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Formed 1832 from Cherokee, Chattooga, Paulding
Chattooga formed 1838 from Floyd, Walker
Gordon formed 1850 from Cass, Floyd


1840 Floyd Co. GA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1850 Floyd Co. GA Census
Subdivision 30
Pg.105, #567, L.D. DUNKIN (m) 43 NC carpenter
                  Virginia C. 36 GA
                  Jos. 13, Mary E. 11 Rebecca 9 GA
                  Solomon G. 7, Wm. W. 5, Sarah V. 1 GA
                  (MAD: Lorenzo Dow Duncan mar. Virginia C. Paschal 10/10/1836 Clarke Co. GA; from Person Co. NC; dau. Mary E. ?? mar. Wm. Hamilton 2/14/1860 Calhoun Co. AL; in 1860 Calhoun Co. AL census as Larance D. Dunson)
Pg.137, #190? or #186?, H.D. DUNCAN 24 AL merchant
                  with lots of single men, varying occupations

1860 Floyd Co. GA Census (second household number blank)
Rome District (most birthstates blank instead of using ditto marks)
Pg.165, #243-blank, R.L. DUNCAN (m) 34 GA merchant $600-$6000
                  M.J. (f) 19 (blank) domestic
                  Ida (f) 3, Teriza? E. (f) 6/12 (blank)
                  Harrisa D. (m) 42 (blank) merchant $1000-$4000
                  (MAD: Robert Lafayette Duncan, 1850 Hall Co. GA census; mar. M.J. Webster 1/6/1856 Floyd Co. GA; 1870 DeKalb Co. GA census; son of Charles C. & Milly Duncan of Spartanburg Co. SC)
Barkers District
Pg.224, #639-blank, Marion B. DUNCAN (m) 42 SC farmer $10,000-$10,000
                  Permelia 28 SC domestic
                  Worth? (Writh?) (m) 9 SC
                  Beatrice 7 SC
                  Amelia 5, Mary E. 2 GA
                  Marion F. (m) 6/12 GA
                  (MAD: son of Charles C. & Milly Duncan of Spartanburg Co. SC; not identified 1850 census)
Cave Spring
Pg.357, #1555, Sarah DUNKIN 45 SC white widow $0
                  Odel (m) 24 SC sadler?
                  Marian (f) 23 SC
                  Jane 22 AL
                  Sarah 10 AL
                  (MAD: ? 1850 Cherokee Co. AL census, widow of Thomas J.)

1870 Floyd Co. GA Census
Subdivision 49, P.O. Rome
Pg.132, #97-96, DUNCAN, Benj. 66 SC BLACK huckster?
                  Nancy 44 GA BLACK keeping house
                  Benjamin 12, Lenill? (m) 15 GA BLACKS, at school
Pg.134, #130-127, DUNCAN, Virgie C. (f) 58 GA keeping house $0-$100
                  Rebecca 27 GA at home
                  Sarah 21, Dora 19 GA at home
                  Eliza 16, Arabella 13 GA at home
                  (MAD: children in 1860 Calhoun Co. AL census with "Larance D. Dunson")
Pg.138, #191-186, DUNCAN, Solomon 26 GA day laborer
                  Carilla (f) 19 GA
                  Minnie (f) 1/12 GA b.May
                  (MAD: Solomon G. Duncan mar. Margaret C. Woodham 3/7/1869)
Pg.139, #206-206?, DUNCAN, Richard 40 VA MULATTO blacksmith $300-$300
                  Mary 24 GA BLACK keeping house
                  Rosa 16 GA MULATTO at school
                  Robert 7, Eddie (m) 4 GA MULATTOS
                  Tennessee (f) 2/12 GA b.April MULATTO
Ward 1, City of Rome
Pg.180, #90-90, DUNCAN, (blank) (m) 32 GA carpenter $0-$0
                  Lavinia 26 AL keeping house
                  John 8 AL
Ward 3, City of Rome
Pg.205, #120-120, DEFLESH?, Marion (m) 26 OH retired attorney $0-$0
                  Alice 24 OH keeping house
                  Alice 3/12 GA b.March
                  DUNCAN, Edward 16 SC BLACK job laborer
Subdivision 49, P.O. Rome
Pg.218, #781-769, DUNCAN, John 65 SC farming $0-$500
                  Elizabeth 46 GA keeping house
                  Rhoda 37 GA "D&D" (deaf & dumb) help at home
                  James A. 21, John H. 20 GA, works on farm
                  Margaret 15, Joseph B. 11 GA at school
                  Francis E. (f) 5, Robt. V. 4 GA
                  (MAD: 1860 Chattooga Co. GA census)
Pg.218, #782-770, DUNCAN, William 23 AL works on farm $0-$300
                  Martha 20 GA keeping house
                  Emma 3 GA
                  Luella (f) 10/12 GA b.Aug.
                  MILLUR?, Sarah A. 39 GA help to keep house
                  Sarah C. 7 GA
Subdivision 141, P.O. Cave Spring
Pg.262, #195-194, SMITH, Samuel 77 SC farmer $0-$250
                  George S. 27 GA farmer $0-$300
                  Matilda C. 20 AL keeping house
                  Aren V. (m) 19 AL works on farm
                  DUNCAND, Aithey (f) 35 GA keeping house
                  William F. 12, Gustavus D. (m) 8 AL attending school
Pg.262, #256-255, HUDSON, Stephen 23 GA BLACK & family & others
                  DUNCAN, Perry (m) 5 GA BLACK
                  Mittie (f) 3 GA BLACK
                  other children
                  DUNCAN, Eddie (f) 3 GA MULATTO
Subdivision 141, P.O. Rome
Pg.321, #1084-1045, WALKER, Lewis 48 GA BLACK works on farm
                  Mary 56 GA BLACK keeping house
                  Mary 18 GA BLACK no occupation
                  DUNCAN, Thomas 2 GA BLACK

1880 Census, Flat Woods, Floyd County, Georgia (from Kathy Cawley 9/15/2009)
S.D.#1, E.D.# 67, Page# 228D, Image# 8 of 21
age 33, Head, farming, AL./S.C./S.C.
Sarah, age 29, Wife, keeping house, GA./GA./GA.
John W., age 5, Son, GA./AL./S.C.
Henry P., ag 3, Son, GA./AL./S.C.
Leola?, age 1, Daughter, GA./AL./S.C.
Mellin, age 56, Sister, keeping house, S.C./GA./GA.
Cathrine, age 17, Niece, keeping house, S.C./GA./GA.
      *KDC: birthplace of James & sister Mellin(?). is as stated.

1900 Census, Military District 855 North Carolina, Floyd County, Georgia (from Kathy Cawley 12/2008)
S.D.# 7, E.D.# 112, Page# 29B, Image# 8 of 25
John W.,
Head, May 1862, age 38, W'd., GA./S.C./GA., farm laborer
William, Son, April 1889, age 11, AL./GA./GA., farm laborer
Jesse, Son, May 1891, age 9, AL./GA./GA.
Joseph L., Son, November 1893, age 6, AL./GA./GA.
      [living next to the Quarles family]
      (KDC: ? 1920 Cherokee Co. AL)

1900 Census, Rome, Floyd County, Georgia (from Kathy Cawley 9/15/2009)
S.D.# 7, E.D.# 119, Page# 159, Image 17 of 25
405 4 Ave.
Henry P.,
Feb 1876, age 24, M'd 4 yrs., GA./GA./TN., moulder/machinery
Ella, Wife, June 1880, age 19, 1 chi. born, 1 living, GA./GA./GA.
Ethal, Daughter, May 1898, age 2, GA./GA./GA.

1910 Census, Rome, Floyd County, Georgia (from Kathy Cawley 9/15/2009)
S.D.# 7, E.D.# 68, Page# 167, Image# 21 of 27
13 Blanch Avenue
Pink H.,
Head, age 31, M1X, 13 yrs., GA./GA./GA., moulder/foundry
Ella M., Wife, age 29, M1X, 4 chi. born, 4 living, GA./GA./GA.
Ethel A., Daughter, age 12, GA./GA./GA., attends school
Miriam E., Daughter, age 8, GA./GA./GA.
Lincoln H., Son, age 7, GA./GA./GA.
Damon P., Son, age 4, GA./GA./GA.
GOODDARD, Anna G., servant, age 34?, W'd., GA./unk./unk., servant/private family


Floyd Co. GA marriages from various sources, not identified on census:
      Samuel W. Duncan to Mary E. Hodges, 17 June 1869
      Marion Maddox to Mary Ann Duncan, 14 Jan. 1855
      P.C. Millen to Mary Ann Duncan, 17 Nov. 1859
      William Littlejohn to Sarah Duncan, 11 April 1868


Floyd Co. GA Wills (FHL film 282,718)
      B-292: 3 March 1863, Marion B. Duncan of Floyd Co. GA; equally divided between wife Permilia Ann Duncan and six children to share and share alike, viz, Worth J. Duncan, Beatrice M. Duncan, Permelia E. Duncan, Eliza Duncan, Marion F. Duncan, and Ferissa E. Duncan. Exec. wife Permelia Ann Duncan. Property kept together if possible until children marry or come of age, then 1/2 of their share paid; final distribution at death of wife. Wit. Kinchin Rambo?, S.A. Rambo, B.F. Hooper; rec. Jan. 1866. (MAD: see Spartanburg Co. SC and Hall Co. GA)

Floyd Co. GA Court of Ordinary Minutes 1859-1866 (FHL film 282,721)
      Pg.451, Jan. 1864, Order admitting M.B. Duncan's will to probate

Floyd Co. GA Wills, Vol.A, 1852-1861 (FHL film 282,717)
      No Duncan indexed; includes letters of administration, etc.


GA Land Lotteries; Floyd Co. GA
      Name, lottery year, militia district & county of residence, draw
      Duncan, Absalom, 1832, of 404th Militia Dist., Gwinnett Co., drew gold lot #639 in Dist.3, Sec.4., Cherokee Purchase (MAD: later Floyd Co.)
      Duncan, Elijah, 1832, of Baugh Militia Dist., Franklin Co., drew land lot in Dist.23 Sec.3, Floyd Co., granted before 1 Jan. 1838.
      Duncan, George, 1832, of Davis Militia Dist., Jones Co., drew land lot in Dist.4 Sec.4, Floyd Co., granted before 1 Jan. 1838.
      Duncan, Hinton, 1832, of Davis Militia Dist., Jones Co., drew gold lot #1205 in Dist.3, Sec.4, Cherokee Purchase (MAD: later Floyd Co.)
      Swift, Thomas H., 1832, of Edward Militia Dist., Franklin Co., drew land lot in Dist.14 Sec.4, Floyd Co., granted before 1 Jan. 1838.

Floyd Co. GA Deed Indexes (no Deed Books C, D, F or G cataloged as available on film)
      Grantor index C-D 1833-1934 (FHL film 282,497)
      B-331: Absoleum Duncan to James A. Newbit, 40a lot 639, Dist. 3&4, rec. 10/4/1836
      D-524: Elijah Duncan by atty to Rhodd Buffington, 160a lot 84, Dist. 23&3, P/A & D, rec. 5/28/1844
      D-524: Elijah Duncan to J.H. Gill, lot 84, 23&3, P/A, rec. 5/28/1844
      B-20: George Duncan to Asaph Hall, 160a lot #266, 4&4, rec. 11/7/1835
      J-350 & J-708: Harrison D. Duncan et al to various, lot 51, Coosa Div., rec. 7/28/1854 to 1868
      F-372: Lorinzo D. Duncan to Isaac N. Culbertson, 40a lot #1140, 3&4, rec. 11/1/1849
      L-604: Marion B. Duncan to Marion B. Duncan, Martin G. Garner et al, Deacon of Bush Arbor Baptist Church, gift, lots 19 & 20, 3/4 lot 315, $&$, rec. 4/2/1859
      P-343: Marion B. Duncan by admin. to A.D. Hardin, 40a lot 56, 3&4, admr. deed, rec. 1/4/1869
      P-356: Marion B. Duncan by admin. to H.D. Cothran, lots 19, 20, 21, 22, 3&4, also part lots 298, 315 4&4, admin. deed 1/7/1869
      T-268: Marion B. Duncan to James M. Isbell, 40a lot 58, 3&4, rec. 1/13/1874
      N-40: Marion "D." Duncan to Archibald A. Terhune, 70a part lot 297, 4&4, rec. 9/15/1862
      P-348: M.B. Duncan by admin. to T.F.E. Bryant, lot 91, 3&4, rec. 1/5/1869
      P-352: M.B. Duncan by admin. to Robert S. Foster, lots 53&54, 3&4, rec. 1/6/1869
      P-354: P.A. Duncan to Chas. H. Smith, P/A, dower rights, rec. 1/6/1869
      P-353: "Permedia" A. Duncan by atty to W.G. Foster, dower rights, P/A/D, rec. 1/6/1869
      M-561: Robert L. Duncan to Joshua King, part lots 9 & 16, Etowah Div., rec. 1/25/1862
      O-667: Robert L. Duncan to Walter R. Webster, 80a, part lot 299, 4&4, rec. 10/16/1867
      Next grantor 1876, not copied
      Grantee index 1833-1896 (FHL film 282,511)
      F-371: Yarbrough Admin. to L.D. Duncan
      H-678: G.H. Price to M.B. & R.S. Duncan
      J-80: J.H. Erwin to M.B. & R.L. Duncan
      J-553: R.S. Duncan to M.B. Duncan
      K-227: F.J. Sullivan to R.L. & H.D. Duncan
      L-453: Job Rogers to R.L. Duncan
      L-742: Sheriff Price to M.B. Duncan
      M-62: Felix Hardman to M.B. Duncan
      M-221: L.F. Harris to M.B. Duncan
      N-396: S. Fouche to M.E. Duncan (Book N, 1862-66)
      N-420: G.W.F. Lamkin to P.L. Duncan
      P-342: L.F. Harris to M.B. Duncan
      P-350: H.V. Rambo to M.B. Duncan
      Next grantee was Book T, 1873-74, not copied

Floyd Co. GA Deeds
      B-20: Jones Co. GA, 18 June 1834, George Duncan of said Co. to Asaph Hall of Goshen, CT, $100, lot 266 in 4th Dist. in late Required Cherokee Purchase, 160 acres drawn by and granted said George Duncan; wit. William Brown, Charles Macarthy; rec. on oath of William Brown to JP in Jones Co. GA, 18 June 1834. (FHL film 282,514)
      B-331: Gwinnett Co. GA, 24 May 1833, Absalem Duncan of afsd to James S. Nesbit of Floyd Co. GA, $500, land in original Cherokee now Floyd Co., 40 acres, lot 639 in 3rd Dist. 4th Sec.; wit. John B. Tripper, John Cloroir? JP. (FHL film 282,514)
      H-678: Floyd Co. GA, 5 Sept. 1853, Glaney St.Price of afsd to Marion B. Duncan and Robert L. Duncan of State & Co. first above mentioned, $4537.50, lots and part lots, part of lot 297 now in 4th Dist. 4th Sec. orig. Cherokee now Floyd Co. which lies on S.side Coosa River; and part of lot 298 in same on S.side Coosa River, and lot 315 in same dist. & sec, and two 40 acre lots in 3rd Dist. & same sec. #21 and #22, total 355 acres; wit. J.M. Cabot, F.J. Sullivan JIC. (FHL film 282,516)
      J-80: Floyd Co. GA, 26 Nov. 1853, James H. Ewing of Floyd Co. to Marion B. and Robert L. Duncan of same, $150, lot in 3rd Dist. 4th Sec. orig. Cherokee now Floyd Co., lot #20 of 40 acres; wit. James W. Sumter?, Wm. Johnson. (FHL film 282,517)
      J-350: Floyd Co. GA, 31 May 1854, James A. Stevenson of Benton Co. AL and Harrison D. Duncan of Floyd Co. GA to Stephen B. Pearce of Floyd Co. GA, $1800, land in the Coosa Division of the City of Rome, known as lot #51, fronting on Broad Street 30 feet and running back 132 feet; wit. Wm. J. Hughes, R.T. Hargrove, F.J. Sullivan JIC. (FHL film 282,517)
      J-553: Floyd Co. GA, 23 Feb. 1855, Robert L. Duncan of afsd to Marion B. Duncan of same, $3500, being the half interest therein, part of lot 297 in 4th Dist. 4th sec. ... lot 315 in same, and three 40 acre lots in 3rd Dist. same sec. #20, 21, 22; wit. Samuel Farrar, Geo. S. Black JIC. (FHL film 282,517)
      K-227: (blank Co.) GA, 10? May 1856, Francis I. Sullivan (him) of Floyd Co. GA to Harrison D. Duncan and Robert L. Duncan of same, $1000, land in City of Rome, lot 7 in Oastanavilla? Division, being part of said lot 21 feet adj. J.S. & E. Morris on SW & Chesley Attaway on NE, on Broad Street, incl. 2-story stone house now on the lot; wit. H.A. Gartnells, Wm. Johnson JIC. (FHL film 282,518)
      N-396: Floyd Co. GA, 21 July 1863, Simpson Fouche of Floyd Co. GA to Mary E. Dunkum of same, $10,000, lot and houses whereon said Fouche has resided in City of Rome adj. N. by lands of Lewis D. Burwell, E. by street (MAD: quit copying all the neighbors and former neighbors); and a lot of 2-3/10 acres between the lot of Reuben Merrit and said Merritt's slaughter pen, and lot #2130 of 160 acres; wit. Saml. Johnston, Chas. H. Smith. (FHL film 282,521)
      N-420: Floyd Co. GA, 4 Aug. 1863, George W.F. Lampkin Sr. of Floyd Co. GA to Robt. L. Duncan of same, $1000, part of lot 299 in 4th Dist. 4th Sec., adj. S. by Coosa River, W. & N. by Thos. S. Prices, E. by Burnett & Rickey's, containing 80-1/10 acres; wit. Thos. G. Watlens, E.H. Smith Noty. Pub. (FHL film 282,521)


GA Confederate Soldiers Pensions; Index - Dobson, W.P. to Ellington, Allen J. (FHL film 1,493,057)
      MAD: The Pension records themselves are alphabetic within the county. The index is small 3x5 cards preprinted with "Name:" and "Service:" and "Res.:" and "Remarks"; also looked at any Dunan and Dunk.. names listed; cards include witnesses for other confederate soldiers.
      Information in FHL Catalog: Confederate soldiers received pensions for military service beginning in 1879; law changed 1891 to include widows; cards in this record for the witnesses of these soldiers & widows attesting to service of each soldier; alphabetical by name of pensioner, included on card are notations concerning county of residence, unit designation, and husband's name in the case of widow cards.
      T.B. Duncan, Co.E, 19th AL, application in Floyd Co. GA
      T.B. Duncan, Co.E, 19th AL, application by Mrs. Elizabeth Duncan, widow, in Floyd Co. GA (MAD: Thos. B. Duncan, b. 4/24/1846, d. 6/14/1901)
      Mrs. Elizabeth Duncan, widow of T.B. Duncan, Co.E, 19th AL, application in Floyd Co. GA
      W.J. Duncan, Co.F, 3rd Confed. Cav., application in Floyd Co. GA (MAD: William J. Duncan b. 1/8/1847 Murray Co. GA, d. 7/16/1917, widow Martha A. Duncan.)
      William Smith Duncan, Co.H, 3rd GA Cav., application by Mrs. Martha A. Duncan, Floyd Co. GA
      Mrs. Martha A. Duncan, widow of William Smith Duncan, Co.H, 3rd GA Cav., application in Floyd Co. GA
      MAD: "Floyd Co. GA Confederates; and Incidentally Those From Surrounding Counties in GA and AL" Vol.VIII, by Shirley Foster Kinney and James Paul Kinney Jr., 1992 (FHL book 975.835 M2k) contains a list which includes several other Duncans.


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