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Formed 1790 from Wilkes
Madison formed 1811 from Clarke, Elbert, Franklin, Jackson, Oglethorpe
Hart formed 1853 from Elbert, Franklin


1820 Elbert Co. GA Census
Pg.176  Moses Duncan           200210 - 22010
        Person Duncan          000201 - 00001

1830 Elbert Co. GA Census
Pg.120  John Duncan            0100,1000,1  - 1000,1
        Pearion Duncan         0100,1000,1  - 0100,0001
   133  Henry Duncan           0100,1       - 1000,1
   140  Moses Duncan           1200,101     - 0022,001

1840 Elbert Co. GA Census
201st Dist.
Pg.180  N. Duncan              1102,001     - 0110,01
        Pearson Duncan         1000,01      - 1000,1
   181  Abner H. Ginn          2100,1       - 1000,1
          (MAD: Abner H. Ginn recd. share of
            Moses Duncan's estate in 1845)
194th Dist.
Pg.183  John Duncan            0001,02      - 1000,1
        Henry Duncan           0110,01      - 2010,1
        Moses Duncan           0012,0001    - 0000,2001
   184  Mary Duncan            0            - 0001,0000,1
   185  Aron Duncan            0000,0001    - 0

1850 Elbert Co. GA Census (see 1860 Hart Co. GA census)
Pg.371, #112, Asa DUNKIN 27 GA farmer $300
                  F.A. (f) 28 GA
                  J. (m) 4, M.A. (m) 3, M.C. (f) 2, D. (m) 6/12 GA
                  (MAD: Asa Duncan mar. Flora Ann Johnson 2/1/1844)
Pg.382, #269, A. NELMS (f) 35 GA farmer $400
                  M. (m) 18, S. (f) 14, L. (f) 13 GA
                  N. (m) 12, J. (f) 10 GA
                  E. (f) 8, M. (f) 6 GA
                  (MAD: see pg.441 #1154 also has F.M. in household)
Pg.382, #270, J.W. DUNKIN (m) 24 GA farmer $500
                  C. (f) 16, J.A. (m) 19, M. (f) 16, J. (m) 6 GA
                  D. NELM (m) 84 VA farmer
                  W. (f) 73 VA
                  (MAD: James W. Duncan mar. Katharine Booth 12/27/1849; ? one Mary E. Duncan mar. William W.Y. Beasley 11/28/1850; ? J.A. Duncan in 1860 Randolph Co. GA census; ?? one J.W. Duncan b.5/10/1824 was son of Nathaniel Duncan & Mary Nelms or Nelhomes, Mary of 1860 Newton Co. GA census and 1870 Clarke Co. GA census)
Pg.386, #323, W. THURALKILL (m) 48 VA farmer $400
                  M. (f) 43 GA
                  E.(m) 28 GA farmer
                  F.(f) 12 GA
                  (MAD: Willis Therlkeld mar. Mrs. Mary Duncan 3/8/1849)
Pg.416, #785, J. DUNKIN (m) 46 GA farmer $8000
                  N. (f) 27 GA
                  M.A. (f) 13, J.H. (m) 11 GA
                  S. (f) 6, E. (f) 1 GA
                  (MAD: one John Duncan Jr. mar. Nancy Brown 1/17/1837; one John Duncan served in Capt. Strong's Co., GA Volunteers, Creek Ward, pension application #WA-7498 on 7 June 1898 by widow Nancy P. Duncan)
Pg.416, #786, M. DUNKIN (f) 80 NC
                  (MAD: Mary Dunkin)
Pg.423, #881, A. SMITH (m) 33 GA farmer $500
                  S. (f) 36 GA
                  M.C. (f) 8, J. (m) 6, J. (m) 5 GA
                  C. (f) 3, D. (m) 1 GA
                  (MAD: see pg.439 #1119, A. Smith)
Pg.423, #882, H. DUNKIN (m) 47 GA farmer
                  M. (f) 44 GA
                  M. (m) 17, S. (f) 14, E. (f) 11 GA
                  O. (m) 9, L. (f) 5, B. (m) 2 GA
                  C. HIGINGS (m) 17 GA farmer
                  A.C. TATE (m) 5/12 GA
                  (MAD: Henry Duncan mar. Mary Vines 12/23/1823)
Pg.423, #883, Moses A. DUNKIN 26 GA farmer
                  J. (f) 22 GA
                  C. (f) 2, J. (f) 6/12 GA
                  (MAD: Moses A. Duncan mar. Jane Smith 12/22/1846 Madison Co. GA)
Pg.423, #884, M?.(W?.) S. CARLTON (m) 26 GA farmer $300
                  S. (f) 28 GA
                  M.(f) 7, H.(f) 3?, S.(m) 2, E.(f) 7/12 GA
                  (MAD: Willis S. Carlton mar. Sarah Duncan 8/8/1843)
Pg.428, #951, A.B. GINN (m) 22 GA farmer $0
                  S. (f) 25 GA
                  C. (m) 5, M?. (m) 3, M. (m) 1 GA
                  (MAD: looking for Abner H. Ginn, son-in-law of Moses Duncan)
Pg.436, #1080, J.F. DUNKIN (m) 35 GA farmer $500
                  M. (f) 22 GA
                  A.E. (f) 2 GA
                  (MAD: J.F. age 35 is James F. Dunkin)
Pg.436, #1081, O.M. DUNKIN (m) 28 GA farmer $600
                  S. (f) 28 GA
                  W.E. (m) 3, J.A. (m) 1 GA
                  (MAD: Oliver M. Duncan mar. Sarah Brown 2/8/1844)
Pg.437, #1085, E.G. BROWN (m) 34 GA farmer $400
                  L. (f) 34 GA
                  E.(f) 12, W.F.(m) 11, S?.E.(f) 9 GA
                  (MAD: Edmond G. Brown mar. Letty Duncan 3/24/1836)
Pg.437, #1086, M. DUNKIN (f) 45 GA
                  (MAD: Mary; dau. of Moses?)
Pg.437, #1093, A. BROWN (m) 50 GA farmer $0
                  N. (f) 51 GA
                  children 19 & younger
                  (MAD: looking for Ambrose Brown mar. Clarer Dunken 5/27/1827 Hall Co. GA)
Pg.437, #1094, A. BROWN (m) 81 VA farmer
                  P. (f) 71 VA
Pg.439, #1119, A. SMITH (m) 30 written over 33 GA farmer $500
                  S. (f) 38 GA
                  M. (f) 12, J. (m) 10, J. (m) 8 GA
                  A. (m) 6, D. (m) 2 GA
                  (MAD: see pg.423 #881, A. Smith; Asa Smith mar. Sealey Duncan 1/26/1841)
Pg.439, #1120, P. DUNKIN (m) 44 GA farmer
                  S. (f) 32 GA
                  C. (m) 12, E. (f) 10, M. (m) 8 GA
                  N. (m) 7, F. (m) 2, S. (f) 8/12 GA
                  (MAD: Pearson Duncan Jr. mar. Sarah Vaughn 10/29/1837; son of Moses Duncan; C. perhaps ?? Charles age 20 in 1860 Banks Co. GA census; Sarah and family in 1870 ? Forsyth Co. GA census)
Pg.441, #1154, A. NELMS (f) 44 GA farmer $600
                  M.(m) 23, S.(f) 20, F.M.(m) 18 GA
                  L.(f) 17, N.H.(m) 15, J.A.(f) 14 GA
                  E.(f) 8, M.(f) 6 GA
                  (MAD: see pg.382 #269 does not have F.M. in household; Jesse Nelmes mar. Alis Duncan 1/10/1822)
Pg.442, #1164, A. BROWN (m) 37 GA farmer
                  R.V. (f) 22 GA
                  children 1 and under
Pg.442, #1165, M. BROWN (f) 54 GA farmer (sic) $1500
                  S.D. (f) 27, L.E. (f) 20 GA
                  A. DUNKIN (m) 70 GA farmer
                  (MAD: A. age 70 is Aaron Dunkin)

1860 Elbert Co. GA Census
P.O. Elberton
Pg. 861, #841, James W. DUNKEN 35 GA laborer
                  Catherine 27 GA
                  Wm. 9, Elizabeth 7, Victor N. 5, James F. 2 GA
                  (MAD: 1849 James "M." mar. Catherine Booth)

1870 Elbert Co. GA Census
P.O. Elberton
Pg.205, #15-15, MAXWELL, John B. 58 GA (white) farmer $4,500-$2,655
                  Milly J. 36 GA house keeping
                  GAINES, Richard 14 GA (white) farm laborer
                  MAXWELL, Melissa A. 3, Martha A. 1 GA
                  CARPENTER, George 25 GA BLACK farm laborer
                  GAINES, Thomas 18 GA BLACK farm laborer
                  MAXWELL, Myra (f) 30 GA BLACK house servant
                  Middleton (m) 12 GA BLACK domestic servant
                  William 10 GA BLACK farm laborer
                  Henry 8, Mary 6, Sarah 8/12 b.Feb. GA BLACK
                  DUNCAN, Nellie (f) 14 GA BLACK house servant
                  MAXWELL, Robt. 54 GA (white) farmer $0-$891
Pg.214, #123-123, DUNCAN, Mary C. 27 GA (white) keeping house $0-$0
                  William J. 19 GA (blank)
                  Elizabeth 16 GA no occupation
                  Victor E. (m) 14, James 11 GA farm laborers
                  John H. 9, Lula (f) 2 GA
Pg.228, #312-312, DUNCAN, Milly (f) 65 GA BLACK farm laborer $0-$0
                  Jasper 22 GA BLACK farm laborer
Pg.255, #710-710, EVES, James A. 35 GA (white) farmer $400-$375
                  Mary 34 GA keeping house
                  Mitchell (m) 1 GA
                  William 72 GA farm laborer $400-$358
                  JUDSON, Jane 40 GA (white) domestic servant $300-$0
                  DUNCAN, Thomas 16 GA BLACK farm laborer
                  DUNCAN, Frances (f) 13 GA BLACK farm laborer


Elbert Co. GA Early Mixed Records, wills, etc., 1799-1806 (FHL film 209,574)
      No Duncan

Elbert Co. GA Estate Records (FHL film 209,536)
      Marriages 1791-1803 (no Duncan), 1830-1835 (no Duncan)
      Sales, returns, appraisements, inventories, settlements, receipts, guardian and ward papers. - No Duncan

Elbert Co. GA Mixed Records
      1791-1803, 1803-1806 (FHL film 209,537)
            No Duncan
      1804-1809 (FHL film 209,538)
            No Duncan
            Pg.14: 2 Feb. 1807, will of Rene Napier; To wife Dorothy, horse, bed and etc., and $80 and land for life, ... to Polly Shorter, slaves Simon and Easter, and if she dies without heirs to go to Theo., and Cloe Napier and Sally Duncan. Execs: James Morrison, McCarty Oliver and Matthew Duncan. Wit. E. Brewer, E. Lyon, Peter Oliver. No probate date. Pg.178, receipt of Edward Lyon to James Morrison, exec, for horse, furniture and other property left Dorothy Napier, wife of said Rene Napier, decd, Jan. 11, 1808. (from pg.17, Vol.III, "Historical Collections of the GA Chapters DAR" 1930, by Grace Gillam Davidson; FHC book 975.816 H252d)
      1809-1812 (FHL film 209,538); includes marriages
            No Duncan, no Haynes to Duncan
            Pg.2: Martin Dedwilder & Rebecca Wilhite have married August 17th 1809 by A. Jarratt, J.T.C.? A. Pope, C.C.O.
            Pg.20/21: 1 June 1809, will of Martin (X) Deadwyler, weak in body; "to my daughter Eve Dedwyler the land where I now live as long as she lives, after her death it is to belong to my grandson Martin Deadwyler. The last of my property with the lands in Wilkinson is all to be sold after my just debts are paid then to be equally divided amongst my children and Nancy Dedwyler except my son Joseph Deadwyler -- my granddaughter Nancy is to have the bed she now claims and furniture. I appoint my son Joseph Dedwyler executor". Wit. Joseph Deadwyler, James Murphey. "I Martin Deadwyler ad (sic) something more to my last will and testament which is to be given to my granddaughter Nancy Deadwyler a horse and saddle or a hundred dollars out of the price of the land in Wilkinson when sold." (no date) Wit. James Murphey, Joseph Deadwyler. Prob. Sept. 1809, ordered recorded. Oath of Joseph Deadwyler that he will well and truly execute the will by paying first the debt and then the legacies, 4 Sept. 1809.
      1812-1816, Book K (FHL film 209,539)
            No Duncan, Haynes to Duncan
      1816-1821, Book L (FHL film 209,539)
            No Duncan; Haynes pages 482, 485 but no Haynes to Duncan marriage.
      1822-1825, Book M (FHL film 209,540)
            No Duncan, no Hains to Duncan
      1825-1829, Book unnumbered (FHL film 209,540)
            No Duncan, no Hains to Duncan
      1828-1831, Book N (FHL film 209,541)
            No Duncan, no Hains to Duncan

Elbert Co. GA Will Books (FHL film 209,542)
      Will Book A, 1835-1860 - no Duncan
      Will Book B, 1861-1895 - no Duncan

Elbert Co. GA Court of Ordinary Minutes (FHL film 209,565)
      1791-1833: No index
      1833-1838: No index; no Duncan spotted in 1838
      1838-1843: No Duncan

Elbert Co. GA Administrators and guardians bonds, 1830-1913; incl. index; Vol.A-C 1830-1881 (FHL film 209,545)
      Vol.A, 1830-1844
            Pg.95 to 97: 22 July 1834, Petition of John Duncan Jr., that Asa Couch, an illegitimate under age 14, be bound to John Duncan Jr. until Asa Couch arrives at age 20; Court ordered that he be bound out for 9 years from 29th of May last or until he arrive at 20 years of age, to be taught farming, when he arrive at age, he be given 2 suits of cloths, good horse, bridle and saddle worth at least $85; Bond of John Duncan and Thomas J. Heards for $500, 22 July 1834, wit. Wm. B. Nelms.
            Pg.238: 7 March 1842, bond of Henry Duncan, Oliver M. Duncan, Hiram Brown and William Moss for $500, that Henry Duncan and Oliver M. Duncan be administrators of estate of Moses Duncan Sr. decd.
      Vol.B, 1844-1860 - no Duncan, no Nelms
      Vol.C, 1860-1881
            Pg.274: 3 Jan. 1870, Bond of Oliver M. Duncan, security Charles W. Christian, as administrator of the estate of John Brown.
            Pg.450: 1 March 1880, bond of Jeptha H. Duncan, security David A. Mathews and Abda Oglisby, as administrator of estate of John A. Duncan.

Elbert Co. GA Court of Ordinary Annual Returns
      1835-1837: no Duncan (FHL film 209,552)
      1837-1842: (FHL film 209,552; not all references copied)
      Pg.236-9: 9 Nov. 1841, Inventory of estate of Thomas Haynes; appraisers John Merit, Benjamin Winn, John Brown Sr., William T. Maxwell, Hiram Brown. Inventory included $9,364.02-1/2 of farming and personal items and slaves; over $4,000 in notes due, and other items. Notes were from N. Duncan, Moses Duncan ($33.60 and $14.96) and many others; also doubtful notes due from many people including N. Duncan; "Inventory of Executions" included Thomas Horton vs. William D. Haynes and Jeremiah Horton, Moses Duncan and Henry Duncan; and other executions. (some other references not copied)
      Pg.267: 5 May 1842, Inventory of Moses Duncan, decd, filed; appraisers John Merritt, Hiram Brown, Moses Roberts, value $2814.68-1/4. Includes promissory note assigned by Thomas Haynes made payable to the heirs of John Duncan Senr. deceased dated the 5th day of October 1838 and due 15 months after date, $2383.68-1/4; note on Joseph Vines and Henry Duncan dated 5 Oct. 1838 due 15 months after date.
      Pg.300: 13 Sept. 1842, Sale of estate of Moses Duncan, decd, recorded; no date of sale filled in. Sales to Oliver M. Duncan (3 beds), Mary Duncan (bed), Moses Duncan, Linsey Neal, John Duncan, Asa Smith, Henry Duncan, James M?. Henry, Jesse Russom. List of sale items presented 20 July 1842.
      1842-1846: (FHL film 209,553)
      Pg.20: Dec. 1842, Return by Henry Duncan and Oliver M. Duncan, admrs. of estate of Moses Duncan decd. Cash paid to Hiram Brown (account), N. Duncan (fifa & note), George W. Ray (account), John Duncan (account & note), Benjamin Thornton admr. of T. Haynes (interest on note in settlement of John Duncan's estate), Willis Check (crying sale), Wm. B. Nelms (court clerk), Jesse Russom (note); return recorded 23 May 1843.
      Pg.24-6: 30 June 1843, Return on estate of Thomas Haynes decd. by Benjamin Thornton Junior, one of the administrators. Includes among other receipts, cash paid to John Duncan, and John Duncan agent; cash paid to Oliver M. Duncan and Henry Duncan, admrs. of Moses Duncan decd, $228.95:
             Receipt No. 8: Whereas John Duncan decd. died intestate & Moses Duncan and Thomas Haynes by consent of all interested took charge of his estate as managers without legal administration and for the benefit of all concerned, and whereas at the sale had by said managers of said John Duncan's estate, Thomas Haynes purchased property for which he gave his note which is hereunto attached (MAD: not recorded in book) for the sum of $2383.68-3/4 dated 5 Oct. 1838 and payable 15 months after date to the heirs and legatees of John Duncan decd which said note was placed in the hands of Moses Duncan the manager of said Haynes, and the said Moses Duncan having died & said note coming into the hands of Henry Duncan & Oliver M. Duncan admrs. and by them inventoried and returned to the Court of Ordinary; and whereas Thomas Haynes in his lifetime paid off the parties concerned and took receipts of each one entitled to any part of John Duncans estate for their full interest therein except Moses Duncan his said co-manager, and whereas Benjamin Thornton admr. of said Thomas Haynes now deceased and the said admrs. of said Moses Duncan decd have submitted the adjustment of the matters aforesaid to the settlement & calculation of Eppy White, John Merett & Hiram Brown who have awarded to the estate of said Moses Duncan $180.45 as appears from the above certificate, which sum is exclusive of two notes held by Thomas Haynes Admrs. against Moses Duncan ..., and whereas the admrs. of Moses Duncan have this day delivered over to the said admr. of Thomas Haynes decd. the original note of $2383.68- 3/4, the said admrs. of Thomas Haynes holding the receipts of each one interested in the estate for their full share except Moses Duncan; now this is to acknowledge that we have this day received from the said Benjamin Thornton admr. of Thomas Haynes decd. the sum of $228.95, the sum including the aforesaid reward of $180.45 and the two notes due Thomas Haynes estate from Moses Duncan, the same being delivered to us without calculation of interest inasmuch as the interest of Moses Duncan in John Duncan's estate has been long due ... Aug. 8, 1842. Signed Oliver M. Duncan, Henry (X) Duncan, admrs. of Moses Duncan decd, wit. Robert Hester JIC. (some other minor references not copied)
      Pg.38: March, 1843, sale of land and negroes of Thomas Haynes, not copied.
      Pg.90: Jan. 1844, return on estate of Moses Duncan; cash paid to William Bowers Jr. (account), John Merit? (account), Moses Duncan Jr. (note), Wm. Moss ("the within"), Wm. B. Nelms (court clerk), Robert Steel (the within), William (+) Bowers (note), H.J. Goss (account), Burrell Bobo (notes), P.B. Roberts (the within), Benjamin Winn (within), George W. Ray (note), William C. (+) Ray (note and account), F.B. Roberts (account), Gusstavus A. Winn (account), Moses Roberts (account), Asa J. Haynes (judgement), Hiram Brown (accounts), Mary (+) Duncan (account), Henry (+) Duncan (note and account; the admr.). Recorded 10 Jan. 1844.
      Pg.141: 26 Dec. 1844, return on estate of Moses Duncan; more receipts for small accounts not copied.
      Pg.196: Sept. 1845, return on estate of Moses Duncan; receipts by Wm. B. Nelms (county clerk), and cash retained to pay for letters of dismission. Equal amounts (37 cents) paid to and receipted as "my distributive share of the estate of Moses Duncan" by the following: Elizabeth (+) Duncan, James F. Duncan, Alis (+) Nelms, Moses Duncan, Abner H. Ginn, Person Duncan, Edmond G. (+) Brown, Mary (+) Duncan, Nathaniel Duncan (signed N. Duncan), Asa Smith, Henry (+) Duncan, Oliver M. Duncan. "The divers claims & credit for the remainder of a note which was inventoried given by Thos. Haynes to the heirs of John Duncan Senr. which note was originally for twenty three hundred & eighty three & 68/100 dollars the Admrs. only collected the part which Moses Duncan was entitled to on a settlement with the estate of Thos. Haynes decd say $228.95, the remainder of principal of said note being $2154.23?" Rec. 10 Sept. 1844 (sic).

Elbert Co. GA Court of Ordinary Annual Returns
      1846-1851: No Duncan (FHL film 209,553)
      Vol.T 1851-1854: No Duncan, no D. Nelms (FHL film 209,554)
      Vol.U 1854-1857: No Duncan, no D. Nelms (FHL film 209,554)
      Vol.V 1857-1859: No Duncan, no D. Nelms (FHL film 209,555)
      Vol.W 1859-1863: No Duncan, no D. Nelms (FHL film 209,555)


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GA Military Commissions in the State Militia, 1798-1860, by the GA Executive Department
      MAD: by year, includes index, frequently two items on a page; these are apparently orders that these men be commissioned a certain rank in a particular company. The early ones gave a county, the later ones only a militia district.
      1800-1806 (FHL film 158,997):
      Pg.71: 9 March 1801, William Duncan, Gent., Lieutenant of Company in Battalion of Elbert Co. Regiment of Militia.
      Pg.72: 9 March 1801, Aaron Duncan, Gent?., Ensign of Company in Battalion of Elbert Co. GA Regiment of Militia.
      1806-1809 (FHL film 158,998):
      Pg.374: 20 Feb. 1808, Aaron Duncan, Gent., Lieutenant of 201st District Company of Militia. (MAD: see Elbert Co.)
      1820-1822 (FHL film 159,003):
      Pg.885: 15 April 1822, Nathaniel Duncan, Second Lieutenant of 194th District Company of Militia. (MAD: see Elbert Co.)

Confederate Pension Application of J.M. Duncan, from holdings of TX State Archives (copy from Sarah Beene 2/1986)
      #25184, J.M. Duncan of Smith Co. TX, filed Dec. 3, 1913, in indigent circumstances. Application 29 Nov. 1913: Surrendered 16 May 1865 at Macon GA; aged 68 years, b. Hart Co. GA; resided TX since 1894; reside Smith Co. 19 years; janitor, bad physical condition; served in GA from Dec. 1862 to May 16, 1865, Co. M, 3rd Battalion GA, transferred to 2nd GA Mounted Cavalry about Aug. 1863. Affidavits of witnesses J.A. Mallory and W.P. Cannon regarding TX residence; affidavit of A.C. Braziel that J.M. Duncan served in Confederate Army, Braziel was in Co. A, 3rd GA Battalion and that J.M. Duncan was in Co. M of same Battalion.

"Roster of Confederate Soldiers of GA 1861-1865" by Lillian Henderson, Director of the State Division of Confederate Pensions and Records for the state of Georgia, 6 vols. (FHL book 975.8 M22h)
      4:171: 38th Regiment GA Volunteer Infantry, Army of Northern VA; Co.F, Thornton Line Volunteers, Elbert & Hart Cos. GA: Jeptha H. Duncan, Private, Oct. 20, 1861; discharged, furnished substitute, prior to Oct. 31, 1862.
            4:171: J.W. Duncan, Private, Feb. 2, 1862; wounded in finger, necessitating amputation, at Wilderness, VA, May 6, 1864; wounded at Winchester, VA, Sept. 19, 1864; roll dated Nov. 6, 1864, last on file, shows him present; no later record.

GA Confederate Soldiers Pensions; Index - Dobson, W.P. to Ellington, Allen J. (FHL film 1,493,057)
      MAD: The Pension records themselves are alphabetic within the county. The index is small 3x5 cards preprinted with "Name:" and "Service:" and "Res.:" and "Remarks"; also looked at any Dunan and Dunk.. names listed; cards include witnesses for other confederate soldiers.
      Information in FHL Catalog: Confederate soldiers received pensions for military service beginning in 1879; law changed 1891 to include widows; cards in this record for the witnesses of these soldiers & widows attesting to service of each soldier; alphabetical by name of pensioner, included on card are notations concerning county of residence, unit designation, and husband's name in the case of widow cards.
      J.H. Duncan, Co.D, Davis Bn, GA Cav., application by Mrs. Anna Duncan, widow, Elbert Co. GA
      Mrs. Anna Duncan, widow of J.H. Duncan, Co. D, Davis Bn., GA Cav., application in Elbert Co. GA
      J.H. Duncan, Co.A, 3rd GA Cav., witness for Mrs. Elizabeth A. Adams, Elbert Co. GA
      James Washington Duncan, Co.H, 38th GA, application in Elbert Co. GA


Carroll Co. GA Deed
      A-503: 13 July 1829, John Duncan Sr. of Elbert Co. to James Edmunson of Elbert Co., $50, lot #194 in 7th Dist. Carroll Co.; wit. Samuel Edmunson, John Merit JP; rec. 16 Feb. 1831. (from pg.49, "Carroll Co. GA Abstract of Deed Book A&B, 1827-1836" Vol.I, by Mary Florence Arthur Word; FHL book 975.839 R2w) (MAD: John Duncan Sr. Rev. Sol., of Merritts Dist., Elbert Co., drew lot #194 in 11th, Sec.5, Carroll Co. GA, in the 1827 Land Lottery)

Coweta Co. GA Deed (FHL film 473,252)
      A-349: Elbert Co. GA, 12 Dec. 1829, Moses Duncan to James Vines, both co. afsd, $200, lot 162 in 8th Dist; wit. Toren (X) Merit, John Merrit JP.

Early Co. GA Land Lottery Grants, Dist. 5-10 (FHL film 519,018)
      Dist.6, pg.243: Grant 9 Feb. 1837 to John Duncan Jr. of Whites & Christians Battalion, Elbert Co. GA, 250 acres in 6th Dist. Early Co., Lot #354.

Franklin Co. GA Deeds
      R-112: 16 Jan. 1807, John Banks of Elbert Co. GA to John Duncan of Franklin Co. GA, $1000, 500 acres, south side of Grove River, corner joining John Evans, corner joining William Mackeys land, on Grove River a fork of the Broad River. Wit. John Baugh, John G. Henderson. (FHL film 7,128)
      DDD-166: Elbert Co. GA, 4 April 1839, Jesse Brown to Nathaniel Duncan and Whitehead Hendrick, all of Elbert Co. GA, $375, land partly in said Co. & partly in Franklin Co., on the waggon [road] leading from Elberton to Cainsville and where the road leading from Daniel's Ferry to Anamonville crosses it, being a 374 acre tract granted said Jesse Brown, adj. Isaac Coker and John Turner's land, Thomas Hortan's land, unknown land; wit. Gains Thompson, Zachariah (X) Symon, John (X) Kurkpatreck, Wm. Christian JP. (FHL film 159,044)

Lee Co. GA Land Lottery Index, 1827; by District, Section & Lot (FHL film 514,014)
      3rd Dist., 1st Sec., #270, granted Pearson Duncan R.S. of Merits Company, Elbert Co., 7 Dec. 1836
      7th Dist., 1st Sec., #334, granted Nathaniel Duncan of Merits Company, Elbert Co., 5 Jan. 1829. (MAD: this lot also listed as being drawn by Henry Duncan in "Reprint of Official Register of Land Lottery, 1827" pub. 1928)

Madison Co. GA Deeds
      H-77: Elbert Co. GA; 25 Nov. 1835, Joel Thompson of Madison Co. GA to John Duncan Jr. of Elbert Co. GA, $200, land now Madison then Elbert Co. on waters of Hanner's? Creek in two grants to Hillery Hendrick and Robert Smith containing 220 acres, first grant dated 1814, the other 1828, adj. William Chick's line, the spring once made use of by John Hall, Aaron Smith's line, road adj. William Scarborough, and William Thompson & Wm. Chick & Aaron Smith; wit. Pearson Duncan, Hiram Brown. (FHL film 351,773)
      J-345: 31 Dec. 1839, Nathaniel Duncan of Elbert Co. GA to Carson King of Madison Co. GA, $115, 90 acres on Noland Creek adj. lands of said King, David P?. Simmons and George Bragg; wit. Washington Christain, Wm. Nelms JP. (FHL film 351,774)

Wilkinson Co. GA Land Lottery Grants; Surveyor General's Office; Districts 1-28 index 1807-1828 (FHL film 514,017)
      MAD: Grants are by district, then by lot number, and show name of drawer, residence, and date of grant; did not look at all districts
      Districts 24-28 (FHL film 511,995)
      25th Dist., lot 8, granted William Duncan of Keelings Dist., Elbert Co., 22 Jan. 1808 (MAD: Dist. 25 was later Twiggs Co.)
      27th Dist., lot 64, granted Pearson Duncan of Keelings Dist., Elbert Co., 22 Jan. 1808. (MAD: Dist. 27 was later partly Twiggs and partly Wilkinson Co.)

HISTORIES before 1923

1895 "Memoirs of Georgia : containing historical accounts of the state's civil, military, industrial and professional interests, and personal sketches of many of its people" or "Memoirs of Georgia, Historical and Biographical" abstracted by Georgia Genealogical Gleanings; pub. by Southern Historical Assn. (FHL book 975.8 H2m and film 1,697,814 items 1 & 2; from Evelyn Sigler 1984)
      Pg.628: Dr. M.P. Deadwyler, Elbert Co. GA, b. 1824 Elbert Co., mother was Alice Duncan, b. GA. Paternal grandfather of (Dr. M.P.) Martin Deadwyler was Joseph Deadwyler, b. Germany, to NC, to Dover's Creek, Elbert Co. GA.


"OK [& AR] Bible Records" by DAR, 1953 (FHL film 862,003 item 4)
      Pg.1 contains the Family Bible Record of Rev. Asa Duncan, b. 5/29/1822, and wife Flora Duncan, b. 1/14/1821, of Elbert Co. GA, and their children.


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