Some Duncan Families of Eastern Tennessee Before 1800


Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson
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July 1, 2000

Section V
Questions, Loose Ends, Leads


The following individuals or families are listed here because they were in the same place at the same time as some of the Duncan families who are listed in Section I to IV. As yet there is no proof if or how they may be related. It is hoped that someday more information will be found.

1.  Is Marshall Duncan the Elder (Sec. I) closely related to the Duncans of Fauquier Co. VA? There was a Rice Duncan in Fauquier Co. VA connected to a Marr family; Marshall leased land from Daniel Marr; and a Rice Duncan from Fauquier Co. VA was in Granville Co. NC 1762, where Marshall was on the 1751 tax list.

2.  Was the Callaham or Callahan family related to Marshall Duncan or his children? John Callahan and Darby Callahan witnessed the bond for the marriage of Marshall Duncan Jr. in 1765 in Rowan Co. NC. Darby Callahan was a voter in the 1741 election for the House of Burgess from Prince William Co. VA, as was Marshall Duncan the Elder ("Gleanings of VA History" by Boogher, pg. 116-120). Darby Caleham, John Callaham, Darby Callaham Jr., and William Callaham were on the 1751? tax list in "Granville" Co. NC, as was Marshall Duncan the Elder (original tax list from Charles Duncan). William Callaham was in Surry Co. NC 1772 with 3 poles (tax lists); Wm. Caleham & son Wm. were there in 1774 with 2 poles; and also in 1774 was "Marshall Duncan for Jno. & Joel Caleham, 3" poles ("Surry and Wilkes Cos. NC Taxables, 1771-1800" Vol. 1, by Johnson, 1974). One Darby Callahan's will dated 29 March 1787 was filed in Rockingham Co. NC (Rockingham Co. NC Original Wills 1785-1804, pg. 79); the will named his wife Unity but had been defaced and was partially unreadable; his other heirs were listed in a 1794 deed as Ezekiel Callaham, Edward Callaham, Nathaniel Callaham, Jane Callaham, Darby Hopper, and Jones Parrish (Rockingham Co. NC Deed Book D, pg. 231).

      --   David Duncan and his wife Elizabeth were administrators of the estate of John Callahan in Rowan Co. NC on 21 July 1768; David had married Elizabeth, the widow of John Callahan, after Jan. 1767 ("Rowan Co. NC Abstracts of the Minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, 1763-1774" by Linn, from Evelyn Sigler); Elizabeth died in Iredell Co. NC in 1803, leaving part of her estate to grandsons Benjamin and Robert Calahan, among others (Will Book 1, pg. 1, from "Iredell Co. NC Will Abstracts, 1788-1845" by Lois Schneider 1980, from Evelyn Sigler).

      --   One David Duncan married Cathrinah McCulloh (alias Brandon) on 6 Jan. 1766 (bond date) in Rowan Co. NC, bondsman John Carson (research by Mr. Kizziah, in possession of Mrs. Bobbie McDowell); David Duncan was on the 1759 Rowan Co. NC tax lists (data from Mrs. Fran Laaker to Mrs. Mary Ann Dobson).

      Joel and John Calliham were in Washington Co. TN 1778 tax lists; a Jonathan Collam was there in 1801; and possibly others in other years. John Callihan and Joseph Duncan (possibly Sec. I, 9.) who settled on Boone's Creek in Washington Co. TN were from Pittsylvania Co. VA ("Dawn of Tennessee Valley and Tennessee History" by William, pg. 433, from Bobbie McDowell; do not have full extract from this source). Charles Duncan (Sec. I, 8.) had a power of attorney from John Callahan dated 21 Nov. 1788 proved on the oath of John Carr, a witness, in Feb. 1789, in Washington Co. TN (Washington Co. TN Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, 1787-1798, pg. 377). One Joel Callaham was in Pendleton Co. SC 1793-1795 ("Pendleton District SC Deeds 1790-1806" by Willie, from Evelyn Sigler). One Joel Callahan had a land grant in 96th Dist. SC in 1787 (SC Land Grant Book 14, pg. 156); he had fought the Cherokee Indians in 1780 or 1781 when he lived in Watauga and TN; he had been born about 1754 in Pittsylvania Co. VA, and lived in Greenville Co. SC in 1832 when he applied for a pension for Rev. War service (S-21110). See Robert Duncan, wife Hannah Carr, (listed separately in Sec. I, 5.) who lived in Greenville Co. SC in 1832.

3.  Thomas Duncan (Sec. II), born 23 Aug. 1768; married Mary Lynch (b. 17 Oct. 1773) on 21 April 1790 in Washington Co. TN; in Washington (later Carter) Co. TN, 1790-1798; Buncombe Co. NC 1810 (pg. 86); sold land in Greenville Co. SC in 1818; lived in White Co. TN 1818 until death in 1832. Was he a descendant of Marshall Duncan the Elder (Sec. I)? Was he related to Robert Duncan, wife Hannah Carr, (listed separately in Sec. I, 5.) who was in Washington Co. TN when he served his third tour of duty in the Rev. War?

4.  Who was John Duncan, born 10 June 1755 Pittsylvania Co. VA; enlisted in the Revolutionary War in 1776 in Camden, SC, served 18 months, volunteered again in VA for 6 months, and twice more; married Ann -------- about 1780-1781 who d. 23 Nov. 1846; lived in Camden Dist. SC for about 10 years after the war, then moved to Hawkins Co. TN, then to Green (later Adair) Co. KY, then to Jackson Co. AL. Lived with Robert Duncan in 1841. See Section I: William (3.) in Hawkins Co. TN 1790-1796; Marshall (5.) in Hawkins Co. TN 1786-1794; James (11.) in Adair & Russell Co. KY 1804-1830; Charles (10.1.) in Green Co. KY 1799. Was John Duncan related to Peter Duncan (8. below)?

      John had a brother Peter Duncan, born about 1766, of Marshall Co. AL 1843; their home in Hawkins Co. TN burned about 1795-96; Peter age about 10 or 11 when John entered service, about 13 when John was discharged. Peter was born 1775 "AL" (1850 census), died Dec. 1849 Marshall Co. AL (mortality schedule); wife Lydia -------- from Marshall Co. AL Deed Book A, pg. 158 and 321, 1838-39; his son Isaac born 1813 KY (wife Nancy -------- b. 1817 TN) was in Marshall Co. AL 1840 (pg. 75 next to Peter) and in Jackson Co. AL 1839, 1850 (pg. 125), and 1851 (Marshall Co. AL Deed Book A, pg. 321; Book C, pg. 757); Peter also had daughter Nancy Evaline Duncan in 1845 (Marshall Co. AL Deed Book C, pg. 17). This is probably the Peter who was the father of Betsey Duncan who married Daniel McFall, witness John Blankenship, on 7 March 1819 in Adair Co. KY.

      Greenbury Middleton born about 1775 knew John Duncan about 1803 in Adair Co. KY; Absalom Coffee born about 1788 knew John and wife 20-30 years, Absalom Coffee's wife Jane was granddaughter of John; John Duncan had children David, Robert (b. about 1800 on 1830-1840 census), Peter living in 1854, William (b. 1805? on 1850 census pg. 8) of Jackson Co. AL 1854, probably John (b. 1790-1800) in Jackson Co. AL 1830 (pg. 124 next to John Sr. and Peter). (Rev. Pension Application R-3125)

      It is possible John's children included James Duncan who married Fanny Northcutt, daughter of Daniel and Sally Northcutt, on 24 December 1813; John Duncan who married Betsey Northcutt on 24 November 1813, witness Peter Duncan; Joshua Duncan who married Sally Long on 25 May 1810; Sally Duncan, daughter of John, married Jesse Harvey on 1 July 1811; Nancy Duncan, daughter of John, married Thomas Lee Wilcher, son of T.L. Wilcher Sr., on 25 Nov. 1822, witness David Duncan; all in Adair Co. KY.

      It is possible that John had a brother Robert (Robin) who was the father of Elizabeth Duncan who married John Smith, son of Christian Smith, on 14 Jan. 1819 in Adair Co. KY, although this Robert could be the son of James (Sec. I, 11.)

      It is possible John was related to Benjamin Duncan, wife Rowena --------, of Madison and Limestone Co. AL 1830-1840, whose son Peter H. Duncan lived in Jackson Co. AL in 1850 where John had lived 1830-1840; see Benjamin Duncan listed separately in Section IV, 6.

            The researchers of this family are Mr. Sammie J. Duncan of TX (address not included here) and Mrs. Delores Duncan of OK (address not included here).

5.  Who was Craven Duncan, wife Agnes --------, who was on the 1783 tax list in Greene Co. TN with 2 horses and 3 cattle? He was in Greene Co. TN as late as 1789 ("Greene Co. TN Minutes of the Court of Common Pleas, 1783-1795" by Burgner, pg. 54, minutes pg. 123). The inventory of Craven's estate was filed in 1801 in Jefferson Co. TN by his widow Agnes; the estate was settled in 1805 (Jefferson Co. TN Probate Book 1, pg. 133; and "Ridge Runners" Vol. V, 1975, from Evelyn Sigler). Agnes was in Roane Co. TN in 1812 when her daughter Agnes Duncan married Samuel Hope, security Jeptha Duncan; she had a survey of 14 acres on the Crooked Fork of Emery River in 1814 beginning near her orchard field (Roane Co. TN Survey Book 1808-10, #1899; from "TN Homesteaders and Landowners, Fourth Surveyors District; Anderson, Bledsoe, Campbell, Overton, Rhea and Roane Counties" by Hutcherson). Jeptha Duncan and Enoch Duncan were chain carriers for surveys of John Duncan in 1813 on the Flat Fork of Emery River; Jeptha had land on the Crooked Fork in 1814 (Roane Co. TN Survey Book A, #809 and #810; from "Ansearchen News" Vol. 12). Morgan Co. was formed from Roane Co. TN in 1817. Agnes sold her 14 acres in Morgan Co. TN in 1826 (Morgan Co. TN Deed Book B, pg. 49). One Craven Duncan, born 1798, was in Morgan Co. TN in 1840 (pg. 221) and 1850 (pg. 568). Jeptha was there in 1830 (pg. 100). It is probable that many of the Duncans in Morgan Co. TN by 1850 were descendants of Craven Duncan and wife Agnes, but there is NO PROOF.

      Ronny Bodine of MD (address not included here) inquired in 1989 ("Ansearchen News" Vol. 36, pg. 91; from Evelyn Sigler) about Agnes Duncan who married Samuel Hope. Judy Ecklar of KY (address not included here) inquired in 1983 ("The Pellissippian" #4, pg. 152; from Evelyn Sigler) about Wiley Duncan who married Elizabeth Stonecipher (b. 1806 NC), of Morgan Co. TN.

6.  Who was Charles Duncan who died by May, 1783 in Sullivan Co. TN? John Pritchard was granted a certificate to administer his estate by the Sullivan Co. TN Court, with Benjamin Mony and John Tally as securities. (From the few surviving Chancery Court records, the originals of which were turned over to the NC Secretary of State in Raleigh; from "Bulletin of the Watauga Association of Genealogists" Vol. 1, #2, Summer-Fall 1972; from Shirley Harper.)

7.  Who was David Duncan who married Sally Lovelady on 2 Feb. 1789 in Greene Co. TN, security Marshall Lovelady and Thomas Brumley? One David Duncan, a poor man, was supported by Knox Co. TN in 1822 until his death in 1832 (Knox Co. TN Court Minutes Vol. 12, pg. 82; Vol. 15, pg. 126, and others).

8.  Who was Peter Duncan whose estate was administered in Greene Co. TN in 1809 by his daughter Elizabeth Long? Her securities were Thomas May and Charles Lowrey Sr. (Greene Co. TN Wills 1802-1810, pg. 275, 301). Was he related to John Duncan (4.)?

9.  Who was Newberry Duncan, born 1 April 1807 TN, who married Winifred Brickey on 22 Dec. 1831 in Blount Co. TN; died 1888. Winifred was born 26 Jan. 1810 TN, died 17 Dec. 1893. They are buried in the Hendron Cemetery, Sulphur Springs Road, Anderson Co. TN (cemetery records). One of his children gave Tuckaluchee as birth place, putting him near the Brickeys at Townsend. They were in Knox Co. TN in 1840 (pg. 30, Berry Duncan) and 1850 (pg. 344); they were in Anderson Co. TN in 1860 (pg. 64) but several of their children married in Campbell Co. TN 1859-1865. Newberry Duncan has not been connected to any of the other Duncan families in Anderson, Knox or Blount Co. TN. According to family tradition, he had a falling out with his father over the slavery issue and never made amends; he moved away from all of his Duncan relatives. He might possibly be a disowned son of Joseph and Lydia Duncan (Sec. I, 7.1.) and not mentioned in Joseph's will. There is NO PROOF. He may belong to one of the Duncan families in Section III or IV or may not be related to any of the families in this book.

      Their children (from Mrs. Mary B. Sutton of TN (address not included here), who has researched this family but is not a descendant; also from files of Kay D. Hampton at the Platte Co. Historical Society, Platte City, MO, from data of Mrs. Beulah B. Braden of TN (address not included here), via Dr. Adelia L. Duggins about 1960's):

            a.  Charles Tyler Dunkin, born 10 Oct. 1833; married Sarah Elizabeth Thompson on 17 Dec. 1855 at Ball Camp, Knox Co. TN, bond by Wm. S. Calloway; died 7 Nov. 1916. Sarah Elizabeth died 25 June 1911; both are buried Oak Grove Cemetery, Anderson Co. TN.

            b.  William B. Dunkin, born 13 Nov. 1835; married Esther Roysden; died 1908 (files of Kay Hampton).

            c.  John Oliver Dunkin, born 1837; married Eliza Jane Wilson on 14 Aug. 1859 in Campbell Co. TN; died 1865 in Louisville KY of smallpox, buried there. They lived in Campbell Co. TN.

            d.  James Wilson Dunkin, born 1838; married Mary M. Robbins on 3 Nov. 1878 in Anderson Co. TN; died 1907 (Mary Sutton) or 1920 (files of Kay Hampton).

            e.  Barbara Mary Jane Dunkin, born 1840; "Lucy Duncan" married John Tyler Adkins on 1 Jan. 1860 in Campbell Co. TN; died 28 April 1919. John Tyler Adkins was born 1841, died 10 Aug. 1905.

            f.  Robert McBeth Dunkin, born 1842; married Mary Susan Thompson on 23 Dec. 1864 in Campbell Co. TN; died 1907.

            g.  Sarah Ellen Dunkin, born 1844; married 1st Matthew Lindsay on 30 March 1861 in Campbell Co. TN; married 2nd Charles Webb.

            h.  Joshua Taylor Dunkin, born 1847; married Rachel C. Seiber Spessard? (Kay Hampton's files).

            i.  Joseph Carroll Dunkin, born 1848; married Elmira "Myra" Halloway (b. 1845) on 10 Feb. 1872 in Knox Co. TN; died 1907.

            j.  Fanny Dunkin, born 1850 (1850 census only; age 5/12).

10.  Who was Nancy Duncan who married Charles Whitson on 15 Feb. 1816 in Washington Co. TN, bondsman James Guinn? They lived in Monroe Co. TN in 1830 (pg. 80). See Elizabeth Duncan (17. below) who married John D. Guin in 1847; and Jane Duncan (Sec. III, 2.12.) who married Thomas Guin. See comments under Nancy Duncan in Section I, 8.13.

11.  Who was Elizabeth Duncan who married Charles W. Kinchelow on 18 July 1820 in Greene Co. TN, bondsman Charles Hail? One Charles E. Kinchelow was in Washington Co. TN in 1830 (pg. 247), he and wife age 20 to 30, and two daughters under age 5; an older Charles Kinchlow and wife were there, both age 70 to 80 (pg. 249). Charles W. Kinchelow has not been traced.

12.  Who was Dorethea Duncan who married Joseph Smith on 24 April 1823 in Greene Co. TN? Is this the same Joseph Smith in Section III, 1.3.1., son of John Smith and Sarah Duncan, or related to him?

13.  Who was Jenny Duncan who married Elias Rymal on 18 July 1825 in Greene Co. TN? Elias Rymal was in Washington Co. TN in 1830 (pg. 234), age 20 to 30, wife age 30 to 40, and a daughter under age 5. No Elias Rymal was indexed in the 1850 TN census. The family has not been traced further.

14.  Who was Elizabeth Duncan who married Wesley Oliver on 6 March 1834 in Washington Co. TN? See Nancy Duncan, Section I, 8.8.3, who married Alexander Oliver in 1830.

15.  Who was John T. Duncan, born 1821 NC, who married Sarah C. Dyke on 5 May 1841 in Monroe Co. TN; died 30 July 1893 in Benton, Franklin Co. IL? Sarah was born 1820 Greene Co. TN; died 17 March 1907 in Knight Prairie, Hamilton Co. IL. John was in Monroe Co. TN in 1850 (pg. 126) and Hamilton Co. IL in 1870 in Twp. 53, Range 7E; in 1880 they lived in Browning Twp, Franklin Co. IL. He may be a brother of Richard Duncan who was in Montgomery Co. TN in 1850 (pg. 271) and Hamilton Co. IL in 1870 two households from John T. (Query by and line of Tamra Duncan of NC (address not included here))

16.  Who was James Duncan, born 1818 Greene Co. TN, who married Elizabeth Yeakley on 5 Oct. 1843 in Greene Co. TN, bondsman Daniel Bailey? Elizabeth "Louisa" was born 1825 TN. The fathers of both James and Elizabeth were in the War of 1812 (1883 "History of Greene Co. MO" by Western Hist. Co., pg. 651, for son Thomas J. Duncan, born 23 March 1848, who moved to Greene Co. MO in 1876). The family was in Greene Co. TN 1850 (pg. 272/541, James and Louiza) with children Mary A. 6, Henry 4, Joseph 2, Sarah C. 9/12 TN. Is Elizabeth Yeakley related to the Yoakley families of Sullivan Co. TN? Is James Duncan related to Jesse or Rice Duncan (Sec. I, 7.2. or 7.3.)?

17.  Who was Elizabeth Duncan, born 1824 TN, who married John D. Guin (b. 1824) on 1 April 1847 in Washington Co. TN; in Greene Co. TN 1850 (pg. 547) with children Yarah J. b. 1847 and Robert E. b. 1849, and also Anna McGee b. 1836. See Nancy Duncan (10. above) who married Charles Whitson in 1816, bondsman James Guinn; and Jane Duncan (Sec. III, 2.12.) who married Thomas Guin.

18.  Who was Ellen M. Duncan, born 1810, who married at age 38 to Alexander Deummind, age 34, on 5 Dec. 1848 in Louisa Co. IA? Is she related to the Duncans in Section III who settled in Louisa Co. IA about 1846?

Researchers of These Families - (addresses not included here)

Ronny Bodine of MD; query in "Ansearchen News" Vol. 36, 1989 (5.)

Mrs. Delores Duncan of OK (4.)

Mr. Sammie J. Duncan of TX (4.)

Tamra Duncan of NC (15.)

Judy Ecklar of KY; query in "The Pellissippian" #4, 1983 (5.)



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