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Formed 1821 from Daviess, Sullivan


1830 Greene Co. IN Census
Pg.156  Joshua Duncan      1000,1       - 1100,1
          (MAD: wife Mariah Shoemaker)
   158  Eli Duncan         2000,01      - 0000,1
          (MAD: 1850 Edgar Co. IL census; from Newberry Co. SC)

1840 Greene Co. IN Census
Pg.107  David Duncan       1100,2       - 1102
   111  Joshua Duncan      0000,001     - 1111,01

1850 Greene Co. IN Census
Jefferson Twp.
Pg.391, #57-548, Giles DUNCAN 35 SC miller $0
                  Sarah A. 26 IN
                  John M. 7, Mary A. 10/12 IN
                  (MAD: Giles C. Duncan mar. Sarah Ann Ellsberry 2/20/1838 Owen Co. IN; ?? 1840 Newton Co. MO census; 1860 Marshall Co. IA census)
Pg.393, #78-608, William WISEMAN 33 OH brickmaker $0
                  Elizabeth 25 IN
                  Matilda DUNCAN 9 IN
                  George W. WISEMAN 3 IN

1860 Greene Co. IN Census
Jefferson Twp.
Pg.439, #102-102, William M. MORRISON 50 NY merchant tailor $0-$950
                  Mary 36 NY
                  Walter 4, Lizie (f) 1 IN
                  Marie DUNCAN 18 IN
                  Lizie HART (f) 73 NY
                  Jacob MORRISON 84 NY
Stockton Twp.
Pg.515, #612-623, William R. DUNCAN 37 NC farmer $0-$275 (faint)
                  Elizabeth 35 IN
                  John 16, De?l?ora (f) 14 IN
                  William H. 11, Garrison (m) 9 IN
                  James W. 6, Sarah S. 5 IN
                  (MAD: mar. Elizabeth Catharine McHolland 10/3/1843 Monroe Co. IN; 1850 Monroe Co. IN census; 1870 Labette Co. KS census; 1880 Arkansas Co. AR census)
Pg.530, #717-729, Vimon DUCAN (m) 53 France? farmer $300-$40 (faint)
                  Catharine 41 France?
                  Josephine 17, Catharine 16 France?
                  Mary 10, Christian (m) 1 France?
                  George 2, Margaret 1 OH
                  (MAD: Christian could be age 7 or 9 but I see no cross stroke)
Smith Twp.
Pg.544, #828-842, John ROGERS 25 MD farmer $0-$714
                  Elizabeth 20 IN
                  William H. 6/12 IN
                  William STANLEY 26 IN farmer $1600-$741
                  Henry DUNCAN 18 IN (blank) $0-$27
                  Mariana? (f) 19 IN
                  John L. 3/12 IN
Richland Twp.
Pg.712, #871-871, James DUNCAN 50 NC wagon maker $400-$400
                  Mary 45 NC
                  Martin V. 21 IN wagon maker
                  Elizabeth 18, Miram (f) 16, Zeblmin? (m) 13 IN
                  Ezekiel 4, Caroline 6/12 IN
                  (MAD: 1840 Lawrence Co. IN census; 1850 and 1870 Monroe Co. IN census)

1870 Greene Co. IN Census
Grant Twp.
Pg.326, #75-75, DUCAN, Jacob 68 NC (white) farmer $1000-$500
                  Sarah 67 NC keeping house
                  David A. 27 IN works on farm
                  (MAD: 1860 Monroe Co. IN census)
Stockton Twp.
Pg.444, #123-123, DUNCAN, Abner 33 IN farmer $0-$300
                  Marinsey (f) 33 IN keeping house
                  Hamer (m) 9 IN
                  Evert (m) 2 IN
                  (MAD: 1850 Monroe Co. IN census, 1860 Owen Co. IN census)


Greene Co. IN Deed Indexes
   General Index, Grantor-Grantee v.1, 1822-1852 (FHL film 1,320,006 item 1)
      Duncan DORROCK to Elijah Atkinson, Wty, Aug. 28, 1829, $450, Lot No.17, Bloomfield, April 13, 1840, D-556 (MAD: Surname Dorrock)
   General index, Grantor-Grantee v.2, 1852-1857 (FHL film 1,320,006 item 2)
      Duncan, Wm. to Gabriel & James Nugent, Warnt., Feb. 10, 1852, $2378.56, SE fract S 1/4 28-6-6 (Sec-Twp-Range), 51.91 acres, N 1/2 N 1/2 S"F" 33-33-6 and Lot No.1, Sec.33, total 88.66 acres, and NW & S? & 1/2 NE 80 NS?, Sec.34 T6 R6, 160 acres, Mar. 5, 1856, N-581
   General index, Grantor-Grantee v.3, 1857-1865 (FHL film 1,320,006 item 3)
      Duncan, Wm. R. to William Smith, Wt, July 2, 1859, $200, SW SW 9-7-6, 40 acres, Sept. 6, 1859, Q-255
      Duncan, Wm. R. to Henry Wampler, Wt, July 2, 1854, $640, W 1/2 NW 8-7-6, 80 acres, Sept. 23, 1859, Q-268
      Duncan, S.F. to John W. Click, Wt, Nov. 23?, 1859, $300, NW SE 5-8-6, 40 acres, Nov. 26, 1851, Q-347
      Duncan, Samuel F. to Henry O. Duncan, Wt, Feb. 25, 1860, $375, SW NE 5-8-6, 37 acres, March 27, 1860, Q-558
      Duncan, William to Chris. Keck et al, Wty, July 17, 1860, $576.00, SE fractl 32-6-6, 48 acres, Sept. 30, 1864, V-38
   General index, Grantee-Grantor v.1, 1822-1852 (FHL film 1,320,008 item 3)
      Duncan DERROCK, from Agent of Green Co., Ephraim Owens, Warranty, March 31, 1827, $70, Lot No.17 in Bloomfield, Recorded Sept. 8, 1827, A-148 (MAD: Surname Derrock)
      Duncan, William from Winthrop Foot and Cyntha Foot, Wty, Jan. 17, 1837, $150, E 1/2 SW 31-6-6, 91.06 acres, Dec. 6, 1841, E-287
   General index, Grantee-Grantor, v.2, 1852-1857 (FHL film 1,320,009 item 2)
      Duncan, Wm. from Wm. Ragsdale, Wt, Sept. 17, 1856, $1875, NE 32-6-6 & SE tract 32-6-6 & E 1/2 N Tract 5-5-6 & E 1/2 W 1/2 5-5-6 & Lot No.2 5-5-6, recorded Nov. 6, 1856, O-195
      Duncan, Saml. F. from Alexd. Church, Wt, Sept. 15, 1857, $300, SW NE 5-8-6, 37 acres, Sept. 28, 1857, O-549
      Duncan, Wm. R. from Saml. C. Owen & others, Wt, June 13, 1857, $650, W 1/2 NW 8-7-6, 80 acres, & SW NW 9-7-6, 40 acres, Oct. 15, 1857, O-573
   General index, Grantee-Grantor, v.3, 1857-1865 (FHL film 1,320,009 item 3)
      Duncan, Saml. F. from John Elgan, Wt, Oct. 17, 1857, $200, SE NW 9-7-4, 40 acres, Nov. 19, 1857, P-3
      Duncan, Jas. G. from A.L. Brooks, Wt, Sept. 1, 1859, $210, Lot 113 Bloomfield, Sept. 5, 1859, Q-250&51
      Duncan, Henry O?. from Samuel F. Duncan, Wt, Feb. 25, 1860, $375, SW NE 5-8-6, 37 acres, March 27, 1860, Q-558
      Duncan, William from W.G. Miss Shf, Shf deed, April 14, 1860, $21.00, lots 205, 206, 207, 219?, ---berry, April 223, 1860, R71&72
      Duncan, Jacob from Henry Wampler, Wt, Dec. 26, 1860, $730, W 1/2 NW 1/4 8-7-6, 80 acres, Feb. 20, 1861, R-485
      Duncan, Minerva from Jonathan B. Cochran, Wty, Sept. 14, 1863, $80, pt SE 6-8-5, 50 acres, March 19, 1864, U-264&265

Greene Co. IN Deeds
   Deed record v.C, Oct. 1836-Aug. 1838 cont. Deed record v.D, May 1838-Oct. 1840 Deed record v.E, Oct. 1840-Oct. 1844 (FHL film 1,317,979)
      E-287: 17 Jan. 1837, Winthrop and Cythia C. Foot his wife of Lawrence Co. IN to William Duncan of afsd, for $150 paid, sell land in Greene Co. IN, E 1/2 SW 1/4 Sec.31 Twp.6N Range 6W, containing 91 acres and 6/100, together with appurtenances, warrant title. /s/ Winthrop Foot, Cynthee? Foot. Wit. Mathew Borland, Robert Mitchell. Winthrop Foot and wife Cynthia C. Foot appeared before Mathew Borland, J.P., Lawrence Co. IN, 17 Jan. 1837. Certification by Robert Mitchell, Clerk of Circuit Court of Lawrence Co. IN, for Mathew Borland, Esq. Recorded 6 Dec. 1841.

   Deed record v.M, Apr. 1854-Mar. 1855 Deed record v.N, Apr. 1855-May 1856 (FHL film 1,317,984)
      N-581: 10 Feb. 1852, in consideration of $2,378.56 paid by Gabriel Nugent & James F. Nugent, William Duncan and wife Mary C. Duncan sell to said Gabriel and James F. in fee, the SE frac. Sec.28 Twp.6N Range 6W containing 51-91/100 acres more or less, the N 1/2 of N 1/2 S fract. Sec.33 in same Twp. & range containing 88 acres more or less, and lot 1 in Sec. last afsd, the last 2 tracts in the aggregate containing 88-66/100 acres more or less, NW 1/4 Sec.34 in same Twp. & Range containing 160 acres more or less, and W 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec. last afsd containing 80 acres more or less, all lands in Greene Co. IN, warrant title. /s/ W. Duncan, Mary H. Duncan. They ack. deed 10 Feb. 1852 before R.H. Monson, Notary Public, Lawrence Co. IN. Recorded March 5, 1854. Mortgage satisfied, real estate released, 21 Feb. 1862, Elizabeth Bramble, Recorder of Greene Co.

   Deed record v.O, May 1856-Oct. 1857 Deed record v.P, Oct. 1857-Apr. 1859 (FHL film 1,317,985)
      O-195: 17 Sept. 1856, for $2875, William Ragsdale and Mary E. Ragsdale of Lawrence Co. IN convey and warrant to William Duncan of afsd, land in Greene Co. IN, NE 1/4 Sec.32 and SE frac. 1/4 of same sec., Twp.6N Range 6W, also lands in Knox Co., E 1/2 N fract. 5, E 1/2 W 1/2 and Lot No.2 in same, all in Twp.5N Range 6W, making in all 380 acres more or less. /s/ William Ragsdale, Mary E. Ragsdale. William Ragsdale and Mary E. Ragsdale ack. deed 17 Sept. 1856 before B. Duncan, Surveyor of Lawrence Co. IN. Certification by Geo. A. Thompton / Thomton, Clerk of Lawrence Circuit Court, for Bolivar Duncan, acting Surveyor for said county, 4 Nov. 1856. Filed Nov. 6, 1856.
      O-549: 15 Sept. 1857, Alexander Church and Barbary An Church convey and warrant to Samuel F. Duncan SW 1/4 NE 1/4 Sec.5 Twp.8N Range 6W in Greene Co. IN containing 37 acres more or less for sum of $300, warrant title. /s/ Alexander (X) Church, Barbary (X) An Church. Alexander Church and Barbary An Church appeared before Ezra O. Duncan, J.P., Clay Co. IN. Certification by George Pinckley, Clerk of Circuit Court of Clay Co. IN, for Ezra O. Duncan, Esq., 25 Sept. 1857. Filed Sept. 28, 1857.
      O-573: 13 June 1857, Samuel C. Owen and Nephi Owen and Eliza his wife and John O. Owen and John M. Harrick, Mary his wife of Greene Co. IN convey and warrant to William R. Duncan of Monroe Co. IN for $650, real estate in Greene Co. IN, W 1/2 NW 1/4 Sec.8 Twp.7 Range 6W containing 80 acres, also SW 1/4 NW 1/4 Sec.9 Twp.7 Range 6W containing 40 acres. In witness whereof, said Samuel C. Owen, Nephi Owen and Eliza his wife, John O. Owen, John M. Harrick and I his wife, heirs of Sarah Owens, have set their hand... /s/ Samuel C. Owen, Nephi Owen, Eliza (X) Owen, John O. Owen. Wit. Tho. Mason, David Middleton. 13 June 1857, Samuel C. Owen, Nephi Owens and Eliza his wife and John O. Owens appeared before Thomas Mason, J.P. Filed Oct. 15, 1857. [MAD: names as given]
      P-3: 17 Oct. 1857, John Elgan and Abigail Elgan husband and wife of Greene Co. IN convey and warrant to Samuel F. Duncan of Greene Co. IN for $200 paid, real estate in Greene Co. IN, NW 1/4 of SE of Sec.5 Twp.8N, Range 6W, containing 40 acres more or less. /s/ John Elgan, Abigail Elgan. They appeared 17 Oct. 1857 before John T. Smith, J.P. Filed Oct. 31, 1857.

   Deed record v.Q, Apr. 1859-Apr. 1860 Deed record v.R, Apr. 1860-Apr. 1861 (FHL film 1,317,986)
      Q-250/251: 1 Sept. 1859, Alphea L. Brooks and Nancy E. Brooks of Greene Co. IN convey and warrant to James G. Duncan of Greene Co. IN, for $210, real estate in Greene Co. IN, Lot 113 in town of Bloomfield, subject to a mortgage made by David Gibson to State of IN for $30. /s/ Alphea L. Brooks, Nancy E. Brooks. They appeared before J.M. Cushman, Recorder, 1 Sept. 1859. Filed Sept. 2, 1859.
      Q-255: 2 July 1859, William R. Duncan and Elizabeth Duncan, husband and wife, of Greene Co. IN, convey and warrant to William Smith of Greene Co. IN for $100, real estate in Greene Co. IN, SW 1/4 SW 1/4 Sec.9 Twp.7N Range 6W containing 40 acres more or less. /s/ William R. Duncan, Elizabeth C. Duncan. They appeared 2 July 1859 before John G. Smith, Notary Public. Filed Sept. 6, 1859.
      Q-268: 2 July 1859, William R. Duncan and Elizabeth C. Duncan, husband and wife of Greene Co. IN, convey and warrant to Henry Wampler of Monroe Co. IN for $640, real estate in Greene Co. IN, W 1/2 NW 1/4 Sec.8 Twp.7N Range 6W containing 80 acres more or less. /s/ William R. Duncan, Elizabeth C. Duncan. They appeared 2 July 1859 before John G. Smith, Notary Public. Filed Sept. 23, 1859.
      Q-347: 23 Nov. 1859, Samuel F. Duncan and Melinda his wife of Greene Co. IN convey and warrant to John W. Cleck of Greene Co. IN, for $300, real estate in Greene Co. IN, NW 1/4 SE 1/4 Sec.5 Twp.8N Range 6W containing 40 acres more or less. /s/ Samuel F. Duncan, Melinda Duncan. They appeared before W.P. Spine, J.P., 23 Nov. 1857. Filed Nov. 26, 1859.
      Q-558: 25 Feb. 1860, Samuel F. Duncan and Malinda Duncan his wife of Greene Co. IN convey and warrant to Henry O. Duncan of Clay Co. IN for $375, real estate in Greene Co. IN, SW 1/4 NE 1/4 Sec.5 Twp.8N Range 6W, being 37 acres more or less. /s/ Samuel F. Duncan, Malinda (X) Duncan. They appeared before William P. Squire, J.P., 25 Feb. 1860. Filed March 27, 1860.
      R-71/72: On 10 May 1858, William Pennington, assignee of Calvin S. Dagby, recovered judgment against Joseph Knight for $85.43 and costs of suit against said Knight before John Lander, J.P., for Cass Twp, Greene Co. IN, and on 27 Jan. 1859 a transcript of said judgment was filed in office of Clerk of Court of Common Pleas and recorded, execution was issued, constable said "no property found"; on 27 Jan. 1859, Newland Duncan & Co. by W. Duncan, the assignee of said judgment, made oath they were the owners of the judgment which remained unpaid, and on 15 Feb. 1859 an execution issued, directing Sheriff, having endorsed as due $92.58 as principal and interest, for sale of property, 16 Feb. 1859; on 11 June 1859, Sheriff returned the execution showing Sheriff had levied on Lots 205, 206, 207, and 208 in Miss & Carpenters Addition to town of Newbery in said county, given up by the wife of said Joseph Knight, Harriet E. Knight, and after advertisement, received no bid, then on 21 March 1860 a venditioni exponas issued commanding the sheriff to sell the property, advertised for sale, no bid was made, then the entire estate of said Joseph Knight and Harriett Knight to all of the lots were sold to William Duncan for $21.00, the highest and best bid. William G. Miss, (Moss?), Sheriff, convey to said William Duncan said real estate, Lots 205, 206, 207 and 208 in Miss & Carpenters addition to town of Newberry in said county. 14 April 1860. /s/ W.G. Miss, Sheriff G.C. He appeared 14 April 1860 before H.C. Hill, Notary Public. Filed April 23, 1861.
      R-485: 26 Dec. 1860, Henry Wampler and wife Margaret C. Wampler of Monroe Co. IN, convey and warrant to Jacob Duncan of Monroe Co. IN, for $730, real estate in Greene Co. IN, W 1/2 NW 1/4 Sec.8 Twp.7N Range 6W containing 80 acres more or less. /s/ Henry (X) Wampler, Margaret C. (X) Wampler. They appeared 26 Dec. 1860 before Geo. P. Hinds, J.P., Monroe Co. IN. Certification 14 Jan. 1861 by Davy Carson, Clerk of Circuit Court, Monroe Co. IN, for George P. Hinds, Esq. Filed Feb. 20, 1861.

   Deed record v.U, Nov. 1863-Sept. 1864 Deed record v.V, Sept. 1864-June 1865 (FHL film 1,317,988)
      U-264/265: 14 Sept. 1863, Jonathan B. Cochran and Eliza S. Cochran, husband and wife of Greene Co. IN, convey and warrant to Minerva Duncan of Greene Co. IN for $80, real etate in Greene Co. IN, beginning 19 rods E of SW corner of SE 1/4 Sec.6 Twp.8N Range 5W, then east ... containing 1/2 acre, with appurtenances. /s/ Jonathan B. Cochran, Eliza E. Cochran. They appeared before Philander Burr, J.P., 14 Sept. 1863. Filed Mar. 19, 1864.
      V-38: 17 July 1860, William Duncan and wife Mary H. Duncan of Lawrence Co. IN, for $576 paid, convey and warrant to Christian Keck, Marshiell Keck and Lee Keck, all of Martin Co. IN, real estate in Greene Co. IN, SE frac. 1/4 Sec.32 Twp.6S Range 6W containing 48 acres more or less. (no signatures shown) William Duncan and wife Mary H. Duncan appeared 17 July 1860 before Lycurgus Duncan, S.G.C., County Surveyor Greene Co. Filed Sept. 30, 1864.


Newberry Co. SC Deeds (FHL film 24,237)
      P-419: 28 Feb. 1814, Charles Inman and wife Elizabeth of Greene Co. IN to Isaiah Duncan of Newberry, interest of Elizabeth one of daus. of Amos Duncan decd. of Newberry Dist. in tract of land, 360 acres, on Bush River, Beaverdam Creek, adj. James S?. Gillams?, James McCain, Phebe the wife of Dr. M.T. Mendenhall, Rebecca Kirk, Henry Ginall?, Henry Kesler, Henry & John B. O'Neale, Margaret Parkam, Robert R. Nance?, and Patrick C. Calander?, land since been sold by Newberry Dist. Sheriff as property of Isaiah Duncan and purchased by Henry & John B. O'Neale who have possession and desire to obtain execution of legal title, and have paid to said Charles and Elizabeth Inman $10, grant our interest ... Wit. Isaac Hubbard, Eli Duncan.
      P-421: 27 April 1829, Joshua Duncan of Greene Co. IN, one of sons of Amos Duncan ... similar to P-419. Wit. Isaac? Hubbell, Eli Duncan.
      P-422: 27 April 1829, Obediah Winter and wife Hanna of Greene Co. IN, ... similar to P-419.
            MAD: "Newberry Co. SC Historical and Genealogical" by George Leland Summer, 1950, under other pioneers, lists Amos Duncan who died in Newberry District, left will dated March 31, 1801, which was proved in court August 5, 1805, in which year he died. He left widow, Elizabeth, and children: Amos, Isiaah, Sarah Ann, William, George, John, Elizabeth, Hannah, and Eli Johnson Duncan. Some of these children moved to Ohio, along with the Quakers. Elizabeth married Charles Inman. Hannah married Obediah Winters. Amos, Jr. died before 1830, leaving widow, Margaret, and children: George, Sarah, John, Hannah, Matilda, and Elizabeth. John (son of Amos, Sr.), moved to Indiana, as did Obediah Winters and his wife. Sarah Ann (daughter of Amos, Sr.), married (1) Samuel Taylor, and (2) Henry Fletchall; she had by Taylor a daughter, Elizabeth Mills, and by Fletchall the following children: John, Sarah, Mary, Hannah. The name was changed to "Fletcher".

HISTORIES before 1923

1884 "History of Greene and Sullivan Counties, State of Indiana, From the Earliest Time to the Present; Together with Interesting Biographical Sketches, Reminiscences, Notes, etc." Chicago: Goodspeed Bros. & Co., Publishers, 1884. (FHL book 977.242 H2hi; FHL film 541,322; Los Angeles Public Library book 977.21 G812Hi; pg.206 also from Louis Boone 8/1984; pg.362 also from info of Diana Flynn to Terri Mills to MAD 1/2000)
      No Duncan biography in Greene or Sullivan Co.
      Minor civil war references not copied
      Pg.206-207: Pioneer Events. ... (list of marriages, births, etc.) Eli Duncan and Rebecca Stephenson were married by William Clark, Justice of the Peace, in July, 1822. Other early weddings were ... Obediah Winters and Hannah Duncan [MAD: 9/5/1822], ... Joshua Duncan and Maria Shoemaker, ...
      Pg.362, Greene Co., Jefferson Twp. - Messer Littlejohn was born in Miami Co. OH, July 23, 1815, son of Henry and Sarah A. (Dunkin) Littlejohn, both natives of SC, where they were partly reared. The Littlejohns moved from SC to Pulaski Co. KY, in about 1798, where they made their home until the death of Charles Littlejohn, the grandfather of our subject, which occurred in 1819. The grandmother came to this county in about 1820, and for most part lived in this county ever afterward, dying at the advanced age of 96 years. Henry Littlejohn lived upon his father's farm in KY until he reached his majority, when he went to Miami Co. OH and there was married to Miss Dunkin. They lived in Miami Co. until the fall of 1818, when they came with their family to what is now Eel River Twp., Greene Co. They came in wagons, Mr. Littlejohn hiring men to bring his household goods to the head-waters of White River, where they left him and went back. He proceeded to dig out six canoes, and putting his goods and family in these, floated down White River until he came to Eel River, when he unloaded his goods and proceeded to make a home for himself on the present site of Point Commerce. He made some improvement on a lease he had taken, and after living in Eel River Twp. seven years he moved to Jefferson Twp., Owen Co., building a grist and saw mill on Lick Creek. Here he lived until his death, dying in 1859. His wife died in 1856. He was an Old-Line Whig, and a strong anti-slavery man. He assisted to build block-houses to protect the settlers in war of 1812. He held the office of Justice of the Peace some sixteen years, and was a man well known and highly respected. (See Baber's History.) Subject raised on farm, common education; helped on farm and in mill. He was married to Miss Sarah Dunkin in 1837, August 28. She born in Miami Co. OH August 24, 1815. She died Sept. 25, 1845. From this marriage three children, viz.: Mary, Isaac M. and Amos W. These two sons were in the late war, Isaac M. dying in his country's service. Mr. Littlejohn was married to Polly Fiscus Feb. 15, 1846. She was born in IN April 16, 1824, and died Feb. 5, 1883. From this union there were eleven children, viz.: Harriet, Nathan, Delana, Henry C., Jacob W., Sarah E., Ezra F., Lydia E., Cairy, Mahlon, Nancy E. Subject, after his first marriage, began milling and farming, which he followed until 1860, when he sold out mill and followed farming until the present. He has worked as a millwright a great deal during his lifetime. He has always worked hard and has made some property. He lived in Owen County until 1867, when he purchased a farm near Jasonville, in Greene Co., which he now owns - 124 acres. Always a Whig and Republican; member of Christian Church; never held office; is in favor of all improvements and all laudable enterprises.

1914 "History of Gibson County, Indiana, her people, industries and institutions : with biographical sketches of representative citizens and genealogical records of many of the old families" by Gil. R. Stormont (FHL film 934,905 and from Louis Boone 9/1984)
      Pg.138: W.B. DUNCAN, M.D., a practicing physician of Patoka, was born in Pike Co. IN, January 20, 1851, a son of John J. and Harriet Duncan. The former was born in 1823, and was a son of Shadrack Duncan, whose father emigrated from Scotland to America. The maternal grandfather's name was Routt. John Duncan died in 1889 and his wife many years previous. Their children were Dr. W.B.; Mary, wife of Jacob McAtee; Ellen B., wife of Melvin Colt; and Eckless, who married Anson Jerauld. After the death of his first wife, John Duncan wedded Rillo Woods, by whom he had four children - Obie, Joseph, Mabel and Hattie. Dr. Duncan spent his boyhood on his father's farm and after attaining his majority ... In 1885 he came to Patoka, ... In Greene Co. IN, Dr. Duncan was united in marriage to Allie M. Buckner, a dau. of Edward Buckner, a merchant. They have three children -- Belle, Frank and Edith, ...

1909 "A history of Clay County, Indiana : closing of the first century's history of the county, and showing the growth of its people, institutions, industries and wealth" by William Travis, pub. by Lewis Pub. Co., Vol.I (FHL book 977.327 D3k; typed by Evelyn Sigler)
      Pg.619-621: The Duncan Settlement. ... Isaiah Duncan, a native of South Carolina, born October 15, 1785, ... came to Indiana in 1831, ... About the same time also came three brothers from the Carolinas, John, Joshua, and Eli Duncan, who, for a time, lived in Clay county, but later on settled elsewhere, whose descendants are not now found here.
            Isaiah Duncan did not come directly to Indiana on leaving Carolina, but when first to Tennessee, thence to Ohio, thence to Illinois, where he retraced his course, coming to Clay Co. IN. (MAD: Newberry Co. SC, Greene Co. TN, Miami Co. OH, White Co. IL) ... A few years later on he was joined by his nephews, George W. Duncan and Giles W. Duncan, who walked all the way through from the Carolinas, whose father, George Duncan, did not leave his native state. Giles W. Duncan afterward went to Iowa, where he died, February 6, 1879, aged 82 years. (MAD: ?? Giles Duncan in 1850 Greene Co. IN census b. 1815 ?; no Giles b. 1797 found in 1850.) George W. Duncan acquired land and continued to reside in Clay County, ... where he resided until his death, April 20, 1860, aged 42 years, 8 months and 19 days, survived by his wife, Lovina Duncan, who died March 7, 1877, aged 59 years, 3 months and 18 days. .... (see Clay Co. IN for more)

1887 "Portrait and Biographical Album of Coles Co. IL" by Chapman Bros. (from reference in Linnie Wright Barrett Notebook 17, pg.4, to Samuel J. Jackson; FHL film 825,562)
      Pg.221: Dr. W.S. DUNCAN, of Hutton Twp., spent his childhood and youth in Greene Co. IN, where he was born Feb. 26, 1825; his grandfather having been Isaiah Duncan, an enterprising Southern farmer who was born, reared and spent his entire life in SC (MAD: Newberry Co. per Eli's 1850 census); he married and became the father of a family, including five sons and two daughters. The sons were Isaiah, George, John, Eli and Joshua. Of these, the father of our subject was next to the youngest. He received a common school education and remained with his father on the farm until reaching manhood. He then migrated North and, locating in Greene Co. IN, was married to Miss Rebecca Stevens in the spring of 1822. Mrs. Duncan was born Feb. 28, 1801, in KY, and was the dau. of William Stevens, who emigrated from the Blue Grass regions to Harrison Co. IN. After marriage, Mr. Duncan rented a tract of land and farmed until the spring of 1835; he then came to Edgar Co., this State, secured possession of 40 acres of timber land, part of which he cleared and occupied until spring of 1853; he then removed with his family to Laclede Co. MO and died there in 1856, leaving a family of seven children. While a resident of IN he and his wife had become members of the Dunkard Church, but after coming to IL united with the Christian Church. The mother survived her husband about 23 years, making her home with her children, and died Dec. 10, 1881. The parental family included the following children: Isaiah who died in infancy; W.S. of our sketch; John who died in infancy; George now a minister of the Christian Church at AR; Joshua; Marion who died when 20 years of age; Obadiah a resident of Piatt Co. IL; Jane; Elizabeth a widow, now residing in Marion Co., and Polly A. who has carried on a millinery establishment in Bement [Piatt Co.], IL, for the last 20 years.
            Dr. Duncan was the 2nd child of his parents and received but a common-school education; when 18, he commenced working in a tanyard for 3 years, then enlisted in Co. H, 4th IL Vol. Inf., started on 16 June 1846 by wagon to Springfield, IL, bound for Mexico; after reaching the seat of war, he found that the precarious state of his health would prevent him from continuing in the ranks, and in Dec. received his discharge on account of disability, the result of measels contracted at Matamoras, Mex. Upon returning to Edgar Co., he began teaching school, ... worked on farm, ... in about 1853 began practicing (as doctor) in Coles Co. The marriage of Dr. Duncan and Miss Charlotte W. Elsbury was celebrated at the home of the bride, Dec. 3, 1847; Mrs. Duncan was born March 13, 1826, and is the dau. of John and Charlotte (Winters) Elsbury, natives of IN. Dr. Duncan continued teaching for about 3 years after his marriage, ... located at Strington, ... until 1860, that spring he took up residence at Sidney, Champaign Co. In Jan. 1864 during progress of Civil War, he enlisted in Co. I, 10th IL Vol. Cav., and was appointed Assistant Surgeon, receiving his commission 18 March ... until Oct. 13 following, when he resigned, returned to Sidney, continued practice until 1868. Health compelled him to leave prairie country so he moved to Farmersburg [Sullivan Co.], IN; until Aug. 1884, then returned to Sidney, then to Hutton Twp. in Oct. 1886, where still lives. Mrs. Charlotte Duncan died at Farmersburg, IN, in Oct. 1874; member of Christian Church; bore nine children, recorded as follows: Minerva P. born Oct. 3, 1848, is the wife of John W. Payne, of Evansville, IN; Melissa C. born June 11, 1850, is the wife of Alfred Duncan of Fulton Co. MO; Mary E. born Sept. 12, 1852, died 13 days later; Minnie C. born May 10, 1854, is the wife of Joab Patton of IN; Laura B. born Jan. 14, 1857, died when 18 months old; Josephine F.P. born May 15, 1860, is the wife of Dr. George H. Bogart, of IN; Rebecca D. born July 12, 1863, died Aug. 15 following; her twin brother, William M., died Aug. 5 following. Nora, born July 10, 1865, became the wife of Lester E. Foulke and is a resident of Champaign Co.
            The present wife of our subject, whom he married Jan. 5, 1875, was formerly Miss Elizabeth Johns, a native of Boone Co. IN, and born June 29, 1846; she is the dau. of Hardin W. and Charlotte T. Johns, natives of KY; two children: William O. born Sept. 25, 1875, died Sept. 15, 1878; and Blach G. (MAD: sic) born April 16, 1883; the Dr. and Mrs. Duncan members of 7th Day Adventist Church; while resident of IN, Dr. Duncan identified himself with the Sullivan Co. Medical Assn, ... Fairbanks IN Lodge A.F.&A.M., Terre Haute Chap.; Republican.


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