldine Whitter 1999:
      Copy from MO State Archives, May 20, 1999, Civil War service card. G.O.#107, Capt. Elias Boyd's Franklin County Co. E.M.M. Thomas H. Duncan age 38, Private; enlisted October 3, 1864, Manchester, MO; mustered in October 3, 1864, Manchester, MO. Remarks: 43 days actual service. Mustered out November 15, 1864.
      Copy from MO State Archives, May 20, 1999, Civil War service card. Capt. Elias Boyd's Co. "B" Franklin Co. 54th Provisional; Regiment Enrolled, MO Mil. Thos. H. Duncan, Private, Capt. Boyd Co. B, Enrolled and organized Oct. 3, 1864, Manchester, MO; ordered into active service Oct. 3, 1864, Manchester, MO, by Gen. Gray. Relieved from duty Nov. 15, 1864 by Lt. Col. Williams. Roll, Nov. 15, 1864, shows 46 days service.
      Copy of small piece of paper, probably from microfilmed record book, marriage record by Wm. McKay, Minister of the Gospel, that on 10 Dec. 1874 married John Couch and Mary Francis Dunken. Filed and recorded Dec. 23, 1874, (Jeff. Co. MO).

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