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Original county formed 1850


1850 Solano Co. CA Census
Benicia City
Pg.2, #20, J. McDONAL 24 Scotland baker
                  R. DUNCAN (m) 28 Scotland baker $2000

1860 Solano Co. CA Census (pg.327 also from Kathy Cawley 1/2003)
(MAD: wanted R.L. Duncan whose wife had a son b. 7/7/1872, in case he was from Forsyth Co. GA)
Suisun City
Pg.207, #87, James M. DUNCAN 33 KY house carpenter $1000-$500
                  Nancy 28 IRE
                  Emma 2, Minnie (f) 6/12 CA
                  Margaret CARROLL 21 IRE servant
                  Thomas ROBERTS 32 PA farmer $1500-$0
Vacaville Twp., taken 9 July 1860
Pg.327, #61-58, Robert HERZER 49 VA farmer $3000-$1000
                  S. (f) 52 VA
                  J. (m) 19 MO student
                  N. (f) 17 MO (' instead of ", may have been a student)
                  J. (f) 10 MO
                  R.L. DUNCAN (m) 23 PA student
                  J.W. FULLER (m) 23 PA printer $0-$500
Vacaville Twp.
Pg.329, #74-71, Harriett ANDERSON 43 KY (blank) $0-$400
                  H. HOLLINGSWORTH (m) 21 IA laborer
                  J.B. (m) 17 MO, W.T. (m) 12 CA
                  Jane A. ANDERSON 7, H.F. (f) 4 CA
                  S. DUNCAN (m) 25 MO farmer $0-$40
                  S.E. (f) 18 MO mar/in/year
                  T. WILLIAMSON (m) 45 OH farmer
                  (MAD: ?? see Squire Duncan b. 4/19/1834, son of David & Elizabeth of Monroe Co. MO 1850 census)
Vacaville Twp., taken 13 July 1860
Pg.338, #156-140, Walter FRITCH 50 OH blacksmith $0-$0
                  Gordon 20, E.F. (m) 18 OH
                  R.L. DUNCAN (m) 23 OH laborer
                  (MAD: see Robert Duncan b.1837 in 1850 Harrison Co. OH census with Archibald (most likely); Robert b. 1839 in 1850 Adams Co. OH census with Henry; Richard Duncan b.1838 in 1850 Morrow Co. OH w DREW? family)
Pg.349, #256-217, Elisha SILVEY 41 MO farmer & family & children
                  A. DUNCAN (m) 21 KY farmer $0-$100
                  (MAD: Addison Duncan from Shelby Co. KY; 1870 Colusa Co. CA census)

1870 Solano Co. CA Census
Pg.181, #677-653, DUNCAN, R.L. (m) 32 PA ("Penn") clothing ret. $0-$2000
                  M.B. (f) 27 IA keeping house
                  M.L. (f) 9/12 CA b.Oct.
                  (MAD: mar. M.B. Tulley in Sacramento Co. CA 11/28/1868, also recorded Latah Co. ID)


Solano Co. CA Register of Death 1873-1876, 1899- (FHL film 1,295,775 item 3)
      Item 4, 1873, 1875, 1892 to 1905; pages not numbered, in semi-alphabetic order, only a few entries for some years:
      1899, Mar. 22, Duncan, C.R., white, 41y 8m 5d, male, single, b. Indiana, died Hypertrophy of heart, Dr. or Coroner L.P. Hall, buried at Dixon
      3 lines later, same information: Duncan, Chas. R.

CA Death Indexes, 1905-1929 and 1930-1939 (1905-1929 from CA State Library, Sacramento, and FHL microfilm 1,686,044, A to Emerson, Geo.; 1930-1939 from FHL microfilm 1,686,048, A to Hetterman)
      MAD Note: An index to California Birth Records, 1905-1995, and California Death Records, 1940-1997, has been posted at Rootsweb:
      Decedent name (8 characters maximum in first name); Spouse initials; Age, Place, Date of death; Year registered - State file number (MAD: added birth year)
      Duncan, Anna S.; spouse J.F.; 56 years, Solano Co., died 10/22/16; 16-33447
      Duncan, Charles E.; spouse M.; 63 years, Solano Co., died 1/5/27; 27-5786
      Duncan, Emma; 82 years, Solano Co., died 6/11/36; 36-39382
      Dunkin, Florence N.; spouse M.; 83 years, Solano Co., died 12/26/33; 33-69737
      Duncan, Freda A.; spouse W.A.; 35 years, Solano Co., died 12/22/32; 32-69433
      Duncan, Margaret A.; spouse J.S.; 79 years, Solano Co., died 6/8/23; 23-29160
      Duncan, Martha E.; spouse J.D.; 67 years, Solano Co., died 10/1/38; 38-63848
      Duncan, Mary J.; 65 years, Solano Co., died 7/1/17; 17-26170
      Duncan, Mattie E.; spouse J.D.; 67 years, Solano Co., died 10/1/38; 38-63848; spouse Cross Reference Entry
      Duncan, William E.; spouse M.F.; 55 years, Solano Co., died 11/17/39; 39-71723
      Duncan, William F.; 20 years, Solano Co., died 4/-/09; 09-10946


"Reports of Cases Determined in The Supreme Court of the State of California" at the October term 1868 and January term 1869; by J.E. Hale, Reporter, Vol.36; pgs.625 to 639 (El Dorado Co. CA Law Library 10/2003)
      Unnumbered, SUPREME COURT OF CALIFORNIA, 36 Ca. 625; January 1869:
      Appeal from the District Court, Seventh Judicial District, Solano County.
      The complaint averred that the plaintiffs had title in fee simple to the demanded premises, and that "said premises were a part of the Rancho Los Putas, commonly called the Vaca and Pena Grant, granted to said Vaca and Pena by the Mexican authorities, and finally confirmed to them by the United States Courts, and duly patented," etc.
      The plaintiff Harriet Anderson was the widow of W. Hollingsworth, who bought from Vaca and Pena, and died intestate, before the commencement of this action. The other defendants, except Ross, were his children by said Harriet.
      Defendants ... entered into possession of the premises under a claim of title founded on a conveyance of the said premises, on the 21st day of August, A.D. 1850, from Vaca and Pena, the original grantees thereof from the Mexican Government, and still occupy a portion of the premises described in the complaint.
      The deed from Vaca, made in 1848, had two subscribing witnesses, and was afterwards proved and recorded.
      That on the 15th of October, 1858, in the District Court of the Seventh Judicial District in and for Solano County, an action was commenced by the defendant, William J. Dobbins, to recover the portion of the premises described in the complaint of which said Dobbins is in possession, brought against the said Harriet Anderson; that due service of summons was had, and the cause became regularly at issue, and was fully tried, and such proceedings were had therein that the said William J. Dobbins, on the 2d day of February, 1860, duly recovered judgment for the possession of the premises described in the complaint; that such judgment remains in full force.
      The demurrers were abandoned by the plaintiffs. They were filed on the 10th day of July, 1861, and were never called up for hearing. Nothing appears to have been done with regard to them until more than three years afterwards, viz: on the 21st of September, 1864, in granting a motion made by the attorney for defendants to place the cause on the calendar, the demurrers are overruled.
      [Opinion] By the Court, Crockett, J.: This is an action in the usual form to recover a tract of land, which is a portion of a larger tract which was granted and has been finally confirmed and patented to Vaca and Pena. The plaintiffs claim title from Vaca under a deed made in 1848, and which was recorded in December, 1851, but without any acknowledgment or proof of its execution. The defendants claim title under two subsequent deeds, one from Vaca and the other from Pena, both of which, though subsequent in time to the plaintiffs' deed, were first recorded. Several answers were filed by the defendants, all of which, besides a general denial of the allegations of the complaint, contained special matters of defense, which were separately pleaded. To these special defenses separate demurrers were filed by the plaintiffs in July, 1861. The record does not disclose what action, if any, was taken by the parties or the Court in respect to these demurrers prior to September 21st, 1864, on which day the following order was entered by the Court: "In this cause, on motion of W.S. Wells, attorney for defendants, ordered that this cause be placed on the calendar, and the demurrer to defendants' answer be overruled."
      Judgment and order reversed, and cause remanded for a new trial, with leave to the defendants to amend their answers if they shall elect to do so.
"Reports of Cases Determined in The Supreme Court of the State of California" at the January, April and July terms 1871; by Charles A. Tuttle, Reporter, Vol.41; pgs.308 to 312 (El Dorado Co. CA Law Library 10/2003)
      No. 2,819, SUPREME COURT OF CALIFORNIA, 41 Cal. 308; April, 1871
      HARRIET ANDERSON, ARTHUR B. ROSS, Executor of D.L. ROSS, Deceased, JOHN D. HOLLINGSWORTH, and HEZEKIAH S. HOLLINGSWORTH, JOSEPH B. HOLLINGSWORTH, SARAH E. DUNCAN, and WILLIAM T. HOLLINGSWORTH, Minors, by their Guardian ad litem, J.D. Hollingsworth v. John Fisk, S.C. Hastings, Wm. J. Dobbins, Mason Wilson, Wm. B. Davis, Administrator of Wils. Davis, Deceased, E.F. Gillespie, P. Abrahamson, W.J. Glenn, Bascom Jewett, Marion Janes, Jacob Blum, M. Blum, John Blum, and E. Long
      Appeal from the District Court of the Seventh Judicial District, Solano County.
      This was an action of ejectment, to recover possession of a portion of the Rancho Los Putos, in Solano County. There was a former appeal in the same case, which will be found reported in 36 Cal. 625. It appears that the original title was a Mexican grant to Manuel Cabeza de Vaca and Juan Felipe Pena, afterwards confirmed and patented by the United States Government.
      The plaintiffs claimed title under a deed executed in 1848 by Vaca to Jacob D. Hoppe and Zimri Hollingsworth. This deed was not recorded until December 31st, 1851; previous to which, in 1850, Vaca executed another deed of the same land, recorded August 22nd, 1850, to William McDaniel, who had also become the purchaser from Pena. In 1854 McDaniel executed a deed, absolute on its face, to J. Caleb Smith, and George T. Marye, of the land purchased by him of Vaca. Afterwards J. Caleb Smith died, and Austin E. Smith was appointed, by the Probate Court of the City and County of San Francisco, the executor of his last will and testament.
      In 1858, Austin E. Smith, as such executor, presented a petition to the Probate Court of San Francisco, setting forth, that on or before August 10th, 1854, McDaniel entered into a contract with the said J. Caleb Smith and George T. Marye, whereby said Smith and Marye agreed to advance, and did advance to McDaniel, at a monthly interest of two per cent, the sum of five thousand dollars; that for the purpose of securing the payment of the said sum and interest, McDaniel conveyed to Smith and Marye, by deed absolute, the property mentioned; that there was then due and owing, on the sum so advanced, the amount of eight thousand eight hundred and fifty-three dollars, which said McDaniel was ready and willing to pay upon the proper reconveyance being made to him of the property; that Marye had sold and transferred all his interest in the property to H. Clay Smith, who was ready to make a reconveyance to McDaniel upon the receipt of his portion of said money; that the only obstacle in the way of a full and final settlement of the matter was the inability of the petitioner to execute the necessary deed as the executor of said J. Caleb Smith, deceased, without the order of the Court; and praying to be allowed, upon receiving the portion of the money due the estate, to make, execute, and deliver the necessary conveyance of the property to McDaniel. In response to this petition, proceedings, analogous to those usual upon a petition for the sale of real estate, took place in the Probate Court; and on May 10th. 1855, an order and decree was entered, directing the executor, by deed of release and quitclaim, to reconvey the property to McDaniel upon the payment of the amount found due the estate; and a deed in accordance with that order was soon after made, executed, and delivered by the said executor.
      Upon the trial of the cause from which this appeal is prosecuted, after the plaintiffs had introduced their proofs. the defendants offered the record of the Probate Court of the City and County of San Francisco, in the above mentioned matter, for the purpose of showing a reconveyance to McDaniel, under whom they claimed, of the interest previously conveyed by him to J. Caleb Smith, deceased. The plaintiffs objected to the admission of the record and evidence, upon the grounds that the same were irrelevant and incompetent to show any transfer of title, for the reason that the Probate Court had no jurisdiction to receive the petition of Austin E. Smith, or to act upon the same or the subject matter thereof, or adjudicate the same, or to enter the order and decree prayed for and entered, and that no authority was shown in Austin E. Smith to execute the deed so as to make it operative as a conveyance of the legal title to McDaniel. The objections were overruled and the record admitted in evidence, to which rulings plaintiffs excepted.
      [Opinion] By the court, Rhodes, C.J.: There was a judgment for defendants; and a motion for a new trial having been denied, the plaintiffs appealed.
      Judgment reversed, and cause remanded for a new trial.


"Report of the Selective Service Administration of California" 1922, pages 372-373 (Placerville FHC book)
      Name, City and County (MAD: have added county in parenthesis if different from city)
      Duncan, William Alexander, Vallejo (Solano Co.)

HISTORIES before 1923

1879 "McKenney's District Directory for 1878-9 of Yolo, Solano, Napa, Lake, Marin and Sonoma Cos. CA" (FHL fiche 6,125,780; alphabetic within town or township; from page by page)
      Solano County, Vallejo (pg.95):
            Duncan, J.K., sec'y Vallejo Land & Improvement Co. & pres't. Vallejo Gas Light Co.
            Duncan, Samuel, agt. W.F. & Co., 253 Sacramento, res. 378 Georgia

1879 "History of Solano County [California] : comprising an account of its geographical position, the origin of its name, topography, geology, and springs, its organization, township system, early settlement, with descriptions of scenes as viewed by the pioneers, the first American argonauts of California, the bear flag, the discovery of gold, the progress of population and agriculture, the Mexican grants, the principal murders, incidents of settlement, elections, and table of county officers, and histories of its cities, towns, villages churches, schools, secret societies, etc. : as also, a full and particular biography of its early settlers and principal inhabitants." pub. by Wood, Alley & Co. (FHC book 979.452 H638h)
      MAD: Did not copy a few references, all were minor; no Duncan biography; no other Samuel or R.L. Duncan reference
      Pg.206: Churches of Vallejo. ... First Presbyterian Church ... on the northwest corner of Marin and Carolina streets ... In April, 1866, Messrs. E.H.M. Bailey and L.G. Oliver were elected Ruling Elders; and on May 8th, they having been ordained, were duly installed as officers of the church, on which ceremony its organization became complete. The present session consists of Samuel Duncan, C.B. Towle, and Robert B. Barr, with whom is associated the acting pastor.
      Pg.213: Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Solano Lodge, No.229, F.&A.M. was organized May 14, 1873, received the charter on 18 Oct. 1873, the charger memebers being: ... John K. Duncan ...
      Pg.215-6: Grand Army of the Republic, Farragut Post, No. 12, G.A.R. The objects and aims of the Association are attending to the sick and wounded soldiers who served honorably during the great rebellion; the burial of their departed comrads, and to cherish and encourage friendly feelings for one another, which should animate the bosoms of all true patriots. This post was organized on Feb. 19, 1868, and reorganized ... Aug. 1869. The chartered members were Edward G. Haynes, William G. Oberend, N.C. McMegonegal, R.L. Duncan, E.C. Taylor, E.H. Forrester, E.S. Jenkins, John Ashton, Joseph Anderson and John L. Gamble, of whom Messrs. Duncan and Taylor are now deceased.
      Pg.222-3: Vallejo Land and Improvement Company. Incorporated 27 Oct. 1871 ... following trustees were elected ... Secretary, J.K. Duncan. ... The Board of Trustees for the year 1878 are: ... Messrs. Edmund R. White, and J.K. Duncan, of San Francisco and Vallejo; while the officers are ... Secretary, J.K. Duncan.
      Pg.224: Vallejo Gas Light Company. Incorporated July 23, 1867, ... The present officers are J.K. Duncan, President; ...
      Pg.225: The Vallejo Savings and Commercial Bank. The Bank was incorporated on May 3, 1870, ... The present management ... the Board of Directors being ... J.K. Duncan.

1906 "History of the state of California and biographical record of the Sacramento Valley, California" (Solano Co.) by Prof. James Miller Guinn, pub. by Chapman Pub. Co. (FHL film 468,760 item 2 and 1,000,095 item 2; CA State Library; from Vivian Biddle; see also Colusa Co.)
      Pg.974: ADDISON E. DUNCAN ... Descended from an old Kentucky family, Addison E. Duncan was born in Shelby county, that state, near the city of Frankfort, October 21, 1839, being a son of Daniel B. and Eleanor (Cook) Duncan. .... When about twelve years of age, in September of 1851, he accompanied his parents to Missouri and settled on an undeveloped farm. About six years later he made another decisive move which brought him to the far west. Having outfitted for the trip across the plains, in May of 1857 he started on the long journey .... and they landed at Dixon, CA, on the 17th of October, after a trip of five months lacking five days.
      As a wage-earner ... Mr. Duncan remained in Solano county from 1857 until 1869, when he removed to his present location (Glenn County). Just before his removal he was united in marriage with Mrs. Barbara (Marksbury) Johnson, their wedding being solemnized September 21, 1869. They became the parents of seven children, namely: Nina, the widow of Elbert Willard and now residing with her parents; Eugene, who is engaged in farming in Glenn county; Garnett, deceased; Ethel, at home; Van Cleve, who is engaged in the lumber business in the northern part of the state; Barbara, Mrs. J.C. Ball, Jr., who is living near Delevan, Colusa county; and French M., who yet remains with his parents on the Glenn county farm. ....


"Los Angeles Times" Los Angeles, California, 31 Jan 1890 (from Kathy D. Cawley 10/2006)
      MARRIED. DUNCAN-CROCKER.- Thursday, January 30, 1890, at 12 m., at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, by Rev. Eilias Birdsall, MAJ. JOHN K. DUNCAN of Vallejo, Cal., to MISS MARY MARCELLA CROCKER of this city, daughter of MRS. C.D. CROCKER and the late GEN. MARCELLUS M. CROCKER of Iowa. (MAD: Vallejo, Solano Co. CA)

"The Morning Call" newspaper, San Francisco, CA, Friday, December 27, 1889, page 2, column 3 (CA State Library microfilm on loan, 11/2007)
      Oakland - Alameda. Mrs. Margaret Duncan, wife of Samuel Duncan, died in Vallejo on Tuesday, aged 78. She was the mother of Mrs. James Hixon of San Francisco. The body was brought to Oakland, accompanied by a number of friends and relatives, and was interred in Mountain View Cemetery.
      (MAD: Vallejo, Solano Co. CA)
      (KDC: I believe "Mrs. James Hixon" should have been "Mrs. James Heron")

"The Washington Post" Saturday, June 9, 1917 (from Kathy Cawley 1/2009)
      Shot Kills Naval Officer.
      Lieut. Kenneth Heron Found Dead in Bed at Seattle.
      Seattle, Wash., June 8. - Lieut. Kenneth Heron, U.S.N., superintendent of new work at the Puget Sound navy yard, at Bremerton, was found dead in bed from a gunshot wound last night at the Bremerton hotel. A naval board today will investigate the death to determin whether the wound was self-inflicted.
            Lieut. Heron had been at the navy yard since February, having been transferred from Seattle, where he was inspector of machinery in the work at the Seattle Construction and Drydock Company's plant. He was a native of California, 34 years old, and single. Prior to coming to Seattle he was assigned to the Fall River shipbuilding works.
      (KDC: Kenneth Heron was the son of James Heron and Mary Ellen (Minnie) Duncan. Minnie was the daughter of Samuel and Margaret (Long) Duncan of Solano County, California. Kenneth is buried in the Heron plot, Mountain View Cemetery, Oakland, California. Samuel & Margaret (Long) Duncan are buried there too.) (MAD: Seattle, King Co. WA)


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