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Worcester Co. MD Land Records 1742-1868
      Index 1742-1844 (FHL film 14,565; grantees and grantors actually listed in separate index books, combined below into book order; years given only in grantee index)
      D-41: 1755, Thos. Duncan to James Dunkin, deed
      D-42: 1755, Thomas Dunkin Sr. to Charles Dunkin, deed
      E-97: 1760, Thomas Duncan from John Timmons & wife
      E-388: 1760, James Dunkin to Elizabeth Dunkin
      F-17: 1763, John Duncan from John Bratten son of James
      H-56: John Duncan to Henry Ball
      H-369: Thomas Duncan to Jno. Burbage
      H-520: 1769, John Duncan from Dennis Hudson
      H-577: Jno. & Ruth Duncan & others to Major Hudson
      H-582: John Duncan to Thomas Pointer
      H-641: 1769, Jesse Duncan from James Round
      I-1: 1771, John Duncan from Oliver Griffen
      I-262: Thomas Duncan to Jno. Conner
      I-316: 1771, Thomas Duncan to Jesse Duncan
      I-340: John Duncan to Jno. Marshall
      I-362: 1771, John Duncan from Oliver Griffin
      I-643: 1771, Thomas Duncan from Joshua Davis
      K-87: Thomas Duncan to Bartholomew Slattery
      K-221: Thomas Duncan to Jno. Bradford
      K-378: 1776, Levin Duncan from Oliver Griffin
      L-28: Thomas Duncan to Elisha Wheeler
      L-344: 1784, Thomas Duncan from Solomon Collens
      M-194: Thomas Duncan and Solomon Collins bond to trustees of Worcester Co.
      M-301: 1786, William Duncan from Nehemiah Latchem
      N-369: Thomas Duncan and Nixon Davis bond to MD
      O-343: Mary, Isaac, and William Duncan to Joshua Jones
      P-137: Mary, Isaac, and William Duncan to Jno. Waters
      P-228: 1793, Levin Duncan to Thomas Duncan, bond
      R-266: Mary Duncan to Levin Baker
      R-295: Mary Duncan to Wm. Marshall
      R-328: Mary Duncan to Mary Townsend
      R-350: Mary Duncan to Jno. Stewart
      S-451: 1797, James Duncan from Jeptha Webb, B/S
      T-124: 1798, W. James Duncan from John Bassett
      T-238: 1798, Thomas Duncan from John Bradford, B/S
      T-238?: 1798, Thomas Duncan from William Round, B/S
      T-299: 1798, Milby & Henry Duncan from Molly Baker, B/S
      T-300: 1798, Nancy Duncan from Molly Baker, B/S
      T-301: 1798, Henry Duncan from Molly Baker, B/S
      U-178: 1800, John Duncan from John P. Mitchell
      V-299: 1802, Thomas Duncan from Jesse Hill
      V-313: 1802, Levi Duncan from Isaac T. Pointer, B/S
      X-202: Joshua Duncan to Richard Sampson
      Y-70: 1806, Thomas Duncan from Edward Hammond Sr.
      Y-155: 1806, Levi Duncan from Sampson Whaley
      Y-452: 1806, Caleb Duncan to Thomas Duncan (MAD: Accomack Co. VA)
      Y-594: Caleb Duncan to Elizabeth Purnell
      Z-393: 1807, Thomas Duncan from Joshua Duer Shf
      AB-167: 1810, Thomas Duncan from Elisha Hadder, B/S
      AB-321: 1810, Milby Duncan, Edw. Hammond & Molley to Thomas Duncan
      AB-458: Thomas Duncan to Nixon Davis
      AC-545: 1811, Levi Duncan from Zadok Sturgis & others
      AD-126: 1813, Henry Duncan from Jacob White & wife
      AD-383: 1813, Levi Duncan certif. of qualif. as JP
      AD-535: Henry Duncan to Kirk Gennby?
      AE-255: Levi Duncan, Thos. N. Williams & others to Thomas Littleton
      AE-308: Levi Duncan, Thos. N. Williams & others to Jno. Parsons
      AF-AH: "Deed Books AF, AG and AH burnt 11/24/1884"
      AI-35: 1818?, Levi Duncan from Seth Whaley
      AK-69: 1819?, Levi Duncan certif. of qualif. as JP
      AK-378: Henry Duncan to Robert Franklin
      AL-85: 1820, James M. Duncan from Joshua Dorman and wife
      AO-392: 1822, Thomas Duncan from Sarah Davis, P/A
      AP-27: 1823, Thomas Duncan from John Gillett, trustee
      AP-124: 1823, James Duncan from William Handcock, B/S
      AP-270: 1823, Levi Duncan from Levin Whealer & others
      AP-307: James M. Duncan to George Parsons
      AQ-237: 1824, James Duncan from Joshua Givans
      AQ-394: Thomas Duncan to William Purnell
      AQ-443: Henry Duncan to Jenkins Bowen, B/S
      AQ-562: 1824, Levi Duncan from Peter Whaley and Hessey Whaley
      AR-176: 1825, James Duncan from Joshua Dorman
      AR-220: 1825, Levi Duncan from Belitha & Thomas Gray
      AR-422: Levi Duncan, Jno. Hamblin and Stephen Ennis bond to MD
      AR-491: James M. Duncan to William Bassett
      AR-531: Milby Duncan to Edward Foreman
      AS-140: 1826, Milby Duncan from Zadok Sturgis
      AS-152: 1826, Levi Duncan from Belitha Gray
      AT-95: 1827, James Duncan from Thomas Purnell
      AT-418: 1827, James Duncan, cert. qual. JP
      AT-438: Levi Duncan & others bond to MD
      AU-295: 1828, James Duncan from Edward Knox Const.
      AU-305: James & Catharina Duncan to Mathew Purnell
      AU-417: 1828, James Duncan of Levi from Thos. Powell & wife
      AU-473: James Duncan, Thomas Givens & Joshua Round, trustees, deed of contract
      AU-479: 1828, James Duncan from Chas. Parker Shff
      AV-289: Hiram and James Duncan, recognizance to MD
      AV-541: 1829, James Duncan and others from Henry Smock & wife, trustee deed
      AX-299: James and Nancy Duncan & others to Burton Dale
      AX-410: 1831, Levi Duncan to James Duncan of Levi, deed
      AY-33: 1832, James Duncan, cert. qual. JP
      AY-134: James Duncan to Susan Dorman, B/S
      AY-176: James Duncan to Jno. Purdue
      AY-189: Levi Duncan to Isaac Littleton
      AY-191: Levi Duncan trustee to Isaac Littleton
      AY-192: 1832, Levi Duncan from Thomas Littleton of Edmund
      AY-371: James & Catharine Duncan to Wm. Bassett Jr.
      AZ-73: James Duncan & others, bond to MD
      AZ-403: 1832, Hiram K. Duncan from James A. Nickerson & wife
      JCH#1-15: James & Catharine Duncan to James Houston
      JCH#2-426: Levi Duncan & others bond to MD
      JCH#4-31: 1837, Levi Duncan from Edward & Denard Williams trustee of Wm. McGregors R. estate
      JCH#4-139: Levi Duncan trustee to Henry Dennis
      JCH#4-495: 1837, James W. Duncan from Thomas Powell & others
      GMH#1-70: 1838, James Duncan of Levi from John Mitchell
      GMH#2-77: James Duncan to sell real estate of Isaac W. Bassett to Mary Brittingham
      GMH#2-160: Levi Duncan trustee for Benjamin Burton Gordy a minor to James Duncan (or GMH#3-160)
      GMH#2-197: 1839, Levi Duncan & others, Comm. as Justice of Dist. Court #4 (or GMH#3-197)
      GMH#2-280: 1838, Levi Duncan & others, Comm. as Justice of Dist. Court #4
      GMH#3-160: 1839, Levi Duncan trustee to sell real estate of Benj. Gordy, to James Duncan (or GMH#2-160)
      GMH#3-197: 1839, Levi Duncan & others, Comm. as Justice of Dist. Court (or GMH#2-197)
      GMH#4-135: Chapel Duncan and M.E. Church rules &c
      GMH#4-140: 1840, Levi Duncan & others, trustees of St. Pauls Chapel, Rules & Regulations
      GMH#4-167: 1840, Levi Duncan & others, Comm. as Justice of Dist. Court
      GMH#4-313: 1840, Nancy Duncan from Isaac Pointer and wife Hetty
      GMH#4-323: 1840, Levi Duncan from John Davis, B/S
      GMH#5-14: Catharine Duncan to John Sturgis Jr.
      GMH#5-67: James Duncan to Handy Burbage
      GMH#5-112: Hiram R. Duncan and wife to John Tull
      GMH#5-242: 1841, Hiram Duncan and others, Justice of Magistrate Court #4
      GMH#5-242: 1841, Levi Duncan and others, Justice of Magistrate Court #4
      GMH#5-258: 1841, James Duncan, Justice of the Peace
      GMH#5-294: 1841, Levi Duncan, Asst. Justice of the District Court #4
      GMH#5-376: 1841, Milby Duncan from David S. Shockley
      GMH#6-236: 1842, Levi Duncan, Justice of the District Court #4
      GMH#6-523: Elizabeth H. Duncan to Samuel Parker
      GMH#7-1: 1843, Hiram Duncan from Isaac McDale & wife
      GMH#7-257: 1843, Levi Duncan, Justice of the District Court #4
      Index 1844-1868 (FHL film 14,566)
      Copied only through 1851-52 book; deed books available on FHL film only to Book EDM#2, 1848-1850
      GMH#9-28: 1846-47, Milby Duncan & Sally his wife deed to James Greeley?, John Greeley and Stephen Greeley (Grenley?)
      EDM#1-374: 1847-48, Hiram K. Duncan deed from James Baker
      EDM#2-204: 1848-50, Hiram B. Duncan deed from Merrill D. Smith & wife
      EDM#2-273: 1848-50, Hiram B. Duncan & wife & Mary Rain deed to John A. Massey.
      EDM#2-488: 1848-50, Hiram B. Duncan & wife & Mary Rain deed to Robert Fraus? Elin
      EDM#2-671: 1848-50, William Duncan bill of sale to Matthias Godfrey & James M. Beauchamp
      EDM#3-573: 1850-51, James Duncan of M. Commission as Chief Justice of 6th E.D. Court
      EDM#3-584: 1850-51, James Duncan of Milby certificate of Qualification as Chief Justice of 6th E.D. Court
      EDM#4-199: 1851-52, Hiram K. Duncan deed from Peter Whaley, Eli Dale & Johnson Dennis, commiss.
      EDM#4-489: 1851-52, James Duncan of Milby, certificate of qualification as Justice of Peace.
      EDM#4-520: 1851-52, Hiram K. Duncan & wife deed to Margaret Gordy
      EDM#4-523: 1851-52, Hiram K. Duncan & wife deed to Garrettson Gordy

Worcester Co. MD Deeds
      Cannot identify a grantee deed to John Brittingham (MAD: his will MH-522 dated 10/23/1830 mentions lands he bought of heirs of John Duncan) (FHL film 14,565)
      Bond books not found on microfilm ("Deed" P-228, 1793, Levin Duncan to Thomas Duncan, bond)
      R-266: 19 July 1796, Mary Duncan, widow of Thomas Duncan, to Levin Baker, 9-1/4 acres part of "Long Trusted" (from book)
      R-295: 19 July 1796, Mary Duncan, widow of Thomas Duncan, to Wm. Marshall, 10-1/4 acres part of "Long Trusted". (FHL film 14,541; wife of Wm. Marshall not named)
      R-328: 19 July 1796, Mary Duncan, widow of Thomas Duncan, to Mary Townsend, £25, 12-1/2 acres part of "Long Trusted" adj. Matthew Purnell decd; wit. William Parker, Isaac Marshall. (FHL film 14,541)
      R-350: 1796?, (indexed) Mary Duncan to Jno. Stewart. (not looked at)
      S-451: 10 Aug. 1798, Jeptha Webb to James Duncan, animals and furniture. (FHL film 14,541)
      T-124: 2 Feb. 1799, John Bassitt to James McLaughlin Duncan, £50, part of land devised by William Bassitt in will to his dau. Alice Bassitt, reversional to present vender, I being the remainderman, sell to James McLauglin (MAD: sic) Duncan my interest, about 45 acres; wit. Purnell Johnson, Boaz Walston. (FHL film 14,542; indexed as W. James Duncan)
      T-238: 1799, John Bradford to Thomas Duncan, £75, negro.
      T-238: 1799, William Round to Thomas Duncan, negro.
            (MAD: there are 3 Thomas Duncans in 1800 census; Thomas wife Elizabeth d. 1762; Thomas wife Mary d. 1790/1; Thomas son of Levin b. ca 1760-1768, on 1783 tax list, no further info; no other adult Thomas Duncans by 1800 known about; Thomas d. 1825 had wife Fanny d. 1826 who had son Thomas & nephew James; Thomas d. 1790 had sons William d. 1819 (had son Josiah) and Thomas living 1819. Thomas d. 1827, bondsman James. Thomas son of Thomas d. 1832.)
      T-299, 300, 301, 302: 20 July 1799, Molly Baker to my sons Milby & Henry Duncan, to Nancy Duncan (not called "daughter"), to Henry Duncan, to Hanah Gunby; negroes. (4 deeds) (FHL film 14,542) (MAD: the widow of Levin Duncan, Mrs. Molly Duncan Baker, died as Molly Hammond in 1822, leaving daus. Nancy, Martha and Hannah)
      V-299: 15 Dec. 1802, Jesse Hill to Thomas Duncan, 75-1/2 acres of "Partnership" willed by Jesse's grandfather Johnson Hill to Jesse's father William Stephens Hill. (FHL film 14,543)
      Y-70: 3 March 1806, Edward Hammond Sr. to Thomas Duncan, part of "Landdown and Partnership. (FHL film 14,544)
      Y-452: 14 Jan. 1807, Caleb Duncan of Accomac Co. VA to Thomas Duncan of Worcester Co. MD, $50, 11 acres more or less, part of "Haphazard" beg. at east end of the second line of a tract called "White Oak Swamp Enlarged," to a line of "Hollands Adventure;" Wit. Nixon Davis, John Davis. (FHL film 14,544)
      Y-594: 4 April 1807, Caleb Duncan of VA to Elizabeth Purnell of MD, that Thomas Dunkin Senr. decd. by will 13 April 1790 devised to his wife Mary a tract called "Holly Grove"; that Mary wife of said Thomas by her will of 13 Oct. 1794 devised to her son Caleb Dunkin, party to this indenture, the said tract called "Holly Grove" and that Caleb executed a bond dated 28 Feb. 1798 to convey "Holly Grove" to John Stewart which was assigned by said John to Henry White who assigned to Ananias Bradford who assigned to Elizabeth Purnell; now Caleb Dunkin for £5.5 current money of MD conveys to Elizabeth Purnell the tract called "Holly Grove" in Worcester Co. in the neighbourhood of Liberty Town, 14-1/2 acres more or less; wit. John Davis, Nixon Davis. (FHL film 14,544)
      Z-393: 12 May 1808, Joshua Duer, sheriff, to Thomas Duncan, 150 acres of "Landdown" and "Partnership" per judgement against William Stephens Hill. (FHL film 14,545)
      AB-321: 12 Jan. 1811, Milby Duncan and Edward Hammond & wife Molley to Thomas Duncan, £500, 60 acres, part of "Friends Assistance Enlarged" adj. "Lucas Choice;" wit. Nixon Davis, Thos. D. Purnell. (FHL film 14,546)
      AB-458: 24 June 1811, Thomas Duncan to Nixon Davis, £300, 110 acres of "Friends Assistance Enlarged" and part of "Lucas Choice." (FHL film 14,546)
      AR-491: 15 April 1826, James M. Duncan and wife Martha to William Bassett, $400, 40 acres and also 23 acres part of "Bassett's Choice." (FHL film 14,552)
      AX-299: 1 Nov. 1831, John Perry Gordy and wife Mary, James McGregor and wife Hannah, James Duncan and wife Nancy, all Worcester Co. MD, to Burton Dale of same, $600, their right to "Dale's Delight" which fell to them by the death of their brother Lemuel Dale, as appears by will of Ebenezer Dale their father; wit. Chas. Cashiell, Levi Duncan. (FHL film 14,555)
      AY-133: 10 May 1832, James Duncan to Susan Dorman, slave. (FHL film 14,555; indexed as pg.134)
      AY-176: 28 Jan. 1832, James Duncan to Jno. Purdue, $189, land he bought at sale. (not copied in detail; FHL film 14,555)
      AY-371: 4 Aug. 1832, James Duncan to William Bassett Jr., both Worcester Co. MD, $120, 30 acres plus or minus now occupied by John Holloway. Also /s/ by wife Catherine Duncan. Wit. Levi Duncan, Elijah Jones (Lanes?). (FHL film 14,555)
      GMH#2-77: (ca 1838) James Duncan as trustee of Isaac W. Bassett, sell to Mary Brittingham (FHL film 14,559; looked at, not copied)
      GMH#5-14: 29 Sept. 1841, Catharine Duncan formerly Catherine Collins the widow of Parker Collins late of Worcester Co. MD, to John Sturgis Jr. of same; that Parker Collins by will dated 9 Jan. 1826 gave to his wife Catharine his mill and land for 8 years, then it be sold and money placed at interest for benefit of my children; my two sons William and Charles L. Collins to receive the money, sell to John Sturgis Jr. for $2,000, lands ... (FHL film 14,561) (MAD: wife of James Duncan, teacher in 1850 b. 1786; she living with Sturgis in 1850 & 1860)
      GMH#5-67: 9 Nov. 1841, James Duncan to Handy Burbage, $50, the right of James Duncan to lands formerly belonging to heirs of Parker Collins decd. (no release by a wife) (FHL film 14,561)
      GMH#5-112: 21 June 1841, Hiram K. Duncan and wife Catherine to John Tull ... (MAD: indexed as Hiram "R") (FHL film 14,561)
      EDM#2-204: 1848-50, Hiram B. Duncan deed from Merrill D. Smith & wife (FHL film 14,564; not found)
      EDM#2-273: 5 March 1849, Hiram B. Duncan & wife Sarah M. and Mary Rane to John A. Massey, $200, their interest in undivided tract of land that Sarah M. Duncan and Mary Rane inherited on the death of Daniel Massey, husband of Mary Rane and father of Sarah M. Duncan ... (more not copied). (FHL film 14,564) (MAD: Charles Duncan's dau. Keziah mar. Mr. Rein. Hiram B. Duncan & Laura Ann wife of Merrill D. Smith were sons of James (of Levi) d. 1841 & wife Nancy (Dale?) who also had son Lemuel James Duncan & dau. Eliza Margaretta Duncan and Mary Caroline McGrigor.)

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