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Duncans in 1850 CALIFORNIA Census

NOTE: There is no 1850 census available for Contra Costa, San Francisco or Santa Clara Counties

1850 Calaveras Co. CA Census
Calaveras District
Pg.195, #4097-4097, James DANCAN 32 MA miner $1200
                  W. WADDLE 31 MA miner $1300
                  Jno. CLARK 27 MA miner $1700
Pg.234, #215, S.E. DUNCAN (m) 45 KY miner $2000
                  J.B. (m) 36 KY
                  3 other miners b. Germany

1850 El Dorado Co. CA Census (edges black on film, many household numbers illegible)
Placerville & vicinity
Pg.268, #--, Wesley DUNCAN 26 VA none
                  Margaret 26 VA
                  William P. 4 IL, Mary E. 1 IL
                  William DUNCAN 23 VA minor $50
Pg.268, #--, Greenberry HAYS 22 Georia(?) (next line to above)
                  Lavena HAYS 42 Ten?
                  (MAD: from Johnson Co. MO 1844)
Pg.282, #--, Joseph DUNCAN 20 OH miner for gold
                  (list of many men this age group as miners)
Pg.294, #6, William TYLER 15 (sic) KY miner for gold
                  John W. DUNKIN 12 MO miner for gold
Pg.302, #19?, James A. COX 38 KY miner for gold
                  Robert W. DUNCAN 34 KY miner for gold
Diamond Springs
Pg.350, #10, Alexander DUNCAN 55 VA miner
                  Martin DUNCAN 18 KY miner
                  (MAD: from Boone Co. MO)
Mathenia Creek (each page starts household #1)
Pg.354, #11, Wyat G. DUNCAN 22 VA miner
                  Wm. S. CRIM 27 TN
                  (MAD: from MO; 1860 Yolo Co. CA census)
Mud Springs (each page starts household #1)
Pg.365, #4, Abraham DUNCAN 23 IL miner $300
                  Elisha DUNCAN (m) 27 IL miner
                  Wiley MYATT 20 TN miner $240
                  (MAD: from Bond Co. IL)
Salmon Falls
Pg.384, #984-1102, (Hotel)
                  John DUNCAN 27 England miner
                  (other names)
                  Joseph DUNCAN (f) 18 Sandwich Isl.
S.Fork American River (each page starts household #1)
Pg.395, #8, John DUNCAN 56 KY merchant $3000
                  John W. DUNCAN 14 MO
                  Jas. McDONALD 49 VA miner
                  Daniel DUNCAN 20 MO miner
                  Jas. THOMPSON 21 MO miner
Coloma (each page starts household #1)
Pg.398, #?, Geo. E. DUNCAN 38 MAss none $3000
                  with others at hotel.
Pg.399, #1, Geo. CHADWICK 19 PA blacksmith
                  John JONES 23 MO laborer
                  Horace JAMES 28 MO laborer
                  Benj. BAKER 27 MO laborer
                  Thos. DUNCAN (DANCAN?) 22 KY miner
                  John S? PANCHIS? 25 NY miner $5000
Cincinnati & vicinity (each page starts household #1)
Pg.422, #6, Benj. F. DUNCAN 18 MO miner
                  John MORRIS 20 KY miner
                  John M. RICE 23 MO miner
                  Wm. HOPPER 20 MO miner
Granite Creek (each page starts household #1)
Pg.431, #4, John BARNARD 40 KY miner $1500
                  Alexander SMITH 40 KY miner
                  Thos. DUNCAN 30 MO miner
                  Thos. AYRES 43 VA miner
Peru & vicinity (each page starts household #1)
Pg.446, #1, Wm. DUNCAN 21 VA miner
                  David E. JONES 21 IA miner
                  Edward R. LUNT 23 MI physician
Pilot Hill (each page starts household #1)
Pg.474, #2, Duncan KENNEDY 31 Scotland miner
                  Edwin LIBRY 31 Ireland miner
                  Fred DUNCAN 31 Scotland miner
                  & two other miners

1850 Mariposa Co. CA Census
Pg.57, #159, H.D. EDWARDS (m) 42 VA miner
                  Ruben DUNCAN 42 VA miner
                  Fredrick (no second name) 25 NS miner
                  (MAD: ? 1860 Humboldt Co. CA census)
Pg.66, #354, John THOMPSON 41 ENG miner
                  John DUNCAN 28 Scotland miner
Pg.71, #446, B.L. DUNCAN (m) 29 TN trader
                  J.T. SMITH (m) 28 NS (no occupation)
                  E. BLACKWELL (m) 26 LA (no occupation)
                  & five miners
Pg.88, #689, H.L. HEATH (m) 29 ME miner
                  3 other miners
                  Thos. DUNKIN 24 NH miner

1850 Napa Co. CA Census
Napa Valley
Pg.132, #93, James M. DUNCAN 40 NC farmer (alone)
                  (MAD: Buried Placerville, El Dorado Co. CA)

1850 Sacramento Co. CA Census
Sacramento City
Pg.162, #545, Alex DUNCAN 17 AR baker in boarding house
Pg.178, #851, George E. DUNCAN 40 MA carpenter $3000
                  in boarding house
Pg.181, #920-966, Joseph DUNCAN Jr. 30 TN merchant
Pg.182, #939-989, Chas. DUNCOM M.D. 51 CT none $85000
                  Lucy 39 NY
                  Jackson FORD 18 IN none
Negro Bar
Pg.209, #1575, Wm. DUNCAN 30 CANada miner
                  Jno. 24 CANada miner
                  Jno. HUDSON 35 IL miner
Mormon Island mines
Pg.213, #1675, H.G. DUNCAN (m) 24 KY miner
Sacramento City
Pg.216, #1781, Willis DUNCAN 40 KY BLACK laborer (alone)
Pg.228, #2063, Jno. L. DUNCAN 29 KY seaman
                  w/other single men (miners. etc.)

1850 San Joaquin Co. CA Census
Pg.324, #841, William DAVIS 32 Maryland merchant
                  James HUNT 27 Maryland merchant
                  R. DUNCAN (m) 23 IL trader

1850 Solano Co. CA Census
Benicia City
Pg.2, #20, J. McDONAL 24 Scotland baker
                  R. DUNCAN (m) 28 Scotland baker $2000

1850 Sonoma Co. CA Census
Pg.13, #41, Samuel M. DUNCAN 27 Ireland milling
                  and one other miller & many laborers

1850 Sutter Co. CA Census
Auburn and vicinity
Pg.40, #584, C.M. DUNCAN (m) 33 IL mining
                  W.C. PHILLIPS (m) 36 Maine mining

1850 Trinity Co. CA Census
Pg.77, #226, Thomas G. DUNCAN 28 KY miner
                  with other miners
Pg.79, #300, Y.C. DUNCAN (m) 27 GA miner
                  with other miners
Pg.80, #309, John DUNCAN 34 Ireland miner
                  with other miners

1850 Tuolumne Co. CA Census
Pg.133, #728, L. DUNCAN (m) 29 Missouri miner
                  with other miners
Pg.155, #1068, T.N. DUNCAN (m) 30 GA miner
                  with other miners
Pg.162, #1189, A.H. DUNCAN (m) 27 Maine miner
                  with other miners

1850 Yolo Co. CA Census
Cache Creek Twp
Pg.188, #85, Francis CLARK 30 IREland rancher $5000
                  John LATHROP 65 ENGland farmer
Pg.188, #86, Wm. R. LANE 26 IN farmer
                  Sarah W. 18 AR
                  E.C. (m) 32 IN physician
                  J.W. (m) 23 IN miner
                  Wm. DUNCAN 15 IN herder
Pg.188, #88, Henry RUDD 29 Vermont farmer
                  James RUDD 25 Vermont farmer
                  Calvin JAMES 33 MO farmer
                  Robt. R. DUNCAN 20 VA farmer
                  Joseph GROOM 33 KY farmer
                  John GROOM 31 KY farmer
                  Samuel SMITH 37 TN farmer
                  (MAD: ?? R.R. Duncan 1860 Leavenworth Co. KS census)

1850 Yuba Co. CA Census
Pg.238, #323, B.H. DUNCAN (m) 21 MO miner
                  with other miners, many from MO
Deer Creek Mines
Pg.263, #92, Theodore DUNCAN 23 MO miner
                  Schorada M. (m) 39 KY miner
                  Jno. BROOKS 21 KY miner
                  Mathias HemHispatch(?) 40 Ger. miner
                  (MAD: ?? from Clay Co. MO)
Nevada City
Pg.280, #457, T.H. DUNCAN (m) 26 NY miner
                  with other miners


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