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Original county formed 1850


1850 Sonoma Co. CA Census
Pg.13, #41, Samuel M. DUNCAN 27 Ireland milling
                  and one other miller & many laborers

1860 Sonoma Co. CA Census
Russian River Twp., P.O. Windsor
Pg.433, #346-346, John W. MULLIS 30 IN farmer $0-$300
                  Sarah 26 IN
                  Nancy Jane 4 Nebr. Terr.
                  William C. 2 CA
                  Samuel W. DUNCAN 30 MO farmer $3000-$600
Mendocino Twp.
Pg.457, #543-543, Saml. DUNCAN 45 OH farmer $0-$2000
Town of Mendocino
Pg.478, #741-741, Marcus DUNCAN 50 KY farmer $1200-$250
                  Maria 31 KY
                  Noel 13 KY, John 11 MO
                  George 6, William 2, Sarah ("m") 1 CA
                  (MAD: Mark Duncan mar. Maria Bright 3/3/1845 Anderson Co. KY, he the son of Susanna Hawkins Kilby who mar. Benjamin Duncan 11/9/1816 Franklin Co. KY; Noel Duncan d. age 61 in Alameda Co. CA on 4/22/1908; Maria and two ch. in 1870 Yamhill Co. OR census)
Bodega Twp., P.O. Smith's Ranch
Pg.529, #371-371, Alex DUNCAN & Co. 40 IRE lumberman $50,000-$1000
                  Ann J. 35 IRE
                  Jane 14, Samuel A. 13 LA
                  Sarah 6, Alex 3 CA
Pg.529, #371-372, Sam McDUNCAN 37 IRE lumberman $0-$0
                  Fanny 27 IRE
                  Lucinda 4, Alexander 2, John James 6/12 CA
Sonoma Twp.
Pg.634, #767-767, Henry F. BOTES? 45 GERMANY farmer $5,000-$600
                  Paulin (f) 45 MO
                  Theodore 14 MO
                  Franklin DUNCAN 21 VA laborer $0-$0

1870 Sonoma Co. CA Census (pg.281 also from Robert Owen Duncan 3/2000)
Bodega Twp.
Pg.260, #190-189, DUNCAN, Alx. 48 IRE saw milling $25,000-$15,000, parents of foreign birth
                  Ann Jane 46 IRE keeping house, parents of foreign birth
                  Samuel M. Jr. 22 LA clerk in saw mill, parents of foreign birth
                  Sarah H. 16 CA parents of foreign birth
Pg.260, #190-190, DUNCAN, Samuel M. 46 IRE saw milling $25,000-$22,000, parents of foreign birth
                  Frances (f) 35 IRE keeping house, parents of foreign birth
                  Lucinda 13, Alexander M. 12 CA, parents of foreign birth
                  John James 10, Ann Jane 8 CA, parents of foreign birth
                  (and long list of saw mill workers)
Healdsburg, Mendicino Twp., pg.15, 13 July 1870
Pg.281, #126-116, DUNCAN, Noel 24 MO laborer $0-125
                  Carrie (f) 23 NY keeps house
                  William 1 CA at home
                  (ROD: Noel Duncan was eldest son of Mark Duncan from Anderson Co. KY)
Mendocino Twp.
Pg.306, #218-213, DUNCAN, Tall (m) 51 KY plasterer $0-$0
                  John R. 39 IN plaster $0-$200
                  Sarah E. 28 OH keeps house
                  Frank W. 11, James B. 8 CA at home
                  Althea B. (f) 6, Lee A. 2 CA at home
                  (MAD: 1860 Santa Clara Co. CA census)
Pg.308, #342-337, DUNCAN, Sam. 55 MO (white) farmer $700-$1800 (alone)
Vallejo Twp.
Pg.450-1, #13-13, GRONES, Frances W. (m) 52 VT farmer $4000-$550
                  Lucinda W. 52 NY keeping house
                  Royal H. (m) 24 MI farmer
                  and boarders, including
                  DUNCAN, Lawrence 30 OH laborer $0-$0

1880 Sonoma Co. CA Census (partial; HeritageQuest image 12/2006)
  Healdsburg, series T9, roll 84, pg.192; pg.19, S.D.3, E.D.128, 8 June 1880
  Tucker Street
Pg.192D, #223-223, LUCE, Jirah, w/m 62 (blank) mar. farmer Mass. Mass. Mass.
  Mary, w/f 61 wife mar. keeping house MA MA MA (ditto)
  Jennie, w/f 18 dau. single at home CA MA MA
 SWAIN, Georgia J?., w/f 19 granddau. single at home CA MA MA
  Masny? D., w/f 13 granddau. at school CA MA MA
Pg.192D, #225-225, LEWIS, Nathan, w/m 59 (blank) mar. laborer VT CT CT
  Mary, w/f 57 wife mar. keeping house NY NY NY
 CORNETT, Agnes, w/f 25 dau. mar. keeping house NY VT NY
  Edith, w/f 4 grandchild CA MO NY
  Earnest, w/m 2 grandchild CA MO NY
 DUNCAN, Caroline, w/f 32 dau. mar. NY VT NY
  Edwin, w/m 11 grandchild at school CA CA NY
      (MAD: see also Carrie A. Duncan in 1880 Napa Co. CA census)

1880 Sonoma Co. CA Census (HeritageQuest image 3/2007)
Santa Rosa Township, pg.55, S.D.3, E.D.125
Pg.146A, #504-516, MERK, George W., w/m age 43 mar. farmer Coburg/Coburg/Coburg
    Elizabeth, w/f age 37 wife mar. keeping house Indiana/Ohio/Georgia
    Freddie, w/m 16 son single works on farm Colorado/Coburg/Indiana
    Martha, w/f 18 dau. single Colorado/Coburg/Indiana
    Willie, w/m 12 son single goes to school Nebraska/Coburg/Indiana
    Samuel, w/m 9 son (blank) Nebraska/Coburg/Indiana
    Charles, w/m 5 son single Nebraska/Coburg/Indiana
    Henrietta, w/f 2 dau. single California/Coburg/Indiana
      (MAD: not identified 1870 census; see 1928 History of San Mateo Co. CA)

1900 Sonoma Co. CA Census (Ancestry.com image 3/2006 and Heritage Quest image 12/26/2006; search for any Noel Duncan in CA)
  Santa Rosa City, Precinct 4, Santa Rosa Twp, Sheet 2, SD3, ED175
  Pg.330B, #663 Brown Street
STAGGS, Maria L., head, w, f, [born] May 1831, [age] 69, widow, mother of 5? children, 4 living, IL KY VA
DUNAKN?, Noel, boarder, w, m, March 1847, 53, mar., KY KY IL, [occupation] burning brick (MAD: surname written over)
Edward B., boarder, w, m, April 1870, 30, single, CA KY NY printer
Mark V., grson, w, m, Aug. 1887, 12, single, CA CA VA at school
Cleveland E., grson, w, m, July 1889, 10, single, CA CA VA
      (MAD: Noel Duncan mar. Carrie A. Lewis 1868; see 1880 Butte & Sonoma Co. CA census; see Maria Staggs in 1880 Yamhill Co. OR census)
  Santa Rosa City, Precinct 4, Santa Rosa Twp, Sheet 3, SD3, ED175
  Pg.3B, #803 Tupper? Street
SKAGGS, Charles E., head, w, m, Sept. 1875, 24, single, CA KY CA nurseryman
Bessie L., boarder, w, f, June 1886, 13, single, CA KY MO at school
      (MAD: doubtful if this is actually Charles B. Duncan; many Skaggs families in Sonoma Co.)


CA Death Indexes, 1905-1929 and 1930-1939 (1905-1929 from CA State Library, Sacramento, and FHL microfilm 1,686,044, A to Emerson, Geo.; 1930-1939 from FHL microfilm 1,686,048, A to Hetterman)
      MAD Note: An index to California Birth Records, 1905-1995, and California Death Records, 1940-1997, has been posted at Rootsweb:
      Decedent name (8 characters maximum in first name); Spouse initials; Age, Place, Date of death; Year registered - State file number (MAD: added birth year)
      Duncan, Ada M.; spouse R.; 70 years, Sonoma Co., died 11/15/34; 34-62946
      Duncan, Charles A.; spouse M.; 67 years, Sonoma Co., died 3/26/29; 29-18341
      Duncan, Clarence; 20 years, Sonoma Co., died 1/11/13; 13-3998
      Duncan, Edith V.; 65 years, Sonoma Co., died 8/18/39; 39-52033
      Duncan, Edward E.; spouse D.C.; 70 years, Sonoma Co., died 2/13/39; 39-13791
      Duncan, Ethel M.; 4 months, Sonoma Co., died 10/25/09; 09-26396
      Duncan, Gladys; 7 years, Sonoma Co., died 4/8/15; 15-13578
      Duncan, Jane A.; spouse J.H.; 88 years, Sonoma Co., died 3/15/38; 38-20312
      Duncan, John F.; 34 years, Sonoma Co., died 2/25/20; 20-10458
      Duncan, John; spouse E.; 73 years, Sonoma Co., died 11/8/35; 35-67130
      Duncan, Katherin; spouse J.R.; 39 years, Sonoma Co., died 7/2/28; 28-38732
      Duncan, Laurence M.; 96 years, Sonoma Co., died 5/23/30; 30-29256
      Duncan, Mary; spouse G.; 52 years, Sonoma Co., died 2/25/38; 38-13484
      Duncan, Nancy M.; 74 years, Sonoma Co., died 5/9/12; 12-16495
      Duncan, Rena G.; 27 years, Sonoma Co., died 4/9/12; 12-13303
      Duncan, Robert B.; spouse S.E.; 73 years, Sonoma Co., died 1/3/20; 20-4495 (b.1847)
      Duncan, Robert; spouse S.G.; 75 years, Sonoma Co., died 6/16/19; 19-27123 (b.1844)
      Duncan, Sarah E.; 65 years, Sonoma Co., died 3/31/21; 21-13137
      Duncan, Thomas F.; 63 years, Sonoma Co., died 2/27/24; 24-10629
      Duncan, Thomas J.; spouse L.; 59 years, Sonoma Co., died 6/11/29; 29-35256
      Duncan, William; 19 years, Sonoma Co., died 4/2/31; 31-24254

Sonoma Co. CA Vital Records (from Sonoma courthouse; from Carolyn Stewart by email 6/19/2001; comments hers)
      (death date, name, age or birthdate, county reference #)
      8 Aug 1873, James Duncan - 20y, 9mo, b. MO; B41 pg.26
      d. 1875, James S. Duncan - b. 1855 (missed writing this book ref)
      1877, Daniel Duncan - 45 Mass??; B41 pg.27
      15 Feb 1878, Theodore D. Duncan - 26, b. Mo 1853;
      5 Feb 1878, (1880) Mary E. Duncan - 20, b. 1859 MO; wife of George B. Duncan; B41 pg.27 (CS: I wondered if this could be the daughter of Daniel and Nancy Marrs Duncan)
      1880, Martha M. Duncan, b. 1859
      29 Mar 1891 baby boy Duncan, son of George B. Duncan & Emma Childers, B40 pg.25
      29 Mar 1891, Muriel Vane Duncan, 7yr 21da, dau of Geo. B. Duncan and Emma Childers, B40 pg.25
      4 Jun 1892, Emma Duncan, 34, b. Iowa 1858, wife of George B. Duncan, B40 pg.26
      24 Jun 1896, Henry R. Duncan, b. 3 Apr 1894, son of R.N. Duncan, near Taylor Springs, B40 pg.27 (CS: in brackets I have also written 30 Jun 1895 under the above death date and now do not remember why)
      15 Jul 1899, Mrs. N.A. Duncan, widow, b. MO, B42, pg.29
      14 Nov 1901, James Duncan, 1 mo. born 4 Oct 1901 from Healdsburg, CA
      14 Jan 1902, Baby Girl Duncan, 6 da, died Sebastopol, bur. Masonic Cem., dau of Charles Duncan
      1905, Ethel Duncan, b. 1880
      1907, James P. Duncan b. 1821 (CS: from cemetery records in Santa Rosa, James Parker Duncan b. ca 1841, d. 17 Apr 1915; 74 years, informant R.L. Duncan, s., San Rafael Ca.) (MAD: death certificate index shows James P. Duncan age 93, d. Marin Co. 1/17/1915; see Inyo Co. CA, Lafayette Co. MO)
      1907, Mary L. Duncan, b. 1862
      9 Apr 1912, Rena Lillian Duncan, b. Buford, ARK, father J N Brown of Miss & mother Betsie Adams of ARK, informant: W.P. Duncan, B18 pg.32
      9 May 1912, Nancy Marrs Duncan b. 1837 Lawrenceburg, KY, father: Wm. Marrs, mother: Lydia Parker, informant: Jm McReynolds, lived in Santa Rosa 41yrs 6mo, in Calif 48 years. widow of Daniel Duncan, B18 pg.47
      11 Jun 1913, Clarence W. Duncan b. 30 May 1896 (CS: these dates don't jive), son of Richard Duncan, informant Millard Duncan, lived in Healdburg 4 yrs, in California 20 years
      12 Aug 1913, dau of Mark Duncan and Elizabeth Gorski, stillbirth
      15 Nov 1934, Ada M. Duncan, b. 24 May 1864 (CS: I wrote Ada Mary Taylor next to this), wife of Richard Nimrod Duncan.
      10 Aug 1887, boy, f. Geo. B. Duncan & Emma Childers, B32 pg.25
      14 Jun 1877 girl, f. Samuel Duncan & Florence Clark, B pg.26
      3 June 1889 boy, f. Geo. B. Duncan & Emma Childers, B32 pg.25
      14 Jul 1897, boy, f. Charles Duncan & ??(no name), B32 pg.25
      Ina Neva Duncan, b. 27 ? 1891, in Santa Rosa, f. William Mathew Duncan of Healdsburg, CA & m. Minnie Adele Rime of Kansas; Affidavit: Ella OHarra, aunt, and Clem Duncan, cousin. Requested by Ina Neva Duncan Corkrun of Yakima WA
      Nellie Duncan b. 25 June 1897, f. John Duncan of Ireland and Elenor Gray of Ireland, B4 pg.81
      Helen Ethelene Duncan b. 17 Mar 1898, f. Richard Nimrod Duncan of Bridgeport, Mono, CA and Ada Mary Taylor; aff: Florence Taylor Moore, Aunt and Frank Leland Duncan, brother. B5 pg.103
      5 Oct 1855, Samuel M. Duncan of Bodega Twp to Fanny Holiday
      28 Mar 1868, Noel Duncan and Carrie A. Lewis
      2 Mar 1873, J.H. Duncan and J.A. Lythow, Bk C pg.68
      6 Sep 1876, Samuel Montgomery Duncan of Louisiana, a res of Duncan Hills and Florence Boyce Clerk (CS: hard to read), Bk E pg.187
      11 Sep 1876, George B. Duncan, 23 yrs, of Napa Co. and Mary E. Dillingham, 22 yrs of Healdsburg, Bk E pg.191
      11 May 1879, George Benjamin Duncan, 25 yrs, and Maddie McDonald Duncan, Bk F pg.306
      20 Nov 1881, Samuel Duncan, 25, of Mendocino Co. and Maggie Copple (or Coffle) of Cloverdale, Sonoma Co., Bk G pg.269
      14 Jun 1883, George B. Duncan and Emma Childers of Iowa, Bk I pg.54
      11 Nov 1883, William M. Duncan, 25, and Minnie A. Rima; wit: Willard Rima and Noel Duncan, Bk H pg.143
      5 Nov 1884, F.L. Duncan, 45, and Ada Taylor, 20, wit: John Taylor and Arthur Sacry, Bk I pg.169
      20 Sep 1885, C.A. Duncan, 24, of MO, and Minnie Cunningham, of CA, Bk I pg.342
      26 Aug 1888, W.T. Duncan, and Alice H. Raines (or Rauis)
      9 Apr 1887, Mary Agnes Duncan, 15, and Harry E. Hulburt, 22, wit: Perry Hulburt and Luther Burbank, Bk H pg.264
      30 Aug 1890, James A. Duncan of Scotland and Catherine J. Boyle of PA, Bk J pg.400
      23 Oct 1890, Richard Duncan and Ada M. Duncan; wit: B F Tayler and Mrs. Tayler, Bk L pg.10 (taylor spelled tayler here)
      11 Nov 1892, John Duncan of Ireland and Eleanor Gray of Ireland, Bk M pg. 108
      5 Apr 1896, Charles W. Duncan and Serena Fairclo; Witt: W.M. Duncan and Frd H. Luth, Bk O pg.154
      14 Oct 1900, James W. Duncan and Elba Ellen Gilman (could be Gieman), Bk R pg.163
      20 Dec 1903, Estelle Duncan and Richard S. Kettlewell, Bk T pg.346


Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, Noel; F 7 Calif. Inf.; 1892 Oct. 28, Invalid Appl. #1135975, Cert. #1107150, Calif.; remarks C2503006. (MAD: b.1847 Anderson Co. KY, d.1908 Alameda Co. CA; MAD: enlisted 18 November 1864 at Santa Rosa (Sonoma Co.), CA; Union Army, Private, Co.F 7th Inf. Reg. CA)

"Report of the Selective Service Administration of California" 1922, pages 372-373 (Placerville FHC book)
      Name, City and County (MAD: have added county in parenthesis if different from city)
      Duncan, Charles Earl, Sonoma Co.
      Duncan, Harry Chester, Geyserville (Sonoma Co.)
      Duncan, James Raymond, Sonoma Co.

HISTORIES before 1923

1879 "McKenney's District Directory for 1878-9 of Yolo, Solano, Napa, Lake, Marin and Sonoma Cos. CA" (FHL fiche 6,125,780; alphabetic within town or township; from page by page)
      Sonoma County, Duncan's Mills (pg.240)
            Duncan's Mill Land & Lumber Co.
            Duncan, S.M.
            Dunkin, A.
            Dunkin, Sam'l, 322 acres
      Sonoma County, Healdsburg (pg.249)
            Duncan, N., laborer
      Sonoma County, Petaluma (pg.267)
            Duncan, R.H., weaver, res. F (MAD: F Street?)
      Sonoma County, Santa Rosa (pg.296)
            Duncan, Geo., brds 86 Fourth
            Duncan, James, bricklayer, (Ludwig & Duncan), res. 40 Cherry
            Ludwig & Duncan, contractors & builders, B (MAD: B Street?)
            Ludwig, T.J., contractor, res. Mendocino

1880 "History of Sonoma County, California : including its geology, topography, mountains, valleys and streams, together with a full and particular record of the Spanish grants, its early history and settlement, the names of original Spanish and American pioneers and biographical sketches of early and prominent settlers and representative men" by J.P. Munro-Fraser, pub. by Alley, Bowen & Co. (book qc979.418 H67, CA State Library, Sacramento; CA State Library, Sutro Branch, on SUTRO microfilm 115 Reel 22 Book 4536; FHL film 468,750 item 2 and 1,000,129 item 5 and 1,320,944 item 2)
      Pg.251: Ocean Twp; Presbyterian Church -- The Duncan's Mill Presbyterian Church was organized in June, 1878, with the following names on the church roll: Mrs. Alex. Duncan, Thomas Beacom, S.M. Duncan, P. Shaw and William Fleming. ...
            Mills: There are several very large saw-mills in this township ... history of Duncan's mill, in 1849 a number of carpenters started a saw-mill, organized under name of Blumsdale Saw-mill and Lumber Co. in honor of F.G. Blume of whom they leased the timber land. ... In 1850, Gen. George Stoneman (then lieutenant), Joshua Hendy, and Samuel M. Duncan purchased the property of the Blumedale Mill & Lumber Co. and continued to run it at that place until the Spring of 1852, but in late 1851 or early 1852 Stoneman disposed of his interest to his partners, and they continued in business under the firm-name of Hendy & Duncan. In 1852, Messrs. Hendy & Duncan moved their mill to a mining camp known as Yankee Jim's, ... 1854 they brought the machinery back to Sonoma Co., locating at Salt Point, and establishing the first steam saw-mill in Sonoma Co., north of Russian river. In 1855, Joshua Hendy disposed of his interest to Alex. Duncan, and under the firm name of Duncan Brothers, the business was conducted very successfully at this point until 1860 when the mill was moved to the old mill site near the mouth of the Russian River. ...
      Pg.530: Ocean Twp; Duncan, Alexander, (portrait in book) native of Co. Tyrone, Ireland, born in August, 1821. An apprenticeship for 6 years at blacksmith & machinist trade; remained in Ireland till 1840, in May he landed in New York City; in the fall of 1840 he went to New Orleans, began operating his trade. In 1850, to California; in May he sailed for California via the Panama route, arriving in San Francisco June 15, 1850. Made specialty of making iron door & window shutters. In the fall of 1854, he joined his brother, Samuel M., in the milling and lumber trade at Salt Point, having purchased the interest of Joshua Hendy. He now resides in the village of Duncan's Mill on the banks of the Russian River. August 5, 1844, in New York City, he married Miss Ann Jane Halliday, a native of Ireland; she was born June 23, 1824. Eight children: Jeannie, Samuel M., Hugh, Sarah, Alexander, Alexander (twice), Rebecca and William. Now living are Jeannie, Samuel M. and Sarah. Of these, Jeannie, Samuel M. and Sarah are still living.

"Historical and descriptive sketch of Sonoma County, California" by Robert A. Thompson; pub. Philadelphia: L.H. Everts & Co., 1877, 122 pgs. (LH13769; HeritageQuest 4/2007)
      Pg.99: Duncan's Mill. This village is situated on the south bank of Russian River, one and one-half miles from the sea. The mill was built in 1860 by S.M. & A. Duncan; it has been in successful operation for the past 16 years ... S.M. Duncan and his former partner, Hendy, were members of the first company organized to cut timber in Sonoma Co. ... The boiler purchased by the Blumedale Company in 1849 is still used by A. Duncan, the successor of Hendy & Duncan, and S.M. & A. Duncan.

"History of Sonoma County, California : with biographical sketches of the leading men and women of the county, who have been identified with its growth and development from the early days to the present time" by Tom Gregory; pub. Los Angeles, Calif.: Historic Record Co., 1911, 1151 pgs. (LH11060; HeritageQuest 4/2007; FHL book 979.418 H2g and film 1,000,130 item 2)
      Pg.692, 695: BENJAMIN FRANKLIN TAYLOR ... Santa Rosa is his post office ... a native of the state and county of which he is now a resident, Mr. Taylor was born in Geyserville in 1865, the son of Henry M. and Rebecca (Rhodes) Taylor, natives of Virginia and Pennsylvania respectively. The father died in 1902, the mother having preceded him many years, her death occurring in 1869. Besides an own sister, Mrs. Duncan, Mr. Taylor has five half-sisters. When he was a child of four years Mr. Taylor was taken by his parents to Healdsburg, ... six years, then to Middletown, Lake County, 3 years later they returned to Sonoma County. .... In 1888 Mr. Taylor was united in marriage with Miss Lulu Manion, ...

1914 "History of Mendocino and Lake counties California : with biographical sketches of the leading men and women of the counties .." by Aurelius O. Carpenter and Percy H. Millberry, pub. by Historic Record Co. (book qc979.415 C2, CA State Library; FHL film 1,000,113 item 1)
      Pg.246: SAMUEL DUNCAN of Hopland, Mendocino Co.; born 10 Jan. 1857 hamlet of Mark West, Sonoma Co.; to Mendocino Co. same year. Son of Elijah Hall and Elizabeth (Craddock) Duncan. Samuel had brothers E.J., Robert, and William. Samuel supervised Duncan estate in 1901 for mother; mother died 1905. Samuel married 25 Nov. 1882 Marguerite Copple, of Nodaway Co., MO, who came to CA 1875. Three children: Mervin, decd; Clarence; and Ruth.
      Pg.368: WILLIAM DUNCAN. Elijah Hall Duncan came to Mendocino Co. in July, 1858. Duncan land, Duncan's Peak, and Duncan springs named after him. Elijah born Tennessee 8 Dec. 1824, died 23 July 1889. Parents died when he was age 8. Family had previously moved to Missouri. Elijah worked as tanner. Married 15 April 1856 Elizabeth Craddock of Virginia. Crossed plains, arrived Sonoma County 7 Sept. 1856. Original location six miles east of Healdsburg in 1858, ranching. Elizabeth died 28 April 1905, they had ten children, 6 still living. Youngest is William, b. 31 July 1872. William married 1895 Jennie A. Barker, native Mendocino Co. William had brother E.J. Duncan. William has three children: Neva, Terrel LeRoy, and William H. (MAD: from Laclede Co. MO)

1928 "History of San Mateo County, California" by Roy W. Cloud; pub. Chicago, Ill.: S.J. Clarke Pub. Co., 1928 (LH11071, HeritageQuest images 3/2007; FHL book 979.469 H2c and film 1,320,734 items 1 and 2)
      Pg.138-139: S.D. MERK, of Burlingame, now giving his time to financial interests, was until recently owner and editor of the Advance-Star, ... Mr. Merk was born in Omaha [MAD: Douglas Co.], Nebraska, on the 21st of August, 1872, and is a son of George W. and Sarah E. (Dunkin) Merk. He is descended from a long line of American ancestors, the family having settled in this country in colonial days, and his paternal grandfather was a California pioneer of 1849. S.D. Merk was brought to this state in his early boyhood ... school at Santa Rosa [Sonoma Co.], in 1897 in San Luis Obispo, for past 20 years a resident of San Mateo Co. ... Mr. Merk was united in marriage to Miss Anne Moroney, a native of Ohio. ...


Name Index in California Room, CA State Library, Sacramento; Books could not be photocopied because they were old, but most are available on microfilm and then through interlibrary loan. Newspapers are also on microfilm.
      DUNCAN, Alexander - killed. "Alta" Jan. 15, 1859, pg. 2, col. 2. (my extract) Daily Alta California, San Francisco, Saturday morning, Jan. 15, 1859. The body found some days since on the beach near Black Point was yesterday recognized. The name of the man was Alexander Duncan. He came to this city some four months ago. (MAD: he ran out of money to proceed to Frazier River.)
      DUNCAN, Alexander - death. "Call" May 26, 1890, pg. 8, col. 6.

"CA Pioneer Records" by CA DAR, Vol.18 (FHL film 844,444 item 18)
      Pg.97-101: Line of Samuel Montgomery Duncan, born Strabane, IRE, 5/25/1823, to New York City about 1834 or 1837, then New Orleans, to CA 1849, married Sonoma Co. CA 10/6/1855 to Frances Holliday, d. Oakland, CA, 7/26/1875; his brothers and sisters include Lucinda, Mary, Rebecca, Jane, and Alexander Duncan. He and his brother Alexander Duncan in 1860 founded the town of Duncan Mills four miles below the present site, Samuel to San Francisco ca 1873, then to Oakland. The article names several of Samuel's children, as well as brothers and sisters of Frances Holliday.
      Alexander Duncan, brother of Samuel Montgomery Duncan, born in Strabane, Ireland, in August 1820, died in Duncan Mills [Sonoma Co.], CA, in the spring of 1901, buried in Oakland, CA; had married in New York City to Ann Jane Holliday, sister of Frances Holliday who married his brother. His children were born in New Orleans, LA, from 1845 to about 1849, to CA early 1850's. The article names Alexander's children and many grand-children.


Letter from files of Robert Owen Duncan (from Robert Owen Duncan 3/2000 and 6/2001; his additions in [brackets])
      Copy of letter & all information noted in possession of Robert Owen Duncan, 4ggson of Benjamin Duncan and Susannah Hawkins.
      Benj. Duncan listed as Father in letter, "Family history of your grandparents Mark Duncan & Marie Louise Bonapart Bright Duncan Staggs." (R.O.D.) Letter given to my paternal grandfather, Robert Orval Duncan, (who was the 1st born of Orval Francis Duncan, who was the 2nd born of Ezra B. Duncan,) by his cousin, Emeral Duncan, (who was the 1st born of Clement R. Duncan, who was the 1st born of Ezra B. Duncan, who was the 6th son and 7th child of Mark and Maria Bright Duncan.)
      Source for letter said to be by a son of George Benjamin Duncan (3rd child of Mark) (possibly G.B. Jr.), given to Lowell Ezra Duncan, son (8th child) of Ezra B. Duncan, son of Mark. Letter source info from Mrs. Betty Copper, dau. of Lowell, 1 Jan 1989 via telecon w/ R.O.D.
            [----- Transcript of letter:--------]
      "Family History of Your Grandparents Mark Duncan & Marie Louise Bonapart Bright Duncan Staggs."
      "Mark Duncan, born about [March] 1820 in [Lawrenceburg] Kentucky, was the [2nd] son of Benjamin Duncan [and Susannah Hawkins] [1] -- no other information about him other than the name -- Mark had brothers Mathew [older], John, Asa, and a sister Lucinda? [2.] of the "maidens grave" fame ["Donner party"] and possibly others. [3.]
      The first Duncan on our line was said to have come to this country in the early colonial days and was a Presbyterian preacher.
      Mark married Marie Louise Bonapart Bright in Kentucky on about [3rd of] March 1845 and sired your father [Ezra B.] -born May 20, 1861 - and Noel 1847 Mo., John Tyler, Feb. 20, 1849 d. Dec. 30, 1868, George Benjamin d. [born] June 8, 1854, died Oct. 1923, Mathew Bright d. [born] Nov. 30, 1858 died Nov. 1913, Edward, no date, Susan, no date, Sarah, no date.
      Mark & M.L.B. emigrated from Kentucky to Platt City, Mo. about 1846 where Noel & John were born. When the "gold rush" of 1849 started, Mark left his family in Platt City and crossed the plains to California and was said to have been successful in acquiring his share of the gold.
      In 1852 - or there abouts - he sent for M.L.B. and family and she crossed the plains in a covered wagon with Kit Carson as guide part of the way. She joined Mark at Yountville, Napa County and there George Duncan was born in 1854. From Yountsville, the family moved to a ranch on the Russian River near Heraldsburg, Sonoma County. Later Mark sold the ranch and set up a tannery business in Heraldsburg. In Heraldsburg, some of his children must have been born.
      Hearing fabulous tales of the fertile, green lands of Oregon he sold the tannery business and moved his family to a ranch near McMinnville, Oregon. While engaged in settling up his affairs in Heraldsburg and moving his family - by wagon - he contracted smallpox on one of the trips and died enroute in 1862, place unknown.
      Your grandma [Maria Bright] Staggs was born May 20, 1831 in Danville, Ill. although her parents originally came from Nashville, Tenn. where they were in the innkeeping business. She married Mark when she was not yet 14 and from that time her life was a saga of adventure and hardship.
      After Mark's death, she married Sam Staggs, a school teacher and lived on the ranch at McMinnville until 1896 when she moved to a home she owned in Santa Rosa." [4.]
      [1. Benj. md 1st to Mary Bennett, 1889, md 2nd, Susannah Hawkins, 9 Nov 1816, Franklin Co., KY, Susannah md 1st, Henry Kilby, having at least 5 children. She was the daughter of Mathew Hawkins and Hannah Maxwell]
      [2. As Mark's siblings, John & Asa are not proven, and doubtful & Lucinda was actually wife of Daniel Duncan, 1st born of father Benj. and his 1st wife Mary Bennett]
      [3. Doubt other siblings beyond Mark possible as Benj died within a few months after Mark's birth. Benj's will proven 16 Nov 1820.]
      [4. She died there, aged 73, at 663 Charles St. Santa Rosa, Cal. 6 Mar 1904]
      Permission to print & post this on web to aid in Duncan or related family genealogical research given to Mary Ann Dobson, Herb Duncan, Gen Berry, and Rosemary Webb, by Robert Owen Duncan, on 18 Jun 2001 provided that source information and point of contact is included in the posting. Further permission to publish for realization of monetary gain not given or implied without further written consent. Robert Owen Duncan
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      MAD: McMinnville, Yamhill Co. OR


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