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Formed 1798 from Christian
Caldwell formed 1809 from Livingston
Hickman formed 1821 from Caldwell, Livingston
Crittenden formed 1842 from Livingston


1810 Livingston Co. KY Census
Pg.147  Duncan, Zakariah    20020        - 11010
          (MAD: ?? 1820 Robertson Co. TN census;
            1830 Franklin Co. IL census)
          3 names between
        Duncan, Henry       20010        - 00100
          (MAD: 1820 Gallatin Co. IL census; ?? 1830 Franklin
            Co. IL census, son of Martin Duncan & Eliz. Wright
            of Robertson Co. TN; desc. of Wm. the Elder)

1820 Livingston Co. KY Census
        No Duncan indexed

1830 Livingston Co. KY Census
Pg.  7  William Duncan      0300,1       - 1000,1

1840 Livingston Co. KY Census
Pg.157  Duncan, Elijah      0000,1       - 1000,1
        Duncan, Owen        0110,01      - 0001,0100,1
   158  Duncan, Wm.         0120,001     - 2110,01
   163  Duncan, W.N.        0000,1       - 1000,1

1850 Livingston Co. KY Census
Pg.343, #290, Jno. A. ADAMS 31 KY laborer
                  Sarah 25 VA
                  John 6, Elizabeth 4 KY
                  George 2, Joel 1/12 KY
                  Jesse SIAT? 28 Iowa laborer
                  George HUNT 39 OH laborer
                  Wesley DUNKEN 22 TN laborer
                  & 4 other laborers
                  (MAD: Wesley Duncan & family in 1860 Hardin Co. IL census)
Pg.386, #899, Allen DUNKEN 23 TN Engineer $0 (birthstate: "Engineer Tenn")
                  Francis (f) 17 TN
                  Jane BARTHENEY 52 NC
                  Clemington (m) 22 TN
                  William 19, James 19 (twins) TN
                  Elbert 15, Louisianna (f) 12 TN
                  (MAD: mar. 1st Frances Matheny 7/15/1850, mar. 2nd Nannie C. Smith 8/2/1854; 1860 Vanderburgh Co. IN census an engineer)

1860-1880 Livingston Co. KY Census
      No Duncan indexed


Livingston Co. KY Marriage Records (FHL film 318,176)
   Vol.1, 1822-1839:
      Indexed by groom; no Duncan groom; no Duncan bride from page-by-page check of index
   Vol.1A, 1839-1877; same as Vol. 1 but with following marriages (did not copy beyond 1851, pg.95)
      Elijah Duncan to Nancy C.D. Markham, lic. 10 June 1841, pg.21, m. same date by R. Miles, J.P. (MAD: 1850 Crittenden Co. KY census)
      Henry I. Duncan to Deborah Haley, lic. 9 Nov. 1843, pg.41, m. same date by H.A. Harman.
      John Thornaker to Deborah Duncan, lic. 19 April 1845, pg.50, m. 20 April by John Snyder J.P.
      Allen Duncan to Frances Matheny, lic. 15 July 1850, pg.90, m. same date by A.A. Morrison, MG, ME Church.
      Westley Duncan to Malinda Adams, lic. 6 Dec. 1850, pg.94, m. 9 Dec. by Jesse Wills, J.P.
      Allen Duncan to Miss Nannie C. Smith, lic. 2 Aug. 1854, pg.113, m. at Wm. Smith's house in pres. of Thos. C. Leach, Thos. McCormack?, K.T. Givary?, by H.W. Trimble MG

Livingston Co. KY Marriage Bonds 1799-1822 (FHL film 318,179)
      In order by year, then name of groom under first letter
      Bond of John Murfey and Henry Duncan; marriage of John Murphy to Milly Duncan; dated 24 March 1810.
      MAD: the marriage of Henry Duncan to Mary Fulkinson on 10/7/1805 was listed in "Livingston Co. KY Marriages, 1781-1851" by Annie (Walker) Burns.
      MAD: the marriage of Martin Dunkin to Minty Dillard on 2/20/1813 was listed in "Livingston Co. KY Marriages, 1781-1851" by Annie (Walker) Burns.


Livingston Co. KY Probate Records; original wills (FHL film 318,175)
      Book A, 1799-1832 - no Duncan, no Slaughter
      Book B, 1833-1873 - no Duncan, no Slaughter

KY Wills for Robert Slaughter (MAD: see Livingston Co. KY Deed AA-206)
   Nelson Co. 1803, 1-675 (FHL film 481,453)
      1-675: Robert Slaughter, 22 Feb. 1803; pay debts; estate equally divided between wife Peggy and all my children; my brother James Thomas Slaughter exec. Wit. James Rogers Senr, William Rogers, Thomas H. Bissret/Bifrett. Memorandum: my estate kept together on plantation to support my children, as they come of age or marry they to have their equal share. Same wit. proved 9 May 1803.
   Mercer Co. 1826, 9-51 (FHL film 191,833)
      9-51: Robert (X) Slaughter of Mercer Co. KY, low health, wife Ruthey Slaughter ... 7 Nov. 1826; prob. Dec. 1826. Not copied; needed bef. 1823.


Livingston Co. KY Deed Index, Book 1, 1800-1852 (FHL film 318,160)
      Did not copy Dunklin
      AA-206: Mathew Duncan and wife to Slaughter, 1823
      AA-407: Henry Duncan & wife to David Owen, 1825
      CC-112: Seth Duncan from Ben Berry, 1830
      CC-183: William Duncan from Thos. H. Flournoy, 1831
      CC-211: William Duncan to Owen Duncan, 1831
      CC-212: William Duncan to Jacob Nicholls, 1831 (& CC-336)
      CC-314: John Duncan from William Duncan
      CC-337: Owen Duncan from William Duncan
      DD-198: John Duncan to Pulaski J. Hughes, 1834
      DD-247: William Duncan to Lewis Duvall
      EE-115: William Duncan to William Duvall
      FF-399: William Duncan to Theophilus Killion
      FF-492: William Duncan to B. Jacob
      GG-213: William Duncan to Theophilus Killon
      No other deeds indexed through 1852; did not check later index

Livingston Co. KY Deeds
      AA-206: 3 Oct. 1823, Matthew Duncan and wife Susan of Johnson Co. IL, to Jesse McDonall and James Slaughter of Bardstown, Nelson Co. KY, $40, all the right etc. said Duncan and wife are entitled to as one of the heirs or devisees of Robert Slaughter decd, and as one of the heirs of Maw?/Marie? Elener Slaughter decd, two tracts of land in Livingston Co. KY containing 200 acres each and patented in the name of Robert Slaughter by patent 5 Jan. 1809, being one undivided seventh part of said two tracts of land. Signed Matthew Duncan, Susan C. Duncan. Duncans appeared in Nelson Co. KY 7 Oct. 1823. (FHL film 318,163)
      AA-407: 26 Jan. 1825, Henry Duncan and his wife Mary Duncan late Mary Fulkerson, sister and heir at law of Andrew Fulkerson decd. of Gallatin Co. IL, to David Owen of Livingston Co. KY, $75, one undivided fourth part of 100 acres on waters of Claylick Creek, which had been deeded to Andrew Fulkerson by his father Frederick Fulkerson who has since also departed this life, adj. lands of said Frederick Fulkerson decd, David Owens, Aron Threlkeld and heirs of Robert Coffield decd. Wit. Hiram Camell, Elizabeth (X) Fulkerson. Mary Ann Duncan appeared in court to relinquish dower. Proved by oath of Elizabeth Fulkerson. (FHL film 318,163)
            (MAD: Deed B-220, 9 March 1811, Henry Duncan to Richard Minner, 200 acres, farming tools and animals and furniture; witnesses Jno. Young and Zachariah Duncan; from pg.59, "Livingston Co. KY Deed Books A-C 1800-1817" Vol.1, by Brenda Joyce Jerome, 1991; FHL book 976.9895 R28j)
      CC-112: 10 Sept. 1830, Benjamin Berry of Fayette Co. KY to Seth Duncan Jr. of Nelson Co. KY, $1, land in Livingston Co. KY, being a part of a tract patented in the name of Thomas Bird and by him conveyed to aforesaid Berry, upon Claylick Creek, 556 acres, being the upper part of the 1000 acre tract conveyed by Thomas Bird to Benjamin Berry; condition is such that whereas aforesaid Benjamin Berry did five? years since made a deed to the aforesaid tract and this being the second or third deed having been made by him to the party claiming the benefit of the law under the title of Thomas Duncan decd, it is to be understood that the afd. Benjamin Berry is not to be considered bound in any way further than to vest the title to the above mentioned tract of land unto the said Seth Duncan Jr. represented to be the devisee of Thomas Duncan decd. Benjamin Berry appeared in Jessamine Co. KY 10 Sept. 1830. No wit. (FHL film 318,164)
      CC-183: 13 June 1831, Thomas H. Flournoy (no wife) of Caldwell Co. KY to William Duncan of Livingston Co. KY, $525, land on Livingston Creek adj. Stephen Bennett and John F. Bennett above and Boarnes Military survey below, 1000 acres of land by survey, part of a survey of military land of 1,666-2/3 acres orig. patent to Edmond Brooks. Wit. Stephen Bennett, Bryan W. Bennett. (FHL film 318,164)
      CC-184+: Same to Stephen Bennett; same to Bryan W. Bennett; same to Jno. F. Bennett. (FHL film 318,164)
      CC-211: 29 Oct. 1831, William Duncan to Owen Duncan, both Livingston Co. KY, $65, 100 acres on Livingston Creek, corner said William Duncan, bank of a dry branch, part of a military survey conveyed to said William Duncan by Thomas H. Flournoy. No wit. (FHL film 318,164)
      CC-212: 27 Sept. 1831, William Duncan to Jacob Nichols, both Livingston Co. KY, $187-1/2, 150 acres on Livingston Creek, adj. Deans old field, it being the west end of a part of a military survey conveyed to the said Duncan by Thos. H. Flournoy. No wit. (FHL film 318,164)
      CC-314: 20 June 1832, William Duncan to John Duncan, both Livingston Co. KY, $100, 100 acres on Livingston Creek adj. Wiley Howard and Flourl? (Flanel?) Burnett, part of a military survey of 1666-2/3 acres orig. patent to Edmond Brooks. No wit. (FHL film 318,164)
      CC-336: 11 March 1833, certification by county clerk that the deed from William Duncan to Jacob Nichols (note in margin: see page 212 for deed) was again produced to me and Susan Duncan the wife of said William being examined. (FHL film 318,164)
      CC-337: 25 Dec. 1832, William Duncan (also signed by Susan Duncan) to Owens Duncan, both Livingston Co. KY, $60, 50 acres on Livingston Creek, adj. Nichols corner, Owens Duncans corner, part of a military survey said Wm. Duncan bought of Thomas Flournoy. No wit. (FHL film 318,164)
      CC-337: 11 March 1833, William Duncan (also signed by Susan Duncan) to Wiley Howard, both Livingston Co. KY, $125, 100 acres on Livingston Creek, adj. military survey originally surveyed for E. Brook containing 1666-2/3a, mouth of the spring branch. No wit. (FHL film 318,164)
      DD-198: 17 July 1834, John Duncan of Caldwell Co. KY to Pulaski J. Hughes of Simpson Co. KY, $200, 100 acres in Simpson Co. on Simpson Creek, corner Wiley Howard's line, Flarel? Bennett's line, part of military survey of 1,666-2/3 acre patent to Edmond Brooks. Signed John Duncan Jr. (FHL film 318,164)
      DD-247: 15 Nov. 1834, William Duncan to Lewis Duvall, both Livingston Co. KY, $155, 102-3/4 acres on Simpson Creek, corner Wiley Howard, David Howard, "part of the land deeded Duncan by T.H. Flournoy." No wife; no wit. (FHL film 318,164)
      EE-115: 4 July 1836, William Duncan to William Duvall, both Livingston Co. KY, $200, 100 acres on Livingston Creek, part of military survey orig. made for E.B. Duvall and the part hereby sold is bounded ... Lewis Duvall's line, near to Owin Duncan's corner, Nichols corner, Sams corner. Wit. J.H. Parker. No dower relinquishment. (FHL film 318,165)
      FF-399: 1 Sept. 1839, William Duncan and Susannah his wife to Theophilus Killion, $120, 58 acres on Livingston Creek, part of military survey for E.B. Duvall, corner Jacob Nichols, William Duvall, William Duncan's orig. line. Wit. Wm. B. Travis, John Duncan; rec. on oath of wit. (FHL film 318,165)
      FF-492: 8 July 1840, Wm. Duncan to Berrington Jacob, both Livingston Co. KY, security bond of land Duncan now lives on on Cumberland River, 40 or 50 acres, said Duncan purchased of Daniel Hicks, and all furniture etc. Jacob signed "yesterday" as security on two Replevin Bonds, one to Graham & Cobb, the other to Dan'l Hicks. (FHL film 318,165)
      GG-213: 27 Dec. 1841, William Duncan to Theophilus Killon, both Livingston Co. KY, $125, 87 acres on Cumberland River, corner Jacob Nichols orig. survey, Nichols corner, Killen's corner, Miller's military line. No wit; no wife. (FHL film 318,166)


Livingston Co. KY Tax Records (FHL film 8,119)
1800 to 1805 - no Duncan
1806: July 23; Duncan, Henry, 200a Livingston, D. Creek
            do, 400a, Hurricane, entered in own name, surveyed in same, 1 white over 21, 1 horse
1807: Henry Duncan, 400a Livingston, Hurricane, own, 1wp, 2 horses
1808: Duncan, Wm., 1 wp
      Duncan, Thos., 1 wp, 1 white 16+, 2 horses (next to Wm. Duncan)
1809: Duncan, William, 1 wp, 5 horses
            separate list
      Duncan, Zachary, 90a Hurricane, 1wp, 2 horses
      Duncan, Henry, 200a, Cany, 1wp, 2 horses
1810: Duncan, Zachariah, 100a Caney Fork, entered name of J. Loyd, 1wp, 3 horses
      Duncan, Henry, 200a Hurricane, own name, 1wp, 3 horses
1811: Duncan, Zachariah, 100a Hurricane, Jno. Loyd, 1wp, 1 horse
      Duncan, Henry, 200a Hurricane, own name, 1wp, 1 horse
1812: no Duncan
1813: Duncan, Martin, 200a, Livingston, Deer Creek, entered name of I. Titsworth, 1wp, 2 horses
1814: Duncan, Martin, 200a, Livingston, Deer Creek, name of Jas. Dillard, 1wp, 2 horses
1815: Duncan, Martin, 200a, 1wp, 2 horses, Coleman's Co.
1816: Duncan, Martin, 200a Deer Creek, name J. Dillard, 1wp, 1 horse, Coleman's Co.
1817-1820: No Duncan


"Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kentucky" (Union Soldiers), 1861-1866, Vol.II (from John A. Duncan 1995, and FHL film 1,463,600, appendix pages)
      Page, Company, Name, Rank, Date enrolled, When and where mustered in, period, when and where mustered out, remarks. Separate groups for Discharged, Transferred, Died, Deserted.
      Pg.42, Company C, 20th KY Volunteer Infantary: Lewis Duncan, Private, enr. Sept. 25, 1861; mustered in Jan. 12, 1862, at Smithland, [Livingston Co.] KY, for 3 years; discharged at Louisville, KY, June 20th, 1862, on Surgeon's certificate of disability.


Caldwell Co. KY Deed (FHL film 466,846)
      G-532: 15 May 1835, Elihu Duncan of Caldwell Co. to Owen Duncan of Livingston, $5, undivided moiety in patent to Elihu and Owen Duncan on Lick Creek. /s/ Elihu C. Duncan. Wit. John C. Duncan, H.B. Duncan.

Crittenden Co. KY Settlements, Book 1, 1842-1872 (FHL film 561,081)
      Pg.88: 2 Nov. 1850, settlement with Elijah Duncan, admin. of Wm. Duncan, $148.37 total personal property sold, paid out ... and more was due; Wm. Duncan had legal title to land in Livingston now Crittenden Co., 1,000 acres, part of survey of military land of 1666-2/3 acres orig. patent to Edmond Brooks; a portion was sold by the sheriff; Wm. Duncan now had title to about 200 acres.

Crittenden Co. KY Deed
      A-652: 1 Jan. 1841, deed refers to an execution from the Livingston Circuit Court on 23 March 1837 against the estate of William Duncan, levied on 480 acres on Livingston Creek where he had lived, part of which was the balance of 1000 acres deeded by Thos. H. Flurnoy to Duncan, and part of a 1666-2/3 acre survey originally granted Edward Brooks; the balance of the land from Flurnoy was conveyed by Duncan to Owen Duncan, John Duncan, Jacob Nichols, Wiley Howard and Lewis Duvall by deed executed before the levy. (from "Crittenden Co. KY Deed Book A, 1842-1847" by Brenda Joyce Jerome, 1993; SUTRO book F457 C66 J35 1993, CA State Library, Sutro Branch)
      A-655: 24 May 1847, refers to the same property.

Hickman Co. KY Court Orders (FHL film 321,376)
      Book A, 1822-1836, pg.12: 7 Oct. 1822, the court proceeded to lay the county levy, to wit ... To William B. Duncan, Sheriff, for account, $13.15; same, same, $10.45; ... William B. Duncan sheriff for his exificio services, $40.00 (also for money due deputy sheriff, clerk, judge of the election, etc.)
            Ordered that the Sheriff of this county collect from each titheable in this county 37-1/2 cents and pay the above claims. Ordered that the Sheriff of this county pay to the persons who have claims laid in the county levy of Caldwell and Livingston Counties on the south of TN River in the year 1821.
            On motion of William B. Duncan sheriff of this county, it is ordered that it be certified to the auditor of public accounts that said William B. Duncan be allowed $13.55 for his account.

Pendleton Co. KY Will, Deed Book Vol.B, 1803-1815 (FHL film 272,782; abstract also by Donna Thompson to Georgia Helderlein to MAD 9/1988)
      B-139: Will of Thomas Duncan of Pendleton Co. KY, weak of body, revoking all other wills. To my nephew Mathew Duncan son of Seth Duncan, 500 acres on Highland Creek, and all my right and title of what is coming to me from the estate of John Carney Decd, a suit being now instituted against said Carney's heirs in Berkley Co. VA, and all estate coming to me in Franklin Co. PA which Mathew Duncan has a power of attorney from me to collect, also my negro woman Lucy and all my personal estate. To Seth Duncan Junior son of Seth Duncan, 500 acres on Clay Creek, "Livington" Co. KY. To "the neice" Eliza Duncan of Seth Duncan, 660 acres in Nelson Co. Appoint my brother Seth Duncan with my friend John Mountjoy Sen. my execs. 19 June 1806. Wit. Alexander C. Lanier, Britain Clay. Proved July 1806 by Alex. C. Lanier, and at Oct. ensuing by Britain Clay. Recorded Oct. 14, 1806.

Treasurer's Land Records of Green River Settlers (KY), 1796-1806; at KY State Land Office; arranged by date, certificate number listed; Part 3, 1807-1808 (FHL film 174,986; and from Dixie Normandy 10/1993)
      Pg.6, Aug. 21, 1807, Harry Hodges assee of Isaac Titsworth, 200a Livingston Co., #79 (MAD: Hodge and Titsworth families in Sullivan Co. TN; unknown if any connection)

HISTORIES before 1923

"Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Western Arkansas" Goodspeed Publishers, 1891; Fulton County - Biographical (Fulton Co. AR Genweb, 7/23/2011)
      from: http://www.argenweb.net/fulton/goodspeed2.htm
      The Fulton Co. AR Genweb site has a transcript of pg.307 from this book about the family of S.P. Welden, of Fulton Co. AR, born June 15, 1832, in Jackson Co. TN, married at age 24 to Miss Elizabeth S. Duncan in Bollinger Co. MO, she born May 7, 1838, in Livingston Co. KY. See their website for more.


"Livingston Co. KY Deed Books A-C 1800-17" Vol.1, and "Books D-E 1818-21? & Misc. Loose Papers 1799-1804" Vol.2, by Brenda Joyce Jerome, 1991 (FHL book 976.9895 R28j)
      These books should be consulted. They contain a detailed index to the documents, including witnesses and neighbors, as well as grantees and grantors.


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