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Formed 1801 from Knox
Dearborn formed 1803 from Clark
Harrison formed 1808 from Knox, Clark
Franklin formed 1811 from Clark, Dearborn, Jefferson
Jefferson, Wayne formed 1811 from Dearborn, Clark
Washington formed 1814 from Clark, Harrison, Jefferson
Jackson formed 1816 from Washington, Clark, Jefferson
Floyd formed 1819 from Harrison, Clark
Scott formed 1820 from Clark, Jefferson, Jennings


1820 Clark Co. IN Census
Pg.  7  John Dunkin        110101    - 01101

1830 Clark Co. IN Census
Pg. 58  Lauson L. Duncan   2000,01   - 0000,1
          (Connie Butterfield: ?? son of John Duncan
          and Abigail of Owen Co. IN??)

1840 Clark Co. IN Census
Pg.246  Preston Duncan     2100,01   - 0100,01

1850 Clark Co. IN Census (and from Lucille Mehrkam 1/1984)
Silver Creek
Pg.30, #163-163, J.H. DUNCAN (m) 34 KY farmer $0
                  Nancy E. 22 IA
                  Thos. 15, Jno. N. 14 KY
                  Elizabeth 11 IN
Pg.41, #131-131, Preston DUNCAN 43 KY farmer $0
                  Margaret 43 TN
                  James 18, Mona 16, Andrew 14 IN ("Ia")
                  John 12, Alexander 8, Sarah 6 IN ("Ia")
                  Mary 6, Handy (m) 2 IN ("Ia")
                  (MAD: ? from Bath Co. KY; 1860 Appanoose Co. IA census; sons in 1870 Jefferson Co. IA census)
Pg.134, #617-617, Jas. P. BRENGLE 27 KY preacher $800
                  Maria 42 OH
                  Alexander DUNCAN 18 IN printer $0
Pg.154, #206-206, James M. PRICE 40 VA boatman $2000 & family
                  Mary J. DUNCAN 14 KY MULATTO

1860 Clark Co. IN Census
Carr Twp.
Pg.49, #370-363, Josiah McGUIRE 53 AL farm laborer $0-$25
                  John M. DUNCAN 15 KY farm laborer
                  Sarah Ann McGUIRE 38 AR
                  James L. 13 KY
                  William P. 9, Martha E.A. 6 IN
Pg.331, #50-55, Solomon DUNCAN 28 KY MULATTO boatman $800-$50
                  Caroline 23 SC MULATTO
                  Indiana REYNOLDS (f) 10 SC BLACK
                  (MAD: ? 1850 Washington Co. IN)
Pg.331, #51-56, Frances REYNOLDS (f) 44 SC MULATTO chambermaid $0-$0
                  Eveline 16, Geo. W. 14, Taylor (m) 11 SC MULATTO

1870 Clark Co. IN Census
Jeffersonville Twp.
Pg.403R, #376-397, APPLIGATE, Chas. R. 64 KY farmer $5800-$500
Pg.404, #376-397, APPLEGATE, Lucretia 64 KY keepg. House
                  Aaron 28 IN Ohio River Pilot
                  UNDERWOOD, John 26 KY farm hand
                  DUNCAN, Martha (f) 15 KY BLACK domest. Servt.
Pg.416, #1-1, "Indiana State Prison South (Convicts)" written sideways
                  (starts Pg.412)
                  DUNCAN, Wm. 40 AL MULATTO laborer
First Ward, City of Jeffersonville
Pg.428-429, #166-170, PERRY, Ellen 38 PA boarding house $800-$0, parents of foreign birth
                  John 22 KY laborer
                  PERRY, Edward 19 KY laborer
                  Wm. 15 OH laborer
                  HAYNES, Wm. 24 OH painter
                  ROSS, Vernon 30 IN laborer
                  TAFF, John 21 IRE teamster, parents of foreign birth
                  WELLER, Missouri (f) 20 IN domestic
                  DUNCAN, Jane 47 KY MULATTO domestic
                  (MAD: Jane indexed as white)
Pg.444, #389-420, DUNKAM, Chas. 24 KY BLACK laborer
                  Elizth. 19 KY MUL keep house
                  John S. 7/12 IN MUL home b.Oct.
                  TAYLOR, James 20 KY BLACK farm laborer
Ward 4, City of Jeffersonville
Pg.482, #114-118, BAILY, Jas. H. 37 IN steam boat engineer $1000-$2000
                  Sarah 30 KY keepg. house
                  Solon D. (m) 11, James 5 IN home
                  Elizth. D. 1 IN home
                  TRULY, Ann 75 PA home
                  DUNCAN, Martha 16 KY domestic servt.
                  GILL, Saml. W. 57 IN carpenter
Ward 5, City of Jeffersonville
Pg.504, #135-147, DUNCAN, Jno. H. 32 MD ship carpenter $0-$0
                  Mary M. 32 HANover keepg. house, parents of foreign birth


Clark Co. IN Marriage license index 1815-1878 (FHL film 1,415,849)
      Dunkin, Benj. to Mary Grismore, March 1, 1823, B-34 (MAD: 1830 Morgan Co. IN census, 1840 Putnam Co. IN census)
      Dunkin, Wm. to Mary Porter, Sept. 8, 1823, B-42
      Dunkin, Lawson L. to Maria L. Scott, July 1, 1824, B-52
      Duncan, Preston to Margaret Cummings, Nov. 30, 1830, C-54 (mar. 12/2)
      Dunkin, Abigail to Lloyd Cummings, Dec. 23, 1821, B-22
      Duncan, Martha to Nathan Sackett, April 6, 1827, B-95 (mar. 4/8)
      Dunkin, William to Lydia Collins, Nov. 26, 1834, D-21
      Duncan, Maria L. to James P. Briagle (Bringle), April 21, 1847, E-119
      No others through 1854, quit


Clark Co. IN Probate Records
      Index to wills 1819-1982 - no Duncan through 1864 (FHL film 1,415,962)
      Probate Records
            Vol. A, 1817-1828 - no Duncan (FHL film 1,415,965 item 3)
            Vol. B, 1828-1835 - no index
            Vol. C, 1835-1843 - no index (FHL film 1,415,966)
            Vol. D, 1843-1847 - no index

Clark Co. IN Will (FHL film 1,415,963 item 2)
      F-83: Garnett Duncan of Louisville [Jefferson Co.] KY, now in my 72nd year and residing temporarily in France, make this my last will, revoking all other wills and codicils. To my son Blanton I now release all sums he may owe me at the time of my death. I give him my gold repeating watch and best sleeve buttons and my cane cut from the tomb of Cicero and all my books at Louisville except law books. He is to have all the books given to me by Congress and all the Senate and House Journals and in addition £1000 sterling, and if Col. Geo. Hancock has conveyed to me the section of land in the Denton Colony, TX, I devise it to Blanton, and if not conveyed, I direct Col. Hancock to convey it to him.
            To my brother Henry $2500 and in fee all the lands I may own in TX in the leagues granted to Munday T?. Murphy subject to my contract concerning them. These lands are under the control of Geo. Lane? Esq. of Marshall, TX, with power to sell and convey. Therefore I give my brother any balance coming from these lands ... My wish is that Henry as to these lands & proceeds shall step into my shoes so that Mr. Lane may not be put to any trouble by reason of my death and that he may correspond and settle with my brother Henry exactly as he would have done with me.
            To G.D. Ripley infant son of my cherished friend Ch. Ripley decd, $1000 and my law books at Louisville to be taken care of by W.R. Thompson Esq.
            Many years ago my Audubon's Ornithology was deposited with my friend Dr. J.B. Flint ...
            I devise in fee to Amedee? G. James my little farm on Muldrough's Hill, Hardin Co. KY, conveyed to me by J.P. Duncan. It is of small value and may now be grown up with bushes. My hope is that he will become a good Engineer and that this little place may afford him in some leisure hour an encompment? suited to his taste. I also give him £100 sterling and give to his brother Andrew my telescope and £100 sterling.
            To Louise G. James all the personal and movable property I may leave in France ... my high respect for her. She and I purchased as partners certain obligations Egyptians of 1868 Russian Nicholas Railway and Antrichiennes? Novelles ...
            To my aunt S.G. Howell $1000. To Mathe (Mattie?) Grant $500. To Sarah G. Burnett $500. To Dr. Thomas G. Duncan $500. To my cousin Coleman son of Thomas Duncan decd $500. To Garnett infant son of Isaac W. Duncan $500.
            To my three granddaughters Mary, Kate and Georgie all the shares I may own in the East London Railway Co. and land in IN near Jeffersonville, parts of the tract that belonged formerly to the Leavenworths and that I owned jointly with Mr. Andrews.
            Appoint W.R. Thompson Esq. exec. in the US, and Amedee G. James exec. in Great Britain and France. Remainder to my son Blanton as a trustee to be invested in his discretion in improving the IN land or otherwise for the use of his said three daughters ... /s/ 23 June 1871, Garnett Duncan.
            Codicil: to my brother Henry in addition all the horses in KY. To Peter C. James of AL, my fishing tackle and $500 as a token of my Rend? Souveniers of him. To son Blanton Duncan ... Appoint brother Henry Duncan instead of W.R. Thompson Esq. /s/ 11 June 1873.
            Codicil: to my brother Henry a life estate in all my lands in Clark Co. IN; revoke appointment of Ameedee G. James exec and instead appoint Andrew B. James. /s/ 30 Sept. 1873.
            Codicil: £400 to Louise G. James and £1000 to Blanton Duncan revoked; to brother Henry Duncan £1400 sterling but use part of it to pay debts of Blanton Duncan ... At present Andrew B. James stands as my sole exec. for England and France and he has gone to the US and obtained employment which may render him unable to go to England. Therefore I appoint Louise G. James executrix for England and France. I have left nothing in France but a little balance with Muroe &Co. I leave in England my deposit account and my drawing account and ... /s/ 21 April 1875 at Dover, England, on my way to Liverpool to sail for the US.
            Jefferson Co. KY, City of Louisville, 25 May 1875, will produced in court, proven to be handwriting of testator by oath of W.A. Thompson and Ch.? W. Thruston. Henry Duncan, the exec., appeared in court and gave bond. (No recording date in Clark Co. IN)


Clark Co. IN Deed Indexes (FHL films 1,428,648 grantor index, 1,428,650 grantee index)
      NOTE: separate deed indexes in Indiana were prepared in 1853 and include only deeds; see each deed book for index to powers of attorney or other documents; did not check each deed book index.
      1-219: 7/17/1802, Henry Duncan from Jeffersonville, lot 45
      1-312: 8/14/1802, Henry Duncan from Jeffersonville, lot 46
      4-286: 5/16/1808, Henry Duncan & wife to Halsey Tibbals, Jeffersonville #45
      5-437: 8/15/1810, Henry Duncan & wife to Jos. Bowman, Jeffersonville lot 46
      24-211: 6/21/1825, M.L. Dunkin from Isaac Naylor, Charlestown lot 73
      24-212: 8/9/1825, L.L. Duncan from J.A. Lingan, Charleston lots 221-222
      27-19: 10/25/1830, L.L. Duncan to J.A. Lingan, Charlestown 121-122
      27-294: 10/18/1831, Samuel Duncan from John Gilworth & wife, 36-2N-9E 80a
      28-16: 3/22/1832, Samuel Duncan to Wm. Cummings, 36-2N-9E 80a
      29-333: 8/11/1835, Garret Duncan from Victor Neff, Port Fulton lots 9, 10, 11, 71 to 75
      38-425: 10/28/1847, G. Duncan and wife to D.S. Howell, Port Fulton lots 71-75
      39-197: 9/29/1848, G. Duncan & wife to James Marshall, Port Fulton lots 9-11
      39-541: 10/14/1848, W. & Jackson Duncan from J. Bowman, Sec. 32 & 33, 2N 10E, 20a

Clark Co. IN Deeds
      1-219: 14 July 1802, Town of Jeffersonville to Henry Duncan of Jefferson Co. KY, $40, Jeffersonville lot 45. (FHL film 1,428,594)
      1-312: 14 Aug. 1802, Town of Jeffersonville to Henry Duncan of Jefferson Co. KY, $48, Jeffersonville lot 46 (FHL film 1,428,594)
      4-286: 16 May 1808, Henry Duncan and wife Nancy of Louisville, Jefferson Co. KY, to Halsey Tibbals of Warren Co. OH, $65, Jeffersonville lot 45. No wit. (FHL film 1,428,594)
      5-437: 15 Aug. 1810, Henry Duncan and wife Nancy of Louisville, Jefferson Co. KY, to Jos. Bowman of Jeffersonville, Clark Co. IN, $75, Jeffersonville lot 46. No wit. (FHL film 1,428,594)
      24-211: 21 June 1825, Isaac Naylor of Clark Co. IN to Maria L. Dunkin, wife of Lawson L. Dunkin of Charlestown, Clark Co. IN, $10, Charlestown lot 73. No wit, no wife. (FHL film 1,428,598)
      24-212: 9 Aug. 1825, Joseph A. Lingan to Lawson L. Duncan, for $1, Charlestown lots 221 & 222. No wife, no wit. (FHL film 1,428,598)
      27-19: 25 Oct. 1830, Lawson L. Dunkin to Joseph A. Lingan (no location), $35, Charlestown lots 221 & 222. No wife, no wit. (FHL film 1,428,599)
      27-294: 18 Oct. 1831, John Gilworth and wife Ellenor (X) to Samuel Duncan, both Clark Co. IN, $300, S 1/2 SE 1/4 Sec. 36 T2N R9E, 80 acres. Wit. Joseph Bawer JP. (FHL film 1,428,599)
      28-16: 22 March 1832, Samuel A. Duncan to William Cummings, both Clark Co. IN, $300, S 1/2 SE 1/4 Sec. 36 T2N R9E, 80 acres. No wife. Wit. Seth Ingram JP. (FHL film 1,428,600)
      29-333: 11 Aug. 1835, Victor Neff to James Marshall, $112.50, mortgage. /s/ James Marshall by Garnett Duncan, /s/ Victor Neff; both signed in Clark Co. IN. (FHL film 1,428,600; tape over part of page)
      29-333: 11 Aug. 1835, Victor Neff and James Marshall to Garnett Duncan, for $508, Port Fulton lots 9, 10, 11, 71 to 75. (FHL film 1,428,600)
      38-425: 28 Oct. 1847, Garnett Duncan and wife Caroline E. of Jefferson Co. KY to Daniel S. Howell (no location), $500 paid 9 Dec. 1840, Port Fulton lots 71 to 75. Wit. Joseph Mayo, Walker Morris. Reg. in Jefferson Co. KY. (FHL film 1,428,614)
      39-197: 29 Sept. 1848, Garnett Duncan and wife Caroline E. of Jefferson Co. KY to James Marshall of same, $1, Port Fulton lots 9, 10, 11. Note in margin: "Orig. put in mail directed by request to Honorable Garnett Duncan at Louisville, Ky." Reg. in Jefferson Co. KY. (FHL film 1,428,615)
      39-541: (indexed 14 Oct.; no month and day in deed book) 1848, Joseph Bowman and wife Elizabeth (X) of Clark Co. IN to Willis Duncan and John Jackson of Trimble Co. KY, $200, part of fractional Sec. 32 & 33, T2N R10E, 20 acres, adj. Asa Abbotts lower corner on the Ohio River at or near the mouth of a branch, up the river, ... Wit. John T. Dejarnatt, Richard Campbell. (FHL film 1,428,615)


Bartholomew Co. IN Deeds (FHL film 1,301,776; SLC 10/4/2011)
      C-452/454: 23 July 1825, Benjamin Duncan and wife Mary of Clark Co. IN to William Thompson of Bartholomew Co. IN, for $100 paid, sell to said William Thompson the East 1/2 of North East 1/4 Sec.32 Twp.8 North of Range 6 East in District of Jeffersonville containing 80 acres which was patented to said Benjamin Duncan 7 Jan. 1822, together with all houses, outhouses, buildings, etc. /s/ Benjamin Dunkin, Mary (X) Dunkin. They appeared 23 July 1825 before Samuel Ford, Justice of the Peace for Clark Co. IN. Certification by John Carr, Clerk of Circuit Court of Clark Co., that Samuel Ford was a Justice of the Peace, 23 July 1825. Recorded June 23, 1832. (Indexed as Book B, pg.357, transcribed 452) (FHL film 1,301,776, SLC 10/4/2011)

"Territorial Papers, Indiana Territory" Vol.VIII (from Evelyn Sigler 6/1982, and CA State University, Sacramento, library)
      Pg.317-20: Memorial to Congress by Citizens of the Territory; ordered to lie on the table, November 26, 1814: Settlements in the New purchase made by General Harrison on the Wabash and two forks of White River were made by a few adventurers (footnote indicates this was the area later Clark Co., around White Oak Springs); the petition asks that these settlers be given preference to the lands they have improved. Signed by James Duncan and others, including Elijah Vanlaningham (sic), Jesse Calahan, Isaac Garrot.
      Pg.331-5: Memorial to Congress by Citizens of the Territory; read February 1, 1815: Petition similar to that on page 317-320 above. (footnote: some families lived in White Oak Springs [Clark Co.], some in Jackson, Pike, Dubois, and Switzerland Cos.) Signed by more petitioners than above petition; includes Thomas Duncan, Thomas Evans, Saml. Marshall.


Bath Co. KY Deed (FHL film 272,984)
      F-176: 15 Dec. 1826, Ignatious Davis and wife Sarah F., and John Bailey Junr. and wife Mary, to William Duncan, all Bath Co., $20, land on Flat Creek, part of 88-3/4 acres formerly owned by heirs of Isaac Duncan Sr. decd allotted to said William, one of heirs, on the division thereof, as lot 7, adj. the original line, John Kinkead, corner to lot 6, stake between Wm. Lawson and said Jno. Bailey, including a moiety of one acre and some poles belonging to said Bailey, 35 acres and some poles being the shares of Lynam & wife, Toney & wife, and Williams & wife, as conveyed to said William Duncan and conveyed to said Jno. Bailey and Ignatious Davis by said Duncan. Wit. Jno. Bailey Senr, Charles C. Bailey, Preston (X his mark) Duncan. (MAD: ? see Clark Co. IN)

HISTORIES before 1923

1884 "Counties of Clay and Owen, Indiana, historical and biographical" ed. by Charles Blanchard, pub. by F.A. Battey (SUTRO microfilm 277 reel 15 book 56, CA State Library, Sutro Branch, and SUTRO book F532 C6 B6 1884 & microfilm 71 reel 8; FHL book 977.243 H2o)
      Vol.2, pg.952, Owen Co., Taylor Township: FREBORN DUNKIN, one of the oldest pioneers of Owen County, was born August 30, 1802, in the state of New York, and is the third of the nine children of John and Jemima (Thomas) Dunkin. Freborn was reared on a farm, and obtained but a scanty education, due to the meager opportunities of the time. In 1818, he emigrated with his parents to Clark Co. IN, whence, after three years, they moved to this county, where both parents gave up their lives. September 11, 1825, he married Charity Johns, of this county, which union was crowned with sixteen children, eight of whom are living. After his wedding, Mr. Dunkin settled on a small tract of wild land given to him by his father, but has now 273 acres in this township, containing the graves of his own and his wife's parents, all buried near his dwelling. On coming hither in the early time, his nearest neighbor was a mile distant, and they subsisted almost wholly on wild game. Mr. Dunkin is highly regarded in his community, is a life-long Democrat and much venerated citizen. (MAD: b. ? Orange or Dutchess Co. NY, son of John Dunkin and Jemima Thomas in 1804 of Genesee Co. NY (1841 became Wyoming Co.), 1818 to Clark Co. IN, 1821 to Owen Co. IN, per "Duncan-Cummings family history" by Edna (Hartcock) Sinclair, 1931, and correspondence through 1977, in Spencer, IN, Public Library, on FHL microfilm 1,313,121 items 14 & 16)

1880 "History of Berrien and Van Buren Counties, Michigan : with illustrations and biographical sketches of its prominent men and pioneers" ed. by Franklin Ellis & Crisfield Johnson & others, pub. by D.W. Ensign & Co., Philadelphia (HeritageQuest image 2/2007, Local History Reel/Fiche Number 4587; FHL film 908,063 item 1 and 1,000,080 item 3)
      Pg.173-174, Berrien Co. MI, City of Niles: (indexed Lawson A. Duncan, b.1832) MAJOR L.A. DUNCAN was born in Columbus, Bartholomew Co. IN. His father was a native of Leesburg [Loudoun Co.], VA, and his mother of Chillicothe, OH. When two years of age his father died, and he, with his mother, went to Charlestown, Clarke Co. IN, to live with his grandfather, the late Judge James Scott. His grandfather and father being newspaper men and editors, he, it may be said, grew up in the profession.
      In 1856 he removed West, stopping in Iowa City [Johnson Co.], Iowa. In 1858, in connection with G.H. Jerome, he assumed the editorship of the Iowa City "Republican," and in 1861 was appointed, by the Governor of the State, one of the swampland commissioners to settle swamp-land claims of the State against the general government.
      While in Iowa he was instrumental in helping that veteran Abolitionist, John Brown, through the State to Harper's Ferry, though ignorant of his destination and full purpose.
      In 1862 he resigned his commissionership to enter the Union army. He was appointed adjutant of the 40th Iowa Infantry upon the formation of that regiment, and took part in the siege of Vicksburg and capture of Little Rock, AR; in the battles of Prairie D'Ann (where, when on staff duty and leading the 50th Indiana Infantry into action, he had a horse shot under him), Jenkins' Ferry, Little Missouri River, and several minor engagements. He was commissioned major March 17, 1865, this being the highest vacancy occurring in his regiment during the war. After the surrender of Lee he served some months in the Indian Territory, and was finally mustered out with his regiment at Fort Gibson, Aug. 15, 1865. Though he was three years in his country's service, he claims only an inconspicuous part in the war.
      In February, 1866, he came to Niles, and in connection with E.C. Dana, bought two newspaper establishments, - the "Niles Enquirer" and the "Berrien County Freeman," - which he consolidated under the name of the "Niles Times." At the expiration of two years Mr. Dana retired, and the name of the paper was changed to the "Niles Republican," since which time Maj. Duncan has been sole editor and proprietor. He claims to publish a good, clean, reliable, local paper, and his patrons and readers acknowledge the justness of this claim.
      In 1872 he was elected presidential elector for the Fourth Congressional District, and cast a personal vote for U.S. Grant and Henry Wilson. He served four years on the Republican State Central Committee, and was one of the board of visitors to the State normal school in 1879.
      Maj. Duncan, since the formation of the Republican party, has always been a warm supporter of that party and its principles. Prior to its organization he was a Whig, having been reared in that political faith.


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