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Formed 1805 from Avoyelles
Madison formed 1838 from Concordia
Tensas formed 1843 from Concordia


1820-1840 Concordia Par. LA Census
      No Duncan indexed
      (MAD: a petition was filed 5/24/1811 in the case of Thomas Duncan vs. Davis H. Morgan in Concordia Par. LA, from "21 Southern Families, Notes & Genealogies" by Elizabeth Pryor Harper, compiled & edited by Patricia Freeman, 1985, Portland OR Gen. Forum book 929.2 Pry-1)

1850 Concordia Par. LA Census (and from Lucille Mehrkam 10/1983)
Western Dist.
Pg.159, #132-133, G.A. DUNCAN (m) 35 NC farmer $1300
                  Elizabeth 22 MD
                  Wm. F.D. 4/12 LA
                  North W. BOON 27 OH raft man $0
                  Nancy W. 16 LA
                  (MAD: Abram Duncan mar. Elizabeth Ann Hannegan 1/11/1848 E.Carroll Par. LA; G.A. Duncan in 1850 Concordia Par. LA census, to Bradley and Calhoun Co. AR, Elizabeth mar. 2nd Mr. Ricks, 1860 Calhoun Co. AR census with children; ?? see Abraham Duncan 1840 Kemper Co. MS census, 2nd husband of Mrs. Eliza A. Thompson from Sumter Co. AL, divorced 1844 Attala Co. MS; George Abram Duncan's heirs were apparently heirs of William Duncan, from info from Jean Duncan)

1860 Concordia Par. LA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1870 Concordia Par. LA Census
Ward 4, P.O. Vidalia
Pg.325, #382-382, DUNCAN, Elijah 35 VA BLACK farm laborer $0-$0
                  Martha 25 LA BLACK farm laborer
                  John 1 LA BLACK
Pg.344, #789-789, GILMORE, Wm. 24 OH MULATTO in jail
                  SALERSTASIT?, Stephen (m) 39 KY BLACK in jail
                  CHASE, James 22 MS BLACK in jail
                  RICHARDSON, Lewis 25 TN BLACK in jail
                  CAMMSAK?, Richard 25 MS BLACK in jail
                  DUNCAN, Hartley (m) 23 MS BLACK in jail
                  ALLEN, John 42 TN BLACK in jail
                  WILLIAMS, C.T. (m) 56 MO BLACK in jail
Ward 5, P.O. Vidalia
Pg.359, #337-337, DUNCAN, Stephen 50 MS BLACK farm laborer $0-$0
                  Ann 30 VA BLACK farm laborer
                  Hardy (m) 21 MS BLACK farm laborer
                  Jeff (m) 15 MS BLACK farm laborer
Ward 6, P.O. Vidalia
Pg.371, #108-108, HUNTER, Daniel 42 MS BLACK farm laborer $0-$0
                  Leah 14 MS BLACK keeping house (age as given)
                  James 3 LA BLACK at home
                  JENKINS, Benm. 30 MS BLACK farm laborer
                  DUNCAN, Stephen 60 VA MULATTO farm laborer
                  Eliza 59 VA MULATTO farm laborer
Pg.371, #109-109, [DUNCAN,] Jane 40 LA MULATTO farm laborer
Pg.372, #110-110, DUNCAN, Willm. 78 LA BLACK farm laborer
                  DAVIS, Jefferson 25 MS MULATTO farm laborer $0-$800
                  ALEXANDER, Geo. 53 MS BLACK farm laborer
                  Hester (f) 40 MS BLACK farm laborer
                  Julia 5 LA BLACK at home
                  MONTGOMERY, Jane 53 MS BLACK keeping house


Concordia Par. LA Marriage index 1846-1941, typed (FHL film 858,678; SLC 6/11/2008)
      Did not copy 1890's and 1900's; years were two-digit only but should be in the 1800's.
      Duncan, Francis (bride) to James Kelly, G-2195, 6/15/88
      Duncan, Alonza (groom) to Lucinda Moore, H-167, 9/14/89
      Duncan, Charles to Frances Calhoun, F-1516, 6/6/83
      Duncan, Jordon to Clara Williams, H-175, 10/1/89
      Duncan, Jordan to Louisa Wren, D-115, 8/21/73
      Duncan, Martha (bride) to John Williams, G-1987, 2/19/87
      Dunkins, Ann (bride) to Stephen Dunkins, B-77, 12/27/68
      Duncan, Stephen to Annie Rollins, G-488, 1/13/73
      Duncan, West (groom) to Corneluis Scott, H-92, 3/4/89
      Dunkins, Stephen to Ann Dunkin, B-77, 12/27/68


Concordia Par. LA Probate and Succession Records
      Probate record Vol.A 1813-1824 (FHL film 858,705)
      Successions record Vol.B 1820-1833 (FHL film 858,706)
      Successions record Vol.C 1833-1837 (FHL film 858,706)
      Successions record Vol.E 1840-1846 (FHL film 858,707)
      Successions record Vol.F 1846-1858 (FHL film 858,707)
      Successions record Vol.I 1837-1840 "could be Book D with wrong title" (FHL film 858,708)
            No Duncan, no Hannigan; quit

Concordia Par. LA Probate record 1813-1824 v.A (FHL film 858,705; SLC 6/11/2008)
      No Duncan, Hannegan, Harrell, Ricks

Concordia Par. LA Wills 1836-1950; index (FHL film 858,721; SLC 6/11/2008)
      No Duncan

Concordia Par. LA Probate Court Minutes 1833-1846 (FHL film 858,717 item 2; SLC 6/11/2008)
      No index


Concordia Par. LA Conveyance Indexes, Vol.A-F, Books 1-KK, 1839-1936 (FHL films 858,687 and 858,689; indexes in alphabetic order in groups)
            Vendees (FHL film 858,689; copied only through ca 1860)
      L-140: Duncan, Stephen (Dr.), from Gustine, Lemuel, 1846, Letter of attorney
      L-561: Duncan, William, from Howe, A.P., 1850, deed
      L-598: Duncan, Stephen, from Alexander, Thomas, 1850, deed
      More deeds, 1867, Stephen Duncan and Stephen Duncan Jr.
      No early Dupree, Hannigan, Harrel, Ricks
            Vendors (FHL film 858,687; copied any through ca 1860, and a few others)
      M-254: Duncan, Stephen to Marshall, Levin R., 1853, Deed
      N-291: Duncan, Edward (minor) by gdn to Del'Hoste, Joseph, 1858, Deed
      N-291: Duncan, William (minor) by gdn to Del'Hoste, Joseph, 1858, Deed
      O-665: Duncan, S. to Bailey, Jos. A., 1870, Ackndgt.
      P-130: Dunkin/Duncan, Jane A. to Kate S. Minor, 1872, Q.C. Deed
      P-130: Duncan, Mary M. to Kate S. Minor, 1872, Q.C. Deed
      T-488: Duncan, John to Duncan, Mary Jane et al, 1890, will (MAD: book not available on film)
      Other later Stephen Duncan deeds, not copied

Concordia Par. LA Deeds
      L-140: 17 July 1846, Lemuel Gustine of Carroll Par. LA appoint Dr. Stephen Duncan of Natchez, MS, attorney to act for me in the meeting of the heirs of the late Samuel Gustine, MD, deceased, of Parish of Concordia, LA. Recorded 23 Dec. 1846. (FHL film 858,699 item 1)
      L-561: 22 March 1850, Arch. P. Howe of Concordia Par. LA for $600 to William Duncan of same, land on E. bank of Black River, NE fractional 1/4 Sec.35 Twp.4 Range 6E, in District of lands North of Red River, containing 31-80/100 acres. Wit. H.B. Shaw, W.R.C. Vernon. (no wife) (FHL film 858,699 item 1)
      L-598: 8 June 1850, Thomas Alexander of Baton Rouge Par. LA, for $269.55 and other considerations, to Stephen Duncan of Adams Co. MS, land ... undivided 1/3 of E 1/2 NE 1/4 and E 1/2 "SE" 1/4 Sec.25 Twp.7 Range 9E, and SE 1/4 Sec.27 Twp.7 Range 9E, and N 1/2 SW 1/4 Sec.28 Twp.7 Range 9E, and W 1/2 W 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec.21 Twp.7 Range 9E, and NW 1/4 Sec.32 Twp.7 Range 9E, and lots 1, 2 and 5 of Sec.45 in Twp. & Range afsd, in the whole 1619-2/100 acres; wife Martha H. Alexander. Wit. Ths?. Edwards, John S. Carpenter. (FHL film 858,699 item 1)
      M-254: 13 May 1853, Stephen Duncan of Adams Co. MS to Levin R. Marshall of same, $820, undivided 1/3 part of E 1/2 NE 1/4 and E 1/2 SE 1/4 Sec.25 Twp.7 Range 9E, and "SW" 1/4 Sec.27 Twp.7 Range 9E, and N 1/2 SW 1/4 Sec.28 Twp.7 Range 9E, and W 1/2 "and" W 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec.21 Twp.7 Range 9E, and NW 1/4 Sec.32 Twp.7 Range 9E, and lots 1, 2 and 5 of Sec.45 in Twp. & Range afsd, in the whole 1619-2/100 acres, being same conveyed by Thomas Alexander and wife to said Stephen Duncan on 8 June 1850, recorded L-598. No wife. Wit. H.B. Shaw; Henry B. Shaw appeared in court. (FHL film 858,699 item 2)
      N-291: 3 May 1858, notarial deed before Charles S. French recorder, came James Ricks, guardian of minors William and Edward Duncan, "children" of William Duncan decd, herein represented by this agent Edward D. Hannagan of Carroll Par. LA, by power of attorney annexed, who declares that for $50 paid him by Joseph C. De La Hoste of Concordia Par. LA, he sells the said De La Hoste, land on E. Bank of Black River, being NE fractional 1/4 of Sec.35, Twp.4, Range 6E, in District North of Red River, containing 31-80/100 acres. De La Hoste dispenses with certificate of mortgage. Wit. John Janney, Albert H. Brenham. Office in town of Vidalia. (FHL film 858,700)
            James Ricks, guardian, power of attorney to Edward D. Hannigan, Calhoun Co. AR. At a probate court in courthouse in town of Hampton, Calhoun Co. AR, on Monday, 30 July 1855, the following order was made: application of James Ricks for Letters of Guardianship in names of William Duncan and Edward Duncan, minor heirs to the estate of William Duncan, late of Bradley Co., decd; it appearing to the court that the minors had become residents of Calhoun Co. AR and were legally possessed of an estate, and that their property was scattered; the court ordered James Ricks appointed guardian of said William and Edward Duncan upon filing bond; he filed bond, approved, letters of guardianship issued. James Ricks petitioned for sale of land in LA, court agreed, order issued to sell the land, certification by Clerk about proceedings 17 Nov. 1857. (MAD: does not say the minors were children of William Duncan, only that they were heirs)
            Power of attorney from James Ricks of Calhoun Co. AR as guardian of William and Edward Duncan, minor heirs of William Duncan decd, per order of Probate Court of said Co., appoint E.D. Hanagan of Carroll Par. LA to sell the land and make a deed, 17 Nov. 1857. (FHL film 858,700)
      O-665: Duncan, Stephen to Bailey, Jos. A., 1870, Ackndgt. Not copied (FHL film 858,701)
      P-130: 21 June 1872, Mary M. Duncan, Jane A. Dunkin, George P. Quakinbos, and Louise Quackenbos, his wife, and Mary D. Stewart, sole legatees and devisees of John Duncan decd, to Kate S. Minor of the 2nd part, and S.M. Chotard and Henry Chotard her husband of 3rd part; that on 6 Aug. 1870, said John Duncan held for Mrs. S.M. Chotard, wife of Henry Chotard Jr., with the agreement that S.M. Chotard should reimburse him for her account of $18,620 which was done; Mrs. Chotard has designated Mrs. Minor to convey [receive] the property; Mrs. Chotard will make promisory notes, the parties of the first part release their interest under the will of John Duncan decd, to land about 5 miles west of Vandalia known as "Minorca Plantation" on Lake Concordia, 1900 acres, land acquired by John Duncan on 6 Aug. 1870 at Sheriff sale; Kate S. Minor made promissory notes for amount due. (FHL film 858,702) (MAD: see will of John Duncan 1865 in Winston Co. MS)

Concordia Par. LA Sheriffs' Deeds & Oaths 1825-1891; incl. index (FHL film 858,720; SLC 6/11/2008)
      No Duncan

Concordia Par. LA Probate Court conveyances 1825-1831, Book E (FHL film 858,693; SLC 6/11/2008)
      Reverse index - no Duncan
      Direct index - Duncan, L.C. to Joseph Vidal est., pg.232
      E-232: Disclaimer, that 15 Oct. 1828 appeared Lucius C. Duncan of City of New Orleans; the tracts of land in the bills of sale #1 to #5 (land in Concordia Parish) were made for the late Joseph Vidal and were Vidal's land, not Duncan's, lands bought at public sale for non-payment of taxes, 1824-1826. (MAD: more details not copied)


Concordia Par. LA Parish Court, Misc. Records 1800-1828; incl. index (FHL film 858,717 item 3; SLC 6/11/2008)
      Pg.108: Duncan, Thomas vs. David B. Morgan, May Term 1811. Petition filed May 24, 1811, served June 16, 1811, answer filed, verdict for plaintiff for $606 and 25 cents and costs.

Concordia Par. LA District Court records & minutes; records 1834-1835, 1837-1847, 1881-1883 (FHL film 858,718; SLC 6/11/2008)
      1834-1835 - no Duncan
      1837-1847 - no index
      1825-1837 - no index (FHL film 858,712)
      1837-1842 - no Duncan. (suits, plaintiff vs. defendant, no x-index)

Concordia Par. LA Parish Court minutes 1834-1846, incl. index (FHL film 858,717 item 1; SLC 6/11/2008)
      No Duncan

"Louisiana Annual Reports for the Year 1851" by William W. King; Vol.6, pgs.327 to 346 (California State Law Library 12/2003; MAD's extract)
      Succession of JAMES McGILL; Supreme Court of Louisiana, New Orleans; 6 La. Ann. 327; April, 1851, Decided.
      Appeal from the District Court of Concordia, Farrar, J.
      D. S. Stacey, for opponent, contended: In January, 1838, Penelope McGill purchased at a probate sale of the property of the succession of John Ducker, a cotton plantation at the price of about $90,000, for which she executed her notes bearing ten per cent interest after maturity, and secured by special mortgage on the property purchased. Subsequently, and before the full payment of the price by the purchaser, her son and agent, James McGill, commenced a suit to evict her from a portion of this land, containing about 450 acres. He claimed title under a sale made to him in 1842, by H. F. Washington, the vendor of J. B. Warren, who sold to Ducker in 1834. The grounds upon which he asserted his right to recover, and the defences against them, are fully shown by the record of the above suit, now on file in the Supreme Court, and which, by agreement, is to be used on the trial of this case; and by the decision of the suit by the Supreme Court rendered in April, 1849, the judgment was final in favor of the title derived from Ducker's succession, the court deciding that "the interest of the son and mother was the same, and the purchase of Washington's title, if the object was not a fraud on his mother, was to defeat the claim of Ducker's succession for the purchase money of the land, by establishing a legal ground for withholding payment in an eviction under an outstanding title. (MAD: more not included here)
      The record and the agreements of counsel show the following facts: James McGill and his wife Penelope were married in the State of Mississippi, of which State they were both residents at, and previous to their marriage, and that they continued to reside in that State until the death of McGill, which happened in March, 1832. That the inventory shows all the property McGill owned at his death in Louisiana, except the land, of which he owned 2865 acres, constituting his plantation on the island in Lake Bruin; that all the property owned by him in Louisiana, was acquired (by onerous title) by him during his marriage with the said Penelope, and that the said Penelope was appointed and qualified tutrix of her minor children on the 3d February, 1834. On the 28th September, 1849, the said tutrix presented her final account to her children, without any demand made by them, showing a balance against herself in their favor of from $150,000 to $200,000. This balance is obtained by her by calculating the net revenues of the whole of the property owned by McGill at his death, and of that since acquired in whose names soever. The judgment of the court reduced the balance against her to some $84,000, and gave the heirs severally a minor's mortgage on the property of the tutrix for the amounts found to have been received by her before their majority. (MAD: much more not included here)
      The 5th objection is, that the tutrix has made no charge against her children, for their support, maintenance and education. Her account shows no such charge. We find in a document purporting to be her administration account in Mississippi, restated by her in May, 1850, long after her account was rendered in Louisiana, an item, No. 424, of $5058 for the board of all the heirs. There were seven children. They lived with and were supported by their mother, the cost of that support being of course chargeable to them. One died at the age of two and a half years, and two at the age of twenty-two years. Of the four children living at the rendition of that account, one was about thirty years old, one about twenty-seven, one about twenty-five, and the youngest about twenty-three. We will omit the youngest, Zebulon. There remains six, two of whom died at the age of twenty-two; of those surviving, the youngest was twenty-three, the oldest thirty years. The amount allowed her by them for supporting, maintaining and educating them, from the time of their father's death to the ages of twenty-two and thirty, respectively, is just $843 for each one. I apprehend that both the court and the counsel, most of whom are, I believe, fathers of families, although perhaps not as wealthy as the testimony shows McGill to have been, would gladly pay a much higher figure for the support and education of their children to the mature ages of twenty-two and thirty. Upon this point let Dr. Duncan, a very competent witness, who testifies from actual knowledge, as father and guardian, speak. He says, that when children are educated at home, the average yearly expenses of a child from birth to majority, would not exceed $350; if abroad, it would not be less than $500. Of the two children B. J. and Jeremiah, who died, one was, at the death of his father, about fifteen, and the other sixteen years of age. From that period to the time of their deaths, was six years for the one and eight for the other. From those ages to the time of their deaths surely $500 per year for the expenses of each would be a reasonable charge; making $3000 for one, and $4000 for the other. From 1832 to 1849, when the account was rendered, we have seventeen years for James McGill, who was twelve years old at the death of his father. We may fairly average the expenses of his support and education during that period at $500 per year, making for him $8500. For Susan McGill, seventeen years, $8500. The same time for John and Olivia, and they being younger at their father's death, averaging their expenses severally at $450 per year, we have for them both $15,300, making the aggregate expenses of supporting and educating the six children from the date of their father's death to the time of their own deaths, or the rendition of the account by their mother, $39,300; making a difference in this one item of charge alone of over $34,000. Considering their ages at their father's death, their social position in life, and the affluent circumstances in which they were left, the above charges, under the testimony of Dr. Duncan, which is entitled to every consideration, would be reasonable. The within amounts should be deducted severally from that of the net revenues of each of the heirs. (MAD: much more not included here)
      (part of opinion) It is therefore decreed, that the judgment of the district court, so far as the same relates to the claims of James McGill and Susan McGill against their mother and natural tutrix, resulting from her tutorship and the tacit mortgage resulting therefrom, on the property of their said mother, be reversed; and the opposition of the said curator of Ducker to said claims be sustained, and the said claims be disallowed; and that in other respects the said judgment of the district court be affirmed; the costs in both courts to be divided between the parties, -- appellant and appellees each paying one-half.


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