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Formed 1817 from Knox
Owen formed 1819 from Daviess, Sullivan
Martin formed 1820 from Daviess, Dubois
Greene formed 1821 from Daviess, Sullivan


1820 Daviess Co. IN Census
      No Duncan indexed

1830 Daviess Co. IN Census
      No Duncan indexed; No Duncan found page by page

1840 Daviess Co. IN Census
Pg.11  B.B. Duncan      0130,001  -  0000,01

1850 Daviess Co. IN Census
Washington Twp.
Pg.85, #9, Julia A. DYE 40 OH (blank) $1500
                  Hyram 21 IN merchant
                  Frances A. (f) 21 IN
                  William 18 IN clerk
                  Martha 13, Kenneth 11, Samuel 8 IN
                  Oreana 4, Halilda (f) 2 IN
                  James DUNCAN 22 KY tailor
                  Hiram COULTER 30 PA clerk
                  Rhoda GOODMAN 24 IN
Pg.106, #302, Benjamin DUNCAN 57 VA farmer $1500
                  Rebeca 48 KY
                  Joseph 26 KY
                  William 21, Thomas 17 IN
                  Ann RAGSDALL 10 IN
                  (MAD: Benjamin Duncan mar. Rebecca Graham 3/16/1822 Mason Co. KY)
Pg.106, #308, George DUNLAP 45 IL
                  w/Elias A?. TERRY 42 SC & ch.
                  (MAD: indexed Duncan)
Elmore Twp.
Pg.144, #824-824, Robert Baker 67 VA farmer $0-$0
                  Lydia 52 TN
                  Gideon 42 TN (blank) $200
                  Andrew R. 12 TN
                  (MAD and Debra Dougherty: 1830 Campbell Co. TN census; had dau. Sarah Duncan)

1860 Daviess Co. IN Census
Washington Twp.
Pg.714, #918-914, Benj. DUNCAN 60 KY farmer $3000-$300
                  Mary 58 KY

1870 Daviess Co. IN Census
Bogard Twp.
Pg.185, #192-185, DUNCAN, Jessy (m) 55 NC farmer $0-$0
                  Dinanna (f) 65 NC keeping house
                  (MAD: 1860 Martin Co. IN census)
Washington Twp.
Pg.294, #69-69, DUNCAN, Benjamin 76 KY farmer $42,000-$1,500
                  Rebeca 66 KY keeping house
                  William 40 IN farmer
                  Mary E. 33 IN keeping house
                  Henry L. 3, Hattie H. 1 IN

1880 Daviess Co. IN Soundex (looking for Isaac Wilbur Duncan b.1872-73 OH)
Elmore Twp., Vol.6, ED 146, Sheet 10, Line 39
DUNCAN, Isaac 8 IN (white male) with
SUDLER, William L. Relationship not reported

1880 Daviess Co. IN Soundex for Sudler
Elmore Twp., Vol.6, ED 146, Sheet 10, Line 39
SUDLER, William L. 50 MD (white male)
            Nancy 50 IN wife
            William E. 21 IN son
            Alice 18 IL dau.
            James B. 16 IN son
DUNCAN, Isaac 8 IN N.R.

1880 Daviess Co. IN Soundex
Barr Twp., Vol.6, ED 136, Sheet 9, Line 27
DINKINS, Vest 38 IN (white male)
            Amanda 28 KY wife
            William A. 11, Thomas 7, Stephen 4 IN sons
            Isaac 4, Walter 1 IN sons

1880 Daviess Co. IN Census (from Kathy D. Cawley 12/2005)
  Washington Twp., S.D.# 1, E.D.# 141, Page 513B
age 51, farmer, IN./VA./KY.
Mary E., age 44, wife, keeping house, IN./VA./S.C.
Rebecca, age 76, mother, W'd., KY./MD./(can't read)
Henry L., age 13, son, at home, IN./IN./IN.
Hattie A., age 12, daughter, at home, IN./IN./IN.
W. Grant, age 7, son,, at home, IN./IN./IN.
Nellie G., age 4, daughter, at home, IN./IN./IN.
THOMAS, Harriet, age 54, sister-in-law, single, at home, IN./VA./S.C.

1900 Census, Washington Twp., Daviess County, Indiana (from Kathy D. Cawley 12/2005)
  S.D.# 2, E.D.# 14, Page 339B, Image 30 of 31
Head, W/M, July 1829, Age 70, M'd. 34 Yrs., IN./VA./KY., Farmer
Mary E., Wife, W/F, Feb. 1834, Age 66, 4 chi. born, 4 living, IN./VA./VA.
Hattie E., Daughter, W/F, Oct. 1869, Age 31, Single, IN./IN./IN., School Teacher
Nellie G., Daughter, W/F, June 1876, Age 23, Single, IN./IN./IN.
THOMAS, Hariett, Sister-in-law, W/F, Nov. 1826, Age 73, Single, IN./VA./VA.


Daviess Co. IN Circuit Court Partition Records
      Jan. 1854-Oct. 1871 (FHL film 1,434,561 item 3)
            No Duncan, no Baker indexed
      Sept. 1860-Aug. 1872 (FHL film 1,434,561 item 4)
            No Duncan, no Baker indexed

Daviess Co. IN Circuit Court, General Index to Probate, Vol.1, 1832-1900 (FHL film 1,434,564 item 1)
      Baker, Robert; admin. Andrew E. Baker, Jan. 18, 1860; Order Book 1, pg.580; last order term Jan. 1863; Box 8
      Baker, Lydia; admin. Gideon Baker, Aug. 31, '61; Order Book 2, pg.141; May 1864 term; Box 8

Daviess County, Indiana, Petition to Sell Land (from courthouse records, extract by and from Debra Dougherty 2/2003)
      Andrew E. BAKER, Administrator of Robert BAKER, Dec'd.
      Petition to sell Land
      Filed August 20th 1861
      Administrator presents personal estate of deceased amounts to $71.19 and unpaid claims against the same amount to $173.73. Decedent died owner is fee simple the following real estate in Daviess county, Indiana: The undivided two thirds of the North West quarter of the South East quarter of Section No. One (1) in Township No. Five (5) North of Range No. Six (6) West, 40 acres, probable value of $400.00. The decedent left as his heirs, his widow Lydia BAKER, now deceased, Gideon BAKER, Sally DUNCAN, Lucy CHRISENBERRY, Helen Mary WORTH, Nancy JOHNSON, Rebecca WORTH, Ruth BENNETT, Comfort BALL who are the children of the decedent all adults over age 21 years.
      (DJD notes: Believe Andrew E. BAKER is the grandson of Robert BAKER and the son of Gideon BAKER, not proven. The estate was eventually declared insolvent and no payment to heirs. Cannot explain the absence of Ursula SIMPKINS as heir. Cannot explain cemetery record describing him as Robert BAKER, Sr. when there is no Robert BAKER, Jr. listed as heir. As of 2/23/2003, the maiden name of Lydia BAKER is unknown.)

Daviess Co. IN Circuit Court, Probate Order Books (extracts also from Debra Dougherty 2/2003)
   Probate order book v.1, Oct. 1860-1863 (FHL film 1,434,566 item 1)
      1-580: Court 5 Jan. 1863, Andrew E. Baker, admin. of Robert Baker decd, petition to sell real estate; he reports that he received purchase money for real estate sold to Nimrod Chrisenberry, wants to make deed; court orders that admin. make deed: 24 Jan. 1863, Andrew E. Baker, admin. of estate of Robert Baker decd, to Nimrod Chrisenberry, that at Oct. term 1861, Davies Co. IN Court of Common Pleas, upon petition of said Andrew E. Baker, admin. of estate of Robert Baker, that the personal estate was insufficient to pay debts and asked for an order to sell the real estate, being undivided 2/3 of SW 1/4 SE 1/4 Sec.1 Twp. 5N Range 6W, 40 acres, in Daviess Co. IN, on 7 Dec. 1861 pursuant to order of the court made Oct. term 1861, Baker sold at public sale to said Nimrod Chrisenberry for $185, the highest bidder; this a deed to convey the undivided 2/3 part of NW 1/4 of SE 1/4 Sec.1, Twp.5N, Range 6W, 40 acres; approved in court. (MAD: Did not look for Oct. 1861 petition by date)
   Probate order book v.2, 1863-Oct. 1867 (FHL film 1,434,566 item 2)
      2-140: Court 5 May 1864, Gidion Baker, admin. of Lydia Baker, decd; sum of $161.12 has come to his hands, allowance of $30 for services, (other payments), leaving $98.16 to his heirs: Gidion Baker $14.80; Sarah Duncan $14.80; Lucy Ann Christienberry $4.25; Ruth Bennett $14.80; Hellen M. Worth $14.80; heirs of Rebecca Worth $14.80; Essley Simpkins $14.80; Comfort Ball $9.86; and Nancy Johnson $4.25. Administrator is one of heirs; ... settlement of estate, discharged; receipt by Mathias (X) Bennett for my wife Ruth Bennett, Oct. 21, 1864; receipts by others. (MAD and DJD: no receipt listed for Sarah Duncan; DJD 2/2003: Essley Simpkins was Ursula Simpkins)

Daviess Co. IN Probate Index (SLC 6/17/2009 & 9/11/2010)
   General Index, Probate Vol.1, Jan. 1832 - Jan. 1900 (FHL film 1,434,564 items 1-2)
      #596, Duncan, Elizabeth, gdn. Joseph J. Smiley, letters gdn. Jan. 14, 189- (in fold); Order Book 11, pg.52, Oct. 1890 term, Box 58
      #570, Duncan, Elizabeth, Admin. or exec. Joseph J. Smiley, letters exr. July 21, 189- (in fold); Order Book 11, pg.108, 188; Jan. 1891 term, Box 144
      #596, same, Order Book 11, pg.507; Jan. 1893 term, Box 63
      No other Duncan
   Probate Order Books A-C, 1821-1846 (FHL film 1,434,564 items 3-5)
      Probate Order Book A, 1821-1832 - no Duncan in index in front of book
      Probate Order Book B, 1834-1841 - no Duncan in index
      Probate Order Book C, 1841-1846 - no Duncan in index
   Probate Order Books D-E, 1846-1856 (FHL film 1,434,565 items 1-2)
      Probate Order Book D, 1846-1851 - no Duncan
      Probate Order Book E, 1851-1856 - no Duncan


Daviess Co. IN Deed Indexes (SLC 6/2009)
   Index to grantors, 1817-1852 (FHL film 1,433,565, item 4)
      D-429: 1839, Duncan, Benj. & wife to Richard Graham, W.D., $3470.57, pt. old Don.131, Sec.34 T3 R7, 200 acres, deed Dec. 23, 1839.
      F-497: 1845, Duncan, Alfred T. to James G. Read, mortgage, personal property, Dec. 15, 1845, recorded Dec. 25, 1845.
   Index to grantors, 1853-1863 (A-L) (FHL film 1,433,566, item 1)
      No Duncan; quit
   Index to grantees, 1817-1876 (FHL film 1,433,569)
      B-393: 1829, Duncan, Benjamin B. from James Graham and wife, W.D., $750, W.side SE 1/4 Sec.30 T3 R7, 129-25/100 acres, rec. Oct. 16, 1829.
      B-414: 1830, Duncan, Benjamin from Daniel Fitzgerald, P.of atty, Aug. 10, 1829, recorded Jan. 29, 1830.
      Grantees 1853-1863, no Duncan; quit

Daviess Co. IN Deeds (SLC 6/2009)
      Vol.B, recopied book, original pages damaged, blank areas in copy (FHL film 1,433,542)
      B-393: (blank) Sept. 1829, James Graham and wife Jane of (Daviess Co.) IN for $750 to Ben B. Duncan, 121 1/4 acres in Daviess Co. IN beg. in middle of Section 30 in Twp.3N Range 7W on south side said section. Wit. J. Calhoun, Richard Graham. Ack. 13 Sept. 1829. (FHL film 1,433,542)
      B-414: 10 August 182(blank), Samuel Fitzgerald appoint Benjamin Duncan of Mason Co. KY attorney. Signed in Mason Co. KY 11 Aug. 1827, rec. 29 Jan. 1830. (FHL film 1,433,542)
      Vol.D, recopied book, original pages damaged, blank areas in copy (FHL film 1,433,543)
      D-429: (blank) December 1838, Thomas B. Graham and wife Charlotte, Benjamin B. Duncan and wife Rebecca, Robert Carnahan and wife Eliza J., Edward Armstrong and wife Margaret, William Graham and wife Jane L., James Lyle Graham to Richard Graham, for $3,428.57, S 1/2 of Donation Lot 131 in Sec.34 Twp.3N Range 7, 200 acres that James Graham died seized of. Wit. John Fryer, J. Calhoun JP. Ack. by all on 23 Dec. 1839. (FHL film 1,433,543)
      F-497: 15 Dec. 1845, Alfred T. Duncan of Daviess Co. IN to James G. Read of Clark Co. IN, personal property, one cherry cupboard at $10, one cherry bureau at $10, one cooking stove and furniture $5, clock $5, bedstead $6, to remain in possession of said Duncan until 7 April 1846 subject to Duncan paying by then the $22.50 as evidenced by promissory note, 15 Dec. 1845. Wit. Alfred Davis, J. Calhoun. Rec. 25 Dec. 1845. (FHL film 1,433,544)


Martin Co. IN Deeds (SLC 2/2009)
      1-371: 3 May 1830, Samuel Fitzgerald of Mason Co. KY by Ben. B. Duncan of Daviess Co. IN, vested by Power of Attorney Aug. 10, 1827, ... and Abraham Wise of Daviess Co. IN, to Alfred T. Duncan of Martin Co. IN, for $180, NE fractional 1/4 of W fractional Sec.3 in T1N R4W containing 152 acres and 20/100, on the East Fork of White River, IN. Wit. George H. Routt, W.G?. Cole. /s/ Ben B. Duncan attorney in fact for Samuel Fitzgerald, Abraham Wise, Dolly (x) Wise. All appeared in Daviess Co. IN. (FHL film 1,316,966)
      1-441: 3 Feb. 1832, Alfred T. Duncan and wife Susan Ann of "Davis" Co. IN to George Fraim of Martin Co. IN, for $5, lot 129 in town of Mt. Pleasant. /s/ Alfred T. Duncan, Susan A.R. Duncan. Wit. L.R. Ragus, Thomas Cassell. Ack. in Martin Co. IN. (FHL film 1,316,966)
      4-21: 15 Sept. 1845, Alfred T. Duncan and wife Susan (/s/ Susan A. Duncan) of Daviess Co. IN to James R. Bryant of Martin Co. IN, for $100, two lots in Mt. Pleasant, #4 and #27. Wit. W.C. Elliott, ?? (FHL film 1,316,967)

Mason Co. KY Deeds (FHL film 281,799)
      35-41: 26 Aug. 1830, Benjamin Duncan and wife Rebecca of Daviss Co. IN to Joseph Duncan of Mason Co. KY, $200, 1/9 undivided part of tract of land on Johnson's Fork of Licking containing 178 acres, late David Duncan's orchard, which was conveyed to David Duncan by Thomas Bodley and wife 3 Oct. 1820, part of a tract of 200 acres formerly purchased by David Duncan from Arthur Fox, whereon Joseph Duncan now lives. Benjamin Duncan heir of David Duncan now deceased. /s/ Ben B. Duncan, Rebecca Duncan. Wit. James Graham, William Graham. Duncans appeared in court in Daviess Co. IN.

HISTORIES before 1923

1887 "KY, A History of the State" by Perrin (from Evelyn Sigler 7/1982) (MAD: actually Washington Co. instead of Washington, Daviess Co.; "Gene & Hist." says Washington County, Ind., instead of Washington, Ind.)
      The Duncan Family. It has been truly said "Those lives that are without striking incidents are nevertheless worthy of record." That portion of history which is denominated biography has particular claims upon the historian, and truth is but a matter of common honesty. Rev. William Duncan b. Perthshire Scotland Jan. 7, 1630. He fell a Martyr during the religious troubles that afflicted Scotland at the time of Charles II was restored to the throne of his ancestors. Rev. Wm. Duncan had a grandson William Duncan who was born in Scotland April 19, 1690, settled in the colony of VA in the year 1719. He was married to Ruth Rawley Feb. 11, 1722. Rawley Duncan born in Culpeper Co. VA. Nov. 23, 1724, was the grandfather of the late William Duncan of Jessamine Co. who died in 1863 and was born in Jessamine Co. Jan. 1, 1788. William m. Nancy Blackford dau. of Benj. Blackford in 1813. Children: Ryan b. Nov. 6, 1814; Margaret b. Jan. 14, 1817; Catherine b. July 17, 1819; Sally Ann b. Oct. 21, 1821; James b. Feb. 7, 1824; Robert b. Sept. 8, 1826; Benjamin S. b. Feb. 13, 1829; Charles W. b. April 28, 1831; and Mary D. b. Sept. 23, 1834. Mrs. Kate Bourn and Mrs. Sallie Scott are the only daughters now living. Robert and Benjamin the only sons now living.
      Robert Duncan m. Ms. Virginia Nave 1865; ch. Maggie, Robert, Lizzie, Miranda & Emma.
      Benjamin S. Duncan m. Lucy Funk 1856; ch. Allen, Carrie and John W.
      Charles Duncan the grandfather of Robert and Benjamin was b. Culpeper C.H. Va. Oct. 7, 1762. He settled in Jessamine Co. 1785, and died during a visit he made to Washington, Indiana, July 12, 1829. (MAD: Washington Co. IN, not Washington, Daviess Co. IN)

"History of Knox and Daviess Counties, Indiana : from the earliest time to the present, with biographical sketches, reminiscences, notes, etc., together with an extended history of the colonial days of Vincennes, and its progress down to the formation of the state government." by G Washington, Winthrop Sargent, F Bosseron, et al; pub. Chicago: Goodspeed Pub. Co., 1886, 914 pgs. (LH6260, HeritageQuest images 4/2007; FHL book 977.23 H2g and film 874,116 item 1)
      Daviess Co. Pg.589: Saw Mills ... The next saw-mill, and the last that it is deemed necessary to mention specifically, was also erected in Washington, by B. Duncan, William and R. Graham and J. Thompson. (after 1815)


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