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Formed 1798 from Christian
Hopkins formed 1806 from Henderson
Union formed 1811 from Henderson
Webster formed 1860 from Hopkins, Union, Henderson


1810-1830 Henderson Co. KY Census
        No Duncan indexed

1840 Henderson Co. KY Census
Pg.222  Wm. Duncan         1000,1        - 1001
   245  John Duncan Jr.    1000,1        - 1000,1
        Natn. Duncan       0010,0000,01  - 0010,0000,01
          (MAD: Nathan from Caswell Co. NC)
   248  Wm. Duncan         0000,1        - 0002,1
        Elijah Duncan      2100,001      - 0112,01
        Jn. Duncan Sr.     0100,01       - 1

1850 Henderson Co. KY Census
District 1
Pg.291, #297, James S. PRIEST 53 KY farmer $4000
                  Felura S. 42 KY
                  William C. 15, James A. 13 KY
                  Tellons 7, Adrian 3 KY
                  Jane PIRTLE 20 TN
                  Lucy F. CHEANEY 14 KY
                  Margaret JONES 15 KY
                  Frances DUNCAN (f) 15 KY, Nancy 13 KY
Pg.292, #311, James W. DANKS 26 KY farmer
                  Rodham DUNCAN 17 KY laborer
                  (MAD: see Logan Co. KY will of John Danks F-75 1835 wit. H.E. Priest, named grandson William Duncan, wit. John B. Duncan)
Pg.293, #324, Matthias PIRTLE 50 SC, wife & ch.
Pg.293, #325, Minerva DUNCAN 45 KY
                  John W. 18, Nancy S. 12 KY
                  Robert S. HAZELWOOD 28 VA farmer
                  Martha S. 24 KY
                  George A.S. 3, Eliza F. 2 KY
                  Roberta M.V. (f) 7/12 KY
                  John CUMMINGS 2 KY
Pg.293, #326, Samuel PIRTLE 52 SC, Sarah 52 TN, & children
Pg.301, #452-462, Obed W. FOSTER 31 KY marble agent
                  Harriet 40 IN ("Ia")
                  Joseph A. DUNCAN 13, Mary J. 11 IN ("Ia")
                  Sarah E. 10 IN ("Ia")
                  (MAD: Joseph Allen Duncan in 1860 Sacramento Co. CA pg.567)
District 2
Pg.319, #144, Robert LUGG 21 KY blacksmith
                  William DUNCAN 18 KY blacksmith
Pg.340, #465, Martha DUNCAN 41 VA $500
                  Elizabeth 20 NC
                  Benjamin 18, Isabella 16, Sarah 14 KY
                  Marion 12, Nancy 10 KY
                  (MAD: widow of Nathan Benjamin Duncan; see Union Co. KY Guardian bond by William Duncan for Mary, Isabella and Sarah Frances, orphans of Nathan Duncan decd; from "Blue Grass Roots" (KY) Vol.10, 1983; and "Mary J., wife of Nathan B. Duncan," 11/26/1833 - 9/3/1858, and Nancy C., dau. of Nathan and Martha Duncan, 9/24/1840 - 8/10/1853, bur. Webster Co. KY; from "KY Ancestors" Vol.20, 1984)
Pg.341, #473, Absalom DUNCAN 33 NC farmer $300
                  Elizabeth 22 KY
                  Martha 4, William J. 2 KY
Pg.341, #474, Elijah DUNCAN 56 NC farmer $250
                  Martha 20 NC, Nathan 17 KY
Pg.341, #475, William DUNCAN 37 VA farmer $1000
                  Catherine 30 KY
                  Thomas 11, Susan E. 10 KY
                  William 7, Sarah A. 4 KY
                  Martha J. 3, Harriet 1 KY
Pg.342, #482, John DUNCAN 42 NC farmer $300
                  Nancy 35 TN
                  Margery 13 KY, John M. 1 KY
                  Nancy STONE 48 KY
                  Elizabeth KELLER 12 KY
Pg.342, #494, Ephraim PRITCHETT 29 KY farmer $600
                  Elizabeth 25 NC
                  Emily 7, Allen 4, Mark A. 1 KY
                  William DUNCAN 18 KY farmer
Pg.343, #501, John DUNCAN 34 NC farmer $3300
                  Lucy A. 32 KY
                  William P. 12, Elizabeth 14 KY
                  Robert 8, Susan 4, Ann 1 KY

1860 Henderson Co. KY Census
1st Division
Pg.1, #6, O.W. FOSTER 44 KY boarding house $1600-$200
                  Harriet 51 IN
                  M. DUNKIN (m) 21 IN (blank)
                  Sarah E. 19 IN (not mar.in year)
                  Linetha? WEBB (m) 32 MS laborer
                  Rufus (m) 22 MS laborer
                  & others
Pg.47, #323, Hannah E. GRANT 31 CT (f) merchant $3000-$200
                  Martha A. 17 KY
                  Wm. A. DUNKIN 14 IN
                  Mariah GRANT 13 KY
                  Wm. H. 12, Alexander 6 KY
                  Mary J. 2 KY
Pg.60, #47, Rachel MARKS 71 VA farming $7000-$100
                  A.S. DUNKINS (m) 31 NC farmer $0-$250
                  Jane 16 KY (not mar.in year)
Pg.71, #124, John DIXON 29 KY farmer $3000-500
                  E.J. (f) 25 KY
                  J.T. (m) 6, Wm. L. 2, Susan 7/12 KY
                  (MAD: Elizabeth Jane Duncan mar. John Dixon 10/15/1851)
Pg.73, #135, Susan DUNKIN 22 KY (blank) $0-$100
                  N.A. (m) 3, Wm. C. 1 KY
                  Wm. ROBINSON 21 KY
Pg.79, #173, E.S. DUNKIN (m) 22 NC farmer $0-$300 mar.in year
                  Clementine 29 NC mar.in year
Pg.79, #175, John DUNKIN 54 VA farmer $750-$500
                  Margaret 32 KY
                  John M. 11, G.H. (m) 8 KY
                  R.B. (m) 6, Amelia 2 KY
                  Fanny DOWNES 14, Emily 12, Wm. 9 KY
Pg.79, #177, Thomas DUNCAN 22 KY farming $0-$200
                  Elizabeth 16 KY (not mar.in year)
Pg.80, #179, Wm. DUNCAN 45 VA farmer $4500-$4000
                  M.P. (f) 32 KY
                  Henry 18, Martha 14 KY
                  Harriett 11 KY
                  Andrew 4, Joseph 2 KY
Pg.81, #187, Presley PRICKETT 27 KY farmer $200-$1500
                  C.C. (f) 25 KY
                  Marion DUNCAN (m) 22 KY (blank occupation)
                  (MAD: son of Nathan Duncan and Martha Tyree)
Pg.139, #593, George DUNCAN 26 NC farmer $700-$200
                  Mary 19 NC
                  Wm. 4, Sarah 2, Martha 3/12 KY
2nd Division, P.O. Hebbardsville
Pg.170, #185, Minerva B. DUNCAN 54 KY farmer $500-$2250
                  John W. 27 KY (blank) $0-$100
                  Rodham P. 25 KY managing farm $0-$200
                  Asher S. CHANEY 24 KY farmhand $0-$200 mar.in year
                  Nancy S. 22 KY mar.in year
                  John D. CUMMINS 12 KY
Pg.178, #241, H.T. PRIEST (m) 25 KY merchant $3000-$5000
                  Ana E. 26 KY
                  Patsey M. 5 KY
                  J.W. DUNCAN (m) 28 KY clerk in store $0-$200

1870 Henderson Co. KY Census (pg.25 #328, pg.62 #124, also from Kathy Cawley 2/2002)
Cairo Precinct, P.O. Pooles Mills, Webster Co.
Pg.2, #4-4, DIXON, T. W. (m) 25 KY (white) farm laborer $0-$200
                  Mary T. 21 KY keeping house
                  William C. 3, John O. 1 KY
                  DUNCAN, Alice 11 KY (white) (blank)
Pg.3, #43-41, MELTON, L.S. (m) 35 KY (white) farmer $946-$340
                  Mary J. 33 KY keeping house
                  Emma 10 KY at school
                  Oscar N. 8, Frederick E. 6 KY
                  Missouri T. (f) 3 KY
                  DUNCAN, Margaret 17 (11?) KY (white)
                  (MAD: Margaret indexed as age 11, could be?)
Cairo Precinct, P.O. Cairo
Pg.22, #290-283, DUNCAN, Thomas 32 KY (white) farmer $350-$500?
                  Merinda A. 23 KY keeping house
                  Lovisa A. (f) 10 KY at school
                  Larkin (m) 9, Elijah T. 5 KY
Pg.25, #328-324, DUNCAN, Wm. 54 VA (white) farmer $2000-$2500
                  Mary T. 42 NC keeping house
                  Andrew J. 14 KY farm laborer
                  Joseph 12 KY farm laborer
                  Squire (m) 9, James 6 KY
                  Nancy E. 3, Albert 1 KY
Pg.25, #339-335, DUNCAN, John 63 VA (white) farmer $500-$700
                  Margaret 43 KY keeping house
                  John M. 20 KY farm laborer
                  George H. 18 KY farm laborer
                  Rufus B. 16 KY farm laborer
Pg.26, #342-338, KELLEY, Bashaby (f) 51 KY (white) (blank) $0-$0
                  John H. 22 KY day laborer
                  DUNCAN, Elizabeth 27 KY keeping house
                  William F. 5, Katy (f) 4, Roxanna (f) 2 KY
Pg.26, #345-341, POWELL, Nathan 31 KY BLACK farm laborer $0-$0
                  Ellen 26 KY BLACK keeping house
                  Mary F. 8, Emma J. 6 KY BLACK
                  Sugenia (not Virginia) (f) 5, Ettay (f) 1 KY BLACK
                  BARRETT, Nancy E. (f) 15 KY BLACK farm laborer
                  Judy F. (f) 11 KY BLACK farm laborer
                  DUNCAN, Aaron 22 KY BLACK farm laborer
Hebardsville Precinct, P.O. Hebardsville
Pg.60, #106-101, FRY, W.B. (m) 31 TN (white) farmer $0-$280
                  Sallie P. 21 IN keeping house
                  Eddie (m) 1/12, Addie (ff) 1/12 KY b.May
Pg.60, #106-102, DUNCAN, Sarah E. 43 KY (white) keeping house $0-$0
                  DUKE, John 18 KY (white) farm laborer
Pg.62, #124-121, DUNCAN, John W. 38 KY (white) farmer $0-$0
                  Susan F. 28 KY keeping house
                  Munirva (f) 65 KY (blank) $400-$580
First Ward, City of Henderson
Pg.97, #53-50, BROAD, Asa (m) 56 CT keeps boarding $0-$300
                  Margaret 46 KY
                  HAYS, Richard 27 KY (white) Methodist Preacher
                  DUNCAN, Eliga (m) 22 KY (white) sewing machine agent
                  DIXON, Esther (f) 23 KY MULATTO cook
                  (MAD: indexed Ebza Duncan, but I think Eliga Duncan)
Point Precinct, P.O. Henderson
Pg.162, #55-55, SHELBY, William W. 33 KY (white) dry goods merchant $0-$0
                  DICKERMAN, Fred 52 KY (white) clerk in store $0-$500
                  CHAMBERS, Wm. D. 33 KY physician $0-$400
                  TINDER, Joseph 26 VA clerk in store $2800-$0
                  BARRET, Ann (f) 28 KY BLACK domestic servant
                  BUCKNER, Jane 9 KY BLACK domestic servant
                  SMITH, William 28 KY BLACK works in tobacco house
                  DEACON, Lewis 28 KY BLACK works in tobacco house
                  DUNCAN, Henry 23 KY BLACK works in tobacco house
Pg.164, #81-81, BRYANT, Robert 25 IN BLACK farm laborer $0-$0
                  Martha 28 IN BLACK keeping house
                  DUNCUN, Johnson (m) 8 IN BLACK
                  LOTT, Nettie (f) 6 IN MULATTO
Smiths Mills Precinct, P.O. Mt. Vernon, Ind.
Pg.188, #282-278, DUNCAN, Nathan B. 37 VA (white) farm laborer $0-$400
                  Nancy 41 NC keeping house
                  William F. 16 KY farm laborer
                  John D. 14 KY farm laborer
                  Marion (m) 11 KY farm laborer
                  George W. 9, Horace 8 KY
                  Nancy J. 6, Mary E. 5 KY
                  (MAD: 1860 Union Co. KY census, born KY)
Spottsville Precinct, P.O. Henderson, KY
Pg.195, #38-38, DUNCAN, Lewis 39 KY BLACK farm laborer $0-$150
                  Lucy 27 KY BLACK keeping house
                  Jerome (m) 15 KY BLACK farm laborer
                  Cora (f) 9 KY BLACK
                  Lewis Jr. (m) 12 KY BLACK
                  DOOLAN, Charly (m) 20 KY BLACK
Pg.196, #52-(blank), DUNCAN, Ben 51 KY MULATTO farm laborer $0-$0
                  Matilda 31 KY BLACK domestic servant
Upper Town Precinct, P.O. Henderson
Pg.226, #34-39, ROBERTSON, Sophia 50 VA (white) keeps house $20,000-$2,000
                  Benjamin 21 KY works on farm $0-$600
                  James 16, Abram 14 KY works on farm
                  JOHNSON, William 30 KY (white) druggist $3000-$6500
                  Susan 28 KY
                  Edmund 6, Juliet (f) 4, Adam (m) 1 KY
                  DUNCAN, Albert 22 KY BLACK farm laborer
                  Nancy 28 KY BLACK cook
                  Anney (f) 8 KY MULATTO
                  Betty (f) 4 KY BLACK
                  Maria 8/12 KY BLACK b.Sept.
                  BAKER, George 30 KY BLACK farm laborer
                  GARRET, Jeffn. 24 KY BLACK farm laborer
                  DENNIS, Hulda (f) 10 KY BLACK nurse


Henderson Co. KY Marriages (FHL film 576,458 has bride index, FHL film 575,217 has groom index, FHL film 576,460 has bonds Vol.1-3; Letter book is marriage license, number book is marriage return?; some from "Henderson Co. KY Marriages 1806-1846; Book B, 1853-1872" by Chandler, Vol.1 & 2; FHL book 976.987 V25cl; and some from "Henderson Co. KY Marriages to 1850" by Annie Bell Burns in "KY Misc. Records" by KY DAR, FHL film 855,038 item 6, and FHL book 976.987 V25h)
      A-46, 1-54: Nancy Duncan to Charles W. Stone, 5/8/1834
      A-62, 1-66: Nancy Duncan to Elisha Russell, 5/16/1839 (& from "Henderson Co. KY Marriages to 1850" by Annie Bell Burns)
      A-112, 1-107: Sarah Duncan to James S. Handley, 11/1/1848 (& from "Henderson Co. KY Marriages to 1850" by Annie Bell Burns)
      B-27, 3-45: McGrary (W. Gary) Duncan to Elias Morehead, 1856; Mary Duncan, f. John Duncan Sr., bond 1/12 by John D. Morehead
      B-65, 4-285: Susan Duncan to John Pritchett, Jr., 1859; lic. 11/23
      B-65, 4-277: Sally Ann Duncan to Andrew J. Morehead, 11/14/1859
      B-74, 5-77: Mary Jane Duncan to Robert Shaw, 10/16/1860
      B-81, 5-233: Sarah E. (license) (Mary E. on return) Duncan to Rufus W. Webb, 10/7/1861
      B-93, Martha J. Duncan to John G. Whitledge, 3/26/1863; 6-398 has Joseph D. Whittledge
      B-102, 6-185: Harriet Duncan to Thomas (Francis) M. Russell, 5/5/1864
      B-171, 9-387: M.C. (M.A.) Duncan to John D. Wilson, 12/22/1869
      1-78: Frances Duncan to Isham Freels, 3/31/1842 (& from "Henderson Co. KY Marriages to 1850" by Annie Bell Burns)
      1-81: Sarah Duncan to William A. Chambers, 6/23/1843 (& from "Henderson Co. KY Marriages to 1850" by Annie Bell Burns)
      1-123: Elizabeth Jane Duncan to John Dixon, 1851; bond 10/15
      1-123: Martha Duncan to William Handley, 1851; bond 11/17
      1-125: Elizabeth Duncan to Whiteside Higginson, 1852; bond 1/15 (MAD: no Whiteside Higginson indexed 1860 this county who mar. Elizabeth Duncan 1852; ?? see Union Co.)
      1-126: Hannah E. Duncan to Joseph Grant, 1852; bond 3/30
      4-119: Frances S.B. Duncan to Wm. F. Gibson, 1/26/1859
      4-279: Amanda S. Duncan to Asher Stone Cheaney, 1859; B-65 return has Nancy S. Duncan, 11/14
      5-47: Susan E. Duncan to Alexander Brown, 8/16/1860, B-28
      6-173: Ann Duncan to A.J. Crawford, 4/7/1864, B-38
      6-241: J./I. Duncan to Isiah Crooks, 1864, B-39 has Joun? Duncan, 11/3
      No Du??an J. Duncan to Isiah Crorks (listed in IGI)
      7-123: Mary F. Duncan to Thomas W. Dixon, 1/18/1866, B-45
      Quit on brides
      A-50, 1-57: John Duncan to Lucy Ann Williams, 6/7/1835, bond Tho. Evans (& from "Henderson Co. KY Marriages to 1850" by Annie Bell Burns)
      A-52, 1-59: Elijah Duncan to Jane Umphas, 11/5/1835, bond J. Livesay (& from "Henderson Co. KY Marriages to 1850" by Annie Bell Burns)
      A-57, 1-62: William Duncan to Catherine Walden, 1836 (Burns: W. Duncan, 12/29/1836, bond S. Calhoon)
      A-65, 1-69: William Duncan to Mary Russell, 1840 (Burns: Mary Rupell, 2/24/1840, bond G.W. McAndrew)
      A-71, 1-73: Absolam Duncan to Elizabeth Robards, 8/28/1841 (MAD: not in Burns' book)
      A-89, 1-86: Hiram J. Duncan to Lorena (Lorene) Parker, 1845 (Burns: Hiram to Lorena Parker, 4/30/1845, bond T. Evans) (MAD: 1850 Vanderburg Co. IN census)
      A-99, 1-96: Bedford Duncan to Elizabeth Russell, 1846 (Burns: Elizabeth Rupell, 11/19/1846, bond R.W. Fallin)
      A-103, 1-99: Charles B. Duncan to Sally Ann Priest, 1847 (Burns: Chas. B., 12/16/1847, bond S. Calhoon)
      A-131, 1-125: Nathan Duncan to Minerva Cottingham, 2/12/1852
      A-142, 10-16: John M. Duncan to Mary Susan Tapp, 1870
      A-160, 11-108: Marion (Menion) Duncan to Juliette E. Mullin, 1871
      B-4, 2-33: Blanton Duncan to Mary Atkinson, 1853; f. George Atkinson; bond 4/27 by David Banks
      B-27, 3-43: Thomas Duncan to Nancy J. Keller, 1856; f. not given; bond 1/12 by John (X) Duncan Sr.
      B-63, 4-249: George Duncan to Elizabeth S. Villines, 1859; bond 10/13
      B-72: Simpson Dunkins to Clementine A. Baker, 7/12/1860
      B-130, 7-345: William S. Duncan to Louisa Kavanaugh, 1/17/1867
      B-155, 9-83: John Duncan to Dellie Baldwin, 4/14/1869
      B-164, 9-225: Thomas Duncan to Marande (Marianne) Ann Keller, 1869; return: Miranda A., 7/4
      6-377: Wm. H. Duncan to Ann Cavanaugh, 1865 (not found in Book B)
      9-169: J.W. Duncan to Susan S. Williams, 1869, B-61, 5/20
      Quit on grooms


Henderson Co. KY Wills (FHL film 573,177)
      B-503: 1 March 1837, Elizabeth Duncan's estate; inventory by Nathan Duncan Jr., guardian. (He also administered estate of John McClure in 1839.)


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"Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kentucky" (Union Soldiers), 1861-1866, Vol.I (from John A. Duncan 1995 & FHL film 1,463,599 for Regiment organization)
      Page, Company, Name, Rank, Date enrolled, When and where mustered in, period, when and where mustered out, remarks. Separate groups for Discharged, Transferred, Died, Deserted.
      Pg.225, Company L, 8th KY Volunteer Cavalry, 3rd Battalion recruited at Lebanon, [Marion Co.] KY: Lee E. Duncan, Private, enr. Aug. 14, 1862, mustered in Sept. 13, 1862 at Henderson, [Henderson Co.] KY, for 1 year; mustered out Sept. 23, 1863 at Russellville, KY.

Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, Edward S.; C 15 KY Inf.; 1879 Dec. 22, Invalid Appl. #331905, Cert. #212434. (MAD: ?1860 Henderson Co. KY census; mustered in at Camp Pope near New Haven, [Nelson Co.] KY)
      Duncan, John; C 15 KY Inf.; 1873 Dec. 11, Invalid Appl. #188279, Cert. #129267. (MAD: mustered in at Camp Pope near New Haven, [Nelson Co.] KY; perhaps related to Edward S. of 1860 Henderson Co. KY census)


Union Co. KY Deeds
      L-611/612: 21 March 1853, Bedford Duncan of Henderson Co. KY and wife Elizabeth to Isham Cottingham of same place, for $250 paid, sell parcel of land in Union Co. KY on waters of Highland Creek, beg. in William Duncan's line near Oens branch, then ... to the beginning, containing 200 acres more or less, together with appurtenances. /s/ Bedford Duncan, Elizabeth (X) Duncan. Wit. John G. Johnson G.C. for Jeff Brown Clk. Union Co. Ack. 21 March 1853. (FHL film 561,090)
      P-330/331: 18 Nov. 1856, Bedford Duncan and Elizabeth Duncan his wife of Henderson Co. KY to Alexander C. Watson of Union Co. KY, for $1427.50 paid, sell tract of land in Henderson Co. on waters of Highland Creek beg. on a line of Moses McClure's 217 acre survey corner of Wm. Wallings 100 acre survey, then ... old line of David McClure's 1333-1/3 acre survey beginning corner of Moses McClures 217 acre survey, then with the old line ... then to the beginning, containing 146-1/2 acres more or less, warrant title against the claims of said Nathan Duncan & his heirs and against the claims of said Bedford Duncan & his heirs &c. /s/ Bedford Duncan, Elizabeth (X) Duncan. Wit. Tho. S. Chapman. Ack. before Thomas S. Chapman, Clerk of Union Co. Court on 17 Jan. 1857, recorded 11 April 1857. (FHL film 561,092)
      P-472/474: 3 June 1857, Thomas R. Givens and Elizabeth his wife, George Huston and Sallie N. his wife, to William Duncan of Henderson Co., for $2037, of which $700 is paid, and the residue secured by 3 notes, for which a lien is retained, sell parcel of land in Union Co. on waters of Highland Creek and a part of William Robertson's two military surveys, beg. at Elijah Duncan's SE corner, then ... Wiley's line, then to an original corner and corner to Washburn Wiley, then with old military line ... to Elijah Duncan's SW corner, then with Elijah Duncan's line to the beginning, containing 291 acres; also for $871, of which $200 paid and residue secured by 3 notes dated April 2, 1857 of $223.66-2/3 each, for which a lien is reserved; have also sold one other tract of land in the immediate neighborhood of the first named tract which is part of 200 acre survey patented to said Robertson, known as the Gibson survey, begin. corner to Washburn Wiley, then to original SW corner of said survey, then ... original line, then ... Wiley's NW corner, then with Wiley's to beginning, containing 134 acres; warrant title. /s/ George Huston, Sallie N. Huston, Thos. R. Givens, E.H. Givens. They appeared before Andrew J. Chapman, Deputy for Thomas S. Chapman, Clerk of Union Co. Court, 3 June 1857. Sideways note: The notes for the two tracts of land conveyed by this deed have all been paid in full & the land is hereby released. /s/ Tho. R. Givens, Geo. Huston. Wit. Thos. S. Chapman. (no recording date) (FHL film 561,092)
      T-128/130: 1 Nov. 1861, Robert Brown, Stephen Fenwick and Absalom Duncan, Commissioners, to William Duncan Junior, that a Circuit Court of Henderson Co. KY on 10 July 1861 in the Petition Exparte in equity of William Duncan junior and others, heirs of John Duncan decd, they were appointed commissioners to partition and allot the lands of said John Duncan decd. among his heirs named in the decree, of whom William Duncan junior is one, and make conveyance of the same, Surveyor of Henderson Co. 1st Monday Sept. 1860, at Circuit Court 12 June 1861 ordered the commissioners be allowed further time and go on the land 24 June 1861, and they did on 24 June 1861 and several days thereafter to partition and allot the land, and they set apart to said William Duncan junior all of the parcel of land in Union Co. on waters of Highland creek, beg. corner to Fowler, then ... William Moore's line, then ... Isaac Gibson's line, then to the beginning, containing 141-3/4 acres and 33 poles. Also all the parcel of land in afsd on waters of Caldwell's Creek, beg. in John Duncan's line, then ... to James S. McLendon's survey, then ... corner to McLendon's, then ... to the beginning, containing 67-3/4 acres and 25 poles, being the two tracts designated in their report as lot No.6. NOW, they convey to William Duncan junior the two tracts of land, with appurtenances, and on behalf of Elizabeth Dixon, Ann Duncan, Elijah C. Duncan, Susan Pritchett and Robert Duncan who are the other heirs named in the decree, they warrant title. /s/ Stephen Fenwick, Absalom (X) Duncan, Commissioners. They ack. deed 10 Dec. 1861 in Henderson Co. KY. Recorded 4 Dec. 1862 in Union Co. KY. (FHL film 561,094)
      T-130/131: 5 Jan. 1861, Henry Stone of Webster Co. KY to the children and heirs of John Duncan decd, late of Marshall Co. KY, that is, Elizabeth Dixon late Duncan, wife of John Dixon, William P. Duncan, Robert Duncan, Susan Pritchett late Duncan, wife of John Pritchett Jr., Ann Eliza Duncan and Elijah C. Duncan, THAT in the lifetime of John Duncan decd, some time in the year 1856, the party of first part for $100 fully paid sold to John Duncan a parcel of land in Union Co. KY on waters of Highland Creek containing 61 acres, beg. at John Duncan's line, then ... corner to Duncan, then ... corner to James L. McClenden's survey, then ... another of McClenden's lines, then... to the beginning, being the tract granted to party of first part by patent 5 Dec. 1854, and the sale to John Duncan decd. was evidenced only by assignment endorsed on the original patent which is now lost, NOW the party of the first part sells the tract of land afsd to the parties of the second part with all appurtenances. /s/ Henry (X) Stone. Ack. 5 Jan. 1861 in Henderson Co. KY. Recorded Union Co. KY 4 Dec. 1862. (FHL film 561,094)
      T-376/377: 10 March 1864, Emily Duncan of Henderson Co. KY to Isham Cottingham of afsd, for $500 by promisory note 13 Feb. 1864 due 1 June next, sell her undivided interest in the estate of Alexander Leach who lately died in Union Co. KY of whatever it may consist, among which are 2 tracts of land in Union Co. on waters of Highland and Andersons Creeks adj. each other, one contains 130 acres conveyed to said Alex Leach by N.F. Powell & wife & W.A. Walton, the other by Wm. M. Anderson by deeds recorded in Union Co., the first in Deed Book H pg.54, the second in Book R pg.119, also a negro man called Henry about 54 years old and the debts if any due said Alexander or his heirs, and Emily Duncan will warrant the right and title to her undivided sixth part of Alexander Leache's estate. /s/ Emily (X) Duncan. Wit. J.W. Waggener, D.C. Emily Duncan ack. deed 19 March 1864 before H.W. Waggener, Clerk of Union Co. Court, /s/ H.W. Waggener Clerk, by J.M. Waggener, D.C. (FHL film 561,094)

HISTORIES before 1923

1887 "History of Henderson Co. KY" by Edmund Lyne Starling (Los Angeles Public Library book 976.91 H497St)
      Pg.675-677: MARION DUNCAN -- The subject of this sketch was born in the Southern portion of Henderson County, near the Union County line, on the sixth day of December, 1838. He was next youngest of a family of six children, of whom there were four girls and two boys. His father was Nathan Benjamin Duncan, of Virginia; his mother, Martha Tyree, of Caswell Co. NC. They were married in North Carolina and came to Kentucky at an early day. Mrs. Duncan died in 1879, aged seventy years. Mr. Duncan's grandfather, Nathan Duncan, of Virginia, immigrated to Henderson County, and died near Corydon. When our subject was less than two years of age, his father died, leaving a widow and children in a badly embarassed financial condition. She had no means to educate her children, and there were no public schools at that time. Young Marion was hired at hard labor ... until he arrived at the age of twenty. His wages, amounting from two to thirteen dollars per month, were paid to his mother for her and his sisters' support. At the age of twenty, his sisters having all married and his mother giving up house-keeping, young Duncan started out into the world to seek his own fortune. .... On the 19th day of April, 1871, Mr. Duncan was married to Miss Julia Elizabeth Mullen, in Henderson, Rev. Dr. Talbird of the Baptist Church officiating. Mrs. Duncan was born on the twelfth day of December, 1846, and is a woman of many most excellent traits... (MAD: "American Biography, a New Cyclopedia" (spine title: "Encyclopedia of American Biography") Old Series, pub. by American Historical Society, Vol.21, 1925, pg.415 (FHL book 973 D36e), contains a biography of Marion Duncan, born Dec. 6, 1835, son of Nathan Duncan and Martha (Tyree), Marion Duncan married April 20, 1870, to Juliet Mullin; they adopted Mrs. Fannie (Duncan) Graham on the death of her father, Nathan Duncan, a brother of Marion Duncan; a sketch of the Grahams is on pg.416-8.)
      Pg.800-1: CAPTAIN JOSEPH ALLEN DUNCAN was born in Vanderburgh Co. IN, on the ninth day of April, 1837, and, at the age of seven years, came with his parents to Henderson. ... At the age of twenty, on the 18th day of April, 1857, Mr. Duncan set upon life's journey for himself, and some months thereafter, found himself in California, where he resided until August, 1876. ... On the twelfth day of July, 1860, he married Miss Kate Driscoll, of Sacramento, and unto them have been born three children, Harriet Ellen, Mary Josephine, and John George. The eldest daughter married Thomas Trusty, who, after a few years, departed this life. She again married Thomas L. Myers. Mary Josephine died just as she had attained to womanhood. John George is engaged in business with his father. The father of our subject, John Duncan, was born near Fairfax C.H., Virginia, in the year 1787; the mother, Harriet Stroud, was born in Lawrenceburg, IN, April 16th, 1809. They were married November 16th, 1835. In early life, John Duncan immigrated from Virginia to Pittsburgh, PA, and was engaged in flatboating to New Orleans until 1840, a portion of the time teaching school. Colonel Stroud, as he was known, the maternal grandfather of Captain Duncan, fought with the flatboatmen in the rifle brigade under General Jackson at the battle of New Orleans. In 1831 he commenced farming in the bayou, opposite Henderson, and died September 1st, 1844. On the first day of September, 1876, Captain Duncan returned from California to Henderson and engaged in the hotel business. ....

1885-1887 "KY, a History of the State" 2nd Edition (Volume), by Perrin, Battle & Kniffin (FHL book 976.9 D3wt; and from Evelyn Sigler 4/1982 and Dorothy Franks 1990)
      Pg.267 (pg.1032), Webster Co. WILLIAM G. DUNCAN was born Feb. 11, 1847, in Henderson Co. KY, and is a son of Absalom and Elizabeth (Robbins) Duncan. The father was born in NC and now resides in Henderson Co., of which the mother is a native. Our subject at age 18 commenced farming on his own account; was married in 1865 to Louisa Cavanaugh of Henderson Co., have had six children, one son and four daughters are living. Mason.
      Pg.283, Webster Co. W.J.F. RUSSELL, born Sept. 24, 1842, in what is now Webster Co. KY, a son of John and Permelia (Duncan) Russell. The father was born in TN and is long since deceased. The mother was born in NC and is now living in Webster Co. KY. About 1820 they immigrated to KY. Our subject, at the age of 21, engaged in farming; was married, Aug. 27, 1863, to Sarah F. Johnson of Webster Co. KY. Five children, of whom one son and two daus. are living. Mr. and Mrs. Russell are members of the Christian Church. (MAD: see 1860 Union Co. KY census)
      Pg.283, Webster Co. F.M. RUSSELL was born Feb. 23, 1846, in Henderson Co. KY, a son of Elisha and Nancy (Duncan) Russell, of NC. Our subject at age 18 commenced farming on rented land ...; married in 1864 to Harriet Duncan, who was born in Henderson Co. Mr. and Mrs. Russell are members of the General Baptist Church, he a Mason.

"Portrait and biographical album of Rock Island County, Illinois : containing full-page portraits and biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens of the county : together with portraits and biographies of all the governors of Illinois, and of the presidents of the United States : also containing a history of the county, from its earliest settlement to the present time." (anonymous); pub. Chicago: Biographical Pub. Co., 1885, 815 pgs. (LH10593, HeritageQuest images 4/2007; FHL film 1,000,512 item 1)
      Pg.357: LEVI McCAIN, of Moline, was born in Henderson Co., KY., Oct. 11, 1812, and was the youngest and now the only one living of six sons of James and Eleanor (Boyd) McCain. ... to Moline in 1845 ... He has been thrice married, first in 1832, in Henderson Co., KY., to Elizabeth Johnson, who died in Southern Indiana in 1844. Of the six children she bore, four lived to survive for a time, but at this writing (June, 1885) they have all joined her in the spirit land. Secondly, in Posey Co., Ind., in 1844, to Elizabeth Williams, who died in Moline in 1866; and thirdly, at the last named place, Dec. 10, 1869, to Mrs. Harriet Foster, a lady who had been twice a widow. Her maiden name was Stroud, and her first husband's name was John Duncan. To him she bore four children: Joseph A., of Henderson, Ky.; Mary J., wife of Robert Shaw, of Davenport, Iowa, and Sarah E. and Amanda E., deceased. Mrs. McCain has six grandchildren, namely, Hattie and John, who are the children of Joseph A. Duncan and reside with their parents in Henderson, Ky., and four children of Mrs. Mary Shaw, - Eva, Joseph, Robert and Mary J. Mrs. McC. in her young days was a pioneer teacher in Southern Illinois. Methodist Episcopal Church. Mr. McCain's only daughter, Mary Elizabeth, became the wife of George W. Heck, of Moline, and died March 28, 1864. They had three children ... The last child and son of Mr. McCain, John, became a soldier in the late war ...


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