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Duncans in 1870 DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Census)

1870 District of Columbia Census
Washington City, 1st Ward
Pg.47, #683-716, BESTER, William 47 D.C. clerk in bank $0-$0
                  Lalina? 47 ENG keeping house (not parents of foreign birth)
                  Mary 18 D.C.
                  Norman? (m) 18 D.C. clerk in bank
                  Anna 14, Ellen 10 D.C. at school
                  DUNIVAN, Mary 22 DC domestic, parents of foreign birth
                  CONN?, Bridget 22 IRE domestic, parents of foreign birth
                  BESTER?, Chauncy (m) 87 D.C. retired cashier
                  (MAD: indexed Mary DUNCAN)
Pg.87, #1276-1329, SMITH, James 56 VA MULATTO steward? $0-$0
                  Rosetta 50 VA MULATTO servant $1000-$0
                  Henry 20 VA MULATTO barber
                  DUNCAN, Elizabeth 85 VA MULATTO (blank)
                  WASHINGTON, Susan 14 VA MULATTO at school
Pg.93, (torn page) #1351-#1403, (last person in household)
                  DUNCAN?, Sarah 21 D.C. Oak? Quason? Dept??
Pg.177, #2559-2751, CUSTER, Henry 50 MD BLACK laborer $0-$0
                  Martha 60 MD BLACK servant
                  JOHNSON, Jane 14 MD BLACK at school
                  Martha 13 MD BLACK at school
                  DUCAN, David 45 MD BLACK laborer
Pg.204, #263-203, DUNKINS, Hallison? (m) 29 VA BLACK waitor in hotel $0-$0
                  Ann 28 D.C. BLACK servant
                  Mary 1 D.C. BLACK
                  PETERSON, Alexander 25 VA BLACK waitor in hotel
                  DUNKINS, Alfred 26 VA BLACK laborer
Washington City, 2nd Ward
Pg.344, #1742-1855, COOK, Henrietta (f) 29 MD (white) keeps house $0-$0
                  STEVENS, Carrie 27 DC prostitute
                  SHREVES, Florence 20 DC prostitute
                  PADGIN, Kate 17 DC prostitute
                  WILSON, Lizzie 23 VA prostitute
                  COVINGTON, Julia 25 MD BLACK Dom. servant
                  DUNCAN, Geo. 17 VA BLACK at home
                  SHEDD, Mary 16 D.C. prostitute
Pg.355, #1902-2020, DUNCAN, Jane 56 VA (white) keeps house $0-$300
                  FORSYTHE, Emma 28 NY clerk in treasury
                  ALLEN, Mary 23 VA BLACK dom. servant
                  BROWN, Maggie 30 IRE keeps boarding house $0-$500, parents of foreign birth
                  SMITH, Molly 23 MD prostitute
                  HAMILTON, Nettie 19 D.C. prostitute
                  BROWN, Ida 5 D.C., mother of foreign birth
                  JOHNSON, Lucinda 24 MD dom. servant
Pg.356, #1933-2046, DUNCAN, Aaron 49 VA BLACK laborer $0-$0
                  Maria 58 VA BLACK keeps house
                  Isabella 20, Harriet 18 VA BLACK laundress
                  Wilson (m) 12 VA BLACK at school
Pg.367, #2077-2204, SHURRALTER?, Henrietta 33 VA clerk pat. office
                  Victorine (f) 12, Adelaide 16 VA at school
                  DUNCAN, William 42 VA laborer
                  Julia 37 VA dom. servant
Washington, Ward 3
Pg.598, #2126-2363, MESSEL, S.J. (f) 30 NH keeping house $0-$0, father of foreign birth
                  DUNCAN, S.A. (m) 32 NH asst. comr. patents
                  Emma 28 NH
                  Ella 3 D.C.
Pg.626, #2498-2758, BULLARD, Jesse 75 MA boarding house $0-$1500
                  Matilda 70 VA
                  Mary 24, Matilda 15 VA at home
                  DUNCAN, Jas. 30 NY clk. war dept.
                  Mary 26 NY
                  BROWN, Robt. 40 MI Dept. Clk. & family & others
                  (MAD: indexed Georgetown)
Washington, Ward 4
Pg.709, #900-1095, HYDE, Margaret 35 NY keeping house $0-$300
                  & children & others, including
                  DUNCAN, Joseph 35 PA laborer
Washington, Ward 5
Pg.29, #375-448, DUICEN, Dabney (m) 50 VA BLACK laborer
                  Emma 30 NC BLACK keeping house
Pg.30, #383-461, PENDEGRASS, Michael 30 IRE laborer $0-$100, parents of foreign birth
                  Joanna 30 IRE keeping house, parents of foreign birth
                  John 4, Kate 2, Thomas 1/12 b.May Wshington D.C. at home
Pg.30, #383-462, DARISON?, John 35 IRE painter $0-$100, parents of foreign birth
                  Ellen 38 IRE keeping house, parents of foreign birth
                  George 9 Washington D.C. attending school, parents of foreign birth
                  Mary 5 Washington D.C. at home, parents of foreign birth
                  (MAD: indexed John DANSON)
Pg.66, #1024-1074, DYER, John W. 46 Washington D.C. furniture dealer $0-$300
                  Roberta (f) 39 VA keeping house
                  Willie (m) 17 Washington D.C. at home
                  Harry (m) 15 Washington D.C. in fancy hose? (Store?)
                  John 12, Frank 9 Washington D.C. attending school
                  George 3 Washington D.C. at home
                  Roberta (f) 4/12 b.Feb. Washington D.C. at home
                  DUNCAN, Jane 62 MD at home
6th Ward, Washington City
Pg.222, #1250-1279, MATHEW?, Praso? (m) 58 ENG cartman $1400-$200, parents of foreign birth
                  Charlot 60 ENG H.K.
                  DUNKIN, Wm?. 40 SCT ("Schotman") gardner, parents of foreign birth
                  Mary 29 ENG, parents of foreign birth
Ward 7
Pg.436, #2393-2576, LEE, Lewis 54 VA BLACK laborer $0-$0
                  Caroline 68 VA BLACK keeping h.
                  Lucy 20 VA BLACK home
                  DUNKIN, Jno. 29 KY BLACK laborer
                  LEE, Mary 9 D.C. BLACK sch.
                  DUNKIN, Caroline 19 VA BLACK keeping H.
West Part
Pg.746, #147-142, MASON, Otis T. (m) 32 ME professor in Col. $10,000-$2,000
                  Sarah E. 30 VA keeps house
                  George 4, Emily 2 D.C.
                  & servants, and students, including
                  DUNCAN, J.W. (m) 17 TX ("Texas") Student
Subdivision East of 7th Street Road
Pg.679 - indexed Henrietta Duncan; no Henrietta and no Duncan pg.679 or 679R
Pg.580, #1059-1142, BRADLEY, Joseph 38 D.Columbia lawyer $2000-$1020
                  Mary D. 35 PA keeping house
                  Magaret 12 DC going school
                  Mary 4, Nina (f) 2 MD
                  Joseph 3/12 DC b.Mar.
                  DUNCAN, Eliza 33 LA ("Louisiana") at home
                  WILLIS, Catharine 56 IRE domestic servant, parents of foreign birth
                  DONOHOE, Nora (f) 20 IRE domestic servant, parents of foreign birth
Pg.608, #1441-1556, CLAGGETT, Harriet 50 MD BLACK keeping house $0-$0
                  Emma 20 D.Columbia BLACK at home
                  HICKS, Peter 30 VA BLACK common laborer
                  Eugene (m) 11 D.Columbia BLACK at home
                  Emma F. 3, Butler (m) 1 D.Columbia BLACK
                  DUNCAN, Sylvester 9, John 2 D.Columbia BLACK


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