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Duncans in Monroe Co. GA


Duncan research files of
Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson
the Genealogy Bug

Last revised July 1, 2004

Formed 1821 from Indian Lands
Bibb formed 1822 from Jones, Monroe, Twiggs, Houston
Pike formed 1822 from Monroe
Butts formed 1825 from Henry, Monroe
Lamar formed 1920 from Monroe, Pike


1830-1840 Monroe Co. GA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1850 Monroe Co. GA Census
Pg.29, #416, John P. DUNCAN 40 GA clergyman
                  Amy H. 32 GA
                  Virginia A. 11, Florida C. (f) 9 GA
                  John P. 8, Nathaniel L. 3 GA
                  Charles W. 2 GA
                  (MAD: Rev. John P. Duncan mar. Amy Harriet Bussy 10/31/1837 Lincoln Co. GA; see also Chambers and Talladega Co. AL; Virginia A. mar. Robert Hubert 9/15/1857 Sumter Co. GA, d. Polk Co. TX; Mrs. A.H. Duncan, wife of Rev. J.P. Duncan, d. 2/12/1856 Greensboro [Greene Co.], GA; Rev. John P. Duncan mar. Mrs. Sarah H. Daniel 2/11/1857 Sumter Co. GA; from "Marriages and Obituaries from the 'Macon Messenger' 1818-1865" [Bibb Co. GA] by Willard R. Rocker, FHL book 975.8552/M1 V2r. Florida C. Duncan mar. Alfred L. Willis, 1/2/1856 Greene Co. GA; Florida Caroline Willis b. Macon, Bibb Co. GA 1840, d. 8/23/1868 Calhoun Co. GA, her two brothers d. in war; C.W. Duncan mar. Missouri F. Kidd of Baker Co. GA 5/25/1871; from notices in 'Southern Christian Advocate' extracts by Brent Holcomb. Charles Wesley Duncan & family to Brooks Co. GA 1877, from pg.454, "History of Brooks Co. GA 1858-1948" by Folks Huxford, 1948, FHL book 975.8874 H2h)
60th Division (last names were written out for each name)
Pg.61, #914-914, James DONKINS 52 NC tenant $0
                  Mary 49 NC
                  Mason (m) 6, James 5 GA
                  Thomas 14, Susan 13 GA
Pg.66, #990, Spencer PHILLIPS 53 NC merchant $0
                  Elizabeth Phillips 43 GA
                  George W. Phillips 20 GA merchant
                  Sarah A. 18 GA
                  Phedory (f) 16, Albine (f) 14 GA
                  Miles 12, Susan 10, Spencer 8 GA
                  Martha 7, John 6, Amos 5 GA
                  (MAD: Spencer Phillips mar. Elizabeth Duncan 5/5/1827)

1860 Monroe Co. GA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1870 Monroe Co. GA Census
P.O. Forsyth
Pg.92, #95-101, Brickyard workers
                  DUNKIN?, Garsck? (m) 32 GA BLACK brickyard laborer
Pg.147, #946-938, DUNCAN, Osborn J. (m) 33 GA works in "c. shop"
                  Caroline 30 GA keeping house
                  George 10, Margaret 8 GA
                  (MAD: 1860 DeKalb Co. GA census)
Pg.154, #42-31, HAM, John 73 GA farmer $2000-$1300
                  Martha T. 65 GA keeping house
                  DUNCAN, Martha N. 35 GA (blank) $800-$0
                  John M. 18 GA student, Thos. 6 GA
                  (MAD: ? 1860 Chatham Co. GA census; Dr. William J. Duncan mar. Martha Ann Minerva Ham, 3/31/1835 - 12/21/1872 Monroe Co. GA, from pg.282 "John & Amy Gatewood & their Descendants 1666-1986" by Carol J. Gothberg, 1987, FHL book 929.273 G223gc)
Pg.249, #81-57, DUNCAN, Everitt (m) 66 GA BLACK (blank)
                  Hetty 37 GA BLACK (blank)
                  Rachel 14, Nancy 12, Lincoln (m) 5 GA BLACKS


Monroe Co. GA Marriages Book A, 1824-1845 (FHL film 164,220)
      Scattered index pages; following from page by page scan
      John T. Ratliff to Gracy Dunkcun? (Durhum?), lic. 5 Jan. 1826, mar. same date; pg. 29
      Spencer Philips to Elizabeth Duncan, lic. 4 May 1827, mar. 5 May by James Claytonn, JP, pg. 54
      Nathaniel Gamage to Phebe Duncan, lic. 17 Nov. 1827, mar. 18 Nov. by Mosses Grubs?, JP, pg.58, marriage headed Jones Co. (MAD: no Nathaniel Gamage indexed 1850 GA census; see 1850 Coweta Co. GA census)
      Original marriages skip from 1829 to 1835
      Matthew Lane to Tabitha Ann Duncan, 10 June 1838 (from other sources) (MAD: 1850 Coweta Co. GA census; to Madison Co. TN after Civil War)
      Jackson Shemm to Winney Duncan, 1 March 1849 (from other sources)

Monroe Co. GA Marriages (looking for William J. Duncan to Martha Ann Ham who d. 12/21/1872)
      No bride indexes
      Vol.B, 1846-1871 - no Duncan groom (FHL film 164,220)
      Vol.B2, 1869-1875 - did not check
      Vol.C, 1872-1875 - no Duncan (FHL film 164,221)
      Vol.D, 1875-1881 - no Wm. Duncan
      Vol.E, 1881-1888 - no Wm. Duncan (FHL film 164,222)


Monroe Co. GA Court of Ordinary Minutes (FHL film 164,234)
      Vol.A, 1824-1835 - no index
      Vol.B, 1849-1858 - partial index, no Duncan spotted
      Vol.C, 1858-1869 - no index

Monroe Co. GA Inferior Court Minutes
      Vol.A, 1826-1841 - no index (FHL film 164,240)
      Vol.B, 1828-1838 - no Duncan (FHL film 164,240)
      Vol. 1828-1843 - no index (FHL film 164,241)
      Vol. 1843-1849 - no Duncan (FHL film 164,241)

Monroe Co. GA Superior Court Writs 1831-1893; records are also titled "Common Laws and equity."
      Vol.8 1831-1842 - no index (FHL film 164,211)
      Vol.12, 1842-1844 - no index, quit (FHL film 164,212)

Monroe Co. GA Court of Ordinary Estates Bonds, 1825-1854 (FHL film 164,271)
      No Duncan, Gamage, Phillips; Talmage bonds not pertinent

Monroe Co. GA Annual Returns (FHL film 164,243)
      Book A, 1823-1833 - no Duncan
      Book B, 1829-1834 - no index


Monroe Co. GA Tax Digests: 1828, 1853 (FHL film 177,694)
      1828: Capt. Lucas Dist., pg.30, Franklin Duncan, 1 poll, no land
      1853: not looked at


GA Land Lotteries; Monroe Co. GA
      Name, lottery year, militia district & county of residence, draw
      Duncan, Daniel, 1821, of Shepherds Dist., Morgan Co., drew lot #35 in Sec.13, Monroe Co.
      Duncans orphans (Miles Duncan's orphans), 1827, of Capt. Gammons Dist., Monroe Co., drew lot #166, 2nd Dist., Sec.4, Coweta Co.
      Duncan, Robert, 1821, of Brooks Dist., Wilkinson Co., drew lot #16 in Sec.9, Monroe Co. (MAD: later Pike Co.)
      Duncan, Robert, 1821, of Duncans Dist., Franklin Co., drew lot #193 in Sec.12, Monroe Co.

Monroe Co. GA Land Lottery Grants
      Dist. 1&2: (FHL film 519,046)
            Book 2, pg. 77: 3 Oct. 1823, grant to Edmund Duncan Senr. of Flowers Dist, Jones Co., 2nd Dist., Lot #5.
      Dist. 3&4 - no Duncan
      Dist. 5&6 - no Duncan
      Dist. 7&8 - no Duncan (FHL film 519,047)
      Dist. 9&10:
            Book 9, pg.181: 20 Dec. 1825, grant to Robert Duncan of Brooks Dist., Wilkinson Co., 9th Dist., Lot #16.
      Dist. 11&12: (FHL film 519,048)
            Book 12, pg.123: 26 Sept. 1822, grant to Robert Duncan of Duncans Dist., Franklin Co., 12th Dist., Lot #193.
      Dist. 13&14 - no Duncan
      Dist. 15&16 - D index page not filmed
      No grant found for Daniel Duncan of Shepherds' Dist., Morgan Co., for lot #35 in Dist.413? of Monroe Co., from 1821 lottery index

Monroe Co. GA Deeds 1822-1878; Superior Court, privately owned (grantor index on FHL film 164,158; grantee index on FHL film 164,134)
      no Dunkin deeds, no other Duncans
      A-4: Greene Co. GA. 13 May 1822, Keaton (X) Upchurch of Greene Co. GA to John Duncan of Jones Co. GA, $250, Lot #46, 202-1/2 acres in 13th Dist., Monroe Co. GA. Wit. Isham Weathing?, H.P. Malony. (FHL film 164,136)
      A-76: Jones Co. GA. 1 Jan. 1822, Wm. Smith of afsd appoints Joseph Davie my brother in law of same my true & lawful attorney to sell lot #182 in 13th Dist. of Monroe; wit. J. Rushin, Isaac Duncan JP; rec. 2 Sept. 1822. (from pg.234, Vol.3, "Some GA County Records" by Silas Emmett Lucas, FHL book 975.8 N2L, and other sources)
      F-24: 29 May 1827, John Duncan of Baldwin Co. GA to Samuel Terintine? of Baldwin Co., $450, Lot #46, 202-1/2 acres in 13th Dist. except 2-1/2 acres in corner where it joins lot 45 and 52. Wit. James Perry, John Bozeman. (FHL film 164,138)
      P-221: Martha A. Duncan grantee (book P, 1867-1875, not copied)
      S-215: Thos. W. Duncan grantee
      S-216: John H. Duncan grantee
      U-115: J.H. Duncan grantor
      U-116: T.W. Duncan grantor
      W-531: Thos. W. Duncan grantee
      Y-250: John H. Duncan grantee

Coweta Co. GA Land Lottery Grants, 1827-1850; Dist. 1-4 (FHL film 519,013)
      Dist.2, Pg.199: Grant to Duncan's Orphans of Gammon Dist., Monroe Co., lot 202-1/2 acres in 2nd Dist. Coweta Co., lot #166, 6 Nov. 1834. (MAD: 1827 Land Lottery, Sec.4, from other records; orphans not named)


Coweta Co. GA Deed (FHL film 473,254, and from Bettye Dove 8/1995)
      F-75: Monroe Co. GA, 25 Aug. 1838, George S. Duncan, of Co. afsd to Lemuel Edwards of Coweta Co. GA, $500, lot 166 in 2nd Dist. of Coweta Co., 202-1/2 acres, drawn by the heirs of Miles Duncan decd; /s/ George S. Duncan, admstr.; wit. James Watson, Thos. J. Sanders, John Lane JP. (BD: John Lane was father of Matthew Lane who married Tabitha Ann Duncan in 1838 in Monroe Co. GA)

Lee Co. GA Land Lottery Index, 1827; by District, Section & Lot (FHL film 514,014)
      2nd Dist., 1st Sec., #245, granted John S. Duncan of Woodwards Dist., Monroe Co., 15 March 1837

Upson Co. GA Deeds
      A-299: 15 March 1828, James (X) Lunsford to Thomas Beale & Jesse Duncan, $150, 50 acres on Potatoe Creek, in SE corner of Lot #178 in 10th Dist. formerly Monroe now Upson. Wit. Thos. Telewillon, J.W. Cooper clerk. (FHL film 282,802)
      A-394: 26 Jan. 1826, Nicholas Childers of Putnam Co. to Joseph Duncan and Benjamin Duncan, exec. of estate of Mathew Duncan decd., "for and in consideration of and before the sealing and delivery of these presents, bargained and sold" to the said executors land in 11th dist. of Monroe when surveyed now Upson Co., lot 542. Wit. H.W. Ector, Robert Jenkins. (FHL film 282,802)
      A-490: 1 Dec. 1829, Jesse Duncan to Drewry Goyns, both Upson Co., $2, part of undivided whole of lot #178 on Potatoe Creek. Wit. Laurence Smith, John Tucker JP. (FHL film 282,802)
      C-159: 10 March 1835, Isaac and Robert Jackson, admrs. of Henry Jackson, of Hancock Co. GA, to James Duncan of Upson Co. GA, Jackson had signed title bond on 23 Jan. 1829 to Alfred Williams for lot 25 in 15th Dist. of Upson formerly Monroe Co., assigned by Williams to Duncan. Wit. Butt L. Law, John D. Swainey JJC. (FHL film 282,803)
      C-398: Meriwether Co. 7 Oct. 1836, Joseph Duncan exec. of Matthew Duncan late of Putnam Co. decd, to Thomas W. Riviere, for $400, land now in Upson Co., lot 242 (written in words 142) in 11th Dist. orig. Monroe Co., 202-1/2 acres. Wit. R.E.S. Ragland, W.B. Ector JP. (FHL film 282,803)
      C-428: 27 Oct. 1835, James Duncan to William Couch, both Upson Co., $940, lot 25 in 15th Dist. formerly Monroe now Upson Co., 202-1/2 acres. Wit. Green Conpins?, P.E. Bomore?. (FHL film 282,803)

Taliaferro Co. GA Tax Digests (FHL film 220,572)
1829: Capt. James Peeks' 608th Dist.
            Duncan, James, 1 free male (no land, not on 1828 list)
            William Lancaster, 1 free male, 200a Taliaferro Co., Powel's Creek, adj. Jones.
            Ditto, 250a Early Co., 3rd Dist., lot #261
            (blank) Gdn. for Catherine Lightfoot, 202-1/2a Munroe Co., 3rd Dist., Lot #23
1831: Capt. Abraham Howel's 608th Dist.
            Duncan, James, 1 free male, 2 slaves, 250a Early Co., Dist. 4, lot #261
            Ditto, agent for W. Lancaster, 1 free male, 200a Taliaferro Co. on P. Creek adj. Jones.
            Ditto, gdn. for Catherine Lightfoot, 202-1/2a Monroe Co., Dist.3, Lot #23, granted "self"


"Roster of Confederate Soldiers of GA 1861-1865" by Lillian Henderson, Director of the State Division of Confederate Pensions and Records for the state of Georgia, 6 vols. (FHL book 975.8 M22h)
      3:603: 31st Regiment GA Volunteer Infantry, Army of Northern VA; Co.D, Monroe Crowders, Monroe Co. GA: James Long Duncan, Private, March 6, 1862; Pension records show he was wounded at Gettysburg, PA, July 1, 1863; contracted rheumatism from exposure in 1863; absent, sick, Oct. 5, 1864; no later record. (Born Feb. 26, 1839.)


Providence Congregational Methodist Church cemetery (est. 5/8/1852 in home of Mickleberry Merritt, pastor Rev. Absolom Ogletree), High Falls, Monroe Co. GA (personal visit by Martha Jones, 6/8/1998)
      Thomas William Duncan, b. 11-1-1863, d. 10-22-1939; next to Tommie Flynt Duncan, b. 6-18-1865, d. 11-22-1934.
      Mattie White Duncan, b. 12-19-1897, d. 9-21-1990; John L. Duncan, b. 5-2-1898, d. 12-19-1990.


"Dunkin-Reid and Garner-McGraw-Mobley Families of SC, GA and AL; Some Forebears and Descendants" by Dean Smith Cress, 1992 (FHL book 929.273 D921r)
      Pg.59 includes the family of Miles Franklin Duncan born 3 September 1819 in Wilkes Co. GA, died 3 July 1899 in Newnan, Coweta Co. GA, and married Emily Beavers on 17 March 1844. Miles Franklin Duncan was the son of Miles Robert Duncan of Wilkes Co. GA and grandson of Miles Duncan. Miles Franklin Duncan may be related to George Duncan who was admin. of estate of Miles Robert Duncan (Deed Records, Monroe Co. GA). The heirs of Miles Robert Duncan included Miles Franklin Duncan and his sister, Tabitha Ann Duncan.


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