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Formed 1837 from Dubuque
Fayette formed 1837 from Clayton
Allamakee formed 1847 from Clayton


1840 Clayton Co. IA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1850 Clayton Co. IA Census
Monroe Twp.
Pg.178, #672-672, Austin T. DEPUE (m) 34 NY (blank?) $3000
                  Orpha E. (f) 29 NY
                  Alma (f) 8, Vanburen (m) 6 IA
                  Henry S. GRANGER 29 MS ("Miss") student $0
                  Perry DUNCAN (m) 24 OH laborer $0
                  David BEAR 22 PA laborer $0
                  (MAD: Oliver Perry Duncan in 1860 Clinton Co. IA census)

1856 Clayton Co. IA State Census (from Hope Freeman Carnicle 4/2000, to her from Ila Wakely, a volunteer in Washington state, with permission 7/12/2001)
      Township, (page not given); Dwelling # - Family #, Name, age, sex, married?, years in Iowa, state of birth, occupation, Native Voter, Militia.
Cass Twp.
#70-#50 CODDLE, Gavin 25 M M(arried) 5 (years in Iowa) PA farmer 1 (Native voter) 1 (Militia)
                  Martha 21 F M(arried) 1 (years in Iowa) PA
                  S.M. (age not given) F IA
                  (MAD: Martha Duncan mar. Gavin Coddle 12/16/1854)
Sperry Twp.
#55-#71 DUNCAN, Tilman 23 M M(arried) 2 (years in Iowa) TN farmer
                  Milinda 42 F W(idow) 1 (years in Iowa) SC
                  Louisa 16 F 1 (year in Iowa) TN
                  Wm. H. 7 M 1 (year in Iowa) KY
                  J.R. (age not given) M 1 (year in Iowa) IL

1860 Clayton Co. IA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1870 Clayton Co. IA Census
Cass Twp.
Pg.181, #239-283, DUNCAN, Tillman 36 KY farmer $2000-$1000
                  Catherine E. 28 Bralima-Brement; par.of foreign birth
                  Henry H. 10, James M. 8, Mary E. 3 IA
                  Matilda 2/12 April IA; mother of foreign birth
                  SOUSBRY, Christopher 22 IL farm laborer
                  (MAD: ? 1850 Rockcastle Co. KY census)
Elk Creek
Pg.209, #25-26, DUNCAN, Joseph 62 IN farmer $0-$0
                  Hellen O. 35 PA keeping house
                  Albertina (f) 8 IA at school
                  Juliaett (f) 5, Isabel R. 4 IA at home
                  ARNOLD, Thomas S. 17 PA farm laborer
                  (MAD: ? 1860 Cerro Gordo Co. IA census b.PA)


Clayton Co. IA Grantor Index V.1 1841-1858 (FHL film 1,514,104 item 2; copied 6/6/2015 by CVD)
   Deed Index, Lands, Vol.1, item 2
      Grantor, Grantee, Date of filing, Date of instrument, Instrument; Book-Page; Description, Sec.-T-R
      Dunkin, John H. & wife to Meighan, Richard, 14 Nov. 1853, 8 Nov. 1853, S.W.D., I-178, SE SE Sec.4 T93 R3
      Dunkin, John H. & wife to Ballan, James P., 15 Jan. 1854, 1 Dec. 1853, W.D., I-344, E 1/2 NE Sec.9 T93 R3
      Dunkin, John H. & wife to Peart, Edwin, 22 May 1854, 20 May 1854, W.D., J-8, SW SE Sec.3 T93 R3 and SW NW Sec.23 T93 R3
      Dunkin, John H. & wife to Depue, Isaac, 15 Nov. 1854, 2 Nov. 1854, W.D., J-505, N 1/2 SW Sec.23 T93 R3 and SE NW 23-93-3
      Dunkin, John H. & wife to Grinnell, Caroline, 10 Feb. 1855, 9 Feb. 1855, W.D., K-56, NE SE 3-93-3
      Dunkin, John H. & wife to Murdock, Samuel, 2 May 1855, 1 May 1855, W.D., K-315, NE SE 3-93-3
      Dunkin, John H. & wife to Scott, Henry C., 10 Jan. 1857, 6 Dec. 1856, W.D., N-482, NW SW 2-93-3


Fountain Co. IN Deeds (SLC 9/11/2012)
      17-687/688: 16 Sept. 1852, John H. Dunkin and Elizabeth Dunkin his wife of Clayton Co. IA to Henry Miller of Fountain Co. IN, for $750 paid, sell tract of land and premises in Town of Attica, Fountain Co. IN, known as 44-1/2 feet on P?erry Street extending 2 rods back, it being the NE part of Lot 217 in Grants Addition to Town of Attica, together with appurtenances, warrant title. /s/ John H. Dunkin, Elizabeth Dunkin. Wit. Reuben Noble, Robert R. Read. They appeared 16 Sept. 1852 before Robert C. Drips?, J.P., Clayton Co. IA. Certification by F. Andros, Clk, Dist. Court, and P?. Granger, Deputy, for Robert C. Drips?, 16 Sept. 1852, in Garnavillo. Recorded Feb. 24, 1853. (FHL film 1,321,735)
      18-337/338: 20 April 1853, John H. Dunkin and wife Elizabeth Dunkin of Clayton Co. IA to Patrick Fielding of Fountain Co. IN, for $25 paid, sell lot of land in Town of Attica, Fountain Co. IN, Lot No.173 in Green and Colman's addition to Town of Attica, with appurtenances, warrant title. /s/ John H. Dunkin, Elizabeth Dunkin. Wit. Wm. H. Ballows, Robert C. Drips. They appeared 20 April 1853 before Robert C. Drips, J.P. of Clayton Co. IA. Certification by J.F. Andrew, Clerk of District Court of Clayton Co. IA, for Robert C. Drips, 20 April 1853. Recorded Dec. 2, 1853. (FHL film 1,321,736)

HISTORIES before 1923

1893 "Biographical History of Crawford, Ida and Sac Cos. IA: containing portraits of all the presidents of the United States, with accompanying biographies, a condensed history of Iowa, with biographies of the governors, engravings of prominent citizens of the counties, with personal histories of many of the early settlers and leading families" pub. by Lewis Pub. Co. (Los Angeles Public Library book R977.7 B615)
      Pg.291: OLIVER PERRY DUNKIN, one of the leading citizens and pioneer farmers of Clinton township, Sac Co. IA, was born January 21, 1826. His father, Joshua Dunkin, was a native of Virginia and a soldier in the war of 1812. His grandfather, John Dunkin, was a descendant of Scotch ancestry. The maiden name of our subject's mother was Sarah Richardson. She was born in Ohio, a descendant of German ancestry, and was first married to a Mr. Riley, by whom she had four children. She married Mr. Dunkin in Brown Co. OH, and her death occurred in Fulton Co. IL, at the age of sixty. After her death the father came to Clinton Co. IA, where he died at the age of seventy. He voted for Fremont in 1856, but was a Democrat all his life. He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church and for many years was a Class Leader.
      Oliver P. was a lad of fourteen or fifteen years when the family moved to Fulton Co. IL, and on his father's farm in that county he was reared. He then moved to Jackson Co. IA, and some years later went to Clinton Co. and settled near Elwood. From Clinton Co. in 1875, he came to Sac Co. bought 320 acres of land, and on it has since resided. ... Mr. Dunkin was married in Clinton Co. IA, November 12, 1854, to Mary Jane Clark, a native of New Jersey. ...
      (MAD: Joshua Duncan mar. Sally Riley 8/31/1809 Adams Co. OH; see 1850 Jackson and Clayton Co. IA censuses)


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