Duncans in Jefferson Co. KY 1870 Census


Duncan research files of
Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson
the Genealogy Bug

Last revised August 24, 2003


1870 Jefferson Co. KY Census, other than Louisville
Fisherville Prct.
Pg.287, #19-17, DAVIS, J.W. (m) 34? KY farmer $0-$2000
                  Helen 35 KY keeping house
                  Mittie? B. (f) 3 KY
                  BILL, Chas. 32 KY BLACK farm laborer
                  Mariah 21 KY BLACK dom. servt.
                  DUNCAN, Mack (m) 16 KY BLACK farm laborer
Pg.298, #160-147, DUNCAN, Geo. 38 KY BLACK farm laborer $0-$0
                  Phebe 38 KY BLACK keeping house
                  LEVI?, Charlotte 68 VA BLACK at home
                  RAY, Mathias (m) 13 KY MULATTO at home
Pg.299, #169-154, CANY?, P.S. (m) 48 KY (white) farmer $4500-$500
                  Elizh. J. 59 KY keeping house
                  Thornton B. 30 KY school teacher
                  Benj. B. 26 KY farmer $0-$500
                  Octavia 24 KY at home
                  MYERS, Mary E. 37 KY at home $1500-$0
                  Morphy O. (m) 11 KY at home
                  DUNCAN, C. (m) 45 KY BLACK farm laborer
                  Luncinda 20 KY BLACK dom. servt.
                  WOODSWORTH?, L. 64 MD BLACK Dom. Servt.
Harrods Creek Prct
Pg.325, #42-40, DUNSON, T.W. (m) 66 VA (white) farmer $7000-$1000
                  Mary J. 61 KY keeps house
                  Wm. T. 25 KY farmer $0-$400
Pg.325, #48-46, DUNSON, W.J. (m) 50 KY farmer $6160-$500
                  Libby (f) 28 CANada keeps house, parents of foreign birth
Pg.326, #55-52, BUFFESSMAYER?, H.H. (m) 50? PA farmer $33,000-$5,000
                  Anna L. 40 KY keeps house
                  Harvey 16 KY at home
                  Lillie (f) 14 KY at home
                  BETTS, M. (f) 11 KY at home
                  PAINUH?, M.G?. (f) 76 MD at home
                  BUCKERS?, Wm. 42 KY MULATTO farm hand
                  Fannie 28 KY MULATTO dom. servt
                  WILSON, Lina (f) 45 KY BLACK dom. servt.
                  Burris (m) 48 KY BLACK farm hand
                  Viner? (m) 20 KY BLACK farm hand
                  DUNCAN, E. (f) 18 KY BLACK dom. servt.
Jeffersontown Prct.
Pg.356-357, #255-240, DUNCAN, H.S. (m) 65 KY (white) fruit grower $15,000-$2,000
                  Eliza 64 IN keeping house
                  Nelson (m) 28 KY
                  Jas. 21 KY
                  Maggie 20 KY at home
                  HICKMAN, R.V. (m) 20 KY (white) farm laborer
Middletown Prct.
Pg.382, #66-62, GUFFY, Benj. 30 KY MULATTO farm hand $0-$0
                  Milly 24 KY BLACK keeps house
                  Charles 6 KY MULATTO
                  Eliza 28 KY BLACK dom. servt.
                  DUNCAN, Jno. 10 KY BLACK at home
                  Enos (m) 4 KY BLACK
                  GRAY, John 42 KY BLACK farm hand
                  RADCLIFFE, Adam (m) 19 LA BLACK farm hand
                  MILTON, R. (f) 23 KY BLACK at home
Pg.399, #233-221, HILDEBRAND, F.G. (m) 62 BADEN farmer $16000-$2000, parents of foreign birth
                  Kate 52 BADEN keeps house, parents of foreign birth
                  Elizabeth 15 KY at home, parents of foreign birth
                  Adam 23 IN farmer, parents of foreign birth
                  Mary 13 KY at home, parents of foreign birth
                  DUNCAN, T. (m) 15 KY BLACK farm hand
Shardines Prct.
Pg.409, #66-61, DUNCAN, Sol. (m) 56 KY MULATTO farmer $0-$0
                  Mary 48 KY MULATTO keeps house
                  Elizabeth 23 KY MULATTO at home
                  Sol. Jr. (m) 14 KY MULATTO at home
                  Broom (m) 13, Mary 15 KY MULATTO at home
                  Angeline 8, Rebecca 5 KY MULATTO
Pg.412, #93-86, SEEBOLD, Van (m) 37 BADEN farmer $0-$600, parents of foreign birth
                  Caroline 37 BADEN keeps house, parents of foreign birth
                  John 3, Joseph 1 KY, parents of foreign birth
                  DUNCAN, N. (m) 36 KY BLACK charcoal burner? $0-$300
Shively Prct.
Pg.419, #36-34, DUNSON, B. (m) 65 KY BLACK farm hand $0-$200
                  Joel (m) 16 KY BLACK farm hand
                  Mary 50 KY BLACK keeps house
                  (also indexed as DEMSON)
Spring Garden Prct.
Pg.440, #44-39, PARIS, John 35 KY BLACK farm hand $0-$0
                  Harriet 40 KY BLACK keeps house
                  Charles 6, Lenor (f) 3 KY BLACK
                  DUNCAN, Dock (m) 21 KY BLACK farm hand
                  Hardin (m) 24 KY BLACK farm hand
Two Mile House Prct.
Pg.477, #258-234, ALEXANDER, A.J. (m) 44 PA ?--? merchant $15000-$600
                  Prisilla 35 KY at home
                  Archie (m) 15, Emma 13, Guy (m) 14 KY
                  HITES, Emmily 52 KY at home $20,000-$5000
                  Emma 16 KY
                  DUNCAN, Harriet 68 KY (white) keeping house $25,000-$1,700?
                  MUSI?, Henson (m) 80 KY MULATTO at home
                  VAUGHN, Lucy 36 KY BLACK dom. servt.
                  Thos. (m) 3 KY BLACK

1870 Jefferson Co. KY Census, Louisville (pg.426, 27, 384 also from Kathy Cawley 2/2002)
Part of 1st Ward Louisville
Pg.84, #793-959, BULER, John A. 39 BAVaria (white) tanner, parents of foreign birth
                  Mary 40 IRE keeping house, parents of foreign birth
                  Edward 8 OH at school, parents of foreign birth
                  Frank 6 OH, parents of foreign birth
                  DUNCAN, "Jame" (m) 40 KY (white) laborer
2nd Ward Louisville
Pg.146, #396-543, DUNCAN, James 27 KY (white) lawyer $0-$1000
                  Emma 24 KY keeping house
                  Sallion? (m) 1 KY
                  PARKER, Pettra (f) 25 KY (white) domestic servant, parents of foreign birth
3rd Ward Louisville
Pg.209, #130-153, DINKINS?, T. (m) 25 MD (white) glassblower?? $0-$100
                  K. (f) 34 MD wife
                  J. (m) 6 MD at home
                  J. (m) 3 KY at home
                  M.A. (f) 6 VA at home
                  (MAD: indexed Dunkins?)
Pg.221, #276-319, PALMER, Wm. 27 IA (white) saw miller $0-$100
                  Mina? (f) 31? IN keeps house
                  Nelly (f) 15 KY at home
                  Emma 14 KY at home
                  and others, including
                  DUNCAN, G. (f) 65 KY (BLACK) house keeper $0-$25
Pg.253, #698-795, LAWES, Jane 39 KY keeps house $35,000-$5000
                  LEWIS, Amalia 24? IRE at home, parents of foreign birth
                  and other women, including
                  DUNCAN, Anna 20 ENG at home, parents of foreign birth
4th Ward Louisville
Pg.404, #674-1154, MILLER, Eliza 60 VA MULATTO keeps house $3000-$0
Pg.404, #674-1155, JOHNSON, Willis 22 TN MULATTO hotel servant
                  JOHNSON, Elizabeth 23 MS MULATTO keeps house
                  DUNCAN, Cruise (m) 23 KY BLACK com. labor
                  KING, John 24 KY BLACK house painter
                  WILLIAMS, Sarah 55 KY BLACK at home
                  DUNCAN, Mary 1 KY BLACK
                  KELLY, Cordelia (f) 4 MS MULATTO
Pg.426, #970-1511, DUNCAN, Pius (m) 31 KY BLACK com. labor $0-$0
                  Harriet 26 KY MULATTO keep house
                  Florence B. (f) 10 KY BLACK at school
                  John 7 KY BLACK
                  (MAD: also indexed Piers Duncan)
Pg.438, #1128-1685, WALKER, Delia 56 KY BLACK keeps house $0-$0
                  DUNCAN, Susan 26 KY BLACK at home
5th Ward Louisville
Pg.525, #887-1404, SEWELL, J.F. (m) 42 VA (white) Corn merchant $9,000-$800
                  Anna J. 23 KY keeping house
                  Willie F. (m) 4, Anna May 2 KY
                  Mary F. 6/12 KY b.Dec.
                  DUNCAN, Wm. D. 62 MD (white) chair maker $0-$0
                  Mary 50 MD
                  Malcom (m) 24 KY painter
                  Robert 21 KY book keeper
                  THOMAS, Anna 22 KY BLACK domestic servant
Pg.539, #1109-1550, SHRADER, W.R. (m) 48 KY (white) physician $6500-$600
                  Lucy R. 37 KY keeping house $1,500-$0
                  ELIZA, Gilmore (f) 20 KY (white) at home
                  DENNING, Josie (f) 22 KY at home $10,000-$0
                  John 23 IN "nothing" $0-$0
                  DUNCAN? (DENCAN?), M.P. (m) 21 KY (white) teacher
                  YEAGER, Millie (f) 40 KY BLACK domestic servant
Pg.546, #1085-1635, HAMILTON, Jno. B?. 42 KY (white) pork packer, $16,000-$1,500
                  Celia A. 36 KY keeping house
                  Nannie S. (f) 14 KY at school
                  Lizzie 11 KY at school
                  Henry S. 9, James K. 8 KY at school
                  Charles L. 4 KY
                  HOBBS, Mrs. Nancy 67 KY (blank)
                  PITMAN, Mary 26 KY BLACK domestic servant
                  DUNCAN, Susan 24 KY BLACK domestic servant
                  HOPKINS, Anna 11 KY BLACK domestic servant
                  WILLIAMS, Timothy 14 NC BLACK domestic servant
Pg.552, #1141-1694, GAYLEY?, A.M. (m) 51 NY (white) lawyer $0-$0
                  Sallie 36 KY keeping house
                  Addison (m) 18 KY student
                  Sallie M. 12, Webster (m) 8 KY at school
                  Reginold (m) 4 KY
                  HALL, Hall (m) 13? KY MULATTO domestic servant
                  WALLACE, Amanda 18 KY MULATTO domestic servant
                  DUNCAN, Henrietta 22 KY MULATTO domestic servant
                  Fanny 4/12 KY BLACK b.March
6th Ward Louisville
Pg.573, #78-127, TAYLOR, Joseph 57 KY BLACK cook $0-$0
                  Emma 51 KY BLACK cook
                  DUNCAN, Betty (f) 19 KY (white) keeping house
                  LILLY, Louis (m) 11 KY BLACK at school
                  Mat (m) 40 KY BLACK Musician
                  JOHNSON, Edd (m) 40 KY BLACK horseler? (honder?) $0-$300
                  Susan 30 KY BLACK groceress
                  WEED, Rosa 13 KY BLACK at school
Pg.575, #95-152, GAREIN?, Joseph 52 FRAnce (white) confectioner $15,000-$0, parents of foreign birth
                  Victoria 45 ITAly keeping house, parents of foreign birth
                  Charlie 21 KY clerk in agricultur?, parents of foreign birth
                  Louis (m) 16 KY clerk in agricultur?, parents of foreign birth
                  William 14 KY at school, parents of foreign birth
                  Tenie (f) 10 KY at school, parents of foreign birth
                  Mary (f) 6 KY (blank), parents of foreign birth
                  DUNCAN, Mollie 20 KY (white) servant
                  GASEIN?, Eliza 18 KY at home, parents of foreign birth, mar. April
                  SIGNAGE, John 35 KY laborer, mar. April
Pg.575, #103-160, BROWN, Frank 24 KY BLACK horseler $0-$0
                  DUNCAN, Louis (m) 39 KY BLACK horseler
Pg.582, #168-257, DUNCAN, Ellen 18 KY BLACK wash & ironing $0-$0
                  CAMPBELL, Franie? (f) 38 KY BLACK cook
                  "no name" (f) 3/12 KY BLACK b.April
Pg.590, #260-368, BOMERS?, Christopher 48 RI (white) blank $0-$600
                  Tulula (f) 48 NC keeping house
                  AYERS, Charles 25 MD (white) R.R. conductor
                  Ida 24 KY at home
                  CREDWELL, Amanda 38 GA at home
                  BRUMBERTON, Wilson 20 GA laborer
                  RICHMOND, Henry 40 PA steamstretman?
                  DUNCAN, Mary 50 KY (white) at home
                  MATHEWS, Charles 50 ENG baker, parents of foreign birth
                  CRENSHAW, Polly 25 KY (white) cook
                  Annie 7 KY at home
                  Albert 6/12 KY b.Jany.
Pg.600, #372-480, DUNCAN, James 40 KY (white) merchant ret. $30,000-$30,000
                  Annie 28 KY keeping house
                  Wm. B. 13, Mary 10 KY at school
                  Booker (m) 6, James 4, Bettie (f) 2 KY
                  Jennie (f) 9/12 KY b.Sept.
                  WOOD, Nancy 53 KY (white) at home
                  LEWIS, Eli (m) 28 KY BLACK porter
                  CHATTWICK?, Conns. (f) 32 AR BLACK cook
                  MOSLEY, Tina (f) 22 KY BLACK nurse
Pg.626, #632-814, DAVIS, Margaret 52 PA (white) at home $7000-$200
                  DUNCAN, James 27 IN (white) paper hanger
                  WHITE, Wm. 40 KY (white) (blank)
                  Mrs. (f) 30 KY keeping house
7th Ward Louisville
Pg.24, #252-346, SASSMAN, R. (m) 22 KY (white) doctor $0-$500
                  DUNCAN, J. (m) 25 KY (white) clerk in store
                  BARRON, C.F. (m) 21 KY (white) clerk in store
                  MEISHAM, Harrison? (m) 25 LA (white) confectioner, $0-$600, mother of foreign birth
Pg.25, #268-366, JOHNSON, Ben 45 KY BLACK laborer $0-$0
                  Sarah 32 KY MULATTO keeping house
                  Fansue? (f) 6 KY MULATTO
                  Eliza 4 KY MULATTO
                  FARRIS?, James (m) 60 KY BLACK wash woman
                  JACKSON, John 30 KY BLACK laborer
                  Adeline 35 KY MULATTO house work
                  George 16 KY BLACK laborer
                  Manerva 13 KY BLACK house work
                  Freeman (m) 10 KY BLACK house work
                  Bell (f) 5 KY BLACK
                  DUNCAN, Violet (f) 50 KY MULATTO wash woman
Pg.27, #288-402, DUNCAN, John 34 KY BLACK laborer $0-$0
                  Mary 30 KY BLACK keeping house
                  Carey (m) 16 KY BLACK laborer
                  Bell (f) 14 KY BLACK house work
                  Ruth 12 KY BLACK house work
                  Emma 8 KY BLACK
                  Mary 3/12 KY BLACK b.Feby.
                  CARTER, Reuben 46 KY BLACK laborer
                  WESLEY, Wm. 22 KY BLACK laborer
Pg.28, #300-416, DUNCAN, T.B. (m) 32 IN (white) keeps wall paper, $5,000-$2,000
                  Matlis? (f) 27 KY keeps house (1880: Mallie)
                  Thos. 6 KY
                  Marian (m) 9/12 KY b.Sept. (1880: Marion (f) dau.)
                  (MAD: Thomas B. Duncan mar. Mattie Scott 9/18/1862)
Pg.34, #350-474, United States Hotel
                  many servants, including
                  DUNCAN, Denis (m) 24 VA BLACK hotel waiter
Pg.44, #457-575, BLOWER?, Nathan 42 Hesse Drawete? Wh. D.G. Merchant, $30,000-$50,000, parents of foreign birth
                  Poenia (f) 42 "do" keeping house, parents of foreign birth
                  Jacob 14 KY at home
                  Levi 16, Isidore (m) 11 KY at home
                  Helen (f) 18, Max (m) 4 KY at home
                  Wilten (m) 11/12 KY b.Aug.
                  FOREMAN??, Jannett (f) 20 Hesse Duawte?, parents of foreign birth
                  HECHT, Jacob 39 PRUSsia clothing merchant $20,000-$6,000, parents of foreign birth
                  LITLERS?, Roselia (f) 26 KY (white) at home
                  LONG, Mary 25 FRAnce (white) at home, parents of foreign birth
                  BUSH, Kate 19 KY (white) cook
                  BAINHART?, Laura 14 FRAance (white) house work
                  DEMCAN, Frank (m) 15 KY BLACK house work
                  (MAD: indexed Frank Duncan)
Pg.47, #483-601, DUNCAN, Blanten 43 KY lawyer $0-$20,000
                  Mary T. 42 KY keeping house $7,000-$10,000, father of foreign birth
                  Mary A. 16 KY at home
                  Kate B. (f) 7 SC
                  Georgette (f) 5 KY
                  BUROWTH?, S.J?. (f) 32 KY (white) at home
                  SWALL?, Susan 48 IRE huron?, parents of foreign birth
                  BRAY, Sam 28 MS BLACK laborer
                  Mary 30 KY BLACK cook
                  Dinks (m) 10 MS BLACK house work
Pg.51, #510-627, MARSHALL, Thos. A. 76 KY (white) lawyer $3000-$2000
                  Eliza 75 KY keeping house $2500-$0
                  E.N. (f) 30 KY at home $3000-$0
                  SMITH, N.B. (f) 73 KY (white) at home $0-$15,000
                  M.N. (f) 25 KY at home $0-$5000
                  DEMCAN, Eliza 26 KY BLACK house work
                  Ellen 35 KY BLACK cook
                  SEDGWICK, Jennie 16 KY BLACK house work
                  (MAD: indexed Eliza Duncan)
Pg.53, #524-642, BARTAS, J.D. (m) 62 NY (white) mills trader $0-$5000
                  Virginia 32 VA keeping house
                  Chas. (m) 19 OH clerk in store
                  Frank 15 OH at home
                  Minnie 12 OH at home
                  Henry 11 KY at home
                  Sterence? (f) 8 KY
                  Hattie (f) 5 KY
                  Fred? (m) 3 KY
                  FLANIGAN, Nanky (f) 23 IRE cook, parents of foreign birth
                  DUNCAN, France (m) 20 KY BLACK house work
                  BOWLER, James 13 KY BLACK house work
                  (MAD: indexed Frank Duncan)
8th Ward Louisville
Pg.72, #45-77, DUNSON? (DANSON?), Mike 50 IRE saloon keeper $0-$100, parents of foreign birth
                  Catharine 25 IRE keeping house, parents of foreign birth
                  SHIELD, John 10 OH at school, parents of foreign birth
                  Joseph 8 OH at school, parents of foreign birth
Pg.77, #91-146, Jail, many people, including
                  DUNCAN, Elias 23 KY (white)
Pg.105, #360-484, MARRINO?, William 32 KY (white) ret. grocer $0-$0
                  Lucy 26 KY keep house
                  Annie 8/12 KY at home, b.Oct.
                  TRAVIS, Alice 16 KY (white) at home
                  DUNCAN, Mary 22? KY BLACK cook
Pg.142, #394-399, ROTHCHILD, Saml. 45 BAVaria (white) Wh. dry goods mer., $10,000-$800, parents of foreign birth
                  Sarah 40 KY keeping house, father of foreign birth
                  Jas. M. 18 KY law student
                  Hettie (f) 16, Edwd. (m) 14 KY attending school
                  Morris (m) 11, Fred 10 KY attending school
                  WHITE, Julia 22 KY BLACK domestic servant
                  DUNCAN, Carry? (Cany?) (f) 15 KY MULATTO domestic servant
9th Ward Louisville
Pg.166, #141-222, PRAGOFF, Wm. R?. 34 OH (white) "tobacco dlr (wh)", $1,000-$5,000, parents of foreign birth
                  Alice 33 KY housekeeping
                  Frank 8 KY at home
                  Emile (m) 2 KY
                  CHAMBERS, Dan L. 83 VA (white) mecht (retired) $0-$0, parents of foreign birth
                  Anna 28 VA at home
                  LAWLESS, Letty (f) 27 MS MULATTO domestic svt.
                  MOSS, Jennie 14 KY BLACK domestic svt.
                  DUNCAN, Belle 16 KY BLACK domestic svt.
                  (MAD: checkmark in "father of foreign birth" column, but all BLACK and MULATTO people had a checkmark in or just before that column)
Pg.181, #294-435, GARLICK, Geo. 50 ENG shoemaker $700-$300, parents of foreign birth
                  Lizzie 28 MD keeping house
                  Wm. 2 KY
                  DUNCAN, J.W. (m) 25 KY (white) works in shoe shop
Pg.189, #371-542, MOREHEAD, Jo. (m) 60 PA (white) ?sabrue? pictures at, $0-$200, parents of foreign birth
                  Susan 37 KY keeping house
                  Sarah 14 KY at home
Pg.189, #371-543, COLE, Wm. 46 KY BLACK musician
Pg.189, #371-544, DUNCAN, Jas. 25 KY (white) shoemaker
Pg.195, #447-434, DUNCAN, Henry 53 TN MULATTO laborer $0-$0
                  Sarah 56 TN BLACK keeping house
                  Mary 19 KY MULATTO washing
                  Ella 17 KY MULATTO at school
                  Tom 14 KY MULATTO at school
                  James 11 KY MULATTO at school
                  Jennie 9 KY MULATTO at home
                  Alex 1 KY MULATTO
                  THOMPSON?, Kate 70 VA MULATTO cook
Pg.204-205, #562-785, KING, John 52 KY (white) undertaker (ret) $10,000-$10,000
                  Ann 44 KY keeping house
                  Emmet? (Emoret?) (m) 21 KY express gas lawyer??
                  Eliza 19 KY clerk in store
                  John 10 KY at school
                  FRY, Julia 22 KY BLACK domestic svt.
                  DUNCAN, Charlotte 25 KY BLACK domestic servt.
Pg.216, #702-966, SNODDY, Robt. 50 KY (white) dealer in boots & shoes (ret), $0-$20,000
                  Ann 45 KY keeping house
                  Sally 20 KY at home
                  Florence 18 KY at school
                  Ada (f) 16 KY at school
                  Carey (f) 15 KY at school
                  Anna 12 KY at school
                  MYERS, Sarah 32 KY BLACK domestic svt.
                  DUNCAN, Ellen 14 KY MULATTO domestic svt.
Pg.243, #282-334, DUNCAN, Chas. 43 KY (white) painter $0-$150
                  Lucy 40 KY keeping house
                  Ida (f) 9 KY at school
                  Samuel 2/12 KY b.Nov.
                  George 7 KY
10th Ward Louisville
Pg.275, #7-8, HAWKER, John 41 MA (white) works in shoe factory $0-$0
                  Amanda 30 KY keeping house
                  William 13 IN at home
                  Cynthia 11 IN attending school
                  DUNCAN, William 26 SCT (white) patern maker, parents of foreign birth
                  Cynthia 21? (28??) KY keeping house, father of foreign birth
                  Willeta (f) 1/12 KY b.Apr, father of foreign birth
Pg.352, # - indexed Charles Duncan?, not found; only Charles Vaughn
Pg.372, #1060-1585, DUNCAN, William 28 KY (white) teller in bank $12,000-$600
                  Laura 24 KY keeping house
                  Effie (f) 5, Virge (f) 3 KY
                  Bushrod (m) 1 KY
                  WILLIAMS, Mary 46 IN (white) without occupation, $15,000-$200
                  SANDERS, Fannie 30 KY BLACK domestic servent
                  HART, Maria 12 KY BLACK childs nurse
Pg.384, #1728-1784, WOODFALL, Charlott (f) 60 VA MULATTO keeping house, $2500-$200
Pg.384, #1728-1785, THORNTON, Harriet 35 KY BLACK chambermaid
Pg.384, #1728-1786, DUNCAN, John 28 TN BLACK labourer
                  Julia 22 MO BLACK keeping house
11th Ward Louisville
Pg.403, #89-117, DUNCAN, Jerome 39 KY (white) tobacco packer $0-$3500
                  Sallie 19 KY keeps house
                  Laura 5 KY
                  James 1 KY
                  CLARK, Mike 15 OH (white) works in tobacco factory, parents of foreign birth
                  HAYS, Ann 39 KY BLACK domestic servant
Pg.408, #138-183, DUNCAN, Alexander 50 SCT (white) stone mason $0-$0, parents of foreign birth
                  GALLAGHER, Ellen 55 IRE (white) keeps house, parents of foreign birth
                  BRUDY, Cornelius (m) 30 NY (white) blacksmith, parents of foreign birth

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