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Formed 1807 from Baldwin, Bibb, Putnam
Bibb formed 1822 from Jones, Monroe, Twiggs, Houston


1820 Jones Co. GA Census
Pg.113  George Dunken        001401        - 12101
        William Dunken       000200        - 00010
Pg.114  Edmond Dunken Sen    511101        - 21010
        James Dunken         200110        - 20010

1830 Jones Co. GA Census (semi-alphabetic)
Pg.460  William Duncan       0000,01       - 0100,1
          (MAD: mar. Mary Reaves 11/17/1822)
        Edmond Duncan        1021,0000,01  - 0020,0001
        Hinton Duncan        0000,1        - 0100,1
          (MAD: mar. Lucinda A. Poole 11/24/1829 Baldwin Co.
             GA; 1840 Twiggs Co. GA census; 1850 Cass Co. TX
        Daniel Duncan        0000,1        - 0000,01
          (MAD: Dan Duncan mar. Lucy Taylor 12/25/1831;
            1840 Twiggs Co. GA census; ? widow Lucy in
            1850 Marion Co. FL census)
Pg.472  George Duncan        0000,0000,1   - 0110,2001
        Lee Duncan           1000,1        - 0011
          (MAD: mar. Mary McBryde 12/27/1827)
        Edmd. Duncan Jun.    0020,01       - 0000,0011
          (MAD: one Edmund Duncan mar. M. Ledbetter 6/3/1827)

1840 Jones Co. GA Census
Pg.124  William Woodall      1000,1        - 0000,1
   136  Lee Duncan           0111,001      - 3000,01
        William Whitley      0001,0001     - 0020,001
        Edmund Duncan        0000,001      - 0000,0001
          (MAD: next to each other)
   138  Leroy Woodall        3000,1        - 0000,01
          (MAD: Mr. Goulding was half-brother of Davis Duncan,
            changed his name to Woodall; no Goulding indexed)
   148  George Duncan        0000,0000,01  - 0000,0000,1
        George Duncan        0000,1        - 1000,1001
          (MAD: one Geo. S. Duncan mar. Eliz. Johnson 12/19/1833;
            one Geo. Duncan mar. Margaret Bonner 1/25/1834)
        Davis Duncan         1000,01       - 0000,1
          (MAD: mar. Ann Chembless 2/28/1839)

1850 Jones Co. GA Census
Pg.182, #23, William T. WOODALL 41 GA farmer $600 (alone)
                  (MAD: Mr. Goulding was half-brother of Davis Duncan, changed his name to Woodall; no Goulding indexed)
Pg.184, #54, Martha DUNCAN 71 GA -- $600
                  Edmond 60 NC farmer
Pg.184, #55, Ann BONNER 68 SC -- $300
                  Amanda A. DUNCAN 14, Martha L. 11 GA
                  Virginia E. 9, Lucinda M. 5, Nancy F. 3 GA
                  (MAD: ?? Children of ? George Duncan 36 NC d. 11/1849 and Margaret J. Duncan 33 GA d. 9/1849 on 1850 mortality schedule; 1856 Bryant Duncan of Russell Co. AL was guardian of Virginia, Lucinda & Nancy; Lucinda and Nancy in 1860 Taylor Co. GA census; Virginia E. perhaps ? E.V. in 1860 Russell Co. AL census; one Martha Duncan of Columbus [Muscogee Co.] mar. William P. Bonner 9/5/1855)
Pg.185, #68, Davis DUNCAN 39 NC teacher $500
                  Mary A. 28 GA
                  William F. 10, Elizabeth F. 7 GA
                  Ellen M. 5, Nancy L. 2 GA
                  (MAD: Davis Duncan mar. Eliz. Duncan 12/5/1853; 1860 Macon Co. GA census; Mrs. Mary Ann Duncan, wife of Davis Duncan, d. 5/17/1852 Jones Co. GA; from "Obituaries published by 'The Christian Index' 1822-1899" by Overby, Macon, GA; GA Baptist Historical Soc.; vol.1 1822-1879; vol. 2, 1880-1899; FHL book 975.8 V4o)
Pg.185, #77, Leonidas B. GARDNER 35 GA farmer $1600
                  Nancy 31 GA
                  Antonette E. 10, Henry M. 8, Leonidas S. 4 GA
                  George E. 2, William 1/12 GA
                  (MAD: Leon Z. Gardner mar. Nancy Duncan 12/8/1836)
47th District
Pg.195, #221, Orrin W. KITCHINGS 25 GA farmer $700
                  Caroline 24 GA
                  James 5, Baldwin (m) 3, Caroline 2 GA
                  no name (f) 8/12 GA
                  (MAD: Arren Kitchens mar. Caroline Golding 1/8/1844, mar. by H. Duncan JP, she possibly sister of James Golding-Woodall who was half-bro. of Davis Duncan; will of William Kitchens 6/18/1846, proved 11/1/1847, named wife Mary; sons Orren, William; daus. Eliza, Catherine; execs. sons Orren Kitchens, William Kitchens.)
Pg.212, #497, Lee DUNCAN 50 NC farmer $2000
                  Mary 39 GA
                  Thomas J. 21, Henry R. 19 (wagonmaster) GA
                  Loretta A. 16, Sophronia E. 14, Lavinia H. 11 GA
                  John G. 6, James M. 4, Edmond W. 2 GA
                  Abington BARRON 19 GA
                  (MAD: 1860 Macon Co. GA census)
Pg.212, #500, George DUNCAN 80 NC farmer $1000
                  Elizabeth 75 NC
                  Elizabeth 35 NC
                  (MAD: George Duncan age 83y d. 4/23/1852 Jones Co. GA)
Pg.212, #501, Lear WOODALL (f) 75 NC (blank) $1000
                  Aletha BLANKS (f) 50 GA
                  Sarah V?. WOODALL 10, Martha A. 6 GA
                  Elizabeth L. 4 GA
Pg.212, #511, Sarah A. WHITLEY 32 GA (blank) $2500
                  William 27 GA
                  James A. WOODALL 15 GA student
                  Benjamin F. 14, John M. 8, Leroy 5 GA
Pg.217, 219 - other WOODALL families indexed, not looked at

1860 Jones Co. GA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1870 Jones Co. GA Census
Wallace District, P.O. Clinton
Pg.191, #545-550, FINNEY, Daniel 22 GA BLACK farm laborer $0-$0
                  Louisana (f) 20 GA BLACK farm laborer
                  Anna 9/12 GA BLACK b.Sept.
                  Maria 70 GA BLACK
                  Linda 18 GA BLACK farm laborer
                  DUNCAN, Howard 19 GA BLACK farm laborer
Popes District, P.O. Clinton
Pg.231-232, #737-743, DUNCAN, Green 42 GA BLACK farm laborer $0-$150
                  Caroline 40 GA BLACK farm laborer
                  Candess (f) 22 GA BLACK farm laborer
                  Howard (m) 20 GA BLACK farm laborer
                  Frank 18 GA BLACK farm laborers
                  Rina (f) 16 GA BLACK farm laborers
                  Mary 14 GA BLACK farm laborers
                  Vina (f) 12 GA BLACK farm laborers
                  Emma 9, Laura 6 GA BLACK
                  Sylvia 5, Lucy Ann 2 GA BLACK
                  Ella 2? GA BLACK


Jones Co. GA Wills (FHL film 454,232)
      C-15/17: Edmund Duncan; dated December 26, 1846: "to my beloved wife Martha with whom I have lived in the strictest quiet and love for a number of years" one horse, two cows and calves, twelve head of hogs, two beds and furniture free from all charge or limitation whatever to her own proper use benefit and behoof forever with full power to dispose of the same at any time before or at her death as she may think proper. To my beloved wife for and during her natural life my entire estate unless circumstances make it necessary to manage it differently for the good management of my estate. My whole estate both real and personal to my brothers and sisters after the death of my wife with the exception of the horse (etc.) given to my wife for her disposal and for brother William Duncan and brother Daniel Duncan's portion to be settled on their children with a strict injunction on my executors to provide for the wants of my step mother Nancy Duncan out of the property which may remain to be divided between my brothers and sisters. Appoint wife Martha executrix and my brothers Hinton Duncan, Davis Duncan, and George Duncan executors. Wit. B.M. Simms, Chapman Cox, J.G. Bonnier; probated 3 May 1852 on oath of Joseph G. Bonner who saw Edmund Duncan sign the will; that J.G. Bonner together with Barnes M. Sims and Chapman Cox witnessed it. (MAD: ?Hinton or ?Clinton)
      C-33/36: George Duncan Sr.; dated 28 Feb. 1849: my beloved wife Elizabeth Duncan all my property both real and personal for and during her natural life or widowhood. To James Chambliss who married my daughter Zelpha Duncan one dollar. To son Jesse Duncan one dollar and no more having already paid several debts for him as security amounting to as much as I consider the value of one of my heirs portion. To John Black who married my daughter Mary Duncan one dollar him nor his wife to have any more they having received at my hands as much as I consider one heirs share. After the death of my beloved wife the said Elizabeth Duncan and after my just debts are paid each heir named below made equal the lowest with the highest (ie) counting what has already been given them my will then is that balance of my heirs (viz) Lee Duncan, James Duncan, Elizabeth Duncan, Nancy Duncan (formerly) now the wife of Leonidas B. Gardner, Mary Ann E. Chambliss (formerly) now the wife of Davis Duncan whom I now make my heir instead of Zilpha Chambliss my daughter deceased, wife of said James Chambliss (ie) that is with the following conditions: 1st Elizabeth Duncans to go for her sole and separate use and benefit independant of and without the control of any person for and during her natural life and at her death to be equally divided between her lawful heirs; 2nd Nancy wife of Leonidas B. Gardner her portion to go for her separate use and benefit independent of and without the control of her husband for and during her natural life and at her death to be equally divided between her children; 3rd Mary Ann E. wife of Davis Duncan her portion to go for her sole and separate use and benefit independent of and without the control of her husband for and during her natural life and at her death to be equally divided between her children. Lee Duncan having already received $455, James Duncan having already received $415, Elizabeth Duncan having already received $400, Nancy wife of Leonidas B. Gardner having already received $550, and Mary Ann E. wife of Davis Duncan having already received $550. Appoint Lee Duncan and Davis Duncan executors. Wit. Barnes M. Simms, George Duncan Jr., John W. Jones. Prob. 7 Feb. 1853; Lee Duncan and Davis Duncan to act as executors. (MAD: John Black mar. Mary Duncan 12/13/1831; James "Charmless" mar. "Liltha" Duncan 5/24/1821)
      C-41/42: George Duncan Senior's Probate; 5 Sept. 1854, appeared Lee Duncan and Davis Duncan, executors; John W. Jones appeared as witness to the will.
      D-95/96: Martha Duncan, dated 11 October 1856: Being of advanced age and in bad health; to my brother Lee Crittendon one gray mare, two cows and calves, twelve head of hogs and a bed and furniture, said property being left to me by my deceased husband Edward (written above: Edmond) Duncan; appoint Lee Crittendon my only executor. Wit. John R. Moore, Chapman Cox, Sherod H. Causey; prob. 1 June 1857 on oath of Chapman Cox.

Jones Co. GA Inventories, Appraisements, Sales, Returns, Marriages (FHL film 454,238)
      Book A, 1809-1821 - No Duncan


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Bibb Co. GA Deeds (FHL film 382,002)
      A-117: 23 Dec. 1822, Isaac Duncan Senr. of Jones Co. GA to John Rushin Sen. of same, $103 paid to Duncan as attorney in fact for Elijah Mattox, lot 185 in 5th Dist. orig. Houston Co., 202-1/2 acres, on Jeheconna Creek, granted to John Lankford of Padgetts Dist., Tatnall Co., on 19 July 1822; wit. John Kinney, Jesse Cox.
      A-118: 20 March 1822, power of attorney, Elijah Mattox of Tatnall Co. GA appoint Isaac Duncan Senr. of Jones Co. GA, attorney to procure title to lot 185 in 5th Dist. of Houston Co.; wit. J. Rushin.

GA Land Office Records, Lottery Grants, Carroll Co., Districts 3 & 4 (FHL film 511,961)
      Dist. 4, Pg.75: 1 Jan. 1836, Grant to Hinton Duncan of Davis Dist., Jones Co., or his heirs, Lot #200 in Dist. 4, Carroll Co. GA.

Carroll Co. GA Deed (FHL film 341,944, transcribed book)
      B-369: Carroll Co.; in accordance with writ of Firi Facias from Justice Court of Jones Co. GA at suit of James H. Rodgers vs. John C. Duncan; now Jiles S. Boggess, Sheriff of afsd, seized land as property of said John C. Duncan and sold at public sale 5 March 1833 to highest bidder James H. Rodgers for $10; this indenture 7 Feb. 1834 from said Jiles S. Boggess, Sheriff, to James H. Rodgers, for $10, lot #119 in 8th Dist. Carroll Co., 202-1/2 acres; wit. Wm. F. Hall, Sanford Kingsbery J.I.C.; rec. 12 June 1834.

Floyd Co. GA Deed (FHL film 282,514)
      B-20: Jones Co. GA, 18 June 1834, George Duncan of said Co. to Asaph Hall of Goshen, CT, $100, lot 266 in 4th Dist. in late Required Cherokee Purchase, 160 acres drawn by and granted said George Duncan; wit. William Brown, Charles Macarthy; rec. on oath of William Brown to JP in Jones Co. GA, 18 June 1834.

Houston Co. GA Deed (FHL film 295,958)
      A-165: 6 June 1822, John Duncan of Jones Co. GA to Mary Lusky of same, $250, lot 175 in Dist. 9, adj. lots 174 and 176, drawn by Augustus Guille, containing 202-1/2 acres. Wit. Jos. Reynolds, John Williams, George W. Rust, J.L. Blacburn?.

Lee Co. GA Land Lottery Index, 1827; by District, Section & Lot (FHL film 514,014)
      7th Dist., 1st Sec., #117, granted John C. Duncan of Davis Dist., Jones Co., 20 April 1843.
      16th Dist., 1st Sec., #242, granted Isaac Duncan, sol., of Lowes' Dist., Jones Co., 8 June 1835
      21st Dist., 1st Sec., #273, granted Edmund Duncan R.S. of Davis Dist., Jones Co., 2 Jan. 1835
      27th Dist., 1st Sec., #94, granted Daniel Duncan of Davis Company, Jones Co., 6 Dec. 1830
      31st Dist., 1st Sec., #160, granted Jesse Duncan of Davis' Company, Jones Co., 12 Nov. 1835.

Lumpkin Co. GA Deeds

      E-49: 3 March 1836, Bryant Duncan of Jones Co. GA to Jasper Johnson of Lumpkin Co. GA, $45, Lot #368 in 10th Dist., 1st Sec., 40 acres, orig. Cherokee Co. now Lumpkin Co. Wit. S. Bivins, Henry S. Dunlap, John Jefferson. (FHL film 281,682)
      P-102: Jones Co. GA, 4 Nov. 1851, Davis Duncan, admin. of estate of George Duncan late of said Co. decd, after public notice in April of 1851 of intent to sell in four months, on 1st Tuesday in Nov. 1851, at Lumpkin Co. GA, sold at public sale lot #1255 of 40 acres in 11th Dist., 1st Sec. originally Cherokee now Lumpkin Co., being part of land belonging to said George Duncan decd, to William Hallum of Lumpkin Co. GA, highest bidder at $30, lot #1255 of 40 acres; wit. W.S?. Boyd, A.B. Banker JP. (FHL film 281,690)

Monroe Co. GA Deeds 1822-1893; Superior Court, privately owned
      A-4: 13 May 1822, Keaton (X) Upchurch of Greene Co. GA to John Duncan of Jones Co. GA, $250, Lot #46, 202-1/2 acres in 13th Dist., Monroe Co. GA. Wit. Isham Weathing?, H.P. Malony. (FHL film 164,136)
      F-24: 29 May 1827, John Duncan of Baldwin Co. GA to Samuel Terintine? of Baldwin Co., $450, Lot #46, 202-1/2 acres in 13th Dist. except 2-1/2 acres in corner where it joins lot 45 and 52. Wit. James Perry, John Bozeman. (FHL film 164,138)

Monroe Co. GA Land Lottery Grants, Dist. 1 & 2 (FHL film 519,046)
      Book 2, pg.77: 3 Oct. 1823, grant to Edmund Duncan Senr. of Flowers Dist, Jones Co., 2nd Dist., Lot #5.

Pike Co. GA Deed (FHL film 325,841)
      A-320: Pike Co. GA, 4 Oct. 1823, Edmund Duncan (also signed by Nancy Duncan) of afsd to Wyatt Hester of same, $300, Lot #5 in 2nd Dist. Monroe Co. now Pike Co.; wit. Edmund Duncan Jnor, David Slocumb JP.; rec. 11 Nov. 1824. (MAD: indexed as 14 Oct., localities as given)

Randolph Co. GA Deeds (FHL film 271,218)
      F-211: 20 March 1838, James E. French at present of City of Tallahatsee, Florida Territory, to Davis Duncan of Jones Co. GA, $10, Lot 75 in Dist. 9 and Lot 175 in Dist. 5, 202-1/2 acres each; wit. William Hilliard JP, William Dickerson.

Stewart Co. GA Deed (FHL film 424,308)
      D-443: Jones Co. GA, 3 Jan. 1835, Davis Duncan admin. of estate of Edmund Duncan of afsd, to Francis L. Benton, $30, lot #273 of 202-1/2 acres in 21st Dist. orig. Lee Co., drawn by Edmd. Duncan Senr.; wit. James M. Cole, Harrel Flowers JP.

Sumter Co. GA Deed (FHL film 255,322)
      B-9: Jones Co. GA, 9 Dec. 1830, Daniel Duncan of Jones Co. GA to John Kinney of Marion Co. GA, $90, Lot #94 in 27th Dist. orig. Lee Co., 202-1/2 acres, granted Daniel Duncan 5 Dec. 1830; wit. Thos. Choot, Sy? Flowers JP; rec. 6 April 1835.


"Georgia's Roster of the Revolution" by Lucian Lamar Knight, 1920 (FHL film 547,588)
Pg.342: Certified List of Revolutionary Soldiers, Compiled by Capt. B.F. Johnson from Lottery Lists of 1827. ... furnished by Mrs. Robert Emory Park, State Regent of GA and Chairman of the DAR Committee on Colonial and Revolutionary Records:
      Duncan, Edmond, lottery 1827, Jones Co.

GA Military Commissions in the State Militia, 1798-1860, by the GA Executive Department
      MAD: by year, includes index, frequently two items on a page; these are apparently orders that these men be commissioned a certain rank in a particular company. The early ones gave a county, the later ones only a militia district. I have added localities from 1830 census index.
1818-1820 (FHL film 159,002)
      Pg.371: 5 April 1819, Wm. Duncan, Gent., Second Lieutenant of 359th District Company of Militia. (pg.359, 5 April 1819, Harrel Flowers to be Ensign of 359th District Co. of Militia) (MAD: see Jones Co.)
1822-1824 (FHL film 159,004 item 1)
      Pg.141: 23 July 1822, Lee Duncan, Esq., Captain of 359th District Company of Militia. (MAD: Jones Co. GA)
      Pg.292: 16 Jan. 1823, John C. Duncan, Gent., 2nd Lieutenant of 359th District Company of Militia. (MAD: Jones Co. GA)
1825-1827 (FHL film 159,005 item 2)
      Pg.5: 28 Nov. 1825, Lee Duncan, Gent., Captain of 302nd District Company of Militia. (MAD: Jones Co. GA)


1850 Baldwin Co. GA Census
Pg.112, #353, James WOODALL 38 GA farmer $700
                  Nancy 34 GA
                  Felix 16, Henry 14, Eliza (f) 11, James 9, George 7 GA
                  Mary I. HODGE 29 GA

1850 Bibb Co. GA Census
Pg.177, #82, James WOODALL 36 GA farmer $0
                  Mary 30 GA
                  Catherine 10, Mary A. 7, James F. 6 GA
                  Joseph HARROLD 24 GA farmer

1850 DeKalb Co. GA Census
Pg.119, #55, James WOODALL 33 SC farmer $1000
                  Elizabeth 33 GA
                  Mary A. 13, Martha 11, Catharine 10, Sarah E. 7 GA

1850 Marion Co. GA Census
Pg.289, #876, James WOODALL 32? (33?/35?) GA farmer $1000
                  Mary 30 SC
                  Sarah 12, Stephen 10, Darcas (f) 8, Mary 5 GA
                  Wm. DUGGIN 19 GA farmer

HISTORIES before 1923

1889 "Biographical and historical memoirs : of Pulaski, Jefferson, Lonoke, Faulkner, Grant, Saline, Perry, Garland and Hot Spring counties, Arkansas, comprising a condensed history of the state, a number of biographies of distinguished citizens of the same, a brief descriptive history of each of the counties above named, and numerous biographical sketches of their prominent citizens" (Central AR) pub. by Goodspeed (FHL film 934,823 item 2 and FHL book 976.7 D3bhm; Los Angeles Public Library book; from Evelyn Sigler 8/1983)
      Pg.455, Pulaski Co. Dr. George W. Granberry, physician, born Russell Co. AL 1848, son of Richmond and Zilpha (Duncan) Granberry. Zilpha b. NC 1820, dau. of Edmond and Nancy (White) Duncan. Edmond Duncan was soldier in Rev. War; he settled in GA 1812; still living in 1834. Richmond and Zilpha Granberry had 9 children. (MAD: Duplin Co. NC marriage; see also Jones Co. GA)
      (Lorna LaFave 1983: The name Zilpha is also used in the Pipkin family, and possibly in the Kornegay family. Pipkins were also in Hardeman Co. TN. Littleton was used as a given name in the Pipkin line in Saline Co. AR, but one of the Pipkin girls married a Littleton Johnson, an itinerant Methodist Preacher who was killed during the Civil War; from Mary Pipkin's obit, in "Arkansas Methodist")


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