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Formed 1845 from Claiborne, Ouachita, Union
Lincoln formed 1873 from Bienville, Jackson, Union, Claiborne


1850 Jackson Par. LA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1860 Jackson Par. LA Census
P.O. Vernon
Pg.386, #330-330, James H. KIDD 55 GA farmer $15000-$2000
                  Elizabeth E. 53 NC
                  P?.J. Bney? KIDD (m) 25 AL
                  Emily 23, Sarah A. 13 AL
                  T?.A. (f) 18 MS
                  B.S. DUNKIN (m) 20 MS farmer
                  Irene T. 21 AL
                  Babe (m) 4/12 LA
                  (MAD: 1850 Claiborne Co. MS census, Benjamin 12 MS)
Pg.466, #856-856 John SIKE 50 NC farmer $4500-$2500
                  Loucinda 40 MS
                  Phelix POWEL (m) 43 MS farmer $4500-$2500
                  John HAMPTON 38 TN farmer $5500-$3000
                  William H. DUNKIN 18 MS farmer $2000-$500
                  William J. SIKES 8, Benjamin T. 3 MS
                  (MAD: 1850 Claiborne Co. MS census, William 6 MS)

1870 Jackson Par. LA Census
Ward 2, P.O. Vienna
Pg.431, #111-111, PHILLIPS, J. (m) 38 GA BLACK farmer $0-$0
                  J. (f) 36 GA BLACK keeping house
                  R.(f) 23 VA BLACK works in farm
                  F.(f) 18 LA BLACK works in farm
                  S.(m) 10, J.(m) 7 TX BLACK
                  S.(f) 3, S.(m) 1 TX BLACK
                  DUNKIN, J. (m) 3 TX BLACK
                  LOW, L.(f) 48 LA BLACK
                  J. (f) 12 LA BLACK
Ward 4, P.O. Vernone
Pg.466, #113-113, DUNCAN, B.S. (m) 30 MS (white) farmer $600-$500
                  J.(f) 31 AL keeping house
                  W. (m) 10 LA
                  E. (m) 8 LA


Hinds Co. MS Old series, estates 1215-1251, 1852-1853 (FHL film 1,750,047; SLC 6/20/2008)
      #1234: John H. Duncan decd, James W. Brown admr; petition of James W. Brown 6 Dec. 1852 that John H. Duncan late of Claiborne Co. MS died leaving two children surviving him, Benjamin & William, who are yet minors and under age of 14; that the mother of said minors, Elizabeth Duncan, has also departed this life and they are entitled to a share each of her estate, consisting of land and personality, estimated about $600 each share. Said minors are now in this county where they have been for some time past and in which is a part of the property in which they are interested. All of the next of kin decline the guardianship of said minors and will concur in the appointment of himself by the court. He asks for letters of guardianship. (page 1)
      Another petition, 22 Dec. 1852, there are 11 slaves; that besides said minors who are entitled to one share, the following persons have equal shares in the slaves, viz, P.H. Bethea who married Emily Strother; Susan Maria Warren wife of A.L. Warren (who is a daughter of Adeline Strother and her husband Hugh C. Caskey); Ann Jones widow of Reuben B. Jones (who was formerly Ann Strother); and Celia Ann Smith, wife of James D. Smith formerly Celia Strother; being in all 5 equal shares. Petition to divide the slaves, now in possession of A.L. Warren, being the same slaves and their increase that on 20 March 1830 were given, granted, etc. to Elizabeth, Ann, Emily, Adaline and Celia Ann Strother by their brother Walter Strother. Also signed by P.J?. Bethea, A.L. Warren, Susan M. Warren, Jas. D. Smith, C.A. Smith, Ann S. Jones. (page 2 and 3)
      Another document, that 20 March 1830 Walter Strother gave etc. to his sisters Elizabeth Strother, Ann Strother, Emily Strother, Adeline Strother, and Celia Ann Strother, 2 slave Polly & Emaline, then aged about 7 or 8 years; that 27 Sept. 1847 John H. Duncan, R.B. Jones and T. Bethea who married each one of the sisters of Walter Strother, agreed with all others that Mrs. Celia Strother, the mother of said Walter Strother and his sisters, should have the slaves for her lifetime; that Mrs. Celia Strother died intestate on 2 Sept. 1852, that 8 Oct. 1852 Thompson Strother of Hinds Co. petitioned the slaves be inventoried as part of the personal property of Mrs. Celia Strother and urging that he and his brother Benj. D. Strother would be entitled to a share, which cause is now pending; now for $500 paid Thompson and Benjamin D. Strother, of Hinds Co. MS, they release their title in favor of their sisters Elizabeth who married John Duncan and died leaving two minor children Benjamin & William Duncan; Emily who married T. Bethea and died leaving 1 child Philip H. Bethea; Adeline who married Hugh C. Casky and died leaving one child Susan Maria Caskey; Ann who married Reuben B. Jones and is still alive having 7 children; and Celia Ann who married J.D. Smith and is still alive without any children. MAD: slaves and their children named, not copied here. 20 Dec. 1852, /s/ Thompson Strother, B.D. Strother. (page 4 to 6)
      Another document, Petition of James W. Brown, that the estate of his wards consists of an undivided interest in a small tract of land in Claiborne Co. (more not copied). (page 7 and 8)
      Another document, Petition June 18, 1853 of John Sykes of Jackson Par. LA, that Benjamin S. Duncan and William Duncan are minors and both their father and mother John H. Duncan and Elizabeth Strouther died in MS; petitioner is uncle to said minors by marriage and that said minors have no other relations in said Parish except your petitioner's wife and Felix J. Powell their uncle who is unwilling to accept tutorship. James W. Brown to deliver all the personal property to John Sikes. Jan. term, 1855. Bond by John Siks, James A. Kennedy, Benjn. Cullin. Court certification in Jackson Par. LA. Affidavit by James W. Brown in Hinds Co. MS that he has delivered the estate of the minors to John Sykes, foreign guardian, 5 Jan. 1855. Petition by John Sikes for delivery of the estate of the minors; the petitioner and minors are residing in Jackson Par. LA. (page 9 to 21) (MAD: John Sykes mar. Lucinda Powell 6/26/1835 in Madison Co. MS, by John H. Duncan)
      Statement by James W. Brown, guardian of minors, that he sold their 40 acres of land in Claiborne Co. MS, as authorized by the court, on 27 June? 1853. They were heirs of Elizabeth Duncan formerly Elizabeth Strother. Report to Hinds Co. MS probate court ... heirs of Celia Strother ... five equal shares ... assigned to James W. Brown gdn. of Benjamin and William Duncan minor heirs of Elizabeth Duncan formerly Strother, to T. Betha who married Emily Strother, to Susan Maria Warren wife of A.L. Warren, to Ann Jones widow of Reuben B. Jones, and to Celia Ann Smith wife of James D. Smith, one share each. (page 22 to 32)


"Records of LA Confederate Soldiers and LA Confederate Commands" by Andrew B. Booth, 1920, Vol.2, B-G (FHL film 1,305,384 and 1,685,400; also from Evelyn Sigler 3/1985, and pgs.712-714 from Florence Dyess 1987 & 1990)
      Duncan, Benjamin S., Pvt. Co. C, 28th (Gray's) LA Inf. Enlisted June 9, 1863, Monroe [Ouachita Par.], LA. Roll for July and Aug., 1863. Detailed Teamster. On Roll of Prisoners of War. Paroled at Monroe, LA, June 9, 1865. Res. Jackson Par., LA.


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