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Formed 1832 from Cherokee, Habersham, Hall
Forsyth formed 1832 from Cherokee, Lumpkin
Union formed 1832 from Cherokee Lands, Lumpkin
Dawson formed 1857 from Lumpkin, Gilmer


1840 Lumpkin Co. GA Census
837th District
Pg.251  Alexander Duncan     0000,21    - 0
   268  Thomas Cantrell      1200,01    - 1111,0100,01
          (MAD: looking for Thomas Cantrell mar.
             Elizabeth Duncan 1/24/1832 Hall Co. GA)

1850 Lumpkin Co. GA Census Pg.45, #3, Franklin DUNCAN 28 SC farmer $62
                  Emily 19 GA
                  Elizabeth 4, James 1 GA
                  Elizabeth 61 NC
                  (MAD: one Franklin Duncan mar. E.P. Fudge 1/7/1845 Houston Co. GA; Franklin in 1860 Dawson Co. GA; ? one Elizabeth 69 SC in 1860 DeKalb Co. GA census; ??? son of Peyton Duncan of Wilkinson Co. GA)
Pg.86, #9, Charles ARNOLD 60 SC farmer
                  Jane 60 SC
                  Willis 19, John 14, Charles 13 SC
                  Polly DUNCAN 14, Martha 12 SC, Margaret 10 GA
                  (MAD: Margaret in ? 1860 Bibb Co. GA)
Village of Dahlanega
Pg.105, #131, Alexander DUNCAN 36 NC carpenter $150
                  Hannah GRANT 23 GA BLACK
                  Mary Ann 6 GA MULATTO
                  Martha 1 GA MULATTO
                  John S?. JAMES? 18 GA carpenter

1860 Lumpkin Co. GA Census
Pg.920, #59, Alexander DUNCAN 40 NC carpenter $300
                  (alone, age plainly written)
Pg.955, #275, Jackson DUNCAN 23 GA farmer $150-$45
                  Tabitha E. 20 GA
                  George 5, Angaline 1 GA
                  Rebecca LINCH 50 GA "minor"
                  (MAD: Cherokee; 1850 Cherokee Co. GA census as John Ross Duncan; see Sabra Angeline Duncan d.1923 Jackson Co. GA per Prodigy query of Judy Ellsworth)

1870 Lumpkin Co. GA Census
Town of Dahlonega
Pg.419, #41-41, BLACKWELL, Jesse 27 GA farm laborer $100-$500
                  DUNCAN, Mary 24 GA keeping house $200-$0
Pg.419, #42-42, DUNCAN, Emaline 48 GA keeping house $200-$100
                  Alexander 9, Polly 5 GA
Auroria P.O.
Pg.427, #75-84, DUNCAN, Martha 33 TN keeping house $0-$150
                  Georgiana (f) 8, William 2 GA
Pg.427, #78-87, DUNCAN, Dorcas (f) 30 TN keeping house $0-$160
                  George 13, Labia (f) 11, James 9 GA
                  Julia 7, Peter 4, Jane J. 2 GA
Dahlonega P.O.
Pg.435, #205-212, DUNCAN, Paul 55 GA BLACK farm laborer $0-$150
                  Rose 47 NC BLACK
                  Lucy 19, Henry 16, James 14, Mary 12 GA BLACK


Lumpkin Co. GA Marriages (FHL film 281,677)
      Vol.A, 1845-1847 - no index, did not go through item by item
      Vol.B, 1850-1863 - Groom names only given in index, no bride cross-index
            Franklin B. Duncan to Miss Lucinda P. Robinson, lic. Nov. 15, 1858, mar. Nov. 15 by Isaac J. Elliott JP. (Vol.B pg.193)
            John Duncan to Tabitha Lorten, lic. 27 June 1859, mar. 28 June by E.B. Wells JP. (Vol.B pg.227) (indexed Jackson Duncan, "Jackson" on 1860 census) (MAD: see John Ross Duncan, wife Tabitha Lorton, son of Charles Duncan in 1850 Cherokee Co. GA, father of James D. Duncan, part Cherokee)


Lumpkin Co. GA Wills, Book A, 1833-1849 (sic) (FHL film 281,715)
      A-220: 11 Jan. 1867, will of Alexander Duncan; wife and nine? children born to me all my property both real and personal "(except the town lot 18 lying NW of & adjoining the house & lot I now live on in the town of Dahlonega)", said property so bequeathed to my wife and her children born to me is not to be subject in debts or disposition of any future husband she may marry but is subject to any debts I may owe, especially the cost of the probate of this will and a reasonable fee for my attorney at law Wier Boyd for litigation now pending in Lumpkin Superior Court; to "Mary A. Duncan and Martha C. Duncan (Colonell)" town lot 18 in the town of Dahlonega lying NW and adj. where I now reside though the said town lot does not include the house in which the said Mary A. and Martha C. now live, however if they should abandon the town lot and remove away, it then averts to and becomes the property of my wife and children as before mentioned and not to be sold or rented by said Mary A. and Martha C. at any time; I desire however that Mary A. and Martha C. shall occupy the house they now live in until they can build them a house; exor. Dr. N.F. Howard; wit. Jacob Deck, J.F. Stoddard, W.R. Cripon. Proved Feb. 1867. (MAD: wife and other children not named)


GA Land Lotteries; Lumpkin Co. GA
      Name, lottery year, militia district & county of residence, draw
      Duncan, Amy, widow, 1832, of 672nd Militia Dist., Harris Co., drew gold lot #10 in Dist.3, Sec.1, Cherokee Purchase (MAD: later Forsyth or Lumpkin Co.)
      Duncan, George M., 1832, of Kellums Militia Dist., Talbot Co., drew gold lot #27 in Dist.12, Sec.1, Cherokee Purchase (MAD: later Lumpkin Co.)
      Duncan, George Jr., 1832, of Davis Militia Dist., Jones Co., drew gold lot #1252 in Dist.11, Sec.1, Cherokee Purchase (MAD: later Union or Lumpkin Co.)
      Duncan, Jesse, 1832, of M'Linn's Militia Dist., Butts Co., drew land lot in Dist.6 Sec.1, Union & Lumpkin Cos.
      Duncan, Mathew, 1832, of Shaddexs Militia Dist., Coweta Co., drew gold lot #107 in Dist.12, Sec.1, Cherokee Purchase (MAD: later Lumpkin Co.)
      Dunkin, Peter Jr., 1832, of Shearers Militia Dist., Coweta Co., drew gold lot #720 in Dist.5, Sec.1, Cherokee Purchase (MAD: later Lumpkin or Dawson Co.)
      Duncan, Samuel, 1832, of Nesbits Militia Dist., Newton Co., drew gold lot #219 in Dist.15, Sec.2, Cherokee Purchase (MAD: later Lumpkin Co.)
      Duncan, Samuel, 1832, of Nesbits Militia Dist., Newton Co., drew gold lot #454 in Dist.15, Sec.1, Cherokee Purchase (MAD: later Lumpkin Co.)
      Duncan, Willy (or Willis), 1832, of Nesbits Militia Dist., Newton Co., drew gold lot #1041 in Dist.15, Sec.2, Cherokee Purchase (MAD: later Lumpkin Co.)
      Duncan, Winright, 1832, of Martins Militia Dist., Pike Co., drew gold lot #195 in Dist.11, Sec.1, Cherokee Purchase (MAD: later Union or Lumpkin Co.)

Lumpkin Co. GA Deed indexes (general index 1833-1856, FHL film 281,679)
      No Duncan grantee found page-by-page through Book F, 1840; quit

Lumpkin Co. GA Deed Book Indexes (page by page through index in each deed book)
      Vol.A-C 1833-1837 (FHL film 281,680)
            Vol.A - no Duncan grantee
            Vol.B - no Duncan grantee
            Vol.C - no index
      Vol.D, 1835-1837 - no Duncan grantor or grantee (FHL film 281,681)
      Vol.E-F 1837-1840 (FHL film 281,682)
            Vol.E - no index
            Vol.F - no Duncan grantor or grantee
      Vol.G-H 1840-1845 (FHL film 281,683)
            Vol.G - pg.51, 150
            Vol.H - pg.196
      Vol.I 1845-1846 - no Duncan grantee (FHL film 281,684)
      Vol.J 1846-1850 (FHL film 281,685)
            Vol.J - pg.586 Hutchison to Duncan
      Vol.K 1850-1852 - no Duncan grantee (FHL film 281,686)
      Vol.L 1852-1854 - no Duncan grantor or grantee (FHL film 281,687)
      Vol.M 1854-1856 - no Duncan grantor or grantee (FHL film 281,688)
      Vol.N 1856-185? - no Duncan grantor, no grantee spotted (FHL film 281,689 item 1)
      Vol.O 185?-1859 - no Duncan grantor, did not check page by page for grantees (FHL film 281,689 item 2)
      Vol.P 1859-1864 - see below (FHL film 281,690)
      Vol.Q 1864-1870 - no Duncan grantor (FHL film 281,691)
      Vol.R 1870-1875 - see below (FHL film 281,692 item 1)

Lumpkin Co. GA Deeds (FHL film 281,679 Grantor Index 1833-1856; no grantee index)
      A-389: 8 April 1833, Anny (his X mark) Dunkin of Meryweather Co. GA to James C. Laughridge of Gwinnett Co. GA, $90, lot 10 in 1st Sec., 3rd Dist. of Cherokee Co. when surveyed now Forsythe Co. Wit. John H. Dunkin, James Laughridge. (FHL film 281,680)
      B-11: 15 April 1834, Samuel Duncan of Newton Co. GA to John A. Duncan of same, $200, lot #454 in 15th Dist. 1st Sec., 40 acres, in Cherokee Co. when surveyed. Wit. Willis Duncan, B. Owwhatly? JP. (FHL film 281,680)
      E-49: 3 March 1836, Bryant Duncan of Jones Co. GA to Jasper Johnson of Lumpkin Co. GA, $45, Lot #368 in 10th Dist., 1st Sec., 40 acres, orig. Cherokee Co. now Lumpkin Co. Wit. S. Bivins, Henry S. Dunlap, John Jefferson. (FHL film 281,682)
      E-282: 10 April 1838, John Duncan of Harris Co. GA was made guardian by the Inferior Court of Harris Co. for the orphan of Henry Thournton, as guardian sold on 4 April 1837 lot #955, 40 acres, in 5th Dist. and 1st Sec. of originally Cherokee Co. now Lumpkin Co., said lot being granted to said orphans, at public sale the highest bidder was Benjamin Goss of Lumpkin Co., $105. Wit. Francis M. Tramell, Wm. Sar?. Switzer. (FHL film 281,682)
      E-302: 28 Dec. 1837, Mathew Duncan of Herd Co. GA to Lewis Barker of Lumpkin Co. GA, $80, Lot #80 in 13th Dist. of 1st Sec., orig. Cherokee now Lumpkin Co. Wit. John S. Dunkin, Peter E. Dunkin. Reg. on oath of Peter E. Dunkin. (FHL film 281,682)
      G-51: Lumpkin Co. GA, 21 Dec. 1840, John D. Field of Lumpkin Co. GA to Alexander Duncan of same, $45, town lot #39 in town of Dahlohnega, being part of lot #985 in 12th Dist. 1st Sec., 1/4 acre; wit. W.H. Stansill, Berry Turner JP. (FHL film 281,683)
      G-150: Lumpkin Co. GA, 20 Oct. 1836, John D. Field of said Co. to Alexander Duncan of said Co., $40, town lot #18 in town of Dahlonega, laid off on #985 in 12th Dist., 1st Sec., 1/4 acre; wit. Saml. Tatum, M.H. Gathright. (FHL film 281,683)
      H-126: 14 Dec. 1842, Alexander (/s/ A.) Duncan to Harrison M. Riley (no localities), $150, undivided 1/2 lot #998 in 12th Dist., 1st Sec., 40 acres in entire lot. Wit. M.P. Quillian (clerk), M.H. Guthright (JC). (FHL film 281,683)
      H-196: Lumpkin Co. GA, 14 Dec. 1842, Howsan W. Riley to Alexander Duncan, both of said Co. & State, $150, town lot #102, 1/4 acre in town of Dahlonega; wit. M.P. Quillum, M.H. Gathright. (FHL film 281,683)
      J-197: 14 Oct. 1847, Alexander Duncan of Lumpkin Co. GA to John Hills and Milligan P. Quillian of same, mortgage $83.70 town property and parcels of land, Lots 18 and 39, whereon said Duncan lives in town of Dahlahnega, 1/4 acre each. Wit. Wm. H. Carter, R.B. Lewis JJC. (FHL film 281,685)
      J-580: 9 Dec. 1844, Alexander Duncan to Lewis W. Quillian, $100, Lot #102 in Dahlanega. Wit. M.P. Quillian (Clerk), Wm. Woods. (FHL film 281,685)
      J-586: Lumpkin Co. GA, 8 Jan. 1850, Irvin Hutchison to Alexander Duncan, $25, part of lot #986 on orig. line, to the street running by Quillans, to make 1/4 acre, in a 3-corner shape; wit. Haywood Broadway, M.P. Quillan NP. (FHL film 281,685)
      K-40: 10 April 1847, John (X) Dunkin to Jasper Smith, both Lumpkin Co. GA, $50, lot #920 in 5th Dist., 1st Sec., orig. Cherokee Co. Wit. Nelson Fletcher, Wm. H. Thomas JP. (FHL film 281,686)
      K-446: 6 May 1851, Inferior Court of Newton Co. GA, in 1850, on application of Simeon Duncan, exec. of will of John A. Duncan late of Newton Co. GA, decd; Simon Duncan to sell at public sale; sold 6 May 1851 to Enos Barnes, the highest bidder, for $8.50, lot #454, 40 acres, in 15th Dist. 1st Sec. orig. Cherokee Co. Wit. W. Boyd, A.J. Taylor. (FHL film 281,686)
      P-102: Jones Co. GA, 4 Nov. 1851, Davis Duncan, admin. of estate of George Duncan late of said Co. decd, after public notice in April of 1851 of intent to sell in four months, on 1st Tuesday in Nov. 1851, at Lumpkin Co. GA, sold at public sale lot #1255 of 40 acres in 11th Dist., 1st Sec. originally Cherokee now Lumpkin Co., being part of land belonging to said George Duncan decd, to William Hallum of Lumpkin Co. GA, highest bidder at $30, lot #1255 of 40 acres; wit. W.S?. Boyd, A.B. Banker JP. (FHL film 281,690)
      R-272: Lumpkin Co. GA, 12 April 1871, Mary A. Duncan (Col) heir at law of James Basclait decd (col), to Wier Boyd, both Lumpkin Co. GA, $50 as well as further consideration of professional services by said Wier Boyd attorney for Mary in Superior Court in action of ejectment in favor of said Mary against Jacob Wimpy et al, recovered for Mary at April 1871 term of court, one undivided half town lot #101 in Dahlenega. (FHL film 281,692 item 1)
      R-278: Lumpkin Co. GA, 10 April 1872, "R. Emiline Duncan" (X) for herself and as natural guardian of her two minor children, Alexander S. and Polly P. Duncan, to Martha C. Martin, both Lumpkin Co. GA, $125, lot #39 in town of Dahlenega in lot #185 in 12th Dist. 1st Sec. whereon Alexander Duncan lived and died and where "Emiline Duncan" his widow has resided since his death; wit. J.G. Early, McDuiffie R. Moore JP. (FHL film 281,692 item 1)
      R-371: 20 May 1872, Mary A. Duncan to Emanuel Howell, both colored, of Lumpkin Co. GA, $20, 1/8 part of one acre in town of Dahlonega on southern line of lot 950-12-1, between the houses and lot occupied by late Alexr. Duncan decd. and the old African church; wit. B.F. Litton, McDuffie R. Moore JP. (FHL film 281,692 item 1)


Cherokee Co. GA Land Lottery Grants, Section 1, Dist.3 (FHL film 511,964)
      Pg.65: Grant to Amey Duncan, wid., of 672nd Dist., Harris Co., "her" ..., Lot 10 in 3rd Dist., 1st Section, Gold Lottery, 4 May 1833. (MAD: see Lumpkin Co. GA deed A-389, 1833, "Anny" "his mark" of Meriweather Co. GA)

Cherokee Co. GA Deed
      F-481: Lumpkin Co., 9 Feb. 1841, Thomas Cantrell of Lumpkin Co. to McAnderson Keith of Cherokee Co., $600, Lot #161, 22nd Dist., 2nd Sec., 160 acres more or less; wit. Franklin B. Duncan, James Cantrell JP; rec. 2 May 1843. (FHL film 325,885; also from pg.135, Vol.6, "Cherokee Co. GA Land Records, Deed Book F, 1841-1843" by Wyndell O. & Bernice O. Taylor; FHL book 975.8253 R28t)

Dawson Co. GA Deed (FHL film 288,137)
      A-233: 13 Dec. 1850, Raymond Sanford to Franklin B. Duncan, both of Lumpkin Co. GA, $125, lots in 13th Dist., in South half of 1st Sec. of said County, being lots 277 and 321, both containing 80 acres; wit. T.H. Sanford, J.R. Boone; reg. on oath of wit. Truman H. Sanford on 16 Oct. 1858.

Elbert Co. GA Deed (FHL film 209,433)
      X-50: 11 Feb. 1836, Jesse Nelms to Nathaniel Duncan, $200 by promissory note and $5 cash, 176 acres on Fork Creek, part of orig. grant to John Forgus, bounded by Knowlands tract; also all that land in former Cherokee now Lumpkin Co. lot #176 in 1st Sec., 5th Dist., drawn by Jacob Pearce, 40 acres. No wife. Wit. Thomas J. Heard, Z. Smith.

Murray Co. GA Deed (FHL film 393,159)
      A-92: Lumpkin Co. GA; 24 Sept. 1833, Matthew Dunkin of said county to Farishe Carter of Baldwin Co. GA, $2500, lot #92, 160 acres, in originally Cherokee now Murray Co. in 25th Dist. 2nd Sec.; wit. Samuel Tate, John Martin JP; rec. 4/22/1834.

Newton Co. GA Ordinary Court, Annual Returns
      4-200: Appraisal of estate of John A. Duncan decd, incl. horse & saddle etc., "fancy" bedstead, bed & furniture, large looking glass, cash $50, tract 215a on Yellow River, 202-1/2 acres in Randolph Co. lot #75 in 7th Dist., Walker Co. lot #69 in 12th Dist. 160 acres, Lumpkin Co. 40 acres in 15th Dist., note on Samuel Duncan, interest of undernamed articles the one half of which belongs to Simeon Duncan (farm animals and gear); /s/ David Thompson, John R. Austin, Joseph Maddux, James Y. Thompson, appraisers, dated 5 March 1847. (FHL film 325,570)
      5-67: Estate of John A. Duncan by Simeon Duncan, incl. travel to Randolph Co. to sell land, Dade Co. and examining land of estate, Lumpkin Co. to sell land, and Randolph Co. for a claim on Thomas Davis' estate; received $280 from Thomas Davis estate, rec. July 1851; and received from sale of land in Randolph Co. Dec. 3, 1850, and Lumpkin Co. 3 March 1850; rec. July 1851. (FHL film 325,751)


"Roster of Confederate Soldiers of GA 1861-1865" by Lillian Henderson, Director of the State Division of Confederate Pensions and Records for the state of Georgia, 6 vols. (FHL book 975.8 M22h)
      5:466: 52nd Regiment GA Infantry, Army of Tennessee; Co.C, GA Volunteer Infantry, Lumpkin Co. GA: Jackson Duncan, Private, July 25, 1862; captured at Baker's Creek, MS, May 16, 1863; exchanged at City Point, VA, July 6, 1863; roll dated Dec. 31, 1863, last on file, shows him absent without leave since Nov. 18, 1863.

"List of Pensioners on the Roll in 1883" Vol.V (from Laura Jones 8/1983)
      State, County, page, name, pension #, Post Office, cause, date of original allowance:
      GA, Lumpkin, 213, Duncan, Tabitha, 116,843, Dahlonega, widow, Aug. 1868.

Lumpkin Co. GA Civil War Pension Records; Conf. soldiers recd pensions for military service beg. in 1879; law changed 1891 to incl. widows; (Barker to Grindle surnames, Lumpkin Co. GA, FHL film 359,645)
      No Tabitha Duncan (she on 1883 pension roll pg.213, #116843, orig. allowance 8/1868, b.1837 Jackson Co. GA)


McDowell Co. NC Misc. Records 1843-1938 Act-Corres (NC Archives, Raleigh, NC, personal visit 10/1985)
      Act-Corres. CR 064.928.2; Corres. A.J. Helton to Polly S. Duncan, 1843 (three documents)
      Letter Feb. 5, 1843, from A.J. Helton, Lumpkin Co. GA, to Polly S. Duncan, North Carolina, Burke County, Locus Grove Post Office. Dear aunt. After a long absence I take my pen in hand to inform you that I am well at present through the mercy of God and hoping these few lines may find you enjoying the like blessing. It is about 7 years sense I left you I come to Georgia in 1837 and is now liven in Dahlonega G.A. I will state to you that I am married to a woman whose name was Rody Elizabeth J. Hester I was maried in July the 1st A.D. 1839 And has two children 1 boy and 1 girl whose names is (this?) (Thos.?) Wm. Jasper Helton and Sarough Jane Helton I would be glad to see you an ?? but I hant had the opportunity to come (fold in paper) ... write to me as soon as you get this letter and inform me how you and friends is I have heard from you some time ago that you have had many difficulties and law suits with Rolen Duncan I have wanted to be with you when I heard of the abuize you received from them (those?) who you always befriended so much. Dear aunt wright to me and direct your letter to Dahlonega G.A. Lumpkin P.O. and in so doing you will restore that friendship I have so oft times regrated I do this with a heavy hurt (hart?) So nothing more at present But remaining your most obediant Servant and Sinser friend until death A.J. Helton to Polly S. Duncan.

"Rev. W.A. Duncan" small 8-page booklet, probably a tribute published by the Methodist Church soon after his death (perhaps from Rowena Lawson for the Duncan Surname Association 1992, MAD's extract)
      Rev. W.A. Duncan is dead. His death occurred 17 Oct. 1907. He was born on the ground which is now known as Lumpkin Co. GA, near the old Cherokee town of Dahlanegah, in 1823, and was consequently at the day of his death, 84 years of age. He was of Indian extraction, being a mixture of Highland Scotch and Cherokee ... Age 12, when his parents & rest of the Cherokees were expelled from their hereditary abode east of the Mississippi, he was transported to the Indian Territory ... in 1834. In 1844, Wat Duncan was converted and became a Christian ... Methodist. Taught at Indian school located at a Methodist missionary station, which at present constitutes the northeastern portion of state of Kansas. Became Methodist preacher. From 1845 to 1861, he was a Methodist circuit rider; about 1856 he took to wife a lady of Cherokee extraction named Martha Bell; two sons and one daughter, all of whom including the mother died from consumption. His second marriage was to Martha Johnson, they had one son and three daus., namely John Ellis, Mae, Emma and Jennie, all of whom still survive except the last, together with the mother. He married third an accomplished widow lady of Philadelphia named Mrs. Kate "Caled"; no children; she survivied him. They moved to TX when the Civil War began to devastate the homes of the Cherokee nation; returned to Cherokee nation at close of war. (MAD: Place of death not given; Walter Adair Duncan, son of John Duncan and Elizabeth Abercrombie, grandson of Young Charles Gordon Duncan.)

"American State Papers, Public Lands" Vol. 5, Series 32, pg. 397 (from index cards of Kit Smith 8/1983)
      People entitled to Reservations under treaty with Cherokees 27 Feb. 1819, claims for survey and laying to War Dept. for life and some for fee simple.:
      #106, John Duncan, within limits of GA, fee simple.
      #107, Dascob Duncan, within limits of GA, fee simple.
      (MAD: see Forsyth, Cherokee & Lumpkin Co. GA)

Application of James D. Duncan for admission to Cherokee Rolls (copy from Perly Roberts 10/1993)
      (Perly Roberts note 12/2001: Anyone can get copies of the Indian applications at the College library in Tahlequah, OK, if they go there in person; numbers have to be looked up in roll books to find the film to make copies)
      No. 341, action: Admitted. James D. Duncan and 5 children, residence Blunt OK, reasons: Claimant born in 1861. Father, paternal grandfather and uncles and aunts enrolled by Chap(edge cut off) 1792 to 1801, inclusive, Grandfather enrolled in 1835 Page 38.
      No. 341, James D. Duncan, Remarks: Grouped herewith is No. 354, 357, 1696, 575, 964, 166748, 43217, 33253, 43218, 33457, 2739, 23162, 23164, 40600, 24458, 24502-3, 23429, 25732, 25761-2, 25880, 28601; Claims through 1835 p.38, 27186-35895; John Duncan, C 1792-1801. 24068, 32246, 30869
      No. 341, Eastern Cherokees, Application of James D. Duncan, Blunt, IT, for share of money appropriated for the Eastern Cherokee Indians by the Act of Congress approved June 30, 1906, in accordance with the decrees of the Court of Claims of May 18, 1905, and May 28, 1906. No.6, Indian Office, Eastern Cherokees, Rec. Sep. 24 1906.
      Application ... for such share as may be due me of the fund appropriated by the Act of Congress ... in favor of the Eastern Cherokees. The evidence of identity is herewith subjoined.
            English name: James D. Duncan. Indian name: none, JH 111 ?F (MAD: do not understand some notations, may have misread). Address: Blunt, I.T., County: Cherokee nation, state: Ind. Ter.; born April 18, 1861, Auraria, Lumpkin Co. GA.
            By what right do you claim to share? If you claim through more than one relative living in 1861, set forth each claim separately: On John Duncan, father; on Alonzo dec. an uncle; on Wm. Duncan dec. an uncle; Franky Duncan dec. an aunt, Geo. Duncan dec. an uncle, Sallie Duncan an aunt dec. & Edward Duncan 1835 dec. great grandfather.
            Married, wife Estella, age about 34.
            Names of father and mother and mother's name before marriage: Father, English name, John Duncan, Indian name CN & IF (?); Mother English name Ta-bi-tha, Indian name unknown, maiden name Lorton. They were born in Cherokee Co. GA & S.C.; father in GA, mother in SC; residence in 1851 if living: Father in Cherokee Co. GA, mother in SC; dates of their death: father Jan. 8, 1867, mother Feb. 14, 1886; they were enrolled on the 1851 roll. (MAD: one John Duncan mar. Tabitha Lorten 6/28/1859 Lumpkin Co. GA; on 1860 Lumpkin Co. GA census as Jackson Duncan)
            Name your brothers and sisters, giving ages, and if not living, the date of death: Julia Perry, Dec. 12, 1863, living.
            State English and Indian names of your grandparents on both father's and mother's side, if possible: Father's side: Charles Duncan 1835 GL 17 DF?, ("Mary" crossed out) Juda D. Duncan. Mother's side: grandpa unknown. Rebecca Lynch. IT NW TI (?). Where were they born: Charles Duncan in GA; Juda supposedly in Ireland, Rebecca Lynch unknown. Where did they reside in 1851, if living: Charles in Cherokee Co. GA, Juda same place, Rebecca unknown. Give names of all their children & residence if living, if not living, give dates of deaths: (1) John Duncan dec, Indian name CN 11 I?F? (2) Martha Duncan living, res. Blunt PO, Cherokee Nation, IT. (3) Alonzo Duncan, dec. (4) William Duncan dec., Indian name OL HIT?? (5) Franky Duncan, Indian Name SF... (?) (6) George Duncan CN ?? dec. (7) Sallie Duncan, FL ??
            Claimants should give full English and Indian names, if possible, of their paternal and maternal ancestors back to 1835: No Indian names as remembered; Indian names given are what would be theirs as per English.
            Remarks: John Duncan, father, Alonzo uncle, Franky aunt, Geo. Duncan an uncle, Sallie an aunt, the five named are claimed on; also Edward Duncan great grandfather on father's side.
            /s/ Jas. D. Duncan, 18 Sept. 1906. Affidavit by Martha Duncan and Marion Duncan who are acquainted with James D. Duncan for 45 years each.
      No. 341, Supplemental application for minor children; Jas. D. Duncan, of Blunt PO, Dis.11 (county), Ind.Ter. (State), born Auraria, GA, April 18, 1861, Lumpkin Co.; married, wife Olivet Estella Duncan, b. Jan. 20, 1877; Cherokee; children living on May 28, 1906: Minor heirs: Franky M. Duncan age 18 b. Sept. 14, 1889; Lovey N.J. Duncan age 16 b. Sept. 28, 1891; Luther S. Duncan age 13 b. May 22, 1894; Olivet M.E. Duncan age 5 b. March 16, 1902; Martha M. Duncan age 3 b. Dec. 3, 1904. Children were never enrolled. Remarks: My grandfather Chas. & his family were all enrolled in 1851 in Cherokee Co. GA. Affidavit by Francis Marion Duncan and Malisa Knight who were acquainted with him 46 years and 40 years.
      Handwritten piece of paper: Cany, Kans. I have 3 children of age, 2 of them have 1 child apiece. Please send blank application for them. I have 2 minor boy and will fill out for them right away. Yours Respect. Mrs. B.C. Goodwin.

1867 "Sketches of the alumni of Dartmouth college: from the first graduation in 1771 to the present time, with a brief history of the institution" by George Thomas Chapman; pub. by Riverside press, 1867 (Google book, 8/25/2009)
      MAD: "Ms" is "Massachusetts" Dartmouth College, Hanover, Grafton Co. New Hampshire
      Alumni 1861. Pg.456: DE WITTE DUNCAN, the son of John and Elisabeth (Abercrombie) Duncan, was born at the Cherokee Nation, Feb. 27, 1829. (MAD: see Lumpkin Co. GA)


There is Cherokee information on Charles G., John, and Edward Dunkin in Lumpkin Co. GA in the following:
      "Cherokee Emigration Rolls 1817-1835" transcribed by Jack D. Baker ca 1977 (FHL book 970.3 C424be; from Evelyn Sigler 1988)
      "Those who cried; the 16,000 : a record of the individual Cherokees listed in the United States official census of the Cherokee Nation conducted in 1835" by James W. Tyner (FHL book 970.3 C424tj; from Edith Hankins 10/1991)
      "Whites Among the Cherokees - GA, 1828-1838" by Mary B. Warren & Eve B. Weeks, ca1987 (FHL book 970.3 C424wg)
      "Five Civilized Tribes 1902", 1884 census, etc. (from Edith Hankins)


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