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Duncans in Cobb Co. GA


Duncan research files of
Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson
the Genealogy Bug

Last revised May 26, 2009

Formed 1832 from Cherokee
Paulding formed 1832 from Cherokee Lands, Carroll, Cobb
Milton formed 1857 from Cobb, Cherokee, Forsyth (Fulton 1911)


1840 Cobb Co. GA Census
Pg.243  John Duncan          1111,01    - 2110,01    911th
        J.W. Moore           1200,01    - 1000,1
   253  John Duncan          0000,1     - 0110,01    992nd
          (MAD: one John Duncan, native Cherokee, released
            his claim on improvement on lot 108-3-2, Cobb
            Co. GA, 11/14/1833; from "The (GA) Land Lottery
            Papers 1805-1914" by Robert S. Davis Jr. & Rev.
            Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr; FHL book 975.8 R2d)
    254  W.M. (Wm.?) Duncan   2020,01    - 1010,01    895th
          (MAD: ? William Watts Duncan; also on 1834 state census)

1850 Cobb Co. GA Census
Pg.125, #489, William B. BENSON 35 SC mechanic $400
                  Nancy 36 SC
                  William W. 17 GA
                  Mary Ann 15, Elizabeth J. 14 GA
                  Sarah M. 11, Reubin M. 9 GA
                  James M. 8, Nancy 6 GA
                  Ginny Ann (f) 4, George A. 3 GA
                  Harriett E. 1 GA
                  (MAD: 1860 Cherokee Co. GA census; William Washington Benson b.1833 mar. Frances Duncan per query by Mrs. A.M. Croft in 1968 "GA Gen. Magazine")
Lost Twp.
Pg.145, #741, Samuel DUNCAN 77 NC farmer $350
                  Elizabeth 70 VA (Virginia)
                  James A.J. 30 SC, Arminda 20 GA
                  John A.B. 9/12 GA
                  (MAD: 1820 Greenville Co. SC census, 1830-1840 Gwinnett Co. GA census; James A.J. Duncan to DeKalb Co. GA by 1862 ??)
Pg.146, #744, John B. DUNCAN 27 SC farmer $300
                  Lucinda 22 GA
                  Williamson G. 5, Mary E. 3, Frances C. (f) 2 GA
                  Lucinda 6/12 GA
                  (MAD: John Berry Duncan; 1860 Cherokee Co. GA census; one J.B. Duncan sold to John F. Lanneau several lots on 12/24/1855, deed A-345 recorded after 1865 fire; second wife said to be Jane Ann Eddington)
Pg.157, #904, John DUNCAN 50 SC farmer $0
                  Frances (f) 43 SC
                  Permelia 17, James R. 15, Enoch R. 13
                  Mahaly A. 10, Clarindy 4 GA
                  (MAD: 1860 Attala Co. MS census; 1870 Cobb Co. GA census)
Big Shanty
Pg.205, #1498, Enoch B. DUNCAN 46 SC farmer $500
                  Nancy 40 SC
                  Samuel 19, Martha 17, Solomon 15 GA
                  Jane 13, Harrison 10, Adaline (f) 9 GA
                  one not named (f) 7, one not named (f) 4 GA
                  (MAD: 1840 Gwinnett Co. GA census; 1860 St.Clair Co. AL census; 1870 Lincoln Co. TN census)
Pg.205, #1499, Joseph DUNCAN 21 GA farmer
                  Eliza 19 GA
                  Oliver 3, Louisa 1 GA
Pg.207, #1537, James G. DUNCAN 26 GA farmer
                  Jasper N. JINKINS 21, Sarah 21 GA
                  (MAD: one James G. Duncan mar. Polly Ann Bentley 9/24/1854 Carroll Co. GA; ?? son of William Watts Duncan)
Pg.208, #1545, William HILL 24 GA farmer
                  Robert DUNCAN 16 GA, Elizabeth 14 GA
                  (MAD: ?? children of William Watts Duncan?; A.J. Lingo killed one Robert Duncan, to be hung 5/27/1859; from pg.62, "The Keowee, Oconee Co. SC, Courier 1849-1851, 1857-1861 & 1865-1868" ed. by Colleen M. Elliot; FHL book 975.72 V28k)
Pg.213, #1606, Samuel L. DUNCAN 23 SC farmer
                  Elizabeth 18 GA
                  Perry C. 4, Thomas W. 2, Lucinda 6/12 GA
Pg.214, #1611, John W. MOORE 43 GA farmer $800
                  Nancy 36 GA
                  John F. 17 GA farmer
                  David 15, Robert 14, Catharine 12 GA
                  William M. 10, Michael 8, George W. 6 GA
                  Andrew J. 4, Manda (f) 2, Emily 6/12 GA
                  (MAD: dau. of Robert Duncan d.1853 Gwinnett Co. GA)
Pg.216, #1664, Sanford DUNCAN 38 SC farmer
                  Armetha 28 GA
                  Martha 12, William 10, Elizabeth 8, Samuel 6 GA
                  Jemima 4, Sarah 6/12 GA
Pg.216, #1666, William DUNCAN 34 SC farmer $200
                  Elizabeth 32 NC
                  Carolina 16, Clarence 14, Pharena 12, Sarah 10 GA
                  John 8, Isral 6, Drayton (m) 6/12 GA

1860 Cobb Co. GA Census (checked page by page, no other Duncans but a few pages light)
Powder Spring
Pg.300, #568-549, M.E. SPROGGINS (f) 29 GA farming $2500-$2700
                  T?(F?). O. (f) 6 GA
                  M.E. (f) 4, Louisa (f) 1 GA
                  E.F. AUGH (f) 23 GA, W.P. (m) 15 GA farm laborer
                  F.M. DUNCAN (m) 20 GA farm laborer
                  Thos. MEDIN? 18 NC farm laborer
                  ?Robert MEDIN? (m) 16 NC
                  (MAD: per Dianne Ladd, Mary E. Duncan, dau. of William Watts Duncan, mar. Thomas Sproggins; she the sister of Francis Marion Duncan)
Pg.318, #689-671, J.B. DUNCAN (m) 34 GA farmer $1000-$600
                  M.E. (f) 38? (35?) GA
                  W.S. (m) 7, N.B. (m) 6, W.E. (f) 3, J.T. (m) 1 GA
                  (MAD: John Barnwell Duncan, ? 1850 Carroll Co. GA census)
Pg.381, #1144, M.J. BLYTHE 30 GA day laborer
                  G?.A.(f) 30 SC
                  J.L.(m) 9, W.R.(m?) 6 GA
                  Nicy BLYTHE (f) 60 SC
                  (MAD: looking for Mary E. Duncan mar. Matthew T. Blythe 3/3/1853 Cherokee Co. GA; film faint)
Big Shanty
Pg.382, #1152-1124, B.P. DUNCAN (m) 42 SC farm laborer $0-$200
                  J.A.E. (f) 30 GA
                  G.A. (f) 12, R.J. (m) 11, V.J. (f) 9 GA
                  J.P.B. (m) 6, S.S. (f) 2 GA
                  C.J. BLYTHE (m) 3 GA, R.L.A. (f) 1 GA
                  (MAD: Perry Duncan, 1850 Cherokee Co. GA census)
Pg.423, #1439-1401, Samuel DUNCAN 86 NC (blank) $0-$0
                  Elizabeth 79 VA

1870 Cobb Co. GA Census (pg.328 also from Nellie Tomlin 6/1997)
Cox District, P.O. Sangrua
Pg.262, #1979-1979, DUNKIN, William 24 (27?) GA farmer $1800-$1000
                  Ann E. 33 GA
                  Thomas 16, Alexander 13, Margarett 10 GA
                  William 7, Laura 2, Mattie (f) 2/12 GA
City of Marietta
Pg.306, #148-149, DUNCAN, Thaddeus 49 SC MULATTO day laborer $250-$0
                  Judy 40 SC BLACK
                  James 22 SC BLACK
                  Henry 14, Hannah 18 SC MULATTOES
                  Duncan (no 2nd name) (m) 4/12 Feb. GA MULATTO
Gritler District
Pg.328, #703-704, DUNKIN, John B. 48 NC farmer $0-$300
                  Jane 44 NC
                  Lucinda 18, Sarah 13, Victory (f) 12 NC
                  James 10, Matilda 8, Martha 5, Johnny 1 NC
                  (MAD: John Berry Duncan; 1880 Cherokee Co. GA census)
Kershaw District
Pg.336, #1078-1081, DUNKEN, Georgia (f) 26 GA keeping house $0-$200
                  Jane 18, Bethon? (Bettron?) (m) 16 GA
                  Rance (m) 14, Alven (m) 8, Suzie 11 GA
                  Marcus (m) 6 GA
Pg.341, #1153-1157, DUNKIN, John 69 GA farm hand $0-$200
                  Ann 63 GA keeping house
                  (MAD: 1860 Attala Co. MS census)

1920 Census, Smyrna, Cobb County, Georgia (from Kathy Cawley 11/2008)
S.D.# 7, E.D.# 56, Page# 10, Image# 19 of 44
William L.,
Head, owns/mortgaged, age 34, GA./GA./GA., erector/gin & oil? mills
Rosa E., Wife, age 34, GA./GA./GA.
Charles C., Son, age 10, AL./GA./GA.
Fredrick, Son, age 3 5/12, GA./GA./GA.
      KDC: WWI Draft Registration Card, William Luther Duncan; address: 28 Howell Mill Road, Atlanta, Georgia; age/d.o.b.: 32, March 20, 1886; occupation: machinist, Murray Gin Co.; nearest relative: Rosa Ella C. Duncan; height: tall; Build: medium; color of eyes/hair: blue, brown
      (KDC: 1930 Greene Co. NC; 1910 DeKalb Co. AL)


Cobb Co. GA Marriages 1865-1937 (FHL film 1,655,002)
      White women:
      Duncan, Mary E. to Edward Stephens, Aug. 27, 1867, mar. Aug. 29, A-172
      Duncan, Frances to John King, Oct. 10, 1868, mar. Oct. 11, A-214
      Duncan, J.C. Francis to J.L. Smith, April 30, 1874, ret. April 30, B-70
      Next 1885, not copied
      White men:
      Duncan, William P. to Ann N. Grisham, Dec. 24, 1866, ret. Dec. 26, A-104
      Duncan, William S. to Hattie E. Camp, Oct. 15, 1877, ret. Oct. 15, B-256
      Duncan, Jno. F. to Millie Benson, Sept. 3, 1878, ret. Sept. 1878, B-313
      Duncan, Wm. S. to Edith Hunter, license only, June 2, 1880, B-444
      Duncan, Cicero to Benson, Nancy C., July 14, 1881, retd. July 14, 1881, B-529
      Next 1887, then 1901; not copied


GA Land Lotteries; Cobb Co. GA
      Name, lottery year, militia district & county of residence, draw
      Duncan, Charles R., 1832, of Clintons Militia Dist., Campbell Co., drew gold lot #795 in Dist.1, Sec.2, Cherokee Purchase (MAD: later Cobb Co.)
      Duncan, Jesse, 1832, of 561st Militia Dist., Upson Co., drew gold lot #13 in Dist.19, Sec.2, Cherokee Purchase (MAD: later Cobb Co.)
      Duncan, John H., 1832, of 672nd Militia Dist., Harris Co., drew gold lot #234 in Dist.16, Sec.2, Cherokee Purchase (MAD: later Cobb Co.)
      Duncan, John, head of family, 1832, of Lovens Militia Dist., Henry Co., drew gold lot #1272 in Dist.19, Sec.2, Cherokee Purchase (MAD: later Cobb Co.)
      Duncan, John, 1832, of Baughs Militia Dist., Jackson Co., drew gold lot #156 (or #356) in Dist.18, Sec.2, Cherokee Purchase (MAD: later Cobb or Douglas Co.)
      Duncan, John S., 1832, of Cobbs Militia Dist., Muscogee Co., drew gold lot #701 in Dist.17, Sec.2, Cherokee Purchase (MAD: later Cobb Co.)
      Dunkin, Peter Sr., 1832, of Shearers Militia Dist., Coweta Co., drew fractional gold lot #975 in Dist.18, Sec.2, Cherokee Purchase (MAD: later Cobb or Douglas Co.)
      Duncan, Peter, 1832, of Mackleroys Militia Dist., Clarke Co., drew gold lot #320 in Dist.19, Sec.2, Cherokee Purchase (MAD: later Cobb Co.)
      Duncan, Samuel A. / John A., 1832, of Nesbits Militia Dist., Newton Co., drew gold lot #448 in Dist.19, Sec.2, Cherokee Purchase (MAD: later Cobb Co.)

Cobb Co. GA Deeds (from Dianne Ladd 9/1993)
      B-85: 4 Aug. 1869, Elizabeth Lester of Fayette Co. GA to John B. Duncan of Cobb Co. GA, $90, lot #354, 18th Dist., 2nd Sec., 40 acres. Wit. J.N. Hobbs, J.Y. Hobbs, W.H. Anderson JP; rec. Dec. 8, 1869.
      E-662: 5 April 1880, James M. Johnson (X) of Cobb Co. GA to John B. Duncan of Cherokee Co. GA, $1330, lots #282, #293, #294, in 18th Dist., 2nd Sec., 140 acres. Wit. W.A. Booth, S.R. McClasky JP; rec. April 6, 1889.


Go to the Cobb Co. GA Court Records


Confederate Pensioners of Cobb Co. GA (FHL film 1,655,002)
      No Duncan

"Roster of Confederate Soldiers of GA 1861-1865" by Lillian Henderson, Director of the State Division of Confederate Pensions and Records for the state of Georgia, 6 vols. (FHL book 975.8 M22h)
      1:860: 7th Regiment GA Volunteer Infantry, Army of Northern VA; Co.D, Cobb Co. GA: Francis M. Duncan, Private, May 4, 1861; wounded at 2nd Manasas, VA, Aug. 30, 1862; Knoxville, TN, Nov. 29, 1863; furloughed for 30 days from Feb. 22, 1865; no later record.
            1:860: John Barnwell Duncan; Enlisted as a private in Co.I, 20th Regt. GA Inf., May 31, 1861; transferred to Co.D, 7th Regt. GA Inf. June 11, 1863; wounded at Wilderness, VA, May 6, 1864. Appointed 3rd Sergeant Nov. 30, 1864. Absent without leave Feb. 3, 1865. No later record.
      2:1051: 23rd Regiment GA Volunteer Infantry, Army of Tennessee; Co.F, Cobb, Coffee and Spalding Cos. GA: William R. Duncan, Private, Aug. 31, 1861; wounded at Sharpsburg, MD, Sept. 17, 1862; died of wounds Sept. 27, 1862.

GA Confederate Soldiers Pensions; Index - Dobson, W.P. to Ellington, Allen J. (FHL film 1,493,057)
      MAD: The Pension records themselves are alphabetic within the county. The index is small 3x5 cards preprinted with "Name:" and "Service:" and "Res.:" and "Remarks"; also looked at any Dunan and Dunk.. names listed; cards include witnesses for other confederate soldiers.
      Information in FHL Catalog: Confederate soldiers received pensions for military service beginning in 1879; law changed 1891 to include widows; cards in this record for the witnesses of these soldiers & widows attesting to service of each soldier; alphabetical by name of pensioner, included on card are notations concerning county of residence, unit designation, and husband's name in the case of widow cards.
      W.P. Duncan, Co.D, 4th GA Reserves, application in Cobb Co. GA
      W.P. Duncan, Co.D, 4th GA St. Troops, witness for G.M. Brown, Cobb Co. GA
      W.P. Duncan, Co.G, 7th GA Reserves, witness for Mrs. Susan Mathews, Cobb Co. GA

"Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kentucky" (Union Soldiers), 1861-1866, Vol.I (from John A. Duncan 1995; FHL film 1,463,599)
      Page, Company, Name, Rank, Date enrolled, When and where mustered in, period, when and where mustered out, remarks. Separate groups for Discharged, Transferred, Died, Deserted.
      Pg.948, Company C, 17th KY Volunteer Infantry, organized at Calhoon, [McLean Co.] KY: David Duncan, Captain, enr. May 15, 1864, mustered in May 13, 1864 at Marietta, [Cobb Co.] GA, for 3 years; mustered out Jan. 23, 1865 at Louisville, KY; was Corp. Co. A, 17th KY, to May 1st, 1862; Serg. to June 1st, 1862; 1st Serg. to July 1st, 1863; then Serg. Maj. to March 16, 1864; appointed 1st Lieutenant Co. C; then Captain May 15, 1864. (MAD: resided Muhlenberg Co. KY per list of officers)


Campbell Co. GA Deeds
      C-152: Campbell Co. GA. 2 Jan. 1839, Charles R. Duncan of Paulding Co. to James Stewart of Campbell Co., for $80, 40 acres in lot #553, Dist.18, 2nd Sec. of Cherokee now Campbell Co. GA; wit. John (X) McMinn, William McClung; rec. 16 March 1839 on oath of witnesses. (FHL film 401,778)
      C-196: Cobb Co. GA. 20 Dec. 1838, Calbert Guess, by his atty. James L. Morris, of Dekalb Co. to Charles R. Duncan of Paulding Co., for $80, 40 acres in lot #553, Dist.18, 2nd Sec. of Cherokee now Campbell Co. GA; wit. E.N. Mills, E.W. Mobley JIC. (FHL film 401,778)

Cherokee Co. GA Deeds
      F-25: Cobb Co., 1 Oct. 1841, W.P. Prichard (Wm. P. Prichard in header) of Cobb Co. to Joseph D. Shoemate of Cobb Co., $50, Lot #1114, 21st Dist., 2nd Sec., 40 acres more or less; /s/ W.T. Prichard; wit. James Hales, W.W. Duncan J.I.C.; rec. 26 Nov. 1841. (FHL film 325,885; also from pg.10, Vol.6, "Cherokee Co. GA Land Records, Deed Book F, 1841-1843" by Wyndell O. & Bernice O. Taylor; FHL book 975.8253 R28t)
      G-492: Cobb Co. GA, 1 April 1843, Joseph "Catain" of Cobb Co. to Josiah P. Blythe of Cherokee Co., for $40, Lot 1074, 15th Dist., 2nd Sec., 40 acres; /s/ Joseph Chastain; wit. A.J. Walraven, W.W. Duncan JIC. (FHL film 325,886; also from pg.132, Vol.7, "Cherokee Co. GA Land Records, Deed Book G" by Wyndell O. & Bernice O. Taylor; FHL book 975.8253 R28t)
      P-267/8: Cobb Co. GA, C.C. Winn vs. E.B. Dunkin, N. 261, 264.15.2. Order to Constables of said county, to sell enough property or land of Enoch B. Duncan, to pay $15.55 principal debt with interest from 25 Dec. 1851, and $1.56-1/4 costs per Judgment on 24 April 1852 of Justice Court at Big Shanty for the 991st Dist., recovered against Enoch B. Duncan, to "render" to said C.C. Winn for his damages, costs and charges. for which he is liable as appears by Judgment of the Court, and leave the money before 4th Saturday in this month to render to the said C.C. Winn for his damages, costs and charges. /s/ 1 May 1852, Asa Dobbs, J.P. Assignment by C.C. Winn of the fi fa to G.A. Casper without recourse, 19 Feb. 1857. J.P. authorization 26 March 1857 to Cherokee Co. GA. Levied the fifa on sale of land Nos. 264 & 261 in 15th Dist. 2nd Sec. Cherokee Co., pointed out by G.A. Cooper, March 29, 1857, /s/ John L. Cartledge, L.C. The above levy on lots 264 and 261 in 15th Dist. 2nd Sec. Cherokee Co. sold on first Tuesday in May 1857 for $4375, deducted $250 per? fee, $273 coms. for selling, 31-1/2 cts for backing?, 62-1/2 cts bailiffs levy & return, applied $2215 cts to this fifa, leaves a balance of $15.44c subject to this order of the defendant, May 5, 1857, /s/ W.G. Donaldson, Shff. Receipt by G.A. Cooper, May 9, 1857, of M.G. Donaldson Shff, $22.15. Recorded May 28, 1857. (FHL film 325,889)
            P-269/70: M.G. Donaldson, Shff, for E.B. Duncan, to T.D. Pickinson, No. 261 - 15.2. Cherokee Co. GA; 5 May 1857, in obedience to a writ of Fieri Facias issued from the 991st Dist. G.M. Justice's Court of Cobb Co. at the suit of C.C. Winn, controled? by G.A. Cooper, against Enoch B. Duncan, which was levied and returned by John L. Caitledge & Mortimer G. Donaldson Sheriff of Cherokee Co. seized the land as the property of Enoch B. Duncan and on 1st Tuesday, 5th May, 1857, sold at public sale to the highest bidder, Thomas D. Pickinson, $17.25, deed to Lot 261 in 18th Dist. 2nd Sec. Cherokee Co. GA, 40 acres (No.261-15-2); wit. J.W. Hutson, J.L. Keith? Clerk. (FHL film 325,889)
            P-270/71: M.G. Donaldson, Shff, for E.B. Duncan, to James Reece, No. 264 - 15.2. Cherokee Co. GA; 5 May 1857, in obedience to a writ of Fieri Facias issued from the 991st Dist. G.M. Justice's Court of Cobb Co. at the suit of C.C. Winn, controled? by G.A. Cooper, against Enoch B. Duncan, which was levied and returned by John L. Caitledge & Mortimer G. Donaldson Sheriff of Cherokee Co. seized the land as the property of Enoch B. Duncan and on 1st Tuesday, 5th May, 1857, sold at public sale to the highest bidder, James Reece, $26.25, deed to Lot 264 in 18th Dist. 2nd Sec. Cherokee Co. GA, 40 acres (No.264-15-2); wit. J.W. Hutson, J.L. Keith? Clerk. (FHL film 325,889)

Early Co. GA Deeds Vol.B2 1874-1880 (FHL film 164,060)
      B2-579: Early Co. GA, 21 Jan. 1880, Martha Delong Duncan of Cobb Co. GA and Robert F. Nesbitt as trustee of Lucy B. McIntuck, make bond in their individual capacity for $267, to J.W. Christopher to make title to 1/4 undivided interest in the portion of lot #39 in 6th Dist. on the south boundary, more fully described in a deed this date from Robert T. Nesbitt to said J.W. Christopher, to an undivided half interest in said parcel; wit. Horace D. Christopher, R.H. Powell Not. Pub. (MAD: did not copy or look for deed from Robert F. Nesbitt)
      B2-580: Early Co. GA, 21 Jan. 1880, Martha Delong Duncan of Cobb Co. GA to Doctor J.W. Christopher of Early Co. GA, that on (blank) day of March 1879, Malcolm Maclean and H.N. Starnes of City of Savannah, Chatham Co. GA, as trustees of said Martha Delong Duncan and the said Martha Delong Duncan in her own right deeded to said Christopher the Avondale plantation in the 6th Dist. comprising the SW corner of the plantation and incl. southern portion of lots 39 and 42, on the public road, adj. lands of James H. Taylor, containing 248 acres, and there was an error in that deed and part of lot 39 was not conveyed, ... and the parties of that deed want the original trade to remain in force, now Martha Delong Duncan to Doctor J.W. Christopher, deed an undivided 1/4 interest in that portion of lot 39 conveyed in that deed, to Doctor J.W. Christopher.
            MAD: An article about Martha Delony Berrien, b. 8/21/1820, d. 7/13/1896, bur. Cobb Co. GA, who mar. 1st Dr. Hugh O'Keefe Nesbitt (d.1855), and mar. 2nd 12/2/1861 in Early Co. GA to William Duncan, b. 8/4/1799 SCT, d. 3/20/1879 Savannah, Chatham Co. GA, has been published in pg.520-522, Vol.2, "Collections of Early Co. [GA] Historical Society" by Early Co. GA Historical Society (FHL book 975.8962 H2c)

Gilmer Co. GA Deeds (FHL film 219,479)
      K-500: 22 July 1839, Tho. A. Pitman of Gwinnett Co. GA to Benjamin Dunkin of Cass Co. GA, $100, 160 acres, lot 61 in 8th Dist., 2nd Sec. Wit. John G. Weems, Wm. P. Hunnicutt.
      K-500: 24 July 1839, Benjamin Duncan of Cass Co. GA to A. Haward of Muscogee Co. (deed heading, Cobb Co.), $300, 160 acres, lot 61 in 8th Dist., 2nd Sec. Wit. Wm. Gobey, B.H. Massey.

Henry Co. GA Deed (FHL film 175,362)
      J-549: Cobb Co., 11 Jan. 1842, Robert Barnwell, William Barnwell, John (X) Watkins, Daniel May, James (X) Mehaffy, John Hill, and William W. Dunkin, (/s/ W.W. Duncan) legatees of John Barnwell Sr., late of Cobb Co., decd, to Henry Widener of Henry Co. GA, for $1000, west half lot #39 in Dist.12, Henry Co., 202-1/2 acres; wit. Wm. H. May, A.S.W. Thonel JP; rec. 28 Feb. 1842, John Goodwin, Clerk.

Milton Co. GA Deed (from Dianne Ladd 9/1993)
      L-598: 20 May 1853, John Duncan adm. and Catherine Duncan adminx. of Robert Duncan, decd, to Lawson McGinnis for $1336.55, in Cobb Co., 120 acres, lots 637, 638, 639 in 1st Dist., 2nd Sec. Wit. N.L. Hutchins, Herman F. Terrell J.S.C.; rec. Jan. 8, 1921. (MAD: 1850 Gwinnett Co. GA census)

Sumter Co. GA Deed (FHL film 255,333)
      P-384: Cobb Co. GA, 26 Oct. 1870, Harriet A. Duncan appoint George S. Foster attorney to make a deed for my interest in our plantation in Sumter Co. known as Foster plantation, of some 960 acres, and sign my name to deed they made to Julius M. Byrd, and other property in Americus ... land in Gilmer Co., Gordon Co., Forsyth Co., belonged to Foster estate (details not copied)

Death Certificate, State of CA, #38-066469, Local Reg. #15319 (copy from Paul C. Duncan 11/6/1993)
      Oliver C. Duncan, 4005 Guardia Ave., Los Angeles, CA, d. Los Angeles Co. CA on Nov. 26, 1938; male, Cauc., married, wife Jane Duncan; born May 30, 1852, age 86 years, 5 months, 26 days, farmer for 40 years, last worked 7/1909; born "Gadston", AL; father Enoch B. Duncan b. Memphis, TN; mother Nancy Fincher, b. TN; resided Los Angeles 16 years; informant Clarence Ward, 4005 Guardia Ave., Los Angeles, CA, burial in San Gabriel Cemetery, 11/28/1938; Wilson Mortuary, Monterey Park, CA; filed Nov. 28, 1938; cause of death acute myocarditis, onset Nov. 19, 1938; chronic interstitial nephritis 1 year.
            PCD: Clarence Ward was the son of Eva (Duncan) Ward who was the daughter of Oliver C. Duncan and with whom he lived for several years; Oliver C. and his wife Frances Jane had seperated several years before his death; the family believed he was from Tennessee. (MAD: see 1850 Cobb Co. GA census)

HISTORIES before 1923

1895 "Memoirs of Georgia : containing historical accounts of the state's civil, military, industrial and professional interests, and personal sketches of many of its people" or "Memoirs of Georgia, Historical and Biographical" abstracted by Georgia Genealogical Gleanings; pub. by Southern Historical Assn. (FHL book 975.8 H2m and film 1,697,814 items 1 & 2; from Evelyn Sigler 1984)
      Vol.1, pg.615: Douglas County Sketches. JOHN B. DUNCAN, farmer, Douglasville, Douglas Co. GA, son of William W. and Mary (Barnwell) Duncan, was born in Henry Co. GA Nov. 5, 1826. His paternal grandfather was John Duncan, who was born in South Carolina, of Scotch parentage. Mr. Duncan's father was born in Greenville Dist. SC, in July, 1800. When only ten years of age he was left an orphan, and although a mere boy, the duty and responsibility of caring for the family -- the work of matured manhood -- devolved upon him; but he met and discharged them with much self-reliance. Under the circumstances his education was necessarily very limited, and natural ability and force of character had to be relied on. In January, 1823, he was married to Miss Mary Barnwell of Jackson Co. GA, and settled in Henry county, where he lived about eleven years, and then moved to Cobb Co. GA, and settled in the woods filled with wild beasts and roamed over by Indians. Here he cleared a small farm, and built a comfortable log cabin home. Later he built a mill, and conducted both with profit. He attained to considerable prominence and was elected a justice of the inferior court, to which he was re-elected for a number of years, and died Jan. 23, 1847. His mother was born in Jackson county in 1806, and was the daughter of John and Mary Barnwell. Her father was born in Ireland of Irish parentage, settled in Orange district, NC, and was a soldier in the revolutionary army during the war. She died March 8, 1850. Mr. Duncan was reared on the farm and received his education at the old-time dirt floor log schoolhouse. When his father died in 1847 he assumed control, managed the affairs of the farm, and provided for the family, and the education of his younger brothers and sisters. In 1862 he enlisted in Company D, Seventh Georgia regiment, ... When the war ended he returned to his home in Cobb county ... add a valuable milling interest ... In 1891 he moved to Douglasville where he is living in the enjoyment of the competency ... Christian life have won for him. Mr. Duncan was married Feb. 15, 1849, to Miss Louisa, daughter of William and Priscilla (Bankston) Matthews, who died six months afterward. Oct. 17, 1850, he contracted a second marriage with Miss Martha E., daughter of Samuel G. and Elizabeth (Bankston) Mosley. Seven children which blessed this union are still living: William S., Napoleon B., Mrs. Mary E. Burton, John T., Priscilla, Robert Lee, and Frank. He is a master Mason and an exemplary member of the Methodist church.
            MAD: The family of William Watts Duncan who married Mary Barnwell was listed on pg.519-521, under "John Duncan of NC and Allied Families" in the "McCall-Tidwell and Allied Families" by Ettie Tidwell McCall, 1931 (FHL book 929.273 M124me and film 847,643 and fiche 6,060,777) The family is also listed on pg.7-8 of "Douglas Co. GA Genealogy" Nov/Dec. 1979 (FHL book 975.8243/D1 D25d; from Marion H. Duncan 3/1983)
      Pg.616: JOHN T. DUNCAN, farmer, Douglasville, Douglas Co. GA, son of William and Martha E. (Mosley) Duncan, was born in Cobb (now Douglas) county in 1858. ... When twenty years old he engaged as a clerk in his brother's store at Powder Springs, Cobb Co. ... In 1883 he came to Douglasville ... and in company with his brother, Napoleon B., embarked in a general merchandising business. ... His interesting family occupy one of the most delightful homes in the city. Mr. Duncan was married in March, 1888, to Miss Lucerioh, daughter of John G. and Lucerioh (Varner) Clonts, by whom he has had four children: Thomas J., deceased; John H., deceased; Willie C. and Edith. He is a member of the I.O.O.F., a master Mason, and ... member of the Methodist church.


Biographical Questionnaires in GA Dept. of Archives & History, alphabetically arranged, incl. biographies of those who served in Public Office in GA and those who fought in the war between the states; data gathered by Mrs. Mary Givins Bryan in 1926, per "GA Gen. Mag." (FHL film 288,172)
      Francis Marion Duncan, died March 9, 1904; born on Dec. 23, 1840 near Marietta in Cobb Co., GA. Educated in Common Schools of GA; later he graduated at Bowden College, Bowden, GA. School teacher; taught first school at Cuba near Duncan's Crossing, Douglas Co. GA, then at Bethel, Paulding Co. Later he went to Bowden College and graduated there, teaching afterwards. Methodist, Democrat, Mason. Mr. Duncan enlisted in War between the States in May 1861 and served until April 1865. Private in Co. D, 7th GA Regiment CSA. He was wounded six times while in Army. Member House of Rep., Douglas Co., 1873-74, 1875-76; State Senator 36th Dist. 1878-79. Father William W. Duncan born July 1800 in Greenville Dist. SC, mar. Jan. 1823 in Jackson Co. GA, died Jan. 23, 1847 in Cobb Co. GA; Mr. Duncan attained to considerable prominence and was elected a Justice of the Inferior Court, to which he was re-elected for a number of terms. Buried 4 miles East of Powder Springs, in Cobb Co. GA. Mather Mary Barnwell, b. in Cobb Co. GA, d. in Cobb Co. GA. Paternal grandfather John Duncan, born in SC. (Paternal grandmother, and maternal grandfather and grandmother spaces blank). (Marriage date and place blank) Maiden name of your wife: Nannie Smith, born March 8, 1852 in Haralson Co. GA, died June 10, 1926, in Atlanta, Fulton Co. GA; father-in-law Rev. S.E. Smith, born Nov. 28, 1826 SC, mar. in 1851, died Feb. 6, 1872 in Carroll Co. Bowdon, GA; he was 22 years a member of the M.E. Church; licensed to preach in 1865, he was ordained Elder at the Annual Conference of 1867, convened at Shady Grove Church in Coweta Co.; he was buried with Masonic honors at Bowden, GA. Maiden name of your mother-in-law: Jennie Whitehead, born Aug. 20, 1830 in Cobb Co. GA, died Jan. 30, 1915 in Fulton Co., Atlanta, GA. Names and birth dates of your children: no children. /s/ J.T. Duncan (nephew), April 2nd, 1935. (printed form filled in by typewriter)


"History of Grayson Co. TX" by Grayson Co. Frontier Village Inc., pub. by Hunter Pub., Winston-Salem, NC (FHL book 976.4557 H2g; from Paul C. Duncan 7/1994)
      Vol.I, pub. 1979, contains Biography #361, by Ruth Pace, about the family of John Robert DUNCAN and Lelia Letitia Goddard, mar. 1891 in Cherokee Co. GA, and has brief information on Samuel Duncan, b. NC 1772, and Elizabeth Benson, b. VA 1780, parents of John Berry Duncan b.1822 SC, first wife Lucinda b.1827 GA, of 1850 Cobb Co. GA census, and 2nd wife Jane Ann Eddington, of 1860 Cherokee Co. GA census. Biographies in Vol.II by Lydia and Ruth Pace, and by Leonard Lewis Duncan Jr., have more on the family and descendants of John Robert Duncan.
      Vol.II, pub. 1981, contains biographies of Martha Nancy Jane Duncan, b. Atlanta GA 1851, and her parents Joseph W. Duncan and Louisa Cameron, who came from Cobb Co. GA to Grayson Co. TX between 1850 and 1852 (by Corine Johnson Huey and by Mrs. Sidney Johnson).


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