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Formed 1833 from St. Joseph, Kalamazoo
Eaton formed 1829 from St. Joseph, Kalamazoo, Calhoun


1840 Calhoun Co. MI Census
Albion Twp
Pg.151  David Duncan      0000,01  -  0

1850 Calhoun Co. MI Census
Town of Sheridan, handwritten pg.13
Pg.7, #175-174, Allen WINES 49 NY farmer $200
                  Harriett M. 33 NY
                  Jacob C. 23 NY cooper
                  James P. 19 NY farmer
                  John W. 16 NY farmer
                  Clarisa M. 12 NY
                  Mary DUCKEN 12 NY
                  Adalia 8 MI
                  Wm. W. WINES 7 NY
                  Almira 3 MI
                  Chas. M. 1 MI
                  James WINES 76 NY farmer
                  Charity 70 CT
Pg.64, #504, David DUNCAN 43 NY harnest? $600 (alone)
Battle Creek
Pg.127, #204, Henry PERRY 27 MD laborer
                  Laura Ann 17 CT
                  Mary Ann 6/12 MI
                  Henry DUNCAN 9 CAN
                  (MAD: 1860 DuPage Co. IL census)

1860 Calhoun Co. MI Census
Town of Albion
Pg.80, #610-599, David DUNCAN 50 NY farmer $800-$150 (alone)
Marengo Twp.
Pg.615, #1065-992, George KNICKERBOCKER 54 NY farm laborer
                  Ann S. 43 NY
                  Electa DUNCAN (f) 16 NY
                  Caroline 14, Frances (f) 12 NY
Pg.620, #1107-1030, John ANESLY 53 PA farmer $7000-$2000
                  Philina (f) 49 PA
                  Amanda 30 PA
                  Helen 28 MI
                  George 23, Homer 18, Ida (f) 12 MI
                  Amelia BOYD 8 WI
                  George DUNCAN 16 NY farm laborer
                  David LONGMAN 34 NY farm laborer
                  Jacob FUNK 22 Wittenburg? farm laborer

1870 Calhoun Co. MI Census
Pg.362, #422-421, BALL, Orrin 62 NY farmer $12,205-$5,418
                  Sarah 63 NY keeping house
                  Eliza 34 NY without occupation
                  Charles 21 MI farm laborer
                  DUNCAN, Frederick 19 MI farm laborer
                  SWORT?, Emeline 17 MI house keeping
City of Battle Creek, Ward 1
Pg.406, #93-93, DUNCAN, Thomas G. 58 IRE real estate surveyor? $300,000-$100,000, parents of foreign birth
                  As3? (Aob?, Clo B?) (f) 62 IRE house keeper, parents of foreign birth
                  Richard 31 IRE no occupation, parents of foreign birth
                  Frank H. 24 IRE no occupation, parents of foreign birth
                  PRINCETIRE?, Mary 16 MI domestic servant
                  (MAD: Thomas indexed age 38, but it is 58; Jane 73 IRE with Frank Duncan in 1880 census)
Township of Eckford
Pg.570, #176-171, DUNICAN, Daniel 52 NY farmer $30,000-$8,000
                  Eliza 43 NY keeping house
                  Alma (f) 17 NY school teacher
                  Ada 16 MI attending school
                  Mary 15 MI at home
                  MARKHAM, Betsey 72 NY without occupation
                  RUSSEL, Wilburt? (m) 19 IN attending school
                  SPRAGUE, Alfred 23 MI farm laborer
City of Marshall, Ward 2
Pg.707R, #122-124, INGERSOLL, Chester (m) 41 NY miller
                  Rena 39 NY keeping house
                  Hattie (f) 16 MI attending school
                  Chester (m) 16 MI attending school
                  DUNCAN, Frances (f) 22 NY domestic servant
                  LORD, Henry 87 NY carpenter $3000-$0
                  (MAD: ages as given)


Summit Co. OH Probate Records
   Administration Docket Vol.2 (FHL film 900,951)
      2-216: #4003, Thos. G. Duncan; transcript of will and order of court from Calhoun Co. Michigan filed and ordered recorded.
   Will Book 4 (FHL film 900,957)
      4-171/8: Probate Court 7 Oct. 1875, will of Thomas G. Duncan decd. produced. Will of Thomas G. Duncan of Battle Hawk, Calhoun Co. MI, USA, Esq., but at present residing at Wheatfield near Buffalo in Antrim, Ireland, revoking all other wills; devise absolutely to my dear Mother my house in Cadwill Street, Pittsburg [Allegheny Co. PA]; and direct that my executors shall lay out and expend the sum of $5000 in furnishing the same for her. To my brother George I give absolutely my property in the oil regions in Pennsylvania including my interest in Pistole?? City and the town of Plummer. To my executors I bequeath my house and land in Cuyahoga Falls, OH, in trust for my brother James during his life, and after his death in trust for the eldest child of my said brother George living at the time of his death; and should my said brother James die before the eldest child of my brother George attains 21 years, my executors shall let the same and the proceeds held in trust for the benefit of the child until he arrives at that age. The properties which I hold at Battle Creek aforesaid, Cleveland, OH, Chicago, IL, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania be sold and the proceeds & personal estate at time of my death be disposed of as follows, that exec. pay debts & expenses; $25000 in purchase of property for my mother's support and maintenance during her life; set aside sufficient funds to pay wages of a gardner & his female consort for the use of my said brother James for life ... To my brother Francis Henry Duncan $10,000. To my brother George Duncan $2,000. To the Rev. Matthew Simpson of Philadelphia ... Bishop Simpson of Methodist Episcopal Church sum of firty (sic) thousand dollars. To James Long (Lang?) of Philadelphia, $30,000. To William Jackson of Pittsburg, blacksmith at Rail Road Wake, PA, and who has lost the use of one of his eyes, $20,000. To William Wilson of ... To Miss Sarah Prather of Plainview, $30,000, free from control of her husband if she should marry. Each of my friend James Lirege? (Long?) two daughters; to Ann Parke of City of NY who is a relation of my mother, $10,000; to James Lirege? sisters of Philadelphia to be divided among them; to trustees of Methodist Episcopal Church. Should I die in Ireland I direct that my remains be taken to Pittsburg and interred beside my father. I hearby declare my reason in omitting my brother Williams and my sister Mary Janes name from this will is because I have already provided for them. Appoint Bishop Simpson and James Leng? of 208 Church Street, Manufacture, both of Philadelphia in the USA executors. 17 day of M. (sic) in 1871. Wit. Joseph Sims, Draper, Belfast, and James Sterart, Town Clerk, Belfast. Cert. Calhoun Co. MI, by Mathew Simpson and James Long? as principals and W. Baird, Stephen P.M. Taskin as securities, all of PA, and I. Owen as security in MI, bond for $8000. Certification in Philadelphia PA, Calhoun Co. MI, and Akron, Summit Co. OH.
      Information from Barbara A. Brown 1/2007: Matthew Simpson was the Bishop at Grace Methodist Episcopal Church in Philadelphia, and James Long (manufacturer and banker) was president of the church council.

"Chicago Tribune" Chicago, Illinois, 22 Feb 1872 (from Kathy D. Cawley 10/2006)
      DIED. DUNCAN - At Athens, Mich., Feb. 13 [1872], of consumption, FRANCIS E. DUNCAN, aged 22. (MAD: Athens, Calhoun Co. MI)

HISTORIES before 1923

1888 "Early history of Michigan : with biographies of state officers, members of Congress, judges and legislators : published pursuant to Act 59, 1887" by S.D.Bingham, pub. by Thorp & Godfrey, state printers and binders (HeritageQuest image 2/2007; sketches in alphabetic order, Local History Reel/Fiche Number 4546; FHL film 1,000,076 item 2)
      Pg.239: DANIEL DUNAKIN was born in Niagara county, NY, April 19, 1810, and in 1834 settled on a farm in Eckford, Calhoun Co. He was several years supervisor, and in 1855 was Representative in the legislature. Through his influence a bill was passed giving a charter to Hillsdale college. He died May 16, 1875. In politics a Republican, in religion a Free Will Baptist.


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