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Formed 1818 from Cherokee Lands, Jackson, Franklin
Cherokee formed 1831 from Cherok. Lands, Habersham, Hall
Lumpkin formed 1832 from Cherokee, Habersham, Hall


1820 Hall Co. GA Census
Pg.139  John Duncan        000010 - 20010
          (MAD: 1830 Jackson Co. GA census)

1830 Hall Co. GA Census
Pg. 82  Ambrose Brown      1000,1   - 1000,1
          (MAD: Ambrose Brown mar. Clarer Dunken
            5/27/1827; see ? 1850 Elbert Co. GA
            census pg.437)
   125  Wiley Duncan       1100,1   - 1000,1
          (MAD: 1840-1850 Carroll Co. GA census)

1840 Hall Co. GA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1850 Hall Co. GA Census
38th District
Pg.334, #9, John E. BROWN 58 SC farmer $6500
                  Milly 49 SC
                  Clay A. 18 SC
                  H.M. (f) 2 Hall (Co. GA)
                  Moses BROOKS 56 Unk. BLACK carpenter
                  (MAD: Milly widow of Charles G. of Spartanburg Co. SC; one Mrs. H.M. Brown, wife of Maj. John E. Brown and dau. of Robert Duncan of Greenville Dist., d. Gainesville, Hall Co. GA 3/11/1848; from "Greenville Mountaineer, pub. in "Some SC Marriages & Obituaries & Misc. Information, 1826-1854, from Early Newspapers" by Robert F. Simpson & Mrs. Charles R. Barham, FHL book 975.7 B38s)
Pg.368, #9, M.W. BROWN (m) 53 SC farmer $9000
                  M. (f) 48 SC
                  P. (m) 25 SC, E. (f) 19 GA, B. (m) 11 GA
                  E. (f) 8, A.?J. (f) 6 GA
                  Joseph PORTER 20 GA student
                  Benj. BROOKS 15 SC
Pg.369, #59, H.W. BROWN 22 NC merchant $1100
                  F. (f) 19 GA
                  S?.G. (m) 7/12 GA
                  R.L. DUNCAN (m) 24 (blank) merchant
                  (MAD: 1860 Floyd Co. GA; R.L. Duncan son of Charles G. & Milly Duncan of Spartanburg Co. SC)

1860 Hall Co. GA Census; no Duncan indexed
392nd Dist.
Pg.192, #1436-1226, M.W. CHAMBLES 23 GA farmer $500-$200
                  Caroline 18 GA
                  G.M. (m) 6/12 GA
                  H. TUCKER (m) 13 GA
                  (MAD: Sarah C. Duncan mar. M.W. Chamble 1/9/1859 Gwinnett Co. GA)

1870 Hall Co. GA Census
      No Duncan indexed


Hall Co. GA, direct marriage index (FHL film 424,626)
      1-21-1830, Duncan, Drury to Eliza Dodd, white race, A-60 (MAD: also called Dennis Duncan)
      12-23-1824, Duncan, William to Barnwell, Polly, A-28 (MAD: see Deed E-221; son of ? John Duncan)
      From another source: Cantrell, Thomas to Duncan, Elizabeth, 1/24/1832 (MAD: Probably 1840 Forsyth or Lumpkin Co. GA)
      From another source: Brown, Ambrose to Dunken, Clarer, 5/27/1827
      From another source: Knowling, Sherod to Duncan, Matilda, 1/17/1828 (MAD: 1840-1850 Walker Co. GA; mother ? Agnes, father ? John Duncan Jr.)
      From another source: Duncan, John C. to Boswell, Mary J., 1/26/1865 by A.M. Stringer MG

Hall Co. GA Marriage Records (Index, male, A-K, 1819-1965, on FHL film 424,626)
      Drury Duncan to Eliza Dodd, Jan. 21, 1830; record book A, pg.60 (FHL film 424,630 item 2) (MAD: Book A is a recopied book, name written plainly "Drury", should be Denny)

Hall Co. GA Marriage Records 1819-1870 (FHL film 424,628)
      William Duncan to Polly Barnwell, lic. Dec. 20, 1824, returned Dec. 23, 1824, mar. by B.R. McCutchen, JP. #232


Hall Co. GA General index to estate records, 1819-1937 (FHL film 424,819)
      Duncan, William F. (decd.), Duncan, Nannie A. admx, Perm. letters:
            Pet. Perm. Admx, Minutes Book 8-89
            Ord. Perm. Admx, Minutes Book 8-101
            Bond, Oath & Letters, Bonds & Letters Book B-400

Hall Co. GA Ordinary Court Minutes & Estate Records Vol.8 (FHL film 424,829)
      8-89: 19 Feb. 1879, petition of Nanie A. Duncan that William F. Duncan died 4 Jan. 1879 leaving petitioner as next of kin and leaving a large estate of real and personal property; died intestate. (pg.100-101 not filmed)
      8-107: 9 April 1879, removed administration of estate to Macon Co.

Hall Co. GA Inferior Court minutes, Book A1, 1835-1873 (FHL film 424,824)
      No index

Hall Co. GA Misc. estate records; record of wills, inventories & appraisals, annual returns & vouchers, etc., 1819-1878 & later (FHL film 424,835)
      Vol.A, 1819-1838 - no Duncan
      Vol.B, (1830-1846) 1837-1839 - no Duncan


GA Land Lotteries; Hall Co. GA
      Name, lottery year, militia district & county of residence, draw
      Duncan, A., (Agnes Duncan, lot #80, 7th Dist. 1st Sec.) husband died, 1827, of Capt. Dorseys Dist., Hall Co., drew lot #5, 31st Dist., Sec.1, Lee Co. (MAD: later Randolph Co.)

Hall Co. GA Deeds (Indexes 1819-1934, FHL film 454,848 grantors; FHL film 454,852 grantees)
      Many John E. Brown deeds through 1908, no Milly Brown deeds (widow of Charles C. Duncan of Spartanburg Co. SC; one John Brown had will A-107 in 1877, no wife mentioned, may or may not be connected)
      A-34: 31 Jan. 1820, Collison Waters to John Allred. (FHL film 454,858)
      B-106: 23 Aug. 1821, Reuben Harrison to Elias Allred, $24, 12 acres. (FHL film 454,859)
      B-237: 15 Feb. 1827, Andrew Lourimore to Elias Alred, $100, 250 acres on Haganse Creek. Wit. Wm. Mills, Reuben Brown J.P. (FHL film 454,859)
      B-293: 25 Nov. 1822, James Moore of Jasper Co. to William Allred of Hall Co. (FHL film 454,859)
      B-305: 27 Aug. 1827, Elias Alred to William Alred, $100, 250 acres in 9th Dist., Lot 44 on Hagans Creek. (FHL film 454,859)
      B-401: 5 March 1828, Redfearn Weems of Franklin Co. GA. to John Duncan of Jackson Co. GA, $100, 250 acres in Hall Co. GA, #38, in 10th Dist. Wit. Dns. Duncan, James H. David. (FHL film 454,859)
      C-144: 25 Nov. 1827, Nancy Sills? of Burke Co. to R.B. & P.E. Duncan of Richmond Co., $50, all right etc. of her son Henry Sills to land in Hall Co. GA, #116, 10th Dist. Wit. Richard Byne, Barbara A. Sill, Alexr. Caswell J.P. (FHL film 454,860)
      C-145: 24 Nov. 1827, Sarah Sills to R.B. & P.E. Duncan, $50, 1/4 part of lot #116 in Dist. 10. Same Wit. (FHL film 454,860)
      C-235: 16 July 1830, P. & R.B. Duncan of S.C., "G." Dist., to John Benton of Burke Co., state aforesaid, $50, 1/4 of #116. (FHL film 454,860)
      C-283: 23 February 1834, R.B. Duncan and P.E. Duncan of Greenville Co., S.C., to William Kieth of Hall Co. GA, $500, #116 in 10th district. Wit. Jas. Medanid?, Elisabeth D. Sloan. Oath of James Medaniel who saw Robert B. Duncan and Perry E. Duncan sign the deed. (FHL film 454,860)
      D-419: 28 Dec. 1833, David Hyde to Elias Allred Senr, $200, all of lot #50 west of line, 200 acres. Wit. James Law, Joseph Dunagan. (FHL film 454,861)
      E-221: 10 March 1835, William Barnwell to John Duncan, $100, 46-1/2 acres more or less, adj. White's line; wit. Dennis Duncan, John (X) Elliott. Proved 4 April 1835 on oath of Dennis Duncan, Jackson Co. (FHL film 454,862)
      E-239: (blank) day of March, 1836, Harris Davison to Dennis Duncan, $200, 400 acres on No. Oconee. Wit. John Duncan J.P., Barsheba (+) Hopkins. Recorded Jackson Co. GA. (FHL film 454,862)
      F-7: 5 Jan. 1842, John Duncan (signed) of Jackson Co. GA to Ephraim M. Johnson of Hall Co. GA, $150, 250 acres in 4th Dist. of Hall Co., lot #38. Wit. Richard Banks, James Law. (FHL film 454,862)
      I-57: Spartanburg Dist. SC; 13 Nov. 1848, we the undersigned heirs of Milly Duncan of afsd, having recd. certain property from her this day as part of her estate, in consideration of which property we agree "to pay her (personally)" anually $40 each, due 1 Jan. each year, and shall be paid if called for by said Milly Duncan, but should she not demand or claim the amount within 3 months from or after 1 Jan. annually, then arrears shall be considered as settle, and shall not be afterwards demanded, but this should not prevent her from collecting future installments during her life, subject always to be bared if not demanded as above either personally or by her written order. /s/ M.B. Duncan, W.T. Williams, W.A. Brown; wit. G. Clarion; N.B., the above is a true copy of our obligation to mother, /s/ M.B Duncan. Rec. 8 July 1858, /s/ J.E. Redwine, Clerk. (FHL film 454,865)
      I-58: Spartanburg Dist. SC; 13 Nov. 1848, agreement, John E. Brown of Hall Co. GA, being now in state & dist. above named, "now about to join in wedlock with Milly Duncan, widow" of said state & dist., and whereas said Milly has several children and is also possessed of sundry property, the title of which is now fully vested in her, and she has consented to become my lawful wife, I agree to allow her to retain in her own right such negroes or other property as she deems proper for her own use and benefit and finally to dispose of in such way as she may desire; I further agree that she may take with her to my house such negroes as she has selected, viz, Mariah, Evaline, Ben, Berry & child Tennessee, they are to be kept at my house at my expense subject to her will, and should Milly not sell or transfer said negroes during her life and should die intestate, then they shall be considered as belonging to her estate and be subject to division amongst her heirs agreeable to statute as if she had continued to live a widow until her death; wit. W.H. Hawkins, G. Cannon. The above is a true copy of yours & Father Brown agreement before wedlock with the exception of his name & seal. /s/ M.B. Duncan. Rec. March 26, 1858 at Spartanburg C.H. Rec. 8 July 1858, /s/ J.E. Redwine, Clerk. (FHL film 454,865)


Hall Co. GA Superior Court Minutes; 1834-1853 (FHL film 454,883)
      Minutes 1834-1840 - no index
      Minutes 1840-1845 - no index
      Minutes 1846-1853 - no index

"Reports of cases in law and equity argued and determined in the Supreme Court of Georgia at Milledgeville, in parts of December term 1868 and June term 1869" by N.J. Hammond (MAD: includes Atlanta cases pg.103 & later); Georgia Reports, Vol.38, pgs.554 to 561 (California State Law Library, Sacramento, 2/2004) (MAD: there is mention of Duncan, but case is clearly about Dunagan family)
      STEPHEN R. DUNAGAN et al., plaintiffs in error, v. BENJAMIN DUNAGAN et al., defendants in error; Supreme Court of Georgia, at Atlanta; 38 Ga. 554; December, 1868, Decided.
      Parol evidence. Motion for new trial. Before Judge Davis. Hall Superior Court. September Term, 1868.
      In October, 1837, Benjamin Dunagan gave bond as the administrator of the estate of Ezekiel Dunagan, deceased, with Isaiah Dunagan, James J. McCleskey and David G. Eberhart, as his securities. McCleskey, as guardian of Stephen R., Daniel C., Levi J., and George W. Dunagan, minor heirs and distributees of said estate, filed a bill for account against said administrator and, on the 22d of March, 1849, obtained a verdict for his wards, as follows: $205.37 for said Stephen, and $383.00 for each of the others, and costs. Judgment was entered for the total sum of $1,737.37, and a fi. fa. was accordingly issued on the 5th of April, 1849. On the next day the deputy sheriff made upon it a return of nulla bona. On the 25th of June, 1849, is was levied upon the undivided half of lot of land No. 236, 12th district and 3d section of said county. In August, 1849, said levy was dismissed by plaintiff's order, and on the same day it was levied upon certain fifty acres of said lot. On the 6th of November, 1849, said fifty acres were sold by the sheriff and bought by McCleskey for $135.00. After paying costs, the proceeds of said sale, $129.08, were credited on the fi. fa. It was then levied upon a horse; he was sold and thus another credit of $30.75, was put upon the fi. fa. In September, 1851, there was another return of nulla bona. In January, 1856, it was levied on certain land whereon the defendant then lived, and in July, 1857, it was levied on land whereon he then lived. In September, 1857, the sale under the January levy was postponed by plaintiff's consent; the July levy was disposed of by some one filing a claim to the land last mentioned.
      Afterwards (it appears), Stephen R., Daniel C., Levi J., and George W. Dunagan and J. R. McCleskey sued said administrator and his securities on said bond. The plea was payment of the fi. fa. At the trial, plaintiff's counsel read in evidence the bond, the bill and decree, the fi. fa., with said entries thereon and closed.
      The defendant, being on the stand as a witness, was presented with certain receipts, and they were read in evidence, accompanied with his explanations, as follows: A receipt by J. R. McCleskey to said administrator, as such, for $250.00, dated the 25th of December, 1857, and being for the balance in full of McCleskey's interest in said estate in right of his wife, formerly Mary Jane Dunagan; the defendant said McCleskey had bought one-half of the interest of Levi J., and Daniel C. bought the other half, and that this receipt was in full of that half interest also. A receipt dated 26th of October, 1852, for $500.00 signed by Daniel C., Levi J., George W. and Margaret Dunagan, to be credited on said fi. fa.; the defendant said that that sum was in gold, and was to go to Daniel C. and George W. The bill of exceptions recites as follows: "The defendant then introduced J. Gray's receipt for a note on Margaret Dunagan and James J. McCleskey, for $213.00 dated prior to the judgment which was ruled out, when defendant testified that the money of said note could not be taken out of the hands of the guardian, that it must remain there for the benefit of the orphans.
      The defendant introduced an order from George W. Dunagan, dated July 18th, 1861, acknowledging to have sold the little Georgia claim for $250.00, $33.33 down, the balance on time, and also, had collected the Duncan claim, (the amount of which does not appear), and testified in relation to said gold mine claim, and that the same should be $450.00. The defendant then introduced a receipt from Daniel C. Dunagan for $31.00, dated June 20th, 1850."
      Counsel for defendant then offered the bill of advancements made by intestate while in life, to which counsel for plaintiff objected, when defendant testified that James J. McCleskey promised to pay him the $60.00, (the amount of advancements); he stated that it was for a mare given his (McCleskey's wife) upon their marriage many years before, which was to be credited upon the decree; that there were various other matters of payment which he could not now remember, and for which he had no receipts, but that said decree was paid off in full. He further testified that Stephen R. Dunagan was paid off soon after the judgment was rendered, that he (witness) loaned about $200.00 to his brother Joseph Dunagan, and that he paid it to Stephen R., to pay Dr. Banks for the land he (Stephen R.) purchased of Dr. Banks.
      Crossed. -- He was not present, but understood he so paid it, and he repeated generally they were all and each of them paid off in full; that Daniel C. Dunagan was paid by loaning him with George $500.00 to go to California; that Levi's claim belonged to J. R. McCleskey and D. C. Dunagan; that George W. Dunagan was paid by the claim in the Rocky Mountain country; that Stephen Dunagan went to Alabama, then to Arkansas, some ten or twelve years ago; that Daniel C. Dunagan went to California about sixteen years ago, and had not returned; that Levi J. Dunagan left this country about the same time as Daniel C. Dunagan; that George W. Dunagan went to Alabama some ten or twelve years ago; that none of the above plaintiffs have ever troubled him since about his owing them anything since they left this country.
      On cross-examination he stated: He could not remember any transaction, time or place when he paid plaintiffs anything, except what he had already stated in his direct examination; that the sum of money he loaned his brother Joseph Dunagan, was about $200.00; that the payment to J. R. McCleskey, was made some time after the claim was in E. M. Johnson's hands, and he stated that E. M. Johnson had been pressing him ever since, and that Colonel Johnson said that he (Dunagan) ought to have paid the money to him instead of to J. R. McCleskey, and said that McCleskey said that he was sorry that he had ever taken the administration out of his hands, for that he had never received anything from J. J. McCleskey, who was the guardian of his wife.
      Plaintiff, in rebuttal, introduced an order from G. W. Dunagan, from Colorado, asking Johnson to allow defendant $200.00 in settling with the heirs of deceased, for that he, G. W., had that much of defendant's money.
      Thomas Little testified: That Stephen R. Dunagan left this country in 1857; that previous thereto, he (witness), went with said Stephen R., to see Dr. Banks, to buy said land; that only about $60.00 was paid on said land; that he did not buy it, and Stephen R., sold it to C. Q. Chandler, who gave his notes for the land; that he (witness), then and there bought the claim of Stephen R. Dunagan, and has been preserving it ever since, and has not received anything.
      Defendant's counsel then proposed to make said Thomas Little a party in the place of said Stephen R. Dunagan, and he, Little refused to become a party.
      On cross-examination, Little stated that he gave Stephen R. Dunagan for his claim, two mules, and that all he knew about Stephen R. Dunagan's claim he learned from Stephen R. Dunagan himself; that Stephen told him that his claim amounted to about $450.00.
      The testimony, so far as the sayings of Stephen R. Dunagan in his own favor, were concerned, was ruled out.
      The Court charged the jury as follows: The suit was brought on an administrator's bond which was given to the Inferior Court, which at the time, was the Court of Ordinary. The question for them to determine was, had there been a breach of the bond. The plaintiffs contended that there had been a breach of that bond in failing to pay a certain decree which the plaintiffs in that action had obtained against B. Dunagan, the administrator of Ezekiel Dunagan; that from the evidence, they must determine whether there had been a breach of said bond. It was charged that they could not go behind that decree in allowing credits in favor of the defendant in that decree. As to the execution issued on that decree which was in evidence, various entries had been made.
      The Court then stated that in order that the jury might understand, he would state, the difference in levies on personal estate, and levies on real estate undisposed of; that the levy of an execution on personal property is a satisfaction of a judgment, so far as to throw on the plaintiff the burden of proving either that it was insufficient, or that its proceeds were applied to the extinguishment of prior liens, or that it was otherwise unproductive and made so without fault in the plaintiff or the levying officer. A levy on personal property sufficient to pay the debt, which is dismissed by the plaintiff with the consent of the defendant, extinguishes the judgment, so far as third persons may be affected by it. A levy on real estate is not prima facie evidence of satisfaction, and although unaccounted for, does not extinguish the judgment. You will determine, from the evidence in this case, upon which kind of property the levies are made, and apply the rules of law, according as you shall determine from the evidence upon which species of property the levies have been made.
      The Court further charged, that any act of the plaintiffs in that decree which injures the securities on the bond sued on, or exposed them to greater risk or worked an injury to them, will exonerate the securities; that the making a contract by the plaintiffs in the decree, with the defendant Benjamin Dunagan, if it would produce the above effects, and if done without the knowledge or consent of said securities, would relieve them from their liability on the bond sued on. The jury would determine from the evidence in the case, whether anything had been done between the plaintiffs and said Benjamin Dunagan that had produced any of the aforesaid results, without the consent of the above named securities on said bond; that the granting mere indulgence would not liberate the securities. It was also charged that all the witnesses stood fair before them unless impeached, but that they were to judge of their credibility, and had a right to take into consideration their relations to the case.
      The jury retired, and returned with a verdict in favor of defendant.
      Whereupon, during the same term of the Court, counsel for plaintiffs moved the Court for a rule nisi, calling on the defendant to show cause why a new trial should not be granted upon the following grounds, to-wit:
      1. Because the Court erred in permitting the witness B. Dunagan to explain, enlarge and contradict the written evidence, which were receipts and an order.
      2. Because the Court erred in permitting the defendant B. Dunagan, to give in evidence that said judgment was paid off in full, without giving any facts to support it, etc.
      3. Because the Court erred in allowing the defendant, B. Dunagan to give in evidence, that the amounts of the note given by Margaret Dunagan and James J. McCleskey, and the advancements made by intestate while in life, were to be credited on said decree and judgment after the same (that is the writings) had been ruled out.
      4. Because the Court erred in charging the jury that they must determine by their verdict, whether any levy was made on the fi. fa., and unaccounted for, sufficient to satisfy the debt or discharge the sureties. Also, that they must determine whether any contracts were made between plaintiffs and defendant sufficient to exonerate the sureties.
      5. Because the verdict is contrary to the charge of the Court; contrary to the evidence, to law and equity.
      The Judge refused a new trial and error is assigned on each of the grounds for new trial. In certifying, the Judge says that he decided "that receipts only are an exception to the rule of evidence, that parol evidence can not be given to vary, add to, or substantially contradict a written instrument; there was no objection raised to Benjamin Dunagan's testifying, when he gave his testimony about the writing called in the first ground of the motion for a new trial, an order; exception was taken that Benjamin Dunagan could not prove payment of the decree, simply by swearing, in a general way that payment had been made, the Court decided that he might be questioned fully, in detail, how, when, and where the payments were made, and he was examined, both on his direct and cross examination. The reason why the charge was given as it was, in regard to the securities on the administrator's bond, was because defendant's counsel contended, in argument before the jury, that the securities were exonerated."
      [opinion] McCAY, J. A receipt for money is, as a general rule, an exception to the principle that parol evidence is inadmissible to explain or contradict a writing, (Code, section 3754; 1 Kelly 18; 3 Kelly 215.) Unless it also be a contract, Sullivan v. Cox, 7 Ga. 144. This is a receipt for money, and under the rule, we do not think the defendant was concluded, by the fact that he accepted it, from showing in the first place, the independent fact that the signer of the receipt was the owner of part of another share, and secondly, that the five hundred dollars was in full of that share also. Why does not this come within the exception as to receipts?
      As to the point that the Court permitted the defendant to show that one of the plaintiffs had an advancement, during the life of the testator, and which was not taken into account in the equity case, and that, after the judgment, he had agreed it should be accounted for by him, we see no error. In the first place, this equity decree is only prima facie binding on the securities, they may go behind and show that it was not a correct adjustment. Bryant v. Beall, 1 Kelly 355, 357; Bradwell v. Spencer, 16 Ga. 578. It was competent, too, even for the defendant to show a subsequent agreement, to lessen the judgment, in consideration of the error in not taking the advance into the account. Rodgers v. Atkinson, 1 Kelly 12, 18.
      There are one or to other errors assigned, growing out of the admission of parol evidence by the Court, which we confess ourselves unable, from the record, to understand. The Code requires, that the bill of exceptions shall plainly and distinctly specify the decision complained of, and if, from carelessness or haste, parties fail to make such a case as that, this Court can clearly understand what has been done, and how the party complaining has been injured; it would be but groping in the dark, perhaps unjustly, to the Judge below and the parties, to undertake to adjudicate the matter.
      We see no error in the charge of the Court, taken in connection with his certificate, of the ground taken by the defendant's counsel in his argument before the jury.
      The Judge charged that the jury could not go behind the decree. This was a stronger charge for the plaintiffs than they were entitled to against the securities, if there was any evidence to justify them in so doing, 1 Kelly 355, 357. The charge of the Judge in reference to the entries on the fi. fa., and in reference to the effect of the indulgence, was in reply to the argument of the defendant's counsel before the jury, and was proper, under the circumstances. It was competent for the defendant to be permitted to state, in broad terms, that the decree was fully paid. He was open to cross-examination by the plaintiff, and to contradiction, and it was a question for the jury to determine, whether the whole evidence did or did not show his statements to be correct. Here was a very old claim; the evidence clearly showed many and complicated transactions between the parties. The truth of the case turns very much upon the truthfulness of the defendant. Of that, the jury was the judge, and we do not think the verdict ought to be disturbed. The jury and the Court below, have given it for the defendant and we will not interfere.
      Judgment affirmed.


Lee Co. GA Land Lottery Index, 1827; by District, Section & Lot (FHL film 514,014)
      7th Dist., 1st Sec., #80, granted Agnes Duncan, wid., husband died in late war, of Dorsey's Company, Hall Co., 11 July 1831. (MAD: see Randolph Co. GA deed A-21, she of Stewart Co. 1831)

Spartanburg Co. SC Deed (FHL film 1,022,826)
      AA-477: 13 Nov. 1848, agreement, John E. Brown of Hall Co. GA, being now in Spartanburg Dist., "now about to join in wedlock with Milly Duncan, widow" and whereas said Milly has several children and is also possessed of sundry property ... she has consented to become my lawful wife ... allow her to retain in her own right (slaves).


ROBERT DUNCAN, Revolutionary War Pension Application S-21167; S-29612 (FHL film 970,864; and from Lenox Baker 12/1980)
      Age 73 on 13 Oct. 1834; lived Randolph Co. NC, when entered the service; drafted 3 mos about 2 mos before battle of Guilford in 1782(?); guarded corn in Randolph Co. After discharge, enlisted 2 mos to count as 3 mos. Then moved into Washington Co. TN, on Wattauga River. In the Fall, draft of men against the Cherokee Indians. This was in the Fall of 1780(?). "He entered the service this time as a substitute for his cousin Charles Duncan who had been drafted for three months." Served not less than two months. Depositions of Elias Allread, Sr. of Hall Co. GA on 11 June 1834; and John Duncan of Hall Co. GA on 14 July 1834 who served with Robert. Robert born Randolph Co. NC on 14 June 1762; record of age in family bible. Lived SC since 2 years after end of Revolution where he now lives; known to Earle Hunt and Jno. Young Esq. who live in the neighborhood and can testify as to his character for veracity and their belief in his service as a soldier of the revolution. Depositions by William King clergyman and Jno. Young of Greenville SC. Paid to 4 ---- 1842.
      Click here for more from the pension application file.

Index to War of 1812 Pension Applications and Bounty Land Warrant Applications; National Archives Film (FHL film 840,458; SLC 9/14-17/1984)
      Duncan, Dennis; Warren, Reuben; widow Eliza A.; WO 39798; alleged Capt. T.F. Anderson's Co. GA Mil. (MAD: see Jackson & Hall Cos.)
      MAD: Application #4381 by widow Eliza A. Duncan dated 1893 for service by Dennis Duncan, alias Reuben Warren, in Indian Wars, Capt. Anderson's Co., GA Volunteers, Florida War
            (MAD: one Reuben Warren mar. Mary C. Duncan 2/19/1845 Laurens Co. GA)

Pension Claim of Eliza A. Duncan, No. 39798, for War of 1812 service by her husband Dennis Duncan (copy from Harold Hopkins 6/1995 from his trip to the National Archives; brief info also from Dorothy Davis Smith 5/1983; see complete in Franklin Co. GA)
      Jacket: Rejected Claim No. 39798, War of 1812, by Eliza A. Duncan of Nails Creek, GA, widow of Dennis Duncan, alias Reuben Warren, under Capt. T.F. Anderson et al, GA Militia, died Nov. 24, 1853. Received May 31, 1884. Attorney A.C. Moss, of Horner, Banks Co. GA.
      Claim of widow under Act March 9, 1878, by Eliza (X) A. Duncan, Banks Co. GA, 1 May 1880, appeared Eliza Ann Duncan, age 66, resident of Belton, GA, widow of Dennis Duncan who served under the name of Dennis Duncan as private in Company commanded by Capt. Thomas F. Anderson in the Batt. of Col. Jones commanded by Genl. Blackaher? in War of 1812; that her husband enlisted at Franklin Co. GA 1812 or 1813, continued in service for probably 6 months, and was discharged. He was born in 1770 (MAD: faint, probably should be 1790), complexion fair, height the rise of six feet, hair black, eyes black. She married Dennis Duncan in Hall Co. GA on 21 Jan. 1830 by James Russel, JP, her maiden name Eliza Dodd; she has not remarried; she nor her husband neither had been married before. Her husband Dennis Duncan died in Jackson Co. GA on 24 Nov. 1852. That from his marriage to the time of his death he lived in Jackson Co. GA and since her husband's death she has lived in Banks Co. GA. Wit. W.C. Haulbrook?, A.J. Pool. Certification by Lucinda (X) Terrel and Mary (X) Pittman who have known Eliza A. Duncan for 60 years and for 350 (50? or 35?) years respectively who believe her; that they were present and saw Dennis Duncan and Eliza A. Dodd married at or about the time alleged in this application; that she has not remarried. /s/ W.C. Hemlbrook?, Thos. F. Hill.
      Office of the Ordinary, Hall Co., A. Rudolph, Ordinary, Gainsville, GA, Feb. 1, 1872. "213 - License of Denny Duncan and Eliza Dodd executed 21st of Jany. 1830 as per certificate of James Russle J.P." I, A. Rudolph, Ordinary of said county, do certify that the above is a true copy of the Record, as appears in Book A, marriage record in this office. The figures "213" is the number of the certificate entered in this Book. ...

"Roster of Confederate Soldiers of GA 1861-1865" by Lillian Henderson, Director of the State Division of Confederate Pensions and Records for the state of Georgia, 6 vols. (FHL book 975.8 M22h)
      3:908: 35th Regiment GA Volunteer Infantry, Army of Northern VA; Co.H, County Line Invincibles, Gwinnett & Hall Cos. GA: Benjamin F. Duncan, Private, Sept. 24, 1861; Surrendered at Appomattox, VA, April 9, 1865.

GA Confederate Soldiers Pensions; Index - Dobson, W.P. to Ellington, Allen J. (FHL film 1,493,057)
      MAD: The Pension records themselves are alphabetic within the county. The index is small 3x5 cards preprinted with "Name:" and "Service:" and "Res.:" and "Remarks"; also looked at any Dunan and Dunk.. names listed; cards include witnesses for other confederate soldiers.
      Information in FHL Catalog: Confederate soldiers received pensions for military service beginning in 1879; law changed 1891 to include widows; cards in this record for the witnesses of these soldiers & widows attesting to service of each soldier; alphabetical by name of pensioner, included on card are notations concerning county of residence, unit designation, and husband's name in the case of widow cards.
      Hugh Duncan, Co.G, 5th GA, application in Hall Co. GA
      Lumpkin J. Duncan, Co.G, 52nd GA, application in Hall Co. GA
      W.A. Duncan, in Graham's Scouts, application (GA Soldiers' Home) in Hall Co. GA


Biographical Questionnaires in GA Dept. of Archives & History, alphabetically arranged, incl. biographies of those who served in Public Office in GA and those who fought in the war between the states; data gathered by Mrs. Mary Givins Bryan in 1926, per "GA Gen. Mag." (FHL film 288,172)
      Isaac Franklin Duncan, died Oct. 27, 1929, born June 8, 1859 at country home in Gwinnett Co., GA; father William Washington Duncan born Jan. 27, 1817 in Anderson Co. SC, lived at Gwinnett Co. near Sardis Church. Father died 1894, Dec. 24. He was son of Robert Duncan, and his wife (a couple of words had been written in and then scratched out). Full name of mother: Sarah C. Wright, born Aug. 29, 1820 in Anderson, SC. Mother died Aug. 31, 1901. I.F. Duncan only went to a common country school, Sardis academy in Gwinnett Co. GA. Profession or occupation: farmer as well as political leader. Date and place of marriage: Sept. 30, 1877, country home in Hall Co.; wife's maiden name Johannah Tuggle, born Jan. 23, 1862, dau. of John Wilson Tuggle, born Oct. 1830 and died 1897, and wife Janette Pirkle Tuggle, born 1828 and died Jan. 23, 1903. Methodist, Democrat, Mason. Civil office held: In House of Representatives 1922 - 1923 - 1924 - 1925; State Senator 1927-1928 from 33rd District. (printed form filled in by handwriting)
            Isaac F. Duncan, Senator, 33rd Dist., P.O. Flowery Branch, GA, died Oct. 27, 1929, born 1859, June 8th at Canes District in Gwinnett Co. GA. Father: Washington W. Duncan b. 1821 in Anderson Co. SC, lived in GA about 60 years, he served in the Confederate Army short time and was discharged on account of his age & health. He died Dec. 1898. He was the son of Joel Duncan and his wife Margaret Wright who lived at Anderson SC. Mother Sarah C., born Scotland (dates and places blank). Educated at Sardis Academy, Gwinnett Co. GA in 1875, entered business late 1877, farmer, merchant & banker. Married Sept. 30, 1876, Hall Co. GA to Joanna Tuggle, dau. of John W. Tuggle, born 1830, died Oct. 16, 1897, and his wife Jeannettie Pirkle Tuggle, born 1828, died June 22, 1903. Children: D.C. Duncan, Mae Duncan, Flora Duncan, Onie Duncan, Eula Duncan, Lucius Dean Duncan. Methodist, Democrat, Masons, K.K.K. No military record. Civil office held: Board of Education of Hall Co., County Commissioner, Chairman Democratic Executive Committee, Member of General Assembly 1919 - 1920 - 1921 - 1922. "Miscellaneous" Always been very active in business succeeded well now. At this time one of the largest farmers in Hall Co., made 1000 bushels wheat in 1926 - 1200 bushels of oats in 1926. Has made as high as 250 bales of cotten in one year. Canes 3000 acres of land in Hall & Guinett Countys. Very strong Methodist liberal with his church. Always been prompt to pay debts has a fine rating with Bradstreet & Dun at this time. /s/ Yours Respectfully, I.F. Duncan. Signature: I.F. Duncan, Flowery Branch, GA, 11-1926. (printed form, mostly filled in by typing but some handwritten additions and the "Misc." note at the end is handwritten.)
            Isaac F. Duncan, Representative Hall Co., born June 8th 1859 Guinett Co.; residence Hall Co. F. Branch, GA; father's name William W. Duncan; Mother's name Sarah C. Duncan. Where educated: Educated at Buford, GA, High School. Date and place of marriage: Sept. 3, 1877. Wife's maiden name: Miss Johanna Tuggel. Children: 4 girls & 2 boys. Methodist, "allways Democrat", Masonic Order. Public Offices Held: County Com. & Board of Education, other County Offices, Business mercantile, farming, milling, manufacturing fertilizer. /s/ Yours Truly, I.F. Duncan. Miscellaneous (in different handwriting): This is all I can find out about my fathers people. I tried to answer as near as I could. The old Bible don't give much & I never hearad my father say anything about his grandfather or mother, only when they were small they came to this country from Ireland. I hope you can understand my answers. Respt, Mrs. Tyler E. Peeples, Lawrenceville, GA. (printed form filled in by handwriting; different handwriting on last page with "Misc.")
            Newspaper clippings copied at bottom of "Misc." page of Mrs. Tyler E. Peeples, handnoted "Constitution, Oct. 28, 1929" I. Frank Duncan, Former Solon, Passes Sunday. Lawrenceville, GA, Oct. 27-- I. Frank Duncan, 70, died Sunday afternoon at his home after an illness of 10 days from typhoid fever. His father was one of the pioneers of Gwinnett county and one of the founders of Sardis Methodist church near the Duncan homestead. He was a member of the Hall county commissioners for a number of years and represented Hall county in the legislature two terms and was state senator from the 33rd senatorial district. Mr. Duncan leaves a widow and the following children: Mrs. Green Braselton, Mrs. S.J. Roberts of Atlanta; Mrs. A.E. Ewing and Mrs. T.E. Peeples of Lawrenceville; Cleveland (nothing further.)
            (second clipping) "Oct. 28, 1929" Mr. Frank Duncan, Ex-Legislator of Hall Co., Dead. Former Legislator was Pillar in Church and Large Landholder. Lawrenceville, GA, Oct. 28-- Mr. Frank Duncan, 70, one of the best known men of this section of the state, died Sunday afternoon at his home in Hall Co. after an illness of ten days from typhoid fever. He was the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Washington Duncan, being the youngest of eleven children. His father was one of the pioneers of Gwinnett Co., and one of the founders of Sardis Methodist Church, near the Duncan homestead. Uncle Frank, as he was familiarly known ... Mr. Duncan leaves his widow and the following children: Mrs. Green Braselton, of Braselton; Mrs. S.J. Roberts, of Atlanta; Mrs. A.E. Ewing and Mrs. T.E. Peeples of Lawrenceville; Cleveland and Lucius Duncan, of Hall Co.; one brother, John Duncan, of Gwinnett Co.; two sisters, Mrs. Katherine Davis, of Atlanta, and Mrs. J.A. Cain of Gwinnett Co.; also a large number of grandchildren, nephews and nieces. Funeral will be held at Sardis Methodist Church, of which Mr. Duncan had been a lifelong member, Tuesday morning ... Burial will be in the churchyard.

HISTORIES before 1923

1895 "Memoirs of Georgia : containing historical accounts of the state's civil, military, industrial and professional interests, and personal sketches of many of its people" Vol.1, pub. by Southern Historical Association (from Evelyn Sigler 3/1984; FHL book 975.8 H2m and film 1,697,814 items 1&2; see more in Cobb Co. GA)
      Pg.615: JOHN B. DUNCAN, farmer, Douglasville, Douglas Co. GA. Son of William W. and Mary (Barnwell) Duncan, b. in Henry Co. GA Nov. 5, 1826. His paternal grandfather was John Duncan, b. in SC. His father was born in Greenville Dist. SC, July 1800. Father was orphaned at 10 years of age. William W. in Jan. 1823 mar. Mary Barnwell of Jackson Co. GA (MAD: mar. 12/23/1824 Hall Co. GA); to Cobb Co. GA. William W. Duncan died Jan. 23, 1847; Mary Barnwell Duncan died March 8, 1850. John B. was in the Civil War; married Feb. 15, 1849 to Louisa Matthews. She d. six months later; he mar. (2nd) Oct. 17, 1850 to Miss Martha E. Mosley.
            MAD: The family of William Watts Duncan who married Mary Barnwell is listed on pg.519-521, under "John Duncan of NC and Allied Families" in the "McCall-Tidwell and Allied Families" by Ettie Tidwell McCall, 1931 (FHL book 929.273 M124me and film 847,643 and fiche 6,060,777)


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