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Last revised October 18, 2013

Formed 1821 from Crawford, Edwards
Clay formed 1824 from Wayne, Lawrence, Fayette
Richland formed 1841 from Clay, Lawrence


1830-1840 Lawrence Co. IL Census
        No Duncan indexed

1840 Lawrence Co. IL Census
Pg.172  Thos. Gardner       0020,001   - 0202,1010,001
   192  Jos. Gardner        1100,1     - 2010,0
   193  Rich. Gardner       0102,1001  - 0010,0001
        Bej. Coats          0000,01    - 2100,1
        Jno. Gardner        2100,1     - 1010,1
        Stephen Gardner     0100,01    - 0000,1
   (MAD: pg.193 names next to each other;
         1850 Richland Co. IL census)

1850 Lawrence Co. IL Census
(no Twp)
Pg.23, #322-322, William P? C?LARK? (BLUARK?) 38 OH farmer $1000
                  Phebe 36 OH
                  Jacob 14 IL
                  Elizabeth 10 IL
                  William 3 IL
                  Mary DUNCAN 17 OH

1860 Lawrence Co. IL Census
      No Duncan indexed

1870 Lawrence Co. IL Census
Pg.51, #32-32, DUNCAN, Wm. 42 OH boat maker $1200-$500
                  Narcisa 33 OH keeping house
                  Rosetta (f) 19 OH teacher
                  Alice 13, Joseph 10 IL
                  Sarah 8, Emma 6 IL
                  (MAD: 1860 Calhoun Co. IL census)


Lawrence Co. IL Deed Indexes; Grantee index 1821-1888; Grantor index 1821-1888 (FHL film 1,311,699; copied by CVD in SLC 5/7/2013)
      I-242: Duncan, William from Benj. Fyffe & wife
      L-824: Dunkin, Wm. from D.D. Lanterman
      5-74: Duncan, Rachel from John Frew
      A-190: Duncan, J.M. to John Tilson
      C-229: Duncan, Jos. to Samuel Dunlap
      C-230: Duncan, Joseph to Samuel Dunlap
      I-466: Duncan, Wm. to G.M. Whittaker
      L-23: Duncan, Wm. to J.G. Hamucaker
      5-311: Duncan, Thos. J. to Francis Ford
      5-309: Duncan, T.J. et al to Jacob Garring
      C-251: Duncan, J. Gov. to Ryan Dunlap
      C-252: Duncan, J. Gov. to Ryan Dunlap
      (MAD: Book S, 1867-1868; Book 5, 1877-1880)

Lawrence Co. IL Deeds (SLC 9/12/2013)
      L-23: 6 Oct. 1857, William Duncan and Narcissa Duncan his wife to Jacob G. Hamaker, for $900? paid, sell E 1/2 SW 1/4 Sec.35 Twp.4N Range 13W containing 80 acres, warrant title. /s/ William Duncan, Narcissa Duncan. They ack. deed 6 Oct. 1857 before S.J. Stiles, Clark, Lawrence Co. IL Circuit Court. Filed for Record 6 Oct. 1857. (FHL film 1,311,705)
      L-824: 21 Aug. 1861?, David D. Lanterman and Elizabeth Lanterman to William Dunkin, for $100 paid, sell lot No.71 and 74 in Block 10 in town of Bridgeport, Lawrence Co. IL, warrant title. /s/ D.D. Lanterman, Elizabeth Lanterman. Wit. John W. Hill. They ack. deed 21 Aug. 1861 before John W. Hill, J.P., Lawrence Co. IL. Filed for record 23 March 1863. (FHL film 1,311,705)


Wabash Co. IL Deed (SLC 6/2009)
      I-220: 27 Oct. 1865, John Duncan and wife Sarah E. of Lawrence Co. IL to Francis Duncan of Wabash Co. IL, for $1700, SE 1/4 SW 1/4 and W 1/2 SE 1/4 Sec.31 Twp.2N Range 13W, 120 acres. Wit. William Berry, Jacob Berry. Ack. Richland Co. IL, rec. 17 Jan. 1867. (FHL film 1,398,811) (MAD: 1860 Richland Co. IL census)

Richland Co. IL Deed (SLC 2009)
      A-263: 16 June 1841, Samuel Duncan of Lawrence Co. IL to John C. Reily of same, for $99, sell lot of "20" acres conveyed by me to Jacob Conaim?, the NW 1/4 SW 1/4 Sec.11 Twp.3N Range 14W containing 40 acres, and SW 1/4 NW 1/4 Sec.11 Twp.3N Range 14W, 40 acres, and SE 1/4 SE 1/4 Sec.22 Twp.3N Range 14W, 40 acres, making in all 100 acres hereby conveyed. I have executed a note for $99 this day, payable 12 months within 12% interest. Wit. John Seed? (Sud?), A.S. Badollet JP. (FHL film 1,221,744 item 5; MAD: indexed as mortgage)

HISTORIES before 1923

1884 "Counties of Cumberland, Jasper and Richland, Illinois, Historical & Biographical" pub. by F.A. Battey (FHL book 977.37 H2b and film 982,429 item 5)
      No Duncan; no Richard Gardner or Garner.
      Pg.802-3: Richland Co. IL; Claremont Township; Joel Gardner, farmer, born Dec. 18, 1825 in (then) Lawrence Co. IL, and now lives within a quarter of a mile from the spot on which he was born. Joel is the son of Thomas and Frances (Calhoun) Gardner. His father was born in GA and his mother in SC. Thomas moved to IN, where he engaged in farming, and in about 1822 emigrated to IL, and entered 93 acres known as the Peter Colvin farm, and there he died, Jan. 9, 1864, in his 72nd year; his wife died Oct. 10, 1855, aged 60 years, she the dau. of Hugh Calhoun, from whom Calhoun Prairie derived its name. The subject of this sketch ... mar. in 1846 to Rachel E. Heap, born in Muskingum Co. OH, Jan. 10, 1827, died Jan. 24, 1873; mar. 2nd Mrs. Sarah E. Edwards, Nov. 26, 1874, born in LaRue Co. KY June 23, 1838 ...
      (MAD: Thomas Gardner may have been a brother of Richard Gardner of Richland Co. IL, who had been in the War of 1812, from GA, whose wife was Martha Duncan)


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