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Formed 1825 from Pulaski
Van Buren formed 1833 from Independence, Conway, Izard
Perry formed 1840 from Conway
Faulkner formed 1873 from Pulaski, Conway


1830 Conway Co. AR Census
Pg.153  Jas. Duncan       2010,0001  -  0230,01
         (MAD: James Duncan in 1828 Conway Co. AR tax list;
           ? James Duncan in 1829 Chicot Co. AR tax list)

1840 Conway Co. AR Census
Osage Twp.
Pg. 75  Abram Clement     2101,001   -  1110,01
          (MAD: 1850 Madison Co. AR census; wife Polly or Mary M.,
          dau. of John Duncan died 1850 Pulaski Co. MO)

1840-1850 Conway Co. AR Census
      No Duncan indexed

1860 Conway Co. AR Census (pg.578 also from Denzil Mauldin 1/1987)
Union Twp.
Pg.516, #520-520, Thos. W. VENABLE 62 VA farmer $3000-$1500
                  Martha 57 SC keeps house $640-$0
                  Jno. W. 37 GA laborer $900-$0
                  Y.A.P. (m) 28 GA laborer $480-$0
                  George 17 AR
                  J.W. DUNKIN (m) 26 KY lawyer $0-$200
                  W.S. HANAH (m) 24 MS physician $0-$150
                  (MAD: John W. Dunkin, b.1831 Todd Co. KY; 1850 Todd Co. KY census)
Washington Twp.
Pg.578, #923-923, Wm. DUNCAN 44 MS farmer $0-$200
                  Jane 24 MS cooks &c
                  Martin 10, Davis (m) 7 MS
                  Caroline 5, Sarah 2 MS
                  Daniel 11/12 AR
                  (MAD: ?? 1850 Chickasaw Co. MS census)

1870 Conway Co. AR Census (part also from Dale O. Duncan 5/1991 and Jerri McCoy 5/2000)
Codun Twp., P.O. Lewisburg
Pg.11, #42-42, BRADSHAW, A.J. (m) 27 AL farmer $0-$250
                  Sarah 26 TN keeping house
                  Mary 1 TN at home
                  DUNKIN, William 28 TN domestic servant
                  BUCKS, E.J. (m) 22 TN domestic servant
                  DUNCAN, G.W. (m) 21 TN domestic servant
                  HINDMAN, J.W.B. (m) 22 TN domestic servant
                  CARR, J.P. (m) 22 TN domestic servant
Codun Twp., P.O. Green Grove
Pg.12, #56-56, DUNCAN, Samuel 27 PA ("Pencilvana") farmer $0-$150
                  Caroline 21 IA ("Iowa") keeping house
                  Thomas 11/12 AR b.Jan. at home
                  WALL, Allen 23 OH domestic servant
Union Twp., P.O. Springfield
Pg.81, #10-10, DUNCAN, William 62 KY farmer $1000-$1110
                  Mary 56 TN keeping house
                  Virginia 15 KY at home
                  Mary 17 KY at home
                  Nancy 11 KY at home
                  (MAD: 1850-1860 Todd Co. KY census)
Pg.81, #11-11, DUNCAN, Jepthy (m) 36 KY farmer
                  Emily 34 KY keeping house
                  Mary 14 KY at home
                  Edman (m) 14 KY at home
                  Sarah 12 KY at home
                  Benjamin 1 KY at home
Pg.82, #26-26, DUNCAN, S.K. (m) 33 KY farmer $0-$116
                  Mary 24 KY keeping house
                  William 4 KY at home
                  John 2 KY at home
Union Twp., 8/9/1870
Pg.84, #50-50, DUNCAN, John W. 38 KY practising law $2500-$1400
                  Alma C. 39 IN keeping house
                  William 8, Eliza (f) 4, Annie (f) 2 AR
                  MERADITH, Nancy 10 AR domestic servant
                  (MAD: John W. Duncan age 29 mar. Alina Vann age 29 on 12/11/1860)
Pg.85, #71-71, GUESS, Johnson 41 AL farmer $0-$540
                  Harriett 42 SC keeping house
                  Nancy 21 AR at home
                  John 19 AR at home
                  Mary 13 AR at home
                  (MAD: wife of Johnson Guess said to be Harriett Duncan)
Pg.85, #72-72, DANSON, James 28 MO farmer $160-$291
                  Elvira 24 TN keeping house
                  Georgean (f) 3 AR at home
                  Sarah 1 AR at home
                  (MAD: cannot find James Danson/Dansen or Elvira in 1880 census; no indication he was a Duncan instead.)


Conway Co. AR Marriage Book ??, pg.183 (from Margie G. Brown 10/2003)
      I do hereby certify that I W.W. Strickland did on 11 Dec. 1860, at residence of C.H. Bogess in Conway Co. AR, solemnize the rites of matrimony between Mr. John W. Duncan aged 29 years and Miss ALma Vann aged 29 years, all of Conway Co. AR. ... Minister of the Gospel in Cumberland Presbyterian Church ... Jan. 1, 1861; filed 2 Jan. 1861.


Conway Co. AR Index to Probate Court Records 1842-1871 (FHL film 1,025,343 item 1; SLC 6/16/2008)
      Duncan heirs, admr. J.W. Duncan, F-317, 127, 139, 199, 306 (pg.80)
      Duncan, Jafth, F-415 (pg.71)

Conway Co. AR Probate Records v.F (FHL film 1,025,346 item 1; SLC 6/16/2008)
      F-127: J.W. Duncan, guardian bond of Mary, Lucy & Sallie J. Duncan; court ordered J.W. Duncan to file bond, Feb. 18, 1875.
      F-139: April 19, 1875, Sarah J. Duncan filed petition to remove disabilities.
      F-199: July 1875, accounts of administrator, executor & guardians on file which require amendment before confirmation: J.W. Duncan, guardian (of) W.A. Jones, account filed Jan. 26, 1875, no voucher.
      F-306: May 19, 1876, J.W. Duncan guardian, Mary, Lucy and Sallie J. Duncan; J.W. Duncan cited to file account.
      F-317: July 11, 1876, J.W. Duncan, guardian of Lucy and Sallie Duncan; that his ward Sallie is dead and Lucy has married. Petition for dismissal of guardianship. Granted.
      F-415: April 11, 1877, Estate of Japth Duncan decd; acct. of R.S. Moses, S.K. Duncan and Joseph Duncan; re personal estate of Japtha decd, who died in Conway Co. AR Nov. 1876; appraised animals and furniture $132.50. Widow Emily Duncan requests order vesting title in her. Granted.


Index of MO and AR and Partial IL (C-D) Land Patentees, War of 1812; Warrants (Index on FHL film 983,163)
      Sec. 2, AR Patentees, from G.L.O. (General Land Office) Patent Book; with added date and Tract Book page; added county from Rand McNally Commercial Atlas (tract books on FHL film 1,302,833)
      Volume, page, name, warrant #, quarter (unless noted otherwise), section, township, range; date from tract book pages by Twp & Range; present county.
      Vol.10 p.154: John Duncan son and the other heirs at law of Geo. W. Duncan decd, #25,618; SE 23 7N 14W; 11/8/1824, p.108; western part of Faulkner Co. (Conway Co. AR in 1830) (MAD: lots of heirs listed in this township & range)

Conway Co. AR Deed Indexes, 1826-1873 (grantors, FHL film 1,025,353; grantees, FHL film 1,025,354)
      No Duncan grantor deed for John Duncan or for heirs of Geo. W. Duncan after 1824 (MAD: had patent for land in SE 1/4 Sec.23 T7N R14W in 1824, per AR Patent book)
      A-345: 17 Dec. 1836, John Clark of "Shicot" Co. AR appoint William B. Duncan of same, my attorney to divide or to sell my lands pursuant to an agreement between said William B. Duncan and John Clark, of one part, and John Knight of Natches, MS, of the other part, 13 May 1836; reg. Chicot Co. AR 17 Dec. 1836; no wit; Reg. Conway Co. AR 25 April 1837. (FHL film 1,025,761)
      From indexes only:
      I-277: Duncan, John W. from Joseph W. Bizzell, 9/14/1860, 9/14/1860, lots 2 & 3 in Lot 4, Springfield, AR
      I-505: Duncan, J.W. from W.W. Edwards, 3/29/1861, 3/6/1861, lots 1 & 4 in Block 4 in Springfield, AR, part SE 1/4 SE 1/4 Sec.2 T7 R15, 9.60 acres
      J-10: Duncan, John W. from John R. Bell, 12/21/1861 - 12/20/1861, NE 1/4 Sec.35 T7N R13W, 160a
      J-693: Duncan, J.W. from R.T. Markham, Sheriff deed, 9/10/1867, 8/23/1867, NE 1/4 Sec.19 T7 R14, 160a
      J-756: Duncan, J.W. from R.T. Markham, Sheriff deed, 2/5/1868, 2/4/1868, W 1/2 block 16, W 1/2 block 29, Lewisburg; Lots 1 & 2, block 22, Springfield
      K-68: Duncan, Alma C. from A.N.C. Lea, 3/14/1868, 3/9/1868, N 1/2 SE 1/4 and S 1/2 NE 1/4 and NE 1/4 NE 1/4 Sec.20 T7 R14, 200a
      K-173: Duncan, J.W. & A.C. to Henry Sledge, 1/7/1869, 1/1/1868, deed, NE Sec.19 T7 R14, 160a
      K-354: Duncan, J.W. Com. to H.N/W. Moore, 1/31/1870, 4/12/1869, NE & NW Sec.36 T5 R15, 207a
      K-442: Duncan, Mary Sr. from M.J. & R.J. Lyon, 4/28/1870, 4/2/1870, SW 1/4 Sec.7 T7 R14, 160a
      K-443: Dincan?, Mary, from John C. Bradley, 5/19/1870, 5/9/1870, NW 1/4 Sec.18 T7 R14, 160a
      K-554: Duncan, J.W. to D.N. White, 10/7/1870, 12/6/1869, mort., SE 1/4 Sec.22 T7 R15
      K-776: Duncan, J.W. from John Herrod, 7/10/1871, 3/6/1871, NW 1/4 Sec.23 T7 R14, 160a.
      K-786: Duncan, J.W. & wife to M.J. Lyon, 7/20/1871, 10/13/1870, NW 1/4 Sec.19 T7 R14, 160a
      K-787: Duncan, J.W. & wife to M.J. Lyon, 7/20/1871, 10/13/1870, Pt. S 1/2 NW Sec.20 T7 R14, 40a


Conway Co. AR Circuit Court Records, 1851-1875 (FHL film 1,025,774; SLC 6/16/2008)
      1857-1860 - no Duncan
      1865-1875, Pg.8: J.W. Duncan admitted as atty, Feb. 1866

Conway Co. AR Chancery Records v.A 1842-1867 (FHL film 1,025,775; SLC 6/16/2008)
      No Duncan

Conway Co. AR County Court Record V.D-F 1849-1868 (FHL film 1,025,347; SLC 6/16/2008)
      Vol.D, 1849-1855 - no index
      Vol.E, 1856-1860 - Duncan, J.W., pg.345, 355,419
      E-345: Jan. 1860, J.W. Dunken be Notary Public for Conway Co.
      E-355: April 2, 1860, J.W. Duncan filed account for $1 for services as Clerk of the Election
      E-419: Oct. 1, 1860, J.W. Duncan filed account for $1 for services as Clerk of the August Election


Springfield [Conway Co.], ARK, Cemetery (from Margie G. Brown 10/2003)
            Sketch of stones and list of Duncans
      Mary Duncan Died New Springfield ARK Sept. 20, 1884 - Blessed be the pure in heart for they shall see God - 70 yrs 9 mos 27 days.
      William Duncan Born June 18, 1808 Died Sept 28, 1878 - Gone but not forgotten - for oftime the hope to men where parting is no more.
            Others burried there:
      Lenord Duncan, born July 26, 1876, died Dec 5, 1946
      Nellie Rutledge Duncan, born 1 - 1882, died 1 - 1918
      DUNCAN (double stone) Walter B., b.1891 (living); Grace H. died 1981
      DUNCAN (double stone) Clarence, b. 10-2-1879, d. 2-13-1950; Essie E., b. 9-20-1890, d. 12-28-1971


Widow's Applicaton for Pension, Conway Co. [AR], Bettie Duncan; Duncan, James Thomas, #1243 (from Margie G. Brown 10/2003)
      Jacket: Allowed $25.00. For further information see N.E. Hawkins. Conway Co. Did not come to death during the war. Filed in my office March 23d 1893. /c/ J.C. Massey, Clrk.
      Proof of Service: Conway Co. AR, appeared J.A.P. Venable of Springfield, ARK, well acquainted with the applicant and the widow of Thomas Duncan deceased, and have known him since 1861. He was a Confederate soldier, belonged to Company I 10th Regiment of Ark. Volunteers, served with that company about 8 months, was then transferred to the 2nd Kentucky Cavalry and remained with that company till captured in 1863 & was imprisoned on Johnsons Island Ohio and remained a prisoner till the end of the war. /s/ Z.A.P. Venable. 28 July 1893, before R.L. Pearle, Notary Public.
      Application for Pension: To the Honorable County Court of Conway County; the undersigned as the widow of an ex-Confederate soldier, applies for a pension under an act of the General Assembly of Arkansas "Act for Relief of Certain Soldiers of the Late War between the States" approved April 1, 1891; she is a bonafide resident of Arkansas for more than 12 months before filing the application; she is the widow of J.T. Duncan who enlisted as a soldier in the State of Arkansas in Co. I of 10th Regiment of Ark. Vols. and continued in service until the end of the war. Z.A.P. Venable was in Prison with J.T. Duncan at Johnsons Island at the closing of Lees Army. He had been in Prison about twelve months. She has remained a widow since the death of her husband, and is now indigent and incapacitated for manual labor by reason of Irritation of bladder, supposed (by Dr. C.C. Stell) to be caused by displacement of the womb. She is not receiving any aid from this State or from the US ... /s/ Bettie Duncan, 15 February 1893, before R.L. Pearle, Notary Public. Witness Z.A.P. Venable and S.K. Duncan, that the facts are true, dated 15 Feb. 1893.
      Proof of Service, Stone Co. AR, appeared David Duncan, citizen of Arkansas, who was personally acquainted with James Thomas Duncan and have known him 44 years; that he was a Confederate soldier, belonged to Company D, 1st Vol. Regiment of Kentucky, Cal. That he served from 1861 to 1864 and was honorably discharged. /s/ David Duncan, 23 June 1902. (MGB: Jasper David Duncan)
      Widow's Application for Pension, Lonoke Co. AR, Bettie Duncan, widow of James Thomas Duncan, served in First Kentucky Regiment of Cavalry from State of KY, discharged about August 1865; bonafide resident of this state, ... that my husband died on 3 May 1887 after close of war, /s/ Bettie Duncan, 28 June 1902.


Handwritten page in old handwriting (from Margie G. Brown 10/2003; MGB & MAD: John W. Duncan b.Todd Co. KY, 1860 Conway Co. AR census)
      (Margie G. Brown comment: The letter was written in 1864 from other information; this was written by my ancestor James Thomas Duncan who mar. Elizabeth Jordan 1869 in Ky, they remained in Ky until just prior to the 1880 census. Tom died in Ark 3rd May 1887, see Bettie's pension papers)
      Mary Holinsworth was born Nov the 23. 1813.
      John W. Duncan was born Nov the 29. 1831.
      Jeptha H. Duncan was born Sept the 7 1833.
      Sarah E. Duncan was born Feb. the 9. 1836.
      Samuel K. Duncan was born May the 16. 1838.
      Jams T. Duncan was born Jan the 18 1842.
      Jasper Duncan was born July the 18 1844.
      Emma A Duncan was born Nov the 17 1847
            (second page)
      Winfild S. Duncan was born Sept the 2. 1849.
      Mary E. Duncan was born Apr the 19 1853
      Leander V. Duncan was born July the 7 1855
      Nannie M. Duncan was born Oct the 17 1857
      Feb 22th I received your letter of the 26th of January and will answer it soon
      As ever your Brother J Thos Duncan
      (addressed) Mr. John Duncan

Handwritten page with very faint handwriting (from Richard Offutt to Margie G. Brown, from Margie G. Brown 10/2003)
      (Handwritten on copy outside the edge of the copied list: Sent to me by Aunt Alma. This was in a letter written to Captain John W. Duncan in abt. 1864 while he was a prisoner in Union Army Camp in Civil War from his mother Mary Hollingsworth Duncan listing her children. The two death entries of Virgil and J.W. Duncan were made many years later by my grandmother William Houston [Duncan]'s wife.)
      We have just received your letter. I will give you the list of the children.
      J. W. Duncan November the 27, 1831 - 1864 = yrs 33
      J. H. Duncan September the 7th, 1833 = 31 dead (MGB: Jeptha's probate recorded in Morrilton, Conway Co. AR, date of death given as Nov. 1876, not dead in 1864)
      S. E. Duncan February the 3rd, 1836 = 28
      S. K. Duncan May the 16th, 1838 = 26
      J. T. Duncan January the 18th, 1842 = 22
      J. Duncan July the 18, 1844 = 20
      E. A. Duncan November the 17th, 1847 - 17
      W. S. Duncan September the 2, 1849 - 15
      M. E. Duncan Aprile the 18, 1853 - 11
      L. V. Duncan July the 17, 1855 - 9
      N. M. Duncan October the 17th, 1857 - 7
            (different handwriting:)
      Virgil died Dec 6/92
      J W Duncan died Nov 12/1892
            (different handwriting:)
      Written by Mary Hollingsworth Duncan wife of William Duncan mother of the above children. (MGB: I think the addition and subtraction were added by someone other than John W. Duncan, possibly by his wife Alma.)
      (Margie G. Brown comment, giving full names: John William Duncan; Jeptha Hollingsworth Duncan; Sarah Elizabeth Duncan; Samuel King Duncan; James Thomas Duncan; Jasper David Duncan; Emma (Emily) Ann Duncan; Winfield Scott Duncan; Mary Esther Duncan; Leander Virgil Duncan; Nannie M. [Ann Martha] Duncan.)


Obituary, "Arkansas Methodist", Thursday, Feb. 2, 1893 (copy from Dale O. Duncan 5/1991)
      DUNCAN. Judge J.W. Duncan, one of the truest and most faithful members of our Church in Conway [Faulkner Co.], AR, was called to the fellowship of the Church triumphant Nov. 12, 1892. He was born near Elkton, Todd Co. KY, Nov. 27, 1831; located at Springfield, AR, 1859. In 1860 he was happily married to Miss Alma C. Vaun of Evansville, IN, who now with their two surviving children, William and Miss Annie, mourns the loss of a devoted husband and loving father.
      Judge Duncan was one of Faulkner Co.'s very best citizens. ... Once he represented Conway Co. in the Legislature, one or two terms he served as County and Probate Judge of Faulkner county and two terms he served his district in the State Senate. ... admitted to the bar in early manhood ... official in the Methodist Church at Conway at time of his death ... several times a delegate to the Annual Conference ...

HISTORIES before 1923

1881 "The Encyclopedia of the new west : containing fully authenticated information of the agricultural, mercantile, commercial, manufacturing, mining and grazing industries and representing the character, development, resources and present condition of Texas, Arkansas, Colorado, New Mexico, and Indian Territory; also, biographical sketches of their representative men and women" ed. by William S. Speer and John Henry Brown (FHL film 1,000,598 item 2)
      Pg.65-6, Arkansas: Hon. John W. Duncan, Conway [Faulkner Co.]. John W. Duncan was born Nov. 27, 1831, at Elkton, Todd Co. KY. His grandfather, William Duncan, of Scotch descent, was a farmer in fine circumstances and moved from VA to KY, settling in Todd Co., ... died in Todd Co. about the year 1820. His father, William Duncan, born in Todd Co. in 1808, an industrious farmer ..., died at the age of 70. His mother, Mary Hollingsworth, was a native of Maury Co. TN, born in 1813, the daughter of John H. Hollingsworth, a wealthy farmer. She was educated and married at Elkton, KY, and is now living at Springfield [Conway Co.], AR. William and Mary Duncan had ten children: John W., Jeptha H., Elizabeth, Samuel K., James T., Winfield S., Emily E. (wife of J.M. Allinder), Jasper, Mary (wife of R.S. Moses), Leander V., and Nancy (wife of C.F. Moses). Jeptha H., Elizabeth and Winfield S. are dead. The maternal grandmother of John W. Duncan was a Thompson. His mother is the niece of Colonel Samuel Gordon, of TN, who figured in the war of the Revolution. Young Duncan was reared on a farm and ... Soon after he attained his majority he began teaching school in Todd Co. ... then to Clay Co. MO, then to KS as a member of a US surveying party, sectionizing public lands, joined the KS militia in 1855, following winter taught school in Clay Co. MO; in 1856 returned to KY and read law under J.G. Hollingsworth at Elkton, admitted to the bar in 1858. Mr. Duncan in 1859 visited his uncle, Jeptha Hollingsworth, of Madison Co. MS, was advised to practice profession at Springfield, AR, and located there latter part of 1859, for 13 years; in 1876 to Conway, Faulkner Co., where now resides. From July 1861 to 1865, Mr. Duncan was captain in 10th AR Conf. infantry, ... 18 months in prisons of Alton IL and Johnson's Island, OH. Held offices 1857-8 in Elkton; 1866 JP at Springfield, AR ... Mr. Duncan was married Dec. 11, 1860, in Springfield, AR, to Miss Alma C. Vann, born in Evansville, IN, Aug. 10, 1830, a daughter of Absalom Vann, a native of SC and a farmer; her mother Delight Rogers was native of CT and she was descended from the same family of which John Rogers, the Christian martyr of England, was a member. By this marriage Senator Duncan and wife have three children: William H. born Dec. 23, 1861, now attending AR University at Fayetteville; Eliza born Jan. 8, 1866; Annie born April 8, 1867; all natives of Springfield; they lost one child that died in infancy. ... Mason, Whig, Methodist Episcopal Church South.
      MAD: William Duncan, born June 18, 1808, died Sept. 28, 1878, mar. Feb. 12, 1831 Todd Co. KY to Mary Hollingsworth, born Nov. 23, 1813, died Sept. 20, 1884. They are buried in the Springfield Cem. He is said to be the son of William Duncan who married second to Mrs. Asenith Hollingsworth Bingamon ("Asineth Bingham") on 18 June 1814 in Logan Co. KY and died there in 1817; from pgs.352-3 "Faulkner Co. (AR), Its Land and People" by Faulkner Co. AR Historical Society, 1986 (FHL book 976.774 H2d)

1890 "Historical Reminiscenses & Biographical Memoirs of Conway County Arkansas" spine title: "The Goodspeed biographical and historical memoirs of western Arkansas" (FHL book 976.7 H2bw; SLC 9/2007)
      Pg.15: June 1861, another company was raised at Springfield at the same time, recruited mostly by J.M. Duncan who became captain. This company was organized into the Tenth Arkansas Infantry as Company I ... Capt. Duncan was captured at Helena, and Venable became captain. Mr. Duncan is now a prominent lawyer, and resides at Conway.


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