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Harrison Co. KY Deed Index 1794-1894 (FHL film 216,845)
      5-73: James G. Duncan from James Garrard, 200a Twin Creek, 1816
      5-74: James G. Duncan to Geo. Rogers, 100a Twin Creek, 1816
      5-162: Joseph Duncan to Jarred (of col), deed Emanc., 1817
      5-444: Danl. Duncan to John Watton, 86a Paddy's Run, 1828
      6-62: James G. Duncan from Jno. Laughlin, 100a S. Licking, 1818
      7-19: Archd. Duncan from Simon Kenton, 180a Beaver Creek, 1820
      8-209: William Duncan from John Kenton, 150a Little Beaver, 1822
      9-3: Joseph Duncan to Jarred (of col), deed emanc., 1822
      9-23: John H. Duncan &c to David Holt, Letter atty, 1823
      10-4: Archd. Duncan from W. Burns, 57a W. Licking, 1834
      10-147: Wilford Duncan from Elihu Haradin, 109a W. Licking, 1826
      11-237: William Duncan to Hellen Duncan, deed gift, 1829
      11-472: John H. Duncan from A.B. Holt, letter atty, 1829
      16-150: Archd. Duncan to Wash. Duncan, 50a Beaver Creek, 1837
      17-206: Archd. Duncan Exor to Lavina (of col), deed eman., 1839
      19-507: Garrett Duncan from D. Harding &c, 146a-1-6 Stantontown, 1812
      20-229: Wilford Duncan from Jno. Camplin, 40a Cedar Creek, 1845
      23-213: Hellen Duncan to Mason Duncan, 203a Little Beaver, 1848
      25-231: Joseph Duncan from John Keith, undivd. int., 1851
      26-118: Wesley Duncan from A.M. Cameron (Comr), 50a Little Beaver, 1852
      26-368: Archd. Duncan exor to Henry Hitch, 62a + 18 W. Licking, 1856
      27-252: Isabel Duncan from Martin Smith, marriage contract, 1856
      27-524: Wilford Duncan to A.D. Vanhook, 40a Cedar Creek, 1859
      28-230: Mary Duncan from John Hamilton, 68a 2r, 1860
      28-252: Jacob Duncan from Albert Robinson, 52-1/2a, 1859
      28-505: Archd. Duncan exors to Wesley Duncan, 50a W. Licking, 1856
      29-142: James G. Duncan from Wesley Duncan, 3a-11-10, 1862
      29-412: Archd. Duncan from Ezekiel E. Garrett, 68-1-12, 1864
      29-611: Archd. Duncan to Wm. H. Calvin, 69-1-10, 1864
      29-634: George H. Duncan from William Stewart, 24-1-30, 1864
      30-423?: Wesley Duncan to Nicholas Westerfal, 100a, 1865
      30-455?: Jacob Duncan from William E. Ashcraft, 29-2-6, 1865
      31-98: Margaret Duncan from John R. Whitehead, int., 1866
      31-162: Archd. Duncan from N.M. Durbin, lots Claysville, 1863
      31-451: James G. Duncan from G.W/H. Duncan, 24-11-30, 1866
      31-453: James G. Duncan to N. Westfall, 3-0-10, 1866
      32-81: Joseph Duncan from W.T. Asbury, 37-8-15, 1867
      32-145: George H. Duncan from M. Catherwood, 45-2-0, 1867
      34-38: Rebecca A. Duncan from John Skinner &c, 65-2-0, 1870
      35-249: Margaret Duncan from comr., int., 1871
      36-60: Jacob Duncan from/to? Jentus & Hill, 52-1/8a, 1873
      38-238: John H/M. Duncan from J.S. Whiteker, 0-2-11, 1873
      38-491: John H/M. Duncan to John Martin, 3 roods 11 poles, 1876
      40-611: Sarah Duncan &c from Lewis Lebus, lot in city, 1879
      40-637: Danl. Duncan from Malvina Hinkson's heirs, 36a, 1878
      41-335: Archd. Duncan to Jno. M. Hobelay, 43-1/2a, 1879
      41-340: Archd. Duncan from Wm.F. Wheeler's heirs, lot in Oddville, 1879
      41-343: Archd. Duncan to Jno. Dye, lots in Clayville, 1879
      42-67: Joseph Duncan &c from Jesmie W. Smith, 302a, 1880
      42-68?: Wilford Duncan from Mary Gamsanlo?, 80a, 1850 (sic)
      42-418: Joseph Duncan &c to Jas. Breeze, 10-2-12, 1880
      44-227: J.S. Duncan from Comr., 196-0-26, 1882
      44-358: John H/M. Duncan to Wm. T. Asbury, 202-3-6, 1882
      45-99: Lucy E. Duncan from W.N. Matthews, 39-2-24, 1883
      46-613: Margaret Duncan from comr., 12-1/2a, 1885
      47-540: James G. Duncan from W.N. Matthews, 90a, 1886
      48-320: Lucy E. Duncan to Matthews Eunice, 29-2-24, 1886
      49-80: Archd. Duncan to Lenox Stephen A., 2 lots Clayville, 1887
      56-250: Jesse F. Duncan from Wm. Wilners Heirs, 31a 2r 5pls, 1894
      56-288: Mary Duncan from Ogden Bela, 118a, 1894
      57-61: James G. Duncan to Matthews Eunice, 90a, 1895

Harrison Co. KY Deeds
      5-73: 19 Oct. 1816, James Garrard & wife Elizabeth of Bourbon Co. KY to James Duncan of Harrison Co., $849.78, 200 acres on Twin Creek adj. George Caldwell. Wit. Chas. Smith Jr. (FHL film 216,851)
      5-74: 19 Oct. 1816, James Duncan and wife Polly (x) of Harrison Co. KY to George Rogers of Harrison Co., $600, 100 acres on Twin Creek, adj. George Caldwell. No wit. (FHL film 216,851)
      5-162: 8 Feb. 1817, Joseph Duncan of Harrison Co., will my slave Garrett to be a free man. Wit. John Camron, David Clark. Manumission proved on oath of David Clark & John Camron 17 Feb. 1817. (FHL film 216,851)
      5-444: 17 April (no year), Danl. Duncan and wife Mary of Bourbon Co. KY to John Watton, of Harrison Co. KY, $430, 86 acres on Paddy's Run, adj. Timberlake's survey, Young's line. Wit. Massena Garrard; appeared in Bourbon Co. KY March 17, 1818; rec. Harrison Co. May 8, 1818. (FHL film 216,851, and from Dorothy Kincaid 10/1987)
      6-62: 26 Dec. 1818, James Duncan and wife Polly of Gallatin Co. KY to John Laughlin of Harrison Co. KY, $300, 100 acres on Twin Fork, branch of S. fork of Licking, corner George Rogers. No wit. (FHL film 216,851)
      7-19: 7 Jan. 1820, Simon Kenton to Archibald Duncan, 18 acres on waters of Little Beaver in Jacob Jones line, now belonging to A. Keith, along Jonathan Jackson's line, Tarrence Burns line, Joseph Dunkins line. Wit. Elijah Holton, John Camron. (FHL film 216,852; no reference in deed to money or consideration)
      8-209: 18 Jan. 1802, John Kenton of Mason Co. KY to William Duncan of Nicholas Co. KY, $500, land (no acres given) on Little River, corner Jacob Ashcraft, A. Hill. Wit. Thomas Throckmorton, Jos?. McClintock, John S. Daley, Mayson Duncan. Added note by John Kenton 23 Aug. 1803: To record this certificate on proof of Washington Duncan, James Duncan and Mason Duncan. Proved by orig. witnesses: Joseph McClintock, Mason Duncan, S. Daley. Mason Co. KY clerk: relinquishment of dower by Eleanor Kenton, May 1822. (FHL film 216,852)
      9-3: 8 Feb. 1817, Joseph Duncan of Harrison Co. KY, manumission of slave Garrett, produced Oct. 1822, proved on oath of wit. John Camron and David Clark. (FHL film 216,853)
      9-23: 7 July 1823, John H. Duncan and wife Paulina A.R. formerly Holt and Amelia B. Holt of Jefferson Co. MS, legal heirs & representatives of Thomas Holt decd. late of Harrison Co. KY, appoint brother David Hold (sic) of Harrison Co. KY attorney; decd. father's estate. Wit. Jas. G. Wood, John Foster. Reg. in Jefferson Co. MS. (FHL film 216,853)
      10-4: 28 Feb. 1824, Tarrance Burns and wife Catharine to Archible Duncan, both Harrison Co. KY, $200, 57+ acres on waters of main Licking, adj. William Burns. Wit. John S. Daley, Will Burns, Wm. Asbury Junr. (FHL film 216,853)
      10-147: 9 Oct. 1825, Elihu Hardin to Wilfred Duncan, both Harrison Co., $1, 109 acres on main Licking, part of John A. Binnts? 3200 acre survey, corner Will Hardin, Bennts line. No wife, no wit. (FHL film 216,853)
      11-237: 28 Nov. 1828, Wm. (X) Duncan of Harrison Co. KY to Hellen Duncan (her), $1, negro child William 3 years old. Wit. A.R. Camron, Blair Reitzel, Ellen Ashcraft, Wm. Asbery. Proved on oaths of Andrew M. Camron & William Asbury. (FHL film 216,854)
      11-472: 30 Nov. 1829, Amelia B. Holt appoint John H. Duncan of Jefferson Co. MS attorney; Thomas Holt by will gave me negro & divisional share of estate; attorney to receive share of estate. Reg. Jefferson Co. MS. (FHL film 216,854)
      16-150: 19 April 1837, Archibald Duncan to Washington Duncan, both Harrison Co. KY, $20, 50 acres on Little Beaver, corner Harriet Harding, Adam Keith, said A. Duncan's spring branch, Watson's old line. No wife. Wit. Davis Snodgrass, Jacob Duncan. Rec. on oath of wit. 16 Sept. 1837. (FHL film 216,856)
      17-206: 5 July 1839, emancipation; my father Joseph Duncan emancipated all his slaves by their paying a certain sum of money; Levina, a female slave, has long since paid me as exec. the sum left in the will for her and her children Rachel, Charles, John & Mary; I am unable to come to court. /s/ Archibal Duncan. Wit. A.M. Camron, J.H. Conner. (FHL film 216,856)
      19-507: 23 Dec. 1841, Jarrett Duncan and wife Minta of Cincinnati, [Hamilton Co.], OH, to Duncan (sic) & John H. Harding of Harrison Co. KY, $1500, their interest in and to farm and plantation whereon they lately resided in Kententown in Harrison Co. KY, 140+ acres. No wit. Rec. in Campbell Co. KY 17 March 1842; reg. Harrison Co. KY 30 Nov. 1844. (FHL film 216,857)
      23-213: 1 Jan. 1848, Hellen Duncan to Mason Duncan, both Harrison Co. KY, $1150, 203 acres on waters of Little Beaver, "being the farm I bought of John Reitzell & he of the estate of William Duncan decd. & it is the farm said William Duncan decd. resided on in his lifetime." Wit. A.M. Camron, George H. Duncan. (FHL film 216,859)
      25-231: 11 Oct. 1851, John Keithly and wife Polly late Polly Duncan, one of children of Archibald Duncan, to Joseph Duncan, interest in estate for $65. (FHL film 219,860; reverse writing bleeding through)
      26-118: 11 Nov. 1852, Andrew M. Camron commrs. of Harrison Co. KY appointed 1852 in the case of Isabella Duncan, guardian for the heirs of George W. Duncan, to Wesley Duncan; George W. Duncan died intestate leaving Ann M. Duncan and Charles B. (R?.) Duncan infant children; land on Little Beaver. (FHL film 219,860)
      26-368: 11 Aug. 1856, David Snodgrass of Harrison Co. and Thomas Parker of Shelby Co. KY as executors of Archibald Duncan, to Henry Hitch, Archibald Duncan willed at the death of his wife that the lands be sold ... Henry Hitch highest bidder. (FHL film 219,860)
      27-252: 1 Nov. 1856, Martin Smith and Isabel Duncan, both Harrison Co., marriage about to be entered; each shall keep separate property. Wit. Benjamin Galbreath, R.A. Strum?. (FHL film 216,861)
      28-505: 11 Aug. 1856, David Snodgrass of Harrison Co. and Thomas Parker of Shelby Co., exec. of Archibald Duncan, to Wesley Duncan; Archibald willed at death of his wife the lands be sold at auction; deed to Wesley Duncan the 50 acres on waters of Licking, corner land purchased by said Wesley Duncan from Washington Duncan. (FHL film 216,861)

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