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Formed 1820 from Tuscaloosa
Fayette formed 1824 from Marion, Pickens, Tuscaloosa
Jones formed 1867 from Marion, Fayette, Pickens, but abolished 1867; Sanford recreated 1868 from Jones, named changed 1877 from Sanford to Lamar


1830 Pickens Co. AL Census
Pg.126  John Duncan         1000,1       - 0001

1840 Pickens Co. AL Census
Pg.336  James Duncan        2000,1       - 0100,1
   347  Dikes Duncan        1100,1       - 0110,1
   354  William Duncan      2200,2       - 0010,1
        John Duncan         1101,1000,1  - 0110,2001

1850 Pickens Co. AL Census (Gibson & Williams from Joan Raney 9/2002)
Southern District
Pg.27, #247-256, Hiram DUNCAN 35 SC farmer $160
                  Kesiah 35 SC
                  Margaret 9, John 8 AL
                  Thomas 6, Jeptha (m) 3 AL
                  Suckey (f) 1 AL
                  (MAD: Kesiah apparently married 2nd Mr. Melton bef. 1860)
Pg.29, #265-275, James GIBSON (m) 45 SC Farmer $3000
                  Sarah (f) 35 SC
                  Elizabeth (f) 16 SC
                  William (m) 14 AL
                  John (m) 12 AL
                  Isabella (f) 10 AL
                  James (m) 8 AL
                  Mary (f) 6 AL
                  Loranzo (m) 4 AL
                  Judah MILLER (f) 26 NC Teacher
                  John WICO 18 GA farmer
                  (JR: Sarah Gibson the dau. of William Duncan who d.1862 Lancaster Co. SC)
Pg.29, #270-280, M. WILLIAMS (m) 43 NC farmer $600
                  Eliza (f) 38 SC
                  Margaret (f) 15 SC
                  Henry (m) 14 SC
                  Sarah (f) 12 AL
                  William (m) 9 AL
                  Catherine (f) 7 AL
                  Mary (f) 5 AL
                  Emma (f) 2 AL
                  Arnzi (m) 4/12 AL
                  (JR: Eliza Williams the dau. of William Duncan who d.1862 Lancaster Co. SC)
Pg.31, #289-302, James DUNCAN 40 SC farmer $2500
                  Ellen 17, Mary 15 AL
                  William 13, Lawrence (m) 11 AL
                  Thomas 7, Margaret 4 AL
Pg.55, #655-681, James A. DUNCAN 30 AL farmer $500
                  Frances "W." (f) 25 SC
                  Calvin L. 8/12 AL
                  (MAD: definitely Frances W., not Frances M.)
Pg.56, #659-685, James DUNCAN 63 TN none $600
                  Rachel 61 VA
                  Joseph 28, Jefferson 24 AL
                  Thomas 26 AL
                  (MAD: ? 1830-1840 Jackson Co. AL census; ?? Rachel the dau. of Robert Harper d. 1842 Tuscaloosa Co. AL ??)
Pg.64, #779-809, Samuel WILLIAMS 23 AL farmer $260
                  Mary A.Z. 22 AL
                  Harvey M. 8, Curtis C. 4 AL
                  J.A. DUNCAN (m) 22 AL farmer
Pg.79, #1010-1046, W.L. DUNCAN 47 SC farmer $1400
                  Francis (f) 41 SC
                  William 17 SC
                  Tansly (m) 13, Andrew 11 AL
                  Mary 7, Thomas 5 AL
                  Zachariah 1 AL
                  (MAD: William Lyles Duncan, son of George A. Duncan & Martha Elizabeth Lyles, per tombstone & Teresa Bransby 6/2004; 1836 Anderson Co. SC; definitely Tansley and Zachariah)
Pg.79, #1015-1051, Dabney DUNCAN 51 VA Bapt.clergyman $1700
                  Barbarry 50 SC
                  (MAD: 1830 Fairfield Co. SC census; 1840 Union Co. SC census)
Pg.84, #1091-1128, John DUNCAN 68 VA farmer $5200
                  Judah 60 SC
                  Mary 35, Nathaniel 25 teacher SC
                  (MAD: Judith Duncan 74 SC married, died 3/1860, per 1860 Mortality Schedule)
Pg.85, #1098-1135, John DUNCAN 30 SC farmer $1000
                  Jane 26 SC
                  Elisha 12, David 10, John 7 SC
                  Berry 5, Nancy 2/12 AL
                  (MAD: 1840 Union Co. SC census)
Pg.86, #1109-1146, F.W. DUNCAN 29 SC farmer $600
                  Margaret 23 AL mar/in/year
Pg.86, #1110-1147, T.P. DUNCAN 33 SC farmer $1000
                  Jane 21 AL
                  (MAD: Tandy P. Duncan, b. Fairfield Co. SC)
Pg.86, #1119-1157, G.W. DUNCAN 46 SC farmer $100
                  Lucinda 47 SC
                  George 12, Permilia 8 MS
                  (MAD: Lowndes Co. MS 1836-1849; definitely Lucinda; 1860 Fayette Co. AL census; George A. Duncan in 1870 Sanford Co. AL census, bur. Lowndes Co. MS)
Pg.87, #1121-1159, W.L. DUNCAN 23 SC farmer $400
                  Elizabeth 22 AL
                  John 6/12 AL
                  Aaron DUNCAN 22 SC farmer
                  (MAD: Aaron Duncan in 1860 Fayette Co AL census; William Lyles Duncan, wife Elizabeth Randall, and his brother Aaron Duncan were sons of George Washington Duncan & Louisanda Brock, per Teresa Bransby 6/2004)


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Pickens Co. AL Marriages (FHL film 1,290,919)
      B-130: J.B. Wright to Miss Willie F. Duncan, lic. 10/17/1883, mar. 10/18/1883, bond 10/17/1883 by J.B. Wright, G.J. Duncan, W.G. Robertson.


Pickens Co. AL Deeds (start 1876); Direct index (tight binding, used reverse index to get lost info) v.1 and Reverse index v.1, 1876-1914 (FHL film 1,728,020 items 2 & 3)
      A-520: Pickens Co. AL, 3 Jan. 1879, Jasper Duncan, Casse Duncan, James Applyby and wife Cena Appleby, to L.T. Duncan, $160, NW 1/4 SW 1/4 Sec.6 T18 R15W, 40 acres; /s/ Jasper Duncan, James (X) Appleby, Cemy (X) Apply (MAD: sic), Clonanda (X her mark) Duncan; acknowledged by Cany Appleby and Casse Duncan and Jasper Duncan and James Appleby. (FHL film 1,728,029)
      E-349: 30 Dec. 1892, John W. Manning, Mary B. Manning, Sallie B. Manning, Frank (X) Wilkins, Mariah (X) Wilkins, Alford (X) Duncan, Mariah (X) Duncan (called "S" Duncan in body of deed) to C.J. Manning ... (FHL film 1,728,403)
      E-424: 30 Dec. 1892, C.J. Manning, Sallie Manning, Savanah Duncan and Mariah Wilkins to J.W. Manning; /s/ C.J. Maning, Margaret Manning, Sallie B. Manning, Frank (X) Wilkins, Mariah (X) Wilkins, Alfred (X) Duncan, Savannah (X) Duncan. (FHL film 1,728,403)
      E-426: 30 Dec. 1892, John Wesley Manning, Mary B. Manning, C.J. Manning, Margaret Manning, Frank (X) Wilkins, Mariah (X) Wilkins, Alfred (X) Duncan, Savannah (X) Duncan to Sallie B. Manning. (FHL film 1,728,403)
      E-427: 30 Dec. 1892, John Wesley Manning, Mary B. Manning, C.J. Manning, Margaret Manning, Sallie B. Manning, Alford (X) Duncan, Savannah (X) Duncan to Mariah Wilkins. (FHL film 1,728,403)
      No deed indexed Manning to Duncan.


Pickens Co. AL Probate Court Minutes 1869-1871 (FHL film 1,728,021 item 3)
      Pg.20: Oct. 25, 1869, Nat J. Duncan, decd; order to sell land; will annexed; land sold to pay debts. D.C. Hood, guardian ad litem for minors Benjamin, Eliza and Frank Duncan (not in any way related or interested); widow was given notice; court gave permission to sell: E 1/2 NE 1/4 and W 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec.4 Twp.20 R12 and W 1/2 NW 1/4 Sec.3 Twp.20 R1E and SE 1/4 SE 1/4 and NW 1/4 SE 1/4 Sec.33 Twp.19 R16 and SE 1/4 SW 1/4 and SW 1/4 SW 1/4 Sec.34 Twp.19 R16W, containing 440 acres. Next document: Petition by Mary E. Duncan to homestead estate of Nat. J. Duncan. Administrator Lewis M. Stone.
      Pg.13, 15, 55: Nov. 2, 1869, petition by E.D. Willet, admin., to sell land of Hiram Duncan; heirs are his children: Thomas Duncan, Jeptha Duncan, Margaret Duncan and Kesiah Duncan, all adults residing in Pickens Co. except Thomas who resides in State of MS, all under age of 21 at death of their father; land: SE 1/4 NW 1/4 and NW 1/4 SE 1/4 Sec.33 Tw[/21 R15W.

Pickens Co. AL Wills, Vol.A (FHL film 1,290,924 item 4)
      A-47: Dabney Duncan will, 1872 (will not copied). Petition for probate, 28 April 1879 of M.L. Stansel, that Dabney Duncan died March 1879, left heirs: widow Mrs. Delilah Duncan who resides in this county, and his next of kin are his children and grandchildren: Mary Jane Duncan minor under 14 who resides with and is in custody of the widow, John A.F. Duncan, adult, resides this county, both children of decd, and the following children: Mary J. Cockrell adult resides this county, Frances wife of James A. Gore adult resides this county, and John D.B. Fant, adult resides Lowndes Co. MS and children of Camilla Fant now decd who was grandchild of decedent, to wit, Mary J., Ruthie A.B., and Martha L. Fant.
            MAD: Will of Dabney Duncan dated 27 May 1872; to wife Delilah (Palmer) for life or widowhood, homestead and 80 acres land adj., and household and farming items as needed; balance to our infant daughter, Mary Jane and any other child or children, including the reversion & remainder of property given my wife; or if these children die without heirs, all my properties, half to my son John A.F. Duncan or to his children if he dead, and the other half to my daughter Mary J. Cockrell and Frances Gore in equal share to their children. Exec. friend M.L. Stansel of Carrollton, AL; wit. Samuel F. Hill. (from pg.45, Vol.III, "Records of Pickens Co. AL" by Mrs. C.P. McGuire; from Evelyn Sigler 12/1983; and FHL films 1,036,191 items 4-6 and 1,027,881 items 4-6 and FHL book 976.185 N2m)
      A-252: Petition 18 Jan. 1895 to probate will of W.J. Duncan by J.G. Pridmore; will dated 28 April 1891, to wife S.A. Duncan, all for life, then to daus. A.F. Duncan, Lula J.A. Duncan, Kattie H. Duncan, Mary B. Duncan, Stella B. Duncan and Jesse J. Duncan, $150 each; residue equally to all my heirs: Eurzuba J. Woods, A.F. Duncan, William C. Duncan, J.H. Duncan, Lula J.A. Duncan, Canzada C. Ellie Hattie H. Duncan (MAD: no commas), Mary B. Duncan, Stella B. Duncan, Jesse J. Duncan; account of $600 against my son John H. Duncan to be paid out of his part; execs. wife S.A. Duncan and son William C. Duncan; wit. E.W. Bennett, T.H. Anderson, J.G. Pridmore.
      MAD: no will indexed for Minerva Duncan in Vol.A.

Pickens Co. AL Record of Petitions (FHL film 1,728,022 item 2)
      A-278: 1893, Mrs. Margaret A. Duncan (not copied)
      A-291: 18 Jan. 1896, Petition by Wm. C. Duncan of Pickens Co. AL, that his father W.J. Duncan died in Pickens Co. AL on 13 Dec. instant 1894 (MAD: sic), having made a will, witnessed by E.W. Bennett, T.H. Anderson and J.G. Pridmore, and left surviving him as legatees under the will and as his only heirs at law; and petitioner named as one of the executors; (1) Eurgula? J. Woods adult wife of J.G. Woods, Lowndes Co. MS, Dorr P.O.; (2) W.F. Duncan, McBee, AL, adult; (3) Wm. C. Duncan, McBee, AL adult; (4) J.H. Duncan, McBee, AL, adult; (5) Lula J.A. Duncan, McBee, AL adult; (6) Canzada C. Ellie, adult, wife of L.C. Ellis, Lowndes Co. MS, New Hope P.O.; (7) Hattie H. Duncan, Lowndes Co. MS, Dorr P.O. adult; (8) Mary B. Duncan, McBee, AL, adult; (9) Stella B. Duncan minor over 14 years residing with her mother S.A. Duncan, McBee, AL (10) Jessie J. Duncan, minor over 14 years residing with her mother S.A. Duncan, McBee, AL (11) S.A. Duncan adult widow of said decd, McBee, AL.
      Vol.B - no Duncan

Pickens Co. AL Probate files 1876-1919, index v.1 1876-1953 (FHL film 1,728,020 item 1)
      Duncan, Minerva, file #90
      Duncan, W.J., file 355 - not copied
      later Duncans not copied
      File #90, DUNCAN, Minerva. Petition for probate of will, Nov. 3, 1903, by J.A. Duncan for probate of will of Minerva Duncan decd, an inhabitant of this county who died at Pickens Co. AL about 29 Oct. 1903, leaving a will witnessed by Joe M. Land and Jane Land, that petitioner is named executor, he is the husband of said deceased, and the names, ages, residences and condition of the next of kin are as follows: G.W. Webb, New Hope, MS, an adult; William Smith, adult, Brooksville, MS; Elizabeth Land, wife of J.H. Land, Pickens Co. AL; Emma Frazier, widow, Pickens Co. AL; Mrs. Sallie Wyatt, wife of Wm?. Wyatt, Birmingham, AL; the witnesses are residents of Columbus, MS. (FHL film 1,728,407)


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HISTORIES before 1923

1856 "History of Pickens Co. AL, from its first settlement in 1817 to 1856" by Nelson F. Smith, originally pub. by "Pickens Republican" of Carrollton, AL, in 1856. (FHL fiche 6,048,613 and book 976.185 H2s)
      Pg.55 (or pg.108): Tandy P. Duncan was the next, the last, and is the present Sheriff of Pickens Co., having been elected in August 1853. He was born in Fairfield District, SC, on 14 August 1816, removed to Pickens in January 1833 but the next year went to Bibb Co. where he remained until 1838 when he returned to Pickens. He has held almost all the minor offices from Constable up to Sheriff, which are the gift of the people in our Republican country -- was elected Justice of the Peace at Henry's precinct, in 1849, and tax-collector in 1850. In 1849 he was beaten for the latter office by Peter McGee. Mr. Duncan's chief opponent was Jesse Bryan, the hero in the Bear Fight. Mr. Duncan's term will expire in 1856, and therefore the proper time to speak in his praise, or censure, has not arrived. His health has been for some time past, in such declining condition that he has been unable to transact the duties of his laborious office, save by deputy. Mr. Duncan has ever fulfilled the duties of the various trusts which have been imposed on him with entire fidelity. He is social in his nature and his manners, and popular with the people.
      Pg.128: Officials of Pickens Co. AL: T.P. Duncan, Sheriff (no dates)
      (MAD: this item was also published in Vol.I of "Annals of Northwest Alabama" 3 vols., by Carl Elliott, FHL book 976.1 H2e; and pg.188-189 of "History of Pickens Co. AL 1540-1920" by James F. Clanahan, ca 1964; FHL book 976.185 H2c)


Clarke Co. AL Probate Records, Vol.N, 1867-1870 (FHL film 1,290,247)
      Pg.255-6: BENJAMIN DUNCAN, decd, estate of. Petition 22 Oct. 1867 by Mary Duncan (/s/ Mary Duncan by Willis Duncan), that Benjamin Duncan died about 22 Sept. 1867 in Clarke Co. leaving a will, witnessed by Peter Grin? who lives in the county, T.J. Lee who since moved to LA and reported now dead, and James W. Noble who has since died, in which petitioner is named executrix and Thomas J. Nichols executor, request for probate; petitioner is widow of decd and lives in the county, and the next of kin are his children Benjamin A. Duncan, Willis F. Duncan, Mary J. Walker wife of William W. Walker, George W. Duncan, all over 21 and live in this county, Sarah E. Johnson who mar. Alfred Johnson who is now dead who resides in Mobile and is over 21, Jeremiah H. Duncan who lived in CA and is supposed to be dead, the children of Frances M. Daffin decd. who was a dau. of the testator, namely Edmond J. Daffin over 21 living in Pickens Co. AL, Benjamin Daffin, Caladonia Daffin and Jackson Daffin, minors over age 14 who live in this county, Tinfeatrick? (Patrick?) Daffin a minor under age 14 who resides with Jackson Daffin in this county, and Jefferson Daffin under age 14 who resides with petitioner, all of sound mind except said George W. Duncan; request for probate.

Fayette Co. AL Probate Court Records, Vol.11, 1861-1864 (FHL film 1,704,234)
      11-28: 19 June 1862, petition by Jasper N. Duncan for probate of will of David Duncan, that David Duncan was resident of this county at time of his death, he died on or about 10 June 1862, leaving property and a will witnessed by Green T. Haston, George W. Eaton and N.J. Dyer, all residents of said county, that in the will Lucinda Duncan widow is named exec. and petitioner is one of heirs, that the heirs or distributees of said estate are Lucinda Duncan widow of decd. who resides at the late residence of decd in this county, and David Duncan Junior who resides in Anderson Dist. SC, Emeline Lollis wife of Calaway Lollis who resides with her husband in Pickens Co. AL, Mary Woodward wife of James P. Woodward who resides with her husband in Pickens Co. AL, William Duncan who resides in Pickens Co. AL, John Duncan resident of this county, Drucilla Todd who resides with her husband Elisha Todd in this county, Matilda Payne wife of Anderson Payne who is supposed to be living in Maddison Co. TX, Caroline Davis wife of William L. Davis who resides with her husband in Anderson Dist. SC, and petitioner Jasper N. Duncan who resides in this county, all of full age and sound mind; petition to give notice to heirs and to subscribing witnesses. (MAD: more in Fayette Co. AL file)


Crossroads Baptist Church Cemetery, several miles west of Carrollton, Pickens Co. AL (from Gene Harper 10/2002)
      GH: Rev. Dabney Duncan. The headstone was broken off at some time in the past, and the repair is very crude, and obliterates a small amount of the inscription. The obliterated portion is indicated below by XXXXXXXXX. At the top of the stone there is a Masonic Emblem. The date of birth on the stone is 1798, not 1796.
      Dabney Duncan / Born March 15, 1798 / Died March 11, 1879
            A Baptist Minister for 17 years / And a member of the Masonic / Fraternity for many years / Wherefore I take you to record / this date that I am pure from / The blood of all men.
            For I have XXXXXXXXXXXX / XXXXXXXXXX Counsel / Of God
            Yea-ye, yourselves know that / these hands have ministered / unto my necessities and to them / that were with me

Hebron Baptist Church Cemetery, near Carrollton, Pickens Co. AL (from Gene Harper 10/2002)
      GH: Elisha Dabney Duncan, Grandson of Rev. Dabney, by John A.F. Duncan,
      E. D. Duncan / Feb. 25, 1839 / Oct. 28, 1924 / In Grateful / Remembrance Of / Our Confederate / Dead
            Isora Duncan / Apr. 4, 1846 / Dec. 9, 1923 / Thy Memory Shall / Ever Be / A Guiding Star To / Heaven (shared tombstone)
      Robert Lee Duncan / Born Feb. 22, 1871 / Died Oct. 15, 1911
            A Precious One From Us Is Gone / A Voice We Love Is Still / There Is A Vacancy In Our Home / That Never Can Be Filled

Big Creek Baptist Church minutes, near Carrollton, Pickens Co. AL (from Gene Harper 10/2002)
      GH: The original transcription was made by Mr. J.T. Turnipseed of Lindale, Texas from the original church records. At that time, the records were in the possession of Mrs. J.H. (Lola) Curry of Carrollton. Mr. Turnipseed gave permission (to MAD through Gene Harper's conversation with him) to use the record.
      Page 219 of the July 1873 Church Conference: Received Brother Dabney Duncan and wife Sister Delilah S. Duncan by letter.
      Pages 243. 244 and 245 from the July 1879 Conference: Whereas God has been pleased to remove from us, our esteemed brother and father in Israel Elder Dabney Duncan, we as a church feel called upon to express our regard as to the worth of our esteemed and venerable brother, a tribute to his memory.
            Therefore be it resolved that in the death of Eld. Dabney Duncan, Big Creek Church has lost one whose place can never be filled. One who was ever conspicuous in advocating what he believed to be right. His life was a long and useful one in the service of his master. Very soon after professing a hope in Jesus Christ he was impressed with the onerous duty of preaching the gospel and consulted not the flesh, but took up his cross and ever after, amidst all the vicissitudes of life, he was zealous and faithful in warning sinners to flee the wrath to come and accept mercy. And when age produced such infirmities of the body as to make it obligatory to cease serving the church as Pastor. Yet he upon every opportunity failed not to preach Christ and the riches of His grace. In truth his zeal seemed to increase with age, for some of his last appeals were the most earnest of his life. We deem it expedient to add the following short biography of his life.
            Eld. Dabney Duncan was born in Albemarl County, Va. March 15, 1796. When quite young he with his parents removed to Fairfield County, S.C., and here in 1824 he professed faith in Jesus Christ and was received into the fellowship of Rock Creek Baptist Church and buried with Christ in baptism by Eld. Abner Fant in Rock Creek. Very soon Bro. Duncan was impressed with the duty of preaching the gospel, and it appears he removed his membership from Rock Creek to Beaver Creek, and that he was by the latter called to the full work of the gospel ministry in 1827. The Presbytery consisted of Elders Wm. McCrary, Wm. Joiner and Nicolas Roberts.
            He sent 18 years in proclaiming the "good news" of salvation in the "Palmetto" State and through his labors many were enabled to believe unto righteousness. He removed to Pickens Co., Ala. in 1845 and joined the South Carolina Baptist Church. Eld. Duncan served various churches in Pickens Co., Al., and Lowndes Co., Miss., as pastor. He was for some years a member of Cross Roads Baptist Church, but finally joined Big Creek Baptist Church where he continued till his death, which occurred March 14, 1879. Thus has passed away a veteran of the Corp. His work is ended-yet his works remain as a memorial of his perseverance. He had not the advantages of an early education yet he was a close observor of men and things, and was preeminently what may be called a practical man. As Christians let us emulate his worth that we may like him be present with the Lord. Let us pray the Lord to send more laborers into the harvest, and that his mantle rest on some modern Elisha to the honor of and glory of God the Father.
            Done by order of the church at Big Creek in conference, Saturday before the second Sabbath in July, 1879. G.M. Lyles, Moderator. I.M. Noland, Clerk.


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