Some Duncan Families of Eastern Tennessee Before 1800


Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson
the Genealogy Bug

October 28, 2003

Section I

Marshall Duncan the Elder and his Descendants


This is an attempt to list the known descendants of Marshall Duncan the Elder. There are many researchers working on these lines, but it seems that an overall summary of what has been found so far would be helpful. Marshall Duncan is referred to as "the Elder" because he is the first of that name in this country.

Marshall Duncan the Elder was probably born about 1700-1710 in Prince William Co. VA; in 1739 Daniel Marr leased 100 acres of land to Marshall Duncan, his wife Ann, and his son John. The land was described as at the Marsh and running to the old John Hopper line (Prince William Co. VA Deed Book D, pg. 251). The Elk Marsh area was included in Fauquier Co. when that county was formed from Prince William in 1759 ("Fauquier During the Proprietorship" by H.C. Groome, pg. 88-91). Marshall Duncan was listed as a voter in the Election of Burgesses for the County of Prince William in 1741, in the territory which covered the present counties of Prince William, Fairfax, Loudoun, and Fauquier; it extended along the Potomac to the Blue Ridge ("Gleanings of VA History" by Wm. Fletcher Boogher, pg. 116-120).

Marshall Duncan was on an undated tax list as "Marshall Doncom, 2" (tithables) and on the next line, "John (blank), 0" tithables, in North Carolina on the Dan River from County line Creek & upwards in Thos. Lovelattey's Dist." in the files for Granville Co. NC (NC State Archives, Raleigh); the list was probably before 1751. He also was on the dated 1751 list on the Dan River, as "Marshall Doncom, John Doncom, 2". This area actually may have been in what was Rowan Co. NC by 1753, but Rowan Co. is said to have been formed from Anson Co. rather than Granville. Marshall was in Rowan Co. NC (later Surry Co. then Stokes Co.) as early as 1764 or 1765 when he was bondsman for the marriage of his son Marshall Jr. (Sr.). By 1768, he was on a tax list in Rowan Co. NC in the Townfork and Upper Dan River district, on the list of Jacob Laesch as "Marshal Dunckam Sen & sons Willm, Thom, Reis, Charls & Joseph, 6" (tithables); and separate listings for "John Dunkam Constable - but for Nathan Carther, 1"; and for "Marshal Dunkam jun, 1" ("NC Genealogical Society Journal" Vol. XI #4, Nov. 1983, pg. 195; from Lenox Baker). He was on the tax lists in Surry Co. NC in 1771, 1772, and 1774 ("Surry and Wilkes Cos. NC Taxables, 1771-1800; Volume 1, 1771-1777", by William Perry Johnson, 1974). He was mentioned in the records of the Moravians in 1772, "As the Tannery cannot well do without lime and Marshal Duncan will not burn anymore, Br. Herbst will see whether Duncan will not let him burn lime there." (Extracts From Minutes of the Aufsdher Collegeum, 1772, pg. 701, Saturday 1st Aug, from Vol. II, "Records of Moravian Archives" by Adelaide Fries; from Alice Duncan.)

He died in 1777 in Surry Co. NC (Surry Co. Will Book 1, pg. 74; original will at the NC State Archives, Raleigh). His will dated 26 Aug. 1776 and probated May, 1777, named his wife Mary Ann and his eleven children: John Duncan, Mary Ann Duncan, Wm. Duncan, Ann Duncan, Marshall Duncan, Thomas Duncan, Rice Duncan, Charles Duncan, Joseph Duncan, Robert Duncan, and James Duncan. He named his son John Duncan and William Hill as executors; the will was witnessed by John Duncan, Charles Duncan, and William Hill. Marshall Duncan signed by mark "+" but the three witnesses all wrote their names. (Research in possession of Mrs. Bobbie McDowell is source for much of the data on Marshall Duncan; see also "Marshall Duncan I and Some of His Descendants" by the late George O. Duncan, uncle of Mrs. Bobbie McDowell, in the Los Angeles Public Library.)

1.  John Duncan, born about 1733 Prince William Co. VA; married Roseannah -------- before 1768.

      John was in "Granville Co." NC in 1751 as a tithable, along with his father (see above); in Rowan Co. NC 1768 as a constable on the tithable list, and in Surry Co. 1771, 1772, and 1774 as a tithable. He was in Surry Co. NC 1776 when he witnessed his father's will. He was in Washington Co. TN by 1778 (tax list); in Washington or Sullivan Co. TN 1781-1783 (NC Rev. Army Accounts in "TN Soldiers in the Revolution" by Allen); had land next to Isaac Titsworth on the falling branch of Horse Creek, Sullivan Co. TN by 1790 and died after 1794 (Sullivan Co. Deed Book 1, pg. 498, 707). No will has been located for John Duncan in either Sullivan or Washington Co. TN.

      --   One John Duncan was in the Kings Mountain Men in 1780, but see the 1855 obituary of John Duncan of Franklin Co. GA, under Marshall Duncan (5.) who was on the tax lists in Franklin Co. GA in 1801-02.

      John's widow Roseannah married 2nd William Stevenson; she died 1825 Washington Co. TN. Roseannah Stevenson's will (Washington Co. Will Book 1, pg. 151) dated 15 March 1825 and probated July, 1825, mentioned her former husband, John Duncan, and in accordance with his will dated 17 July 1776, left the real estate which her second husband was then in possession of, to be "equally divided between Joseph Duncom Junior of Rice Duncom and Rice Duncom Jr and Marvel Duncom sons of Joseph Duncom Sen. which is brothers to the said John Duncom their children which I make legatees descendant heirs of the said John Duncan" and left her personal estate and slaves to Stacy Melvin, formerly Stacy Duncan, a daughter of Charles Duncan who was a brother to John Duncan. She appointed "my friend" James Melvin as executor, and the will was witnessed by William Grimsley, John English and Joseph Crouch. See Joseph Duncan (7.1.), son of Rice Duncan (7.); and Rice Duncan (9.1.) and Marvel Duncan (9.2.), sons of Joseph Duncan (9.).

      On 2 May 1832, recorded 15 March 1834, William Stevenson made a bond in Washington Co. TN to Joseph Duncan (7.1.) that Stevenson would relinquish his right to the land where he then lived, formerly owned by John Duncan (1.) and lying on the fall branch of Horse Creek, to take place at Stevenson's death or when he left the place, and that he would not benefit from the statute of limitation on the part that Joseph Duncan had (Washington Co. TN Deed Book 20, pg. 146). In 1838 Joseph Duncan of Blount Co. TN conveyed to William Stevenson 320 acres of land "whereon said Stevenson now lives, formerly the property of John Duncan, dec'd, on the waters of Fall Branch of Horse Creek," corner to a 400-acre tract granted to John Duncan (Washington Co. TN Deed Book 22, pg. 151). No grantor deed has been found in Sullivan or Washington Co. TN for relinquishment by Rice or Mervel Duncan to their shares of this land, but it is possible that the statute of limitation mentioned in the 1832 relinquishment bond was the reason.

      William Stevenson was born 1750-60 (1830 Wash. Co. TN census, pg. 247), died about 1845 (Washington Co. TN Will Book 1, pg. 327), leaving his property to Jessee Hiter Crouch who married Stevenson's relation Jemima McGuire.

      Neither John Duncan nor Roseannah apparently had children.

2.  Mary Ann Duncan, born about 1735 Prince William Co. VA; died after 1776. No later information.

3.  William Duncan, born about 1737 Prince William Co. VA; on 1768 tax list in his father's household in Rowan Co. NC but listed separately in 1771 Surry Co. NC; in Surry Co. NC until at least 1782 (tax lists). He was in Hawkins Co. TN 1790 (Hawkins Co. TN voter list 8 March 1790). On 3 Nov. 1796, William Duncan of Hawkins Co., Territory South of the River Ohio (Tennessee), sold 200 acres in Stokes Co. NC to Matthew Harris, witnessed by Joseph Cloud and Joseph Duncan (Stokes Co. NC Deed Book 3, pg. 58); this Joseph Duncan is most likely his brother (9.). William is possibly in Shelby Co. KY in 1797 (tax list).

      --   One William Duncan had a Commissioner's certificate for 200 acres on Crooked Creek on "this side" of Flower Gap, waters of New River, in Montgomery Co. VA; he assigned the certificate to Richd. Pruitt who assigned it to Samuel Logan, who entered it on 11 Sept. 1782 ("Early Adventures on the Western Waters" Vol. II, by Kegley, pg. 52).

      William Duncan has not been identified later to determine his possible descendants.

4.  Ann Duncan, born about 1738 Prince William Co. VA; died after 1776. No later information.

5.  Marshall Duncan, born about 1739 Prince William Co. VA; married Betsey Denston Rogers, Rowan Co. NC marriage bond dated 9 March 1765 by Marshall Duncan Sr. (the Elder) ("Rowan Co. NC Marriage Bonds, Abstracts, Vol. 1, 1753-1868" by Holcombe). A family group sheet filed in Salt Lake gave the marriage as 2 April 1765 in Cumberland Co. NC, source "NC pub E Vol 3 marr of Cumberland"; since no proof has been found in the Cumberland Co. NC records, this family group sheet may be in error. Betsey Denston Rogers was the daughter of widow Catharine Denston Rogers.

      Marshall was in the Town Fork or Upper Dan River District, Rowan Co. NC in 1768 (tax list). He was in Botetourt Co. VA on William Herbert's list of tithables in 1771 as Marchel Dunkam; one Joseph Dunkin (Sec. III, 4.) was on the same list, as were several of the Rogers family; he was on that list in 1772, but Joseph Dunkin was in Walter Crockett or Capt. Doack's company ("New River Tithables 1770-1773" by Kegley; "VA Gene." Vol. 9&10, 1965-6). Marshall gave his oath of allegiance to James McCorkle of Montgomery Co. VA between 30 Sept. and 5 Dec. 1778 ("Early Adventures on the Western Waters" Vol. I, by Kegley, pg. 146-7), and about 1781 he was on the tax list of Elk Creek District as not fit ("Militia of Montgomery Co. VA 1777-1790" by Kegley). He was on the tax list of 1782 with 1 white pole, 6 horses, 14 cattle, and land ("Montgomery Co. VA Tax List 1782" by Kegley; "1782-1787 VA Taxpayers" by Fothergill). A Commissioner's certificate was issued to Isaac Maiden who assigned it to Wm. Lee who assigned it to Marshall Duncan, for 400 acres of land on Elk Creek in Montgomery Co. VA, settled in 1772, and entered 13 Sept. 1782 ("Early Adventures on the Western Waters" Vol. II, by Kegley, pg. 56, 117) but no record has been found of the disposition of the land or the certificate.

      Marshall Duncan was on Horse Creek, Sullivan Co. TN, by 1783 next to Thomas Titsworth Sr. ("Marshall Duncan's branch" in Sullivan Co. Deed Book 1, pg. 1), whose land also adjoined Isaac Titsworth; in 1789 Isaac Titsworth sold one parcel of land on the Fall Branch of Horse Creek which was on Charles Duncans (10.1.) orphans line (Sullivan Co. TN Deed Book 1, pg. 385). Marshall Duncan was in Hawkins Co. TN 1786-1794 on Caney Creek next to Henry Johns (Hawkins Co. Deed Book 1, pg. 3, 129; Book 2, pg. 146; Book 3, pg. 164); probably in Shelby Co. KY 1797-1815 on Elk Creek (tax lists). (some data from Mr. Charles Wilson and Mr. Merritt Wolfe, but not their line). Marshall Duncan of Hawkins Co. TN sold some of his land to Henery Johns (Hawkins Co. TN Deed Book 2, pg. 146). It is possible this Henry Johns is related to Sally and Nancy Johns who married Marshall (5.2.) and Robert Duncan (5.3.) in 1799 and 1801 in Shelby Co. KY.

      --   Marshall Duncan and Henry Johns were bondsman for the marriage on 6 April 1799 of Thomas Johns to Sally Reed, daughter of Calip and Rebeccah, in Shelby Co. KY ("KY Marriage Records" pub. 1983, from Joseph Hammond). Thomas Johns (Jones) was a witness to the marriage in Shelby Co. KY of Thomas Jones Jr. to Mary Wood on 8 April 1799, witnessed also by Elias Hoagland who married Sarah Wood, daughter of Mary Wood, on Nov. 1, 1797. Family tradition is that the Jones family left NC for KY via AL when they became dissatisfied with slavery; Thomas Jones and Mary Wood were from NC; they went from KY to IN in 1811 but returned to KY because of the Indians (Pigeon Roost Massacre, near Vienna, in Scott Co. IN). ("Jones Family", from notebooks of Kay D. Hampton bef. 1970; loaned through Lu Durham 1988, now at Platte Co. MO Historical Society.) The Jones or Johns family has not been traced to look for further connections to the Duncan family.

      There are several Marshall Duncans in the early 1800's.

      --   There are two Marshall Duncans in Warren Co. KY in 1806 and 1807 (tax lists) who married there or whose children married there, from 1805 to 1808. (See later under Joseph Duncan 9. Cont. for more Duncans in early Warren Co. KY.)

      --   One Marshall Duncan was in Franklin Co. GA in 1801-02 (tax lists), and lived there in 1805 when, as an unmarried or single person, he drew a blank in the land lottery ("1805 GA Land Lottery" by Wood, 1964, pg. 98-99, from Jean Walker).

            --   One John Duncan was also on those Franklin Co. GA tax lists and had the lottery number next to Marshall's in 1805. It is probable this John Duncan is the same John Duncan Jr., born 17 April 1764 in "Randolph" Co. NC (obit), son of a John Duncan Sr. of Randolph Co. NC (Randolph Co. NC Deed Book 7, pg 224), who had moved to Franklin Co. GA by 1806 (Randolph Co. NC Deed Book 11, pg. 57, 58). John had land and dealings in the adjoining counties of Franklin, Hall, and Jackson Co. GA (deeds) until his death in Jackson Co. GA on 7 Dec. 1855 (obit). According to his obituary, he had been a soldier of the Revolution and a participant at King's Mountain ("Marriage and Death Notices from Extant Asheville NC Newspapers, 1840-1870" by Robert M. Topkins, from Evelyn Sigler).

            --   As yet there is NO PROOF whether or not the Marshall Duncan in Franklin Co. GA 1801-02 is a son of John who died in 1855; all of John's children have not been identified. Also, there is NO PROOF if or how John Duncan Sr. of Randolph Co. NC is related to Marshall Duncan the Elder. However, in 1834, while living in Hall Co. GA, this John Duncan (b. 1764) gave an affidavit on behalf of Robert Duncan, born 14 June 1762 in Randolph Co. NC, wife Hannah Carr, died 2 July 1845 in Greenville Co. SC, that John had served a tour of duty with Robert under Capt. John Rains in the Revolutionary War, from Randolph Co. NC (Rev. War Pension file of Robert Duncan, wife Hannah, S-21167, NC, TN, SC). Robert served his third tour of duty when he lived on the Watauga River in Washington Co. TN, in place of his cousin Charles Duncan (8., b. 1748). This seems to indicate that Robert (b. 1762) and John (b. 1764) could be brothers, and their father John Sr. could be either a nephew of Marshall Duncan or a much younger brother, but there is NO PROOF. The family of Robert Duncan (b. 1762) was researched by Dr. Lenox D. Baker of NC (address not included here) who has furnished much information; and is also being researched by Mrs. Isadora D. Spurlock Hancock of CA (address not included here), Mrs. Helen Duncan of KS (address not included here), Mrs. Mary Thomas of CA (address not included here), and Mr. Weir H. Bell of WA (address not included here).

         One Marshall Duncan signed a Petition to Congress 12 Dec. 1809 in Harrison Co. IN saying he had done military duty, paid tax and was over 21 ("Territorial Papers, Indiana Territory", Vol. VII, pg. 692); this Marshall Duncan may be the one in the Harrison Co. Militia who was killed in action 7 Nov. 1811 at the Battle of Tippecanoe ("Harrison County 1808-1825" by Hisey, pg. 55).

      --   Marshall Duncan and William Duncan signed a legislative petition from citizens of Rutherford and Bedford Co. TN in 1823 asking that certain sections of some civil districts be attached to Bedford Co. TN ("TN Genealogical Records" by Edythe Whitley, 1935-1936; Vol. 9, pg. 23, box 32). It seems likely that this Marshall Duncan of Rutherford or Bedford Co. TN 1823 is either Marshall Duncan (5.) of Shelby Co. KY, or possibly a son of William Duncan (3.) whose children are unidentified. William Duncan who signed the petition may be William (5.1.), the son of Marshall (5.).

      --   One Marshall Duncan was born 1798 Culpeper Co. VA, son of James Duncan (d. Culpeper Co. VA by 1817; Deed Book II, pg. 12, named heirs) and Dorcas Butler (of Rappahannock Co. VA 1835; Deed Book B, pg. 384); he was in Culpeper Co. VA in 1822 and Edmondson Co. KY in 1829-1830. This Marshall Duncan died in 1833 in Rutherford Co. TN (Rutherford Co. TN Will Book 9, pg. 64) but there is no indication he was there earlier. His widow, Mary Ann (Garner), moved to Platte Co. MO. Other children of James Duncan and Dorcas (Butler) were Lewis who married Harriet Kinnard in 1827, James, Lucy, William, Hiram and John, proved by deeds in Culpeper Co. VA. The family of James and Dorcas (Butler) Duncan is being researched by Miss Lu Durham of MO (address not included here), and by Mrs. Dorothy V. Kincaid of WA (address not included here); both have furnished much information.

      --   Another Marshall Duncan (8.3.) was in White Co. TN 1812-1839 but there is no indication he was ever in Rutherford Co. TN. One George Marshall Bonaparte Duncan lived in Smith Co. TN in the 1830's but there is no indication he was ever in Bedford or Rutherford Co. nor did he normally use only the name "Marshall Duncan." Another Marshall Duncan (11.3.) was in Sangamon Co. IL about 1821; his son Marshall T. Duncan (11.3.3.) was born in 1809 and was too young to sign this petition in 1823.

      Probable children of Marshall Duncan of Shelby Co. KY, but NO PROOF:

      5.1.  William Duncan, born 1764-75; married Ruth Granger or Gregory; died before 1830, buried in Henson Springs Cemetery, Lamar (originally Marion) Co. AL ("History of AL and Dictionary of AL Biography" by Thomas M. Owens, Vol. III, pg. 516-519, biography of George Webster Duncan, from Donna Little; "Duncan" Genealogy by Elizabeth Duncan Pearson and her letter of 1972 to Pauline Miles of Memphis, TN; data from Mrs. Alvice Duncan Ferguson, 2411 Colorado Avenue, San Angelo, TX 76901; her line).

                  William Duncan was said to have gone from Pendleton Co. SC to Warren Co. KY to Bedford Co. TN to Northern AL ("History of AL"). There is an unexplained William Duncan in Warren Co. KY 1799-1813; see later as William Duncan (9.3.), son of Joseph Duncan (9.).

                  Ruth Duncan was in Marion Co. AL in 1830 (pg. 174) and lived with her son Marshall Duncan in 1840 ("M. Duncan", pg. 49); she was born 1770-80 and apparently died before 1850. Ruth had a land claim in 1833 in Marion Co. AL ("Old Huntsville Land Office Records and Military Warrants 1810-1854"; from Evelyn Sigler). There is no proof that William was the son of Marshall, but William's son Robert (5.1.5.) told his son and granddaughter that his (Robert's) grandfather was named Marshall. William was said to have been born in "McLenburg, VA" (compare 5.1.6. below) and married in South Carolina; they lived in Pendleton Dist. SC, VA, Warren Co. KY, Bedford Co. TN, then to northern AL (data of Martha McDowell to Wilton Duncan Jr., 1983; "History of AL")

                  William Duncan is also said to have married Miss Vicy Colbert, daughter of Genl. Chief George Colbert of "Muscle Shoals" AL and his wife Saleechie, daughter of "Chief Doublehead", Lauderdale Co. AL. This William was given as the father of John (5.1.4) who married Mary Hargett. ("The Morketts Anne (Duncan) Smallwood Lineage", from notebooks of Kay D. Hampton).

                  There is NO PROOF this is the same William Duncan other than a probable connection because Mary Hargett married John Duncan (5.1.4.) and Martha Ann Hargett married Robert Duncan (5.1.5.); both families were in the same area and same time period and both men were said to be the son of a William Duncan.

                  This may be the William Duncan who signed the legislative petition in Bedford or Rutherford Co. TN in 1823 with Marshall Duncan (5.).

                  Children of William Duncan (Elizabeth Duncan Pearson's material):

            5.1.1.  Jonathan Duncan.

            5.1.2.  Marshall Duncan, born 1800-10, probably married about 1827, wife unknown; died after 1840. He was in Marion Co. AL in 1830 (pg. 173) with a male 20-30, a female 15-20, and a young male under 5; and as "M. Duncan" in 1840 (pg. 49) with a male 30-40, no corresponding female, one male 10-15 and one 5-10, two females 5-10 and two under 5, and an older female age 60-70. This older female is probably his mother, Ruth, widow of William. He had a land claim on 29 July 1836 in Marion Co. AL ("Old Huntsville Land Office Records and Military Warrants 1810-1854").

                        --   Marshall was not on the 1850 census of Marion Co. AL, but on pg. 128 there was an Elizabeth Duncan, age 38, born NC, and children John C. 16, Ruthy 13, Eveline 11, Rachael 10, Napoleon B. 6, and Francis A. 3, all born AL. It is probable several of these children had moved to Young Co. TX by 1856 from AR. Ruth Duncan had married Zerrel J. Harmonson. J. Cole Duncan had married Mrs. Martha A. Hester. William B. Duncan had maried Sarah -------- and had four children and after the war years married Mrs. M.T. Bana; this may have been the William B. Duncan in Shelby Co. TX in 1850 (pg. 16) born 1825 AL, wife Margaret J. born 1831 TN, and son Thomas L. age 2/12 TX, also Thomas A.R. Duncan born 1834 TN and Eliz. A. Benge born 1836 TN. Eveline Duncan had married Robert M. Matthews. William's son Thomas was 15 in 1863, but gave his age as 17 to muster into the same company as his father and uncles. (Newspaper Clipping, Wichita Falls, TX, Sunday, May 23, 1982, name of newspaper not given; from Marcie Bridges) It is possible that Marshall Duncan married a second time and this was his widow and family but there is NO PROOF.

            5.1.3.  William Duncan, born 1800-1810; married about 1827; died after 1830. "William Dunham" was in Marion Co. AL in 1830 (pg. 161), age 20-30, with a female age 30-40, and one male and one female under 5. He has not been identified later.

            5.1.4.  John Duncan, born 1806 KY; married Mary Hargett (b. 1806 NC) about 1837; died after 1850. "John Dunham" was in Marion Co. AL in 1830 (pg. 161) with one household between his and William's (5.1.3.); he was age 20-30, with a female age 20-30, and one male 15-20, one male 10-15, and two males 5-10; he is not identified in 1840 census. He was in Marion Co. AL in 1850 (pg. 92), age 44 KY, Mary 44 NC, and the children listed below. Elizabeth D. Pearson's material states he was on the AL census in 1860, age 53, but does not give a more complete reference.

                        "The Morketts Anne (Duncan) Smallwood Lineage", from Henry Christensen V, 1411 34th Street, Sheffield, AL 35660, 18 Feb. 1967, to Nancy Reba Roy, copied in the notebooks of Kay D. Hampton, now at the Platte Co. MO Historical Library, said that John Duncan was born about 1800 NC; died about 1855 in MS or AL; married Miss Mary Hargett of NC, daughter of Henry Hargett and granddaughter of Genl. Frederick Hargett of NC who fought in the Rev. War. The Hargetts left NC 1831 and settled in north AL; John Duncan may have married twice. His children, two by first wife and the rest by second wife ("The Morketts Anne (Duncan) Smallwood Lineage"), ages from census:

          William "Bill" Duncan, born 1838 AL; married Margaret Brandon?; died in Denver, CO, in 1920's.

          Morketts Annie Duncan, born 1840 AL; married 1876 in Tuscumbia, AL, to Greenberry Smallwood, widower from GA; died 1920 Tuscumbia, AL, buried in Hawk Pride Cemetery, AL. Children: John McCluskey Smallwood (great-grandfather of Mr. Cristensen).

          Lucinda "Cind" Duncan, born 1841 AL; died about 1918 in Tuscumbia, AL; married about 1859 to Joseph Rutland, planter of Tuscumbia [Colbert/Franklin Co.], AL. Children: three sons and one daughter.

          Jonathan or John Duncan, born 1842 AL; was a Confederate soldier; married 1884 in Tuscumbia, AL, to Miss Margaret L. Barrett; died about 1926 in AL on AL-MS line. Children: Gallus Duncan, of Hightower Missouri, and others.

          Sarah Emmeline Duncan, born 1844 AL; married in 1874 in Tuscumbia, AL, to Jeremiah Daily, O.M.G.; died about 1924 in Florence, AL.

          Mary E(lizabeth?) Duncan "Babe", born 1845 AL; married 1874 in Tuscumbia to William R. Rutland, planter of Tuscumbia; died about 1890 in Tuscumbia, AL.

          Daughter, name unknown.

            5.1.5.  Robert Duncan, born 1811 in TN; married Martha Ann Hargett about 1832; died 1898 in Franklin Co. AL; buried in Belgreen, Franklin Co. AL. (Elizabeth D. Pearson material; "History of AL and Dictionary of AL Biography" by Thomas M. Owens, Vol. III; pg. 516-9.)

                        --   One Robert Duncan was in Russelville, Franklin Co. AL in 1840 (pg. 273) with a male and female age 20-30 and two males under 5; a Robert Duncan was in Dist. 6, Franklin Co. AL in 1850 (pg. 237) in a household consisting of Robert, age 38, b. AL; wife Martha, age 28, b. AL; and children John 14, James 13, William 12, Thomas 11, Elijah 10, Elias 9, all b. AL. This is apparently another Robert Duncan unless some of his children used their middle names, or there were additional sons. There was no Robert Duncan in the 1850 Marion Co. AL census.

                        Children of Robert Duncan and Martha Ann Hargett (Elizabeth Duncan Pearson material; data from and line of Mrs. Alvice Duncan Ferguson, 2411 Colorado Avenue, San Angelo, TX 76901):

          Henry Duncan, buried at Mocadonia near Atwood, AL.

          Pryor Duncan, buried at Max Branch, near old home, AL.

          William? "Bill" Duncan, buried on Max Branch, near old home, AL.

          Andrew Adolphus Duncan "Dub", buried on George Hargett place, AL.

          John Duncan, buried at Spruce Pine, AL.

          Thomas Alford Duncan, born 25 July 1841 in Franklin Co. AL; married Margaret Sophronia Hargett on 27 Aug. 1865; died 29 Oct. 1923, Rockwood, and is buried in Russellville, AL, next to wife. Margaret was born 3 June 1844, Belle Green, Franklin Co. AL, died 1 May 1928, Rockwood, near Russellville, AL, daughter of Richard Hargett and Elizabeth Hartis, of Rockwood ("Early Yandells of NC", from Evelyn Sigler). Thomas Alford was in the cavalry of Gen. Nathan B. Forrest in the Civil War. At least one of his brothers was also, because he was killed in South Alabama, and Thomas brought him home for burial. ("History of AL and Dictionary of AL Biography" by Thomas M. Owens, Vol. III, pg. 516-9, for George Webster Duncan; from Donna Little). They had 9 children ("History of AL"; Elizabeth Duncan Pearson material):

                George Webster Duncan, born 12 Oct. 1866.

                Ellis Madison Duncan, born 15 Feb. 1873; married Helen Frances Dunning on 25 Jan. 1910 in Chicago, IL (more not extracted) ("Distinguished Men, Women and Families of Franklin Co. AL" by Robert Leslie James, about 1926, pg. 30).

                Luther Noble Duncan, born 14 Oct. 1875; married Miss Anne Smith of Livingston on 26 Feb. 1902 ("Distinguished Men, Women and Families of Franklin Co. AL" by Robert Leslie James, about 1926, pg. 27-29).

                Lucy Duncan.

                Margaret Duncan.

                Kate Duncan.

                Irvin Duncan.

                Daniel Washington Duncan, died 1970, Russellville.

                One died at age 9 or 10.

          Raleigh Houston Duncan, born 14 April 1845, married Mary Keziah McDaniel, born 31 Aug. 1855 (data of Alvice Duncan Ferguson); children born 1876 to 1890. "Houston" buried at Spruce Pine, AL.

            5.1.6.  Dossell Duncan, born 25 Aug. 1813 ("Morketts Anne Smallwood") in TN; married Margaret Hartis (b. 1808 NC) about 1836; died after 1850. "D. Duncan" was in Marion Co. AL 1840 (pg. 49) with a male 20-30 and a female 30-40; and a male 60-70 and female 50-60. "Oswell" Duncan was there in 1850 (pg. 98), age 37, b. TN, with wife Margarett, age 42, b. NC, and children ("Donsel or Sousel" in Elizabeth Duncan Pearson material; Dozzle in "The Morketts Anne (Duncan) Smallwood Lineage"). Margaret Hartis was born 1808 in Mecklenburg Co. NC and went with her sister's family to Franklin Co. AL where she later married Dossell Duncan ("The Early Yandells of NC", from Evelyn Sigler). Children from census:

          Mary E. Duncan, born 1837 AL.

          Rebecca Duncan, born 1839 AL.

          Rutha Duncan, born 1840 AL.

          Nancy Ann Duncan, born 1842 AL.

          William James Duncan, born 1844 AL.

          Eliza Jane Duncan, born 1846 AL.

          John W. Duncan, born 1848 AL.

            5.1.7.  Raleigh Duncan, born 6 June 1820 in TN ("Morketts Anne Smallwood"); married to Rachael -------- (b. 1818 TN) about 1840. Raleigh Duncan was in Marion Co. AL in 1850 (pg. 141), age 30, b. TN, with wife Rachael, age 32, b. TN, and children. Raleigh was in Ellistown, Pontotoc Co. MS 1860 (#2336) as Tangley? or Langley? Duncan 42 TN farmer; Rachel 43 TN, children, and also Robert Duncan 21 TN laborer. Children from census:

          Talitha A. Duncan, born 1840 AL.

          Cynthia E. Duncan, born 1841-42 AL.

          Martha J. Duncan, born 1842-43 AL.

          Lanora Duncan, born 1845 AL.

          Charles W. Duncan, born 1846-47 AL.

          Caroline Duncan, born 1849 AL; not on 1860 census.

          Nancy C. Duncan, born 1851 AL.

          William R. Duncan, born 1853 AL.

          Robert C. Duncan, born 1855 AL.

          Rachel E. Duncan, born 1856 AL.

            5.1.8.  Eli Duncan, born 1823 in TN; married about 1848 to Elizabeth J. -------- (b. 1827 TN); in Marion Co. AL 1850 (pg. 132). Child from census:

          Mary C. Duncan, born 1850 AL (age 6/12 on census).

            5.1.9.  Edward Duncan, born 1827 in AL (census); married to Cynthia -------- (b. 1826 AL) about 1842; in Marion Co. AL 1850 (pg. 92). ("Edwin Duncan" on Family Group Sheets of Mary N. Smith, 9717 Main St., Hebron, IL 60034, 2/2/1983). Children from 1850 census and Family Group Sheets:

          Nancy E. Duncan, born 1843 AL (1850 census).

          Julia Ann Duncan, born 1846 AL (1850 census).

          Hulday C. Duncan, born 1848 AL (1850 census; "M.C." on Family Group Sheet).

          Daughter, unnamed, born 1849 AL (age 9 months on census; not listed on Family Group Sheet).

          Rachel L. Duncan, born about 1851 AL.

          Tabitha A. Duncan, born about 1853 AL.

          Charlie Duncan, born Oct. 1855 AL; married 1st in 1877 to Diana Wilford, born Feb. 1860 MS; married 2nd Fannie --------; died fall of 1933-34 possibly in Trenton, Gibson Co. TN (line and information of Mrs. Smith) (MAD 10/28/2003: Error, that Charlie Duncan with wife Diana Wilford was in 1880 Tishomingo Co. MS census and was not the Charles Duncan who was son of Edward or Edwin Duncan and wife Cynthia).

          Mary A. Duncan, born about 1856 AL.

          Angeline Duncan, born about 1858 AL.

          Baby Duncan, born about 1860 AL.

            --   One Richard H. Duncan, born 1800 SC, wife Elizabeth Body born 1796 SC, in Marion Co. AL in 1850 (pg. 151, sons Richard A. and A.P. Duncan on pg. 152) had no known relationship to William Duncan (5.1.). He was probably from Edgefield Co. SC; he was in Bibb Co. AL in 1830 (pg. 168); in Marshall Co. AL in 1840 (R. Duncan on pg. 66); and in Leon Co. TX in 1860 (pg. 32). His wife was a daughter of Allen Body (power of attorney 24 Nov. 1833 in Edgefield Dist. SC Estate Divisions, from "SC Magazine of Ancestral Research" 1984, Vol. XII, #1, pg. 92; from Lucille Mehrkam).

      5.2.  Marshall Duncan, son of Marshall, possibly born about 1781; married Sally Johns on 16 April 1799 in Shelby Co. KY, bondsman Thomas Johns; probably died about 1802 Shelby Co. KY (tax lists). He was on the 1799 and 1800 tax lists as a tithable age 16 to 21; not listed in 1801; and on the 1802 tax list, over 21, as Marshall Duncomb Jr. Sally was on the tax lists for 1803 and 1804 on Elk Creek in Shelby Co. KY.

      5.3.  Robert Duncan, born 1783; married Nancy Johns (b. 1783) on 15 Oct. 1801 in Shelby Co. KY. Consent was given by John Johns and Lidda Johns for the marriage of their daughter, witnessed by Henry Johns; bondsman was Marshall Duncan. Robert was in Shelby Co. KY 1801 and 1808 (tax lists); was on the 1819 tax list in Merimack Twp., Franklin Co. MO; was a judge about 1826 in Franklin Co. MO (info from Mr. Louis Boone, source not given); and lived there in 1830 (pg. 147), 1840 (pg. 234), and 1850 (pg. 29 with his son William 5.3.4.). (Some data from Mr. Louis Boone, but not his line.) Not all Franklin Co. MO deeds have been checked due to poor or missing indexes, and there appear to be marriage records missing. Franklin Co. MO deeds name some of his children, but NO PROOF for all of them:

            5.3.1.  John Duncan, born 1802 MO; married Elizabeth Duncan on 18 Oct. 1837 in Franklin Co. MO, when both were of age. This John Duncan was born before 1816, and probably born in KY if this John is the son of Robert Duncan, but there is NO PROOF. Neither Richard Duncan (b. 1789) nor his brother Elijah Duncan (b. 1791) were old enough to have a son John Duncan born in 1802 (see after 5.3.9.). Elizabeth Duncan was born 1814 TN, and was probably the daughter of Richard Duncan (see after 5.3.9.) who was in TN at that time. The family was in 1840 Franklin Co. MO (pg. 234) with a male born 1800-10, a female b. 1810-20, and a young male under age 5. Their children from the 1850 census:

          Martin Duncan, born 1841 MO.

          Mary A. Duncan, born 1848 MO.

            5.3.2.  Marshall Duncan, born 1805 KY; married Sally King (b. 1813 MO) on 4 Jan. 1829 in Franklin Co. MO; lived Franklin Co. MO 1830 (pg. 147), 1840 (pg. 232), and 1850 (pg. 40). Children on 1850 census:

          Phebe Ann Duncan, born 1830 MO; married Larkin Musick on 18 May 1851 in Franklin Co. MO.

          Martha Duncan, born 1835 MO; married Samuel J. Woody on 8 Feb. 1856 in Franklin Co. MO at home of Marshall Duncan.

          William Duncan, born 1837 MO.

          Fidelia Duncan, born 1838 MO.

          Mary E. Duncan, born 1840 MO. One Mary Edmonson Duncan married John Harst on 21 Dec. 1853 in Franklin Co. MO, but if this was the daughter of Marshall Duncan, she would have been only 13 years old.

          John M. Duncan, born 1842 MO.

          Susan Duncan, born 1845 MO.

          Benjamin Duncan, born 1848 MO.

            5.3.3.  Son, born 1815-20; on the 1830 census but not on the 1840 census and not identified.

            5.3.4.  William Duncan, born 1818 MO; married Martha Ann -------- (b. 1825 MO) about 1848 (census and deed in 1850 in Franklin Co. MO Deed Book G, pg. 602). They were in Franklin Co. MO 1850 (pg. 29, #121) with a child. His parents, Robert and Nancy, lived with him in 1850, as well as James M. Gray age 5 (see also 5.3.8.). On 21 May 1850, William Duncan gave a bond to his father Robert Duncan and mother Nancy Duncan to support and maintain them for life and to support his sister Flarilla G. Duncan (5.3.9.) until she came of age (Franklin Co. MO Deed Book G, pg. 481); the bond was discharged on 1 Nov. 1850 (Book H, pg. 113).

          Mary E. Duncan, born 1849 MO (census).

            5.3.5.  A daughter may be Nancy, born 1819 MO, wife of Stephen Cole (b. 1815 MO), on the 1850 census of Franklin Co. MO (pg. 29, #120) next to Robert Duncan. Their family consisted of Stephen Cole 35 MO, Nancy 31 MO, Louisa J. 8, William D. 7, Mary E. 4, and James L. 2, all born in MO.

                        Nancy C. Cole married Hamble Euriah Fitzwater on 12 Dec. 1852 in Franklin Co. MO, present John Duncan and Marteal Duncan. No marriage has yet been found for a Stephen Cole to Nancy -------- in Franklin or Crawford Co. MO, to determine her last name. The only Humble Fitzwater household indexed in 1860 MO was in Crawford Co. MO as the household of Humble Fitzwater, age 55, born KY, and wife Catherine age 57 born KY. This could be Nancy Catherine Cole, but there is NO PROOF.

            5.3.6.  Thomas T. or J. Duncan, born 1820 MO; married 1st Nancy Musick on 11 Oct. 1838 in Franklin Co. MO, present Robert Duncan; married 2nd Jane Willson (b. 1828 MO) on 13 March 1845 in Franklin Co. MO. His parents are proven by Franklin Co. MO Deed Book H, pg. 399, deed from Robert Duncan 19 April 1852, to his son Thomas Duncan who was to support his father and mother who were old and infirm. Thomas apparently lived with his parents in 1840 Franklin Co. MO (Robert Duncan on census pg. 234); Thomas and Jane were in Franklin Co. MO 1850 (pg. 61, #646) and in Holt Co. MO 1860 (data from Louis Boone). Children on census:

          Lovisa J. Duncan, born 1839 MO; married John Turner on 8 Aug. 1858 in Holt Co. MO.

          Rhoda Ann Duncan, born 1843 MO; married Samuel Smith on 4 Sept. 1859 in Holt Co. MO. Thomas J. Duncan was given guardianship of his daughters Lovisa J. and Rhody A. Duncan in May, 1852 (data from Mr. Louis Boone).

          William R. Duncan, born 1845 MO (from 1850 and 1860 census); married 1st Miss Mary Ann Hatfield on 27 July 1865 in Holt Co. MO, all of Dallas Twp.; married 2nd Miss Mary A. Jones on 24 March 1872 in Holt Co. MO; married 3rd Mrs. Delila Weddle on 10 Oct. 1875 in Holt Co. MO.

                                    --   This may be the William Robert Duncan who married Delilah (Watson) --------, a widow, in Holt Co. MO, and had daughter Delilah Duncan who married Bert Lorenzo Duncan (Sec. II, 7.8.2.) on 3 Nov. 1898 (data from Mrs. Alice Young Duncan). One William R. Duncan enlisted at Fort Smith in the Civil War, in the Union Service in Co. C of the AR 1st Inf., on 19 March 1864 at age 18 (born about 1847), saying he was born in "Gaskinadd" Co. MO (Union Service Records, AR 1st Infantry; from index cards of Dorothy Davis Smith). However, there is NO PROOF this is the same man.

          Lewis N. Duncan, born 1847 MO (from 1850 and 1860 census).  One Lewis W. Duncan married Miss Magare P. Ford (Margaret?) on 12 Nov. 1871 in Holt Co. MO.

          Sarah Duncan, born 1848 MO (from 1850 census); may have died young.

          Samuel Duncan, born 1850 MO (from 1850 census); may have died young.

          Marion Duncan, born 1853 MO (from 1860 census).

          John Duncan, born 1855 MO (from 1860 census).

            5.3.7.  Another daughter may have been Lavina Duncan who married John H. Woody on 8 Dec. 1844 in Franklin Co. MO. The family has not been located on the 1850 census.

            5.3.8.  Another daughter may have married -------- Gray before 1845; had son James M. Gray b. 1845 who lived with her parents, Robert and Nancy Duncan, in 1850 Franklin Co. MO. However, it is also possible that James M. Gray was the son of Martha Ann --------, who married William Duncan (5.3.4.), by Martha's first husband. The marriage records for the Gray family have not been checked.

            5.3.9.  Flavilla C. or Flarilla G. Duncan, born after 1832 (under age in 1850); married James Wade on 5 July 1850 in Franklin Co. MO (original records give her name as Flarilla G.; "Marriage Records of Franklin Co. MO Vol. A-B, 1819-1858" by Woodruff gives her name as Priscilla E.; the deed of her brother William gives her name as Flavilla C.). The household has not been identified in the 1850 census.

            --   (Not related to Robert Duncan)   Richard Duncan, born 1789 NC, wife Mary -------- (b. 1792 NC), who was in St. Charles Co. MO in 1817-1823 (tax lists); Franklin Co. MO in 1830 (pg. 143) and 1840 (pg. 232); and Jefferson Co. MO in 1850 (pg. 415, #117). Richard was the brother of Elijah Duncan, born 1791 NC, wife Sarah Tinney, in St. Charles Co. MO in 1817-1823 (tax lists); Franklin Co. MO in 1830 (pg. 143) and 1840 (pg. 233); and Holt Co. MO in 1850 (pg. 82). Richard and Elijah were sons of Elijah Duncan Sr. who fought in the Rev. War and died in DeKalb Co. TN in 1841.

                  Richard's children are believed to be the following, but there is NO PROOF and not all have been identified (information from Mr. Louis Boone of MO (address not included here)):

                        a.  Elijah Duncan who married Elizabeth C.T. Elliot on 4 May 1841 in Franklin Co. MO and perhaps died 1848-49. His widow Elizabeth Duncan, born 1814 KY, was in Jefferson Co. MO in 1850 (pg. 415, #119) with children Mary Jane b. 1842, Lean b. 1844, Isaiah b. 1846, and Sarah Ann b. 1848, and also Joan Fitzwaters b. 1834 MO in her household; Elizabeth F. Duncan bought land in 1850 (Jefferson Co. MO Deed Book K, pg. 263) in the same section and township as Richard Duncan.

                        b.  Elizabeth Duncan, born 1814 TN; married John Duncan (5.3.1.) on 18 Oct. 1837 in Franklin Co. MO; in Jefferson Co. MO in 1850 (pg. 415, #118)

                        c.  John Duncan, born 1818 TN; married Eliza Woodland on 27 April 1842 in Franklin Co. MO. Eliza was born 1829 MO, possibly related to William Woodland who bought the land of John's brother Martin A. Duncan in 1857 in Gasconade Co. MO. John Duncan and his family were next door to Martin A. Duncan in Franklin Co. MO in 1850 (pg. 40, #296) with children James b. 1845 and Elias b. 1847 MO.

                        d.  Martin A. Duncan, born 1820 MO; married Rhoda Withinton (b. 1823 MO) on 4 Sept. 1842 in Franklin Co. MO. Martin was in Franklin Co. MO 1850 (pg. 40, #295) three households from Marshall Duncan (5.3.1.) with children Stephen b. 1845, John R. b. 1847, and Minerva b. 1849. In 1856 a judgement was rendered against him in Gasconade Co. MO (Deed Book M, pg. 31) in favor of William H. Bell?, and his property in that county was seized and sold on 16 Sept. 1857 to William Woodland, the highest bidder. This land was next to that of Thomas Houston Duncan (Gasconade Co. MO Deed Book M, pg. 432). (line of and information from Mrs. Vivian Ruegge of MO (address not included here))

                        e.  William Duncan, born 1823 MO; married Margaret Jones on 23 April 1848 in Franklin Co. MO. Margaret was born 1827 VA, daughter of Henry Jones Jr. and Hannah Hinckle, and sister of Elizabeth Catherine Jones who married his brother Thomas Houston Duncan (f.) (data from Donna Bartholow to Louis Boone). William and Margaret Duncan were in Holt Co. MO in 1850 (pg. 83) with daughter Nancy b. 1848 MO.

                        f.  Thomas Houston Duncan, born 1828 KY (census); married Elizabeth Catherine Jones on 25 Nov. 1847 in Franklin Co. MO (Houston Duncan to Elizabeth Jones on the marriage records). Elizabeth was born 1831 MO, daughter of Henry Jones Jr. and Hannah Hinckle, and sister of Margaret Jones who married his brother William Duncan (e.) (data from Donna Bartholow to Louis Boone). Thomas and Elizabeth lived with his father Richard Duncan in Jefferson Co. MO in 1850 (pg. 415, #117) and had a daughter Muhaldah J. b. 1849 MO on the census. In 1858, Thomas H. and his wife Elizabeth Catherine sold land in Gasconade Co. MO next to that of Martin A. Duncan (d.) to John Duncan (probably c.) of Franklin Co. MO (Gasconade Co. MO Deed Book M, pg. 432); he later moved to AR (data of Donna Bartholow). (information from and line of Mrs. Donna Bartholow of TX (address not included here))

                        g.  Sarah Duncan, born 1830 MO (1850 census).

                        h.  Mary Duncan, born 1830 MO (1850 census).

                        i.  Jonathan N. Duncan, born 1832 MO (1850 census).

                  Elijah Duncan Jr., brother of Richard, is the line of and being researched by Mr. Louis Boone of MO (address not included here), Colleen Nelson of WA (address not included here), and others. Mr. Louis Boone is also researching the earlier ancestry of Elijah Duncan Sr.; much of the above information has been furnished by him.

      --   (Not a son of Marshall Duncan)   William Duncan, born about 1784, son of Jesse Duncan from Buckingham Co. VA in 1807 (Shelby Co. KY Deed Book I, pg. 217) who died 1821 in Shelby Co. KY (Will Book 5, pg. 246). William married Eliza Farrell or Ford on 6 May 1809 in Shelby Co. KY; in Shelby Co. KY 1810 (pg. 219); died before 1821 when his father Jesse died. Elizabeth was born 1782 in "Kentucky", the daughter of Heze. Farrell or Ford. She was in Oldham Co. KY in 1830 (pg. 299); in Johnson Co. IN in 1834 (Oldham Co. KY Deed Book C, pg. 244); and in Brown Co. IN with her son Jesse in 1840 (pg. 183) and 1850 (pg. 231). Other children of Jesse Duncan included Margaret Duncan, Allen Duncan, Anderson Duncan, Rebecca Duncan, Jacob Duncan, and the wives of Benj. Flood, Jacob Leffler, and John M. Meriwether. (Shelby Co. KY Bundle 28, #8: 1825 Oct., Rec. Book 7, pg. 95; from Misc. Duncan notebooks of Nancy Reba Roy; estate record also from Vivian Ruegge.)

      --   (Not a son of Marshall Duncan)   Samuel Duncan, possibly born about 1778, son of James Duncan of Henry Co. KY; married Sally Webb (daughter of Amezuslus Webb) on 16 March 1801 in Shelby Co. KY. Samuel was in Shelby Co. until 1806 (tax lists). His will dated 10 Nov. 1807 was probated Dec. 1807 (Henry Co. KY Will Book 1, pg. 135), when he was of Henry Co. His will named his wife Sarah, his father James Duncan, his brothers William, James and John Duncan, and sisters Peggy and Polly; William Webb was one of the securities. In Sept. 1813, the Henry Co. KY court appointed men to settle the accounts of Sarah Britt (late Duncan), administratrix of Samuel Duncan deceased (Henry Co. Will Book 2, pg. 57). His widow Sarah married 2nd Thomas Brite on 29 Dec. 1809 in Shelby Co. KY.

6.  Thomas Duncan, born about 1741 (1740-1750); in Rowan Co. (later Surry, then Stokes Co.) NC by 1768 on the tax list with his father; married before 1774, wife unknown, and had ten children by 1790 (1790 Stokes Co. NC census); lived on Snow Creek in Surry Co. (later Stokes Co.) 1778 until death in 1836. The following children were named in his will dated 21 Nov. 1831, with codicils dated 6 Jan. 1832 and 16 May 1834, and probated Sept. 1836 (Stokes Co. NC Will Book 3, pg. 311):

      6.1.  James Duncan; in his father's 1831 will, he was given his share of the land and a negro boy Balaam already received, and half the proceeds of 100 acres of land adj. his father's old plantation; in the 1832 codicil, the entire 100 acres was to be given to Russell Duncan; James was to receive nothing more since he had been given $12 in the fall of 1831, which was his full part. In Jan. 1837, James Duncan brought suit against William Mitchel, the administrator of Thomas Duncan's estate, for $100 which James said was due him ($50 in place of some land that James would not have, and $50 because of a deficiency in a slave), and for $100 damages; the jury found for Mitchel in Dec. 1837; one witness was Rachael Flinchum; James appealed; Mitchell subpoenaed Samuel Welsh Sr. in the Spring 1839. No record of the outcome after that (Stokes Co. NC Estate Record of Thomas Duncan, from NC Archives, Raleigh, NC, from Charles O. Duncan). James Duncan has not been identified in the Stokes Co. NC census nor has he been identified elsewhere.

      6.2.  Russell Duncan; probably never married; may have been incompetent since James Welsh (6.7.) was appointed his guardian by Thomas Duncan's will. In 1831 he was given a negro boy John and half the 100 acres adjoining Thomas's old plantation; the other half was willed to James Duncan. In the 1832 codicil, Russell Duncan was given the entire 100 acres, and at Russell's death, it was to go to James York Welsh.

      6.3.  Anna Duncan; married -------- Kerns; had a son William Kerns born before 1831 who was left 5 shillings in his grandfather's will. One William Kerns was in Stokes Co. NC in 1790 (pg. 179 near Thomas and James Duncan) with a male over 21 and one female, but it is unknown if this was the husband of Anna. A Joseph Kerner (pg. 353) and a John Kerney (pg. 352) were on the 1820 census who may or may not be related. The family has not been traced.

            6.3.1.  William Kerns, born before 1831.

      6.4.  Rachel Duncan; married -------- Lysle. Rachel Lyle was left a negro girl Margaret already received, in Thomas's will of 1831. A Thomas Lilly was in Stokes Co. NC in 1810 (pg. 139) in the Beaver Island District and in 1820 (pg. 355), but it is unknown if he was the husband of Rachel. The family has not been traced.

      6.5.  Dicey Duncan; married William Fletcher on 29 Sept. 1807 in Stokes Co. NC ("Flecher" on the marriage record); may have died Dec. 1831. In 1831 she was loaned a negro girl Aley for life, who was to be sold at Dicey's death and the proceeds to go to all the heirs; the 1832 codicil left Alice to Martha Young. A William Fletcher was in Stokes Co. NC in 1810 in the Beaver Island District (pg. 139), a William Flinchum in 1820 (pg. 343), and a much younger William Fletcher in 1830 (pg. 253). William Fletcher was in 1840 Stokes Co. NC (pg. 132), age 30-40 and wife age 30-40. The family has not been traced.

      6.6.  Mary Duncan; Polly Duncan married Thomas Fletcher on 7 March 1810 in Stokes Co. NC. She was given a negro girl Lucy already received, in 1831. Thomas Fletcher was in Stokes Co. NC in 1810 in the Beaver Island District (pg. 139); and Thomas Flinchum in 1820 (pg. 343). The family has not been traced.

      6.7.  Rebecca Duncan, born 1790 NC; married James Welsh (b. 1785 NC) on 29 Aug. 1810 in Stokes Co. NC; had children James York Welsh, Elizabeth Welsh, and Rachel Welsh by 1834. In 1831 she was given Thomas's old plantation of 150 acres, and a negro girl Emily; Elizabeth and Rachel Welsh were given a bed each in 1831. In the 1832 codicil, James York Welsh was to receive 100 acres of land at the death of Russell Duncan. In an 1834 codicil, Thomas Duncan had sold the negro girl Emily for $300, which money he gave to Rebecca Welsh in place of Emily.

                  On 16 Jan. 1812, Thomas Duncan deeded to James Welch for $400, 150 acres on Snow Creek, part of his 300 acre survey, including the house and plantation where James Welch lived and where Thomas Duncan formerly lived, witnessed by Judith Duncom (Stokes Co. NC Deed Book 5, pg. 477). James Welch was in Stokes Co. NC in 1820 (pg. 376), 1830 (pg. 215), not found in 1840, and in Stokes Co. NC in 1850 (pg. 124, #784) in the Snow Creek District, listed as James Welch 65, Rebecca 60, Thomas 30, Rebecca 22/23, James 22, Betsy Flincham 29, Lettetia Flincham 7, all b. NC. The family has not been traced, but the following children were listed on the 1850 census:

            6.7.1.  Thomas Welch, born 1820 NC; died Dec. 1864; his will dated 14 Dec. 1864, probated in the December term, named his sisters Rebecca Welsh and Elizabeth Flinchum and niece Minetty M. Flinchum to inherit his estate in common (Stokes Co. NC Will Book 4, pg. 376, from Myrtle Heywood).

            6.7.2.  Elizabeth Welch, born 1821 NC; married -------- Flincham; lived with her father in 1850.

          Lettetia Flincham, born 1843 NC; lived with her mother and grandparents in 1850. This may be the Minetty M. Flinchum named in the will of Thomas Welch (6.7.1.) or there may be another daughter.

            6.7.3.  Rebecca Welch, born 1827-28 NC (1850 census).

            6.7.4.  James Welch, born 1828 NC.

      6.8.  Eady Duncan; married -------- Stone. She was given the sales price of a negro girl Patsey if Patsey would not go with her.

                  --   (Probably not the daughter of Thomas Duncan)   In the Richmond District of Stokes Co. NC in 1850 (pg. 112) are William Stone, b. 1796 NC, Edna b. 1791 NC, Rebecca b. 1822, Lindsey b. 1826, Mary b. 1827, Joel b. 1828, Sally b. 1832, and Elizabeth b. 1836. A few households away are John Stone b. 1818 NC, Julia b. 1826 NC, and children Mary b. 1845 and William b. 1848 NC; and also Anderson Stone b. 1815 NC, Martha b. 1816 NC, and children William b. 1841, Mary b. 1843, Parmelia b. 1845, and Julius J. b. 1847 NC. One William Stone married Edny Barner on 22 Feb. 1811 in Stokes Co. NC. It is doubtful if this was the Eady Duncan who married a Mr. Stone.

                  One Edith Duncan (b. 1780) married Ezekiel Stone (b. 1776-77 NC) and was in 1810 Floyd Co. KY with 5 children under 10; in Floyd Co. KY in 1820 and 1830 (pg. 101); in Cabell Co. VA in 1840 (Zeke Stone, pg. 55), in Wayne Co. VA in 1850 (#669-701) as Ezekiel Stone 73 NC and Edy 70 NC, and in Lewis Co. KY in 1860 (pg. 180) he age 84 NC, she 80 SC. Edith's surname "Duncan" is from family tradition. (Data from and line of Dorotha Nowell of WV (address not included here); line of Mrs. Myrtle B. Heywood of UT (address not included here) and of Minnie Stafford of KY (address not included here)). It is most likely this was the Edith Duncan, daughter of Thomas above. Children (data of Dorotha Nowell):

            6.8.1. & 2.  son and daughter, unknown; possibly William and Mary Stone.

            6.8.3.  Thomas Stone, born 28 July 1803 NC, married Elizabeth Stafford on 15 May 1823, died 4 May 1877 Lewis Co. KY.

            6.8.4.  John S. Stone, born 1805 NC, married 1st Mary M. Hands on 7 April 1833, married 2nd Jennie Stephens on 29 Oct. 1837, died about 1848 Johnson Co. KY.

            6.8.5.  Elizabeth "Betsy" Stone, born 1807 NC?, married James M. McGlone on 14 Nov. 1833.

            6.8.6.  James Stone, born 1810 Floyd Co. KY, married Nancy Dawson, daughter of Moses.

            6.8.7.  Nancy Stone, born 1813 Floyd Co. KY, married Hiram McGinnis on 24 Oct. 1833, died about 1836 Floyd Co. KY.

      6.9.  Judy Duncan; married Benjamin Young (b. 1790 NC) on 4 April 1812 in Stokes Co. NC; died before 1831. She and her heirs were bequeathed the 150 acres of land Thomas lived on in 1831. On 16 Jan. 1812, Thomas deeded his daughter Judith Duncan 150 acres on both sides of Snow Creek on James Welch's corner (Stokes Co. NC Deed Book 5, pg. 465), part of a 1778 survey of 300 acres ("Stokes Co. NC History" below). They had a daughter Martha Young named in Thomas Duncan's 1832 codicil who was to inherit the negro girl Alice. Benjamin Young was in Stokes Co. NC in 1820 (pg. 377) and 1830 (pg. 240 next to Thomas and Charles Duncan); not found 1840; and in 1850 (pg. 126) in the Snow Creek District, household #814, are Mary Young, b. 1810 NC, Mary b. 1824 NC, John b. 1837 NC, Alexander b. 1844 NC, Letty or Lilly (handwriting poor) b. 1848 NC, and Benjamin Young b. 1790 NC. This family has not been traced and it is not known how these individuals are related to Benjamin Young b. 1790 NC. Benjamin Young was said to be the son of William Young and Mary Majors. ("Early Families of the NC Counties of Rockingham & Stokes with Rev. Service" Vol. I, by James Hunter Chapter, DAR, pg. 140, from Evelyn Sigler; "Stokes Co. NC History" by Stokes Co. Hist. Soc., from Evelyn Sigler)

      6.10.  Rhody Duncan, a daughter; she was left "what Charity will bring when sold" in Thomas's will in 1831. The accounting of Thomas's estate on 6 Jan. 1837 listed Matthew Wood as having the negro girl Charity; on 4 Feb. 1837 the accounting said that since Matthew Wood failed to comply with the terms, the girl was hired to Alamander Duncan. It is unknown if Alamander Duncan was related to the descendants of Marshall Duncan. Rhody Duncan has not been located later.

      --   Alamander Duncan, born 1769 VA; married Susannah Vaughn (b. 1784 NC) on 11 Jan. 1809 in Stokes Co. NC, bondsman John Terry. He lived in Rockingham Co. NC in 1803 when he bought land on Hewins or Hughing Creek in Stokes Co. (Stokes Co. NC Deed Book 4, pg. 350); he was in Stokes Co. in 1808 when he bought more land (Deed Book 5, pg. 255). He sold part of this land in 1815, witnessed by Joseph Vaughan (Deed Book 5, pg. 563). Alamander or Elemander Duncan and wife Susanna and other heirs of Joseph Vaughn, all of Stokes and Rockingham Cos. NC, sold land of Joseph Vaughn decd. in 1815 (Deed Book 6, pg. 223). Alamander was in Stokes Co. NC in 1810 (pg. 140), and 1820 (pg. 18); not found 1830; but in Stokes Co. NC in 1840 when he sold additional land (Book 13, pg. 64); he was in Hamilton Co. IN in 1850 (pg. 65). One of his sons, Alexander, born 29 Jan. 1815, married Sarah F. Reddick on 17 Nov. 1837 in Stokes Co. NC and moved to Fayette Co. IN in 1839, then to Marion Co. IN, then to Brown Co. IN in 1866 (1884 "Hist. & Biog. of Counties of Morgan, Monroe & Brown, IN" by Blanchard, pg. 761, Brown Co.). There is no indication that Alamander Duncan is related to Marshall Duncan the Elder.


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