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Formed 1842 from Hickman, McCracken
Carlisle formed 1886 from Ballard


1850 Ballard Co. KY Census
Pg.250, #3, Michael CUMMINS 64 VA farmer $2000
                  Nancy 63 VA
                  John 25 KY farmer, Marcus (m) 21 KY
                  Nancy ASTERBURG 27 KY, Martha 3 KY
                  Samuel DUNCAN 6 KY

1860 Ballard Co. KY Census
Pg.584, #169-167, Robert M. DUNCAN 44 KY farmer $6000-$2500
                  Eliza J. 42 KY
                  John W. 20 KY farmer
                  Ann 15, B. (f) 12 KY
                  Samuel C. 7, Franklin P. 6 KY
                  (MAD: 1850 Daviess Co. KY census)
McCuistians Dist.
Pg.734, #1167-1138, Samuel DUNCAN 45 KY farmer $6000-4000
                  Hannah E. 46 KY
                  Benjamin R. 23, John W. 19 KY farm laborers
                  Sarah J. 16, Vitula (f) 12 KY
                  Charles 6, Kentucky (f) 3 KY
                  (MAD: mar. Hannah Muffitt 5/11/1835 Breckinridge Co. KY; not identified 1850)

1870 Ballard Co. KY Census
Dist. 1, P.O. Woodville
Pg.352, #35-(blank), DUNCAN, Hana (f) 56 KY (white) housekeeper $1000-$600
                  Charles 16 KY
                  Kentucky M. (f) 13 KY
Dist. 2, P.O. Barlow City
Pg.383, #235-249, SHORT, Georgiann (f) 24 AR (white) house keeper $0-$0
                  Thomas M. 13 KY works on farm
                  Victory (f) 10 KY in school
                  Mary E. 7 KY in school
                  DUNCAN, Eliza B. 3 KY (white)
Pg.384, #241-255, TUCKER, Henry 48 KY (white) farmer $2500-$756
                  Rebecca 46 KY keeps house
                  ROSS, John S. 18 KY in school
                  Henry C. 15, Sophiah (f) 11 KY in school
                  [ROSS] Ann 17 KY BLACK housekeeps
                  Mary 13 KY BLACK housekeeps
                  Younger (m) 12 KY BLACK works on farm
                  Amanda 9 KY BLACK nurse
                  DUNCAN, William 54 KY (white) physician $0-$225
                  (MAD: ? 1860 Daviess Co. KY census, pg.969)
Dist.3, P.O. Blandinville
Pg.406, #292-295, DUNCON, Alexander 64 TN (white) farmer $0-$1330
                  Mary 62 TN keeps house
                  Alford 30 KY farmer
                  Willie A. (m) 28 KY farmer
                  Josephine ("m") 18 KY keeps house
                  (MAD: 1860 Graves Co. KY census)
Milburn Dist.7
Pg.478, #33-34, DUNCAN, William 26 KY (white) farmer $1600-$800
                  Elizabeth 20 KY keeps house
                  Julia (Zuln?) (f) 2 KY
                  REID, John 11 KY BLACK
Pg.478, #33-35, BROWN, John 24 TN (white) farmer $0-$0
                  Catharine 20 KY keeps house $0-$500 (sic)
Milburn Dist.8
Pg.500, #39-40, DUNCIN, Minnervy 38 TN (white) keeps house $0-$100
                  Henry 14 KY in school
                  Mary 11, Jane 9, Sarah 7 KY in school


Kentucky, Probate Records, 1792-1977, Ballard County, Guardian settlements, 1842-1880, Vol.B, Image 44 of 284, pages 84 and 85, from www.FamilySearch.org images (FamilySearch.org webpage, 9/22/2011)
      B-84: Duncan, M.K. The following writing ... true inventory of all the ... property belonging to Mary ... which has come to my hands or control ... claim, to wit: One half interest in ... of land lying in Ballard County Ky. ... of Clinton Creek, adjoining George ... farm, and worth about eight dollars per ... said tract of land has between 30 and forty acres of open land on it, I leased the whole of said land for 1872 and 1873 for repairs without any rent. In 1874 I rented the whole of said land for sixty dollars, one half of which belongs to this ward, $30.00. In 1875 I could rent only a part of said land, for the part rented I received forty dollars, one half of which belongs to this ward $20.00. In 1876 I rented the whole of said land for eighty dollars subject to a deduction out of said rent for making a well on said farm one half of the ballance is due this ward, but the price of said well has not yet been ascertained and the rent for 1876 is not yet received by me. To amount? received Nov. 28th 1868 by Hanah Duncan former Guardian of this ward from Wm. Walden Admr. of Samuel Duncan $15.77 and I as Admr. of Hanah Duncan have to pay said $15.77/100 out of the estate of said Hanah Duncan. The above is a true and full statement of all of said wards property which has come to my hands or control. /s/ G.M. Holeman, Guardian of M.K. Duncan. Sworn to before me by George M. Holman this Feb. 15th, 1877. /s/ J.D. Wilds, P.J. B.C.C. State of KY, Ballard County, Sct. I, T.L. Glenn, Clerk of the Ballard County Court do certify that the foregoing inventory of the estate of M.K. Duncan by G.M. Holeman Guar. was on the 19th day of February 1877 exhibited in open court, examined and approved by the court and ordered to be recorded and the same with this certificate has been duly recorded in my office. Witness my hand this 25 day of April 1877. /s/ T.L. Glenn Clk, By Jno. D. Moon, D.C. A copy Attest. T.L. Glenn, Clk, by Geo. R. Armistead D.C.
      B-85: Duncan, Charles. "(The following is an inventory of the Estate of Charles Duncan as reported by his guardian G.M. Holeman, a portion of which was destroyed by fire on the 17th of Feby 1880 as will be seen by the following blanks) ...." In 1876 I rented the whole of said land for Eighty dollars, subject to a deduction out of said rent for making a well on said farm, one half the balance is due this ward, but the price of said well has not yet been ascertained (MAD: more not copied, but same as or similar to pg.84 for Mary K. Duncan, admr. of Hanah Duncan, Wm. Walden admr. of Samuel Duncan, etc.).

Ballard Co. KY Deeds (FHL film 977,105)
      A-13: 5 June 1872, KY & TN RR etc. to William Butler Duncan of NY (not copied)
      A-354: 1880 not copied
      None earlier

Ballard Co. KY Tax Lists 1843- (FHL film 7,862)
      1843: Dunkin, Samuel - 1wp, 1h
      1844: Duncan, Samuel T. - 1wp, 1h
      1845: no Duncan
      1846: no Duncan

HISTORIES before 1923

1885 "KY, a History of the State" 1st? Edition (Vol.), by Perrin, Battle & Kniffin; pub. by F.A. Battey Pub. Co. (FHL book 976.9 D3wt; Los Angeles Public Library book 976.9 B336; also from Evelyn Sigler 9/1982, and Nancy Ruff 3/1983)
      Pg.20-1, Ballard Co. GEORGE W. HINES, born July 16, 1823 in Logan Co. KY where he was reared, and in 1856 came to Ballard Co. where he still retains his residence. His father, John Hines, a native of Halifax Co. VA, died in 1879 at the age of 83 years. He was the son of Edwin Hines of VA, a Rev. soldier who died about 1835. Subject's mother, Ann Duncan, was born near Lexington [Fayette Co.], KY. John Hines was twice married, and to him, by his first wife (unnamed) were born Mary (Daniel), James D., John and Bersheba (Mills). His offspring resulting from his espousal of Miss Ann Duncan are our subject, Preston A., Elizabeth (Duvall), Dr. Daniel C., Samuel G., Julia A. (Herrington), Jane (Riley), Lucy (Bailey), and Joseph C. On May 9, 1845, subject was married to Miss Frances K. (born in 1825), dau. of George and Patty (Rice) Bailey, of Logan Co. KY ...
      Pg.23, Ballard Co. WILLIAM HOLMAN, born Feb. 5, 1809 in Henry Co. KY, fourth of ten children born to William and Polly (Foster) Holman, of English and Irish descent, and natives of MD and VA respectively. ... William Holman was reared on a farm and lived with his parents until he became of age. In 1818, he and his parents moved to Ripley Co. IN, where his father entered 160 acres for each one of his children. Our subject lived in IN until 1858, when he moved to where he now resides on the Ohio River in Ballard Co. KY. ... He was married in October 1829 to Sarah Hawthorn, of Henry Co. KY, dau. of James and Willie (Rollan) Hawthorn, natives of Ireland and England respectively. To this union were born 13 children: James H. now in CA; Henry F., Martha (now dead) married a Mr. Shook; William S. (deceased); George M.; Jesse C. (deceased), Amanda M. and Sarah C. both married to Duncans; Roseta M. (deceased), Joseph T. (deceased), Mildred R. (deceased), Polly A. (deceased), she was married to a Mr. Colvin; Eliza E. now Wyatt. ... Mrs. Holman was a member of the Baptist Church. On Dec. 25, 1856, Mr. Holman married Cabriella D. Bates ..., three children; she died Oct. 1877 and he next married ...
      Pg.23, Ballard Co. GEORGE M. HOLMAN, born April 9, 1837, in Ripley Co. IN, fifth of 13 children born to William and Sarah (Hawthorn) Holman. He married Dec. 30, 1862 to Sarah J. Duncan of Ballard Co., dau. of Samuel and Hannah (Muffit) Duncan. Eight children: Anna E., now Brockmon; Mollie B., Amanda M., Georgia M., James and Jesse (twins), William M., dead; and Mattie L. Mr. Holman and wife and three oldest children are members of the Baptist Church. Mr. Holman moved to Ballard Co. with his parents in 1853, and settled in north part of the county ...
      Pg.44-5, Ballard Co. DR. HERMAN REID, deceased, born in Green Co. KY on July 16, 1816, a son of John and Mary (Lockett) Reid; the father died when subject quite young. He was then taken to East TN where he lived with his mother's people; he remained with his grandfather until he was 16, then studied medicine, graduated from the university at Lexington in 1840; in 1841 to Milburn until his death on Jan. 7, 1874. He was married to Miss Lucretia R. Pile who still survives him. The result of this union was the following children: E.O. born Nov. 19, 1845; M.E. born Sept. 27, 1849, now wife of W.S. Duncan; F.Q. born Jan. 23, 1852, and now wife of G.W. Greenup; W.C. born Feb. 24, 1854; A.L. born Dec. 6, 1856 and now wife of A.E. Crews; H.C. born May 8, 1859; R.L. born Dec. 4, 1861; Lillie H. born Oct. 23, 1868; E.H. born March 26, 1871. ... Dr. E.O. Reid, the eldest son, was born in Milburn, settled in Dublin, Graves Co., then to Milburn, married in 1870 to Miss Alice L. Trainnum of Paducah, then in 1880 to Miss Sue M. Dodge. Dr. H.C. Reid, the 6th of 9 children of Dr. Herman Reid, was also born in Milburn, married Oct. 17, 1883, to Miss Lena M. Milburn, ...
      Pg.57-8 or 167-8, Ballard Co. R.C. WHITESIDE was born in Clinton Co. KY, Jan. 20, 1838, and is the first of eight children born to O.H.P. and Eliza (Campbell) Whiteside, natives of Kentucky and of German and Scotch descent respectively. (more on ancestors) ... He moved with his parents to Iowa in 1856; he returned to Ballard in 1857, settled in the neighborhood of Ogden's Landing and located where he now resides ... He was married in October, 1867, to Vitula Duncan, a native of Daviess Co. KY, and daughter of Samuel and Hannah (Muffit) Duncan, who were natives of Daviess and Breckinridge Cos. KY, respectively, of Scotch and German descent. To Mr. and Mrs. Whiteside were born five children: Samuel O., Flora B., Ella, Jesse C. (deceased), and Leslie. ...
      Pg.190 (300?), Paducah and McCracken Co. SAMUEL G. HINES, McCracken Co., is a native of Logan Co., this State, was born December 8, 1838, and is a son of John Hines, who was originally from VA, but came to KY with his parents when a young man, locating in Logan Co. where he resided most of his life on a farm. A few years preceding his death, he went to live with his son in Ballard Co. KY, and there departed this life at the age of 82 years. His wife, formerly a Miss Ann Duncan, died a short time before her husband. They had eleven children. Our subject ... age 21 in Logan Co., in 1870 to Ballard Co., 12 years, then to present farm in McCracken Co., retaining the Ballard farm. Twice married, his first wife having formerly been a Miss Frances Miller of Logan Co., three children, one of whom, Joseph, now living; second wife was Miss Alice Bacon of McCracken Co., three children, Cordelia, George and Samuel G.


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