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Formed 1842 from Livingston


1850 Crittenden Co. KY Census
District 1
Pg.220, #141-141, Shirley TISDALE (m) 51 SC f(armer) $1500
                  Lucy 47 KY
                  Stephen B. 19 TN
                  Mary A. 17, Sarah B. 8 KY
                  John B. 5 KY
                  Jackson BENNETT 17 KY
                  Lucy DUNCAN 14 KY
Pg.221, #159-159, Elijah DUNCAN 28 KY f(armer) $200
                  Nancy C. 24 KY
                  Catherine J. 10, Elizabeth A. 5 KY
                  William J. 3, Nancy V. 1/3 KY
                  (MAD: mar. Nancy C.D. Markham 6/10/1841 Livingston Co. KY; Nancy and ch. in 1860 Bollinger Co. MO census)
Pg.226, #234-234, John BRASHER 23 KY l(aborer) $0
                  Mary 21 TN
                  Caswell JORDAN (m) 19 NC l(aborer) $0
                  Nancy DUNCAN 15 KY
Pg.226, #240-240, Jonathan F. HORD 26 SC f(armer) $0
                  Mary A. 20 KY
                  William H. 2 KY
                  William B. DUNCAN 6 KY
                  (MAD: Franklin Hood mar. Mary A. Duncan 11/11/1846)
Pg.227, #244-244, Stephen DUNCAN 26 KY f(armer) $0
                  Elvira J. 26 SC
                  Matilda C. 3 KY
                  (MAD: 1860 Bollinger Co. MO census)
Pg.227, #248-248, John DUNCAN 24 KY stonemason $450
                  Sarah 22 TN
                  Mary L. 2 KY
                  William F.M. 1/4 KY
                  (MAD: ? 1860 Bollinger Co. MO census)
Pg.227, #251-251, Owen DUNCAN 51 NC f(armer) $450
                  Nancy C. 41 KY
                  Ichabod B. 14 KY
                  Tabitha GOUGH 70 VA
                  William DUNCAN 22 KY
                  (MAD: Oliver/Orvan/Owen Duncan mar. Nancy Lear 8/5/1824 Caldwell Co. KY)
Pg.234, #354-354, Parthena A. McWORTHY (f) 42 KY (blank) $300
                  Charles W.S. 24 KY l(aborer) $0
                  Casander E. DUNCAN (f) 23 KY
                  Parthena A. McWORTHY 14 KY
                  William H.H. 8, Emily E. 3 KY
                  William H.H. DUNCAN 24 KY l(aborer) $0
                  (MAD: 1860 Hancock Co. KY census; 1870 Wayne Co. IL census)
Pg.235, #360-360, Willis N. THRELDKILL 29 KY f(armer) $3000
                  Sarah 22 SC
                  Thomas M/W?. 1 KY
                  Mary BALAS 25 KY
                  Edward SHERER 28 Germany
                  Gavin DUNCAN 61 VA (blank)
                  (MAD: son of Charles Duncan & Eliz. Dillard)
Pg.245, #503-503, John O. DUNCAN 28 TN f(armer) $250
                  Elizabeth 22 KY
                  Mary J. 3, David S/L. 1 KY
District 2
Pg.258, #172-172, John L. DUNCAN 28 TN f(armer) $100
                  Charlotte 40 TN
                  Polly 17, Martha 15 TN
                  William 12, George 10 TN
                  Rice 7 TN
                  Elizabeth 1 KY
                  (MAD: Charlotte's age very plain; John Duncan mar. Charlotte Chandler 11/22/1842 Sumner Co. TN)

1860 Crittenden Co. KY Census (pg.457 also from Mary Louise Craven 1/1983)
West Half of County, P.O. Dycusburg
Pg.332, #227-227, Wm. J. PENIN 20 KY laborer $0-$100
                  Martha A. 27 KY
                  Sarah A. DUNCAN 6 KY
                  Rosanna F. 4, Wm. M. 2 KY
                  Permelia A. PENIN 6/12 KY
Pg.337, #258-258, Owen DUNCAN 60 SC farmer $800-$400
                  Nancy 50 IL
                  Ichabod 24 KY laborer
Pg.337, #259-259, Wm. DUNCAN 35 KY farm laborer $0-$400
                  Mary 25 KY
                  John 8, Nancy 5, Sally 3 KY
                  Jourdena (f) 2 KY
                  (MAD: one Wm. Duncan mar. Mary Williams 10/6/1851)
Salem P.O.
Pg.344, #301-301, Joseph DUNCAN 43 TN laborer $0-$200
                  Nancy 50 TN
                  John 20, Eda P. (f) 18 TN
                  Leander (m) 15 TN
Pg.344, #302-302, John KIRK 29 TN farmer $800-$400
                  Colena (f) 22 TN
                  Frederick W. 4, George 2, Margaret 1 KY
Pg.349, #338-338, John O. DUNCAN 37 TN farmer $1000-$300
                  Mary A. 24 TN
                  Ann E. 12, David J.L. 10 TN
                  Wm. B. 3, Anthony H. 2 KY
West Half of County, P.O. Carrsville
Pg.369, #500-500, Willis N. THRELKELD 39 KY farmer $5000-$14705
                  Susan 33 KY
                  Thomas 11, John D. 10 KY
                  Richard G. 9, Lucy E. 6, Foster 3 KY
                  Gavin DUNCAN 71 VA gentleman $0-$10,000
                  (MAD: Willis N. Threlkeld mar. Susan Foster 2/26/1856)
District 1, P.O. Camp Creek
Pg.457, #334-347, John L. DUNCAN 38 TN farmer $700-$300
                  Charlotte 51 TN
                  Rice 17 TN, Elizabeth 11 KY
                  George CHANDLER 20 TN farm laborer
Pg.458, #336-349, S.D. BRANTLEY 28 KY milling $600-$1500
                  Mary E. 18 KY
                  Lucy V. 5 KY
                  (MAD: spotted Brantley name, had been looking for Solomon D. Brantly mar. Mary E. Dunkins 2/20/1851 Houston Co. GA)

1870 Crittenden Co. KY Census (pg.331 & 409 also from Kathy Cawley 2/2002)
Marion Precinct 1, P.O. Marion
Pg.331, #1-1, DUNCAN, R.M. (m) 57 TN (white) farmer $600-$160, mar.in May
                  E. (f) 37 TN ("do") keeping house, mar.in May
                  CANADA, Wm. 19 TN ("do") (white) works on farm
                  John 16 KY works on farm
                  Jackson 9 KY
                  Doc (m) 7 KY
                  Wiley (m) 4 KY
                  (MAD: ? Richard M. Duncan, 1860 Butler Co. KY census)
Pg.334, #36-51, DRAKE, G.S. (m) 28 KY (white) farmer $0-$2000
                  P.H. (f) 26 KY keeping house
                  W. Hayns (m) 5, Anna K. 3 KY
                  M.D. (f) 1/12 KY b.May
                  DUNCAN, Wm. 15 TN (white) works on farm
Pg.337, #75-96, GASS, R.P. (m) 44 TN (white) farmer $0-$450
                  S.H. (f) 40 TN keeping house
                  Isaac 19, Lafayett 17, James 13 TN works on farm
                  N.B. (f) 9 TN
                  J.A. (m) 7, L.A. (f) 6, Thomas 1 KY
                  DUNCAN, Salina (f) 17 TN (white) at home
                  (MAD: Sarah Duncan mar. Rufus P. Gass 11/12/1849 Smith Co. TN, 1850 Smith Co. TN census)
Pg.339, #99-120, BRUICE, W.J. (m) 45 TN (white) farmer $2000-$1000
                  A.T. (f) 35 TN keeping house
                  GORGETON, James 10 KY (white) works on farm
                  DUNCAN, Martha 6 KY (white)
                  Francis (m) 20 TN (white) works on farm
District 1, Precinct 2, P.O. Dycusburg
Pg.376, #199-199, DUNCAN, Wm. 45 KY (white) farmer $0-$200
                  DUNCAN, Mary 37 KY
                  DUNCAN, John 18 KY
                  DUNCAN, Carray? (m) 15 KY
                  DUNCAN, Sarah (f) 15 KY
                  DUNCAN, Jordon (m) 13 KY
                  DUNCAN, Permela? (f) 11 KY
                  DUNCAN, Dora 9 KY
                  DUNCAN, Edney (f) 6? KY
                  DUNCAN, Wm. H?. 2 KY
                  DUNCAN, Id. (m) 34 KY (white) farmer $0-$200
                  DUNCAN, Martha 27 KY
                  DUNCAN, Owen J? (m) 27 KY
                  DUNCAN, Ruthy (m) 6 KY
                  DUNCAN, Wm. J. 20 KY (white)
                  DUNCAN, Nancy C. 65 KY "farmer" $500-$0
                  (MAD: all names were originally marked "m" but some were changed to "f"; Id. was Ichobod Duncan in 1850-1860 census)
Hurricane Precinct 4, P.O. Hurricane
Pg.408, #202-235, DUNCAN, Lee 25 TN (white) works on farm $0-$0
                  M.E. (f) 21 KY keeping house
                  M.U. (m) 2 KY
Pg.409, #210-245, WALLACE, William 64 VA (white) farmer $15,500-$2575
                  M.E. (f) 23 KY keeping house
Pg.409, #210-246, DUNCAN, John 35 KY BLACK farmer $0-$150
                  Nancy 25 KY MULATTO keeping house
                  Mary 2 KY BLACK
Pg.409, #210-247, DUNCAN, D. (m) 40 KY BLACK farmer $0-$0
                  NICKENS, J. (m) 40 KY BLACK works on farm
                  GRAY, Mary 38 TN MULATTO house servant
Pg.409, #213-250, FOSTER, B.W. 52 KY (white) farmer $3000-$2569 (sic)
                  THRELKELD, Susan 43 KY keeping house $1000-$0
                  Foster (m) 13, C.W. (f) 7 KY at home
                  DUNCAN, Gavin (m) 83 VA (white) at home
Fords Ferry Precinct 5, P.O. Fords Ferry
Pg.417, #71-100, WINDERS, G.W. (m) 52 KY (white) farmer $1000-$650
                  Z.J. (m) 19 KY works on farm
                  N.J. (f) 11 KY at home
                  M.L. (f) 8 KY
                  DUNCAN, N.A.M. (f) 18 AL (white) house servant
Bells Mines Precinct 6, P.O. Weston
Pg.432, #133-181, PICKENS, Joseph 40 KY (white) farmer $0-$500
                  M.E. (f) 37 TN keeping house
                  W.T. (m) 15 KY works on farm
                  J.F. (m) 8 KY
                  DUNCAN, M.E. (f) 14 TN (white) at home
Pg.432-433, #133-182, DUNCAN, J.L. (m) 49 TN (white) farmer $0-$760
                  R.H. (m) 26 TN farmer
                  CHANLER, G. (m) 30 TN (white) farmer
                  WALKER, M.F. (m) 19 KY (white) works on farm
                  WALKER, E.J. (f) 21 KY keeping house
                  MOORE, Polly 65 NC (white) at home
                  DUNCAN, C. (f) 60 TN (white) at home
                  WALKER, Nancy 2 KY


Crittenden Co. KY Marriage Register, Book 1, 1842-1865 (FHL film 558,428)
      No index; following from page-by-page scan
      Wm. Sparkman to Jordane Duncan, lic. 7 Aug. 1845, returned Aug. 1845, m. 7 Aug. by Collen Hodge (pg.18)
      J.B. McGuire to Sarah Ann Duncan, lic. 5 Sept. 1845, retd. 8 Sept.; m. 4 Sept. (sic) by D.W. Carter (pg.18) (MAD: 4 Sept. 1845, J.B. McGuire to Sarah Ann Duncan, widow, by D.W. Carter J.P.; groom of age; bride of age per oath of Wm. Duncan.; pg.11 in "Crittenden Co. KY Marriage Records, Vol.1, 1842-1865; Abstract of Wills Book 1, 1842-1924" by Brenda Joyce Jerome)
      John O. Duncan to Elizabeth Shaw, lic. 6 Jan. 1846, m. same day by John D. Gregory (pg.19)
      William Wells to Araminta Duncan, lic. 31 Aug. 1846, m. 1 Sept. 1846 by D.W. Carter (pg.23) (MAD: 1 Sept. 1846, William Wells to Araminta Duncan by D.W. Carter JP; groom of age; Wm. Duncan, bride's father, consents; pg.14 in "Crittenden Co. KY Marriage Records, Vol.1, 1842-1865; Abstract of Wills Book 1, 1842-1924" by Brenda Joyce Jerome; this book has many more marriages listing Duncan as bondsman or bride/groom)
      Franklin Hood to Mary A. Duncan, lic. 10 Nov. 1846, m. 11 Nov. by Collin Hodge (pg.25)
      John F. Duncan to Miss Sarah Wilsen?, lic. 17 June 1847, m. 17 June by Joseph B. Hadden (pg.31)
      Stephan Duncan to Elisa Jane Hood, lic. 19 March 1850, m. 20 March by Samuel M. Waters (pg.57)
      No others spotted through end of 1850; quit


Crittenden Co. KY Will Book 1, 1833-1925 (FHL film 558,426)
      1-401: 20 July 1911, will of Rice H. Duncan of Rodeway, Crittenden Co. KY; debts be paid by sons Ben H. Duncan, Leslie M. Duncan and Amerson Duncan; all to sons; sons agree to support me Rice H. Duncan and my wife Ida A. Duncan for life; have heretofore given four oldest children Sallie Duncan Newcom, Jim L. Duncan, Joe H. Duncan and Rosa Duncan White all I intend they have. Wit. H.L. Sullivan, E.L. Nunn, Ben H. Duncan. Proved 14 Aug. 1911.
      No others

Crittenden Co. KY Inventories, Book A, 1842-1859 (FHL film 561,076)
      Pg.44/5: Sept. 1844; Ephraim W. Hill, admin. of estate of Williford N. Duncan decd; estate be appraised by Stephen Carrick, John Wright, J.R. Hawks, John D. Gregory and Samuel H. Elder or any three of them; appraisal by Hawks, Elder and Wright, returned 24 Dec. 1844; appraisal 21 Sept. 1844 incl. crop of corn standing in the field, mule, crop of tobacco, lease on the farm. Sales to E.W. Hill, J.S. Elder, A.E. Mayes, 21 Sept. 1844. (MAD: Williford Newberry Duncan mar. Miss Sarah Shoemaker 3/15/1838 Caldwell Co. KY)
      Pg.166/8: Feb. 1849, Appraisal of estate of William Duncan decd by William Harp, Aquilla P. Rhoads and Wm. Simpkins, filed 24 Feb. 1849; administrators Elijah Duncan and Stephen Duncan; incl. furniture, farm animals, etc.
      (MAD: There are references to these two estates in "Crittenden Co. KY County Court Order Book I, 1842-1852" by Brenda Joyce Jerome, 1995; SUTRO book F457 C66 J36 1995, CA State Library, Sutro Branch; there is also a reference to Order Book 1-353, 6/10/1850, Stephen Duncan appt. guardian of his infant child Matilda Catherine Duncan, bond $400, security Elijah Duncan, J.F. Hood)

Crittenden Co. KY Settlements, Book 1, 1842-1872 (FHL film 561,081)
      Pg.51: 9 Oct. 1848, settlement with Ephraim W. Hill, admin. of W.N. Duncan decd; admin. had $35.93-2/4, paid $60.09, "in favor of paid admin." $25.15-1/4.
      Pg.88: 2 Nov. 1850, settlement with Elijah Duncan, admin. of Wm. Duncan, $148.37 total personal property sold, paid out ... and more was due; Wm. Duncan had legal title to land in Livingston now Crittenden Co., 1,000 acres, part of survey of military land of 1666-2/3 acres orig. patent to Edmond Brooks; a portion was sold by the sheriff; Wm. Duncan now had title to about 200 acres.


Crittenden Co. KY Deeds (Index on FHL film 558,368)
      A-146: 25 July 1843, William Duncan of Crittenden Co. KY mortgage to Auswell Bennett, for $49.08 due 25 Dec. 1843, cart and oxen and roan colt. No wife, no wit. Rec. 8 Aug. 1843. (FHL film 558,372)
      A-508: 27 April 1846, William Duncan to John F. Duncan, both Crittenden Co., $180, 99 acres on Thos. Killens line, adj. Killen & Owen Duncan. Wit. James Duvall, Auswell Bennett. (FHL film 558,372) (MAD: Killian family in Lincoln Co. NC 1816; any connection?)
      A-602: 24 Oct. 1846, Rachel Gregory of Union Co. KY hath sold to Robert Gregory, Jonathan Duncan, John D. Gregory, Silus H. Stone and James Cannon, all her right, title and interest in the real and personal estate of John Gregory (decd), late of Crittenden Co., whether that interest be derived from John D. Gregory's last will and testament or in any other way. She agrees to not file suit against the heirs or devisees of the decedent for the recovery of any interest whatsoever. It is understood that she reserves for herself (exempt from the above sale) such articles of personal property as she has already received from Henry R.D. Coleman, admr. of Gregory's estate and also the crop that has been raised upon the decedent's land during the present year. Rachel Gregory agrees to bind herself to assign to Robert Gregory, Jonathan Duncan, John D. Gregory, Silus H. Stone and James Cannon a note for $62.50 due 1 Jan. 1848 which she holds against B.S. Young and I.H. Pickens. In consideration of the above, Rachel is to receive $500 by 24 Oct. 1847 or a sound and healthy Negro girl named Hariet and the child she now has and which belong to Gregory's estate. It is also agreed that the parties of the second part will pay all costs of a suit which Rachel is prosecuting in Crittenden Circuit Court for the purpose of establishing the will of the decedent. If the second parties prosecute the suit further, they will do so at their own expense. /s/ Rachel Gregory, by Elihu R. Lacy, agent & attorney, Robert Gregory, Jonathan Duncan, J.D. Gregory, S.H. Stone, James (X) Cannon. Rec. 24 Oct. 1847. (FHL film 558,372; this wording from pg.84, "Crittenden Co. KY Deed Book A, 1842-1847" by Brenda Joyce Jerome, 1993)
      A-652: 1 Jan. 1841, on 23 March 1837 there issued from the Livingston Circuit Court an execution (#2452) in favour of John Bayliss & Wm. McCrosky, merchants, and against the estate of William Duncan for the sum of $457.07 with interest from 2 Jan. 1837. The execution was put into the hands of Jesse Padon, deputy for Isham Clement, sheriff of Livingston Co., and was levied on 480 acres of land on Livingston Creek and on which Duncan lived, being the balance of 1000 acres conveyed to Duncan by Thos. H. Flurnoy and part of a 1666-2/3 acre survey originally granted to Edward Brooks. The balance of the grant from Flurnoy was conveyed by Duncan to Owen Duncan, John Duncan, Jacob Nichols, Wiley Howard and Lewis Duvall, as per deed prior to the issuing and levy of the above execution. The levied land was advertised for sale at the courthouse door in Salem and on 1 May 1837, the same was struck off to John Bayliss for the price of $100, subject to redemption within 12 months from sale date. On the same day, another execution (#2493) was issued and was levied upon Duncan's equity of redemption in the land aforesd. sold to John Bayliss. After being advertised for public sale at the courthouse in Salem on 5 June 1837, Wm. H. Rondeau became purchaser at the sum of $400 as per bond executed by Rondeau to the plaintiff and which bond was paid off as per receipt of Bayliss & McCrosky endorsed on 4 Sept. 1837. Isham Clement, sheriff, conveys to Wm. H. Rondeau of New Orleans the above land. /s/ Isham Clement. Rec. Livingston Co., KY, 17 March 1841. Rec. Crittenden Co. 24 May 1847. (FHL film 558,372; this wording from pg.84, "Crittenden Co. KY Deed Book A, 1842-1847" by Brenda Joyce Jerome, 1993)
      A-655: 24 May 1847, Limce (Linico?) A.G. Noel of Crittenden Co. is indebted to W.& C. Fellows & Co. of Louisville in the sun of $1000 by three notes with Cobb & Dycus; one note due 1 Jan 1848 for $300, one due 1 March 1848 for $300 and one due 1 May 1848 for $400. Greenberry B. Dycas this day has executed his deed to Noel for certain lands in Crittenden Co. including the engine mill, boiler & distillery. The title Noel holds to the property is an equitable one and the legal title remains in W.H. Rondeau of New Orleans, whose deed for this property is yet to be obtained. In consideration of $1000, Noel conveys to William Fellows, Cornelius Fellows and Benjamin J. Adams the above property deeded this day by G.B. Dycas. The property is the balance of 1000 acres conveyed to William Duncan by Thos. H. Flurnoy and part of a 1666-2/3 acre survey originally granted to Edw. Brooks; the balance of the grant from Flurnoy being conveyed by Duncan to Owen Duncan, John Duncan, Jacob Nicols, Wiley Howard and Lewis Duvall and contains 490 acres. If Noel pays Fellows & Co. $1000 with interest when due, this instrument will be void. /s/ L.A.G. Noel. Rec. 24 May 1847. (FHL film 558,372; this wording from pg.91, "Crittenden Co. KY Deed Book A, 1842-1847" by Brenda Joyce Jerome, 1993)
      A-663: 27 Oct. 1846, Article of Agreement between John D. Gregory, Silas H. Stone and James Cannon of Crittenden Co. and Robert Gregory of Pike Co. IL and Jonathan Duncan of Henry Co. TN: On 24 Oct they purchased of Rachel Gregory, wife of John Gregory (dec'd), all her right, title, and claim in the estate of John Gregory and for which they have given their obligations to Rachel for $500 due in 12 months. They have also agreed to pay all the cost of a suit which is depending in Crittenden Circuit Court to "brake" the will of John Gregory. They covenant that their undivided interest in the estate of John Gregory shall stand bound to each other for the payment of the above sum and if either of the above named parties should fail to pay his equal portion of the sum, his portion shall stand bound to the above named parties until the $500 debt and damages and cost of the suit is paid. /s/ J.D. Gregory, S.H. Stone, James (X) Cannon, Robt. Gregory, Jonathan Duncan. Rec. 17 Oct. 1846. (FHL film 558,372; this wording from pg.92, "Crittenden Co. KY Deed Book A, 1842-1847" by Brenda Joyce Jerome, 1993)
      B-124: 13 Oct. 1846, James Rutter of Livingston Co. to E. Duncan of Crittenden Co., $10, 50 acres on Harrises Creek adj. G.W. Markham's survey ... "his heirs". (FHL film 558,373)
      B-127: 4 Nov. 1847, Jonathan Duncan and wife Elizabeth (X) formerly Elis. Gregory daughter and heir of John Gregory decd. who lived in Crittenden Co., to John Swansey and John W. Ashley of Crittenden Co., $200, 1/8 part of tract, being undivided interest in estate, 400 acres, adj. Stephen Cruces corner, Bellville Road. No locality given for Duncans, who appeared in Crittenden Co. Court. (FHL film 558,373)
      B-906: 10 Jan. 1851, firm of Cobb Jackson & Co. viz R.S. Cobb and G.D. Cobb of Caldwell Co. and G.S. Cobb and C.M. Jackson of Crittenden Co., to Elijah Duncan of Crittenden Co., $425, 153 acres on Livingston Creek adj. Owen Duncan's corner, Wm. Dewalls corner, Lewis Dewalls corner, Daniel Creders corner, part of a 1,000 acre survey formerly conveyed to Wm. Duncan by Thomas H. Flournoy. (FHL film 558,373)
      B-1040: 16 July 1852, John L. Duncan mortgage to Alfred Armstrong and Wilson, all Crittenden Co. KY, $75, stock. No wife, no wit. (FHL film 558,373)
      C-44: 7 Sept. 1852, David N. Stinson agent for Phineas Taylor and Margaret Taylor his wife of Appanoose Co. IA, to John O. Duncan of Crittenden Co. KY, $150, 80-1/2 acres on Crooked Creek, part of survey owned by Malcom Taylor at his death and descended to said Phineas by inheritance. (FHL film 558,374)
      C-395: 19 Nov. 1853, Sandford Duncan Jr. of Caldwell Co. KY to Walter M. Ashur of Crittenden Co. KY, $350 due by 1 March next and $100 due 1 March 1855 and $100 due 1 March 1856, 100 acres on waters of Tradewater, being the same land sold to said Duncan by one John Carner Jr. and wife Sarah Frances 19 Jan. 1846 recorded in Caldwell Co. in Book M pg. 291 & 292. Also /s/ Mary Susan Duncan. Recorded in Caldwell Co. (FHL film 558,374)
      C-500: 2 June 1854, Elijah Duncan and wife Nancy of Crittenden Co. to Bryant W. Burnett of same, $300, 153 acres corner Owen Duncan, Wm. Divall, Louis Divall (Duvall?). No wit. (FHL film 558,374)
      C-603: 18 Jan. 1855, Thomas J. Duncan and wife Nannie W. of Princeton [Caldwell Co.], KY, to Sandford Duncan of same, $3,300, all that portion of land alloted to the parties of 1st part by Commissioners appointed by Caldwell Circuit Court to divide amongst the heirs the lands belonging to the estate of James R. Ford, decd, these lands hereby include all the lands allotted to parties of 1st part (Thomas J. & Nannie W. Duncan) by said commissioners, in Crittenden Co. KY and imbraces the following: 340 acres off lower end of a tract bought by James Ford of (blank) McKurnaw on the Ohio River adj. mouth of Hurricane Creek, and 68 acres by recent survey purchased by James Ford from Joshua Lacy on Hurricane Creek on which James Ford once lived and adj. land now owned by Thos. H. Wallace Esqr. and is just across the creek from the tract of land first described. Ack. in Caldwell Co. (FHL film 558,374)
      D-205: 12 Sept. 1855; John L. Duncan of Crittenden Co. KY in consideration of a marriage contract 20 Oct 1841 between myself and Charlotte Chandler, in consideration of our said marriage and $225 worth of property which the said Charlotte held in trust for her four children, to wit, Polly Chandler now Polly Pickens and Martha Ann Chandler now Martha Ann Paris and William Chandler and George Chandler, children by her former husband George Chandler, who conveyed the property to Charlotte by will to go to the children when they came of age; Charlotte delivered the property to John L. Duncan in exchange for $225 worth of other property to be delivered whenever the oldest child came of age and that period being now fulfilled; convey to said Charlotte Duncan formerly Chandler for purposes above mentioned one waggon, one yoke of oxen, two cows, one yearling heifer, three head of hogs, one side saddle, and five acres of corn now growing in the field. No wit. (FHL film 558,374)
      D-431: John O. Duncan mortgage to Mrs. Olive T. Travis, 1856
      D-436: John F. Duncan to Edmond P. Rice, 1856
      D-442: Green B. Jacobs mortgage to John O. Duncan, 1856


Caldwell Co. KY Deed (FHL film 466,851)
      R-137: 20 Oct. 1852, indenture ... between "the heirs of John Duncan deceased (and William Ballentine) of the County of Caldwell and State of Kentucky" and "we the heirs (Viz. John J. Duncan, Elihu C. Duncan, Doctor W. Duncan of the County of Caldwell and State of Ky. and Owens Duncan and Barnet G. Perren of Crittenton County Ky. and Harbard B. Duncan and Chittendon L. Duncan of the State of Arkansas and Van Buren County"; for $65, sell ... to William Ballentine, our interest in ... land belonging to their father's estate ... on Skinframe Creek in the County of Caldwell ... 68 & 2/3 acres, part of a survey patented to John Davidson by Certificate No. 4153. /s/ John J. Duncan, Elihu C. Duncan, Barnet G. Perren, D.W. Duncan, H.B. Duncan, C.L. Duncan, Owens Duncan. Wit. C.H. Jones, E.C. Duncan. Certification for Harbard B. Duncan and Chitington (sic) L. Duncan in Van Buren Co. AR 21 Jan. 1853; Caldwell Co. KY deed proved by oath of C.H. Jones for signatures of John J. Duncan, E.C. Duncan, B.G. Perren, D.W. Duncan and Owens Duncan 20 Sept. 1853.


Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, Joseph E., widow Duncan, Susan; E 48 Ill. Inf.; 1876 April 15, Invalid Appl. #217465, Cert. #257420; 1901 Feb. 23, Widow Appl. #735872, Cert. #823472, Ill. (MAD: res. Crittenden Co. KY; she perhaps in 1900 Hamilton Co. IL, b.1836 KY; Joseph E. Duncan age 22 mar. Aurilla J. Broom 1870 in Hamilton Co. IL, Joseph E. Duncan age 65 mar. Susan Hulhines age 57 in 1891 in Hamilton Co. IL, b.1826)

IL Civil War Soldiers; IL State Archives Database of IL Civil War Veterans (Internet 3/22/1998)
This database includes the following, and should be consulted for more information:
      Name, Company & Unit, Residence
      Duncan, John S., E 48 INF, Crittenden Co. KY
      Duncan, Joseph E., E 48 INF, Crittenden Co. KY

HISTORIES before 1923

1885-1886 "KY, a History of the State" 2nd or 3rd Edition (Volume), by Perrin, Battle & Kniffin (FHL book 976.9 D3wt)
      Pg.52, Crittenden Co. W.E. WELDON, born in Marion Dist., this county, Jan. 7, 1843, son of William and Mary R. (Jones) Weldon, both born in NC and brought to TN when young by their parents. In 1832 his father came to this county, where he resided until 1874, when he moved to Pickneyville, Livingston Co., where he is now engaged in merchandising. Subject's mother died March 18, 1865. W.E. is the 8th of 12 children (not copied here). Mr. Weldon was married Jan. 6, 1870, to Miss Elizabeth J. Clark, dau. of Thomas H. & Rachel (Duncan) Clark. Mrs. Weldon's father was born in KY, his parents being of old NC stock. Her mother was born in TN. Mrs. Weldon was born in Marion Precinct, this county, Jan. 17, 1847, and to her have been born five children, three now living: Rittia A., Thomas A., and Odie E. Mrs. and Mrs. Weldon are Baptist.

"Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Western Arkansas" Goodspeed Publishers, 1891; Fulton County - Biographical (Fulton Co. AR Genweb, 7/23/2011)
      from: http://www.argenweb.net/fulton/goodspeed2.htm
      The Fulton Co. AR Genweb site has a transcript of pg.307 from this book about the family of S.P. Welden, of Fulton Co. AR, born June 15, 1832, in Jackson Co. TN, married at age 24 to Miss Elizabeth S. Duncan in Bollinger Co. MO, she born May 7, 1838, in Livingston Co. KY. See their website for more. (MAD: see also W.E. Weldon in Crittenden Co. KY)


Early Crittenden Co. KY records have been extracted and published by Brenda Joyce Jerome; these books should be consulted since they contain an index to the witnesses, bondsmen, and others involved in the documents.


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