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Formed 1827 from Troup


1830 Meriwether Co. GA Census
Pg.159  Thomas N. Duncan   1100,1       - 1001
   164  John T. Duncan     0000,0100,1  - 0001,1
        Mary Duncan        0100,1       - 1000,2001
          (next to John)

1840 Meriwether Co. GA Census
Pg.112  Thomas Duncan      2210,01      - 1000,01
   135  Joseph Duncan      0000,001     - 1000,01
          (MAD: one Joseph Duncan mar. Mary Ann or Martha
            Ann Bailey 12/18/1834 Upson Co. GA; one "Col."
            Joseph Duncan age 62y died 7/18/1859 Milledgeville,
            Baldwin Co. GA, from obit in "Macon Messenger"; one
            Joseph Duncan 45 GA died 8/1859 Baldwin Co. GA, from
            1860 Mortality Schedule; not identified 1850 census)

1850 Meriwether Co. GA Census
Pg.307, #33, Benjamin JACKSON 41 GA farmer $0
                  Elizabeth 18 GA
                  H.P.(m) 12, T.J.C.(m) 11 GA
                  (MAD: looking for Benjamin Jackson mar. Elizabeth Dunkin 5/26/1848 Harris Co. GA)
Pg.328, #321, Thomas DUNCAN 44 GA farmer $4000
                  Julia Ann 44 GA
                  Thomas 20 GA (atty), Joseph 18 GA (farmer)
                  Matthew 16, Rush 14, Louisa 12 GA
                  George 10, Andrew 6 GA
                  (MAD: Thomas N. Duncan mar. Julia Ann Bray 4/9/1828 Warren Co. GA; see also ?? Joseph in Calhoun Co. AL 1860?)
Pg.349, #621, David BAILEY 31 GA farmer $0
                  Nancy C. 6, William G. 5, David J. 2 GA
                  Nancy 33 GA
                  (MAD: looking for David J. Bailey Sr., uncle of Miss Sally Duncan b. (1838) Meriwether Co. GA, d. 11/18 or 11/11/1892 Griffin, Spalding Co. GA, only child of Mr. & Mrs. James Duncan; see also Butts Co. GA, David M. Bailey wife Susan M. 29 GA; see 1850 Pike Co. GA census, 1860 Spalding Co. GA census)
Pg.374, #163?, John A. WILLIAMS 24 GA farmer $550
                  Mary 21 GA
                  Sarah J. 3 GA
                  George W. DUNCAN 10 GA
Pg.377, #1018, M.B. McCOMB 38 NC farmer $12000
                  Mary A. 1 (sic) GA
                  Walker DUNCAN 38 GA
                  Mary McCOMB 22 GA
                  (MAD: 1860 Baldwin Co. GA census)
Pg.388, #1173, John M. WILLIAMS 27 GA farmer $9000
                  Ann 18 GA
                  Liaborn D. (m) 5 GA
                  (MAD: looking for John M. Williams mar. Mary Duncan 10/30/1845 Harris Co. GA)

1860 Meriwether Co. GA Census
Holly P.O.
Pg.408, #517, Julia A. DUNCAN 54 GA farming $2,800-$28,000
                  Thomas T. 30, Joseph 27 GA
                  Mathew 25, Rush (m) 24 GA
                  Louisa 21, George 19, Andrew 15 GA

1870 Meriwether Co. GA Census
Warm Springs P.O., 1st District
Pg.234, #41-41, DUNCAN, John 27 GA (white) farm hand $0-$200
                  Nancy 21 GA keeping house
                  George 3, Robert 1 GA
Sand Town P.O., 9th District
Pg.330, #345-345, DUNCAN, James 50 GA BLACK farm hand $0-$0
                  Elvira (f) 60 GA BLACK keeping house
                  (no children)
Rocky Mt. P.O., 10th District
Pg.374, #232-234, DUNCAN, John 30 GA BLACK farm hand $0-$0
                  Ellen 32 GA BLACK keeping house
                  Cimanth (f) 11 GA MULATTO
                  Georgia (f) 7 GA MULATTO
                  Thomas 4 GA BLACK
                  Green (m) 2, John 1 GA BLACK
Grantville P.O., 11th District
Pg.378, #48-48, DUNCAN, Alva (m) 35 GA BLACK farm hand $0-$100
                  Caroline 27 GA BLACK keeping house
                  Perish (m) 6, Louiza (f) 3 GA BLACKS
                  Martha 1 GA BLACK
Pg.399, #348-350, DUNCAN, Julia 56 GA keeping house $1200-$400
                  Thomas 40 GA farm hand
                  Mathew 35 GA farm hand
                  Louiza (f) 27 GA ast. keeping house
                  Andrew 25 GA farm hand
                  ECTOR, Charlotte 25 GA (white) domestic servant
                  HINES, Caroline (f) 25 GA (white) farm hand
Pg.399, #349-351, HINES, Permelia (f) 12 GA MULATTO farm hand
                  Anna 10 GA MULATTO
                  Henry 4 GA BLACK
                  Babe (f) 1 GA BLACK
                  ECTOR, Phinen? (m) 5 GA MULATTO
                  Walker (m) 4, Dora (f) 2 GA MULATTOS


Meriwether Co. GA Marriages Vol. A-E 1828-1886 (FHL film 327,664)
      Vol. A, 1828-1843 - No Duncan bride; no Duncan, McComb, Williams (see 1850 census)
      MAD: the marriage of Maj. Alfred X. Duncan to Mrs. Juditha Elizabeth Caroline Jackson, former consort of Moses W. Jackson Esq., in Greenville on the 26th, was given in the 2/4/1840 issue of "Southern Recorder" newspaper pub. Milledgeville, Baldwin Co. GA; cannot identify on census; ? Greenville, Meriwether Co. GA
      Vol. B, 1843-1866 (no brides)
      B-28: Andrew Duncan to Mary Lalisted, m. 18 Nov. 1844 by John Baker, JP (MAD: ? 1850 Marion Co. GA census)


Meriwether Co. GA Court of Ordinary, Index to Estates A-L, 1828-1963 (FHL film 327,661)
      William Bray estate, 1830, A-56, Thomas N. Duncan admin.
      Hugh W. Ector estate 1834, A-66, Thomas N. Duncan and Wiley B. Ector admins.
      Duncan, Matthew - Thomas T. Duncan, admr., case #566, petition minutes 4-522 (no entry for will book), Bond B-586, Letters 2-250, Inventory B-7
      Next Duncan was 1896, not copied

Meriwether Co. GA Court of Ordinary Minutes (FHL film 327,667)
      Vol.4, 1860+: Pg.522, Jan. 1875, Thomas T. Duncan applied for letters of administration on estate of Matthew Duncan decd; granted. (MAD: sons of Thomas N. & Julia Ann (Bray) Duncan)

Meriwether Co. GA Returns and Appraisements, Book A (FHL film 327,671)
      A-56: Returns 1830 and 1831 by Thomas N. Duncan (decedent not named), included land in Warren Co. GA rented to Patrick Farley?, schools, boarding, etc.


GA Land Lotteries; Meriwether Co. GA
      Name, lottery year, militia district & county of residence, draw
      Duncan, John J., 1832, of Payne Militia Dist., Merriwether Co., drew land lot in Dist.27 Sec.2, Murray & Gilmer Co.
      Duncan, John T., 1832, of Paynes Militia Dist., Meriwether Co., drew gold lot #895 in Dist.3, Sec.1, Cherokee Purchase (MAD: later Forsyth Co.)
      Duncan, Simeon L., 1832, of Payne Militia Dist., Merriwether Co., drew land lot in Dist.12 Sec.3, Murray Co.
      Duncan, Thomas N., 1832, of Tuggles Militia Dist., Meriwether Co., drew gold lot #53 in Dist.19, Sec.3, Cherokee Purchase (MAD: later Paulding Co.)

Meriwether Co. GA Deeds (grantee index D-L 1827-1963 on FHL film 327,692; grantor D-G on FHL film 327,696)
      B-29: 12 Jan. 1831, Hinton Duncan and Thos. V. Miller of Baldwin Co. GA to David B. Scott of Harris Co. GA, $225, 202-1/2 acres, lot 137 in 2nd Dist. orig. Troup now Meriwether Co. Wit. Laban C. Pool, W.W. Pool JP. (FHL film 327,700)
      B-142: 18 Sept. 1831, Edmund Duncan of Henry Co. GA to Enos Smith of Troupe Co. GA, $50, lot 165 in 10th Dist. now Meriwether Co. Wit. George Bennett, Isaac Downs. Reg. on oath of George Bennett. (FHL film 327,700)
      B-149: 19 Nov. 1830, Robert Smith of Rabun Co. GA to Alexander Duncan of Habbersham Co. GA, $100, lot 167 in 2nd Dist. Wit. Chas. Duncan, Wm. M. Grantham. (FHL film 327,700)
      B-174: 13 Jan. 1832, Thomas N. Duncan to William Redding, both Meriwether Co. GA, $200, 202-1/2 acres, lot 20, 8th Dist. Wit. Hugh W. Ector, W.B. Ector. (FHL film 327,700)
      B-282: 4 Oct. 1830, Joseph Sentell to Thos. N. Duncan, both Meriwether Co. $1900, 202-1/2 acres, lot 206 granted to John Peterson in 9th Dist. Wit. Hugh W. Ector, Matthew Leveritt. (FHL film 327,700)
      C-223: 22 Feb. 1834, Vincent Corley to Joseph Duncan and Morris G. Fowler, all Meriwether Co., mortgage, Martin E.B. Corley and Vincent Corley on 1 Jan. 1833 owed Duncan & Fowler $406.32; lot #257 in 2nd Dist., 202-1/2 acres. (FHL film 327,701)
      C-366: 27 July 1832, Alexander Duncan of Habersham Co. GA to Henry Bullock of Meriwether Co., $90, 202-1/2 acres, lot 167 in 2nd Dist. Wit. D. Quillian, James Quillian. (FHL film 327,701)
      D-65: 26 Sept. 1833, John Scott and William A. Smith to Joseph Duncan and Morris G. Towles, all Meriwether Co. GA, $500, Greenville lot 8. Wit. Thos. E. Hardaway, J.M. Lesley. (FHL film 327,701)
      D-66: 25 April 1834, Joseph Duncan and Morris G. Towles to Hugh W. Ector and Adam Ragland, $600, Greenville lot 8. Wit. Joseph B. Scott, W.B. Ector. (FHL film 327,701)
      D-202: 18 July 1835, Abraham B. Ragons to Willie B. Ector and Thos. N. Duncan and Dorothy Ector, adms. of Hugh W. Ector decd, $678.16, Greenville lot 12. Wit. Adam Ragland, Myron Ellis. (FHL film 327,701)
      D-349: 15 Nov. 1834, Thomas N. Duncan to Abraham B. Ragan, both Meriwether Co. GA, $1200, lot 179 and 206 in 9th Dist. Wit. J.H. Jeter, Jesse McCendon?. (FHL film 327,701)
      E-287: 22 Dec. 1834, Thomas N. Duncan to Ephraim C. Moffett, both Meriwether Co. GA, $2,000, lots 160 and 162 in 8th Dist., 202-1/2 acres each, total 405 acres. Wit. W.D. Alexander, W.B. Ector. (FHL film 327,702)
      F-206: 9 Jan. 1838, James W. Mann, admr. estate of Mary Ann Smith, decd, to Thomas N. Duncan and Wiley B. Ector as admrs. of estate of Hugh W. Ector decd, all Meriwether Co., pursuant to court permission to sell real estate, sell lot 256, 202-1/2 acres, in 10th Dist. on 5 Sept. 1837 to highest bidder for $150. (FHL film 327,702)
      F-280: 7 April 1838, Enoch J. Power to Joseph Duncan and Levi Hart, merchants and ???, trading under name of Duncan and Hart, mortgage ... (not copied) (FHL film 327,702)
      F-486: 6 Feb. 1839, Riley Turner to Thomas N. Duncan and Wiley B. Ector admr. & Dolly Johnson late Dolly Ector admx. of Hugh W. Ector decd, $370, lot 101 in 10th Dist., 202-1/2 acres. Wit. Myron Ellis, Daniel T. Eith. (FHL film 327,702)
      H-4: 12 Jan. 1843, John Hodnett to Joseph Duncan, both Meriwether Co., $1226.75, part of town lot (adj.?) lot 156 and 158, mentions blacksmith stables, storehouse, reserving 3-year lease on the houses and lots where John Griffin Senr. now lives, 175-1/4 acres in 3rd Dist. Wit. Danl. C. Gresham, Henry Harris. (FHL film 327,704)
      I-266: 1 April 1843, P.N. Elkins of Effingham Co. GA to T.N. Duncan of Meriwether Co. GA, $500, lot #94 of 202-1/2 acres in 10th Dist., 3rd Section, originally Troup now Meriwether Co.; wit. Ambros Smith, Wm. S.L. Bragdon JP; rec. 15 April 1847. (FHL film 327,704)
      I-268: Oglethorpe Co. GA, 30 March 1847, George A. Murray of afsd to Thomas N. Duncan of Meriwether Co. GA, $420, lot #95 of 202-1/2 acres in 10th Dist. originally Troup now Meriwether Co. GA; wit. John Settle, Wm. Bridges, Jonathan Hopper JP. (FHL film 327,704)
      I-437: Meriwether Co. GA, 22 Dec. 1847, Mortgage, Walker Duncan of afsd to James M.C. Robertson and Freeman W. Blount and Adam Ragland of same place; Walker owes them by promissory note $2750 due in 12 months, mortgage 440 acres in 3rd Dist. known as the plantation where the white sulpher springs is situated, adj. lands of Packard, Benj. J. Parham, Stephen Wood, James W. Stinson, and Mrs. Copeland; wit. Moses Sinquefield, Wm. H.P. Adair JP. (FHL film 327,704)
      I-465: Meriwether Co. GA, 17 March 1834, William Blackburn of Harris Co. GA to Thos. N. Duncan of Meriwether Co. GA, $750, lot #162 of 162 acres in 8th Dist. originally Troup now Meriwether Co.; wit. William Park, Adam Ragland. (FHL film 327,704)
      I-606: Meriwether Co. GA, 6 Jan. 1849, Walker Duncan to Matthew B. McComb, $3,000, one undivided half of land in 3rd Dist. originally Troup Co., being 2/3 of lot #184 upon which the white sulphur springs are situate, and 90 acres being parts of lots #83 and #158 in said district, and tract of land beg. corner of lots #158 & #156 & #157, mention blacksmith shop and stables, containing 175-1/4 acres conveyed by deed, one by Walton Ector? and Matthew H. Ector to Walker Duncan, the other from Joseph Duncan to Walker Duncan; wit. Obediah Wainard??, W.H.P. Adams?? JP. (FHL film 327,704) (MAD: the cited deeds to Walker Duncan were not indexed)
      J-7: 22 Nov. 1848, Thomas N. Duncan to Billington Leverett, both Meriwether Co. GA, $380, N 1/2 lot #123, 101-1/4 acres, in 10th Dist.; wit. Thos. T. Duncan, Moses Alman JP. (FHL film 327,705)
      J-44: 21 Sept. 1849, M.B. McComb and W. Duncan jointly to Benjamin I. Baldwin, all Meriwether Co. GA, $350, lot #158 (& meets & bounds), 57 acres, 3 acres of said lot #158, 3rd Dist.; wit. John A. Crawford, B.J. Parham JP. (FHL film 327,705; indexed as quit claim)
      J-270: 10 Sept. 1849, Walker Duncan and Matthew B. McComb (both signed), that James Clarke of Lumpkin, Stewart Co. GA, shall build a dwelling house on our land, Clarke to have a lease on it for five years after completion; wit. Jas. M. Comb, Thos. C. Hackett, B.J. Parham JP. (FHL film 327,705; indexed as joint contract)
      J-293: Meriwether Co. GA, 29 August 1850, William L. McComb of Muscogee Co. GA to Matthew B. McComb and Walker Duncan of said Co. & state, $1000, 1/2 acre off NW corner of lot #158 in 3rd Dist., being a store house and dwelling house etc. at present occupied by John A. Crawford; wit. J.L. Shephard, W.J. Wood. (FHL film 327,705)


Cherokee Co. GA Land Lottery Grants, Section 1, Dist.3 (FHL film 511,964)
      Pg.65: Grant to Amey Duncan, wid., of 672nd Dist., Harris Co., "her" ..., Lot 10 in 3rd Dist., 1st Section, Gold Lottery, 4 May 1833. (MAD: see Lumpkin Co. GA deed A-389, 1833, "Anny" "his mark" of Meriweather Co. GA)

Lumpkin Co. GA Deed (FHL film 281,680)
      A-389: 8 April 1833, Anny (his X mark) Dunkin of Meryweather Co. GA to James C. Laughridge of Gwinnett Co. GA, $90, lot 10 in 1st Sec., 3rd Dist. of Cherokee Co. when surveyed now Forsythe Co. Wit. John H. Dunkin, James Laughridge.

Putnam Co. GA Will Records, vol.A-C, 1808-1888 (FHL film 394,045)
      B-5a&b: Will of Mathew Duncan of Putnam Co. GA, infirm in health, 27 Oct. 1822; to my wife Sarah G. Duncan all my landed property for life provided she maintain & educate my children who are yet minors, to wit, Thomas N., Harrul, & Walker Duncan till they are of lawful age to act for themselves, & provided also that she remain in an unmarried state; I also give my wife Sarah G. Duncan the use of all my stock of horses & cattle & farming utensils for her use in cultivating the plantation; after the death of my wife I give to my sons Joseph, Benjamin, Thomas N. & Walker Duncan (MAD: Harrold not mentioned here) all of my landed estate to be equally divided among them subject however to the maintainance & education of my infant and minor children should the death of my wife occur during either of their monage?; to my grandson Mathew Ector $200 to remain in the hands of my executors at lawful interest till my grandson Mathew Ector shall arrive at lawful age, but should he die before he arrives at lawful age, the $200 & interest shall be equally divided among my lawful heirs; after the death of my wife or after her marriage to another man, I give my aforementioned sons all my stock of horses, cattle &c together with their increase & farming utensils; all my property not reserved above I give to my wife & children to be equally divided among them, with the exception of Dolly Ector she having already received a just proportion; I appoint my sons Joseph and Benjamin as execs; wit. Robert Jenkins, Spencer Hurt, Silas Meachu; rec. 13 Jan. 1823 by Robert Jenkens and Spencer Hurt. (MAD: children to Meriwether Co. GA)

Troup Co. GA Land Lottery Grant index 1827-1847 (FHL film 514,016)
      Dist.2, lot 137, granted Nicholas Pools orphans, Wicks Dist., Baldwin Co., 7 Jan. 1831 (MAD: sold by Hinton Duncan & Thos. V. Miller of Baldwin Co. GA in 1831 Meriwether Co. deed B-29)
      Dist.8, lot 20, 3rd Section, granted Julian A. Bry, widow, of Hills Dist., Warren Co., 5 March 1831 (MAD: sold by Thomas N. Duncan in 1832 Meriwether Co. GA deed B-174)
      Dist.10, lot 165, 3rd Section, granted Stephen Floyd, orphan, of Pullens Dist., Newton Co., 1 Aug. 1829 (MAD: sold by Edmund Duncan of Henry Co. GA in 1831 Meriwether Co. deed B-142)

Troup Co. GA Deed (FHL film 295,911)
      G-334: Meriwether Co. GA, 22 April 1839, Benjamin Keel of Troup Co. GA to Joseph Duncan and Levi Hartz of Meriwether Co. GA, Keel owes Duncan and Hartz promisory note this day, payable 25 Dec. next, mortgage 65 acres from E 1/2 lot #207 in 3rd Dist.; wit. Jno. H. McMinck, W.B. Ector; rec. July 18, 1839.

Upson Co. GA Deeds
      A-394: 26 Jan. 1826, Nicholas Childers of Putnam Co. to Joseph Duncan and Benjamin Duncan, exec. of estate of Mathew Duncan decd., "for and in consideration of and before the sealing and delivery of these presents, bargained and sold" to the said executors land in 11th dist. of Monroe when surveyed now Upson Co., lot 542. Wit. H.W. Ector, Robert Jenkins. (FHL film 282,802)
      C-398: Meriwether Co. 7 Oct. 1836, Joseph Duncan exec. of Matthew Duncan late of Putnam Co. decd, to Thomas W. Riviere, for $400, land now in Upson Co., lot 242 (written in words 142) in 11th Dist. orig. Monroe Co., 202-1/2 acres. Wit. R.E.S. Ragland, W.B. Ector JP (FHL film 282,803)


"Roster of Confederate Soldiers of GA 1861-1865" by Lillian Henderson, Director of the State Division of Confederate Pensions and Records for the state of Georgia, 6 vols. (FHL book 975.8 M22h)
      1:218: 1st Regiment GA Volunteers Infantry (Ramsey's); Co.A, Newnan Guards, Coweta Co. GA: Benjamin R. Duncan, Private, March 18, 1861; died in Meriwether Co. GA, Aug. 1861.
      4:470: 41st Regiment GA Volunteer Infantry, Army of Tennessee; Co.F, Howard Infantry, Meriwether Co. GA: George W. Duncan, Private, March 4, 1862; transferred to Co.B, 1st Regt. GA Cavalry, March 1862; roll for Dec. 31, 1864, last on file, shows him present; paroled at Charlotte, NC, May 31, 1865.
            4:470: Mathew H. Duncan, Private, March 4, 1862; appointed 4th Sergeant June 22, 1862; transferred to Co.A, Aug. 15, 1862; to Co.B, 1st Regt. GA Cavalry in 1863; roll for Dec. 31, 1864, last on file, shows him present; no later record.


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