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Last revised September 17, 2003

Formed 1796 from Burke, Warren
Glascock formed 1857 from Warren, Jefferson


1830-1870 Jefferson Co. GA Census
      No Duncan indexed


Jefferson Co. GA Tax digests; each list indexed
1796, 1799, 1801-1804 (FHL film 180,906)
      1796: Gray's Dist. (pg.7) (no Hawthorn)
            #89, Wm. Duncan, Jefferson Co., 1 wp (no land), 3 total persons
      1799: Capt. Johnston's Dist. (pg.11) (no Hawthorn)
            #2, Wm. Dunkin, 1 wp
      1801: Capt. Prince's Dist. (pg.78) (no Hawthorn)
            #74, William Dunkin, 1 wp
      1802: Capt. Vining's Dist. (pg.11) (no Hawthorn)
            #25, William Duncan, 1 wp
      1803: Capt. Vining's Dist. (pg.13)
            #12, William Duncan, 1 wp
             Capt. Coursey's Dist. (pg.10)
            #99, Peter Hawthorne, 1 wp
      1804: Capt. Vining's Dist. (pg.38) (no Duncan)
            #25, Peter Hawthorne, 1 wp
1805-1811 (FHL film 180,907)
      1805: Capt. Vining's Dist. (pg.16) (no Duncan)
            #95, Peter Hawthorn, 1 wp
      1806: no Duncan, no Hawthorn
      1807: no Duncan, no Hawthorn
      1808: Capt. Moreland's Dist. (pg.16) (no Hawthorn)
            #88, Elizabeth Duncan, Wilkinson Co., 202a Pine Land, Dist. (blank), granted Duncan, lot (blank), 0 wp
      1809: no Duncan, no Hawthorn
            Capt. Cobb's Dist. (pg.5)
            #127, William Dankins, 1 wp
            (MAD: did not find anyone taxed on land granted a Duncan)
      1810: no Duncan, no Hawthorn
      1811: no Duncan, no Hawthorn
1812-1818 (FHL film 180,908)
      1812-1818 - looked at each tax list index, no Duncan or Hawthorn


Jefferson Co. GA Inferior Court Minutes; Vols. 1-8 1796-1820 (FHL film 180,854)
      1796-1800 - no Duncan or Hawthorn
            MAD: from other sources, William Duncan on list 3 July 1799 to serve as Petit Juror for the ensuing year.
      1800-1803, pg.82, 8 Oct. 1801, William Duncan on list of jurors for Jan. 1802 term.
      1804-1805 - no Duncan or Hawthorn
      1804-1808 & 1805-1820:
            Pg.24, Monday, April 7, 1806, William Duncan to serve as juror at July 1806 term.
            Pg.59, 4 Oct. 1806, William Dunken to serve as juror Jan. 1807.
      1807-1810 - no Duncan
            Pg.2, 6 Nov. 1807, Peter Hawthorne to be juror at Jan. 1808 term. (MAD: Peter Hawthorne mar. Elizabeth Duncan, 23 Nov. 1808)
      1810-1814 - no Duncan or Hawthorn
      1814-1817 - no Duncan or Hawthorn
      1817-1820 - no Duncan or Hawthorn

Jefferson Co. GA Superior Court Records; Equity Court
      1803-1809 - no index (FHL film 180,991)
      1809-1812 - no Duncan, Hawthorn
      1815-1819 - no index (FHL film 180,992)

Jefferson Co. GA Court of Ordinary, Superior Court Receipts (FHL film 180,856)
      Book 1, 1821-1835 - no index

Jefferson Co. GA Court of Ordinary, Minutes Book (FHL film 180,850)
      Book A, 1801-1815 - no Duncan, Hawthorn


Jefferson Co. GA Court of Ordinary, Inventories & Appraisements (FHL film 180,877)
      Book A, 1801-1812 - no Duncan

Jefferson Co. GA Inventories & Appraisals of Estates (FHL film 180,878)
      Vol.C, 1816-1823 - no Duncan or Hawthorne (no Vol.B)

Jefferson Co. GA Annual Returns (FHL film 180,860)
      Book A, 1815-1827 - no Duncan

Jefferson Co. GA Letters of Administration and Guardianship; Vols. [A]-D, 1801-1861 (FHL film 180,850)
      Vol.A, 1801-1815 - no Duncan, no Hawthorn
      Vol.B, 1815-1831 - no Duncan, no Hawthorn


GA Land Lotteries; Jefferson Co. GA
      Name, lottery year, militia district & county of residence, draw
      Duncan, Elizabeth, Widow, 1807, of Hardwick's Militia Dist., Jefferson Co., drew lot #216 in Dist.6, Baldwin Co. (MAD: Dist.6 was later mostly Jones Co.)
      Duncan, William, 1805, of Jefferson Co., lottery #627, two blank draws (married person)

Jefferson Co. GA Deeds and mortgages
      1797-1798 - no index (FHL film 180,924)
      Book E, 1803-1808 - no Duncan, Hawthorn
      Next deed book 1865


Jones Co. GA Deed
      A-439: Jefferson Co. GA, 4 Dec. 1808, Peter Hawthorn, planter of Jefferson Co., to John McBride, schoolmaster of same, $200, 202-1/2 acres lot #216 in 6th Dist. of Baldwin; /s/ Elizabeth Duncan formerly now Elizabeth (X) Hawthorn, Peter (X) Hawthorn; wit. Alexand. Whighem, James Rogers; Jefferson Co. GA, James Rogers swore that he saw Peter Hawthorn and Elizabeth his wife sign the within deed & that he saw Alexander Whigham assign as a witness; sworn before John Vining JP, 7 March 1809; rec. 25 Oct. 1809. (from pg.110-111, Vol.5, "Some GA County Records" by Silas Emmett Lucas, FHL book 975.8 N2L, and "GA Genealogy Magazine" 1971, pg.287)

1820 Franklin Co. MS Census
Pg.46  Peter Hawthorn      110010  -  40110
            (MAD: see Jefferson Co. GA, wife was Mrs. Elizabeth Duncan; no Peter or Elizabeth in 1830 or 1840 census index)


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