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Formed 1821 from Hickman
Marshall formed 1842 from Calloway


1830 Calloway Co. KY Census
Pg.195  Thomas Grubbs        0000,01       - 0000,1
          (MAD: this cannot be the first husband of Nancy Grubbs
            who married Asahel Duncan 6/8/1826)
   202  Asel Duncan          1012,1001     - 1110,001
          (MAD: Caldwell Co. KY 1820 census)
   203  Thomas Duncan        0000,1        - 0

1840 Calloway Co. KY Census
Pg. 56  Crawford Duncan      0000,1        - 0001
        Asahel Duncan        0010,0000,1   - 0021,0001
          (MAD: Emely Grubbs mar. Thomas Jeffords 9/15/1842
            with consent of her mother Nancy Duncan
            [MAD: wife of Asahel Duncan])
    61  George W. Duncan     1000,1        - 0001,0001
    80  James Duncan         0010,2001     - 0020,001
    85  F.E. Duncan          1001,1        - 0001

1850 Calloway Co. KY Census
Pg.404, #74, F.E. DUNCAN (m) 36 SC farmer $700
                  Eliza J. 29 KY
                  James 10, Mary 8, Wm. 6 KY
                  D.R. (m) 4, Martha 1 KY
                  Lucy ROGERS 41 SC
                  (MAD: Franklin E. from Newberry Co. SC, mar. Elizabeth Newport; his sister Narcissa Ann mar. William Whitlock 8/20/1836)
Pg.406, #99, Nancy DUNCAN 45 NC (blank) $400
                  James 24 NC farmer, M.L. (m) 21 TN
                  Thos. C. 19, A.A. (m) 17 TN
                  Elizabeth 15, Mary 13 TN
                  (MAD: ? widow of ? Andrew of 1830 Maury TN census, ? 1840 Marshall TN census; not given as desc. of William Duncan from Chatham Co. NC; her dau. Elizabeth H. b. Maury Co. TN 1836, mar. Henry Taylor 3/18/1854)
Pg.410, #159, Jno. D. DUNCAN 32 NC brick layer
                  Martha E. 27 NC
                  Wm. F. 2, Jas. R. 1 KY
                  James CALLAHAN 24 NC farmer
Pg.410, #157, Forester CALLAHAN 58 NC farmer $1500
                  Elizabeth 38, Ezekiel 26 NC
                  Bashaby (f) 21, Nancy 16, Lucy 15 NC
                  Prudence 10, Ruth 3, Forester 4 KY
                  Agnes 3, Sarah F. 1 KY
                  (MAD: probably from Rockingham Co. NC)
Pg.441, #608, C.A. DUNCAN (m) 35 KY sheriff $250
                  Elizabeth 28 NC
                  Christ. (m) 9, Abner 6, Norma 4, Laura 2 KY
                  (and 3 sadlers)
                  (MAD: Crawford A. Duncan mar. Elizabeth Harvey 4/11/1838 Hardeman Co. TN)
Pg.446, #4, Wm. GRUBBS 28 KY farmer $250
                  A.W. (f) 23 KY
                  J.(f) 5, V.W. (m) 2, T.U.(m) 1/12 KY
                  John J.B. BEACH 25 KY farmer $100
                  (MAD: Ann Grubbs an heir of Asahel Duncan; ch. Jane, Woodberry, Thurston, Henry, Louisa, Adaline)
Pg.446, #13, S. DUNCAN 33 (m) KY farmer $240
                  R.A. (f) 26 TN
                  M.E. (f) 6, W.M. (m) 3, KY
                  P. SMITH (f) 14, F. (m) 11 KY
                  Wm. McRAY 23 TN farmer
                  (MAD: Samuel Duncan mar. Ruhana A. Frizzel 8/26/1841; 1860 Marshall Co. KY census)
Pg.451, #72, A.L. DUNCAN (m) 71 NC farmer $400
                  (MAD: Asahel Duncan)
Pg.451, #73, L. DUNCAN (m) 23 KY farmer $0
                  M. (f) 24 KY
                  S.E. (f) 1 KY
                  (MAD: Lewis Duncan)
Pg.452, #93, W. FRIZZELL (m) 57 NC farmer $450
                  N. (f) 63 NC
                  J.R. MOORE (m) 30 TN
                  J.T. FRIZZELL (m) 22 TN
                  N.C. (f) 10, M.E. (f) 7 KY
                  M.A. MOORE (f) 1 KY
Pg.452, #94, Z. FRIZZELL (m) 29 KY (blank) $250
Pg.452, #95, J.M. FRIZZELL (m) 61 NC farmer $500
                  M. (f) 58 TN
                  A?.M. (f) 17 TN
Pg.453, #101, J.H. SWIFT 21 KY farmer $200
                  N.A. (f) 20 KY (m/in/yr)
                  (MAD: Nancy Swift an heir of Asahel Duncan mar. John H. Swift)

1860 Calloway Co. KY Census (and from Denzil Mauldin 3/1986)
P.O. Murray
Pg.189, #61-63, C.A. DUNCAN (m) 45 NC boarding house Prof. $2000-$6000
                  Elizabeth 36 KY
                  C.P. (m) 19 KY druggist
                  A.H. (m) 17 KY student
                  Naomi 14, Laura 11, W.T. (m) 8 KY
                  (MAD: Crawford A. Duncan, 1870 Madison Co. TN census; Abner H. Duncan in 1870 Hardeman Co. TN census)
Pg.201, #136-139, Jno. SHADWICK 33 NC farmer $0-$35
                  Sarah 31 GA
                  Jno. W. 8, Sarah A.H. 7/12 KY
                  T.C. DUNCAN (m) 30 TN laborer $0-$300
                  Jane 23 NC
                  Calvin A. 10/12 KY
                  Joseph HART 35 TN carpenter $0-$150
                  Sarah E. 21 KY
                  Henry W. 3, Rosy J. (f) 2 KY
Pg.224, #305-306, J.C. DUNCAN (m) 34 NC lawyer $0-$135
                  Jane E. 36 NC (blank) $0-$135
                  Elizabeth 15 NC
                  Calvin 13, Mary 9 TN
                  Jane V. 7, Celia E. 5 TN
                  Milly E. (m) 4/12 KY
                  (MAD: Joseph Duncan, 1850 Maury Co. TN census)
Pg.230, #351-350, George M. DUNCAN 19 TN farmer $0-$150
                  Ann E. 19 KY (not mar/in/year)
                  Wm. M. WARNICK 12 KY
                  (MAD: not mar. in year)
Pg.256, #543-543, Lewis DUNCAN 33 KY farmer $1500-$483
                  Matilda 34 KY
                  Lenna A. 10, Mary S. 7 KY
                  George O. 6 KY
                  not named (f) (blank age) KY
Pg.266, #616-616, Nancy DUNCAN 58 NC housekeeper $1332-4725
                  A.A. (m) 20 TN farmer $450-$40
                  Lucinda 18 KY
                  (MAD: age of A.A. is plainly 20 but should be about 28; Nancy age 58 instead of 38 as I copied earlier)
Pg.266, #620-620, H.S. TAYLOR (m) 26 KY farmer $0-$275
                  Elizabeth T. 25 TN
                  Benjaman M. 3 TN
                  Henry A. 2 KY
                  (MAD: Elizabeth H. Duncan, age 18, b. Maury Co. TN, mar. Henry Taylor, age 19, 3/18/1854; see 1870 Marshall Co. KY census household of Hugh Brown; from info of John Grubbs 4/2003)
Pg.266, #621-621, Calvin D. DUNCAN 19 NC farmer $0-$180
                  Mary 23 TN (not mar/in/year)
Pg.267, #625-625, James DUNCAN 33 NC farmer $0-$255
                  Caroline M.M. 26 TN
                  Jno. R. 6, Sarah T. 4 KY
                  Nancy C. 3, Little C. (m) 8/12 KY
Pg.267, #626-626, Lewis DUNCAN 29 TN farmer $0-$250
                  Sally G. 28 TN
                  Mary T. 8, Nancy E. 5 KY
                  Sarah C. 3 KY
Pg.298, #870-870, Jno. FRIZZELL 27 KY farmer $0-725
                  Nancy 23 TN
                  Leonora P. 1 KY
Pg.350, #1245-1245, Jno. M. DUNCAN 45 NC brick mason $0-$100
                  Martha 40 NC
                  Wm. F. 12, James R. 10 KY
                  Mary E. 8, Nancy G.J. 6 KY
                  Edispan? (Chispan?) (m?) 5 KY
                  (MAD: ?Chispan, "m" written over "f" or vice versa)
Pg.368, #1373-1373, F.E. DUNCAN (m) 46 SC farmer $4000-$1340
                  Elizabeth 39 TN
                  William 17, James 20 KY
                  Matilda 15 TN
                  Mary 18, David R. 14 KY
                  Martha A. 12, Clementine (m) 9 KY
                  Robert 3, (blank) (f) 1 KY
                  Henry FINDLY 17 TN
                  Newton (m) 15 TN
                  Jno. HODGES 12 KY
                  Joseph 10 KY

1870 Calloway Co. KY Census (pg.43 also from Kathy Cawley 2/2002)
Brinkley Precinct, P.O. Cold Water
Pg.4, #45-46, DUNCAN, Lewis 43 KY farmer $1000-$600
                  Matilda 44 KY keeping house
                  Adelia 20, Mary 17, George 15 KY at home
                  Alice 10, Ann 6 KY at home
Concord Precinct, P.O. Murray
Pg.21-22, #26-26, DENCAN, James R. 29 KY (white) farmer $0-$0
                  Matilda A. 25 TN keeping house
                  Effiemay (f) 10 KY attending school
                  Rulie N. (m) 9 KY attending school
                  Rupert A. (m) 3 KY at home
Pg.23, #50-50, DUNCAN, Franklin E. (m) 56 SC farmer $1300-$1000
                  Elizabeth J. 48 TN keeping house
                  Clementine 17 KY attending school
                  Robert P. 13, Julia F/T. 10 KY at home
                  Elizabeth F. 3 KY at home
Pg.43, #307-307, DUNCAN, John M. 55 NC (white) farmer $600-$400
                  Susan 44 TN Keeping House
                  Mary E. 18 KY at home
                  Nancy G. 16 KY at home
                  Crispin D. (m) 15 KY farmer
                  Amy D. (f) 8 KY at home
                  John T. 5, Rufus T. (m) 5 KY at home
                  Fanny A. (f) 3 KY at home
                  HICKS, Martha S. 16 KY At Home
Swans Precinct, P.O. Murray
Pg.95, #60-56, ROGERS, Samuel H. 33 TN (white) farmer $1500-$1000
                  Perlissa? (f) 31 KY keeping house
                  Mary E. 5, Louisa J. 3 KY at home
                  John D. 2, Samuel F. 1 KY at home
                  PEARCE, William 21 TN (white) farm laborer
                  DUNCAN, Patsey (f) 13 TN BLACK works in tobacco factory
                  William 11 TN BLACK works in tobacco factory
Wadesborough Precinct, P.O. Wadesborough
Pg.108, #25-25, DUNCAN, Louis M. 41 TN (white) farmer $500-$350
                  Sarah Y. 41 TN keeping house
                  Mary E. 18, Nancy E. 15 KY at home
                  Sarah C. 13 KY at home
Pg.111, #72-72, DUNCAN, Calvin (m) 22 TN (white) farmer $0-$200
                  Emeline 24 KY keeping house
                  Joseph F. 1, James O. 1 KY at home
Pg.112, #86-86, DUNCAN, Joseph 46 NC (white) farmer $0-$150
                  Jane E. 50 NC keeping house
                  Mary E. 19, Jane V. 16 TN at home
                  Ceola E. (f) 13 TN at home
                  Milas H. (m) 10 KY farmer


Calloway Co. KY Probate Records (FHL film 321,422)
      Will Index Book 1:
            Duncan, F.E., D-25
            Duncan, Julia N., D-40
            Duncan, Emaline, E-198
            Duncan, Daniel F., F-5
            later not copied
      Wills, Book B, 1836-1842 - no Duncan
      Wills, Book C, 1842-1885:
            Index of wills only although book included estates; no Duncan will; no Duncan estate 1847-1857 from scan of pages.
      No will found for William Duncan bef. 1833

Calloway Co. KY Index to Will Book D, 1883-1912 (FHL film 1,942,709; from Joe Hammond 3/1985)
      Belcher, E.C.; J.F.; W.W.
      Daniel, J.T. pg. 219
      Duncan, Z.E.; Julia N. (pg. 25, 40)

Calloway Co. KY Wills, Vol.D-G, 1885-1961 (FHL film 1,942,708; SLC 9/2007; MAD: spelling as written)
      Vol.D, pg.25-26: This indenture made and intered into this Feb. 1st 1884 by F.E. Duncan of Calloway County, State of Kentucky, as his last will or testament, Witnesseth that I this day will and bequeath at my discease or death all my property both real and personal as follows:
            To my wife Angeline Duncan $100 in money and 1 bed and clothing, 1 bureau, and all her wearing apparel and things which she brought here at our marriage.
            To Jas. R. Duncan an equal part with the other children if any thing is left over after making the rest of my children equal with him in the land given to him heretofore, said land valued at $300.
            To Robert P. Duncan (MAD: P does not look like T in To) also to be made equal with the others and James R. Duncan after giving the estate credit for $250 for land already deed to him.
            To Mary Henry to be made equal with all the children as far as my effect may be sufficient to make her so.
            To Clentine Martin to have $50 in money to make her equal with the rest of the children in the way a horse which the balance have had and then an equal share as with the others mentioned.
            To Julia Duncan an equal share with rest.
            To Elizabeth P. Duncan a 3 year old roan filly that I now have and 1 bed and clothing &c and then an equal share with balance.
            To Freddie Martin my Grand daughter and daughter Richard Martin to have an equal share with my children if she live to come legally in possession of the same, otherwise her part to revert back to the estate an be equally divided among my children.
            The aim of the above will is to make an equal distribution of all my effects after making the children equal in what had been given to them before this in land or horses.
            Given under my hand the day and date above written. /s/ F.E. Duncan. Attest: T.J. Nix, Bunyan Nix. Proved June 27, 1887, by T.J. Nix who also testified to the signature of Bunyan Nix, recorded July 15, 1887.
      Vol.D, pg.40-41: This indenture made and entered into this April 6th 1888 by Julia N. Duncan of the County of Calloway and State of Kentucky as her last will and testament. Witnesseth that I will and bequeath to R.P. Duncan at my decease after paying my just debts, one note for $260 given to me by him for my interest in the lands of F.E. Duncan decd, also my interest in the notes and debts due the estate of F.E. Duncan in his hands for collection as Administrator and my sorrel horse and one feather bed. And I will and bequeath to my sister P.E. Ethridge all my bed clothing and wearing appearel. Given under my hand the day and date above written. /s/ Julia N. Duncan. Attest: T.J. Nix, D.W. St.John. Proved May 28, 1888, by T.J. Nix who testified to the signature and presence of D.W. St.John. Recorded June 12, 1888.
      E-198: Not copied (late)
      F-5: Not copied


Go to the Calloway Co. KY Land Records


Calloway Co. KY Vital Records 1852-1859; Deaths 1852-1859 (FHL film 216,819)
      A.J. Duncan, 7 months, b. Calloway, parents P. & Caroline Duncan, d. 20 Aug. 1852.
      no other Duncan found; no index


Calloway Co. KY Tax Records (FHL film 7,908)
      MAD: wp (white pole), 100a (100 acres), b or b.p. or t.b. (black or black pole or total blacks)
1823: Duncan, Samuel, 1 white pole, 2 horses
         two names
      Duncan, William, 1 wp, 6 horses
         two names
      Duncan, Thomas, 1 wp, 1 horse
1824: Duncan, Saml., 1 wp, 2 horses
      Duncan, William, 1 wp, 6 horses
         six names
      Duncan, Asel, 250a Caldwell Co., Duncan Creek, name of W. Duncan, 0 wp
      Same, 3a Caldwell Co., Duncan Creek, name of W. Duncan, 1 wp, 1 black over 16, 1 total black, 5 horses
1825: Pg.6
      Duncan, William, 1 wp, 1 b.16+, 1 t.b., 4 horses
         five names
      Duncan, Asel, 300a Caldwell Co., 1 wp, 1 t.b., 7 horses
      Same, 280a Long Creek, 0 wp
         one name
      Duncan, Samuel, 1 wp, 3 horses
1826: No Duncan found
1827: Pg.5
      Duncan, Asel, 200a Caldwell Co., D's Crk, 1 wp, 1 b.16+, 1 t.b., 2 horses
         five names
      Duncan, William, 1 wp, 2 horses
1828: Pg.7
      Duncan, Asel, 200a Caldwell Co., D's Crk, 1 wp, 1 b.16+, 1 t.b., 2 horses
      same for Saml. Duncan, 280a Cumberland, 0 wp
1829: Duncan, William, 1 wp, 1 horse
         several names
      Duncan, Asel, 160a Caldwell Co., Silver? Crk, 1 wp, 1 b.16+, 2 t.b., 2 horses
      Same, 273a Caldwell Co., Long Creek, 0 wp
         three names
      Duncan, Thomas, 1 wp, 1 horse
1830: no tax book
1831: no Duncan found
1832: no tax book
1833: Pg.11
      Duncan, Asel, 1 wp, 1 b.16+, 3 t.b., 3 horses, 1 stud horse
         ten names
      Duncan, Henry, 1 wp, 1 horse
1834: Pg.13
      Duncan, Franklin, 160a, 0 wp, 1 horse
         several names
      Duncan, Henry, 1 wp, 0 horse
1835: Pg.12
      Duncan, Asahel, 160a Calloway Co., Grubbs land, 1 wp, 1 b.16+, 3 t.b., 3 horses
         several names
      Duncan, Franklin E., 321a Blood River, 0 wp, 1 horse
      Same, 160a Blood River, 0 wp
         several names
      Duncan, Henry, 160a Blood River, 1 wp, 1 horse
1836: Pg.13
      Duncan, Frank E., 370a, 1 wp, 1 horse
      Same, 160a and 160a, 0 wp
         three names
      Duncan, Asahel, 160a Elk River, 1 wp, 1 b.16+, 3 t.b., 0 horses
      Duncan, Henry, 160a Blood River, 1 wp, 1 horse
1837: Pg.21
      Dunkin, F.E., 480a Blood River, 160a, 0 wp, 0 horse
         several names
      Duncan, Asel, 160a Clark River, 1 wp
      Same, 0 wp, 1 b.16+, 3 t.b., 2 horses
      Same, 0 wp, 3 horses, 4 cattle
      Duncan, Crawford T., 0 wp, 1 horse
1838: Pg.19
      Duncan, Crawford A., 1 wp, 1 horse
         several names
      Duncan, Asel, 160a & 160a, 1 wp, 1 b.16+, 3 t.b., 4 horses
         two names, pg.20
      Duncan, Samuel, 1 wp, 1 horse
      Duncan, Janes, 1 wp, 0 horse
1839: no tax book
1840: Pg.4
      Duncan, Janes, 1 wp, 1 horse
      Duncan, F.E., 800a, 1 wp, 3 horse
         several names
      Duncan, Asahel, 160a, 1 wp, 1 b.16+, 3 t.b., 5 horses
         several names, pg.28
      Duncan, Crawford, 1 wp, 1 t.b., 1 horse
      Duncan, Samuel, 160a, 1 wp, 1 horse
1841: Pg.10
      Duncan, Asahel, 160a TN River & 160a Clark's River, 1 wp, 1 b.16+, 3 t.b., 5 horses
         one name
      Duncan, Crawford A., 1 wp, 1 t.b., 1 horse
      Duncan, Franklin E., 480a, 1 wp, 3 horse
         several names
      Duncan, Saml., 1 wp, 1 horse
      Duncan (Dunean?), Janes, 1 wp, 0 horse
      Duncan, Solomon, 1 wp, 1 horse
         lots of names
      Duncan, Samuel, 1 wp, 1 horse
1842: Pg.9
      Duncan, Franklin E., 650a, 1 wp, 4 horse
      Duncan, Crawford A., 1 wp, 1 t.b., 3 horse
      Duncan, Asahel, 160a & 160a, 1 wp, 1 b.16+, 3 t.b., 6 horses
      Duncan, Samuel, 160a Bear Creek, 1 wp, 1 horse
         several names, pg.40
      Duncan, Solomon, 1 wp, 1 horse
1843: Pg.4
      Duncan, Asel, 160a Calloway Co., 1 wp, 1 b.16+, 3 t.b., 6 horses
      Same, 160a Marshall Co. on TN River, 0 wp
      Duncan, C.A., 1 wp, 1 t.b., 3 horse
      Duncan, Franklin E., 480a State Line (watercourse), 1 wp, 3 horse
1844: Pg.5
      Duncan, Asel, 160a Duncan's Creek, 1 wp, 4 t.b., 8 horses
         several names
      Duncan, C.A., 1 wp, 1 t.b., 3 horses
      Duncan, Franklin E., 480a State Line, 1 wp, 3 horse
1845: Pg.6
      Duncan, Franklin E., 480a, 1 wp, 3 horse
      Duncan, Nancy, 0 wp, 1 b.16+, 4 t.b., 2 horses
      Duncan, C.A., 1 wp, 1 t.b., 2 horses
         several names
      Duncan, Asel, 160a, 1 wp, 2 b.16+, 4 t.b., 5 horses
      Duncan, Nancy's heirs, 160a Marshall Co., TN River, 0 wp
1846: Pg.6
      Duncan, Asel, 160a & 160a Marshall Co., 1 wp, 2 b.16+, 4 t.b., 8 horses
      Duncan, Crawford, 1 wp, 1 b.16+, 1 t.b., 4 horses
      Duncan, John, 1 wp, 0 horse
         twelve names
      Duncan, Franklin E., 480a, 1 wp, 3 horse
         several names
      Duncan, Nancy, 60a Jonathan Creek, 0 wp, 1 b.16+, 4 t.b., 3 horses


Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, Andrew J., widow Duncan, Susana A.; B 50 MO Inf.; 1891 July 31, Invalid Appl. #1044552, Cert. #802654, KY; 1905 Sept. 6, Widow Appl. #834471, Cert. #613774, KY. (MAD: ? 1880-1900 Calloway Co. KY)
      Duncan, Samuel, widow Duncan, Rahamah A.; A 15 KY Cav.; 1884 May 22, Widow Appl. #315935, Cert. #261475, Ill. (MAD: 1850 Calloway Co. KY census; 1860 Marshall Co. KY census; mustered in at Paducah, McCracken Co. KY; to Williamson Co. IL per 1988 "History of Washington Co. TN" compiled by the Watauga Association of Genealogists Upper East TN, pg.332, Frizzell genealogy)

TN Confederate Pension Application (FHL film 969,803)
      Indexed: 14873 Duncan, C.R., Davidson, 1st KY. Inf.
      #14873, C.P. Duncan, Co.F, 1 KY Inf., filed Dec. 14, 1915, rejected, Wid. #7341 (MAD: widow Signore H. Duncan, Henry Co. TN, widow of Christopher Pritchell Duncan); applicant Capt. C.P. Duncan, b. KY, res. 1501 Hawkins St., Davidson Co. TN; soldier in KY, capt. of Co.F, 1st KY Regt., mustered in service at Harpers Ferry, VA, May 5, 1861; born Calloway Co. KY Aug. 30, 1840; enlisted April 15, 1861, Co.F, 1st KY Regt., Col. Blanton Duncan was the 1st Cornal(?) and Thos. H. Taylor "supersceded" him, Wm. Preston Johnson was the Lieutenant Col.; was never wounded; old age caused disability; in prison in Paducah, KY, in 1863, released spring 1864; family consists of I and my wife, my wife is 73 years old, no children living with me, 3 sons and 1 dau.; res. of TN since 1866, have been living in Nashville since 1880; /s/ 13 Dec. 1915, Capt. C.P. Duncan, P.O. Nashville, TN.

HISTORIES before 1923

1885 "KY, a History of the State" by Battle, Perrin, Kniffin, pub. by F.A. Battey Pub. Co. (from Evelyn Sigler 9/1982; Los Angeles Public Library book 976.9 B336)
      Pg.26-8, Calloway Co.: The Purchase - Calloway County. ... The Duncan family, consisting of Asel Duncan and his sons, William, Thomas, John, Crawford, Samuel and Lewis, were among the early pioneers of northern Calloway. ... John Harp was a resident of the county as early as 1821, and one year later, there were living on Duncan's Creek, John Swift, Luke Langston and a number of other families, whose names could not be learned. .... The following are the names of the commissioners, who constituted the first County Court (1823) ... They organized for business, ... William Duncan produced a commission from the governor, appointing him sheriff of the county, after which he took the several oaths and gave the bond required by law. .... The second term was held May 15, 1823, ... grand jury returned indictments against Samuel Ramsey, Henry Duncan, Thomas Duncan, John Farmer, John Staton, Jacob Doon, Joseph Staton, and William Staton for rioting. .... Sheriffs: W.B. Duncan, ... (Curd family here also) (MAD: see Hickman Co. for Sheriff's Commission)
      Pg.227 (pg.337), Marshall Co. JAMES H. JOHNSTON, farmer, merchant and postmaster at Sharps, Marshall Co. KY, one of oldest citizens of his county. One of the first settlers in this portion of the county where he lives was his grandfather, Absalom Johnston, who with his family came to this county about 1817. Isaac Johnston, the son of Absalom and father of our subject, was at that time a man of family, and was born about 1792 in SC, but in early life immigrated to KY, settling east of the Tennessee River, thence to Marshall Co. as above stated. He served as a soldier in the war with the Seminole Indians, and married Miss Charlotte Baker, had 9 children: Alfred, Isaac O., Dunning B., Elizabeth who married O. Grifith, Ira, Christina the wife of C.V. Bailey, James H., Henry who died in Mexico while a soldier in the Mexican war, and Ambrose Johnston. Of this family, all are dead except two: Mrs. Bailey and the subject of this sketch. Isaac and Charlotte Johnston, the parents of this family, both died in 1837. James H. Johnston was born in Marshall Co. KY in 1822, and has lived in the immediate vicinity of his birth(place). In 1841 he married Drusilla, a dau. of Joseph Staten, she died in Oct. 1871, the mother of ten children: Nancy M. (wife of R.J. Hill), Joseph O. (deceased), William H. and Mary C. (both of whom died in infancy), Elizabeth (wife of W.J. Miller), Isaac, Felix F., Bell A. (wife of J.M. Bradley of NM), Jennie C. and Eulalia Johnston, the last named died in infancy. In 1872 Mr. [James H.] Johnston married his present wife, Adeline, dau. of John and Jane (Duncan) Grubbs, born in Calloway Co. KY in 1838. Three children: Alfred, Lucy and James B. Johnston. Members of Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Mason.

1906 "The Book of St.Louisans : A Biographical Dictionary of Leading Living Men of the City of St.Louis" Edited by John W. Leonard, Pub. St.Louis, The St.Louis Republic, 1906; Copyright, 1906, by Albert Nelson Marquis (Google Books 8/6/2009, Harvard College Library book, US 25460. 20)
      Pg.167-168: DUNCAN, Abner Harvey, president of Mayfield Woolen Mills Clothing Co.; born in Callaway Co., Ky., May, 1843, son of Crawford A. and Elizabeth (Harvey) Duncan; educated in school at Murray, Ky.; married, Henry Co., Tenn., Jan., 1869, Laura Henry; children, Crawford Henry, Mrs. Wm. Everett, Mrs J.B. Rogers. Enlisted in Confederate Army on breaking out of war, and was 2d lieutenant in Third Kentucky Regiment, serving under Generals Hood and Forrest. After war located in Tennessee where was engaged in farming, general merchandise and drug business, and from 1889 to Nov., 1904, was vice-president of Paris (Tenn.) Medicine Co.; came to St.Louis from Paris, Tenn., May, 1900, and is now president of the Mayfield Woolen Mills Clothing Co., converters of raw wool into men's, boys' and children's clothing. Also vice-president Standard Adding Machine Co. Democrat. Member Christian (Disciples) Church. Mason, 32 deg., Knight Templar and Shriner. Member Tennessee and Kentucky Society of St.Louis, Mercantile. Office: Cor. 9th and Washington Ave. Residence: 4309 W. Pine Boul.

1912 "The Book of St.Louisans : A Biographical Dictionary of Leading Living Men of the City of St.Louis" Second Edition, 1912. Revised, Enlarged and Brought Down to date. Edited by Albert Nelson Marquis. Pub. Chicago, A.N. Marquis & Company, 1912. (Google Books 8/6/2009; from New York Public Library book)
      Pg.169-170: DUNCAN, Abner Harvey, retired; born in Callaway Co., Ky., May, 1843; son of Crawford A. and Elizabeth (Harvey) Duncan; educated in school at Murray, Ky.; married Henry Co., Tenn., January, 1869, Laura Henry; children: Crawford Henry, Mary (Mrs. William Everett), Lucy (Mrs J.B. Rogers). Enlisted in Confederate Army on breaking out of Civil War, and was second lieutenant in Third Kentucky Regiment, serving under Generals Hood and Forrest. After war located in Tennessee, where was engaged in farming, general merchandise and drug business, and from 1889 to November, 1904, was vice president of Paris (Tenn.) Medicine Co.; came to St.Louis May. 1900. and was president of the Mayfield Woolen Mills Clothing Co. until 1909. Democrat. Member Tennessee and Kentucky societies of St.Louis. Mason (32 deg.), Knight Templar, Shriner. Residence: Kirkwood, Mo.


Caldwell Co. KY Deeds
      D-254: 17 July 1824, William Duncan of Calloway (sic) Co. KY to Ashel Duncan of same, $600, 250 acres surveyed 7 Oct. 1816 in Caldwell Co. KY on Duncans Creek, a branch of TN River. /s/ W.B. Duncan. No wit. (FHL film 466,844)
      F-300: 6 Nov. 1830, Ashel (X) Duncan and wife Nancy (X) Duncan of Callaway Co. KY to Henry Fulks of Caldwell Co. KY, $450, remainder of a tract of 250 acres surveyed in name of William B. Duncan. No wit. (FHL film 466,845)
      Q-305: 19 March 1853, B.E. Bourland of Calloway Co. KY to Samuel Duncan of Caldwell Co. KY, for $375, on waters of Cumberland River, adj. Hills corner, being the land "that the said Samuel Duncan now on" containing 239-1/2 acres except 10 acres off the low end. /s/ B.E. Bourland, wife Nancy L. Bourland. Rec. 20 June 1853. (FHL film 466,851; SLC 6/17/2008)

Marshall Co. KY Deeds
      2-308: 24 Aug. 1850, Lewis Duncan of Calloway Co. KY to Thomas Love of Marshall Co. KY, $115, SW 1/4 Sec. 11, Twp. 5, Range 5E, on TN River, 160 acres, undivided 1/3 part of said 1/4 sec. orig. patent to Benjamin M. Grubbs 15 Nov. 1831. Dower released by Matilda (+) Duncan. No wit. (FHL film 321,346)
      3-344: 22 March 1853, C.A. Duncan to Edward Curd, both Calloway Co. KY, by virtue of a judgement of Calloway Co. Court Dec. 1851, amended Feb. 1852, ref. to pending suit in Calloway Co. court; Edward Curd and William H. Curd, adm. of estate of Perry G. Imes, decd, complainants, vs. Jane P. Jones late Jane P. Imes widow of Perry G. Imes decd, and George H. Imes, Edward W. Imes; C.A. Duncan a court commissioner to sell land. (FHL film 321,346)
      4-431: 26 May 1856, C.A. Duncan, admr. of William Craddock decd, to A.P. Thompson, all Calloway Co. KY, land in Marshall Co. KY; ref. to decree of Calloway Co. circuit court May 1853 and Nov. 1853, Daniel Craddock & others plaintiffs vs. Joseph Craddock & others defs., sale of land. (FHL film 321,347)

Hardeman Co. TN Deeds (FHL film 989,301)
      C-135: 31 Oct. 1827, Ashael Duncan of Calaway Co. KY appoint N.E. Normant of Hardeman Co. TN attorney to transfer to Peter Regans? of Wilson Co. TN a plat and certificate of 200 acres of land on Big Hatchee River in the 10th? survey district, Range 4, Sec. 10 in Hardeman Co. in the name of Ashael Duncan, beg. NE corner of entry #1102 in name of C. Andrews, ... Wit. George M. Pystle?, J.J. Rogers.
      C-252: 14 Nov. 1831, Samuel Duncan to Isham Smith, $240, 120 acres in 10th Dist., R.4, Sec. 5, corner to entry #772 grant to Thomas Henderson. Wit. James Lontate?, H.W. Duncan. Rec. Jan. 1832.
      C-314: 15 Feb. 1832, Asahel Duncan to Isham Smith, both of Hardeman Co. TN, $350, 120 acres in 10th Dist., R.4, Sec. 5, bounded by warrant 999 and entry 992 grant to T. Henderson for 640a. Wit. Charles C. Rucher, Robert Smith, Winfrey Owens. Proven by oaths of wit. July 1832.

Newberry Co. SC Deed (FHL film 24,238)
      R-352: 24 Jan. 1835, Franklin E. (X) Duncan of Callaway Co. KY to Stephen Hill of Newberry Dist., $750.50, 99 acres in Newberry Dist. on north side of Duncan's Creek, adj. Stephen Hill, James Lane, Narcissa? Duncan & others, Tract #2 in plat by James Flannagan 12 March 1825 in division of land, writ of partition issued by Ordinary of Newberry Dist., James Law (Lane?) vs. said Franklin Duncan and Narcissa Duncan. Wit. D. Nance, Hicks Weston.


"Bible Records of Calloway Co. (KY) and Surrounding Counties" no author given (Los Angeles Public Library book; from Roy Hall 9/1986; FHL book 976.992 V29c)
      John Thomas Grubbs, b. 1796 in VA, m. 9 Sept. 1819 in Caldwell Co. KY to Jame (sic) Duncan and had the following children: Wm. Grubbs b. 1822, Thos. Grubbs, Thurston Grubbs, Asahel Grubbs, Mary Grubbs, Henry Grubbs, Adaline Grubbs. After 1st wife died, John Thomas Grubbs married Valina Duncan, sister of first wife Jane Duncan.


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