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Formed 1841 from Jackson
Vernon formed 1851 from Bates


1850 Bates Co. MO Census (also from Vivian Biddle 1982)
District 6
Pg.234, #50-50, David DUNCAN 22 MO laborer $30
                  Sarah 21 TN
                  Bowls (m) 3 MO
Pg.238, #108-108, Bowler DUNCAN 50 MO farmer $50
                  Catharine 44 TN
                  Samuel 25 MO
                  Tobiatha (f) 16, Polly 14 MO
                  Robert 18 MO laborer
                  Robert F. 18 MO
                  Louisa PRIOR 6/12 MO
                  (MAD: Bowles W. Duncan in 1830-1840 Gasconade Co. MO census; Catharine and Polly Duncan in 1860 Dade Co. MO census; Samuel & R.T. Duncan in 1860 Barton Co. MO census)
Pg.254, #328-328, Thomas DUNCAN 49 SC farmer $450
                  Elizabeth 36 NY
                  William 14 TN
                  John 11 MO
                  Sarah PALMER 15 OH
                  (MAD: ??? 1840 Polk Co. MO census)
Pg.254, #329-329, David CLAYPOLE 30 KY farmer $200
                  Wineford 28 KY
                  Thomas 3, John 1 MO
                  Elizabeth DUNCAN 29 KY
Pg.259(515), #411-411, Celia SUMMERS 59 KY (blank) $500
                  Hugh 27 MO laborer
                  Moses 24 AR laborer
                  Thomas 21 AR laborer
                  Harris (m) 17 MO laborer
                  Elizabeth 10 MO
Pg.259, #412-412, Benjamin DUNCAN 20 TN farmer $300
                  Mary 19 MO (not mar/in/year)
                  (MAD: see 1857 deed A-270 in Vernon Co. MO, heirs of Sealy, Hugh, Harris & Moses Summers; 1860 Calaveras Co. CA census)
Pg.259, #413-413, Elizabeth SUMMERS 42 KY (blank) $200
                  Moses 22 AR laborer
                  Hardin 18 MO laborer
                  Christopher 16 MO laborer
                  Samuel 16 MO laborer
                  Allen 12 MO
                  John 9 MO
                  Julia 7 MO
                  Henry 4 MO
Pg.261, #443-443, John BARNES 29 MO farmer $300
                  Catharine 24 PA
                  Daniel 2, Mary 5/12, Francis (m) 11 MO
Pg.261, #448-448, Peter DUNCAN 39 KY farmer $800
                  Melvina 27 KY
                  J.P. AVERY (m) 25 TN laborer $0
                  Ellender 20 MO
                  Nancy 5, Sarah 3, Mary 1 MO
                  (MAD: Peter Duncan plainly age 39; mar. Malissa A. Avara 11/5/1844 in Lafayette Co. MO by Martin Corder MG, from info of Kay D. Hampton to Nancy Reba Roy, original source not given; wife in census listed as "Melvina" not "Melissa"; 1860 Vernon Co. MO census)
Pg.262, #456-456, Frederick BARNES 28 MO farmer $200
                  Delilah 27 TN
                  Mary 7, Sarah 3, James 1 MO
Pg.262, #460-460, Amos BARNES 41 KY farmer $200
                  Mary 36 KY
                  Delly (f) 17, James 14, Samantha 13 MO
                  Martha 10, Nubica (f) 3, Mary 1 MO
      (MAD: no other Barnes to page 265)

1860 Bates Co. MO Census
Mt. Pleasant
Pg.83, #243, Thos. RILEY 22 MD plasterer $0-$200
                  Emily 25 KY
                  Mary FLICHER? 84 NC
                  Ben DUNCAN 19 KY
                  Elizabeth TURNER? (f) 55 TN farmer $0-$100
                  Joseph G. 34 farmer $1600-$300
                  Nancy A. 26, Eliza A. 23 TN
                  Lucilla 16 KY
Pg.102, #359, Robert DUNCAN 36 KY clerk of Co. Court $4000-$300
                  Mary A. 36 VA
                  Wm. S. 10, David H. 8 TN
                  Mary J. 5, Jas. F. 2 MO
                  (MAD: Robert L. Duncan mar. Mary Ann Wyatt 1/23/1851 Rutherford Co. TN; 1850 Platte Co. MO census, 1870 Scott Co. AR census; probably Robert Lewis Duncan, son of Marshall Duncan & Mary Ann Garner)
Pg.170, #840-850, Chas. DUNCAN 28 KY farmer $0-$100
                  Rebeca 25 MO
                  Geo. T. 2 MO

1870 Bates Co. MO Census (pg.69 also from Cheri Mello 4/1998)
Deer Creek Twp.
Pg.39, #62-62, DUNCAN, Sarah 42 KY home $1000-$100
                  Elzina (f) 16 IN at home
                  Clarinda (f) 5 MO home
                  Mary 8 KS home
                  Elmer (m) 7 IN home
                  RODGERS, Perry 18 IN farming $800-$300
                  (children in order listed)
                  (MAD: ? 1860 Lykins-Miami Co. KS census; widow of Erastus B. Duncan)
Pg.39, #87-blank, DUNCAN, Jeptha 42 KY farmer $3200-$500
                  Sallie 24 MO keeping house
                  Janette (f) 2, Hanuh (f) 1 MO home
                  WOLF, Jennie 14 MO servant
                  FARINMIA?, Milo (m) 14 MO farm hand
                  (MAD: 1860 Jackson Co. MO census)
Pg.46, #170-169, DUNCAN, Martha 44 NC keeping house $800-$325
                  Joseph 18 NC farm hand $400-$0
                  William 16 NC farm hand $400-$0
                  Jasper 10 MO at home
                  Nancy 9 MO home
                  (MAD: widow of Charles Duncan Jr. of 1850 Stokes Co. NC census)
Pg.47, #188-187, DUNCAN, Henry 69 KY farmer $1150-$3000
                  Edith 60 KY keeps house
                  John 18 MO home hand
                  Joseph 15 MO home
                  (MAD: 1860 Livingston Co. MO census)
Pg.47-48, #190-189, DUNCAN, James 32 MO farmer $875-400
                  Cecilia 26 OH keeping house
                  Henry 9 MO at home
Lone Oak
Pg.69, #90-93, DUNCAN, Thom. J. 35 VA farmer $0-$190
                  Martha 25 OH house keeper
                  Anna E. 1 IN
Corporation of Butler
Pg.124, #164-163, DUNCAN, John 35 TN farmer $0-$0
                  Elizabeth 36 NC keeping house
                  Mary 11, Margaret 9 IL home
                  John 7, Joseph 3 IL home
                  Elizabeth 1 MO home
                  (MAD: 1860 White Co. IL census)

1880 Bates Co. MO Census (HeritageQuest image 3/2007)
Osage Twp, pg.12, S.D.6, E.D.149 (households have only one number)
Pg.66D, #112, DUNCAN, Francis, w/m age 18 servant single MO (blank) OH
    G.W., w/m 24 (blank) single MO (blank) (blank)
    (between SMITHERS and IDIN family)
      (MAD: ?? 1870 Maries Co. MO census; George in 1900 Polk Co. MO census)


Bates Co. MO Will Index 1845-1872 (FHL film 945,206)
      No Duncan

Bates Co. MO Probate Records 1852+ (FHL film 945,202)
      Pg.42: April, 1853, Samuel H. Loring present claim against estate of Thomas Duncan for $5. Pg.51, 52, & later were more claims 1853
      Pg.61: Admin. Abraham Radfield of estate of Thomas Duncan; pg.93, April, 1854, 1st annual settlement included amount reserved for widow (not named).

Application for Letters of Administration, Bates Co. MO (from Charley Wilcox 5/1992)
      August 29, 1901, in the Matter of Sarah A. Wilcox; heirs: James H. Wilcox, Lucretia Gentry, Mary Ann Gentry, Sarah Scott, Harvey? T?. Phells?, R.W. Wilcox, Jerusha Garrison?, Josephine E. Hughs, Susan Beardslee, Elzina Craddock, children of Henriietta? Boswell. (summary of several pages, more not copied)
      (CW & MAD: Sarah A. Duncan, from Morgan Co. IN, probably daughter of William Duncan who married 2nd Mary Eslinger in 1828.)


Bates Co. MO Deed Index and Deeds 1839-1860 (index on FHL film 945,145)
      B-162: 9 July 1849, Charles Smith and wife Mary M. to Peter Duncan, both Bates Co., $100, SE? 1/4 NE 1/4 Sec. 17, Twp. 37, Range 33, 40 acres. (most of deed too faint to read; FHL film 945,150)
      C-109: 26 Feb. 1855, Joseph H. Hays and wife Cindarilla Matitia Hays to Robert L. Duncan, both Bates Co., $320, SW 1/4 NE 1/4 Sec. 22, Twp. 39, Range 32. (FHL film 945,151)
      C-174: 18 Jan. 1855, Joseph P. Avisa to Peter Duncan, all Bates Co., $750?, E 1/2 SE 1/4 Sec. 17 and N 1/2 NW 1/4 Sec. 9 and NW 1/4 NW 1/4 Sec. 8, all T31, R33, 200 acres. (FHL film 945,151)
      D-6: 12 June 1856, Robert L. Duncan and wife Mary Ann to James Ramey, all Bates Co., $75, Lot 17 of NE 1/4 Sec. 5, Twp 39, Range 32. (FHL film 945,151)
      D-19: 15 June 1855, Robert L. Duncan and wife Mary Ann (X) to Tyree H. Berry, both Bates Co., $225, Lot #3 of NW 1/4 Sec. 2, Twp 39, R. 32, 80 acres. (FHL film 945,151)
      D-278: 29 Sept. 1856, Wm. A. Duncan and wife Eleanor T. of Henry Co. MO to James Powell of Johnson Co. MO, $240, N 1/2 SW 1/4 Sec. 21, Twp. 39, R32, 80 acres. (FHL film 945,151)
      Following from index only
      F-266: 1 Jan. 1857, Robt. L. Duncan from Jeremiah Burnett
      F-267: 20 June 1855, Robt. L. Duncan from William Powers
      F-292: 1 Jan. 1857, Robt. L. Duncan to O.H.P. Miller
      F-292: 1 Jan. 1857, Robt. L. Duncan from O.H.P. Miller
      F-295: 29 Dec. 1859, Robt. L. Duncan from James Ramey
      F-388: 6 April 1860, Robt. L. Duncan to Bates Co.
      F-500: 10 Feb. 1860, Robt. L. Duncan from Nancy A. Neal
      G-19: 24 Jan. 1861, R.L. Duncan from C.T. Spillman

Bates Co. MO Deeds (FHL film 945,145 index 1839-1860)
      1850 Frederick Barnes trust deed; 1844 trust deed to Danl. Johnson; not copied


Lafayette Co. MO Deed (SLC 7/15/2014; have JPG images)
      U-95/97: Nancy Avera, Alexander N.C. Avera, Joseph Avera, George W. Avera, Peter Duncan and Melissa Ann Duncan wife of said Peter formerly Melissa Ann Avera, and William D. Harris and Elizabeth F. Harris wife of said William D. formerly Elizabeth F. Avera, for $1400 paid by Martin Warren of Lafayette Co. MO, sell parcels of land in Lafayette Co. MO, NE 1/4 of SE 1/4 Sec.27 containing 40 acres, NE 1/4 of SW 1/4 Sec.26 containing 40 acres, NW 1/2 of SW 1/4 Sec.26 containing 80 acres, all in Twp.49 Range 25, being the lands owned by the late Jacob Avera decd at the time of his death which descended to the said Alexander M., Joseph and George W. Avera and Melissa Ann Duncan and Elizabeth F. Harris as the only children and heirs of said decd. as tenants in common, with appurtenances, to said Martin D. Warren, warrant title. 3 March 1852. /s/ Nancy Avera, Alexander Avera, Peter Duncan, Malisa Ann Duncan, Joseph P. Avera, William D. Harris, Elizabeth F. Harris, George W. Avera. Ack. 6 March 1852 by Nancy Avera and Alexander M. Avera before David M. Welborn, J.P. Lafayette Co. MO. Ack. 29 March 1852 by Peter Duncan and Malissa A. Duncan his wife and Joseph P. Avera before J.F. Barrows, Clerk of Bates Co. MO Circuit Court. Ack. 5 May 1852 by William D. Harris and Elizabeth F. Harris wife of said William D. Harris before Thomas Farrell, J.P., Lafayette Co. MO. Filed for record April 11, 1853. (FHL film 959,432)

Vernon Co. MO Deeds (FHL film 960,781)
      M-349: 16 Jan. 1855, Peter Duncan and wife Melisa A. to Richard Meeks, both Bates Co. MO, $115, NE 1/4 NE 1/4 Sec. 21 T37 R33, 40 acres.
      M-350: 16 Jan. 1855, Peter Duncan and wife Melisa A. to Richard Meeks, both Bates Co. MO, $1200, W 1/2 SE 1/4 and E 1/2 SW 1/4 and SE 1/4 NE 1/4, all Sec. 17, T37, R33, in all 200 acres. No wit. Rec. 4/9/1855.

Births and Stillbirths, Cass Co. MO (handwritten note from files of Nancy Reba Roy now at Platte Co. MO Historical Society)
      #694, Joseph M. Duncan, b. NC, age 31, farmer, & wife Mary E. Davis, b. KY, age 24, of Bates Co. MO; dau. Mamie Frances Duncan, 2nd child, b. March 23, 1884, Bates Co. MO; C.E. Edwards, Archie, MO.
      #1093, Wm. H. Duncan, b. NC, age 32, farmer, & wife Maggie Jasper, b. KY, age 24, had son (no name), 1st child, b. March 8, 1886, Archie, MO; T.W. Adair, Archie, MO.
       (Nancy Reba Roy: Joseph & Wm. H. sons of Charles & Martha J.F. Flint of NC to Cass Co.; Harsel G. Gann's Chas. Duncan) (MAD: Stokes Co. NC)
      #6957 Jerry H. Dorsett, b. IN, age 42, farmer, wife Mary D. Duncan, b. IN, age 41, had dau. ?? Dorsett, 7th child, b. Nov. 21, 1885, b. 3/4 miles NE of Everett, MO; E.J. Arnold, Everett, MO, dr. or officiating or ??.
      #-- Emsley R. Duncan, b. IN, age 39, wife Louise E. Garrison, b. IN, age 32, had dau. Duncan, b. April 6, 1886, 5 miles NE of Everett, MO; E.J. Arnold, Everett, MO.


Adrian Journal [Bates Co. MO] obituary (from Charley Wilcox 6/1992)
      August 30, 1901. An Aged Lady at Rest.
      On Wednesday night at 12 O'clock the death messenger came and carried away the spirit of Grandma Wilcox who was stopping with her daughter Mrs. Sarah Scott at Foster.
      Sarah Duncan was born in Bath Co. KY, June 6, 1811, and died August 29, 1901, aged 90 years 2 months and 23 days. When quite young, she moved with her parents to Mooresville [Morgan Co.], IN. There she was united in marriage with Isaac Wilcox, Dec. 16, 1828. To this union 15 children were born, 12 of whom are living, James Wilcox of Everett, Richard Wilcox of Passaic, Mrs. Charles Garrison of near Adrian, and Mrs. Scott of Foster are among the living.
      In 1866 the family moved from IN to this state, locating near Crescent Hill and resided there until the 80's when they moved to Butler [Bates Co.], there the husband died Jan. 29, 1886, since which time the aged wife has resided near Butler during the last three of which she lived with her children. Mrs. Wilcox was converted and united with the Baptist Church at Stilesville, IN, in 1842, and remained a faithful member of that denomination until death. Grandma Wilcox was more vigorous than persons of her age usually are. She retained her mental faculties to the end. In her prime Mrs. Wilcox was an active figure in the community all of the earliest settlers in this locality remember her as an amiable and kind hearted woman ready at all times to relieve the suffering and comfort the sorrowing.
      Her ninety years of life were made up of kindly deeds and comforting words. Truly Grandma Wilcox has passed to a rich reward after a long life which has been and will continue to be a benediction to her children and associate Peace to her ashes.
      (CW: This is one of two obits for Sarah; the other is from the "Butler Lines" and both give her birth date and place as Bath Co. KY on June 6, 1811.)

"The News Herald" Hillsboro, Ohio, Thursday, Feb. 11, 1915, Page 7 (from Margie Duncan Taylor 8/2001; see Highland Co. OH)
      John W. Duncan was born Aug. 6, 1828 (1838?) in Buckingham County, Va. He emigrated to this state with his parents, John and Martha Duncan, in the year 1841, when he was but 2 years old. They settled in Dodson township, not far distant from where he died, at ... o'clock Thursday, Dec. 31, 1914, at the well advanced age of 76 years, 4 months and 25 days.
      "Grandpa", as he was familiarly called, was the youngest of a family of 7 children, all of whom have preceded him to that better land except Thomas Duncan, of Butler, Bates county, Mo., and Miariah Cadwallader, of Jollette, Ill.
      The foundation of a noble life was laid among hardships and trials encountered in the days of the early settlers. It could be nothing else but determined perseverance and rugged strength of good character that told in the struggle with nature. Never once in all the years of his long life did he falter or seek to evade the path of duty marked by destiny for his journey.
      And when we come in close communion with God and realize that nature is his handwork, it is only then that we can understand why he, in his early youth, obeyed the Master's command, "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God", and united with the Dodsonville M.E. church, but in late years he became one of the charter members who made possible the erection and sustenance of the Christion Union Church of Allensburg, of which he has been a faithful member ever since.
      When the last taps were sounded and he was called to go, he had so unerringly followed the precepts of his Master and so unfailingly had he followed the paths of righteousness that he stepped peacefully into eternity to meet his Savior.
      He was united in marriage to Elizabeth Henderson. To this union were born two sons, Charles and Robert, of Allensburg, and one daughter, Mrs. Effie VanWinkle, of New Market. There also survives to cherish the memory of Grandpa Duncan eight grandchildren and thre great grandchildren. It is true that Grandpa has left us, but while we honestly experience a feeling of joy the good man will suffer no more but have life everlasting, yet a spirit of loneliness surrounds us, especially Grandma, for no more shall she grip the hand of this honest man. No more shall she hear his kindly words of greeting.
      Yet we feel that if we should offer a regret at this time it would be because we have not heeded his sincere admonitions; because we have not accepted his experience at its true worth.
      But even now it is not too late for we may yet gather inspiration from the life of Uncle John. We may follow in his footsteps though hard they may seem, and strive to emulate the character of the departed spirit. Let his life be a light to our feet, a guide to our faultering step, that we may strive on to gain the reward at the end of the journey and hear the Master's voice as Grandpa heard it, "Well done thou good and faithful servant."
      (MDT: son of Thomas B. Duncan; they are both buried in the Henderson Cemetery, Allensburg, Highland Co. OH)

HISTORIES before 1923

1918 "History of Bates County, Missouri" by W.O. Atkeson; pub. Topeka, Historical Pub. Co. (HeritageQuest book LH15287; 1/2009)
      Pg.237-238 - Chapter XV, the Bench and Bar
      The Heigira of Our Public Records. (By James H. Raybourn.)
      Before the Civil War and until 1870, one man or one official held and performed the duties of county clerk and probate clerk, as the county court had jurisdiction over probate business. The same official was also circuit clerk and ex-officio recorder of deeds. Robert L. Duncan held these offices at the beginning of the war. Owing to conditions in the county in 1862, he removed the public records from Butler to the home of Oliver Lutsenhizer in Deepwater township. Some time afterward they were taken to Clinton, Henry county, as William Duncan, a brother of Robert L. Duncan, was an official of that county; and thence they were sent by John D. Myers to John B. Newberry at Jefferson City who was down there making settlement as county collector. The records remained in Jefferson City until an election was held at Johnstown in 1864, at which election John A. Devinny was elected to the Legislature, John Atkison sheriff, Van Buren Van Dyke assessor, and John D. Myers county clerk; C.I. Robards, H.H. Pipemeier and John Griggs as members of the county court. In the fall of 1865, the records, which had been returned to John D. Myers at Dresden, Pettis county, Missouri, were taken by him to Pleasant Gap as a temporary place of public business, as Butler was almost entirely wiped out by one party or the other during the Civil War; and public business conducted at Pleasant Gap was afterward legalized and validated by act of the Legislature, and the village of Pleasant Gap recognized as the county seat of Bates county, during the time the courts were held there. (MAD: more on the building, 1865-1866) As deputy circuit clerk and recorder, accompanied by Dr. N.L. Whipple, in March, 1866, I hauled the public records from Pleasant Gap in a farm wagon and placed them in said building. The county court and circuit court held two terms each at Pleasant Gap.
      There was an election held in Johnstown in 1862, at which ... John D. Myers county clerk, ...
      My understanding is, as stated in the old "History of Bates County," that the early court records beginning in 1841, at the house of Col. Robert Allen at Harmony Mission and covering the period down to 1852 of the county clerk and of the circuit clerk down to 1859, have been lost or destroyed; but so far as I know all the records which came into the hands of John D. Myers from Jefferson City, as above related, are still preserved and among the records in the proper office in the court house at Butler now.
      I also understand that all marriage records prior to 1860 are lost or destroyed. From 1852 to 1856 the courts were held in Papinsville, which was the county seat. A brick court house was erected there, completed in 1855.

1883 "The History of Cass and Bates counties, Missouri : containing a history of these counties, their cities, towns; biographical sketches of their citizens, general and local statistics, history of Missouri" pub. by National Historical Co. (Los Angeles Public Library book 977.81 C34Hi, and FHL book 977.84 H2h, Vol.2, and FamilySearch Digital Collection)
    Vol.2, Bates County:
      Pg.1095, Circuit Clerks: Robert L. Duncan, 1859; John D. Myers, 1862
      Pg.1096, County Clerks: Robert L. Duncan, 1859
      Pg.1097, Assessors: R.L. Duncan, ... 1859.
      Vol.2, pg.1214, Bates County, East Boone Township: WILLIAM H. DUNCAN was born March 12, 1854, in Stokes Co. NC, and is the second son of Charles and Martha J. (Flint) Duncan, who were originally from Stokes County. His father was born April 24, 1824, and his mother March 6, 1826. They were married August 23, 1849, and until 1854 lived in that locality, then coming to Missouri and settling on the line between Cass and Bates Counties. Mr. Duncan, senior, ... was killed November 18, 1862, within a half mile of his own door ... He left five children, all of whom are living. ....

1888 "History of Nevada, Vernon Co. MO" Brown & Co. (from MO files of Kay D. Hampton bef. 1970, loaned through Lu Durham 5/1988, now at Platte Co. MO Historical Society)
      Pg.409: Peter Duncan in Butler, Bates Co. MO, settled on Duncans Creek in Henry Township in 1839. His step-father William Barnes also came. Peter Duncan was the 1st settler in 1839, 2 miles north of Osage River on East side of Duncan Creek. Mr. Duncan is yet living in Bates Co.
      (MAD: one Margaret Duncan mar. William Barnes 4/25/1819 Howard Co. MO; any connection?)

1887 "History of Vernon County, Missouri : including a history of its townships, towns and villages, together with a condensed history of Missouri ... biographical sketches ... statistics ..." pub. by Brown & Co. (FHL film 1,000,306 item 3)
1911 "History of Vernon County, Missouri, past and present, including an account of the cities, towns and villages of the county" ed. by J.B. Johnson, pub. by C.F. Cooper (FHL book 977.844 H2j, Vol.2)
      (text is almost identical)
      Henry Twp: Early Settlers. Peter Duncan was probably the first settler in what is now Henry township. In the year 1839 he located nearly 2 miles north of he Osage, on the east side of the creek which bears his name (SE quarter section 5), where was afterward Duncan Creek postoffice. Here he resided for many years, at last selling the land to James Lawrence. During the Civil War he was a confederate soldier, and at the battle of Prairie Grove, AR, was badly wounded by a saber stroke; from the effects of this wound he never entirely recovered. (pg.600, 1911 Hist.) ... Mr. Duncan is yet living, a resident of Bates Co. (pg.410, 1887 Hist.)
      William Barnes came from Jackson Co. in about 1839 and settled on Duncan's creek, in section 8, south of Peter Duncan's claim. Barnes was the contractor that constructed the US military road from Fort Leavenworth to Fort Scott. While executing his contact he visited this country on a hunting expedition and was so delighted with it that he determined to make it his home. He died in Kansas many years ago. (pg.600, 1911 Hist.; pg.410, 1887 Hist.)
      (MAD: Kay D. Hampton files quote pg.409, 1888 History of Nevada, Vernon Co. MO, pub. by Brown & Co., that William Barnes was step-father of Peter Duncan; this text is not in the 1887 History at the FHL)

"History of Winona County [Minnesota] : together with biographical matter, statistics, etc." (anonymous); pub. Chicago: H.H. Hill and Co., 1883, 934 pgs. (LH12466, HeritageQuest images 2/2007 & 5/2007 & 7/2007; FHL book 977.61 H2hw and film 844,948 item 1 and 1,000,269 item 3; and FHL book 977.612 H2h and film 1,000,269 item 2)
      Pg.770-771: DANIEL W. STONE, capitalist, is a son of Joshua Stone, a teacher and lumberman, who was born on Long Island; he married Chloe Morehouse, of Rhode Island, and settled on the St. John's river, in Douglas county, New Brunswick. Here was born the subject of this sketch on September 18, 1805. His parents soon moved across the state line into Maine, and here he received the limited education ... He was married October 5, 1831, to Mary A. Harris, who was born at Machias, Maine, January 5, 1814; ... Mrs. Stone died at Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, June 18, 1856. She was a member of the Baptist church. Five children survive her, as follows: Samuel W., born January 14, 1833, married Harriet E. Pike, and lives at Aurora, Dakota; Mary E., born May 14, 1836, married Jonathan Burrington (now deceased), afterward married James P. Duncan, and resides at Rich Hill, Missouri; George W., born May 27, 1843, lives in Montana, a hunter by occupation; Melvin L., born August 3, 1848, married Alice Barnett, and lives at Rich Hill; Nehemiah, born September 1, 1850, also a hunter in Montana. Mr. Stone removed to Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, in 1845 and was one of the successful pioneers of that region. ... On July 22, 1862, he married Attaresta, relict of Samuel R. White, ... (MAD: more on her family, not copied here) In 1868 he sold his Wisconsin property, and ... purchased his present home in St.Charles in the fall of that year, and has dwelt here ever since. .... (MAD: Rich Hill, Bates Co. MO)


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