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HISTORIES before 1923

1894 "Portrait and biographical record of Hancock, McDonough and Henderson counties, Illinois" pub. by Lake City Pub. (CA State Library, Sutro Branch, book F547 H2p8; FHL book 977.34 D3p and film 924,497 item 9)
      Pg.492-3: REV. RICE HARRIS, minister of the Old School Baptist Church, who now has charge of West Liberty Church, near Sperry, Des Moines Co. IA, makes his home on section 25, Bear Creek Township, Hancock Co. IL. He was born on the 11th of August, 1844, at Big Neck, Adams Co. IL, and is one of seventeen children whose parents were Solomon and Lucinda (Barker) Harris, the former a native of North Carolina, and the latter of Tennessee.
            The father of this family ... in 1850 he purchased five hundred and ten acres of partially improved land near Woodville, Adams Co. IL, ... until 1866, when he sold out and removed to Bowen, Hancock County. ... his death which occurred in Bowen, December 15, 1872, ... his wife passed away on the 30th of March, 1878.
            Of their family, Jesse, Nancy and Fannie are now deceased; Solomon is living in Adams County; George makes his home in Kansas; Lucinda is the wife of Elder John Riley of Adams County; Mary is the wife of James Walters; Minerva is the wife of Joseph Pond of Monroe County, Mo.; Jackson is living in Hancock County; Melinda is the wife of Simon Kennedy of McDonough County; William is now deceased; Jane married Milton Riston a resident of Washington; Sarah wedded Jeremiah Hickock of Kansas; Rice is the next younger, Clark is living in Adams County. ....

1880 "History of Hancock County, Illinois : together with an outline history of the state and a digest of state laws" by T.H. Gregg, pub. by C.C. Chapman (FHL book 977.343 H2g and films 1,618,155 item 3 and 934,985 item 4 and fiche 6,046,998)
      Minor references on pg.80 - not copied
      Pg.158, 165, 447, 449, 637, 638 - elections; not copied
      Pg.83: First newspaper published in IL was "Illinois Herald" established at Kaskaskia by Mathew Duncan. There is some variance when it was established, 1809 or 1814.
      Pg.462: Montraville M. Duncan, 1878 Clerk of Appellate Court (MAD: see Morgan Co. IL, from Grayson Co. VA)
      Pg.473-4: Chapter XXII. Old Land-Marks. Among the old land-marks and old things that have passed and are passing away may be mentioned ... "Joe Duncan" was a town laid out in the years of town mania by Robert Miller, David W. Mathews and Isaac N. Morris. It was near the southeast corner of Fountain Green township. It soon died a natural death. Ex-Gov. Duncan was at that time a speculator in town lots, and it is stated that it received its name, Joe Duncan, because he refused to take stock in it. Mathews and Miller sold goods there for a short period.
      Pg.637-8: Warsaw and Wilcox Townships. Warsaw was laid out in 183?4 by John R. Wilcox, Mark Aldrich, John Montague and John W. Vineyard; and in 183?6, addition was made to it by Mark Aldrich, John Montague, L. Allen Key, Richard F. Barrett, Joseph Duncan and Calvin A. Warren. Since then large additions have been made on the east and south, notably among which was that of the 10th section adjoining on the south, and which in 1841 came so near falling into Mormon hands and becoming a Mormon city. Of its original proprietors, not one remains, and but two are known to be living at this date -- L. Allen Key, in California, and C.A. Warren, Esq., of Quincy. Mr. Vineyard long ago settled in Western Missouri; John Montague removed to Kentucky many years ago and died there; ex-Gov. Duncan, of Illinois, and Dr. Barrett, of St. Louis are long since dead; and Mr. Aldrich went to California during the gold excitement, and thence to Arizona, where he died a few years since. A notice of Major Wilcox will be found in another chapter.
      Pg.667: JOHN SCOTT, deceased, was born July 9, 1804, in Ashe Co. NC. He removed to Kentucky in the fall of 1816, and to Madison Co. IL, in 1817, when it was a Territory; then he moved to Morgan Co. IL, where for the first two years he had to go 80 miles to mill. He came to Warsaw in the spring of 1834. He was married Dec. 13, 1836, to Louisa J. Frazier, of Quincy, IL, and they have had 5 children, 3 of whom are living - Mary F. (now Mrs. George J. Rogers, of Carthage), Louisa (at home with her mother) and John F., who is the present Deputy County Clerk at Carthage. Mr. Scott died May 1, 1865. He was a merchant and commission agent most of his life.
      Pg.828: SOLOMON DILL was born in Jackson Co. TN, in 1822; his father, Stephen Dill, was of Scotch descent, and a native of PA; fought under Gen. Jackson in the war of 1812. His grandfather also fought the British under Gen. Washington, in 1776. The father emigrated to this State with his family in 1832, and died at an advanced age about 1858. His mother, whose maiden name was Catharine Harris, and who was a native of NC, died in 1870. Solomon, the fifth in a family of 7 children, is now 58 years of age, has had general success in life and good health. He has one sister living now in Iowa, and a brother in Kansas. Mr. D. was deprived of the advantages of an education when a boy, and is showing his appreciation of the loss by giving his children all the advantages accessible. He was married in McDonough county in 1842 to Leanna Harris. She is the mother of 7 children living, 4 sons and 3 daughters, whose names are Mary, Elijah, Anna, Ada, Reuben, Ethelbert and Charley. Anna is the wife of Samuel Brown, and Ada of a Mr. Dorothy, both farmers of this tp. Mr. D. owns near 470 acres ....
      Pg.906-7: (biographies) LaHarpe Twp. Henry Hyatt, grain dealer, La Harpe, was born in Yates Co. NY in 1825. His parents, Thomas and Hannah (Finch) Hyatt, were natives of NY and remained there until 1855 when they came to Hancock Co., this twp, where he resided until his death. Widow survives in 76th year. Subject of this sketch came to the city in 1849 ... Mr. H. was married in 1852 to Miss Fredonia Duncan, a native of IL, who died in June, 1866, leaving one child, George W. Mr. Hyatt was again married in May, 1867, to Miss Josephine Lane, a native of IL. One dau., Anna M.

1921 "Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and History of Hancock County" ed. by Newton Bateman, Paul Selby, J. Seymour Currey; Hancock Co. history edited by Charles J. Scofield; pub. by Munsell Pub. (CA State Library, Sutro branch, San Francisco, SUTRO microfilm 292; Reel 1-2, 28; Book 1, 113; from Alice Duncan ca 1978)
      Pg.1137: BENNETT, Lorenzo, owner of 300 acres of magnificent land in La Harpe Township, ... He was born in Fountain Green Township, October 3, 1870, a son of Norden and Rhoda Jane (Noble) Bennett, he born in Fountain Green Township, and she near Cincinnati, Ohio. The paternal grandfather, Isaac Bennett, was born in Tennessee, while the maternal grandfather, William Noble, was a native of Ohio. The Bennett family were early settlers of Fountain Green Township, while William Noble came to Illinois about 1843, locating first in Scioto Township, McDonough County, a few years later coming to La Harpe Township, this county, where they bought a farm. After their marriage, Norden Bennett and wife settled on a farm in Fountain Green Township, where they lived until 1901, then retired to La Harpe, where she died June 30, 1905, he surviving her until May 9, 1909. ....

"A history of Round Prairie and Plymouth : 1831-1875" (Plymouth, Hancock Co. IL; Round Prairie, Wayne Co. IL) by E.H. Young; pub. Chicago: G.J. Titus, book and job printer, 1876, 302 pgs. (LH13075, HeritageQuest images 4/2007)
      Pg.128: History of Plymouth ... William M. King ... in this location Mr. King had in partnership with him, for successive periods, J.H. Denny, A.J. Duncan, and J.A. Hamilton. In the spring of 1869 Mr. King's sons, ... bought out the store ...
      Pg.220: Sixteenth Illinois Infantry. Organized at Quincy, May 24th, 1861. ... A.J. Duncan; ... Mustered out at Louisville, Kentucky; discharged at Camp Butler, Illinois.
      Pg.225: One Hundred and Twenty-Fourth Illinois Infantry. Mustered into the United States service at Camp Butler, September 10th, 1862. ... Joseph Duncan ... The 124th ... was discharged at Chicago, August 15th, 1865.

"Historical encyclopedia of Illinois and history of Schuyler Co." by B.C. Gillam; Schuyler Co. Hist. ed. by Howard F. Dyson; pub. Chicago: Munsell Pub. Co., 1908, 1102 pgs. (LH6212, HeritageQuest images 4/2007; FHL book 977.3475 H2sh and film 982,081 item 1)
      Pg.948: TURNER, John S., on Sec.12, Birmingham Township, Schuyler Co., for nearly 15 years ... descended from Southern ancestry, he was born in Adair County, Ky., February 22, 1840, a son of W.S.P. and Sarah (James) Turner, who were born in Virginia and Adair County, KY., respectively. With his parents, W.S.P. Turner went to Kentucky and settled in Adair County, and there some time later occurred his marriage with Miss James. In 1853, after the birth of six of their children, the parents came to Illinois, and in Browning Township, Schuyler Co., Mr. Turner purchased 80 acres ... sold the property in 1873 and removed to Astoria, Fulton Co. Ill., where for a short time he followed a mercantile business; in 1874 he went to Hancock Co. and resumed farming ... He passed away at the ripe old age of 83 years, his wife also dying in Hancock Co. Methodist Episcopal Church. Nine children blessed the marriage of W.S. Turner and his wife, of this number John S. being the eldest. The next two children, Amanda and George B., are both deceased. Ellen became the wife of D.M. Stockman, a veteran of the Civil War and they make their home in Omaha, Neb. Mary is the wife of a Mr. Scott, who owns a large farm in Hancock Co., and Albert is a resident of Texas. Sarah is the wife of Zachariah Duncan, who is a carpenter in Carthage, Ill. Martha, deceased, was the wife of W.D. Cloud. The youngest child, William R., makes his home in St. Mary, Hancock County. (MAD: more on John S. Turner, not copied) (MAD: Carthage, Hancock Co. IL)

1892 "Biographical Review of Cass, Schuyler and Brown Counties Illinois : containing biographical sketches of pioneers and leading citizens" pub. by Biographical Review Pub. Co. (FHL film 934,972 item 1)
      Pg.238-9: JOHN L. BENNETT, born in McDonough Co. IL, December 13, 1832, is the son of Isaac Bennett, born in North Carolina, May 22, 1808. He married in White Co. TN, Mary Lynch, April 8, 1834. She was the daughter of Charles and Mary Lynch. (MAD: Isaac Bennett's wife was Mary Duncan, daughter of Thomas Duncan and Mary Lynch) The latter was born August 7, 1814. Her parents, who were farmers, reared eight children, the father dying in Tennessee, at the age of 45, her mother in Hancock Co. IL, aged eighty-four years. Grandfather Bennett died in Kentucky in 1831, and his wife in Hancock county at the age of eighty years. She came to Illinois in 1834, her son, Isaac, coming with her. They first settled in McDonough county, coming from Tennessee in ox carts, taking about eight weeks to the trip. They were in humble circumstances, and lived in McDonough county for two years, and then went from there to Hancock county, where they took up a claim of 160 acres of wild land with no improvements. They built a rude log cabin, in which they lived and reared most of the children. He made a good farm of this, for which he paid and took a deed in 1838. They had eleven children: John L., the second, is a farmer and stock grower of Hiar (sic) township, McDonough county; Mary Jane was the wife of Philo McPeigh, who died and left two children; Norelan is a large farmer of Hancock county, and has three children; Barbary Ann was the wife of George Bradly, and died, leaving four children; Rufus, a farmer of Hancock county, Illinois; Lorinda, killed by a kick from a horse at the age of eleven; Zilpha died at fourteen; Jeremiah, a wealthy ranchman and stock-grower of Texas; Lucinda, wife of William Duncan, died leaving five children; Phoebe is married and resides in St. Louis, and has two children.
            John L. Bennett had very limited opportunities for obtaining an education; could barely read when a young man. He had to begin hard work when but a child, plowing corn when only eleven years old. He has worked very hard all his life until very recently. He was and is still a very rugged and strong man, and could endure anything and everything, even the ague which shook him while a lad.
            He married at twenty-one and soon left home. His wife was Elizabeth Carder, born in Indiana, where she was reared, daughter of Cooper B. Carder, of South Carolina, who came to Illinois in 1839. Her mother was a Miss Dudney, of Tennessee. Mr. and Mrs. Carder came to Illinois in 1839, where the latter died in 1853, leaving Elizabeth to care for the home. Mrs. Bennett's father, nearly eighty years of age, is living with her on the farm, of 180 acres.
            Mr. and Mrs. Bennett have had a hard struggle to get this farm. They worked rented lands for some years and then bought their first land in 1864, fifty-five acres of timber for $700, paying one-half down. This was in Hancock county, and they sold this and bought where they now are. ....
            They have had twelve children, have buried two daughters and three sons; four died in infancy and early childhood. Eliza Ann, the first born, married Samuel Reeves, and died at thirty years of age. Those living are: Mary M., wife of William Neff, farmer in Hancock county, with two children; Charles Edward married Allie Buck, a farmer; John M. married Nancy White, resides with his parents and is running the home farm; Henry is single and has a tonsorial establishment in Chicago; Edgar is married to a Miss Swanson and resides in Chicago; Otto, in Hancock county; Homer, still a child, is at home. ....

1905 "Biographical review of Des Moines County, Iowa : containing biographical and genealogical sketches of many of the prominent citizens of to-day and also of the past" pub. by Hobart Pub. Co. (from Ronda Berry 3/1995; and FHL films 1,697,420 item 3 and FHL film 934,938 item 1)
      Pg.511: WESLEY HOWARD. Mr. Howard ... a native of TN, he was born in White Co., Dec. 25, 1825, a son of Ignacius and Mary (Duncan) Howard. Ignacius Howard, a native of eastern TN, was a farmer, following that occupation in TN, and later in IL, whither he removed when his son Wesley was 9 years of age, locating six miles north of La Harpe [Hancock Co. IL]. He remained there only about 18 months, however, at the expiration of which period he again removed, coming to Des Moines Co. IA. In the spring of 1837 he located in Benton Twp, where he purchased a half-section ... erected buildings and established a home for himself and family. Here he resided for a long term of years, but finally removed to Henderson Co. IL where he shortly afterward died at the age of 74 years. His wife, also a native of TN, long survivied him, and died in CA at the advanced age of 91 years. (MAD: ? San Joaquin Co. CA or Sacramento Co. CA; Mary Duncan b. 1800 TN in 1850 Des Moines Co. IA census; see also McDonough Co. IL)
            Wesley Howard obtained his early education in his native State, and later accompanied his parents in their removal to IL and to Des Moines Co. ... In his 26th year he ... purchased a farm of his own ... He resided upon that farm for a number of years, but in 1865 removed to Danville township, where he engaged extensively in general farming and stock-raising for the remainder of his active career. He still owns a fine and very productive farm of 80 acres three miles east of the village of Danville ... He now resides in Danville, where he has a pleasant home ...
            Dec. 4, 1851, Mr. Howard was united in marriage to Miss Charity A. Perry, who was born in Washington Co. PA, accompanying her parents to IA in 1845. She is the dau. of Thomas J.R. and Peggy (Gaston) Perry. (MAD: more on Perry family not copied here) To Mr. and Mrs. Howard have been born 5 children, as follows: Amanda, who died age 21 years; Perry L., now residing on a farm near Hepler, KS, married Miss Laura Van Dyke and has 3 daus. Myrtle, Elsa and Helen; Thomas who died age 4 years; James now residing on his father's farm in Danville twp. ... mar. Miss Hattie Jackson and has 3 children Murle, Grace and Walter; and William, who at age 16 years was drowned in Skunk River while bathing. ....

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