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Formed 1811 from Clarke, Elbert, Franklin, Jackson, Oglethorpe


1820-1830 Madison Co. GA Census
       No Duncan indexed

1840 Madison Co. GA Census
No Where Dist.
Pg.34  William Duncan Sr.   0010,001    - 0111,11
         (MAD: ? 1830 Taliaferro Co. GA census)
       John Duncan          0000,1      - 2001

1850 Madison Co. GA Census
Pg.162, #5, Miles DUNCAN 24 GA laborer
                  Mary 21 GA
                  (between Brown & Hardeman families)
                  (MAD: ?? 1860 Randolph Co. AL census, wife Frances?)
Pg.172, #158, John DUNCAN 36 GA farmer
                  Louisa A. 27 GA
                  Mary M.C. 13, Holly D. 10, Louisa A.L. 7 GA
                  George G. 5, John J. 2 GA
                  (MAD: 1860 Tishomingo Co. MS census)
Pg.176, #216, William DUNCAN 57 GA farmer $1000
                  Mary 50 GA
                  Alletha 26, Eliza A.E. 19 GA
                  Martha 14, Seaborn (m) 11 GA
                  (MAD: perhaps the William Duncan who mar. Polly Moran 9/5/1809 in Wilkes Co. GA; widow Mary & daus. in 1860 Randolph Co. AL census; Seaborn Duncan in 1870 Cleburne Co. AL census)

1860 Madison Co. GA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1870 Madison Co. GA Census
Dannielsville P.O.
Pg.44, #662-703, DUNCAN, John 25 GA (white) farming $0-$120
                  Bunth (f) 23 GA keeping house
                  Mary 3, Asa 1 GA
                  BUTLER, Thomas 30 GA (white) farm laborer
Pg.63 (126), #945-1006, DUNCAN, Merret 36 GA farming $0-$100
                  Sarah J. 28 GA
                  Arminda E. 2, Asa 1 GA
                  PURSAN?, Elizabeth J. 8 GA
                  (MAD: 1860 Hart Co. GA census, decd. but had 6 ch. by 1881 in father Henry Duncan's will)

1880 Census, Harison/Hanson? District, Madison County, Georgia (from Kathy D. Cawley 8/2006)
S.D.# 2, E.D.# 73, Page # B, Image 6 of 8
w/m, age 47, Head, farmer, GA./GA./GA.
Sarah, w/f, age 38, Wife, keeping house, GA./GA./GA.
Arminda, w/f, age 13, Daughter, working on farm, GA./GA./GA.
Asa, w/m, age 10, Son, working on farm, GA./GA./GA.
Mary, w/f, age 8, Daughter, GA./GA./GA.
Benjamin, w/m, age 5, Son, GA./GA./GA.
Thomas, w/m, age 3, Son, GA./GA./GA.
Henry, w/m, age 9/12 Sept., Son, GA./GA./GA.
SCARBOROUGH, Victerah?, w/f, age 6/12 Dec., Cousin, GA./GA./GA.

1910 Census, Collins, Madison County, Georgia (from Kathy D. Cawley 8/2006)
S.D.# 8, E.D.# 99, Page # 170, Image 3 of 18
William F.,
Head, m/w, age 35, M1X, 11 yrs., GA./GA./GA., farmer
Mary L., Wife, f/w, age 28, M1X, 6 chi. born, 5 living, GA./GA./GA., farm laborer
Minnie L., Daughter, age 9, GA./GA./GA., farm laborer
J. Howard, Son, age 6, GA./GA./GA.
Lillian M., Daughter, age 5, GA./GA./GA.
William H., Son, age 3, GA./GA./GA.
Myrte E., Daughter, age 1 6/12, GA./GA./GA.

1920 Census, Danielsville, Madison County, Georgia (from Kathy D. Cawley 8/2006)
S.D.# 8, E.D.# 81, Page# 8B, Image 16 of 36
Head, rents, m/w, age 44, GA./GA./GA., farmer/general farm
Mary L., Wife, f/w, age 37, GA./GA./GA.
Minnie, Daughter, f/w, age 18, single, attended school within year, GA./GA./GA.
Howard, Son, m/w, age 16, attended school within year, GA./GA./GA.
Lillian, Daughter, f/w, age 13, attended school within year, GA./GA./GA.
Hoyt, Son, m/w, age 12, attended school within year, GA./GA./GA.
Lue Eva, Daughter, f/w, age 8, attended school within year, GA./GA./GA.
Willie T., Son, m/w, age 5, GA./GA./GA.
Robert E., Son, m/w, age 3, GA./GA./GA.
Noland, Son, m/w, age 8/12, GA./GA./GA.

1930 Census, Pocotalago, Madison County, Georgia (from Kathy D. Cawley 10/9/2007)
E.D.# 98-9, S.D.# 3, Pages# 197B, 198
Commerce R.D. 7
John G.,
Head, rents/$5., age 43, m'd at 21, GA./GA./GA., farmer/farm
Hester, Wife, age 41, m'd at 19, GA./GA./GA.
Hollis, Son, age 18, GA./GA./GA., laborer/farm
Orliner, Daughter, age 16, GA./GA./GA., laborer/farm
Lunis, Daughter, age 14, GA./GA./GA., laborer/farm
W.C., Son, age 10, attends school, GA./GA./GA.
Willie, Daughter, age 5, GA./GA./GA.
Evelyn, Daughter, age 6/12, GA./GA./GA.
      (KDC: 1920 Banks Co. GA census)


Madison Co. GA Marriage Books A, B, C (bound together), 7/1812 to 9/1889; no bride indexes found (FHL film 351,749)
      Vol.A, 1812-1843
      Pg.126, #638, William Duncan and Susan Gray, 3 Oct. 1838 by Samuel Strickland JP
      Pg.127, #647, John Duncan and Louisa Ann Gray, 19 July 1838 by Barzilla Vanderford JP
      Pg.153, #760, Mr. William Blackburn and Miss Rebecca Duncan, 6 Jan. 1842, by Alfred Segraves JP
      Pg.165, #808, Mr. Miles Duncan and Miss Katharine Reed, 22 Jan. 1843 by James A. Brannon (Branson) JP.
      Pg.168, (#821 but not numbered), Robert F. Garrett and Alletha Duncan, 10 Sept. 1843 by James A. Brannon JP.
      Vol.B, 1844-1873 (bound with A&C; no bride index)
      No Burrel L. Mercer to Martha A. --? 1850-1860; of Randolph Co. AL 1860
      Pg.21, #83, Moses A. Duncan and Miss Jane Smith, mar. 22 Dec. 1846 by Nathan Williams JP. (MAD: 1850 Elbert Co. GA census)
      Pg.35, #133, Mr. Miles Duncan and Miss Mary Murrow, mar. 14 Nov. 1848 by Ella? Collier? JP.
      Pg.69, Patrick Shadden to Susan R. Duncan, mar. 18 July 1852 by Henry Smith JP. (MAD: from estate record, she the widow of William Duncan d. bef. 1850)
      Book C
      Pg.32, #(blank) Victor Duncan and Lucy A. Palton, 12 Aug. 1875 by J.L. Cartled? JP.
      No William Strowder or Streather or Strother to Nancy Duncan mar. bef. 1853
      Pg.159, Marsh? (Mark?) Duncan and Sarah J. Pearson, mar. 5 Feb. 1865 by J.M. Power (MAD: Merit Duncan)


Madison Co. GA Court of Ordinary, Misc. Probate Records; Administrator & Guardian Bonds 1813-1884 (FHL film 351,757)
      Pg.219: Bond of Rachael S. Shadden (X) formerly Rachael S. Duncan, and Martin Deadwyler Sr., 7 August 1854, for $60; that Rachael S. Shadden is appointed guardian to Sarah J. Duncan and George W. Duncan; wit. Willis Strickland, Ordinary. Rec. 7 Aug. 1854. (MAD: see 1850 Jackson Co. GA census)
      Pg.241: Bond of Moses A. Duncan, security Aaron Smith and Henry (X) Duncan, 1 Oct. 1855, for $2,500; Moses A. Duncan to be admin. of estate, real and personal, of Frederick Scarborough Jr., late of this county.

Madison Co. GA Inventories, Appraisals, & Sales 1813-1857 (FHL film 351,759)
      Vol.A, 1813-1829 - no Duncan
      Vol.B, 1829-1834 - no Duncan
      Vol.C, 1834-1841 - no Duncan
      Vol.D, 1841-1857
      D-351: Appraisal and inventory of estate of William Duncan Sr., decd, includes 202-1/2 acres in originally Dooly now Pulaski Co., and a tract in Madison Co. of 375 acres, $1,000. Appraisers Alfred Segraves, Samuel Strickland, Ivil Hunt. 27 June 1853.

Madison Co. GA Returns & Vouchers
      Vol.A, 1816-1826 - no Duncan (FHL film 351,762)
      Vol.B, 1826-1830 - no Duncan
      Vol.C, 1830-1834 - no Duncan
      Vol.D, 1834-1837 - no Duncan
      Vol.E, 1837-1841 - no Duncan
      Vol.F, 1841-1850 - no Duncan (FHL film 351,763)
      Vol.G, 1850-1856 (FHL film 321,763)
      G-371: Return for 1853; William Duncan Sr. decd, 4 April 1853, received payment from Berry M. Thompson, admin. of Wm. Duncan Sr. decd, for appraisal. Permission granted to sell land.
      G-447: Return for 1854, estate of William Duncan Sr. decd, expenses to and from Pulaski Co. to sell land, sold 1st Tuesday in Dec. 1854.

Madison Co. GA Wills 1811-1922 (FHL film 351,750)
      Vol.A - no Duncan
      Vol.B - no Duncan
      B-224: Martin Deadwyler, dated 23 Dec. 1866, wife Lucy; no Duncan mentioned, not copied


GA Land Lotteries; Madison Co. GA
      Name, lottery year, militia district & county of residence, draw
      Dunkin, John, 1821, of Powells Dist., Madison Co., drew lot #167 in Sec.7, Dooly Co.
      Dunkin, John, 1821, of Powells Dist., Madison Co., drew lot #47 in Sec.9, Fayette Co.
      Duncan, William, 1821, of Freemans Dist., Wilkes Co., drew lot #236 in Sec.4, Dooly Co. (MAD: later Pulaski Co.)

Madison Co. GA Deed Index 1812-1905 (FHL film 351,770)
      No Deadwyler or Sheriff deed to Joseph Williams indexed 1851-1852 near J-374
      No Duncan deed before G-289
      No separate Dunkin index
      G-146: Wm. Ogletree to Wm. Duncan
      G-289: Wm. Duncan to Stephen White, Mortgage
      G-342: Wm. Duncan to Jas. Daniel et al.
      H-77: Joel Thompson to Jno. Duncan Jr.
      I-52: Jas. Daniel et al to Wm. Duncan
      I-53: Wm. Duncan to Geo. W. O'Kelley
      J-345: Nathaniel Duncan to Carson King
      J-374: see below
      J-376: Mila Dunkin to Martin Deadwyler (see J-374)
      Quit after book K

Madison Co. GA Deeds
      G-146: 3 Feb. 1838, William (X) Ogletree of Taliaferro Co. GA to William Duncan of same, $405, land on waters of Broad River adj. Polks land and Dawson Williamses and Jas. Bone and Cauthern and White, 505 acres; wit. John T. Acrea?, Micajah L. Pittman JP. (FHL film 351,773)
      G-289: Mortgage; 11 April 1840, William Duncan to Stephen White, both Madison Co. GA; that Duncan has made a promissory note to said White due 25 Dec. 1841 for $84.61-3/4, dated this same date, to secure payment; mortgage 836-1/2 acres on S.fork Broad River (no neighbors); wit. James Long, W.J. Bird JP. (FHL film 351,773)
      G-342: 5 May 1840, William Duncan of Madison Co. GA to James Daniel, John Scott & Stephen White of same, $217, 836-1/2 acres where said Duncan now lives on South? fork of Broad River; wit. Hardy T. Sanders, John B. Adair JP. (FHL film 351,773)
      H-77: Elbert Co. GA; 25 Nov. 1835, Joel Thompson of Madison Co. GA to John Duncan Jr. of Elbert Co. GA, $200, land now Madison then Elbert Co. on waters of Hanner's? Creek in two grants to Hillery Hendrick and Robert Smith containing 220 acres, first grant dated 1814, the other 1828, adj. William Chick's line, the spring once made use of by John Hall, Aaron Smith's line, road adj. William Scarborough, and William Thompson & Wm. Chick & Aaron Smith; wit. Pearson Duncan, Hiram Brown. (FHL film 351,773)
      I-52: 11 March 1845, James Daniel, John Scott and Stephen White of Madison Co. GA to William Duncan of same, $450, 836-1/2 acre tract which was conveyed to said Daniel, Scott & White by said Duncan; they relinquish their claim; wit. William H. Saye, John Griffith J.I.C. (FHL film 351,774)
      I-53: 7 Jan. 1845, William Duncan of Madison Co. GA to George W. O'Kelley "(trameitter)" (MAD: ?), $450, land "on the creek" (no acres given) to have full privilege of the water along down the creek; wit. William H. Says, John Griffith J.I.C. (FHL film 351,774)
      J-345: 31 Dec. 1839, Nathaniel Duncan of Elbert Co. GA to Carson King of Madison Co. GA, $115, 90 acres on Noland Creek adj. lands of said King, David P?. Simmons and George Bragg; wit. Washington Christain, Wm. Nelms JP. (FHL film 351,774)
      J-374/6: Madison Co. GA; Agreement and settlement made between Martin Deadwyler of said county and Mary Duncan wife John Duncan William Blackman & his wife Rebeca Duncan Aletha Duncan Elisa A. Duncan Martha Duncan William Steather? (Strother?) for Nancy Duncan William Duncan heirs Sarry J. Duncan George W. Duncan Miles Duncan the heirs general of William Duncan late of said county deceased (no commas); that said decd. at time of his death owed said Martin $460 and other accounts for money loaned the decd by Martin, and to secure payment, the decd. made an unconditional deed to Martin dated 3 March 1851 where he conveyed the land on which he then lived and where he lived at the time of his death, without any reservation contained in the deed, but Martin promissed verbally that if decd paid him the money, that Martin would reconvey the land back to him, but the decd. died without paying Martin any of the money; the heirs general have agreed with Martin that Martin should sell the land to the highest bidder and after repaying the money and interest and his expenses and trouble, the remainder to be given to the heirs of the decd. Martin sold the land to one Joseph Williams for $800, which sale the heirs general of the decd. agree to ratify. Martin deducted $475 the amount of principal and interest and expenses, leaving the heirs $35 a share to each legatee, which the heirs general agree to receive in full satisfaction of our interest; 22 July 1852. /s/ John (X) Duncan, William (X) Blackman, Elisa (X) Duncan, Martha A. (X) Duncan, Mary (X) Duncan, Martha Duncan for Miles on a power of attorney to act for him, William Strowder in receipt of my wife Nancy Duncan, Rachel S. Shadden guardian of Sarah J. Duncan and George W. Duncan (MAD: signatures as shown). Wit. Michael A. Borders, Martha Borders, Micah Pope (Pass?), R.B. Gholston, N.H. Griffeth J.I.C. Personally appeared Michael Borders and Martha Borders who saw the within John Duncan, William Blackman, Alath Duncan, Elisa Duncan, Martha A. Duncan, Mary Duncan, Martha Duncan, Miles Duncan on a power of attorney to act for him, sign the receipt and deed, 31 July 1856. Benton Co. AL, Miles Dunkin (X) appoint Mary Duncan my attorney to receive my portion of William Dunkin's estate, 12 June 1852, wit. John F. Bennett, Bartlett Owen JP. (FHL film 351,774)
      MAD: "heirs general" of William Duncan of 1850 Madison Co. GA, b.1793 GA: wife Mary Duncan b.1800 GA; children:
            1. John Duncan b.1814 GA, mar. 1838 Louisa Ann Gray
            2. William Duncan died 1845-50, mar. Susan (Rachel) Gray 10/3/1838, Rachael S. b.1823 GA of 1850 Jackson Co. GA census, Susan R. Duncan mar. 2nd 7/18/1852 Patrick Shadden, had children Sarah J. Duncan b.1842 GA and George W. Duncan b.1844 GA.
            3. William Blackman & his wife Rebeca Duncan (mar. 1842 Wm. Blackburn)
            4. Aletha Duncan b.1824 GA (? mar. 1843 Robert F. Garrett)
            5. Miles Duncan b.1826 GA, mar. 1st Miss Katharine Reed 1843, mar. 2nd Frances Huston 1852 Benton Co. AL, 1860 Randolph Co. AL
            6. Elisa A. Duncan b.1831 GA
            7. Martha A. Duncan b.1836 GA
            8. William Steather? (Strother? or Strowder?) for Nancy Duncan
            9. son Seaborn b.1839 GA apparently died bef. 1852.



Madison Co. GA Inferior Court for Ordinary Purposes 1812-1860 (FHL film 351,783)
      Vol.A, 1812-1832 - no index
      Vol. 1832-1848 - no index

Madison Co. GA Superior Court Minutes & for Ordinary Purposes 1812-43 Vol. A-C (FHL film 365,204)
      Vol.A, 1812-1824 - no index
      Vol.B, 1824-1833 - no index


Madison Co. GA Tax Digest, 1840 (FHL film 159,158 item 4; no other tax digests cataloged)
1840: Nowhare Dist.
      William Duncan, Madison Co., 836a, S.R. (waterway), granted to Ogletree, adj. Polk Dooly, 202-1/2a
      John Duncan, Paulding Co., 40a, (blank), granted self
      William Duncan Junr, 1 wp (no land)


"Roster of Confederate Soldiers of GA 1861-1865" by Lillian Henderson, Director of the State Division of Confederate Pensions and Records for the state of Georgia, 6 vols. (FHL book 975.8 M22h)
      4:53: 37th Regiment GA Volunteer Infantry, Army of Tennessee; Co.B, 9th Battalion, Clarke & Madison Cos. GA: Charles B. Duncan, Private, March 4, 1862; transferred to Co.E, 37th Regt. GA Inf., May 6, 1863; captured at Decatur, AL, Oct. 28, 1864; died of consumption at Camp Douglas, IL, April 6, 1865; buried there in Confederate Cemetery.

GA Confederate Soldiers Pensions; Index - Dobson, W.P. to Ellington, Allen J. (FHL film 1,493,057)
      MAD: The Pension records themselves are alphabetic within the county. The index is small 3x5 cards preprinted with "Name:" and "Service:" and "Res.:" and "Remarks"; also looked at any Dunan and Dunk.. names listed; cards include witnesses for other confederate soldiers.
      Information in FHL Catalog: Confederate soldiers received pensions for military service beginning in 1879; law changed 1891 to include widows; cards in this record for the witnesses of these soldiers & widows attesting to service of each soldier; alphabetical by name of pensioner, included on card are notations concerning county of residence, unit designation, and husband's name in the case of widow cards.
      A.B. Duncan, Co.B, 1st GA State Troops, res. Oconee Co. GA
      A.B. Duncan, 1st GA State line, witness for J.E. Bond in Madison Co. GA
      J.C. Duncan, Home Guard Unit, application in Madison Co. GA


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