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Indexes to Duncans in
the War of 1812
Misc. Indexes and Records

Bounty Land Warrant Applications, War of 1812 - only a few are microfilmed; these consist of the stub of the warrant only in most cases, and are in order by warrant number.
      #15725; Warrant 28 March 1818 to Marshall Duncan, late a musician in the detachment commanded by Capt. Jos. C. Belt of 28 Regt. Inf., 160a land; located 11 April 1818 (illeg.) (FHL film 983,171; later warrants not on film)

Pension Applications, War of 1812 - not microfilmed and are not available at the Family History Library

Index of MO and AR and Partial IL (C-D) Land Patentees, War of 1812; Warrants (Index on FHL film 983,163)
            Sec.1, MO Index (p.56)
      #13766: Duncan, William, Corporal, Talbot's 19th Inf., located Feb. 9, 1819, in NW 27-55-16. (NW 1/4 Sec.27 T55 R16) (from warrant on FHL film 983,170)
      #21346: Dunnan, William, (rank blank), Gates Co. of Artillery, located May 8, 1819, in SE 25-56-17. (from warrant on FHL film 983,173)
      #21562: Duncan, Lewis, (rank blank), Zantzinger's Corp. of Artillery, located May 17, 1819, in SE 36-56-20. (from warrant on FHL film 983,174)
      #22413 (indexed as #22433): Duncan, Coleman, Matross in Hobart's Light Artillery, located Aug. 27, 1819, in SW 11-56-19 (from warrant on FHL film 983,174)
            Sec.2, AR Patentees, from G.L.O. (General Land Office) Patent Book
      Vol.2 p.270: Duncan, Jeptha, #24,332; in NE (1/4 of Sec.) 35, (Twp) 10N, (Range) 7W (no dates)
      Vol.2 p.433: Dunkum, Ephraim, heirs of, #24,262; NE 18 2N 3E
      Vol.8 p.427: Duncan, alias Dunkin, Anderson, #25,043; SE 11 14N 4W
      Vol.10 p.154: Duncan, George heirs, #25,618; SE 23 7N 14W
      Vol.12 p.449: Duncan, Thomas, #24,945; NE 28 1S 2E
      Vol.13 p.6: Duncan, Daniel, #354; S 1/2 35 10N 4W
            Sec.3, IL (Partial) -- no Duncan
            Sec.4, Patentees Under Act of 1842 -- no Duncan


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