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Duncan research files of
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Last revised October 24, 2004

Transcriptions of the
Duncan Households in the
1850, 1860, and 1870 US Censuses

About the Transcriptions
      These transcriptions include every household in the US census for 1850, 1860 and 1870 which contains someone with the last name DUNCAN or DUNKIN, and some other variant spellings. The censuses were transcribed over many years, by me and by other researchers, and some transcriptions are more complete than others.
      Some households were missed by the census taker so there is no census for that family.
      Most households were located using various state-wide indexes. If the DUNCAN in the household wasn't indexed for some reason, I may not have it. Some names may have been misread by me or someone else.
      When you find the correct family, you will want to look at the actual microfilmed census to be sure of the names and ages and to copy ALL of the information about the household.

What's in the Transcriptions
      These transcriptions are by state and then in order by county and the page as they appear on the microfilm rolls.
      If a county subdivision, township, or post office was given on the census, this is usually shown just once. Sometimes the date the census taker took the information is shown, particularly if the same family was listed twice in that county.
      Each household should show the page number of the census. Except for Ohio and Tennessee, the 1850 census uses the stamped page number in the upper right corner, and includes the unnumbered page immediately following. Ohio and Tennessee censuses use the handwritten page numbers which are on every page, but I sometimes show both. The 1860 census usually has a stamped page number on each page.
      Each household usually has one or two household numbers. The two household numbers were often the same on the 1850 census, so only one number is shown. Sometimes the numbers couldn't be read, or I didn't list them for some other reason.
      Last names are in CAPITAL letters. Sometimes if the DUNCAN was a servant or working for another family, not all the non-Duncan members of the household are listed. Male (m) and female (f) are shown if the census taker only used initials, or if that name was unusual or could be used for either the sex. Ages and places of birth are given, using the two-letter state abbreviation. Race is shown if it was black or mulatto. The transcription may include two or three individuals with the same last name and place of birth together on one line to conserve space, although they are listed on separate lines on the actual census.
      The occupation of the head of household is usually listed, but women rarely had occupations. The $ value of property owned is usually shown if any was listed. If they were married in the year, I have tried to show this. Sometimes if the household had a male and female in their 20's but with no children, I have noted if they were not marked as married in the year. I have rarely shown if they could read and write or if they were in school.
      I have sometimes made comments after my initals (MAD) if the family was in another county or state in an earlier or later census, or sometimes briefly if I have other information about the family. Some of the comments were made possible by the many Duncan researchers who shared information and research with me.

Enjoy your research.

Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson, the Genealogy Bug

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