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Formed 1792 from Jefferson
Franklin formed 1794 from Woodford, Mercer, Shelby
Gallatin formed 1798 from Franklin, Shelby
Henry formed 1798 from Shelby
Oldham formed 1823 from Henry, Shelby, Jefferson
Spencer formed 1824 from Shelby, Bullitt, Nelson


1810 Shelby Co. KY Census
Pg.204  Duncan, Marshal       00001         - 00010
          (MAD: Marshall Duncan, son of Marshall, mar. Sally Johns,
            dau. of Thomas, bond 4/6/1799; one Dinah Duncan, dau.
            of Marshall Duncan & Elizabeth (? Bety Denston Rogers),
            mar. Elijah Sparks 12/31/1801, bond Robert Duncan
            who mar. Nancy John 10/15/1801)
   219  Duncan, William       10100         - 00100
          (MAD: one William Duncan mar. Elizabeth Ford 3/7/1809;
            brother of Samuel Duncan d. Henry Co. KY 1807 who had
            mar. Sarah Webb 3/16/1801; sons of James Duncan)
   220  Duncan, Jesse         02201         - 22101
   235  Duncan, Nimrod        00201         - 21010
          (MAD: mar. Hannah Martin 1/11/1786 Fauquier Co. VA)

1820 Shelby Co. KY Census
Pg.120  John Robinson        120010        - 10010
          (MAD: Sarah Duncan, dau. of Nimrod, mar. John
            Robinson 11/15/1819)
   126  Martin Duncan        510010        - 01010
   128  Thos. Britt          100010        - 10100
          (MAD: Mrs. Sarah (Webb) Duncan, widow of Samuel d.1807
            Henry Co. KY, mar. Thomas Brite 12/29/1809)
   152  Benjamin Flood       200010        - 30010
          (MAD: Hannah Duncan, dau. of Jesse, mar. Benj. Flood
            3/7/1816, bond Jacob Duncan)
Separate division:
Pg.161  Allen Duncan         000100        - 10010    next to:
          (MAD: mar. Elizabeth Miner 12/12/1818;
            1850 Decatur Co. IN census)
        Jesse Duncan         000111        - 00400
          (MAD: one Jesse Duncan mar. Milly Herrald, widow, 8/8/1820)
   170  Joseph Duncan        000010        - 10100
          (MAD: Joseph Duncan mar. Polly Robinson 1819)
        Nimrod Duncan        100011        - 01101

1830 Shelby Co. KY Census
North of road from Frankfort to Louisville
Pg.242  Anderson Duncan      0001,01       - 3000,1
   246  Anderson Duncan      0001,01       - 3000,1
          (MAD: mar. Elizabeth Radford 5/15/1824)
   248  Nimrod Duncan        0000,0100,1   - 0000,0000,1
        Joseph Duncan        0100,01       - 0110,1
   280  John Robinson (too faint to read)

1840 Shelby Co. KY Census
Pg.114  Jas. Duncan          0002,001      - 0001,01
        Nimrod Duncan        0000,0010,01  - 0000,0000,01
          (MAD: his widow Hannah was in 1850 Putnam Co. IN census)
   126  Anderson Duncan      1100,002      - 0121,01
   131  Jno. D. Robinson     0022,101      - 0200,0001
   134  Danl. B. Duncan      1000,01       - 1100,1
          (MAD: mar. Eleanor Cook 10/10/1833)
   166  Samuel W. Kent       0001          - 0000,1
          (MAD: Samuel W. Kent mar. Elizabeth Duncan,
            dau. of Joseph, 1/11/1840)

1850 Shelby Co. KY Census
District 1
Pg.278, #103, J. DUNCAN (m) 57 KY farmer $3000
                  M. (f) 50 VA
                  E. KENT (f) 30 KY
                  N. DUNDAN (m) 27 KY
                  W. KENT (m) 8, M.N. (f) 4 KY
                  J. BOARD (m) 25 KY
                  (MAD: J. Duncan 57 was Joseph Duncan; Elizabeth Duncan, dau. of Joseph, mar. Samuel W. Kent 1/11/1840)
Pg.285, #188-188, J. HUDSON (m) 50 VA farmer $3800
                  M. HUDSON (f) 46 VA
                  C. DUNDAN (f) 23 KY
                  (MAD: C. Dundan, not Duncan, but ? perhaps should be?; James Hudson mar. Margaret Duncan, dau. of Jesse, 3/5/1827)
Taken 9/12/1850
Pg.308, #213, A.G. VAUGHN (m) 23 KY farmer $2750
                  T?. GALBRIGHT (m) 41 KY $2500
                  E.A. VAUGHN (f) 26 KY
                  (MAD: looking for Allen Vaughn who married on 10/23/1850 to Lucy Duncan, dau. of Joseph; no other Vaughn/Vaughan family in Shelby Co. KY 1850, no Allen Vaughn in 1860 KY)
Pg.324, #764, E. DUNCAN (f) 50 VA (blank) $0
                  J.M. (f) 22 KY (blank) $660
                  M. (f) 19, E.A. (f) 15 KY
                  A. (m) 17, H. (m) 12 KY
                  J. DUNCAN (m) 60 VA (blank) $164
                  (MAD: E. Duncan age 50 was Elizabeth, widow of Anderson; J. Duncan 60 was Jacob Duncan; Jacob Duncan 75 VA d. Dec. 1859 of old age, per 1860 mortality schedule)
Pg.331, #858, D.B. DUNCAN (m) 42 KY farmer $2700
                  E. (f) 35 KY
                  N. (f) 16, N. (f) 14, A. (m) 11 KY
                  B.F. (m) 8? (blank?) KY
                  E. (f) 6, R. (m) 4, H.E. (f) 2 KY
                  (MAD: Daniel B. in 1860 Daviess Co. MO census; Addison Duncan, age 11, in 1860 Solano Co. CA census)
Pg.331, #859, L. BRYANT (f) 29 KY merchant $1000
                  C. (f) 22 KY
                  S.C. (m) 4 KY
                  A.M. DUNCAN (f) 1 KY
Pg.332, #867, W. DUNCAN (m) 41 KY farmer $2940
                  E. (f) 34 KY ("E." plain)
                  N.M. (f) 8, C.J. (f) 7 KY
                  W. (m) 3, J.F. (f) 1 KY
                  & others
                  (MAD: William Withers Duncan mar. Elizabeth King 3/29/1841)
Pg.340, #965, P. DUNCAN 28 Ireland laborer in several pages of laborers
                  (pg.340b actually 341a, line 30)
District 2
Pg.365, #353-368, Ben THOMPSON 35 KY farmer $1130
                  Lucy DUNCAN 35 KY
                  Sarah THOMPSON 25 KY
                  Lucy 6, Sarah 4 KY

1860 Shelby Co. KY Census (following is as best I can read from very poor films)
Clay Village
Pg.35, #232-243, Maggie HUDSON (f) 55 VA farmer $4785-10750
                  Cathe. DUNCAN (f) 25 KY (blank) $0-$1000
                  Robt. DUNCAN 23 KY laborer $0-$250
                  (MAD: James Hudson mar. Margaret Duncan 3/5/1827, dau. of Jesse)
Pg.44, #320-300, Eliz. DUNCAN 60 VA housekeeper $1000-$1120
                  Jane BOLEY? 31? (51?) KY
                  Robt. 21 KY
                  Mary DUNCAN 29 KY
                  Harry? (m) 22 KY laborer
                  Isaac EVANS 38 TN C.school teacher $0-$100
Pg.72, #508-500, Wm. DUNCAN 36 KY farmer $1000-$965
                  Susan 35 KY
                  Geo. F. 12, Jas. H. 9 KY
                  John W. 7, Walter? (Walker?) D. 5 KY
                  (MAD: 1850 Franklin Co. KY census)
Pg.83, #620-580, Wm. DUNCAN 59 KY farmer $564-$2705
                  Elizth (f) 44 KY
                  Nancy 18, Cath?. 16, Wm. A. 13 KY
                  Sarah F. 10, Newton P?. 9 KY
                  Mary 6, Lucy (f) 4 KY
                  (MAD: William Duncan d. 9/16/1866, age 64y 3m 2d, wife Elzina 7/26/1808 - 8/3/1840, wife Elizabeth 11/15/1817 - 10/7/1888, bur. Old Duncan Graveyard, near Jacksonville, Shelby Co. KY, from pg.96, "KY Misc. Records" by KY DAR, Vol.1; FHL film 854,850 item 1, and KY Cemetery Records Vol.II; William Duncan mar. Elzina Turner 10/9/1832 Garrard Co. KY)
Pg.84, #626-585, Jas. DUNCAN 35 KY farmer $500-$300
                  Cathe. 24 KY
                  James 3, Alice 1/12 KY
                  Rehautry? ONAN (f) 12 KY

1870 Shelby Co. KY Census (pg.543 also from Kathy Cawley 2/2002)
First Precinct, P.O. Shelbyville
Pg.387, #132-127, WAKEHILA?, Mash? (m) 27 KY (white) farmer $5500-$1500
                  Sarah 20 KY keeping house
                  DUNCAN, Caleb 47 KY BLACK farm laborer $0-$100
                  Lizzie 40 KY BLACK domestic servant
                  John 13 KY BLACK domestic servant
                  Fanny 10, Charles 5, Josie (f) 3 KY BLACK
                  KENNEDY, Ham (m) 15 KY MULATTO farm laborer
                  MOURNING, Scott (m) 16 KY BLACK farm laborer
Christianburg Precinct
Pg.441, #40-40, HUTCHISON, Margeret 64 VA (white) farms & keeping house $9000-$5000
                  DUNCAN, Robert 35 KY (white) farmer $5500-$2000
                  Kate 33 KY at home
                  WHITE, Fanny 65 KY BLACK domestic servant
                  Harrison (m) 38 KY BLACK farm laborer
                  John 48 KY BLACK farm laborer
                  Wm. 24 KY BLACK farm laborer
                  BROWN, Eliza 22 KY BLACK domestic servant
                  George 3 KY BLACK
                  Thos. 13 KY BLACK farm laborer
                  Jack 35 KY BLACK farm laborer
Pg.446, #91-93, DUNCAN, Elizabeth 70 VA (white) keeping house
                  Mary 38 KY at home
                  ROSELL, Jane (f) 40 KY at home
                  George 14 KY at home
                  BRYANT, Ludwick? (m) 23 KY (white) retail dry goods merchant $1000-$2000
                  GOODMAN, Henry 25 KY (white) carpenter
                  SHEPHERD, Mary 15 KY MULATTO domestic servant
Pg.450, #137-139, DUNCAN, George W. 37 KY (white) farmer & Just. of Peace $6000-$1000
                  Eliza 35 KY keeping house
Pg.453, #176-178, DUNCAN, Jacob 51 KY (white) farmer $0-$900
                  Mary 49 KY keeping house
                  Susan 24 KY at home
                  James 21 KY works on farm $0-$100
                  WILSON, O.B. (m) 24 KY (white) works on farm $0-$700
                  Annie 22 KY at home
                  Clarence 2, George 2/12 KY b.March
                  [WILSON] Harrison 13 KY BLACK farm laborer
5th District, P.O. Simpsonville
Pg.494, #116-118, DUNCAN, Mansfield (m) 45 KY BLACK farm laborer
                  Fanney 42 KY BLACK keeping house
                  Harriet 13 KY BLACK
                  MARTIN, George 25 KY BLACK farm laborer
                  Jane 19 KY BLACK domestic servant
                  THOMPSON, Rachel 10 KY BLACK
                  Margaret 30 KY BLACK domestic servant
Simpsonville Town
Pg.510, #7-7, JOHNSON, Robert 38 IRE (white) railroad laborer $0-$0
                  (many single men, including)
                  DUNCAN, Claiborne (m) 46 KY (white) railroad laborer
6th District, Jones Precinct
Pg.519, #35-35, BOSWELL, James W. 44 KY (white) farmer $5500-$900
                  Elizabeth 36 KY keeping house
                  DeWilton (m) 14 KY attending school
                  Julia 10 KY do.
                  Thaddeus (m) 5 KY
                  Elizabeth 70 KY
                  DUNCAN, Kate 45 KY BLACK servant
                  John 12 KY BLACK farm laborer
                  (last names were given for each person)
7th District, P.O. Southville (indexed Harrisonville Prct.)
Pg.543, #155-158, DUNCAN, John H. 28 KY BLACK laborer
                  Louisa 28 KY MULATTO keeping house
                  John 1 KY MULATTO
Jacksonville Precinct
Pg.565, #78-75, DUNCAN, Cornelius (m) 35 KY (white) farmer $1000-$400
                  Isabell 25 KY keeping house
                  Henry 7, Samuel 5, Owen 3 KY
Pg.565, #80-77, DUNCAN, Elizabeth 54 KY (white) keeping house $800-$900
                  Mildred 28 KY at home
                  Wm. 23 KY farmer
                  Porter (m) 19 KY works on farm
                  Mary 15 KY at home
                  Lucy 13 KY at home
                  Oscar 8 KY
                  (MAD: Porter was Newton P. Duncan in 1860 census)
Pg.565, #83-80, DUNCAN, Susan 42 KY (white) keeping house $850-$400
                  George 23 KY farmer
                  James 20 KY works on farm
                  John 16 KY works on farm
                  Walker (m) 13 KY at home
                  Thomas 9 KY
Pg.569, #138-133, BRIGHT, Elizabeth 60 KY (white) keeping house $1500-$400
                  DUNCAN, Edward 13 KY (white) at home
                  Eliza 11 KY at home
                  ROBINSON, Joe 7 KY BLACK


Shelby Co. KY Marriage Bonds and Consents (from Vivian Ruegge 9/1984)
      Bond, 6 April 1799, of Marshel (sic) Duncan and Thomas Johns, for marriage of Marshal Duncan and Sally Johns. Wit. Isham Harberson?. (all signed)
      Bond, 15 Oct. 1801, of Robert Duncam (signed) and Marshel (N) Duncam, for marriage of Robt. Duncam and Miss Nancy Johns.
      Consent, 15 Oct. 1801, by John Johns and Lidda Johns, for marriage of their daughter Nancy Johns to Robert Duncan. Wit. Henry Johns. (all signed)
      Robert Duncan to Miss Nancy Johns, 15 Oct. 1801, signed by Robert Duncan and Marshall Duncan. "This is to certify that Robt. Duncan has made application to us for our dau, Nancy Johns, and we both say that we have no objections and witness our hands & seals. Test: Henry Johns; Signed Oct. 15, 1801, by John Johns and Lidda Johns.

Shelby Co. KY Marriage Records, 1797-1839, Vol.1-3 (FHL film 259,273)
      Vol.2, 1820-1835, pg.24: Anderson Duncan, ... list of marriages as executed ... those to marry ... Anderson Duncan to Elizabeth Radford, executed 20 May by Abraham Cook, returned 11 Aug. 1824.

Shelby Co. KY Marriage Loose Marriages, Bonds, 1821-1825 (FHL film 259,283)
      Bonds 1823-1824, Frame 228: Bond of Anderson (X) Duncan and Richard Radford, 15 May 1824, for marriage of Anderson Duncan and Elizabeth Radford, dau. of George Radford, said Duncan being of full age; her age proved by Richard Radford, who is acquainted with Elizabeth and says she over 21.


Shelby Co. KY Probate Records (Index to bundles on FHL film 259,249; Probate bundles on FHL film 259,251 and later)
      Index also includes:
      Duncan, Jessee (col.), will 19-77 (1849)
      Duncan, John, Bundle 30, page 7; appraisement 16-176; sale 16-177; settle. 18-178
      Duncan, Hannah, 31-12; will 21-242
      Duncan, Sarah J., 167-9; will 27-360; apprais. 27-467; sale 27-468
      Duncan, Elizabeth, 188-2; apprais. 29-503; settle 32-602
      Duncan, Wm. J., 199-12; apprais. 31-115; sale 31-122; settle 32-204; division 34-368
      Duncan, William, 199-13; apprais. 31-182; sale 31-188; settle 31-488, and later

Shelby Co. KY Probate Records
      5-246: 15 Sept. 1821, estate of Jesse Duncan, inventory returned by appraisers, approved by Jacob Duncan, admr. (no will located). 6-66: 22 Sept. 1821, sales of estate to Allen Dunkin, Anderson Dunkin, Jacob Dunkin, Elijah Pollard, John Radford, Jacob Lefler, John Meadows, Magga Dunkin, Jacob Meriwether, John Meriwether, Rebecca Dunkin, Mildred Dunkin, John Perkins, Thomas Baugh, David Perkins, Margaret Dunkin. 7-35: March, 1825, final settlement by Jacob Duncan, admr. (FHL film 259,251)
      16-60: April, 1844, estate of Nimrod Duncan, motion of Joseph Duncan to appraise estate. 16-61: Appraisal included cash due on Joseph Duncan before the death of his father, as a committee with brother John; also a claim on the "Gen. Government." 16-61: Sale bill of estate included sales to Hannah Duncan, B. Robinson, John Duncan, Joseph Duncan, Samuel Graham, T. Threlkeld, N.E. Mitchussun (personal or household items), and P. Minor, J.T. Doss, Thomas Weakly, B. Hicks. 16-132: Nov., 1844, Hannah Duncan alloted her dower - husband was Nimrod Duncan. 16-214: 17 May 1845, estate settled. (FHL fillm 259,255)
      16-176: Jan., 1845, estate of John Duncan, admr. Joseph Duncan. Sales to Hannah Duncan, Joseph Duncan, Benjamin Robertson, Samuel Graham, Samuel Kent and others. 18-172: 25 Dec. 1847, settlement of estate by Joseph (J.B.) Duncan, admr. Mention that none of heirs lives in Shelby County. (FHL film 259,255)

Shelby Co. KY, Oct. Court 1825 (from Vivian Ruegge 9/1981)
      Estate of Jesse Duncan - Adm. Anderson Duncan. Heirs: Anderson Duncan, John M. Merriweather; Allen Duncan; Jacob Leffler (Elizabeth Leffler named in another document); Jacob Duncan; Benjiman Duncan; Rebecca Duncan; Magga Duncan; and heirs of Wm. Duncan. Mentions debt to Nancy Duncan of $15.00.

Shelby Co. KY probate file; from pg.123, Misc. Duncan Notebooks of Nancy Reba Roy (previously in possession of Mrs. Mary Frances Wofford, loaned through Fran Laaker to MAD 5/1983; now at Platte Co. MO Historical Society library)
   JESSE DUNCAN - From Shelby County Courthouse
      Appraisement of slaves and personal property of Jesse Duncan, dec'd - Sept. 15, 1821. .... total $1812.02. signed - James Ford, Wm. W. Ford, John Radford.
      From Jesse Duncan, dec'd, vouchers:
         Christiansburg, Oct. 1st, 1824: Jacob Duncan, admr. Jesse Duncan, dec'd ... medicines and attendance on Matilda, Jim, Philis and Fan (slaves) - also twenty-nine visits $60.00; Jacob Duncan guardian to Margaret Duncan; Jesse Duncan dbtr to Nancy Duncan, to $15.00 lent silver $15.00 Nancy. This day Elizabeth Lefler appeared before me, justice of peace (said she heard Jesse say he loaned Nancy $15.
      Jesse Duncan Admr. Settlement, 1825 March, (Rec. Bk. 7, p. 35)
         Shelby Co. S. Ct. November Court 1824; Ordered that Seth Cook and George Pearcy be appointed Commissioners to settle with Jacob Duncan Admr. of Jesse Duncan dec'd and make report. Att. Ja. L. Whitaker, Clk.
         The estate of Jesse Duncan, dec'd to Jacob Duncan admr. of sd. estate
      Debts: to paying Isaac (?) on note, 12.00
         to paying Nancy Flood, late Nancy Duncan, 15.00
         season of two mares
         off execution on Decedent (?), 5.99
         doctor for attending negroes, 60.00
         clerk fee
         funeral expenses, 15.00
         personal services, 30.00
         midwife in 3 cases, 5.00
         commissioners, 2.00
         in fovor of George Radford, 13.00
         spirits for sale & sick & buyers, 13.00
etc. /s/ Seth Cook
      Following is the report of Jacob Duncan as guardian for Margaret Duncan for year 1823 .... I, Margaret Duncan being a lawful age do now hereby release Jacob Duncan from all further responsibility as my guardian and do hereby request that this release be entered to record. Witness my hand and seal this 21st day of Oct. 1823. Margaret (X her mark) Duncan.
      Shelby County Court April 1823, Inventory and account of sale of estate of Jesse Duncan: A list of property sold by Jacob Duncan admr Jesse D. dec'd ... .to Allen Duncan, Anderson Duncan, Jacob Duncan, John Radford, Jacob Lefler, others, Magga Duncan, John Meriwether, Rebecca Duncan, Benjamin Flood.
      From Bundle 28, #8: 1825 Oct., Rec. Bk. 7, pg.95; We, Benj. Flood, Allen Duncan, Anderson Duncan, Jacob Leffler, John M. Meriwether, Rebecca Duncan, Magga Duncan, the heirs of William Duncan dec'd and Jacob Duncan having a controversy of money which we the heirs of Jesse Duncan, dec'd, charge the above named Jacob Duncan of having appropriated towards the purchase of land on which the said Jacob Duncan now lives, say 220 acres. For the purpose of settling the same have ---- chosen George Berger and Henry Bohannon arbitrators and their umpire in case of a disagreemant whose award we do hereby bind ourselves to perform and abide by provided it is in writing. In witness whereof we have hereto set our hands this 7 day of Sept. 1825. /s/ Anderson Duncan, John Meriwether, Allen Duncan, Jacob Leffler, Jacob Duncan for himself, Benj. Flood, Rebecca Duncan, Magga Duncan. Teste: Henry Radford, Jeremiah Long.
      The arbitrators awarded as follows:
            1. All controversy between them cease.
            2. Anderson Duncan pay Benjamin Flood $8.57
            3. Anderson Duncan pay Allen Duncan $8.57
            4. Anderson Duncan pay Jacob Leffler $8.57
            5. Anderson Duncan pay John Meriwether $8.57
            6. Anderson Duncan pay Rebecca Duncan $8.57
            7. Jacob Duncan pay Magga Duncan $8.57
            8. Jacob Duncan pay heirs of Wm. Duncan $8.57
            9. Benjamin Flood, Allen Duncan, Jacob Leffler, John M. Mariwether, and Rebecca Duncan, upon receipt of sum from Anderson Duncan give a receipt.
            10. Magga and heirs of Wm. Duncan, dec'd. upon receipt of sum from Jacob execute a receipt and acquitted.
            /s/ George Bergen, Henry Bohannon Oct. 1825


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NIMROD DUNCAN, Rev. Pension Application W-2925 (part from Merritt Wolfe; part from FHL film 970,864)
      Application 10 Dec. 1842 in Shelby Co. KY by John Duncan age ca 53 and Joseph Duncan age ca 50, only sons of Nimrod Duncan (insane for 15 years), all residing on same premises in Shelby Co.; Nimrod lived in Fauquier Co. VA, enlisted in Nov./Dec. 1779 in VA under Capt. Mark Thomas, Maj. George Slaughter, in IL Reg. until 21 Dec. 1781; witness Charles Baird, age over 64, met Nimrod in 1794 in Shelby Co.
      Declaration of Hannah Duncan 24 March 1845 in Shelby Co. KY; widow of Nimrod Duncan; m. 1786; 7 October 1848, Hannah age 79, m. Nimrod Duncan on 13 Feb. 1785 in Fauquier Co. VA; Nimrod d. 9 March 1844.
      Letter from Joseph Duncan 13 May 1858 Greencastle [Putnam Co.], IN.
            (MAD: Duncan, Nimrod, Soldier, Army. John Duncan and Joseph Duncan, sons of Nimrod Duncan an insane person of Shelby Co. KY, in Shelby Co. (no date) state that their father was a member of the IL Regiment. Major Bland W. Ballard, aged 83, in Shelby Co. KY, on 9 Dec. 1842 states that he was in the IL Regt. and knew Nimrod Duncan and his brother, Benjamin Duncan, in 1780. The brothers were serving under Lt. William Roberts and they served to the end of the war. From pg.76, "VA Rev. War Land Grant Claims, 1783-1850, Rejected" by Hopkins; FHL book 975.5 R2hw; MAD: both Benjamin and Nimrod Duncan or Dunken are on the 1789 tax lists for Jefferson Co. KY, the parent county for Shelby Co.)
      Click here for more from the pension application file.


VA State Land Office Surveys; Book 9, 1784-1787 (FHL film 29,552)
      9-529: Jan. 27, 1783, surveyed for Nimrod Dunken, assignee of Geo. Slaughter, 325 acres (indexed 335 acres) by virtue of a Treasury Warrant entered #1605 in Fayette Co. (KY) on waters of Hinkstons fork; chainmen John Sellers, John Bushong; marker Mathew Jeffries. This land assd by Nimrod Duncan to Christopher Summit. Rec. 9 Jan. 1784, Grant issd. (no date) (MAD: later Bourbon or Bath or Montgomery Co. KY; see Shelby Co. KY)

Bath Co. KY Deeds (FHL film 272,986)
      K-82: 25 Aug. 1837, Hiram Duncan of Shelby Co. KY to Uriah M. Wilson of Bath Co. KY, $1200, 76 acres on Hingston Creek, Tabb's line. Also signed by wife Martha Duncan.

Clark Co. KY Deed (FHL film 183,179)
      29-328: 25 Dec. 1839, Elizabeth (X) Duncan of Shelby Co. KY appoint David Hampton of Clark Co. attorney in division of negros between me, James Reed, George Reed, Lewis Coatney and wife Peggy, the heirs of Jonathan Hewit/Hurt who married Polly Reed decd. No wit.

Franklin Co. KY General Court Deeds (SLC 2/2009)
      L-451: 4 May 1835, John (X) Parrant and wife Elizabeth (X) of Franklin Co. KY to Daniel B. Duncan of Shelby Co. KY, for $350, tract in Shelby Co. on waters of 6 Mile Creek, 100 acres, part of a survey of J. Cambell's 3920 acres, beg. (meets & bounds not copied). Wit. A.H. Rennick, R.C. Mayhall. Pg.565, certification by Alexander H. Rennick, Clerk of General Court, 4 May 1835, and ack. on 28 July 1835 by Elizabeth Parrant. (FHL film 266,183)
      M-19: 13 June 1834, Nancy Kay of Fayette Co. KY to William Duncan of Shelby Co. KY, for $79.50, tract in Shelby Co. on waters of Backbone Creek, 53 acres, beg. said Duncan's corner on the line of James Hackett, mouth of the branch on John Samples line, ... Wit. A.H. Rennick. Ack. Franklin Co., Clerk of Court, 13 June 1834. (FHL film 266,183)

Franklin Co. KY County Court Deed (SLC 2/2009)
      8-390: 19 Jan. 1866, Augustine J. Duncan of Franklin Co. KY to William J. Duncan of Shelby Co. KY, $745.15-5/8, land in Franklin Co. KY on waters of Six Mile Creek beg. Flat Creek, corner to Nicholas Rodgers, ... Franklin and Shelby Co. line, containing 37 acres 17-1/4 poles. no wife. (FHL film 266,175)

Gallatin Co. KY Deed (FHL film 500,460)
      L-420: 23 Feb. 1844, Elizabeth Duncan of Shelby Co. KY to John Squires of Gallatin Co., $812, 125 acres on Eagle Creek, adj. land of Wm. Kendall, Francis Surry's line; ref. to court of appeals claim by Elizabeth Duncan to the area of James Prentis and Thomas T. Bowlin by R. Triplett, atty. in fact.

Putnam Co. IN Deed
      S-153: 19 Nov. 1853, Abbott G. Robinson and wife Ida Manerva Robinson of Putnam Co. IN convey and warrant to Joseph Duncan of Shelby Co. KY for $2,000, real estate in Putnam Co. IN, W 1/2 SW 1/4 Sec.11 Twp.14N Range 3W. /s/ Abbott G. Robinson, Ida Manerva (X) Robinson. They appeared 19 Nov. 1853 before Jacob P. Cox, J.P. Recorded Dec. 19, 1853. (FHL film 1,315,561)

Livingston Co. MO Deed (from Vivian Ruegge 9/1981)
      Book D-G, 2; pg.83. Joseph Duncan and Lucy Duncan named as heirs and legatiers of estate of Evan Thompson of Shelby Co. KY - 37 June 1839 (sic?). Appoint Clor? Thompson, Shelby Co. KY, as true and lawful attorney.

HISTORIES before 1923

1885-1888 "KY, a History of the State" 5th or 6th Edition (Volume), by Perrin, Battle & Kniffin (FHL book 976.9 D3wt; and from Evelyn Sigler 7/1982)
      Pg.176 (pg.785). JOHN T. DUNCAN., son of William W. and Amanda (Harrington) Duncan, born in Shelby Co. KY on April 3, 1851, but removed to Oldham Co. in his infancy. On Sept. 18, 1873, he married Miss Ida Smith, of Jefferson Co., had four children: Rosa, Willie, Alexander and Gail. Has farm of 280 acres in Floydsburg Precinct, Oldham Co., and a member of the Baptist Church at Pewee Valley. William Duncan, the father of John T., was born near Danville, Boyle Co. KY, Jan. 15, 1823, a son of John and Frances (Yager) Duncan. He settled in Oldham Co. about 30 years ago, where he owns 300 acres, and 150 acres in Shelby Co. where he had previously resided. In 1845 he married Miss Julia Cardwell of Jefferson Co., where he also resided for a time. Mrs. Julia Duncan died before the year expired, and Mr. Duncan in 1848 married Miss Amanda Harrington of Shelby Co; eight children: John, Silas, Henry, Alexander, Mary, Robert, James and Alice. Mr. Duncan is president of Floydsburg & Aikin Turnpike Co., a Democrat, and with his family is a Baptist.
      Pg.212-3. WILLIAM A. McMAKIN, native of Nelson Co., born Oct. 8, 1816, son of Charles McMakin, native of VA who came to KY in early day with his parents and settled in Nelson Co., subsequently moved to Shelby and Oldham Cos. He died at Lexington [Scott Co.], IN. He married Elizabeth Duncan, a native of SC and dau. of William Duncan, a native of the same State. Four sons and three daus. were born to their union, and of this family, our subject is the eldest. His grandfather, William McMakin, native of VA, came to KY in 1802 and settled in Nelson Co., where he lived greater part of his life and died in Louisville in 1849. Our subject farmed, now in La Grange Precinct; he married in 1843 Enreth E. Ellis, native of Shelby Co. and dau. of Stephen Ellis; one son and one dau., Henry and Julia (the latter deceased). Mrs. McMakin died about 1847, member of Baptist Church. Mr. McMakin then married in 1852 to Sarah M. Oglesby, native of Oldham Co. and dau. of Ellis and Jane (Yager) Oglesby, children: Florence, Richard and Monchie (last two deceased). Democrat, he in Baptist Church, she in Methodist Episcopal Church.
      Pg.244-5. VAN BUREN SNOOK, native of Franklin Co. KY, born March 1, 1835. His parents, Martin and Jane (White) Snook, born in OH and VA, of German and English descent. Martin Snook was born in 1780, served in war of 1812, from NY to Franklin Co. KY in 1820, farmer, died 1845, married three times; first wife bore him no children, second wife was widow of Geipeth Onan, eight children, seven grew up. George White, maternal grandfather of Van Buren Snook, native of VA, to Benson Creek, Shelby Co. KY, about beginning of present century; his dau., Mrs. Jane Snook, born in 1811, still living. Van Buren Snook, reared on home farm in Franklin Co., moved to present farm 4 miles northwest of Eminence, Shelby Co., in 1857; Mason, Baptist Church. March 19, 1857, he married Miss Sarah Duncan of Franklin Co., six children: Walker, Winifred, Sydney, Jennie, Marion, and Duncan.
      Pg.261-2, Shelby Co. LEONARD A. WEAKLEY, attorney, Shelbyville, born in Shelby Co. KY, Feb. 25, 1846, son of Calvin S. and Mary A. (Scarce) Weakley; reared on farm six miles east of Shelbyville; in 1863 entered school at Shelbyville under Prof. J.W. Dodd, for one year; then entered college at Georgetown, KY, and graduated in June, 1866. He then taught school in connection with B.F. Duncan for five months, at Campbellsburg [Henry Co.], KY, and afterwards taught a five months' term at Buffalo Lick, in Shelby Co. ...

1910 "Past and Present of Nodaway Co. MO" pub. by B.F. Bowen (FHL book 977.8124 H2 1975 V.1-2; Los Angeles Public Library book 977.81 N761Pa Vol.2)
      Pg.384-6: Prof. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN DUNCAN ... was born in Shelby Co. KY, on April 29, 1842, and is a son of Daniel Boone and Eleanor (Cook) Duncan. His paternal grandparents were William and Martha (Jennings) Duncan, of Garrard Co. KY, where the former was a successful planter. Daniel Boone Duncan was born in Garrard Co. KY, on November 5, 1806, was reared on a farm, and ... read law ... at Lancaster, KY. He served as surveyor of Shelby Co. KY, .... In October, 1832, he married Eleanor Cook, a daughter of Rev. Abram and Sarah Cook, natives of Virginia. To this union were born nine children, six of whom are living. The subject's parents are both deceased, the father dying in 1883 and the mother in 1892. They were Baptists in their religious faith.
      Benjamin F. Duncan ... In 1879 he came to Missouri, ... On November 14, 1867, Professor Duncan was united in marriage to Sallie E. Buchanan, ... dau of Prof. J.M. and America Buchanan, natives of Kentucky. ...

1881 "History of Ray County, MO : including a history of its townships, city, towns and villages, together with a condensed history of Missouri ... biographical sketches of prominent men and citizens identified with the interests of the county" pub. by MO Historical Co. (FHL book 977.819 H2h; and (Los Angeles Public Library book 977.81 R264Hi)
      Pg.576-7: Professor BENJAMIN F. DUNCAN ... was born in Shelby Co. KY, April 29, 1842. When Benjamin was about nine years of age, his father moved to Daviess Co. MO, and here he assisted his father in ... In 1857, while working at a threshing machine ... he met with an unfortunate accident, which deprived him of his right arm. Two years later he began his college course ... After graduating (1865) he spent the summer visiting with his cousin, Doctor J.F. Cook .... Benjamin F. Duncan was married November 14, 1867, to Miss Sarah E. Buchanan, a native of Hopkinsville, Christian Co. KY .... Her father was James Buchanan ....

1906 "History of the State of CA & Biographical Record of the Sacramento Valley, CA" by Prof. J.M. Guinn (CA State Library; from Vivian Biddle)
      Pg.974: Addison E. Duncan. ... Descended from an old Kentucky family, Addison E. Duncan was born in Shelby Co. that state, near the city of Frankfort, October 21, 1839, being a son of Daniel B. and Eleanor (Cook) Duncan. .... When about twelve years of age, in September of 1851, he accompanied his parents to Missouri and settled on an undeveloped farm. About six years later he made another decisive move which brought him to the far west. Having outfitted for the trip across the plains, in May of 1857 he started on the long journey .... and they landed at Dixon, Cal., on the 17th of October, after a trip of five months lacking five days. .... Mr. Duncan remained in Solano county from 1857 until 1869, when he removed to his present location (Glenn County). Just before his removal he was united in marriage with Mrs. Barbara (Marksbury) Johnson, their wedding being solemnized September 21, 1869. They became the parents of seven children, namely: Nina, the widow of Elbert Willard and now residing with her parents; Eugene, who is engaged in farming in Glenn county; Garnett, deceased; Ethel, at home; Van Cleve, who is engaged in the lumber business in the northern part of the state; Barbara, Mrs. J.C. Ball, Jr., who is living near Delevan, Colusa county; and French M., who yet remains with his parents on the Glenn county farm. ....

1877 "Atlas of Platte Co. MO" (from Lu Durham 3/1987)
      List of Patrons: Twp 54 North, Range 34 West: (LD: Sec. numbers below refer to parts of Atlas, not parts of Twp)
            R.B. Duncan, Camden Point, Sec. 32, Practicing physician and surgeon, b. Shelby Co. KY, to Platte Co. 1874.

1891 "Colusa County [CA]: its history with a description of its resources, also biographical sketches of pioneers and prominent residents" by Justus H. Rogers (Placerville Library)
      Pg.424: DR. R.B. DUNCAN was born in Shelby Co. KY, October 6, 1846. In October, 1851, his father removed to northwest Missouri, living in Daviess and Gentry Counties, where young Duncan worked on a farm in summer and attended such schools as a newly-settled backwoods country afforded, in winter. All the schools in this part of the State were interrupted during the war, as the entire social fabric was generally deranged at the time. After the war, he continued work on the farm till February, 1867, when he began teaching in Platte Co. MO. He was engaged in teaching and going to school alternately for six years. He began the study of medicine in 1869 ... graduating ... March 4, 1873. ... In March, 1874, he was married to Miss S.E. Stone, of Platte Co. MO, by whom he has had four children, none of whom are now living. He practiced his profession from March, 1873, to September, 1880, in Platte Co. MO, when he removed to Orland, CA, his present place of residence. ....

1882 "History of Bond and Montgomery Cos. IL" by William Henry Perrin (from Chas. R. Wilson 5/1979, and SUTRO fiche G3 LH 4501, CA State Library, Sutro Branch)
      Part II, Biographical; Montgomery Co., Pitman Twp, pg.267: JOHN D. STREET, retired farmer, Girard, was born in Shelby Co. KY, August 10, 1820 to David and Catherine (Duncan) Street; his early life was spent in receiving a common school education and assisting in tilling the soil of his father's farm; he was brought to Illinois, Macoupin Co., by his parents in 1831; in 1841 he left home and embarked on his career in life as a hired hand; in 1842, he moved to Iowa, where he remained four years, and, while there, experienced many hardships, such as ....
      In 1847, he returned to Macoupin County and engaged in farming, which he followed for about a year, after which he again worked by the month, or day, at carpentering, and, in fact, at anything he could find to do ... In 1856 he went to Texas ... he returned to Montgomery County, Ill., in 1857, ....
      Mr. Street was married, April 3, 1862, to Mary E. Banning; she was born in Illinois in 1838; ... The father of Mr. Street was born in Virginia in 1785, and died in 1855; he was a farmer and stone mason; he was among the early setlers of Kentucky, and also of Illinois; his wife, and mother of J. D. Street, was born in Virginia Aug. 26, 1788; was brought to Kentucky by her parents when quite a small child; she died November 4, 1836; she was the mother of eleven children, of whom our subject was the sixth child. ....

1881 "History of Marion & Clinton Cos. IL" by Brink, McDonough (FHL film 928,184)
      Pg.298, Partial List of Patrons, Clinton Co., City of Carlyle, 2N R2W: Wightman, James, P.O. Carlyle, Resid. Carlyle, Farmer and Stock Raiser, Nativity Chesterfield Co. VA; Amelia Duncan, same, wife of Jas. Wightman, nativity Shelby Co. KY.

1883 "History of Daviess County, Kentucky : together with sketches of its cities, villages and townships, educational, religious, civil, military, and political history, portraits of prominent persons, biographies of representative citizens, and an outline history of Kentucky" pub. by Inter-State Pub. Co. (FHL film 1,421,700 Item 5, and FHL book 976.9864 H2d; from Lucille Mehrkam 10/1982; SUTRO book F457 D3 H6, CA State Library, Sutro Branch)
      Pg.686-87: Thomas K. King (deceased) was born in Gallatin Co. KY, Aug. 1, 1798, and was a son of Thomas and Betsy (Colton) King, natives of Virginia. He remained on the old home in Gallatin Co. KY, until seventeen or eighteen, and then lived on a farm with his brother-in-law until 1822 or '23, when he came with his two sisters -- Sarah King, who married Elijah Dodson, and Nancy King, who resides in Owensboro, in her eighty-eighth year. He remained here (Masonville Precinct) one year, then returned to Gallatin County and worked in a distillery until his marriage to Luella Cooper, near Bloomfield, Nelson Co. KY, Nov. 15, 1830. She was born in Shelby County, Nov. 12, 1805, and was a daughter of John and Molly (Duncan) Cooper, natives of Virginia. After his marriage he came to Daviess Co. KY, ....


1904 "The Woods-McAfee Memorial; John Woods and James McAfee and their descendants in America" by Rev. Neander M. Woods (FHL film 1,011,924 item 3, and from Brenda Furches 8/1985)
      Pg.244: Sarah E. Buchanan, 8th child of James M. Buchanan, born Oct. 29, 1843, a member of Presbyterian Church. In 1867 she married Professor B.F. Duncan, of Shelby Co. KY, son of Daniel B. and Eleanor (Cook) Duncan. B.F. Duncan is a cultured man. He graduated at Georgetown (KY) College, ... taught school several years in KY ... B.F. Duncan and wife have four children: James Buchanan, born in 1869, lawyer in Carrollton, KY; Blanch Duncan, John McAfee Duncan b. 1876, Mary Eva Duncan, all unmarried, live with their parents in Maryville, MO.

"Documented Notes on Jennings and Allied Families" by Beatrice Mackey Doughtie, ca 1961 (FHL book 929.273 J441d)
      Pg.119-20 of this book contain information on the decendants of Nancy Jennings who mar. William Duncan on 1/3/1793 in Lincoln Co. KY. The documentation indicates that in 1828, Wm. Duncan of Garrard Co. KY deposed that his father, Samuel Duncan died in 1825 in Pulaski Co. KY leaving a will devising his property to his six children, viz: John, Daniel, and Wm. Duncan, Susan McNeely, Betsy wife of Humphry Pope and Hannah wife of Stephen Wilkerson; from Garrard Co. KY Court Records.


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