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Formed 1850, Original County


1850 Yolo Co. CA Census
Cache Creek Twp
Pg.188, #85, Francis CLARK 30 IREland rancher $5000
                  John LATHROP 65 ENGland farmer
Pg.188, #86, Wm. R. LANE 26 IN farmer
                  Sarah W. 18 AR
                  E.C. (m) 32 IN physician
                  J.W. (m) 23 IN miner
                  Wm. DUNCAN 15 IN herder
Pg.188, #88, Henry RUDD 29 Vermont farmer
                  James RUDD 25 Vermont farmer
                  Calvin JAMES 33 MO farmer
                  Robt. R. DUNCAN 20 VA farmer
                  Joseph GROOM 33 KY farmer
                  John GROOM 31 KY farmer
                  Samuel SMITH 37 TN farmer
                  (MAD: ?? R.R. Duncan 1860 Leavenworth Co. KS census)

1860 Yolo Co. CA Census
Washington Twp.
Pg.601, #435-435, J.W. GRIFFITH (m) 33 OH farmer $6000-$9470
                  J.W. (m) 23 OH farmer $0-$200
                  J.M. ELLIDY (m) 35 IN laborer
                  W.H. HOYT (m) 22 WI laborer
                  G.C. ALLIN (m) 33 CT laborer
                  L. DUNCAN (m) 27 OH laborer
Cottonwood Twp.
Pg.661, #944-944, W.G. DUNCAN (m) 30 VA stock dealer $1000-$2135
                  W.H. (m) 21 MO
                  (MAD: Wyatt Godfrey Duncan, 1850 El Dorado Co. CA census)
Slate Range Twp.
Pg.687, #261-232, G.W. BAILEY (m) 45 VA miner $0-$300
                  Capt. DUNCAN 45 MA ("Mass") miner $0-$300
                  Wm. SMITH 25 MD miner $0-$200

1870 Yolo Co. CA Census
Buckeye Twp.
Pg.416, #191-175, MASON, Horace S. 30 OH farmer $0-$1000
                  Jane 28 IA keeping house
                  Annie (f) 8, Edwin 6, Arthur 2 CA
                  DUNCAN, Emma 9 CA
Cottonwood Twp.
Pg.460-1, #42-41, DUNCAN, Franklin 32 IN farmer $0-$0
                  Sarah A. 21 TN keeping house, mar. in Oct.
                  (MAD: ? Benjamin Franklin Duncan, brother of Wyat G., but see household #239 below)
Pg.469, #236-226, HUNGATE, Harrison H. 34 IL farmer $12,800-$5,000
                  Mary C. 33 MO keeping house
                  Charles A. 12, Ida J. 10, Susan N. 7 IL
                  Nancy E. 3 CA
                  KEYES, George 40 NY farm laborer
                  DUNCAN, Cyrus 19 IL laborer $0-$200
                  HUNGATE, Mattie (f) 29 IL school teacher
                  Laura 24 IL
                  (MAD: Harrison Hungate mar. Mary C. Duncan 8/20/1857 McDonough Co. IL; James Cyrus Duncan; ch. of Charles Duncan & Dorcas Coffman of 1860 Henderson Co. IL census)
Pg.469, #237-227, DARBY, Robert R. 42 AL farmer & Co.School Supt. $9600-$1000
                  Susan E. 36 NC keeping house
                  Flora L. 16, Alonzo E. 11 CA
                  Letitia A. 8, Roberta (f) 1 CA
                  MALLOCK, Daniel 30 KY farmer $1000-$500
Pg.469, #238-228, DUNCAN, Wyat G. 40 VA farmer $25,000-$8,000
                  William H. 35 MO farming $0-$0
                  Helen 23 MA keeping house
                  Elizabeth 6, John 4, Mary 1 CA
Pg.469, #239-229, DUNCAN, Benjamin 30 IN farmer $0-$0
                  Atlantic (f) 21 MO keeping house
                  BIBB, Samuel 21 MO farm laborer
                  (no last name) Jack 20 CA "Ind" farm laborer
                  (no last name) John 18 CA "Ind" farm laborer
Grafton Twp.
Pg.478, #17-17, HARKNESS, Edson 26 OH farming $0-$0
                  SMITH, Henry 31 GERmany laborer, parents of foreign birth
                  DACY, Daniel D. 30 ITaly laborer $0-$400, parents of foreign birth
                  BURBANK, Charles X. 44 NY farming $0-$700
                  (no last name) Tom 25 CA "Ind" farm laborer
                  (no last name) Bill 20 CA "Ind" farm laborer
                  (no last name) Jim 30 CA "Ind" farm laborer
                  WILLET, Samuel 30 MI laborer
                  DUNCAN, Robert 47 IRE laborer, parents of foreign birth
                  HAMILTON, James 37 IRE laborer, parents of foreign birth
Pg.479, #22-22, HOFFMAN, Henry C. 46 PA farmer $3,200-$3,000
                  DUNCAN, William 28 IL laborer
                  Ah Jee 23 China "C" (race) cook $0-$0, parents of foreign birth
Pg.491, #286-265, DALE, Milton 38 MO farmer $7,000-$8,000
                  Judith F. 29 MO keeping house
                  Alice 11 MO
                  Clifford (m) 9, Elizabeth F. 6 CA
                  Minna L. (f) 4 CA
                  John M. 4/12 CA b.April
                  BALL, John 21 MO laborer
                  DUNCAN, William 26 IL farming
Pg.500, #522-457, DUNGAN, John B. 30 VA farmer $3,500-$2,000
                  Eliza 31 KY keeping house
                  Robert Lee 4, Thomas 1 CA
                  Annie 4/12 CA b.March
                  CAMPBELL, Lucy 20 MO
                  Robert 1 CA
Merritt Twp.
Pg.503, #27-25, WELCH, Henry 43 PA farmer $7,000-$650?
                  Letitia 49 NY keeping house
                  DUNCAN, James 26 IRE laborer, parents of foreign birth
Putah Twp.
Pg.521, #323-288, DUNCAN, Henry 22 IL farmer $2000-$500 (alone)
Washington Twp.
Pg.533, #111-109, DUNCAN, John 43 KY ship carpenter $0-$150
                  Mary A. 36 ENG keeping house, parents of foreign birth
                  Sarah J. 14, Emma K. 8 MO, mother of foreign birth
                  William T. 5 MO, mother of foreign birth
                  (MAD: 1860 St.Clair Co. IL census)


Marriage and Death Records, Yolo Co. CA Recorder's Office, Woodland, CA (personal trip by MAD ca 1977, partial only)
      Cranston, R.B. to Alma M. Henry, 1 Jan. 1888; Alma M. Henry aged 25, native Michigan.
      Duncan, W.G. of Missouri, aged 50 years, to Mary E. Franklin, native CA, aged 19 years, 13 March 1879.
      Duncan, Howard Franklyn, father E.E. Duncan of IL; mother Ada Webb (1908-1910) ....
      Duncan, William B., father Benjamin Duncan, born Missouri, 13 Oct. 1910, to ....
      Duncan, William K., 17 Aug. 1889, aged 64 years 11 mos 20 days, married, native Tennessee.
      Duncan, Mrs. W.E., 26 Dec. 1891, age 52 years, native Missouri, widow.
      Duncan, Mrs. Wm., 26 Sept. 1893, age 46 years, 4 mos, 25 days, native Miss.
      Duncan, James C., 10 Feb. 1899, native CA, aged 27 years 3 mos, -- days, single
      Duncan, B.F., 17 Aug. 1895, native Indiana, aged 55 years, 6 mos, 15 days, married

CA Death Indexes, 1905-1929 and 1930-1939 (1905-1929 from CA State Library, Sacramento, and FHL microfilm 1,686,044, A to Emerson, Geo.; 1930-1939 from FHL microfilm 1,686,048, A to Hetterman)
      MAD Note: An index to California Birth Records, 1905-1995, and California Death Records, 1940-1997, has been posted at Rootsweb:
      Decedent name (8 characters maximum in first name); Spouse initials; Age, Place, Date of death; Year registered - State file number (MAD: added birth year)
      Duncan, Elizebet J.; 68 years, Yolo Co., died 12/28/07; 07-32703
      Duncan, Henry C.; spouse D.; 76 years, Yolo Co., died 12/25/25; 25-59398 (b.1849)
      Duncan, Nora; spouse H.F.; 35 years, Yolo Co., died 1/4/19; 19-8163
      Duncan, Sanford E.; 34 years, Yolo Co., died 10/19/15; 15-33085
      Duncan, Sterling S.; 2 years, Yolo Co., died 12/8/14; 14-39330
      Duncan, Susan A.; spouse B.F.; 83 years, Yolo Co., died 1/9/33; 33-7129
      Duncan, Victor C.; spouse E.; 35 years, Yolo Co., died 1/28/36; 36-7283
      Duncan, Wyatt G.; 86 years, Yolo Co., died 4/26/15; 15-13723 (b.1829)


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"Yolo County Great Register & Supplement, 1898" (now in possession of Yolo Co. Historical Society, Woodland)
      Pg.10, Capay Precinct
            #451 Duncan, Wyatt Godfrey, farmer, age 67, 5'11", light complexion, blue eyes, grey hair, native Virginia, address Capay, Registered 6/19/1896
            #452 Duncan, John Wyatt, farmer, age 29, 5'10", light, blue, brown, native CA, 5/11/1896
            #453 Duncan, Frank William, farmer, age 24, 6', light, gray, light, native CA, 5/28/1896
            #454 Duncan, Robert Iverson, farmer, age 22, 6'1/2", light, blue, light, native CA, 5/21/1896
            #455 Duncan, Marshall Lewis, farmer, age 21, 5'9-1/2", dark, black, black, native CA, 8/8/1896
      Pg.14, Clarksburg Precinct, Supplement
            #665 Duncan, William Marvin, hunter, age 26, 5'8-1/2", light, blue, light, lame in left leg, native CA, address Clarksburg, 8/8/1898
      Pg.43, Madison Precinct, Supplement
            #2108 Duncan, Walter Godfrey, farmer, age 21, 5'10", dark, brown, black, native CA, 7/23/1898
      Pg.60, West Winters Precinct
            #2998 Duncan, Jesse Amac, fruit grower, age 60, 5'11-1/2", light, gray, gray, native Missouri, 6/23/1896
      Pg.62, West Winters Supplement
            #3098 Duncan, Jesse A., laborer, age 62, 5'11-3/4", dark, gray, gray, native Missouri, 7/23/1898
      Pg.73, Woodland Precinct No. 2
            #3647 Duncan, John, ship caulker, age 69, 5'7", light, gray, gray, scar on nose, left arm off, native Kentucky, 7/11/1896
            #3648 Duncan, James Clarence, liquor dealer, age 25, 5'10", med., blue, brown, native CA, 5/21/1896
            #3650 Duncan, William Thomas, saloon keeper, age 31, 5'10", dark, blue, black, native Missouri, 5/4/1896

"Index to Capay Precinct Register, 8/16/1910", now in possession of Yolo Co. Historical Society, Woodland; Pg.3
      #56 Duncan, Wyatt G., farmer, age 81, democrat, Capay
      #57 Duncan, Frank William, farmer, age 38, democrat, Capay
      #58 Duncan, Robert Iverson, farmer, age 36, democrat, Capay
      #59 Duncan, Walter Godfrey, farmer, age 33, democrat, Capay
      #60 Duncan, Wyatt Godfrey, farmer, age 31, democrat, Capay

"Index to Capay Precinct Register, 1912" now in possession of Yolo Co. Historical Society, Woodland
      #32 Duncan, Wyatt Godfrey, rancher, male, demo. (Democrat), Capay
      #33 Duncan, Mary Franklin, housewife, female, demo., Capay
      #34 Duncan, Frank William, farmer, male, demo., Capay
      #35 Duncan, Susan Atlanta, housewife, female, demo., Capay
      #36 Duncan, Victoria, housewife, female, demo., Capay
      #37 Duncan, Mary Irene, housewife, female, demo., Capay
      #38 Duncan, Bessie Eleanor, housewife, female, demo., Capay
      #39 Duncan, Marcia Mary, housewife, female, demo., Capay
      #40 Duncan, Bertha Lee, musician, female, demo., Capay
      #41 Duncan, William Bruce, rancher, male, demo., Capay

HISTORIES before 1923

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A cemetery transcription of the Capay Cemetery in Yolo County has been posted by Fred Kemmerle in 2006:

"The McClure Story" by Jerry Duane Duncan, 1983 (FHL book 929.273 M132d)
      MAD: Pg.116 contains information on John Risel Duncan, b. Scotland, to CA during the Gold Rush or shortly thereafter, said to have returned to VA, married Sarah Ellen Ecker. Children include Frank Duncan, James Bradford Duncan b. 10/18/1861 Winters [Yolo Co.], CA, Lee Duncan, Ollie Duncan, Etta Duncan, Eva Duncan, Sarah Duncan. The book gives some more information about the family.


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