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Baltimore Co. MD Index to Inventories (FHL film 13,654; part from Louis Boone 1985)
      1-222: Richard Dunkin, 1705 (FHL film 13,655)
      18-505: William Duncan, 1797
      22-322: William Duncan, 1802
      1810-1838 (Probate Records Index Book 2):
      33-181, 586: John Duncan, 1821
      37-387, 392: Perry Dunkin, 1829
      47-384: William Dunkan, 1838
      50-586: Joseph Duncan, 1841
      61-176: Lemuel Dunkan, 1849
      62-109: Isabella H. Duncan, 1849
      62-165: Lemuel Dunkan, 1850
      66-113: John M. Duncan, 1852
      72-327: Eliza McK. Duncan, 1855
      76-176: John Duncan, 1858

Baltimore Co. MD Inventories (part from Louis Boone 1985)
      1-222-3: Richard Duncan, 1705; inventory of all and singular goods, chattels, rights and credits of Richard Duncan, late of Baltimore Co. MD, deceased. List of personal effects; men's clothing, fabric & thread, broad ax & hoe, tools, saddle, old bridle, 3 bushels wheet and 1,386 lbs tobacco, child's blanket, total £8.11.6. Appraisers Ben Johnson and Nichol. Dorsey. Wit. John Dorsey Sr., Nichol. Dorsey. (Admin. or exec. not named.) (FHL film 13,655)
      1-215: John Dorsey appraised Henry Davis estate 1715.
      1-236: John Dorsey appraised Richard Boon estate 1718.
      1-239: Patrick Dunkin owes Thomas Hedge estate, 16 May 1698.
      1-153: Thomas Pennington owes Richard Garret estate, 23 July 1710.
      (LB: Several Johnson names appear in Book 1, also Cox, Hollingsworth, Dean, Bennett, Gardner, Nelson, Hall.)
      1690-1740 - no Duncan indexed (FHL film 13,656)
      18-505: 26 April 1797, William Duncan, Inventory; Rebecca Duncan admr.; incl. sheets and pillow cases, 2 feather beds, more beds, tables, looking glass, furniture, farm tools, coopers tools, 1 lot books, 1 house & lot county lane (£750), total £845.14.5-1/2. Appraisers Elias Barnaby, John Litzenberger, David Stewart Young (MAD: & son), James Martin. 3 May 1797, Rebecca Duncan, admx. of William Duncan decd, in court. (FHL film 13,661)
      22-322: Mr. William Duncan, 5 Oct. 1802, Inventory, incl. 6 chairs & table, dishes, small 1 story house (£140), total £181.78; appraisers Luke Dempsey and John Quisicks. Court 13 Oct. 1802, Mary Duncan, admin. of William Duncan decd. (FHL film 13,663)

Baltimore Co. MD Court Records; Inventories (part from Louis Boone 1986)
      33-181: 5 Nov. 1821; Inv. of John W. Duncan appraised by Gale March and John Armstrong 5 Nov. 1821; included painting supplies, household furniture, land on Market Street. Admr. Ann Duncan. (FHL film 13,668)
      33-586: Inventory and accounts due John W. Duncan as stated on his books; returned 5 Dec. 1822 by Ann Duncan, admr. Accounts due from Thomas Pilkington, William Dorman, Stephen Bonalant?, Henry Herring, Benjn. Collins, Robt. W. Glaw, Hugh Davey, Nathl. Knight, Daniel Perrigo, Davis McCaughan, Jas. B. Stansbury, Henry Cerdray, Captn. Hutchins, Joseph Lee Millard, Gorsuch F. Lynche, Richard Jarrett, Alexr. Reeves, Thomas Pampletion, James H. Etchbarger, Fredk. Laudiman, John Quisick, S.C. Liakin?, Elisabeth Steel, Louis Earling, Christopher Chapman, Mrs. Bradford, Mr. Bean, William Roe, Daniel Victory, Joseph Ramsay, Mary Courthwait, William Evans, Susan Muskett, John Carnes, Wm. Jackson, Wm. Trimble, John Renour, George Weems, Wm. P. Barnes, John Smith, Thos. Evans, James Dalrymple, John Wright, William Munroe?, Patrick Cooney, Job. J. Smith, Sarah Golding, John Armstrong, Doctor Martin, Doctor Elbert, Samuel Register. Total $541.44-?/4. (FHL film 13,668)
      37-387: 6 Feb. 1829, inv. of Perry Duncan, late of Baltimore Co., includes house in Alisanna St., Fells Point, $800; admr. William B. Pittinger; appraisers Joseph E. Tenny and Nicolas Myers, total $1330.00. (FHL film 13,670) (LB: note Tenny name later connected to Duncans)
      37-388: Perry Dunkin, 7 Feb. 1829, Wm. B. Fitzinger admr; sworn statement concerning all Dunkin's property. (FHL film 13,670)
      37-392: 10 Feb. 1829, additional inventory of Perry Duncan. (FHL film 13,670)
      47-384: 27 April 1838, inv. of William Dunkan by James B. Price and John Lowe, appraisers; adm. Ann Dunkan. (FHL film 13,675)

Baltimore Co. MD Inventories (index on FHL film 13,654; part from Louis Boone 1985)
      50-586: Joseph Duncan, decd, late of Baltimore Co. MD, inventory; appraisers John Green and Stephen Bridge. Incl. furniture, lot of ground on Fall's Turnpike Road 30 feet x 150 feet adj. Baltimore & Susquehanna Railroad rent of $30, vacant and unimproved; admin. Cassandra (X) Duncan; 10 April 1841. (FHL film 13,677)
      61-176: Lemuel Dunkan, decd, late of Baltimore Co. MD, inventory; appraisers Jacob Beckley and --- Dahoff; inventory includes 2 year old colt, other horses, furniture, etc (all "old" things, little value); admin. Henry Bushey; 28 May 1849. (FHL film 13,682)
      62-109: Isabella H. Duncan, decd, late of Baltimore Co. MD, inventory; appraisers Saml. H. Wentz & John H. Rogers, includes 68 shares of stock in the Mechanics Bank of Baltimore at $15 a share, $1,020; admin. John M. Duncan; 24 Dec. 1849. (FHL film 13,683)
      62-165: Lemuel Dunkan, decd, list of debts due him, late of Baltimore Co. decd, as appears by books and papers which have come to knowledge of Jno. T. Ford admin, total $379.88; 22 Jan. 1850. (FHL film 13,683)

Baltimore Co. MD General Index to Orphan's Court proceedings, 1777-1857 (FHL film 13,684)
      1-89: Susannah Duncin, 1783
      1-98: James Duncin, 1783
      1-268: James Duncan, 1786
      3-123: William Duncin, 1794
      4-302: Susanna Duncin, William Duncin, 1802
      5-105: William Duncan, 1804
      9-116: Edward Duncan, 1815
      11-282: John W. Duncan, 1821
      14-257: Perry Dunkin, 1829 (two references)
      15-136, 22, 234: Emeline Dunkin, 1830
      18-383: Johnze, Frances, Ann Dunkan, 1839
      19-383: Joseph Duncan, 1841
      24-308, 311: Lemuel Dunkan, 1849
      25-44: Lemuel Dunkan, 1849 (two references)
      25-83: Isabella H. Dunkan, 1849
      26-168: John M. Duncan, 1851
      29-295: Eliza McK. Duncan, 1855
      30-101: Adam Duncan, 1856
      30-177: John M., Richard Duncan, 1856

Baltimore Co. MD Court Proceedings
      1-89: Court June 1783, 3rd Tuesday, Susanah Dunkin, orphan girl age 12 years the 26th June next, bound to Jacob Miere until age 16, be taught to read, write, spin, knit and sew, furnished food etc. (FHL film 13,685)
      1-98: Court 15 Oct. 1783, James Duncin, orphan boy age 9 on 10th last July, bound to Richard Clark to learn farming and read and write and arithmetic as far as the rule of 3, furnished food etc. (FHL film 13,685)
      1-268: 10 Oct. 1786, James Duncin, orphan age 13 years, released from Richard Clark his former master and bound to Mathew Stacia to learn to be a taylor, furnished food etc. (FHL film 13,685)
      3-123: Dec. term 1794, ordered that William Duncis (not Duncan), admin. of Samuel Scott, sell at public sale the whole or so much of personal estate of decd. to discharge his debts. (FHL film 13,685)
      4-302: 22 Dec. 1802, Susannah and William Duncin Haslet orphans of Alexander (no last name) in court; court appoints Elizabeth Haslett and John Robb their gdns, bondsman William E. Warner and Robert Cross. (FHL film 13,685; indexed as surname Duncin)
      5-105: 22 Aug. 1804, ordered that Mary Duncan, admix. of William Duncan, sell at public sale the personal estate of decd. incl. a house and lot and return an account of sales to this court. (FHL film 13,686)
      9-116: Feb. term 1815, Edward Duncan an orphan son of William Duncan decd, court appoints David Duncan his guardian; bondsman Edward Priestby, John W. Barret. (FHL film 13,687)

Baltimore Co. MD Orphan's Court proceedings, 1777-1857 (index on FHL film 13,684)
      1-246: 1-246: 16 April 1786, James Haselet, orphan boy age 14 years next July, bound to James Brown to learn trade of joiner & house carpenter etc. (FHL film 13,685)
      1-248: 17 April 1786, ordered that Alexander & Keziah M. Lane? deliver to Richard Ridgely & the exec. of Thomas Usher the estate left by Samuel Haselet, they having refused them counter security when required. (FHL film 13,685)
      1-291: 15 Dec. 1786, ordered that Richard Ridgely and the execs. of Thomas Ushen (Usshen?) decd., viz, Joseph Donaldson, Thomas Usshen, Joseph Usshen and Samuel Johnson dispose of property of Samuel Haselet decd. at public sale for benefit of legatees. Ordered that Richard Ridgely and execs deliver to Kezia McClane widow and admin. of Samuel Haselet decd the tenth part of estate of each of her five children besides the interest, to wit, James Haselet age 13 years, Mary age 12 years, Ann age 8 years, Joseph age 6 years and Samuel age 4 years, yearly and every year for their support until further order. (FHL film 13,685)
      2-79: 15 Aug. 1788, Moses Haselet Admin. de bonis non of Henry Brown decd, to sell personal estate for benefit of creditors. (FHL film 13,685)
      3-185: 23 March 1796, James Smith, admin. of Moses Haslett, sell personal effects. (FHL film 13,685)
      4-302: 22 Dec. 1802, Susannah and William Duncin Haslet orphans of Alexander (no last name) in court; court appoints Elizabeth Haslett and John Robb their gdns, bondsman William E. Warner and Robert Cross. (FHL film 13,685) (MAD: indexed surname Duncin; could find nothing in orphans court index to determine if the orphans were surnamed Duncan or Haslet)

Baltimore Co. MD Orphan's Court proceedings, 1777-1857 (index on FHL film 13,684)
      11-282: Oct. 1825, ordered that Ann Duncan, admix of John W. Duncan decd, sell personal estate for cash and return account. (FHL film 13,687; indexed 1821)
      14-257: 7 Feb. 1829, application of William B. Pittinger, admin. of Perry Dunkin, to sell all personal estate except the leasehold property and Manufacturing and Road Stocks; also to give notice to creditors to present claims. (FHL film 13,688)
      15-136: Oct. 1830, application of William B. Pittenger, guardian of Emeline Dunkin orphan daughter of Perry Dunkin decd, bondsmen Gerard T. Hopkins and Benjamin P. Moore. 15-225: May 1831, William B. Pittenger, guardian, to sell the leasehold interest to the lot on W.side Bond Street in City of Baltimore. 15-234: 3 June 1831, to sell the title etc. to lot on N.side Aliceanna Street. (FHL film 13,688)
      18-383: 2 April 1839, court appoints Ann Dunkan guardian to Johnze, Frances, and Ann Dunkan, orphan children of William Dunkan decd, bondsmen Lemuel Dunkan and John Oram. (FHL film 13,690)
      19-383: 13 April 1841, Cassandra Duncan admin. of Joseph Duncan, decd, to sell leasehold interest, right etc. to leasehold estate and improvements in the inventory, as being personal property, for cash. (FHL film 13,690)
      24-308: 24 May 1849, Henry Bushey, admin. of Lemuel Dunkan decd, give notice to creditors. 24-311: 30 May 1849, to sell at public sale the personal estate. (FHL film 13,692)
      25-44: 6 Nov. 1849, petition of William Frush against Henry Bushey, admin. of Lemuel Dunkin decd, filed 6 Nov. 1849; Bushey declines to give counter security asked for by Frush, court on 6 Nov. 1849 ordered administrator be John T. Ford on his giving bond; Ford ordered to give notice to creditors. (FHL film 13,692)
      25-83: 26 Dec. 1849, application of John M. Duncan, admin. of Isabella H. Dunkan, decd, he to sell her personal estate. (FHL film 13,692)

Baltimore Co. MD Guardian and Ward Accounts, 1631-1714 (FHL film 13,603; from Louis Boone 12/1985)
      1-267: Richard Dunkin, late of Baltimore Co. MD, inventory in Anne Arundel Co. MD. Accounts of John Brown, adm. of Richard Dunkin. Wm. Bath? accounts. Amos Garrett appraiser. No date, but inventory before is 1717, 2nd after is 1718. (LB: Patrick's wife Jane remarried Wm. Brown by 1695.)
      Book 2, 3 - no Duncan

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