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Formed 1792 from Woodford
Harrison formed 1793 from Bourbon, Scott
Campbell formed 1794 from Harrison, Mason, Scott
Owen formed 1819 from Scott, Franklin, Gallatin, Pendleton


1810 Scott Co. KY Census
Pg.171  Duncan, Colin       11101      - 00100
        Duncan, James       00001      - 02001
   178  Duncan, Celia       03100      - 01001

1820 Scott Co. KY Census
Pg. 95  Hewett Ducan        100100     - 00100
   105  Peter Duncan        000110     - 10011
   109  Colon Duncan        100101     - 00001

1830 Scott Co. KY Census
Pg.162  Jane Duncan         0          - 0000,0000,1
   168  James Duncan        2100,01    - 1000,1
          (MAD: James Duncan mar. Lemira P. Wagoner 5/15/1823
            per "Our Pioneer Ancestors, Vol.IV, The Duncan
            and Dinwiddie Families" by Ruth Hendricks DeVerter,
            1969; FHL book 929.273 H384d v.4; will of Thomas
            Waggener 3/14/1835 filed 7/16/1850 Pendleton Co. KY)

1840 Scott Co. KY Census
Pg.101  Edward S. Duncan    1000,01    - 2000,1101
   101  Alen? Duncane?      0000,1     - 0

1850 Scott Co. KY Census
East Part District
Pg.416, #301, Celia DUNCAN (f) 33 MD
                  William 5, Emerine (f) 3 KY
District 2
Pg.450, #56, Hilery ROBERTS 50 KY farmer $6000
                  Lamira (f) 42 KY
                  Susan L. DUNCAN 18 KY
                  Hilery P. ROBERTS 12, T.M. (Th.?) 6 KY

1860 Scott Co. KY Census
District 2, Georgetown P.O.
Pg.855, #416-406, Isaiah OFFUT? 52 MD? farmer $4000-$20,000
                  Rebecca " 34 KY
                  Mary Agaht " 20 KY
                  Dudley DUNCAN (m) 5 (15?) KY
District 1, Rays Fork P.O.
Pg.918, #288-291, Henry WHITE 31 KY farmer $1340-$600
                  Louisa 32 KY
                  William DUNCAN 15 KY
Georgetown P.O.
Pg.989, #812-185, John DUNCAN 35 KY farmer $6500-$3700
                  Cynthia 28 KY
                  John 5, Mollie 3, Henry W. 1 KY
                  Annie 4 KY
Pg.990, #814-817, Hillery ROBERTS (m) 61 KY farmer $8400-$17,000
                  L.P. (f) 57 KY
                  Thos. H. 17 KY
                  Susan M. DUNCAN 10 KY

1870 Scott Co. KY Census
Lytles Fork Precinct
Pg.283, #73-73, CORTNEY?, John 33 KY (white) farmer $200-$100
                  Sallie 19 KY keeping house
                  Joseph 8/12 KY b.Sept.
                  DUNCAN, Saml. 24 KY (white) farm laborer
Little Fork Precinct
Pg.287, #135-135, DUCAN, W.S. (m) 25 KY (white) farmer $300-$150
                  Eliza 25 KY keeping house
                  Laurine? (m) 2 KY
                  William D. 1 KY
White Sulpher Precinct
Pg.349, #63-64, LUCUS, Stephen 46 KY (white) farmer $4000-$1750
                  Mary 42 KY keeping house
                  Helen 21, Sally 19 KY at home
                  Richard 17 KY farm laborer
                  Fanny (f) 15 KY at home
                  Stephen 13, Mollie 13 KY attending school
                  Chanik (m) 6 KY
                  DUNCAN, John 32 KY (white) farm laborer
                  LUCUS, Mariah (f) 81 KY (white) at home
                  FITZTTEN?, Milly (f) 19 KY BLACK domestic servant
                  JACKSON, Louisa 18 KY MULATTO domestic servant
                  Jane 1 KY MULATTO
Pg.351, #84-85, DUNIVAN, Jerry 24 KY (white) farmer $0-$250, parents of foreign birth
                  Jeremia (m) 60 IRE at home, parents of foreign birth
                  Catharine 60 IRE keeping house, parents of foreign birth
                  (MAD: indexed Jerry DUNCAN)


Scott Co. KY Order Books (FHL film 183,205)
   Vol.A, 1792-1807; index at back
      A-84: 26 June 1797, motion of James Duncan, ordered that William Trotter, John Rogers and James Johnson or any two be appointed commissioners to attend? at his improvement on his preemption on the north fork of Lindsay's Run and waters of the south fork of Elkhorn in Scott Co. in order to return such testimony as shall be advised equitable to law to perpetuate proof of the certain call? on his entry, and return such deposition as may be taken to court.
      B-51: 5 Aug. 1817, Commissioners appointed to settle with admr. of James Duncan, returned, ordered recorded.
      B-61: 6 Aug. 1817?, motion of Thomas Dunwiddie and Jane Duncan, appointed comrs. to settle with administrators of estate of James Duncan among the legatees of ...
      B-67: Feb? 1817, motion of Jane Duncan by her friend Thomas Dinwiddie, ordered the 1/3 part of her decd. husband's estate ...
      Quit; reference to James Duncan's estate, Jane's dower.


Scott Co. KY Will Books, index 1796-1914 (to v.A-U) (FHL film 183,195)
      No will recorded for Colin Duncan; see Deed G-301-302
      Will Book B, 1809-1817
            DUNCAN, James, decd., Sett., pg.425
      Will Book D, 1814-1822
            DUNCAN, James decd, Admr Bond, pg.225
            DUNCAN, James heirs, Gr? Bond, pg.239? (237?)
            DUNCAN, James decd, division, pg.329
            DUNCAN, James decd, appt., pg.241
      Will Book H, 1842-1844
            DUNCAN, James heirs, gr sett, pg.230
      Will Book J, 1845-1847
            DUNCANS, James heirs, pg.65
            DUNCAN, Jno. W., G. sett. pg.191
      Will Book K, 1847-1849
            DUNCAN to Buford, receipt, pg.68 (twice)
            DUNCAN, Susan, Gr sett., pg.76
            DUNCAN, James W., Gr sett., pg.78
            DUNCAN, James decd, Division, pg.104
      Guardian Book 1, 1848-
            DUNCAN, Susan, Gr sett., pg.13
            DUNCAN, Susan, Report?, pg.108
            DUNCAN, Susan, Gr sett., pg.154
            DUNCAN, Susan, Gr sett, pg.210
      Book 1858+ - not looked at
      Will Book G - no Colin Duncan indexed, not pg.327-328

Kentucky, Probate Records, 1792-1977, Scott County, Will records, 1809-1817, Vol.B, damaged by fire, recreated but with missing words, images 461,462,463 of 473 images, from www.FamilySearch.org images (FamilySearch.org webpage, 9/24/2011) [MAD: not pg.425, should be pg.426]
      B-426/428: Per Order of County Court, we have settled with ... Dinwiddie Admr. of Mrs. Jane Duncan Adminx of estate of James Duncan decd, ... also settle with the legatees ... amount of the estate in hands of Admr: to George McCamicks bond, William Logans bond, interest paid on William Logan's bond, one negro man named Jack, one negro woman named Flora, one sorrel horse? and one bay mare, one b ... & two bureaus, 2 spinning wheels (MAD: more furniture), total $2120.75. Accounts paid out by the Admins: acct (MAD: include) Doctors acct of boarding Joel in Madison Cty, expenses Isaba. and James Duncan, acct. of services to Isaba. her daughter, Osburne for Isabella & her tombstone, (more not copied), one tombstone for James Duncan decd, (more not copied). Settlement with (many, including) Isabel cloathing, saddle, wheel, bed, mare, (& more), boarding Isaba. in Mad(missing text), Mrs. Duncans acct to her daughter, (furniture). Undersigned commissioners have settled the administrators of James Duncan decd ... upon settlement with Henry Stephenson ... wife legatees to sd James Duncan decd ... (missing words), 4 August (missing year), /s/ James Patterson. 1817, Rades? Thomson made oath ... Justice of Peace ... Scott Co., August Court 1817, Settlement with Admr. & Adminx. of Jas. Duncan decd. was this day returned to court by the commissioners & ordered to be recorded. /s/ B.S. Chambers. (image 461,462,463)

Kentucky, Probate Records, 1792-1977, Scott County, Will records, 1793-1811, Vol.D, 275 images, from www.FamilySearch.org images (FamilySearch.org webpage, 9/23/2011)
      D-225/226: Bond of Thomas Dinwiddie, Jane Duncan and John Thomson for $3,500, 1 Nov. 1813; Thomas Dinwiddie and Jane Duncan admrs. of goods, chattles & credits of James Duncan decd, to make an inventory and exhibit it to the County Court of Scott when reqired, and make an account of all their actings & doings, ... and pay to such persons respectively as are entitled to the same by law, and if a will was made and proved in court and the executor obtain a certificate of probate thereof, the said Dinwiddie & Duncan deliver up his letters of administration, then this obligation be void. /s/ Thomas Dinwiddie, Jean Duncan, John Thomson. Test. Cary L. Clark. November Court 1813. (image 113,114)
      D-237/238: Bond of Jane Duncan and Thomas Dinwiddie for $3,500, 1 Nov. 1813; Jane Duncan Guardian of Jane Duncan, [and] Isabella Duncan, shall pay & deliver to said Jane and Isabella, orphans of James Duncan decd, all such estate now or hereafter become due to said orphan when she shal attain lawful age to demand same ... /s/ Jane Duncan, Thomas Dinwiddie. Teste Cary L. Clark. November Court 1813, the foregoing Guardian bond, ordered to be recorded. (image 119,120)
      D-241/242: Inventory of goods, chattles and credits of James Duncan decd. 1 bond on William and George McCarmick for $153.71 due 9 Feb. and credited Feb. 1813 by $30, Bond on William Co (text missing), 1 negro man named Jack, 1 do woman do Maria, 1 sorel horse, (more animals) and farm items, furniture including 5 beds & bedding, 9 chairs. 11 Nov. 1813, /s/ John White, Jonathan Robinson, James Officer?, James Stephenson. Inventory returned to court and ordered to be recorded, December court 1813. (image 121,122)
      D-329/330: Per order of the Scott Co. Court Feb. term 1817 directed to the undersigned to alot and lay off to Jane Duncan the 1/3 part ... deceased husband's real estate agreeable to appointment, met and laid ... hundred & fifty nine acres including the buildings, 85 of which is ... the balance 65 acres woodland laid off in manner described in the plat certified by us August 14, 1817. /s/ Jothn. Robinson, William Suggett, John White, James Patterson. The boundry 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,1 containing &c original survey 477 acres of the estate of James Duncan decd, the boundaries ABCDEFA containing 15 ... laid off agreeably to the direction of the commissioners appointed by the Scott County Court for the use and benefit of the widow Jane Duncan by me who ... survey by the parties concerned, Feb. 20, 1817. /s/ Alexander (blank). P.S. The boundary ABghjkEFA the part enclosed about 90 acres of (blank) about 80 or 85 under cultivation. The character "O" represents the place of the dwelling house. /s/ A.L. (MAD: sketch of rectangle.) April Court 1818, the foregoing allotment of dower was returned to court and ordered recorded. (image 165,166)

Kentucky, Probate Records, 1792-1977, Scott County, Will records, 1842-1844, Vol.H, images 132,133,134 of 522 images, from www.FamilySearch.org images (FamilySearch.org webpage, 9/23/2011)
      H-230/232: Mrs. Lamira? Roberts (late Mrs. Duncan) Guardian for John W., James William & Susan M. Duncan orphans of James Duncan decd. In account with her wards, July 8, 1836, for the amt. received from the Admr. of James Duncan decd, $556.93; interest to this time, $210.52; John Garth? note for rent 1837, $22.80, interest; Hellory? Roberts do, 1837, $9.00, interest; Tho. Stogade for rent 1837, $15, interest $4.50; Mordian? Offull, rent 1837, 458.50, interest $15.75; Hillory Roberts rent 1837, $33.50, interest $10.00; Tho. Stogdale, rent 1837, $44.62, interest $13.35; Walter G. Offute?, $11.50, interest $3.45; John Kelly "(Pasture)" $10.10, interest $3.00; Lamira P. Roberts, rent, $5.50, interest $1.65; Hillory Roberts heirs of Toby, $100.00, interest $33.00; M.B. Offute rent 1838 (MAD: quit copying amounts and interest); Hillory Roberts do, John B. Luros?? 1838, John N. Garth 1838, Saml. Nickols, Williams & Buford 1839, John Kelly 1839 (no interest), Hillory Roberts 1839, James Kelly 1840, Hillory Roberts, (total), William Burns & James Kelly, John Culbertsons 2 notes, Jessee Beauchamp lost?, Hillory Roberts, Geo. W. Johnson note 1841, James Kelly note 1841, Joseph Nichols note, Hillory Roberts note, John Killeys note, John Kelley note, John Kelly 1842, 6 Bradley & Seroggin? 1842, (more not copied).
      We find the guardian entitled to the following credits: By back paid taxes for 1837 (to 1842), (payments for farm work, and court costs, $232.24) Amount which has come to the hands of guardian, $2815.56, amount paid out $232.24, now in the hands of the guardian $2583.32, which divided into 3 parts gives to each the sum of $861.10; (breakdown of each shares credits and final amount due not copied here) John W. Duncan's distributive share $861.10; James W. Duncan's distributive share $861.10; Susan M. Duncan's distributive share $861.10. Two of the commissioners met at the Clerk's Office on 28 Dec. 1842 and continued 3 days for the purpose of examining and settling the account of Lamira Roberts late Duncan Gdn for the heirs of James Duncan decd ... the appraisement sale bill & settlement of the estate of James Duncan decd was destroyed by the burning of the Clerk's Office but the guardian produced the certificate of the Clerk of the Court showing the amt. of sale bill & the balance due to the wards on settlement with the Admr. which was as follows ... balance due to John W. Duncan on 1 Jan. 1843 of $502.60, to James William Duncan $319.20; to Susan M. Duncan $419.28. /s/ Ben B. Ford, James H. Mahoney, Comrs. July Court 1843, settlement ordered recorded. (image 132,133,134)

Kentucky, Probate Records, 1792-1977, Scott County, Will records, 1845-1847, Vol.J, 249 images, from www.FamilySearch.org images (FamilySearch.org webpage, 9/24/2011)
      J-65: Charles Buford Guardn for James Duncan's H's, 90 acres of land L. Elkhorn @ $40, $3,600; 1 negro man over 16, $400; 2 negro boys under 16 @ $400 & $200, $600; July 21, 1845, /s/ Charles Buford Guard. for J. Duncan's heirs. Scott Co., July Court 1845, report of Charles Buford Guardn. for heirs of James Duncan's heirs of their estate in his hands was returned to court & ordered to be recorded. (image 43)
      J-191/193: Charles Buford Guardian for the heirs of James Duncan decd, to his wards, (accounting) 1843, Aug. 1, to cash of James Gaines for rent, $25.00 & interest, 1844 Jan. 1, cash for hire of ... (to 1845, Jan. 1), $587.64; Credit 1843 Jan. 30, by taxes for 1845 and interest, to Dec. 1846; the present guardian recd from the former guardian the following, 1843 ... and interest, deducted from above amount, ... Due the heirs of J. Duncan up to last settlement, $1196.04; Divided pro rata according to that settlement, to John W. Duncan, $484.36; to James W. Duncan $307.61; to Susan M. Duncan $404.07. Amount due Jms. W. Duncan on previous settlement ..., due from present settlement, $664.01. The commissioners of accounts for Scott Co. met at Clerks office on Thursday 22 Jan. 1846 agreeable to notice, settled account of Charles Buford guardian of John W. Duncan one of heirs of James Duncan decd, find amount due $664.01 to his ward John W. Duncan at this time. We also find the said Charles Buford guardian for James W. and Susan Duncan has in his hands with interest $543.50 due to James W. Duncan and to Susan Duncan $657.57. /s/ Ben B. Ford?, Thos. C. Kelly. Court March 1846, ordered recorded. (image 112,113)

Kentucky, Probate Records, 1792-1977, Scott County, Will records, 1846-1849, Vol.K, 191 images, from www.FamilySearch.org images (FamilySearch.org webpage, 9/24/2011)
      K-68: Recd. of Charles Buford my guardian $454.26, being the amount due me as per settlement made before the commissioner of accounts this 13 Aug. 1847, /s/ James W. Duncan. Scott Co., Aug. Court 1847, foregoing receipt ordered recorded.
          Received of Charles Buford guardian of James Duncan's heirs $664.01 being my part of my fathers estate in said guardians hands being the sum ascertained to be due me in commissioners report to the Scott Co. Court, also interest on the above sum to this date, August 17, 1846, /s/ Jm. Duncan. Scott Co., August Court 1847, the foregoing recd. from Charles Buford to J. Duncan was returned into court and ordered to be recorded. (image 36)
      K-76/78: Charles Buford, guardian of Susan Duncan, Dr. with his ward, 1846 (amounts not copied, most were 1/3 of rent from people), amounts of debits $879.33, amt. credits $401.95, Due ward $477.38. Commissioners of accounts met and settled, 13 Aug. 1847. Recorded Sept. Court 1847. (image 40, 41)
      K-78/79: Charles Buford Guardian for James W. Duncan with his ward, 1846 dr., (dr. & cr. not copied here) Due ward $454.26, Settled 13 Aug. 1847, ordered recorded Sept. Court 1847. (image 41)
      K-104/105: Allot to the heirs of James Duncan decd. their part of the tract of land & slaves belonging to said Duncan at his death, commissioners met on the premises on Friday, (blank) day of Sept. 1847, and proceeded to the division and allotment ... land to be divided, containing 90 acres exclusive of the dower, ... 36 acres 2 roods and 27 poles allotted to Susan Duncan, 54 acres allotted to John and William Duncan as their part; we find 3 slaves, we allot to John Duncan, Marton; to Jas. Will Duncan, Granville; to Susan L. Duncan, Henry. /s/ James Gaines, Leland W. Peak, George W. Johnson. Sept. Court 1847, reported to the court on motion of John W. Duncan, he having given previous notice to the heirs of James Duncan decd. of this intended motion. The commissioners appeared 19 Oct. 1847 and were sworn. Nov. court 1847, division of estate ordered recorded. (image 54)


VA State Land Office Surveys; Book 5, 1782-1786 (FHL film 29,548)
      5-407/8: Fayette Co. (KY), July 15, 1783, surveyed for James Duncan, 400 acres by virtue of a certificate for settlement entered Feb. 3, 1780, on N.fork of Lindsey's Run, a branch of S.fork of Elkhorn, adj. Fulton Lindsey's 1000 acre preemption; also 1,000 acres by virtue of preemption Warrant #853 entered Dec. 4, 1782, south of above, adj. William Lindsey's preemption, Stephen Lowary's line. Grant issd. April 1, 1785, 1,400. (MAD: later Scott Co. KY)

Scott Co. KY Deeds (Indexes 1783-1866 on FHL film 183,209)
      (first books have been recopied from apparently burned books, only part of each page is given)
      A-445: Duncan to Logan. (1808-1813) Partial pages (burned), March 1 (ca 1813), "through Duncan's land" "preemption live" "said James Duncan" (FHL film 183,210)
      B-73: Duncan to Roberts (1806-1817) Scott Co. ... 50 acres ... corner Johnathan ... Robinson's line ... corner Benton ... William Robert ... /s/ James Duncan, Jenet Duncan. Reg. 19 Nov. 1807. (FHL film 183,210)
      B-74: Duncan to Benton (1806-1817) 20 Nov 18.. & Jenet his wife to Erasmus Denton ... /s/ James Duncan, Jenet Duncan. (FHL film 183,210)
      C-390: Duncan from Johnson (1818-1820) June 1820, John T. Johnson, atty for Robt. Johnson's heirs, and John T. Johnson, sell to Duncan, 13 acres, part of 800 acre survey. (FHL film 183,211)
      G-301: Colin Duncan for love and $5 to James Duncan, 160 acres on waters of Cane Run, part of James Duncan's pre-emption; reserves house he lives in and about 5 acres for himself and wife for life. Ack. & recorded July 4, 1826. (FHL film 183,214)
      G-431: "Thos. Jenkins to Danl. Duncan of Paris [Bourbon Co. KY], slaves Milly, 18, and David (bright boy) about 16, & per. property; mtg.; rest lost." (FHL film 183,214; and from KY files of Kay D. Hampton now at Platte Co. MO Historical Society)
      H-237: 19 May 1828, Joanna Eastham of Fayette Co. KY and William Eastham; William has possession of slaves; he holds an undivided interest with James Eastham, Fanny Masterson, Elizabeth Harrison and Nancy Duncan, his brothers and sisters, by descent from estate of Hannah Eastham decd. late of VA, William Eastham transfers for $1 to Joanna Eastham his interest; mortgage, William owes $300. Wit. R.B. Jackson, Westloy Wood, James Eastham. (FHL film 183,214) (MAD: Eastham families in VA: 1810 Culpeper (Byrd); 1820 Culpeper (Byrd); 1810 Fauquier (Geo. & Lawson); 1820 Louisa, Mason (Mary), Culpeper & Augusta; no Hannah Eastham)
      J-363: Duncan to/from Prewitts exr. (1829-1831) (FHL film 183,215?)
      K-171: 4 Apr? 1835, Robert Hopkins of Scott Co. to Milus. W. Dickey, $40 an acre, 4-3/4? acre. (FHL film 183,216)
      L-150: 22 Sept. 1832, John Hopkins to Robert Hopkins, son of said John, for love, 24 acres on Henry Lindsey's NW corner. (FHL film 183,216) (MAD: see Daviess Co. KY deeds C-393, F-477)
      M-345: 5 Aug. 1834, William C. Graves and wife Mary, not copied (FHL film 183,217)
      M-346: 9 Aug. 1834, Henry T. Duncan of Bourbon Co. KY to William C. Graves, mortgage, not copied. (FHL film 183,217)

Scott Co. KY Deed Index, 1837-1866 (FHL film 183,209 item 2)
      O-304: Duncan, Henry T. to Briscoe, Mary, deed
      O-309: Duncan, Henry T. to Osburn, Benj., deed
      O-427: Duncan, Henry D. heirs from Prewitt, V. Exrs, D&R
      No Duncan in Book P 1838-1840, Q 1840-1841, R 1841-1842, S 1843-1844
      No Duncan in Mortgage Book No.1, 1843-1850
      No Duncan in Book T 1845-1846
      U-173: Duncan, John & Jas. to Johnson, Geo. W., deed
      No Duncan in Book V, 1848-1851

Scott Co. KY Deeds
      (first books have been recopied from apparently burned books, only part of each page is given)
   Deed Vol.I (J) (FHL film 183,215 or FHL film 1,876,552 item 1)
      J-362/363: 16 Nov. 1830, William C. Prewitt, Henry H. Prewitt, and Levi Prewitt as executors of Vantallan Prewitt decd (...) counties, all of state of KY, to Daniel Duncan of county of (...) and same state, that whereas Vantallan Prewitt of Scott Co. KY departed this life, made a will which has been proven and recorded, by which he appointed parties of first part as executors, and authorized a sale of the tract of land, for $12,600.20 paid and secured to be paid, the said William C., Henry H. and Levi Prewitt as executors sell to Daniel Duncan a tract or parcel of land in (....) county, KY, containing by survey 394 (...) 3 roods and 6 poles, beg. ... corner to John Nattes?, then ... M. Butter and Paterson's lines, then ... dry run on the west bank, then ... east bank, ... corner to James Lany?, then .. James M. Briscoes corner, ... corner to Ash Emersons preemption, corner to William C. Graves, then ... John Holdings corner, (...) corner to John Nutter, then to the beginning. Warrant title. /s/ Wm. C. Prewitt, exr. of Vant Allan Prewitt decd; Henry H. Prewitt, Exr. of Vant Allan Prewitt decd. Henry H. and Levi Prewitt ack. deed Nov. 16, 1830, and on 12 April 1831 Wm. C. Prewitt ack. deed. (FHL film 183,215 or 1,876,552)
      J-363/364: 16 Nov. 1830, Daniel Duncan of Bourbon Co. KY to William C. Prewitt, Henry H. Prewitt and Levi Prewitt, executors of Vant Allan Prewitt decd of different counties and of same state, for $1 paid, sold to said executors a tract of land containing by survey 394 acres 3 roods and 6 poles, being the same tract upon which the said Vant Allen Prewitt resided at his death and which has this day been conveyed by said William C., Henry H. and Levi Prewitt as executors of V. Prewitt to the said Daniel Duncan, ... warrant title, subject to condition, said Daniel Duncan this day executed to said William C., Henry H. and (...) executors of Vant Allan Prewitt decd his five promissory notes all bearing date this day, and each for $1262.32, the first due ... 22 April 1832, the second 22 April 1833, 22 April 1834, 22 April 1835, all of which are now in possession of said William C., Henry H., and Levi Prewitt, if Daniel Duncan pays them, this deed is null and void. /s/ Daniel Duncan. November 16, 1830 Daniel Duncan ack. deed of mortgage in Scott Co. KY. (FHL film 183,215 or 1,876,552)
   Deed Vol.M (FHL film 183,217 or FHL film 1,876,552 item 4)
      M-345/346: 5 Aug. 1834, William C. Graves and wife (...) of Scott Co. KY to Henry T. (...) of Bourbon Co. KY, for $25 per acre paid, sell tract or parcel in Scott Co. KY on the waters of Dry Run, bounded beg. at the original corner (...) Ash Emeson's preemption, then ... to John Herndon, then ... Clickenbeard's line, then ... Emeson's preemption line, then ... to the beginning, containing 114 acres, warrant title. /s/ William C. Graves, Mary Graves. They appeared August 5, 1834, before Ben B. Ford, Clk. (FHL film 183,217 or 1,876,552)
      M-346/347: 9 Aug. 1834, Henry T. Duncan of Bourbon Co. KY to Willi(...) of Scott Co. KY, for $1 paid and other considerations, sell tract or parcel of land in Scott Co. KY on waters of Dry Run bounded beg. at original corner of Ash Emeson's preemption, then ... to corner to John Herndon, then ... to Clinkenbeard's line, then ... Emeson's premption line, then to the beginning, containing 114 acres, on condition that Duncan executed to Graves two several promissory notes of even date each for the payment of $950, one payable 1st October 1835 and the other payable 1st Oct. 1836; if Duncan pays, then this deed void. /s/ H.T. Duncan. Henry T. Duncan deed to William C. Graves ack. by Duncan before Thomas P. South, Clk, Bourbon Co. KY, 9 Aug. 1834. Recorded Scott Co. KY Aug. 11, 1834. (FHL film 183,217 or 1,876,552)
      M-460: 17 Nov. 1834, Theodorick Jenkins & wife Eliza of Scott Co. KY to Harvey T. Duncan of Bourbon Co. KY, for $3730, the undivided third part being about 1333 ... of land in Scott Co. KY on waters of North Elkhorn and Dry River, being the same tract conveyed ... deed by executors of Danl. Allen Prewett decd. to Daniel Duncan decd, recorded Scott Co. KY, where Daniel Duncan resided at time of his death; /s/ Theo. Jenkins, Eliza Jenkins. (FHL film 183,217) (MAD: elipses theirs, apparently recopied deed and parts missing or illegible) (MAD: Daniel Duncan d. 6/20/1833 Scott Co. KY, age 69y, b. Cumberland Co. PA, in 1790 to Paris [Bourbon Co.] KY; from obit in "National Intelligencer" 1833; from "National Gene. Society Quarterly" Vol.56, #3, Sept. 1968, pg.221; and the Lexington, KY, "Observer & Reporter" of 6/27/1833, from "KY Obituaries 1787-1854" by Garrett Glenn Clift)
      N-458: 15 Sept. 1836, Mary Duncan ... State of KY to Henry T. Duncan ... Co. afsd, $300 annually for life of Mary payable in --?-- (one word) annual payments from & after this date, her interest in about 398 acres on waters of Elkhorn in Scott Co. ... Daniel Duncan died seized and possessed, being the same ... by Danl. Allen Prewitt and sold by his executors to Benjan. ...; Theodoric Jenkins and by them conveyed to said Daniel Duncan decd and has been lately sold by said Henry T. Duncan its present owners, Benjamin Osborne and Mary Duncan; she appeared in Bourbon Co. KY; reg. Scott Co. KY Nov. 16, 1836. (FHL film 183,217)
   Deed Vol.O, 1837-1838 (FHL film 183,217 or FHL film 1,876,553 item 1)
      O-304/306: 2 Jan. 1838, Henry T. Duncan and wife Eliza of Bourbon Co. KY to Mary Briscoe of Scott Co. KY, for $40 per acre, amounting in all to the sum of (...) have sold tract of land on waters of Dry Run in Scott Co., beg. corner to John Herndon, then with two of his lines to ... then corner to Ben Osburn, then line of James Bristoes heirs, then John Emeson's corner, then Emeson's preemption line and corner to Isaac Clinkingbeard, then corner to John Herndon, then stone in a meadow, then to the beginning, containing 201 acres 3 roods and 36 poles, warrant title. /s/ H.T. Duncan, Eliza Duncan. They appeared 2 Jan. 1838 before Thomas P. Smith, Clerk of the Bourbon Co. Court. Filed for record, Scott Co. KY, July 7, 1838. (FHL film 183,217 or 1,876,553)
      O-309/310: 2 Jan. 1838, Henry T. Duncan and wife Eliza of Bourbon Co. KY to Benjamin Osburn of Scott Co. KY, for $40 per acre, amounting in all to the sum of $12,439, sell tract of land on waters of Dry Run in Scott Co., beg. on west side of Turkey Foot Road and corner to John Nutter's heirs, then ... stake in Dry Run, then up Run ... corner to James Long, then ... corner to M. Briscoe, then with her line ... to John Herndon's line, then ... east side of the Turkey Foot Road and corner to John Holding, then ... to the beginning, containing 310 acres 2 roods and 35-8/10 poles, together with all improvements, etc. Warrant title. /s/ H.T. Duncan, Eliza Duncan. They appeared 2 Jan. 1838 before Thomas P. Smith, Clerk of the Bourbon Co. Court. Filed for record, Scott Co. KY, July 19, 1838. (FHL film 183,217 or 1,876,553)
      O-427/428: 17 July 1838; Whereas Daniel Duncan did in his lifetime execute to Wm. C. Prewitt, Henry H. Prewitt and Levi Prewitt, executors of Vatallin Prewitt, a deed of mortgage in a tract of land in Scott Co. KY, being the same tract of land on which said Duncan resided at his death, for the purpose of securing to the said Prewitt's executors a certain sum of money specific (spesifid?) in said mortgage, which was a balance due for the purchase of said farm he had acquired, which mortgage was duly recorded in Scott Co. Court, and whereas the money has been fully paid off and discharged, a part of which was paid by said Daniel Duncan in his lifetime and the balance has been paid by Henry T. Duncan as admr. of said Daniel Duncan, now this indenture witnesseth that for $1 paid by Henry T. Duncan and others heirs of said Daniel Duncan decd, the said Prewits executors do sell to said Henry T. Duncan and others heirs of said Daniel Duncan decd all right, title and interest to the land by reason of the mortgage, free from the claims of the heirs of said Vantallen Prewit and his executors. /s/ Wm. C. Prewitt, H.H. Prewitt, Levi Prewitt, Exr. of V. Prewitt, Exors V. Prewitt decd. Produced by said William C. Prewit, one of the executors, and ack. 3 Sept. 1838 before James C. Rodes, Clerk of Fayette Co. KY court. Ack. by Levi Prewitt July 17, 1838, and by Henry H. Prewitt on 24 Oct. 1838, and recorded in Scott Co. KY. (FHL film 183,217 or 1,876,553)
   Deed Vol.U, 1846-1848 (FHL film 183,220 or FHL film 1,876,554 item 2)
      U-173: 29 Sept. 1847, John Duncan and William Duncan and Malvina his wife of Scott Co. KY, to George W. Johnson of afsd, for $3,240 paid, sell tract of land in Scott Co. KY beg. in Henry Stevenson's, then the Calhoun? road, then corner to Henry Stevensons, then to the beginning, containing 54 acres more or less, together with improvements etc., warrant title. /s/ John Duncan, James W. Duncan, Malvina Duncan. John Duncan, James Duncan and Malvina his wife appeared before John T. Johnson, Clerk of Scott Co. KY, 29 Sept. 1847. Deed from John Duncan and James William Duncan and Malvina Duncan the wife of said James W. Duncan was produced in Boone Co. court, and Malvina Duncan was examined Oct. 25, 1847. Filed in Scott Co. KY court November 1847. (FHL film 183,220 or 1,876,554)


Anderson Co. KY Marriages (from Nancy Young 11/1987 with permission to share)
      H-200: Duncan, J.E. & Ida Carl were married at the residence of H.S. Carl, Sept. 18, 1877. Groom was 23 yrs old, resides in Scott Co. KY, was born there as were his parents. Bride is 18 yrs old, resides in Anderson Co. KY, was born in Kenton Co. KY. Father was born in Franklin Co. KY, mother was born in Missouri. Bondsman Henry S. Carl.

Daviess Co. KY Deeds
      C-393: 12 March 1832, John Hopkins of Scott Co. KY to Nancy Duncan of Daviess Co. KY, his daughter, $1, 126 acres on Blackford's Creek, incl. premises where Nancy and her husband Peter Duncan reside, corner Rebecca Duncan, Stephen Hudson. (FHL film 579,993)
      F-477: 12 March 1832, John Hopkins of Scott Co. KY to Rebecca Duncan, his daughter, for $1, 120 acres. No wit, no husband named. (FHL film 579,994)

Mason Co. KY Deed
      D-107: 18 Nov. 1796, John Davis and David Duncan of Mason Co., under firm name of "Davis & Duncan" in debt to Henry Lee for 883 lbs 17 shillings & 7 pence, and in consequence of dissolution of said corporation by mutual agreement, said Duncan discharges said Davis of paying any of said sum to Henry Lee. So therefore, David Duncan and Margaret his wife, mortgage to John Machir, in trust, for 883 lbs 17 shillings & 7 pence, lot in town of Washington in Mason Co. with two dwelling houses thereon, and a timer house on Main street, and 15,740 acres of land on Elkhorn and Eagle Creek in Scott Co, conveyed to said Davis & Duncan by John Crittenden. (FHL film 281,785?; from "Genealogies of Many KY Families" by the KY DAR, on FHL film 854,852 item 5)

Woodford Co. KY Deed (from mixed KY files of Kay D. Hampton now at Platte Co. MO Historical Society)
      B-501: 27 June 1795, Davis & Duncan, Washington, Mason Co., merchants, to John Crittenden; today they bought of him & his wife Judith 15,742 acres in Scott Co. on dividing ridge of Eagle Creek & Elkhorn, patent to John Crittenden 8 May 1793; they release. Wit. J. Breckinridge, O. Thurston, Dorsey Penticost, Thos. Sharp. Proved by Sharp & rec. Jan. court 1796.
      MAD: An earlier mortgage in Woodford Co. KY deed B-14, 2/14/1791, from Andrew Hair of Mercer Co. KY to John Duncan and Andrew Holmes of Cumberland Co. PA, merchants, was included in "KY Court and Other Records" Vol.II, and "Duncans in Bourbon Co. KY" by Julia Spencer Ardery.

Independence Co. AR Deed Record (FHL film 1,288,935)
      B-522: 14 Sept. 1827, George Ruddell to John L. Daniel, both Independence Co. AR, power of attorney to ask, receive, etc. from James Browning, admr. of Benjamin Duncan decd, or any other persons who may have rents etc. of my lands in Cos. of Fayette, Scott and Bourbon, KY; John L. Daniel to sell land on North Elkhorn, original patent to Isaac Ruddell, conveyed by Bourbon Co. KY deed to me.

HISTORIES before 1923

1883 "History of Greene County, Missouri... : including a history of its township, towns, and villages, together with a condensed history of Missouri...biographical sketches and portraits of prominent citizens..." by Western Historical Co. (FHL film 1,000,298 item 4; (Los Angeles Public Library book 977.81 G81Hi)
      Pg.749: JOHN H. DUNCAN ... is the son of Harvey and Mary (Bowden) Duncan, and was born at Georgetown, [Scott Co.] KY, January 8th, 1854. He was educated at Evansville, Indiana, Canton, IL, and McGee College, Macon county, Missouri. He came to Springfield, Missouri, in March, 1876, ... Mr. Duncan was married June 6th, 1877, to Miss L.A. Carson. They have two children, Hume and Leroy. His father is living at Canton, [Fulton Co.] IL, and his mother died at Evansville, [Vanderburgh Co.] IN, in 1861. (MAD: "John H." as given at head of article)

1893 "Pictorial and Genealogical Record of Greene Co. MO" by Goodspeed (from Georgia Helderlein 2/1993 from New England Gen. & Hist. Society Library; and extracts from index cards of Kit Smith 8/1983; HeritageQuest image 2/20/2007, Local History Reel/Fiche Number 10647)
      Pg.42: JAMES H. DUNCAN. Among the noted & representative men of flourishing city of Springfield, MO, is J.H. Duncan, the present prosecuting attorney of Greene Co. ... He came originally from the Blue Grass State, born in Georgetown, Scott Co., Jan. 8, 1854, and is a son of Harvey and Mary E. (Bowden) Duncan. The father was also a native of KY, born in Madison Co., and is of Scotch-Irish descent, his ancestors emigrating to this country at an early date. For many years the father made his home in Springfield but later moved to Canton [Fulton Co.], IL, where he resides at present. Mrs. Duncan was a sister of Ex-Judge James H. Bowden of KY; she died in 1862. Of the 5 children born to this couple, only two besides our subject are now living: Prof. S.P. Duncan, resident of Coldwater KS and probate judge of his county, a prominent attorney of his city; and Mrs. Allie B. Gardener, wife of J.B. Gardener, resides in Canton, IL. The early recollections of our subject were of his native State, but when the war broke out, he moved with his parents to Evansville, Ind., from there to Canton, Ill., in 1866, where he remained for five or six years. He was educated in the Evansville and Canton high schools, and also attended the McGree College in Macon County, Mo., thus securing good educational advantages. After leaving school he became a teacher and while thus occupied he took up the study of law; later he entered the law office of Cravens & Bray and was admitted to the bar in 1876. ... Cumberland Presbyterian Church; home is presided over by his chosen companion, formerly Miss Levie A. Carson, a native of St.Louis and dau. of Henry S. Carson of Springfield; three children: Henry H., Harvey L. and Paul B. Mrs. Duncan holds membership in the Baptist Church ... (MAD: 1860 Union Co. KY census; "John H." as given at head of article).

1884 "History of Marion County, Missouri... : together with a condensed history of Missouri, the city of St. Louis, a reliable and detailed history of Marion County" by E.F. Perkins (Los Angeles Public Library book 977.81 M34Hi; and FHL film 823,589)
      Pg.909: MILTON BRADLEY ... born October 13, 1811, in Scott county, where he grew to manhood. He is the son of Stephen and Margaret (Duncan) Bradley. His father was a Kentuckian, and his mother a native of Scotland. When 16 he learned the trade of cabinet maker. In 1830 he came to Marion county, and settled at Palmyra; one year later his father followed him, and died in Palmyra in 1835, with cholera, his brother, Daniel Bradley, dying the same day. In 1836 Mr. Bradley moved to Randolph county, Mo., where he lived eleven years. He then returned to Marion county, where he has since resided, engaged in farming and working at his trade. In 1837 he was married to Miss Mary A. Johnson, of Randolph county. Mr. and Mrs. Bradley are members of the Christian church -- he for twenty years, and she for forty. ....
            (MAD: same person ???: May, 1784, one George Duncan of Charlestown SC, bachelor [deceased]; [heirs were] mother Mary Duncan widow and sister Margaret Bradly; from the American Administration and Probate Acts in the Prerogative Court of Cantebury, 1781-1790, on pg.45 of "National Gen. Society Quarterly" Vol.68, 1980)


Index to War of 1812 Pension Applications and Bounty Land Warrant Applications; National Archives Film (FHL films 840,458 and 840,459)
      Duncan, Peter L. or Peter, widow Rebecca; SO 25112, SC 15930; BL 94440- 40-50 cancelled, 54460-80-50, 43553-80-55; Private, Capt. John Duvall's Co. KY Mil. 3/29/1813 to 9/28/1813; Sol. res. 1851, 1853 McDonald Co. MO, 1855, 1856 Newton Co. MO, 1856 McDonald Co. (PO Kent) MO, 1871 Jasper Co. (PO Avilla) MO; maiden name of soldier's 1st wife Nancy A. Hopkins, widow Rebecca Crossley m. Jan. 1848 Jasper Co. MO; solier d. Sept. 20, 1881, Bower's Mills, MO; Remarks: Soldier was in the engagement at Ft. Meigs, BLW 94440-40-50 cancelled in brief.
      (MAD: 1820 Scott Co. KY census; 1830 Daviess Co. KY census; 1840 Newton Co. MO census; mar. Rebecah Crosby 1/30/1847 Jasper Co. MO; 1850 McDonald Co. MO census)


"Our Pioneer Ancestors, Vol.IV, The Duncan and Dinwiddie Families" by Ruth Hendricks DeVerter, 1969 (FHL book 929.273 H384d v.4)
      This book contains the genealogy of Colin Duncan, b. Aug. 1751, d. 25 May 1832 Scott Co. KY, wife Keturah, and their five children. Colin was the brother of James Duncan who d. 15 Aug. 1812 Scott Co. KY.

"The Smith Family Record: The Descendants of Robert (Duncan) Smith, 1824-1897" (Volume 1 of The Smiths Who Are Really Duncans) 1988, 1992, by Hugh Eldred Barnes & Jean Wolph Hicks (FHL book 929.273 Sm646h)
      Pgs.1-6 contain a discussion of Bradford Duncan, b. 1783 VA, who had an older brother Charles Duncan; their father died when Bradford was fairly young, their mother remarried a Mr. Smith and Bradford kept "Duncan" as part of his name but adopted the Smith surname. The book contains the descendants of Bradford D(uncan) Smith who lived in VA in 1815, Scott Co. KY in 1824, and Gallatin Co. KY in 1850.


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