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Formed 1816 from Dearborn, Jefferson


1830 Ripley Co. IN Census
Pg. 12  William Duncan     1001,1000,01 - 1100,1

1840 Ripley Co.IN Census
Pg.110  James Duncan       0000,01      - 2100,2    Johnson
   119  William Duncan     1110,01      - 1100,01   Otter Creek

1850 Ripley Co. IN Census
Johnson Twp., Versailles Town
Pg.219, #53, James DUNCAN 39 PA J.P. $300
                  Sarah 37 IN
                  Lydia Ann 17, Amanda Louisa 15 IN
                  Sarah Lane 12, Margaret Elizabeth 7 IN
                  James William 3 IN
                  (MAD: James Duncan mar. Sarah Shook 5/5/1831)
Pg.219, #54, William DUNCAN 44 PA merchant $600
                  Eleanor 48 IN
                  Eliza Lane 18, Harden (m) 16 IN
                  William 12, Joseph 8 IN
                  Sarah Ellen 4 IN
                  (MAD: wife Ellen Ludwick b. Mercer Co. PA, per Leroy Duncan)
Johnson Twp.
Pg.229, #180, Keeper of the poor, (includes many people)
                  Elizabeth DUNCAN 60 KY (pauper)
Pg.233, #236, James DUNCAN Jr. 23 IN laborer
                  Catharine 23 IN
                  Gertrude 1 IN
                  (MAD: James Duncan mar. Catherine Overturf 1/14/1847)

1850 IN Mortality Schedule, Vol.II & III (FHL film)
   Ripley Co., Dist.96, pg.177:
      Sarah Ellen Duncan, age 2, b. IN, d. Jan. of unknown, sick 3 weeks.

1860 Ripley Co. IN Census
Centre Twp.
Pg.37, #260-260, James DUNCAN 32 IN carpenter $0-$150
                  Catharine 32 IN housewifing
                  Mary C. 9, Charles M. 4 IN
Pg.37, #261-261, Hardin DUNCAN 26 IN carpenter $150-$154
                  Julia A. 22 IN housewifing
                  Madora E. (f) 1 IN
Pg.38, #263-263, William DUNCAN 22 IN farmer $0-$100
                  Elizabeth 24 OH housewifing
                  (MAD: no children, not mar/in/year)
Pg.40, #280-280, William DUNCAN 54 PA merchant $300-$200
                  Ellen 56 PA housewifing
                  Joseph 18, Sarah E. 13 IN
Otter Creek Twp.
Pg.127, #889-889, John DUNCAN 23 PA farmer $0-$100
                  Martha 21 IN
                  Mary 2, Leona (f) 3?/12 IN
Franklin Twp.
Pg.283, #1058-1036, Josiah LEWIS 40 OH farmer $2000-$348
                  Eliza 37 MD
                  Martha 15, Mary J. 11 IN
                  Harriet 9, Elizabeth 7 IN
                  Josephine (f) 4 IN
                  Ella 2, Ida 9/12 IN
                  Joshua DUNCAN 26 IN cooper $0-$0
Johnson Twp.
Pg.303, #23-23, James DUNCAN 54 PA farmer $0-$100
                  Sarah 48 IN
                  Jane 21, Mary F. 16 IN
                  Margaret 15 IN
                  James 13, Isaiah 5 IN
                  (MAD: 1870 Vermilion Co. IL census)

1870 Ripley Co. IN Census
Center Twp.
Pg.63, #8-8, MULLEN, John 70 PA farmer $2500-$1500, parents of foreign birth
                  Elizabeth 63 VA keeping house
                  William C. 17 IN
                  DUNCAN, Harding (m) 34 IN farm laborer $0-$100
                  Medera (f) 9, Mary 7 IN
                  Allsora (f) 6, John M. 2 IN
Pg.66, #54-54, DUNCAN, James 43 IN carpenter $250-$100
                  DUCAN, Catharine 43 IN keeping house
                  Charles 14, James L. 8 IN
                  HOOVER, James 29 IN farm laborer
                  Mary H. 20 IN keeping house
                  William 6 IN
                  John 1/12 IN b.Apr.
                  (MAD: spelling as given for Duncan/Ducan)
Pg.69, #105-106, DUNCAN, William 65 PA farm laborer $600-$100, father of foreign birth
                  Louisa 48 IN keeping house
Delaware Twp.
Pg.92, #142-140, DUNCAN, Joseph 28 IN farmer $1200-$485
                  Mary J. 27 IN keeping house
                  Joseph W. 1 IN at home
                  RICH, Caroline 18 IN domestic servant


Ripley Co. IN Deeds; Indexes v.1 1818-48, v.2 1848-55 (Grantors on FHL film 1,312,632; grantees on FHL film 1,312,666)
      Following from index unless film number given
      D-147: 25 June 1831, William (X) Duncan and wife Elenor (X) of Ripley Co. IN to Hezekiah Shook, $50, 11.5 acres, NE corner Sec.36 T8 R11; wit. David P. Shook, Edmed (sic) Meginnis; rec. 12/3/1834. (FHL film 1,312,537)
      D-175: 4 June 1827, John Muir and wife Mary (X) of Clermont Co. OH to William Duncan of Dearborn Co. IN, $50, 11.5 acres in NE corner Sec.26 T8 R11E; wit. Sterling Bagley, Otho Pearre; rec. 12/30/1834. (FHL film 1,312,537)
      D-413: 27 Oct. 1835, William Hendricks, surviving executor of will of John Paul decd, to William Duncan and James Duncan of Versailles, IN, $100, 49.16 acres, part of Sec.1 T7 R11, in Jeffersonville Dist., on Laughery Creek and mouth of Cedar Creek; wit. Thomas Smith, A.A. Reed; rec. 12/22/1835. (FHL film 1,312,537)
      D-421: 5 Dec. 1835, William (X) Duncan and wife Elanor (X) of Ripley Co. IN to James Duncan of same, $185, one undivided equal part of 49.16 acres, SE 1/4 Sec.1 T7 R11; Wit. David P. Shook, David (X) Duncan; rec. 12/29/1835. (FHL film 1,312,537)
      D-423: 5 Dec. 1835, James Duncan and wife Sarah (X) of Ripley Co. IN to William T.S. Cornett of same, $300, 24 acres & 1/2 acre, part SE 1/4; wit. David P. Shook, Mathew (X) Duncan. (FHL film 1,312,537)
      E-74: 29 Dec. 1835, George Drum and wife Elizabeth (X) to James Duncan, Peter Shook and David P. Shook, all Ripley Co. IN, $500, 116.61 acres, part SW 1/4 Sec.30 T7 R12; rec. 5/25/1836. (FHL film 1,312,537)
      F-613: (no date) William Holoman Jr. to James Duncan, (no money), part of lot 8 in Versailles, rec. 10/27/1838.
      (quit copying grantees)
      G-119: 3 Oct. 1838, James Duncan to William Duncan, $50, 20 acres, N 1/2 NE 1/4 SW 1/4 Sec.32 T8 R12, rec. 1/31/1839.
      G-151: 14 Feb. 1839, James Duncan to W.T.S. Cornett, $400, 24.5 acres part SE 1/4 Sec.1 T7 R11, rec. 2/15/1839.
      G-327: 3 May 1839, James Duncan to William Brown, $50, 20 acres, S 1/2 NE 1/4 SW 1/4 Sec.32 T8 R12, rec. 5/9/1839.
      G-329: 3 May 1839, William Duncan to William Brown, $150, 20 acres, N 1/2 NE 1/4 SW 1/4 Sec.32 T8 R12, rec. 5/9/1839.
      G-411: 24 June 1839, James Duncan to Experience Glasgow, $300, part lot 8 in Versailles, rec. 6/24/1839.
      H-450: 18 Feb. 1843, James Duncan to John Ruby, $52, (no acres), SE 1/4 NE 1/4 Sec.34 T8 R11, rec. 2/20/1843.
      (MAD: lots of James Duncan grantor lots in Versailles, not copied)


Ripley Co. IN Probate Records; Wills V.B 1839-1862 (FHL film 1,311,952)
      No Vol.A, no Duncan in Vol.B

Ripley Co. IN Probate Order Book v.1 1821-39 (FHL film 1,311,994 item 1)
      Wills only; no Duncan

Ripley Co. IN Order Books (FHL film 1,311,904 items 3-4)
      Vol.A, 1818-37 - no index
      Vol.B, 1837-43
            B-338: 2 Feb. 1842, James Duncan vs. Mary P. Henderson, admix. of Edward Henderson decd, in debt; submit matter to court to decide without a jury, judge finds for the Defendant (Henderson) who is to recover her costs from the Plaintiff (Duncan); 2 cases.

Ripley Co. IN Complete Order Book v.A 1834-42, v.B 1842-46 (FHL film 1,311,994 item 2-3)
      No Duncan


"Reports of cases argued and determined in the Supreme Court of Judicature of the state of Indiana" ("Indiana Reports") by Albert G. Porter A.M., Vol.IV; Vol.4, pgs.562 to 563 (California State Law Library, Sacramento, 12/2003)
      DUNCAN and Others v. BARBOUR and Others; Supreme Court of Indiana; 4 Ind. 562; December 24, 1853, Decided.
      Error to the Ripley Circuit Court.
      Roache, J. -- Bill in chancery by Barbour and Smith, and Peter A. White & Co., against Duncan, Shook, and others, for the purpose of subjecting to sale certain premises charged to have been conveyed with intent to defraud the complainants.
      The bill alleges that Barbour and Smith recovered a judgment against Duncan, on the 8th of September, 1847, for 236 dollars and 61 cents, on a note dated July 30, 1846; that Peter A. White & Co. also recovered a judgment against Duncan, on the 27th of February, 1848, for 544 dollars and 47 cents, on two notes dated respectively on the first and second of December, 1846; that executions were issued on both judgments, and returned nulla bona, before the filing of the bill; that on the 2d of September, 1847, Duncan conveyed a town lot, which was the only unincumbered property owned by him, subject to execution, to the defendant Shook; that said conveyance was made pending the suit of Barbour and Smith, and long after the date of all the notes above mentioned; that the conveyance was made for the purpose of placing the property beyond the reach of the complainants, and thus fraudulently preventing them from collecting their said debt; and that Shook was cognizant of the fraudulent intent, and participated in it.
      The answers admitted the notes, judgments, executions, returns, and the sale by Duncan to Shook, but denied all charges of fraud, and insisted that the sale was made in good faith, and for a valuable consideration. Upon the hearing, the Court held the conveyance from Duncan to Shook to be fraudulent and void, and decreed a sale, pursuant to the prayer of the bill. The only error alleged for the reversal of this decree is, that it is not sustained by the evidence.
      Upon a careful examination of the proof before the Circuit Court, we are satisfied the decree ought not to be disturbed on that ground. We think the conclusion of Court was a fair deduction from the evidence in the case.
      The facts and circumstances established by the proof were such as, in our opinion, to justify the Court in finding that the conveyance was made for the purpose of hindering the complainants in the collection of their debts, and that the grantee had full knowledge of that purpose.
      Per Curiam. -- The decree is affirmed, with 10 per cent. damages and costs.


Newton Co. IN Deed
      12-193: (filled in form) 12 April 1873, Hardin Duncan and wife Julia A. Duncan of Ripley Co. IN, convey and warrant to Mechach R. Hyatt of Nevada Co., CA, for $500, real estate in Newton Co. IN, NW 1/4 Sec.17 Twp.30N Range 8W. /s/ Hardin Duncan, Julia A. Duncan. They appeared before Thomas E. Willsin, Notary Public of Ripley Co. IN, 12 April 1873. Recorded 25 April 1873. (FHL film 2,080,477)


1921 "Gold star honor roll : a record of Indiana men and women who died in the service of the United States and the allied nations in the World War, 1914-1918" by Indiana Historical Commission (Indianapolis); Microfilm of original published: Indianapolis : Indiana Historical Commission, (FHL film 1,673,274 item 3; IN State Library book 940.3772 I385w, from C.T. Duncan 12/2007)
      Contains a photograph and brief biographical sketch of each person, giving name of parents, birthplace, occupation, and service record.
      Pg.543: Ripley County. Duncan, Wilbur Roy. Private. Son of William and Sarah Duncan; born May 29, 1888, Manchester [Adams Co.], Ohio. Farmer. Called into service June 25, 1918, Versailles, Ind. Sent to Camp Sherman, Ohio; assigned to Company F, 150th Infantry, 38th Division; then to Company H, 336th Infantry. Sent to Camp Merritt, N.J.; then to Camp Mills, N.Y. Died of pneumonia in Camp Mills Hospital October 23, 1918. Buried in Washington Cemetery, Elrod, Ripley County, Ind.

1920 "Ripley County's Part in the World War" [Ripley Co. IN] ed. by Minnie Elizabeth Wycoff (IN State Library book 940.3772 R589W 1920; from C.T. Duncan 12/2007)
      Indiana War History Records, Military Service Record. Prepared by the Indiana Historical Commission as a permanent memorial to the Indiana soldiers and sailors enrolled in the American and Allied fighting forces during the World War. (MAD: filled-in forms, I have condensed the information)
      Pg.270: #19b. Duncan, Charles Oscar. Born November 23, 1889, Manchester, O[hio], white, father born Adams Co. Ohio, mother born Brown Co. Ohio; single, farming, resided Elrod, Ripley Co. IN, no previous military experience. Inducted into service April 30, 1918, at Versailles, Indiana, as Private, Field Artillery, Indiana Quota, National Army; assigned first in Bat. F, assigned to Battery E, 329th F.A., 37th Div.; trained at Camp Taylor, Ky, 1 mo, Camp Sheridan, Ala., Camp Merritt, N.J., 5 days, Camp Mills, N.Y., 2 weeks. Embarked from Hoboken, N.J., Aug. 2, 1918, 329th F.A.; arrived at Liverpool, Eng., Aug. 12, 1918; trained in France, Camp Cocquitdau, 2 mos., at Mesac in rest camp 3 wks, Pant-a-Mouss 2 months after Armistice, Verlin, 2 wks, Le Mans, 10 days. Participated in battles of Alsace-Lorraine, Toul Seeton, 28 days in action, 5 days actual firing of guns. Hospital treatment at Camp Sheridan, Alabama, 6 weeks for measles and pleurisy. Sailed for United States on March 25, 1919, Brest?, Fr. on Leviathan, April 2, 1919, port of Hoboken, N.J. Discharged April 30, 1919, at Camp Sherman, O., as Pvt. Returned to civil life as farming, present home address: Elrod, Ripley Co. Ind.
      Pg.274: #19a. Duncan, Wilbur Roy. Born May 29, 1888, Manchester, O[hio], white, father born Adams Co. Ohio, mother born Brown Co. Ohio; single, farming, resided Elrod, Ripley Co. IN, no previous military experience. Inducted into service June 26, 1918, at Versailles, Indiana, as Private, Infantry, Indiana Quota, National Army; assigned to Co.F, 150th Inft., 84th Div.; trained at Camp Sherman, O., 2 mos., no promotions; died at Camp Mills, New York of influenza and broncho pneumonia following measles, October 23, 1918. Hospital treatment at Camp Mills, N.Y., September and October, 1918.

HISTORIES before 1923

1885 "KY, a History of the State" 1st? Edition (Vol.), by Perrin, Battle & Kniffin; pub. by F.A. Battey Pub. Co. (FHL book 976.9 D3wt; Los Angeles Public Library book 976.9 B336; also from Evelyn Sigler 9/1982, and Nancy Ruff 3/1983)
      Pg.23, Ballard Co. WILLIAM HOLMAN, born Feb. 5, 1809 in Henry Co. KY, fourth of ten children born to William and Polly (Foster) Holman, of English and Irish descent, and natives of MD and VA respectively. ... William Holman was reared on a farm and lived with his parents until he became of age. In 1818, he and his parents moved to Ripley Co. IN, where his father entered 160 acres for each one of his children. Our subject lived in IN until 1858, when he moved to where he now resides on the Ohio River in Ballard Co. KY. ... He was married in October 1829 to Sarah Hawthorn, of Henry Co. KY, dau. of James and Willie (Rollan) Hawthorn, natives of Ireland and England respectively. To this union were born 13 children: James H. now in CA; Henry F., Martha (now dead) married a Mr. Shook; William S. (deceased); George M.; Jesse C. (deceased), Amanda M. and Sarah C. both married to Duncans; Roseta M. (deceased), Joseph T. (deceased), Mildred R. (deceased), Polly A. (deceased), she was married to a Mr. Colvin; Eliza E. now Wyatt. ... Mrs. Holman was a member of the Baptist Church. On Dec. 25, 1856, Mr. Holman married Cabriella D. Bates ..., three children; she died Oct. 1877 and he next married ...
      Pg.23, Ballard Co. GEORGE M. HOLMAN, born April 9, 1837, in Ripley Co. IN, fifth of 13 children born to William and Sarah (Hawthorn) Holman. He married Dec. 30, 1862 to Sarah J. Duncan of Ballard Co., dau. of Samuel and Hannah (Muffit) Duncan. Eight children: Anna E., now Brockmon; Mollie B., Amanda M., Georgia M., James and Jesse (twins), William M., dead; and Mattie L. Mr. Holman and wife and three oldest children are members of the Baptist Church. Mr. Holman moved to Ballard Co. with his parents in 1853, and settled in north part of the county ...


Ripley Co. IN Family Files, 1972 (FHL films 1,312,799 and 1,312,800)
      No Duncan

"Ripley Co. IN Genealogy" by Violet E. Toph (1878-1956); manuscript at Ripley County Court House, Versailles, Indiana; filmed 1982 (FHL film 1,312,671, leaves 1-1309)
      Semi-Alphabetical, no detailed index, no other Duncan spotted in Obits file
      Pg.2446, Obits (no date or newspaper): Duncan, Eliza Caroline was born in MD Sept. 15, 1821, and died at the home of her dau. Mrs. Ella Parsons in Milan, IN, Nov. 23, 1905. She came to IN when 5 years old. She mar. Josiah Lewis Jan. 25, 1842. They had 7 girls and 3 boys. Her husband, 2 sons & 2 daus. preceeded her in death. Besides her children she left two brothers, 23 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. (MAD: married 1843 Dearborn Co. IN)

"Early Landowners of Ripley Co. IN" by Maurice Holmes (FHL book 977.214 R2h)
      This book contains the original land purchasers of Ripley Co. IN, including James Duncan in 1836 and Mayhew Duncan in 1837.


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