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Duncans in Washington Co. ME


Duncan research files of
Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson
the Genealogy Bug

Last revised October 27, 2007

Formed 1789 from Lincoln
Aroostook formed 1839 from Washington


1790-1820 Washington Co. ME Census
        No Duncan indexed

1830 Washington Co. ME Census
Pg.265  James Duncan      2000,01   - 0000,001     14th Twp

1840 Washington Co. ME Census
Pg. 38  William Duncan    1121,01   - 0101,01      Calais
        William Dunkham   0001,1    - 0001,1
   173  James Duncan      0021,001  - 0200,0001    14th Twp

1850 Census, Annsburg, Washington County, Maine (from Kathy Cawley 9/2007)
page# 36B
Naham? G. SMITH, age 21, laborer, $200., Maine
Elisabeth Smith, age 18, Maine
Sylvanus DUNKIN, age 21, laborer, Maine
Richard LIBBY, age 22, laborer, Maine
      *KDC: indexed as Tylvanner Dunkin; 1870 McLeod Co. MN census
same township
page# 37
age 23, laborer, $100., Fromi__ N.B.
Archibald, age 25, laborer, Fromi__ N.B.

1850 Census, Cherryfield, Washington County, Maine (from Kathy Cawley 9/2007)
page# 29B
DUNCAN, (indexed as Durian)
James, age 49, laborer, Scotland
Mary, age 49, Scotland
Archibald, age 26, Maine
Joseph, age 23, Maine
Sylvanus, age 21, Maine
Nancy, age 18, Maine, attended school
Mary, age 16, Maine, attended school
Lemuel PRESTON, age 18, laborer, Maine, attended school

1850 Washington Co. ME Census
Pg.77, #190-204, Joseph DUNCAN 24 N.B. carpenter
                  w/ship builder & many carpenters
Pg.153, #336-369, John SLATER 45 IRE laborer
                  Martha 41 IRE
                  Robert DUNCAN 21 IRE laborer
                  Martha J. 12 IRE
                  John SLATER 15 IRE
Pg.176, #593-634, James DUNCAN 34 SCT farmer $300
                  Ann 34 SCT
                  Mary Ann 4, Hugh 1 ME
                  Mary BROWN 78 SCT
Pg.219, #8, Mary MURPHEY 76 NH
                  Miletia (f) 16, George 9 ME
                  William C. MENSER? 2, John 1 ME
                  Sarah DUNKIN 15 IRE

1860 Washington Co. ME Census
Calais Ward 2
Pg.129, #308-325, John SLATER 50 IRE mill laborer $0-$200
                  Martha 45 IRE
                  John 23 IRE
                  Martha J. DUNCAN 21 IRE teacher con. schools
                  Robert DUNCAN 27 IRE insane "(unknown)"
Calais Ward 4
Pg.173, #597-619, William DUNCAN 70 SCT house carpenter $0-$100
                  Amelia 62 NB ("N.B.")
                  Margaret 26 NB
                  Charles F. 19 ME house carpenter $0-$50
Calais Ward 5
Pg.218, #895-906, James DUNCAN 46 SCT farmer $400-$300
                  Ann 45 SCT
                  Hugh A. 11, James E. 4 ME

1870 Washington Co. ME Census
Ward 4, Calais
Pg.89, #658-861, DUNCAN, Amelia 72 Dominion of CANada keeping house $800-$200, parents of foreign birth
                  Margaret K. 36 Dominion of CANada laundress (not par. of foreign birth)
                  Frederic 29 Dominion of CANada "no occ", parents of foreign birth
Ward 5, Calais
Pg.96, #747-960, DUNCAN, David 36 ME house joiner $0-$300, parents of foreign birth
                  Jennie E. 37 Dominion of CANada keeping house
                  Addie (f) 13 ME, mother of foreign birth
                  Jessie (f) 4 ME mother of foreign birth
Pg.101, #813-1033, DUNCAN, James 60 "Scotchman" farmer $1000-$500, parents of foreign birth
                  JOHNSON, Mary A. 48 Dominion of CANada housekeeper, parents of foreign birth
                  Elizabeth 80 Dominion of CANada, parents of foreign birth
                  DAGGETT, John 23 Dominion of CANada works in saw mill (not parents of foreign birth)
Columbia Falls
Pg.156, #115-115, DUNCAN, Duncan (m) 36 ME laborer
                  Almeda (f) 34 ME keeping house
Eastport Dist.
Pg.242, #350-394, DEMSON?, S.R. (m) 53 PA army officer $8000-$250
                  Jennie H??. 49 ME keeping house
                  Ellen 8 ME at school
                  James 20 ME at school
                  CARLY?, Margarett 30 IRE domestic servant, parents of foreign birth
                  Ellen 17 IRE domestic servant, parents of foreign birth
                  (MAD: indexed S.K. DANSON)
Pg.473, #91-12, DUNCAN, Lucy 29 ME keeping house $0-$0
                  Elsey? (f) 9 ME
                  Mary A. 5, Ephraim (m) 3 ME
                  Reuben 3/12 ME b.Mch.
Pg.486, #278-189, DUNCAN, A.H. (m) 24 ME farm laborer $1,000-$500
                  Mary 40 New Brunswick keeping house (not parents of foreign birth)
Pg.549, #44-47, DENISON, James 34 New Brunswick farmer $300-$0
                  Melissa 25 ME keeping house, father of foreign birth
                  Miles (m) 10 ME at home, father of foreign birth
                  (MAD: indexed James DEMSON)


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