Some Duncan Families of Eastern Tennessee Before 1800


Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson
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July 1, 2000


1913 letter of Geo. R. Duncan (Section I,

Typed copy of letter, typed by Barbara D. Spurgin, 13 Feb. 1975 (from Larry Spurgin 6 April 1984; paragraphing added)
      (From:) Dr. Geo. R. Duncan, Express Office, Fordtown, TN. Fall Branch, TN, April 16, 1913. (To) Miss Celia Spurgin, Bristol, TN.
      My dear Miss Spurgin,
      In answer to your inquiry in regard to the Duncans in this part of the Country I am fearful that I can not give you very much information as my parents both died when I was very young. I know that the Lucy Parker- and your Grand Mother Rosanna Spurgin were Sisters of my Father Rice Duncan and Uncle Horlan. My brother Dr. S.V. Duncan went also to Iowa and settled in Pleasantville - Perhaps if your parents settled near where Aunt Lucy lived that you also knew - my brother out there. He lives in Dallas Texas at the present time. Uncle Horlan died many years ago - & his 2 sons John & Richard went to Kentucky near Glassco. He had 2 daughters. The oldest Fannie married a Hall - they are both dead and their children are scattered. The other one married a Ford. She died but left no children. There were 6 of my family 5 boys & 1 girl. John S. the oldest went to Ill - before the war & was killed in a R.R. wreck about 28 years ago. His widow lives at Bluff City Ill- They have 2 children a boy McClelland who lives some where in Mo. The girl Eleanor married a R.R. man by the name of Burke. I have not heard from them in 2 or 3 years & don't know where they are. The next Dr. S.V. lives at Dallas Texas, only has one child Dr. Miles who also lives in Dallas. William died in the Confederate. Nam (?) married a Ford moved to Texas both are dead. Their children in Dallas Co. Texas. Jos. lives near Brownsboro in this Washington County. His children are all married & scattered. I have 8 children 5 girls & 3 boys. The oldest Dr. O.R. is located at Fordtown in the same Co Bristol is. 2 in Col. 1 in Oregon. 3 girls live at home and 1 married & lives a few miles a way.
      Your great great grand father on your grand mother Duncan had I think 5 brothers one of located near the place where my son Dr. O.R. is located. His family are all gone from here save one great grand son J.E. Duncan who lives in the neighborhood. One went to what is Madison Co. Tenn. I know nothing of his family. One went to what is now known as Blont Co. He has a great grand at Knoxvile John Duncan & one George at Knoxville, one settled in what is known as Lusbury settlement in this Washington Co. the other one was killed by the Indians & is buried in this Co. near the mouth of Boons-Creek on the Walanger River. They all came to this Country with the old Beans. So I guess I might have the right & pleasure to call you Cousin Celia. If you can I would be pleased to have you visit me & come to Bristol some time and if you remain there any length of time I will hunt you up.
      With best wishes I am yours most Respt. Geo. R. Duncan
      You will please look over bad writing as I am 65 years old am sort of an invalid.


Lucinda Parker Bible (Section I, 7.2.1.)

Copy of "Family Record" from Bible, sent by Alberta Westby 19 Sept. 1978; "From a Bible at the home of my aunt (by marriage) Mrs. Eddath Dyer who is in her late 80's. She has 3 or 4 Bibles. This was probably Lucindas, 1 is that of Eliz. Parker Dyer and 1 is that of my grandparents, Peter Aquilla Dyer and Martha Hardin Dyer."
      Aquilla Parker was Born December the 11 in the year - 1793
      Lucinda Parker was Born July the 3rd day in the year - 1801
      (crossed out) Rosaner Parker was born November the 26th 1830
      Rice Duncan Born Mark the 18 - 1813
      Lucinda Emmaline Parker was Born the 16 of November - 1843
      Edwin Martial Pearson Born, March the 26 1853
      S. V. Duncan. Born October 5th 1840
      Rice Duncan Departed this life October the 17 - 1847.
      John Rice Woods Departed This life October the 19 day 1848
      Aquila D. Woods Departed this life October the 26 1852
      Samuel A. Dyer Departed this life March the 5 1854


Joel Duncan Bible (Section I, 8.5.)

Family Bible in Possession of Mrs. Mary Kozel, Media, IL (copy from her in 1980, she is now deceased)
            Deaths - page blank, copy not sent
      Joel Duncan was born June the 30th A.D. 1779
      Married June the 11th A.D. 1800 to Jane Melvin
      & Married to Patience Griffith March the 2nd A.D. 1820.
      (crossed out) Joel Duncan died
      John Duncan was born April the 10th A.D. 1802
      Russel Duncan was born November the 20th A.D. 1803
      Charles Duncan was born January the 3rd A.D. 1806
      Elizabeth Duncan was born Feb. 9th A.D. 1808
      Mary Duncan was born Apr. 14 A.D. 1810
      Margaret Duncan was born March the 21st A.D. 1812
      Joseph Duncan was born A.D. 1814
      Nancy Duncan was born Jan. the 6th A.D. 1821
      Daniel Duncan was born Feb. 18th A.D. 1822
      Joseph Duncan was born April 28th A.D. 1812
      Katharine Duncan was born March 17th A.D. 1816
      Elizabeth Duncan was born January 31st A.D. 1838
      Lydia Duncan was born April 26th A.D. 1839
      John Duncan was born January 28th A.D. 1841
      Caroline Duncan was born March 4th A.D. 1844


Charles Duncan Family Record (Section I, 8.5.3.)

Duncan Family Record, 3 pages, prepared by Granderson Lane Duncan before 1904, originally in the possession of his daughter Melba Duncan, now in the possession of his granddaughter Alta Woodworth. A second year of marriage for James C. Duncan was added in different handwriting; dates of death after 1897 were added in other handwriting.

Charles Duncan.          January 3rd, 1806.
Dorcas Coffman.          September 22nd, 1817.
Louisa Jane Duncan.      July 2nd, 1835.
Mary Caroline Duncan.    March 6th, 1837.
John Madison Duncan.     January 13th, 1839.
Eary Elizabeth Duncan.   November 28th, 1840.
Alfred Duncan.           November 21st, 1842.
William J. Duncan.       August 31st, 1844.
Nancy Ann Duncan.        October 25th, 1846.
Henry Calvin Duncan.     March 30th, 1849.
James Cyrus Duncan.      July 8th, 1851.
Isaac C. Duncan.         February 23rd, 1853.
Granderson Lane Duncan.  July 24th, 1855.
Martha Duncan.           May 18th, 1858.
Charles Duncan.          November 10th, 1833.       Dorcas Coffman.
William J. Chard.        November 30th, 1854.       Louisa J. Duncan.
Harrison H. Hungate.     August 21st, 1857.         Mary C. Duncan.
William Keithley.        January 25th, 1866.        Elizabeth Duncan.
Joseph T. McJunkin.      September 5th, 1867.       Nancy A. Duncan.
James McHenry.           January 25th, 1875.        Elizabeth Keithley.
William J. Duncan.       March 11, 1875.            Mary C. Thompson.
James C. Duncan.         December 23rd, 1875 - 874  Mary F. Henry.
Henry C. Duncan.         October 3rd, 1878.         Dollie Chinn.
Granderson L. Duncan.    April 5th, 1885.           Olive Chinn.
Alfred Duncan.           May 6th, 1845.
Isaac Duncan.            August 13th, 1854.
Martha Duncan.           September 15th, 1858.
John M. Duncan.          December 24th, 1863.
Charles Duncan.          December 19th, 1885.
Dorcas Duncan.           November 14th, 1897.
Nancy A. McJunkin        July 18, 1917
Mary Caroline Hungate    March 4th 1922
Henry Calvin Duncan      December 25th 1925
Louisa Jane Chard        May 25th 1928
Eary Elizabeth McHenry   June 9th 1928
William J. Duncan        March 11th 1929
Granderson Lane Duncan   December 10th 1933
James Cyrus Duncan       December 27th 1935


Allen Duncan Bible (Section I, 9.1.1.)

Copy of "Family Record" pages from Allen Duncan Bible, presently owned by Elsie Ward who was given the Bible by her father in the early 1940's. The photocopy was sent by Donald W. Duncan of MO (address not included here) on 27 Dec. 1990, who suggested this might be the family bible that Rice A. Duncan bought for $1.00 in Sarah Ann Duncan's probate records. Mending tape covered some of the writing at the edge of the page and some of the ink is very faded.
            FAMILY RECORD
      Allen Duncan was Borne October 1, day 1793
      Sara ann Duncan was Borne the 13 day of december 1797
      and was Married on the 14 day of January 1813
      Allen Duncan deceased on the 24th day of July 1840
      Sarah Ann Duncan Departed this Life on the 13th day of April 1854 Age 56 years and 4 months
      Vianna Duncan was Borne the 25 of december 1813 and was married on the 5 of March 1835 and had a daughter on the 7 day of January 1836 and call it Sara ann man
      Mathusae Duncan was Borne the 4 day of November 1815 and died the 2 day of March 1824
      Uriah Duncan their Son was Born this 1 of december 1817
      William Duncan their Son was Borne the 5 of March 1820 and died October the 15
      Joseph Duncan their Son was Borne September 6 1821
      Rice A. Duncan son was Borne the 1st day of July 1824
      Vincen Duncan their Son was Borne October 26 1826
      They had dauther Borne the 14 day of december 1828 and died 18 of same month
      Juliann Duncan their daugther was Borne 16 day of Oct 1829
      Maryann Duncan their dauther was Borne the 21---? day of January 1832
      Elizaann Duncan their dauther was Borne the 30 of december 1835
      Marthaan Duncan their dauter Borne January 24 - 1838
            (different handwriting)
      Vincent Duncan departed this Life on the 13th day of February A.D. 1843 Age 16 years 3 months and 18 days
      Joseph Duncan departed this life at ------------- on the 14th day of January A.D. 1848 Age twenty seven yrs five months and twelve days
      Harvy Graham and Maryann Duncan was Maryed on the 2nd day of Sept. A.D. 1852.
      Eliza Jane Graham was born the 29th day of November A.D. 1853.
      James M. Duncan Was born January the 12 day A.D. 1854
      Joseph M?---- Was Born July the first A.D. 1855
      They had a Dorter born December the 16 A.D. 1856 and died the 22 of Said mot.
      Tha'd ---------- graham ---- the 15 ----- [bottom line]
      Sarah Ann Duncan was born April the fifteenth day of A.D. 1858
      Solomon Duncan was born the 5 day of April A.D. 1860
      Rice(?) Duncan was born the 23 day of February A.D. 1862.


William E. Duncan's Notebook (Section II, 2.1.)

William E. Duncan's book (photocopy from Dennis Sherman to Alice Y. Duncan; copy from Alice 8 Feb. 1989) Alice: Book was originally in possession of Ralph Duncan who had given it to Dennis Sherman.
      (Left page of opened pages:)

             1857     1857     1853
             1773     1803     1773
             ----     ----     ----
               84       54       80
      (Right page of opened pages:)
William E. Duncans Book Bought September 25, 1853 in Palmyra Missouir
           Oct 17  1773       Grdm Duncan
      (Left page)
This Book is a true record of the Duncan families as drawn from the records by Wm. E. Duncan in the year 1853 and later. Wm. E. Duncan.
      (3 pages)
            Names & Ages of Old Thomas Duncan Family
      Thomas Duncan was born August the 23, 1768
      his wife Mary Duncan was born October the 17 1773
            Names of their Children:
      Elizabeth Duncan was born February the 26 1791
      William Duncan was born February the 17 1794
      Samuel Duncan was born June the 11 1797
      Sarah Duncan was born November the 13 1799
      Rachel Duncan was born February the 1803
      John Duncan was born September the 21 1805
      Joseph Duncan was born May the 11 1807
      George W. Duncan was born April the 22 1811
      Mary Duncan was born August the 7 1814
      Drawn down by Wm. E. Duncan in the year 1853
      (4 pages)
            Names & ages of the family of William Duncan
      William Duncan was born February the 17 1794
      His wife Susannah Duncan was born May the 1 1803
      William Duncan Died February the 20 1836 Aged forty two years
      Barbra Ann Duncan Died July the 6 1826
      Elizabeth Duncan Died July the 9 1826
      William E. Duncan was born November the 3 1822
      Elizabeth Duncan was born December the 9 1824
      Barbra Ann Duncan was bo. April the 16 1826
      Polly Duncan was born June the 17 1827
      Jerushah Duncan was born August the first AD 1829
      John T. Duncan was born September the nineth 9 AD 1831
      James W. Duncan was born February the first 1 1834
      Tilmon C. Duncan was born March the sixth 6 1836
      Granderson P. Duncan was born February the 9 1840
      Andrew R. Duncan was born April the 4 1842
      Drawn off from the family record by William E. Duncan in the year AD 1853. W E Duncan
      (3 pages)
            Names & Ages of Wm. E. Duncans Family
      William E. Duncan was born November 3rd AD 1822
      his wife Elizabeth Duncan was born March the 14th AD 1824
      Henry C. Browning was born May the 31st AD 1843
      Jerusha J. Duncan was born November the 15th AD 1849
      Charles G. Duncan was born November the 12th AD 1851
      Samuel C. Duncan was born April 24th AD 1855
      Stephen H. Duncan was born July the 7th AD 1857
      William D. Duncan was born October the 19th 1861
      Amelia Duncan was born October the 18th 1839
      William E. Duncan was married to
            Elizabeth Browning August 24th AD 1848
      Wm. E. Duncan was married to Amelia Bascow October 20th 1882
      (separate page)
      Elizabeth Duncan died May 29th 1881
      Stephen H. Duncan died March 22nd 1886
      Frediricka Bascow died March 13th AD 1884
      William E. Duncan died December the 29 1890
      Henry C. Browning died July 22, 1904
      (separate page)
   Way bill from Ill to Texas
   " from Blandonsville Illinois
   " to Quincey Ill.  60 ---- 60
   " to Palmyra       No --- 16
     to Fayette       50 ---- 50
     to Boonville     14 ---- 14
      (next page)
   Cloriform     1/2 oz.
   Aqua Amonia   1/2 oz.
   Cedar Oil     1/2 oz.
   Aconite       1/2 oz.
   Iodine        1/2 oz.
   Mix.  Apply where skin is not broken.


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