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Formed 1858 from Lowndes, Thomas


1860 Brooks Co. GA Census
Tallokas P.O.
Pg.686, #243-243, Wm. J. DUNCAN 29 GA farmer $1500-$3045
                  Florida C. (f) 26 FL
                  Rebekah E. 7, Francis G. (f) 5 GA
                  Elias R. (m) 3 GA
                  (& others, "hirelings")
                  (MAD: 1850 Madison Co. FL census; brother of Kasper Duncan; mar. Florida C. Edwards 9/18/1851 Lowndes Co. GA; F.G. Duncan mar. W.H. Cooly 12/17/1871; R.E. Duncan mar. H.J. Taylor 11/4/1872)
Pg.713, #425-425, K.G. DUNCAN (m) 27 SC farming $0-$2660
                  Margaret 19 GA
                  Lucius A. (m) 2, Milton S. (m) 3 months GA
                  (MAD: Kasper Green Duncan, son of Rignal Duncan & Elizabeth of Laurens Co. SC, a minor in 1837 in estate of his brother Thomas Duncan; Kasper G. Duncan mar. Margaret E. Hale 12/23/1857 Thomas Co. GA)

1870 Brooks Co. GA Census
Nankin Dist. (indexed as Mankin Dist.)
Pg.1, #10-10, DUNCAN, William 39 SC (white) farmer $1000-$450
                  Florida (f) 35 FL (sic) keeping huse
                  Rebecca 16 GA without occupation
                  Frances (f) 14 GA without occupation
                  Elias 12 GA farm laborer
                  Kasper (m) 8 GA at home
                  Thomas 7/12 GA at home b.Nov.
                  Georgia 11 GA at home
                  [DUNCAN,] Kate 14 SC BLACK domestic servant
District No. 1199 (Quitman)
Pg.95-96, #250-250, YOUNG, Silas 20 GA (white) farm laborer $0-$1600
                  Olly (f) 10 GA BLACK domestic servant
                  JOHNSON, Alfred 23 GA BLACK farm laborer
                  DUNCAN, Thomas 20 GA BLACK farm laborer
                  JOHNSON, Patsey (f) 75 GA BLACK domestic servant
                  Dancar (f) 50 GA BLACK keeping house
                  Renda (f) 20 GA BLACK farm laborer
                  Dora (f) 18 GA BLACK farm laborer
                  Linda (f) 15 GA BLACK farm laborer
                  Mattie (f) 12 GA BLACK no occupation

1900 Census, Quitman District, Brooks County, Georgia (from Kathy D. Cawley 8/2006)
S.D.# 41, E.D.# 5, Page# 104A, Image 51 of 61
Head, w/f, Aug 1849, age 50, w'd., 8 chi. born, 5 living, farmer
Susie, Daughter, w/f, Dec 1879, age 20, single, GA./GA./GA.
John, Son, w/m, Aug 1880, age 19, single, GA./GA./GA., farm laborer
Hennie, Daughter, w/f, Sept 1883, age 16, GA./GA./GA.
Elly, Daughter, w/f, Nov 1885, age 14, GA./GA./GA., at school
Mattie, Daughter, w/f, Feb 1889, age 11, GA./GA./GA., at school
CROCKER (CROCKIS?), Allen, Uncle, w/m, Nov 1828, age 71, GA./GA./GA.
      (KDC: widow of Charles Wesley Duncan; C.W. Duncan in 1850 Monroe Co. GA)

1910 Census, Quitman, Brooks County, Georgia (from Kathy D. Cawley 8/2006)
S.D.# 11, E.D.# 14, Page# 104B, Image 22 of 37
George W.,
Head, m/w, age 35, M1X, 10 yrs., GA./GA./GA., farmer/own farm
Francis, Wife, f/w, age 28, M1X, 3 chi. born, 1 living, GA./GA./GA.
Blanche, Daughter, f/w, age 8, GA./GA./GA.
  S.D.# 11, E.D.# 14, Page# 107B, Image 28 of 37
John P.,
Head, m/w, age 28, single, GA./GA./GA., farmer/own farm
KIDD, Heny C., Sister, f/w, age 26, M1X, 6 yrs., 1 chi. born & living, GA/GA/GA, housekeeper
KIDD, Rebeca, Neice, f/w, age 5, GA./GA./GA.
DUNCAN, Mattie B., Sister, f/w, age 21, single, GA./GA./GA., attended school
KEMP, James, Boarder, m/w, age 24, single, GA./FL./GA., farmer/wages

1920 Census, Quitman, Brooks County, Georgia (from Kathy D. Cawley 8/2006)
S.D.# 55, E.D.# 37, Page# 115B, Image 18 of 30
John P.,
Head, owns/farm, m/w, age 38, GA./GA./GA., farmer/general farm
Julia, Wife, f/w, age 27, GA./GA./TN.
John P., Jr., Son, m/w, 2 0/12(?), GA./GA./GA.

1930 Census, Quitman, Military District 1199, Brooks County, Georgia (from Kathy D. Cawley 8/2006)
E.D.# 14-9, S.D.# 14, Sheet 1, Page# 100B, Image 2 of 31
John P.,
owns, m/w, age 48, m'd at 35, GA./GA./GA., farmer/own farm
Julia T., Wife, f/w, age 38, m'd at 24, GA./GA./TN.
John P., Son, m/w, age 12, attends school, GA./GA./GA.
Laurel F., Daughter, f/w, age 10, attends school, GA./GA./GA.


Brooks Co. GA Deed Indexes 1857-1925 (grantors A-K, on FHL film 482,166, grantees on FHL film 482,168)
      Grantors (FHL film 482,166)
      A-639: 4 Aug. 1855, William J. Duncan to T.J. Christian, 490 acres, lot #82, Dist. 15, rec. 2/12/1861
      B-10: 30 Sept. 1860, William J. Duncan to Kasper G. Duncan, 202 acres Lot #128, Dist. 15, rec. 3/28/1862
      B-75: 23 Dec. 1860, Wm. J. Duncan to M.S. McIntosh, lot 3, S/W Sec. Quitman, rec. 2/19/1863
      Later not copied
      C-478: 25 Jan. 1870, William J. and Florida C. Duncan to Henry Briggs, security, 236 acres Lot #106, Dist. 15, rec. 7/1/1870.
      Grantees (FHL film 482,168)
      A-25: 21 Feb. 1859, Brooks Co. Justice of Inferior Court to W.J. Duncan, Block 1, T.lot 8, SE Sec.Q, rec. 3/9/1859.
      Other deeds not copied
      A-638: 15 June 1855, Admin. of Elias Edwards to William J. Duncan, 490 acres, Lot #82, Dist. 15, rec. 2/11/1861
      Later deeds not copied.


"Roster of Confederate Soldiers of GA 1861-1865" by Lillian Henderson, Director of the State Division of Confederate Pensions and Records for the state of Georgia, 6 vols. (FHL book 975.8 M22h)
      5:364: 50 Regiment GA Infantry, Army of Northern VA; Co.K, Brooks Volunteers, Brooks Co. GA: Kasper G. Duncan, 3rd Corporal, March 4, 1862. (Born in 1833.)

"Records of LA Confederate Soldiers and LA Confederate Commands" by Andrew B. Booth, 1920, Vol.2, B-G (FHL film 1,305,384 and 1,685,400; also from Evelyn Sigler 3/1985, and pgs.712-714 from Florence Dyess 1987 & 1990)
      Duncan, Casper, ---- Co. A, Chaimette Regt. LA Mil. Roll not dated shows him absent without leave. Roll dated March 6, 1862, In arrest. (MAD: ?? see Brooks Co. GA)

GA Confederate Soldiers Pensions; Index - Dobson, W.P. to Ellington, Allen J. (FHL film 1,493,057)
      MAD: The Pension records themselves are alphabetic within the county. The index is small 3x5 cards preprinted with "Name:" and "Service:" and "Res.:" and "Remarks"; also looked at any Dunan and Dunk.. names listed; cards include witnesses for other confederate soldiers.
      Information in FHL Catalog: Confederate soldiers received pensions for military service beginning in 1879; law changed 1891 to include widows; cards in this record for the witnesses of these soldiers & widows attesting to service of each soldier; alphabetical by name of pensioner, included on card are notations concerning county of residence, unit designation, and husband's name in the case of widow cards.
      William J. Duncan, Co.A, 1st GA Mil., application in Brooks Co. GA


Milton Co. GA Deed (FHL film 401,811)
      D-435: Milton Co. GA, 23 Aug. 1887, Stephen Duncan of Brooks Co. GA to R.M. Autrey of Milton Co., $40, land in 1st Dist. 1st Sec. or originally Cherokee now Milton Co. GA, lot 111, containing 40 acres; wit. J.K. Thompson, W.M. Bates JP.


Family Bible of John Thomas Duncan, in possession of his oldest daughter, Mrs. Frances Duncan Jennings of Lynn Haven, FL (from Thomas E. Brewer 2/1999)
            PARENTS RECORD
      William J. Duncan was born October 17th 1830
      Florida C. Edwards was born December the 15th 1834
      Rebecca E. Duncan daughter of William J. and Florida C. Duncan was born January 25th 1854
      Frances G. Duncan daughter of William J. and Florida C. Duncan was born December 25th 1856
      Elias R. Duncan son of William J. and Florida C. Duncan was born March 25th 1858
      John E.B. Duncan son of William J. and Florida C. Duncan was born August 31st 1860
            BIRTHS (2nd column)
      Kasper Seaborn Jack Duncan son of Wm. J. and Florida C. Duncan was born March 12 1862
      Thomas Duncan Allen son of William Allen was borned the 10th Nov 1869
      Elias E. Cooey son of William H. and Frances G. Cooey was born August the 25th 1873
      John E.B. Duncan departed this life April 20th 1861
      Rebecca E. Allen departed this life July the 16 1874
      James Edward Duncan died June the 21, 1886 aged one year and four month
      Florida C. Duncan died July the 16th 1886
      Thomas Allen Duncan died June the 22, 1886
            DEATHS (2nd column, faint)
      W?. A?. King died April 19th 1875
      ?. S. Finch died July the 4, 1885
      Charles Finch died April the 7th 1856
      Rebecca Finch died April the 20th 1874
      Rignal Duncan died Oct. 29th 1835 aged 31 years & 10 months
      Francis Ann Duncan daughter of Rignal and Elizabeth Duncan died Oct. 15th 1834 aged one year and nine months
      Thomas Jones Duncan son of Rignal and Elizabeth Duncan died May 9th 1842 aged 13 years and four months.
      William J. Duncan and Florida C. Edwards were married September 18th 1851
      Haywood J. Taylor and Rebecca E. Duncan were married November 18th 1871
      William H. Cooly and Frances G. Duncan were married December the 17th 1871
      Elias R. Duncan and Mamie L. Coalson was married November the 26th 1882
            MARRIAGES (column 2)
      John Thomas Duncan son of Elias R. Duncan was Born October the 27th 1883
      James Edward Duncan was Born February the 22, 1885
      Hattie Viola Duncan was Born November the 6th 1886
      Florida Rebecca Duncan was Born December the 3, 1888
      William Lucius Duncan was Born December the 9th, 1890
      Rignal Humphreys Duncan was Born September the 22nd, 1893
      Kasper Elias Duncan was born July the 10th 1895


Family Bible of Kasper Green Duncan, unpublished record (from Thomas E. Brewer 2/1999)
      This Bible includes the birth of Thomas Duncan (without a date), William J. Duncan on 17 Oct. 1830, Kasper G. Duncan on 24 Jan. 1833, and Sarah F. Duncan (without a date). It includes the death of Kasper G. Duncan on 8 Jan. 1864. It also includes the marriages of William J. Duncan to Florida C. Edwards on 18 Sept. 1851, and Kasper G. Duncan to Margaret E. Hale on 23 Dec. 1857. The Bible includes descendants.


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