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Duncans in Fayette Co. KY Land Records


Duncan research files of
Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson
the Genealogy Bug

Last revised May 3, 2002


VA State Land Office Surveys
   Book 3, 1780-1783 (FHL film 29,546)
      3-285: Surveyed Dec. 27, 1782, for James Duncan, 500 acres upon a treasury warrant, in Fayette Co. (KY) on head of a "drean" emptying into Stoners Fork of Licking on N.side, adj. Edward Wilson's land. Chain carriers Benjamin Couchman, Frederick Couchman; Marker: James Dunkin. (MAD: later Clark Co. KY)
   Book 4, 1780-1785 (FHL film 29,547)
      4-545: Surveyed 27 Dec. 1782 for James Duncan, 500 acres upon a treasury warrant, 500 acres in Fayette Co. (KY) upon the head of a drain emptying into Stoners Fork of Licken on N.side, adj. Edd. Wilson's land. Chain carriers Benjamin Couchman, Frederick Couchman; Marker James Dunkin. (plat has "No.323" in center) Rec. 18 July 1783, grant issued 15 June 1784. (MAD: later Clark Co. KY)
   Book 5, 1782-1786 (FHL film 29,548)
      5-407/8: Fayette Co. (KY), July 15, 1783, surveyed for James Duncan, 400 acres by virtue of a certificate for settlement entered Feb. 3, 1780, on N. fork of Lindsey's Run, a branch of S. fork of Elkhorn, adj. Fulton Lindsey's 1000 acre preemption; also 1,000 acres by virtue of preemption Warrant #853 entered Dec. 4, 1782, south of above, adj. William Lindsey's preemption, Stephen Lowary's line. Grant issd. April 1, 1785, 1,400. (MAD: later Scott Co. KY)
   Book 7, 1783-1785 (FHL film 29,550)
      7-155: Jan. 30, 1783, surveyed for John Constant assignee of James Duncan, on Treasury Warrant, land on Constances and Morgans forks? branches of Sarodes? fork of Licking in Fayette Co. (KY), adj. John Marshall corner, Morgan's Creek, Sterne's line, his preemption, Constances land (#218 in center of plat), 800 acres. Chainmen Isaak Clinkenbeard, Joshua Stamper; marker John Constant. Rec. May 24, 1783, Grant issd 15 June 1784. (MAD: later Clark ? or Bourbon ? Co. KY)
            (next document) May 20, 1780, James Duncan enters 800 acres upon a treasury warrant beg. at E. corner of John Constants preemption on E.branch of Strades (Strodes?) fork of Licking. I hereby assign my right etc. to above entry of 800 acres to John Constant for value recd. this 9 Dec. 1782. /s/ Js. Duncan. Wit. Edward Wilson.
   Book 9, 1784-1787 (FHL film 29,552)
      9-529: Jan. 27, 1783, surveyed for Nimrod Dunken, assignee of Geo. Slaughter, 325 acres (indexed 335 acres) by virtue of a Treasury Warrant entered #1605 in Fayette Co. (KY) on waters of Hinkstons fork; chainmen John Sellers, John Bushong; marker Mathew Jeffries. This land assd by Nimrod Duncan to Christopher Summit. Rec. 9 Jan. 1784, Grant issd. (no date) (MAD: later Bourbon or Bath or Montgomery Co. KY; see Shelby Co. KY)
      9-630: Jan. 16, 1784, surveyed for James Duncan, on part of an entry made on Treasury Warrant #397 entered June 16, 1780, 255 acres in Fayette Co. (KY) on Stoners Fork of Licking on Sphars line. (plat shows #739 in center). Chainmen Isaac Constant, Isaiah Forster; marker John Donaldson. This land assd. by James Duncan to John Morgan. Retd. 27 July 1784, Grant issd. (no date). (MAD: later Clark Co. KY)
   Book 10, 1785-1791 (FHL film 29,553)
      10-256: Fayette Co. (KY), June 2, 1785, surveyed for Richard Gains, Esq., Charles Lee, Tilmon Hoofman and Charles Duncan, assignee of William McWilliams, 6,615 acres agreeable to part of an entry made for 9,106-1/2 acres on four treasury warrants #11385, #11386, #15572 and #15700, entered Nov. 21, 1783, on the Ohio River and Cabbin Creek. (plat of land #5538 shows this land surrounding 3 sides of James Brown's 325 acres on the Ohio River, and on two sides of a corner of Samuel Beall's 2,450 acres on the Ohio River.) Chainmen Giddeon Palmer, Robt. Gullion; marker Ellis Palmer. Retd. 23 March '87, Grant issd. 14 June 1788.
   Book 15, 1785-1786 (FHL film 29,558)
      15-98: July 22, 1784, surveyed for James Duncan assignee, 440 acres by virtue of entry 21 Dec. 1783 upon Treasury Warrant #11566, in Fayette Co. (KY) on waters of a creek emptying into Licking on N. side, known as Johnson's fork, adj. SW corner of Montgomery's 500 acre survey, Graham's line and corner. (plat has #1891 in center). Chainmen William Clinkenbeard, Michael Cassiday; marker George Stocton. Rec. 13 Aug. 1784, Grant issd. 11 May 1786. (MAD: later Fleming Co. KY)

General Index to Deeds, Mortgages, Etc., Fayette Co. KY, 1794-1903 (from Jean Harper 8/1987)
      MAD: Copied only to 1860's; typed pages reduced in size and not always clear.
      2-147: Duncan, John, Saml. &c to Gentry, Garland, (power of attorney), Oct. 21, 1826, power to convey real est. &c.
      3-133: Duncan, C.R. &c to Putman, Joseph, Deed, Oct. 2, 1827, 66 ft High & Water Sts.
      6-245: Dunkin, Clement to Hull, John, Deed, June 15, 1830, 66-1/2 ft High & Water St.
      9-92: Duncan, Stephen &c from Postlewait, Henry P., (mortgage), July 3, 1833, und. int. in est. of Jno. Postlewait decd.
      9-119: Duncan, David to Duncan, Saml &c, (mortgage), June 1, 1833, 82-1/2 acres & personalty; same to Davis, Jas. E., 82-1/2 acres &c
      9-173: Duncan, David to Combs, Leslie, (mortgage), Sept. 19, 1833, 82a
      15-310: Duncan, Henry T. to Smith, Maslin, (mortgage), Sept. 26, 1838, tract of land.
      15-315: Duncan, Henry T. from Smith, Maslin, deed, Sept. 20, 1838, 360a 1r 14-3/10p
      16-223: Duncan, Eliza to Moore, Jas. M., deed, Und. int. in est. of Jas. Browning decd.
      16-400: Duncan, Henry T. from Brand, Amelia, (mortgage), May 29, 1839, negro slaves, etc.
      17-453: Duncan, Henry T. from Bakes, Lewis C., deed, May 8, 1840, 101a 1r 32p
      17-454: Duncan, Henry T. to Bakes, Lewis C., (mortgage), May 9, 1840, 100a 1r 32p
      18-84: Duncan, Henry T. from Smith, Maslin, deed, Sept. 8, 1840, Acknt grantors wife
      18-131: Duncan, Jas. to McCalla, John M., deed, Feb. 11, 1838, Und. int. in lot Cor. Hill & Bdwy
      20-392: Duncan, Henry T. from Letcher, Wm., Deed, Aug. 6, 1842, 13a 2r 19p
      21-12: Duncan, Henry T. from Smith, Madison, Deed, Aug. 26, 1841, Release of Mtg on 360a 14-3/10p
      21-129: Duncan, Saml. to Muir, John, (blank), March 1843, title bond
      22-51: Duncan, Henry T. from Mason, WWm. &c by Comrs, deed, Feb. 13, 1844, 11a 3r 37p
      22-200: Duncan, Henry T. from Trustees, Episcopal Theological Seminary, Deed, Aug. 1844, 238 ft. 2nd St.
      22-201: Duncan, Henry T. to Trustees Episcopal Theological Seminary, (mortgage), Sept. 3, 1844, 238 ft 2nd St.
      24-214: Duncan, John, from McCalla, John M., deed, Aug. 31, 1846, 46-4/12 ft. Main St.
      27-436: Duncan, Henry T. to Rogers, C.F., deed, Oct. 25, 1851, 114a 36p
      27-501: Duncan, Henry T. from Rogers, C.F. & Susan, deed, Oct. 13, 1851, 41a 32p
      32-510: Duncan, Henry T. from Trustees, Theological Seminary, deed, Sept. 20, 1856, release of mtg.
      32-553: Duncan, Jane heirs, to Stewart, Littleton, Deed, Aug. 12, 1856, Und. int. in tract of land
      36-432: Duncan, H.T. Jr., to Brand, Geo. W. trustee, deed, Apr. 15, 1861, grantors int. in his wife's est.
      37-62: Duncan, Henry T. to Northern Bank of KY, (mortgage), Oct. 1861, 480a Maysville Road
      38-18: Duncan, Henry T. from Buckner, Richd. A., deed, Dec. 20, 1862, Lot cor. Mulberry & Winchester
      38-155: Duncan, Jas., from Dedman, Robt., deed, Feb. 14, 1863, 28a 26p
      41-287: Duncan, Henry T. to Goodloe, Mary E., deed, Nov. 11, 1865, 400a ?r 4p Maysville Rd.
      43-88: Duncan, Jillah A. & C.H.B. to Wilgus, G.D., (mortgage), Nov. 8, 1866, 40 ft. Winchester St.
      43-241: Duncan, Henry T. to Fitch, Frank, deed, Nov. 3, 1865, 238-1/2 ft 2nd St.
      43-383: Duncan, Henry, from Kennings's, Jas. Exor, (lease), Apr. 14 1863, 84-2/10 ft Winchester St.
      43-476: Duncan, Chas. from Reed, A.J., Deed, Apr. 9, 1867, 60a 6r 8-1/3p of land
      44-235: Duncan, Wm. from Sharp, Coleman, deed, Sept. 11, 1867, Grantors int. in the Duncan farm Boons Creek.
      45-333: Duncan, Zellah from Wilgus, G.D., deed, Nov. 1, 1866, 40 by 200 ft City
      45-471: Duncan, C.H.B. to Kilgus, G.D., Deed, Oct. 1, 1868, 40 ft. Winchester St.
      45-616: Duncan, Wm., from Sharp, Marian & Tilford, deed, June 6, 1868, Und. 1/7 of 85-1/2a
      46/8-17: Duncan, Wm., from Sharp, Carlos, deed, June 12, 1869, 85-1/2a
      50-220: Duncan, Wm. T. from Sharp, Don T., deed, Sept. 7, 1870, 1/2 of 85-1/2a
      76-51: Duncan, B.S. to Bell, Carline, Deed, 1876?, 65 ft. Spring St. (this entry handwritten and difficult to read)
      102-145: Duncan, Wm. from Duncan, Daniel, deed, Aug. 20, 1870, Und. 1/7 of 85-1/2a Boons Creek
      County Court B-142: Duncan, Jas., from Huston's Wm. Admr, power of attorney, Aug. 17, 1805, power to recover debts &c.
      Circuit Court B-159: Duncan, Jas. to Logan, Geo., deed, Jan. 10, 1792, 200a Town Fork.
      County Court B-494: Duncan, Saml. from Frank, John, deed, Aug. 27, 1807, 85-1/2a Boffmans Fork of Boons Creek.
      County Court C-270: Duncan, Shadrack, from Fishback, Jas., deed, June 29, 1808, 200a Hardin Co.
      County Court H-236: Duncan, Hewett, to Layton, Daniel, Oct. 11, 1813, bound apprentice.
      County Court M-66: Duncan, Clement to Searls, Jas., Feb. 13, 1815, bound apprentice
      County Court N-178: Duncan, Saml. from Preston, John &c, deed, March 7, 1816, 100a Boons Creek
      County Court O-363: Duncan, Saml. from Smith, China, Deed, Apr. 24, 1816, Relqt. of dower in 100a
      Will 2-375: Duncan, Jas., will, Mch. 1866
      Will 5-449: Duncan, Henry T., Apr. 1880

Fayette Co. KY Circuit Court Deeds (did not copy Henry T. Duncan deeds)
      Book A contains rerecorded deeds after the fire of Jan. 31, 1803, which destroyed the original deed books. The deeds rerecorded in Vol.B were in order by date of rerecording
      B-159: 10 Jan. 1792, James Duncan of Woodford Co. to George Logan of Fayette Co., £100 VA money, 200 acres on town fork of Elkhorn, corner William Logan, McBride's line, William Lindsey's. No wife, no wit. (FHL film 8,682; Circuit court)

Fayette Co. KY County Court Deeds (did not copy Henry T. Duncan deeds)
      B-142: 17 Aug. 1805, William Huston, admr. of William Huston decd, of Fayette Co., appoint trusty friend James Duncan in Cumberland Co. PA attorney to receive from John Obu/Ober and Jacob Boatman of Cumberland Co. PA, bonds, etc. due estate of William Huston decd, and to collect debt from John Woodlock Senr. of Cumberland Co. PA. (FHL film 1,490,705 item 3)
      B-494: 27 Aug. 1807, John Frank and wife Nancy to Samuel Duncan, all Fayette Co. KY, $900, 85-1/2 acres on Borfman's fork of Boons Creek, adj. James Hickman's land, corner Peter Laughlin; Madison's military survey, line of John Niblick, crossing creek. Wit. Thos. L. Butler DCFC. (FHL film 1,490,705 item 3)
      C-274: William Duncan and Mary Duncan (relationship not stated) certify Charles Magee (Col.) is free by birth; his mother had us bring him from Virginia; he was bound and Bond sold to Maddox Fisher, until he was of age, 8 March 1808. /s/ 16 June 1808. Wit. William Duncan Jr., Charles Redman; proved by witnesses and recorded 11 July 1808. (from files of Kay D. Hampton now at Platte Co. MO Historical Society) (MAD: Peggy Duncan mar. Charles Redman in 1804, she the dau. of John, Fayette Co. KY; see ? Clark Co. KY)
      C-270: 29 June 1808, James Fishback and wife Sarathia of Fayette Co. to Shaderack Duncan of Hardin Co., $250, 200 acres in Hardin Co. on Little South Fork of Nolin, their part in division of land. (FHL film 8,686; County Court)
      H-236: 11 Oct. 1813, Hewitt Duncan, age 16 on 31 Nov., be bound to Daniel Layton until age 21 to learn trade of brick layer under act concerning the poor. (FHL film 8,690; County court)
      M-66: 13 Feb. 1815, Clement Duncan, age 15 years, bound to James Searls until 21 to learn trade of saddler. (FHL film 8,691; County court)
      N-178: 7 March 1816, John Preston and wife Elizabeth by attorney Wm. Preston, and John Smith and wife Chinoe, of Franklin Co. KY, to Samuel Duncan of Fayette Co., $1, 100 acres on Boone Creek, corner Thomas Barns 2000 acre military survey, corner Coleman's land. (FHL film 8,691; County court; other deeds before and after from same grantors)
      O-362: Whereas John Preston and wife (unnamed) and John Smith and wife Chenor?, by deed 7 March 1816, sold to Samuel Duncan, 100 acres in Fayette Co. on Boons Creek, examination of Chinor Smith to relinquish dower, 16 April 1816. (FHL film 8,692; County court)
      2-147: Power of attorney; 21 Oct. 1826, John Duncan of Mobile, Samuel Duncan now of Fayette Co. KY, and Benjamin (X) Cockrill in right of and for his wife Jane late Jane Duncan of MO, appoint Garland Gentry of Fayette Co. KY our attorney to settle all differences with our coheirs of Samuel Duncan decd, to give receipts and acquittances, to make deeds to land descended to us or which our father was bound to convey to John Muir, and to receive a deed or deeds from him to whomever our atty. may choose or to himself in fee simple & in general to do everything for us & in our behalf as fully in reference to said Samuel Duncan's estate as if we were present and had done the same .... Acknowledged in court 21 Oct. 1826. (FHL film 8,696) (MAD: one Jane Cockrill 53 PA in 1850 Randolph Co. MO census; one John Duncan b. 1796 PA in Matagorda Co. TX 1850 census with children may be the John Duncan in 1830 Mobile Co. AL census; see also comments under deed 32-553)
      3-133: 2 Oct. 1827, Catharine Hull, John Hull and wife Rebecca, Jacob Hull and wife Martha, Elizabeth Marsh, Benjamin Kerser/Keiser? and wife Catharine, Clement Duncan (/s/ C.R.) and Killy Ann (/s/ Ann C.) his wife, and Eliza Woodruff of Fayette Co., to Joseph Putnam of same, $1000, land in town of Lexington, Fayette Co., lot ??, conveyed by Archibald Logan and Ratchel his wife by deed 27 May 1824. (FHL film 8,696)
      6-245: 15 June 1830, Andrew Anderson and wife Eliza of Nashville [Davidson Co.], TN, and Clement H?. Dunkin and wife Kitty Ann of Fayette Co. KY, to John Hall of Fayette Co., $50, lot #81 in Lexington. /s/ Ann Catherine Dunkin. (FHL film 8,697)
      9-92: 3 July 1833, Henry P. Postlewait and wife Isabella of Natchez MS, to Stephen Duncan and John Watt of Natchez, mortgage (not copied) (FHL film 8,698)
      9-119: 1 June 1833, David Duncan of Fayette Co. to Samuel Duncan and James McIsaac of same, $1, 82 acres purchased by said David Duncan of heirs of Samuel Duncan decd., on Boffman's fork of Boons Creek; also one wagon and gear and 4 horses; mortgage; Samuel Duncan and James McIsaac are securities for David Duncan on a charge of felony taken by the Mayor of the City of Lexington requiring David Duncan to appear before Judge of Circuit Court on 1st day next term. Wit. James E. Davis, Thos. B. Megowan, Jas?. A. Grimstead?. I have this day executed to James E. Davis my notes for $50 due 25 Dec. next & to secure payment of said note, I convey to said Davis the foregoing property conveyed to Saml. Duncan & James McIsaac to be held by Davis until note is discharged. 3 June 1833. /s/ David Duncan. Wit. Jas. A. Grimstead, Jno. M. McCalla. (FHL film 8,698)
      9-173: 19 Sept. 1833, David Duncan (no location) mortgage my farm in Fayette Co. to Leslie Combs to pay his note, 82 acres. (FHL film 8,698)
      16-223: 17 Nov. 1838, Elizabeth (X) Duncan of Logan Co. KY to Jarvis M. Moore of Mercer Co. KY, $450, all her right etc. to land whereon her father James Browning lived and deceased in Fayette Co. KY. Wit. Isaac Browning, John King. (FHL film 8,701) (MAD: widow of Squire G. Duncan who d. 1834 or of Benjamin Duncan d. 1811)
      18-131: 11 Feb. 1838, James Duncan and wife Margaret late Margaret McQuillin of Lawrence Co. IN to John M. McQuillen of Fayette Co. KY, $120, land in City of Lexington, undivided interest in estate of (blank) McQuillan. Wit. James W. Freeman, Enoch Hampton. Rec. Lawrence Co. IN 1 Sept. 1838; rec. Fayette Co. KY 15 Oct. 1840. (FHL film 8,701) (MAD: James S. Duncan mar. Margaret McQuillen or McMillen 6/15/1837 or 6/18/1837)
      21-129: 27 Jan. 1812, Saml. Duncan of Fayette Co. KY, title bond to John Muir, land whereon John Jones lived last year, part of Thomas Parnell military survey, adj. James Thompson & Charles Bush. Wit. J. Henly, John Wilson. Rec. 1 March 1843. (FHL film 8,702)
      24-214: 20/30 Aug. 1846, John M. McCalla and wife Maria A. of Washington, DC, by attorneys, to John Duncan of Madison Co. KY, $500, land on Town Fork of Cesehan? in town of Lexington. (FHL film 8,703)
      32-553: 12 Aug. 1856, James Duncan, Martha Jane Duncan and William Barnett and wife Sarah, children of Jane Duncan decd, formerly Jane McIsaac, of Dewitt Co. IL, to Littleton Stewart of Fayette Co. KY, $268.50, our undivided interest to land owned by James McIsaac at time of his death and upon which he resided at that time, which was willed to us by said James McIsaac in his last will now of record in Fayette Co. Wit. John J. McGraw, clerk of DeWitt Co. IL court. Rec. Fayette Co. KY 10 Nov. 1856. (FHL film 8,706) (MAD: see also comments under deed 2-147; Samuel Duncan in 1840 & 1850 DeWitt Co. IL census b. 1801 KY; mar. (2) Susan Frances Hickman 1/3/1846)
      44-235: 11 Sept. 1867, "agreement" between Coleman (X) Sharp and wife Elizabeth (X) Sharp of "Fayatt" Co. KY and William Duncan of afsd, for $20, grant to William Duncan our interest in land known as the Duncan farm on the waters of Boons and Bofman Creek in Fayatt Co.; wit. Jno. T. Veley? (from Karen King Scales 2/1997)
      45-616: 6 June 1868, Maryum (X) Sharp wife of Tilford (X) Sharp of Pendleton Co. KY to William Duncan of Bracken Co. KY, for $120, real estate in Fayette Co. KY on waters of Boffmans and Boon Creeks, being one undivided one seventh of about 85-1/2 acres which David Duncan the father of said Maryum Sharp died seized & possessed, it being her undivided interest, which descended to her as one of the heirs of said David Duncan decd; wit. J.B. Applegate. (from Karen King Scales 2/1997)
      48-17: 12 June 1869, Carlos Sharp and wife Margaret Sharp of Bracken Co. KY to William Duncan of same, for $30, my interest in 85-1/2 acres in Fayette Co. KY on waters of Bofman and Boons Creek, adj. Gentry and Rogers, lying about 1-1/2 miles east of town of Athens; said Carlos Sharp is the son and heir of Maryum Sharp decd and at her death fell heir to about 5 acres of said 85-1/2a; no wit.; ack. 12 June 1869. (from Karen King Scales 2/1997)
      50-220: 7 Sept. 1870, Daniel T. Sharpe of Bracken Co. KY to William Duncan of same, for $90, his undivided interest in land in Fayette Co. KY, the whole tract containing by survey 85-1/2 acres, the same that was conveyed to Samuel Duncan by John Frank & wife on 27 Aug. 1807, and is of record in Fayette Co. Book No.2 page 194, said interest being the undivided 28th part of said land which "decended" to the said Sharpe from his grandfather to his mother, who inherited the one undivided seventh part, and the said Sharpe inherited the undivided 1/4 part of said 1/7, making as aforesaid the undivided 1/28th of the whole tract; /s/ Daniel T. Sharp (seal), no wit; ack. 7 Sept. 1870, rec. 8 Jan. 1872. (from Karen King Scales 2/1997) (KKS: Daniel T. Sharp was the son of Martha Duncan who mar. John Sharp Jr. 24 March 1838 in Pendleton Co. KY; see Pendleton Co. KY 1850 census; MAD: see County Court Deed B-194)
      102-145: 26 Aug. 1870, Daniel (X) Duncan and wife Adeline of Bracken Co. KY to William Duncan of County aforesaid, $75, land in Fayette Co. on Boone Creek, one undivided seventh of land, 85-1/2 acres, declared to their father David Duncan decd. and now in possession of said William Duncan. No wit. Rec. Pendleton Co. 26 Oct. 1870, rec. Fayette Co. KY 12 Feb. 1894. (FHL film 8,739)
            (MAD: Pendleton Co. KY Will #113, pg.248, of Martha Sharp dated 6/8/1867, proved 12/3/1867, mentions among other children, dau. Syntha Ann who was given land belonging to Daniel Duncan in Fayette Co. KY; from pg.15, "Pendleton Co. KY Will Abstracts 1841-1871" by Janet Pease; FHL booklet 976.9 A1 #11. Martha Duncan mar. John Sharpe Jr. 3/24/1838 Pendleton Co. KY)

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