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Formed 1825 from Cumberland, Adair, Wayne, Pulaski


1830 Russell Co. KY Census; semi-alphabetic
Pg.108 (Duncan, James Jr.   0000,001      - 0001,001
       (Duncan, James Sr.   0000,0000,01  - 0001,1000,01
       (Duncan, John        1000,1        - 1000,1
        Duncan, John        1000,1        - 1100,1
   112  Jackman, Adam       1000,01       - 0000,1
   115  McFall, Daniel      0100,0100,1   - 1110,1
   123  Willshire, Thomas   0000,0001     - 0000,0001

1840 Russell Co. KY Census
Pg. 24  Adam Jackman        1310,001      - 2000,01
    26  Daniel McFall       0101,001      - 0111,1
        George Dunkin       1100,01       - 1
    27  James Dunkin        0001,001      - 0000,001

1850 Russell Co. KY Census
1st District
Pg.232, #302, James DUNCAN 58 NC farmer $1,200
                  Prudence 60 VA
Pg.236, #376, George DUNCAN 45 KY farmer
                  Susan 30 KY
                  Pleasant 16, Eliz. J. 15 KY
                  Sally Ann 8, Mary F. 6 KY
                  Peter 5, Narcissa 3 KY
2nd District
Pg.240, #11, William STANTON 80 VA farmer
                  Phebe 70 VA
                  John G. 31, William A.J. 21 KY
                  Thomas J. 18 KY
                  Reuben T. 16, Garard 14 TN
                  Pleasant T. DUNCAN 15 KY
                  Eliza Jane 13, John G.C. 10 KY

1860 Russell Co. KY Census
P.O. Jamestown
Pg.678, #227-227, George DUNCAN 50 KY farmer $0-$0
                  Eden (f) 37 KY
                  Sarah Ann 17, Mary F. 15 KY
                  Peter 13, Amanda E. 12 KY
                  Harriet 4 KY
Pg.687, #289-289, James DUNCAN 68 NC farmer $4000-$4000
                  Prudence 68 VA
                  Rufus HOLM 18 KY laborer

1870 Russell Co. KY Census
Precinct 31, P.O. Jamestown
Pg.154, #249-249, DUNCAN, Robert 53 KY BLACK farmer $0-$150
                  Caroline 35 KY BLACK keeping house
                  James 16 KY BLACK farm laborer
                  Ausker (m) 14 KY BLACK farm laborer
                  Asa 12 KY BLACK farm laborer
                  Victory (f) 10 KY BLACK
Pg.154, #250-250, DUNCAN, Emeline 24 KY BLACK keeping house $0-$0
                  Louisa 10 KY BLACK
                  Mary 1 KY BLACK
                  Martha 1 KY BLACK
Pg.161, #366-366, DUNCAN, George W. 67 KY (white) farmer $0-$200
                  Susan 40 KY keeping house
                  Mary 23 KY
                  Harriet (f) 16 KY
Precinct 3, Rowena P.O.
Pg.184, #129-129, DUNCAN, Peter 25 KY (white) farmer $0-$0
                  Mary 20 KY keeping house
                  Susan 2 KY


Russell Co. KY Marriages 1826-1854 (FHL film 594,312)
      No Adam Jackman
      Duncan, William, to Jane Norphleet, 13 Oct. 1832 by James Lean? (pg.10)
      Duncan, George, to Faney Stanton, Feb. 10, 1833, by Enock Gantis (pg.10)
      Duncan, George, to Susan Eden, 31 May 1842, by E. Coffey (pg.10)
      No female Duncans located


Russell Co. KY Wills (FHL film 594,404)
      Book 1 to 1854 - no Duncan, Adam Jackman
      Book 2 to 1870 - no Duncan

Russell Co. KY Guardian bonds Vol. 1-3, 1830-1909 (FHL film 594,312)
      Vol. 1 - no index
      Vol. 2 - no Duncan
      Vol. 3 - no Duncan

Russell Co. KY Administrators bonds 1830-1887 (FHL film 594,320)
      No index


Russell Co. KY Deed Index (FHL film 594,391)
      C-170: Duncan, James & c., to Duncan, James Jr., atty, 1834
      D-258: Duncan, James & c, to Garr, Lewis P., 1843
      D-544: Duncan, James, from Garr, Lewis P., 1847
      G-539: Duncan, James, to Miller, Janas, 1862 (P/A)
      H-353: Duncan, James, to Fields, S.B.&c, 1865
      H-422?: Duncan, George, to Whitney, G.T., 1865

Russell Co. KY Deeds
      C-170: 13 Oct. 1834, James Duncon, Senr., and wife Avy Duncon of Russell Co. KY, confidence in our son James Duncon Jr. of sd. county, appoint James Duncon, Jr., our attorney to sell all lands we own in said county. Wit. Logan D. Browder, James D. Fargusson, Twimas? Turner. Recorded on oaths of witnesses 27 March 1837. (FHL film 594,393)
      D-258: 31 Oct. 1843, James Duncan and wife Prudence C., of Russell Co. mortgage to Lewis P. Garr, $300, land on Crocus Creek, including two surveys, one in a military survey in name of Monis? Lloyd, 150 acres on which Said Duncan and wife Prudence now reside, and the other patented in the name of John Montgomery containing 68 acres, adj. military survey. (FHL film 594,394)
      D-544: 25 Aug. 1847, Lewis P. Garr to James Duncan and wife Prudence, release of mortgage. (FHL film 594,394)
      G-539: 5 May 1862, James Duncan of Russell Co. KY to James P. Miller, power of attorney. No Witnesses. (FHL film 594,395)
      H-353: 14 Sept. 1865, James Duncan of Russell Co. KY, lease to Saml. Field of Adair Co., 317 acres; 217 acre entry of Morris Loyed and 100 acre entry of John Montgomery and James Duncan; the same land on which I have lived for years and now in the possession of James Dupee my tenant. Wit. B.F. Flowers, J.P. Miller (FHL film 594,396)
      H-422: 12 June 1865, George and Susan Duncan of Russell Co. to G.T. Whitney, lease 40 acres, farm on which I now live on Greasy Creek on waters of Cumberland River, bounded by lands of Nathan McClure and John Williams. No witnesses. (FHL film 594,396)
      K-356: 23 April 1869, James Duncan to Robert Duncan and Emaline, my former slaves, lease upper end of my farm bounded by the Bylie branch crossing the Crocus .... Wit. Alex. Jackman, Green Morse. (FHL film 594,397)
      K-538: 26 Jan. 187.?, Susan Duncan and husband George Duncan to John W. Williams, $46, (no acreage), land on waters of Greasy and Clifty Creek where Duncans now live. No witnesses. (FHL film 594,397)
      N-136: (no day) Feb., 1882, James M. Duncan and wife Nancy E., late Barnes, and other Barnes heirs ..... (FHL film 594,399)


Russell Co. KY tax lists (FHL film 8,218)
1826: Duncan, James Jnr, 217a, 68-1/4a, 25a Crocus Creek, 1 wh., 6 h., 4 bl.
      Duncan, James Sr., 200a & 50a Crocus, 1w, 4h, 1b
1827: Duncan, James, 217a, 68-1/4a, 25a Crocus, 1w, 6h, 4b
1828: Duncan, James Sr., 200a, 50a Crocus, 1w, 5h, 1b
      Duncan, James Jr., 217a, 68-1/4a, 25a Crocus, 1w, 5h, 4b
1829: Duncan, James Jr., 217a, 68-1/4a, 25a Crocus, 1w, 6h, 3b
      Duncan, George, 1w, 0h
1830: no list
1831: Duncan, James Sr., 200a, 50a Crocus, 1w, 3h, 1b
      Duncan, George, 1w, 0h
      Duncan, James Jr., 217a, 25a, 68a Crocus, 1w, 7h, 4b
1832: no list
1833: Duncan, James Jr., 217a, 25a, 68-3/4a Crocus, 1w, 5h, 4b
      Duncan, George, 1w, 0h
      Duncan, James Sr., 200a, 50a Crocus, 1w, 2h, 1b
1834: no list
1835: Dunkin, George, 1w, 0h
      Dunkin, James, 217a, 25a, 68a Crocus, 1w, 7h, 4b
1836: Duncan, James, 217a, 25a, 66a Crocus, 1w, 6h, 4b
      Duncan, George, 1w, 1h
1837: Duncan, James, 217a, 25a, 28-1/2?a Crocus, 1w, 6h, 4b
      Duncan, James Sr. for James Duncan Sr., 200a, 525a Crocus
      Duncan, George, 1w, 1h
1838: Duncan, James, 217a, 25a, 68a Crocus, 1w, 5h, 1b, 1 voter
      Duncan, George, 1w, 1h, 1 voter


Index to War of 1812 Pension Applications and Bounty Land Warrant Applications; National Archives Film (FHL film 840,458)
      Duncan, James; SO 7791, SC 4779; BL 52760-40-50, 65747-120-55; Capt. Mathew Johnson's Co. TN Mil. 12/20/1813 to 2/18/1814; sol. res. 1851, 1855 Russell Co. KY, 1871 Glensfork, Adair Co. KY; maiden name of wife Prudence C. Deacon (sic) m. Aug. 26, 1817, Russell Co. KY.


"The Daily Journal," Jacksonville, Morgan Co. IL, Tuesday, August 27, 1872; Page 3 Col. 4 (Copied by Alyce Beggs 6/15/2002; from Alyce 6/2002)
      SUDDEN DEATH - Judge Sidney S. Duncan, for many years a citizen of this city and vicinity, died suddenly at the "Dayton House," on Sunday evening, at five minutes before eight o'clock, having been ill but a few hours. During the day he complained of feeling unwell, as he thought, from the excessive heat. He remained in his room during most of the day. At five o'clock, he left the house with a water pitcher, and went to Widmeyer's restaurant, where he obtained some ice; returning to his room, he drank freely of the ice water, and at 6 o'clock he requested the hotel clerk to send for a physician, as he felt quite sick. The clerk went for a physician himself. Upon going to his room soon after, the clerk found it empty and Judge Duncan lying on the floor in a room adjoining, and speechless. Calling help, the clerk succeeded in putting him in his own bed, when Dr. King was hastily called. It was too late, however, Judge Duncan never spoke afterward, and died at five minutes before 8.
      The deceased was born in Russell county, Ky., in 1810, and was consequently 62 years of age. He located in this vicinity 45 years ago, and remained here during most of that time. For years he followed merchandising and was a fair and energetic business man. At one time he was judge of the county court of Morgan county.
      The funeral occurred yesterday at 5 o'clock p.m. at the Dayton House, Rev. W.F. Short conducting. The burial occurred at the Jacksonville Cemetery.

Smyth Co. VA Order Book 1, 1832-1833 (FHL film 33,985)
      1-136: Jan. 25, 1833, power of attorney from Nathaniel Atkins and wife Nancy to James Duncan of Russell Co. KY ack. in court.


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